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Some Quotes and Thoughts on the 28th Anniversary of the Death of Jock Stein

Twenty eight years ago today Jock Stein died. Like many football fans, I had watched the Scotland v Wales match on TV and had not realised the tragedy taking place on the side-lines as the game inched to its conclusion. Scotland’s progress towards the 1986 World Cup soon became academic as it became clear that the greatest manager in Scottish football had died.

He was a Titan of the game, leading a team of Scots to European Cup glory against the might of the Italians of Inter Milan.

Jock Stein Euro Cup

He was a remarkable man, whose full story can be read in Archie MacPherson’s excellent biography. I won’t try to replicate that in a blog post.

But, to a boy growing up in Coatbridge in the 1970s, he was an immense figure (as he was to people who were NOT boys growing up in Coatbridge in the 1970s). Continue reading


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