Charlotte Fakes and the Data Protection Act – Part 1 – Is Charlotte’s Web Broken?

The Charlotte Fakes Twitter account has been closed and, at least for now, the flow of information from that source has stopped.

This has been a cause of much rejoicing amongst the supporters of Rangers (or at least the small number who frequent their popular message boards). Various fellows there have been suggesting that the police, and in one suggestion the Metropolitan Police, are knocking on Charlotte’s door.

Charlotte's Web

One of the accusations is that Charlotte has broken the Data Protection Act and, as Jack Irvine said in his interview with Andy Muirhead of Scotzine (which can be read in full here):-

AM: A twitter account called Charlotte Fakes has been publishing emails and other correspondence involving you, Whyte, some journalists and Rangers officials – which seem to paint all parties in a bad light. What is your take on what this person is doing?

JI: It is illegal. It is a breach of the Data Protection Act and the perpetrator faces serious consequences when he is caught.

What penalties therefore await Charlotte if caught by the fuzz for this heinous crime?

Depending on the court any criminal proceedings were brought in, Charlotte could face an unlimited …..




Yes – that is correct.

Breach of the Data Protection Act leaves an offender open to an unlimited fine.

Not imprisonment.

Now, I do not mean to minimise any criminal offence. A crime is a crime, but some undoubtedly are more serious than others.

The apparent leniency of penalties for contravention of the Data Protection Act has been an issue for some years now. In fact it could be argued that the limited penalty for offences under the Act was an important part of the culture of phone-hacking and blagging which infested the News of the World and various other media sources, leading to the Leveson Inquiry.

The Information Commissioner has for some years sought to increase the penalties for breaches of the law, but without success and this summer, many years after the issue was first raised, the UK Government has commenced a consultation regarding an increase in penalty.

The Information Commissioner’s views were prompted to a large degree by Operation Motorman – an investigation in 2003 by his office into alleged breaches of Data Protection law by the British press.

The always excellent Love and Garbage has written about Operation Motorman on a number of occasions, and the fact that it showed that potentially unlawful gathering of information was not simply a problem for Murdoch’s News of the World. A useful explanatory post can be read here.

Part of the problem with the Act is that the sanction, that of a fine, was little deterrent to the “industrialised hacking and blagging” which went on at the instance of various newspapers. It was a risk worth taking by those who viewed money as more important than the law.

In Charlotte’s case there is no evidence that this is being done for money – and indeed if it was, then actually revealing the information for free seems a funny way of going about it!

Has there even been an offence under the Act?

That is a simple question but by no means a simple answer.

The wording of all legislation has become, as time passes, more and more technical and as a consequence less and less intelligible. The Data Protection Act holds a high position, I think, in the ranks of laws which can read as if written in Klingon, or hieroglyphics (and the Rosetta Stone has not yet been found).

The definition of "personal data" under the Data Protection Act, as written in Klingon (which is as comprehensible as the English version!)

The definition of “personal data” under the Data Protection Act, as written in Klingon (which is as comprehensible as the English version!)

I won’t do an in-depth analysis of what it precisely means (unless you are really unlucky), and the effects of the various Data Protection principles. It is perhaps easiest to say that the mere publication of information or documentation without the permission of the author is not necessarily a breach of the criminal law under the Act. (There could be offences relating to the acquisition of the information and civil remedies, such as action for breach of confidence, where information or documents are published, but the Data Protection Act does NOT make every unwanted publication an offence.)

Even if an offence under the Act has been committed, there are various defences which can be put forward.

Ironically it is not necessarily a defence to a charge under the Act that the person publishing the “personal data” (for it is that which is protected) was a party to the correspondence in question – indeed in most cases where there is a breach of the law the offender is a party to it. So, whilst a person could, in some circumstances, escape civil liability for breach of confidence in publishing something the person had themselves written, the same publication, depending on the content, could still be an offence under the Act.

And even if there is an offence under that Act, if Charlotte is outwith the jurisdiction, (which she, he or they may be – or may not), then the cheery visions some commenters elsewhere have had of her being slapped in irons and extradited from whichever country – from Algeria to Zimbabwe – she is in will not be realised.


Because offences under the Act are not extraditable – for there to be a possibility of extradition to the UK, the offence in question needs to carry the possibility of a prison sentence greater than one year. No possibility of jail = no possibility of extradition.

So, to conclude, Mr Irvine is correct to say that breaching the Data Protection Act is serious. It is also true that there are serious consequences, in the form of a potentially unlimited fine, for a person who commits an offence under the Act.

However, as matters stand, there have not necessarily been any offences committed under the Act.

Where there has been success in forcing Charlotte to remove information she has published, this has been, I suspect, on the basis of confidentiality clauses in the body of or at the foot of the correspondence in question.

I have a few more thoughts on the Data Protection Act and its relevance to Rangers, which will follow soon.

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129 responses to “Charlotte Fakes and the Data Protection Act – Part 1 – Is Charlotte’s Web Broken?

  1. cam

    Bridge to engineering; put up smoke please.

    • What could POSSIBLY be considered a smoke screen about this? Jack Irvine got a fact wrong. Paul, at length admittedly, explained how and why. Now, obviously, that is ALL because of “Celtic blogger” Paul’s anti-Rangers agendazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…..

    • Ed Paisley

      Isn’t it time for your Pon Farr?

    • @gortchomhor

      I’ve worked it all out everybody, We can all go home and stop fighting. It’s all been a huge misunderstanding.

      All you need to do is substitute the word Rangers everywhere you see it for the letters KKK and everything just slots into place…

      No need to argue with them becuase they are dumb KKK trash. It explains the way they bully and threaten people in the press, Scottish football, and everywhere. The supremacist undertones, the anti-irish stuff, the racism, everything… the mob violence in Manchester and on the continent, all explained by three little letters.

      The mistake we were all making, myself included, was to assume they were rational and reasonable human beings… but no. KKK. SImple.

      Glad we sorted that out. What are you all going to do with the spare time you have on your hands now that it’s over? I’m thinking of starting a new business myself, The Nemisis Trail…

    • Geddy Lee.

      LOL, you poor Sevies. it seems like the excecution of charlotte, that Sevcovia has been so looking forward to, will have to be put on hold.

      As for a fine. I doubt the “lady” would have much trouble raising the money.

      oh and Cam, better set phasers to “Delude” before “Ra Peeple” go into confused meltdown over this news.

    • Cam, big man. I know it’s your team & the truth hurts but it is better faced up to.

      Jack the Lad has been putting up the smokescreen for YEARS.

      First for Murray 7 look what happened.

      Then Whyte, now the Spivs.

      Talk about Frying Pan & Fire.

      t will not change until the fans turn their anger in the proper direction.

    • Steven Brennan

      Ah cammybhoy
      The old double bluff, using my pishy patter.
      You are wittier than that.

  2. Ed Paisley

    Data Protection Act.
    Google were harvesting personal information from unsecured wifi networks and after several strongly worded letters and a 35 day deadline to delete the data, they were eventually punished with a fine of zero pounds.
    Recently, it was proved that an organisation had been operating as a blacklisting agency for the big builders i.e. anyone who was an active union member or had even CLAIMED for an industrial injury, or various other “offences” had their personal details recorded on the blacklist. The Data Protection people had to be forced to act by public pressure, and the organisation was eventually fined one thousand pounds and asked to desist.

    Jeez Charlotte Fakes, you would be taking a bigger risk shoplifting in WH Smith.

    • Gortnamona

      Very difficult to understand the attitude of some Rangers’ supporters. Instead of wanting full information and disclosure of the various shady dealings that have brought disgrace and shame on their club, they want the providers of the information prosecuted and persecuted.

      Image it seems is more important than honesty, especially when there are so many watching and waiting to jeer at the seemingly endless list of dodgy characters and their various shenanigans, (a lovely old Irish word) that have been associated with Rangers in recent years.

      the King James version of the Holy Bible, Proverbs 16:18 warns that

      “Pride goeth before destruction,
      and a haughty spirit before a fall.”

      Or as Phil McG would have it a “Downfall”

      • Maggie


        “Image,it seems,is more important than honesty”
        Are you accusing those fine upstanding institutions,namely the former Rangers and the present Sevco,of presenting themselves as something they’re not Gort? I’m shocked!!!!!!
        Do you not know that Dignity is their watchword and middle name.
        Honesty is the very bedrock on which they were founded.Are you trying to imply it was the rock on which they foundered ? 🙂

        You must be one of those Rangers’ haters,a taig in a high place,a Pape in the drapes, ( thanks to Mr Mc Murdo Jnr,for that one ) led by the unseen Fenian hand of that mastermind, Mr Peter Lawwell,sleeper agent for the Vatican,opus dei and the SVDP whose cunning plan brought about the destruction of the dead Rangers and is now using the same tactics to destroy their glorious new company,which owns the same club,that didn’t die,and is now called Internazionale The Rangers,sometimes just called Sevco,by you haters.
        Well you can forget it Gort,you’re not needed,Sevco are managing just fine with their dignified,honest band of Spivs oops ! Sorry! I meant unified board of directors. Such fun Gort 🙂

      • lordmac

        it just makes you think! are they from the same tribe or descendent’s that wanted Barabbas. freed

      • Steerpike

        ” Or as Phil McG would have it a “Downfall” ”

        I am starting to feel sorry for Phil, his life and career seems to be imploding, not so much ” Downfall ” more ” Falling down “.

      • cam

        Have you got that list yet ,,,,boy!

  3. Monti

    Celtic football club are in this years Champions league lucrative group stages.
    the the rangers play in the the third tier of Scottish football & have the fattest manager in British football!

    • Ed Paisley

      Yes Monti, fat Sally is hardly a good physical example to the youth of Govan.
      I told him to stay out of Greggs but he won’t give up his steak bake in a buttered roll with a diet pepsi.
      Never mind – at least Ally has a big heart, although that might be down to connery congestion.
      On that subject, it was good to see big Sean at the US Open looking fit and well. Sean was a big pal of Jock Stein in the 60s. I won’t mention him being snared by crooked Murray – I will forgive that transgression.

      • Big Tam can forget it with me. Hope he lost every penny he invested in Deadco, fleeced up like a kipper or something, isn’t that what these confidence trickster chappies call it.
        BTW ‘…caught by the fuzz’,- yuk yuk fnar fnar- as an old friend Finbar would say.

      • graham

        Ed bet u and monti are a couple of fine examples of Greek gods !!
        Eh !
        Super ally might be a wee bit out of shape , but he has lived a Life both of you could only dream about !
        Ah and all those times he must have sent you home from OF games broken hearted ‘priceless ‘

        • Kerrygirl

          Graham who in their right mind would want to dream of a life surrounded and suppurating with hate lies and deceptive practices of biblical proportions,,,,,,, is that not a nightmare

          • graham

            Kerry ,
            The point was monti and ed calling super ally fat …
            Bet they are a couple if right handsome chaps with six packs !! Eh
            Super ally in his day had it all looks. Goals , charm and all those winners medals .
            Aye who would have wanted a wee bit of that when you could be living the dream like you , monti and ed !!
            It must be a wonderful fun filled adventure life you lead !!!

            • Kerrygirl

              Well graham, they might well be bhoy adonises , we will never know ……….but you have to admit ally’s jumped a couple of dress sizes in the last couple of years

            • Kerrygirl
              September 9, 2013 at 8:17 pm

              ……….but you have to admit Ally’s jumped a couple of dress sizes in the last couple of years.

              A couple of dress sizes?
              Far too kind!…

        • daviecooperonthewing

          Yep…I remember those days well Willy.

          Handy in the box.
          Immaculate precision and timing.
          Second to none ,all time greatest striker.
          And of course…Hammer “O” the Tic”
          Super Ally…Our very own clockwork orange.

    • George

      For a team in the Champions League their fans seem to have an obsession with a Division 1 team. Wonder if Arsenal fans comment on Bradford (remember League Cup last year). Thought not. Why this obsession?

      • Monti

        It’s funny as fcuk! 😀

      • I am sure ,if Spurs collapsed and finished in the 4th tier, Arsenal fans would have lots of fun, or vice versa, when your greatest rival falls on hard times ,it is there to be laughed at, when the fall is self inflicted,it is by far funnier, when the rival,lying in the gutter tries to convince you nothing happened, that they are still up there with the big bhoys or that very soon they will be back where they “belong”

        It’s a sport,in sport,who “belongs” on the winners podium ?
        this sense of entitlement was what destroyed RFC from within,
        Sevco and it’s easy duped fans are intent of doing the same.

        Take away their sugar daddy and they are like headless chickens,running around looking for the next billionaire that will have them back where they belong
        Is McColl getting support for what he has done for Sevco, or have the fans got their eyes on HIS money,
        expecting him to do THEIR bidding with HIS money

      • Morto

        Why would Arsenal fans comment on Bradford? Bradford haven’t died and become a Sevco?

      • Geddy Lee.

        Georgie, it’s hardly an obsession. People are merely commenting on the continous shambles that is “the rangers” and the staggeringly arrogant attitude, still adopted by the majority associated with this new entity.

        Howling at the moon because Laawell takes a position in the upper echelons of Scottish football. Who on earth at Ibrox do the sevcovians think shoulkd be on the board. There’s hardly one of them that can stand up straight, or even string 2 words together without mangelling the language.

        No, i’m afraid as long as this pantomime runs, the longer and louder the rest of Scottish football will be laughing.

      • Celtic supporters are more than 1 dimensional we can appreciate our teams merits,while at the same time wonder why a bunch of cheats get away with what the do.If you cannot comprehend the concept…..hhmmmm.

    • A world fat record for footy managers, apparently…..

  4. Steve

    Fans of sevco are happy with a rogue tweeter being silenced who reveals what has been happening at their club. I find that astonishing. I would want to know who was telling the truth if my club was in a similar situation, no matter how unpalatable.

  5. Raymilland

    Any chance of an expose from the BBC regards the said ‘data’?

    Meanwhile, the blue half of Glasgow believe the hype coming from the BBC Trust; more apologies in reply to accusation of their club lacking ‘experience’ 😉

    Will the BBC news team finally investigate the charade at Ibrox?


    Ibrox noise right enough!

    An article entitled ‘The Widening Gap Between Rangers and Scotland’

    Given the headline, I thought the above article was an insight of the reasons why the general public in Scotland has no empathy for TRFC. Contrary to my assumption; the above ‘noise up’ is having a go at the SFA due to the lack of any TRFC players in the national team; FFS!

    • Geddy Lee.

      As I said earlier. Everyone at the club suffers from staggering arrogance like that. They are determined to ignore the reality of their current situation at any costs.

      This is why they are probably doomed and destined to through yet another administration in the near future.

  6. Fisiani

    If Charlotte is based overseas does the Act even apply?

    • Geddy Lee.

      The fact is it’s not an extraditable offence, so as long asshe was posting from the Emerald Isle for example, then nothing can be done about it.

      Nor should it unless these revelations prove to be false.

      As the club are not denying anything outright (simply crying as usual, because someone has turned the spotlight on them) and the pathetic laptop Loyal refuse to expose what’s been gouing on at Ibrox,It|@s safe to assume it is mostly accurate.

  7. Apart from the Jack Irvine statement, has any other reason been put forward for Charlottes little holiday? Maybe wee Craigy has been weighed in.

  8. @gortchomhor

    Thanks for the clarity, Paul.

    If Charlotte ever went to court, she might point out that most of the information relates to a company / football club that is dead. I don’t see how a dead company could be offended and defend itself.

    The more recent stuff, well, it might be a breach of the data protection act, but you have to look at the public interest.

    If it wasn’t for Charlotte we wouldn’t know that we had to dig two graves, one for old co and one for new co. And yes, we will be burying them side by side.

    if BDO hurry up and complete the liquidation of old co, we might be able to arrange a double funeral service too — REBATE!

    What’s the opposite of founders as in The Founders trail? Anyone know?

    • Maggie


      “what’s the opposite of founders ? ”
      Nemesis ? 🙂

      • @gortchomhor

        Thanks Maggie, I like it.

        I have an idea for a new business… The Nemisis Trail.

        I’m thinking it could take in MIH, the castle up on Granton on Spey, HMRC offices in EK, Daily record building, take them to see the graves of both clubs, then finish at the new restaurant in the Ibrox shopping arcade for a nice meal — succulent lamb, of course.

        It would be a great day out.

        Angry Gort

        • Maggie

          We could make it like The Freedom Trail in Boston, where a series of red bricks in the pavement go from Boston Common to the USS Constitution,encompassing all the significant sights of The American Revolutionary War,only we could make the bricks green. 🙂

          Btw gort,there’s no dressing up as ancient Greeks is there? 🙂

          • cam

            No Marge you’re not wearing your Harpy outfit.Its just not age appropriate.

          • @gortchomhor

            You want to be my business partner, Maggie? Think of the merchandising, t-shirts, underpants, etc.

            Right now it would only appeal to Celtic fans and neutrals but once newco is dead and buried I see room for us to expand and go after the retard pound… you know how they love to reminisce: “they were the days, the taigs knew their place back then…”

            Same business model as Sevco basically: taking money from people with learning difficulties.

            Have a think.

          • david

            The USS Constitution was a veteran of the War of 1812, not the Revolutionary War. She was the only American ” super-frigate ” to survive the conflict, lauded by Americans for capturing ships half her size.
            I could find no monument in Boston to the Cheaspeake, captured by HMS Shannon in 20 minutes in an equal fight after the Shannon challenged the American ship to leave harbour and fight.
            I have been on the freedom trail, it is a pile of lies; for example Paul Revere was captured by the British on the night of his “ride”- and his arse kicked. His reputation was made purely by Longfellows poem written many years later. His only actual engagement with the British was as commander of artillery in the disastrous Penobscot Expedition, for which he was court-martialled for cowardice, partly leading to the greatest defeat the American Navy endured until Pearl Harbour. 500 Scottish troops under Francis McLean and Sir John Moore could not be shifted by 43 American ships and thousands of troops.
            Moore, from Glasgow, really did deserve his immortality in prose, unlike Revere ” Not a drum was heard, not a funeral note “.
            The person talking about The Boston Massacre did not know what he was talking about, or that the troops were ably defended and cleared by a future American President.
            Myths- and there are many close to home.

            • hector

              @david I see son of rearpipe is with us.

            • graham

              David ,
              The war of 1812 is almost a forgotten war by the Americans as the small British army made up mostly of scots backed up by Native American Indians gave the auld Yankees a bit of a run around winning 2 out of the 3 major battles , unfortunately the British were locked in battle with the French at the time and could not commit more troops to the conflict in America .
              after they lost the third battle a decisive battle of the war ( and the support of the Indians ) , they retreated to Canada .

            • david

              A sideshow for Britain- but New Orleans, Americas only big victory came after peace had been declared.
              At that point Mobile had been captured with all its defenders in the last engagement, the White House was burnt, most of Maine captured , American trade shut down, and New England on the verge of secession.
              The loyal Canadians and Indians led by Tecumseh had helped to repel every American invasion , always against vastly superior odds.

            • Geddy Lee

              I think there’s a book in you on this subject.
              No Wikipedia cut and paste for this man !

            • @gortchomhor

              So…. Uck forget it. Whatever.

      • Geddy Lee.


        That’s who the “Champions” worked for.

        2 words…. Alexander Bastido.

        • david

          Dont assosciate me with Niall.

          If you can point out any inaccuracies, please feel free.
          Otherwise shut up

          • hector

            @david are you sure he isn’t your dad?

          • hector

            @david no David I dont know who your dad is hence the Question is rearpipe your dad ?

            • david

              I am in no way connected to Niall. Simple enough for you?
              Is MadPhil your uncle, or was he your social worker?

            • hector

              @david you are dodging the question is rearpipe your dad?Who is this niall you keep banging on about?Mad phil is not my uncle or social worker but I would like to have a pint with the man and chat about the sevco/rangers/newco/rangers intergalactic or whatever they are called shambles.Never mind they will be gone shortly.

  9. beeanos

    I’m not entirely sure that the DPA has been breached either.

    Its purpose is to protect personal information not keep dark corporate secrets. I noticed that Jack didn’t go into any detail about which of the principles of the DPA he thought were being broken.

    • One of the things you are not supposed to do is forward the information to countries which do not protect data in the same was as the DPA. If Charlotte is outside the UK as has been suggested often, in theory it would have been an offence to have sent him/her/them the message. However it wouldn’t be Charlotte in the dock in that case, but the person who forwarded said message.

      I remember Robert Maxwell used to censor the press by going after the newsagents and printers rather than the newspapers and journalists themselves – rather than taking on the guys with the legal protection and confidence the story would stand up in court – tackling the man not the ball, if you will.

      • cam

        That Denis O Brien fellow doesn’t muck about with any journos who poke their beaks into his affairs,,,a couple of £billion does attract good legal aid.

  10. Monti

    Has ‘ You’ll never walk alone’ been sung better & with more feeling than it was at Celtic park yesterday?
    Stan WE LOVE YOU! It’s that simple!
    Days like yesterday, are what sums up my relation with Celtic, tears flowing down my face, chest heaving & singing YNWA from the heart, mind & soul!
    Seeing your wife & children take to the field & hug you Stan, will stay with me for many years, as a player you were a credit to yourself, Celtic & our supporters, you have won your greatest match Stan, YOU WON YOUR LIFE!

    • Yes , by it’s rightful owners LIVERPOOL FOOTBALL CLUB , ra sellick full of pish since 1888.

      • Still I suppose it’s better than listening to the fields of applepie or some pish about a foreign country most of the muppets have never set foot in ! Or a wee ditty about murdering children and how their granny loved Guinness .

        • Steve

          For one filled with so much hatred can I ask why you spend time posting on a site like this? Do you think you will convert us? Is that it? Are full of missionary zeal? If not, watch the BP old chap or …

        • Maggie

          @the uncool(er) king
          Get ready Carson,I’m about to unmask you……you are a clairvoyant channelling Mark Twain,George Bernard Shaw,Oscar Wilde,Groucho Marx,Mrs Dorothy Parker and other long dead luminaries famed for their wit and erudition,it’s the only answer I can come up with for your participation here.You want to bring the writings and sayings of these great men and women to a new audience. Very laudable Carson,but while you’re communing with the dead,get them to see how long it’ll be before your new “undead” The Sevco Rangers are joining them.

          • Oh the uncool ( er ) king ? I see what you did with that brilliant I’ll bet your ex students are all setting their chosen professions on fire with your tutoring ! We can only thank our lucky stars that you are no longer involved in educating impressionable young people you are very ( un ) ladylike infact I’ll need proof to believe it , goodday to you sir .

        • A wee song for the bereaved at Sevco


      • Carson, “rightful owners” of “You’ll Never Walk Alone” are in fact Rodgers & Hammerstein. However as they are both deceased, like Rangers, the questionis moot.

        Celtic – alive since 1888.

    • Well, well would you believe it, monti posts and carson is right behind you, watch out mate he’ll be be on to his favourite subject again…. mens backsides, something queer there! lol.

    • Geddy Lee.

      It was put simply, a wonderful occassion. What a magnificent example the fans set yet again. Incidentally, it was a cracking game of football too.

      The roar when Henrik first took possesion was priceless, as was Bobo’s tackling. They wouldn’t go near him LOL.

      • I thought the game was all about Mr Petrov , and correctly so , not about ra selluck fans telling each other how good they are ( or think ) ? What a pathetic mob they are ! Mr Petrov is THE STORY not the green seat brigade ! Next they’ll be ASKING UEFA for an award .

  11. Whilst the ICO have more teeth nowadays, there are other aspects of this case not revealed by charlottefakes in the Twitter campaign that very much cross the line between “information warrior” and “criminality”, these will come out in the inevitable trial. [great blog btw]

  12. The law papers are interesting as they state that newspaper editors could have been bribed to stop printing derogatory items involving the club formerly known as rangers. Maybe Mr Irvine was sweating in what was about to be disclosed.

    The officers of her majesty’s constabulary may have been found to have tampered with information with regards to the club formerly known as rangers. Didn’t Jack mention something about this on one of Cha’s leaks. He certainly never emerged with any dignity after Charlotte had hung him out to dry.

    Can we possibly see the MSM doing what they’re paid to do and actually print the truth

  13. Raymilland

    Jim Spence & THE FIFTH ESTATE

    Where’s newtz when you need him 😉

    • cam

      If the reports are correct,he and Eco are playing some kind of leapfrog on Arty’s other site.
      Who the frog is and who the lords a leaping are, i couldn’t possibly comment.

  14. Ed Paisley

    I see Colonel Edward Loden has been killed when he was caught up in a robbery in Kenya.
    You will recall thst he was the commanding officer on the ground on Bloody Sunday when the paras fired 100 bullets into the civil rights marchers.
    May God have mercy on his soul and I hope his family does not suffer as grievously as his 14 victims murdered on Bloody Sunday.

    • Ed Paisley

      I’m sorry that sounds harsh – it was intended to have a conciliatory tone.

    • Karma,in spades, Bloody Sunday massacre,

      Kenya, another country were the Brutish army carried out atrocities against civilians, Atrocities,that were yet again denied for years by the Brutish Government, be the truth eventually came out

  15. cam

    Well as i thought, the message from the commentors seems to be if the objective of blackening the good name of the famous Glasgow Rangers is reached then the methods,however tawdry, are permissible.
    All’s fair in obsession and dirty tricks.
    The DPA is of course not the only legal breach that may have occurred.How one obtains the info is also up for questioning.
    Again i’m sure that excuses are prepared and that more smoke canisters are primed for opportune release by the Charlotte and RTC camps.In the fog of war mistakes are easily made.
    I think i’m correct in saying that the alleged e-mails,boardroom minutes and confidential communications are not just being released as an act of public good spirit.There is an ongoing twitter debate with the Cha freak with Celtic minded twits,which points to an agenda.
    If there is malicious intent behind the unverified tape recordings and documents then perhaps that may be questioned as well.Rangers lawyers take note.
    One wonders if the Charlotte releases had been about a situation closer to home,the same lack of concern would be applied.
    C’mon the polis.

    • Geddy Lee.

      The big question is cam, is the DPA “Taig infested” and just how much influence does Peter Laawel have there.

      These will be the accusations coming out of Sevcovia should Charlotte not face the death penalty. LOL

  16. Paul

    I remember a time when CF’s was spoken about as an imaginary person leaking imaginary documents and now the Sevcos are foaming at the mouth hoping the imaginary police are going to kick in an imaginary door and expose the imaginary person, who could imagine this? CF real or imaginary you decide.

  17. If I remember correctly the material relating to Media House was taken down due to a complaint of “breach of copyright”. And of course Mr Irvine’s relaying to Mr Whyte of the ordered pictures of HMRC employees going about their lawful business itself can be argued as a breach of the the Data Protection Act – although yet to be tested in law.

  18. notnearlydeadbutreallydead

    I hear the new club are still running to mummy saying the other boys are calling them names. Ahh diddums . When they get a bit older and have been around the playground a bit longer they will fit in with the rest of the bigger and older boys. Remember the last bully? Whatever happened to him

    • Steerpike

      ” I hear the new club are still running to mummy saying the other boys are calling them names ”

      I agree, real name calling is anything pre 1850, that is evil.

  19. hector

    On another note just back from reading Phil and his latest thoughts on the Klan and sevco book burners.Good stuff as usual and will go down like a rattlesnake in a lucky dip with the resident orcs and troll on this blog.

  20. Steerpike

    ” Good news – new post from Ecojon appearing on my blog any minute now! Tweeted”

    The world has finally gone mad, Ecojon is now being touted as another Phil, talk about inmates running the asylum. A man who in any other sphere of life would be locked up, is the new Bob Woodward !!

  21. Steerpike

    I am thinking of starting up a blog, I think I will call it ” Random Monitor of Celtic blogs obsessed with Rangers ” . No hiding behind pretentious titles designed to deceive for me, good old fashioned straight talking. I will invite all journalists to post anonymously their views on certain blogs and bloggers.Give the loonballs a taste of their own medicine from people who can actually read and write.
    I feel there is a gap in the market, I cannot find a Rangers blog devoted full time to Celtic, so it could be a money spinner.

    More details to follow.

    • Cheap Suit Charlie

      How about “random monitor by a guy that doesn’t follow football but is obsessed with Celtic blogs obsessed with repeating the truth about Rangers death”. Maybe a bit long for a title but it has a nice ring to it. 🙂

    • Paul

      Hi steerpike
      Was I right about the TRFC standing for The Rangers Fighting Club?
      they also have 0 cash for accounts or projections the spivs used that for legal fees to pay their lawyers.
      “I cannot find a Rangers blog devoted full time to Celtic” is that because they play by the rules tax etc., Where you not a Fifer in your old life?

      • Steerpike


        Here is the bottom line, and I am a bottom line kinda guy( keep Monti off my bottom).

        I am never wrong.
        You have never been right in your life.
        You lose every debate with me.
        Once a Fifer always a Fifer.
        You can run but you cannot hide.
        Petrov cuddling his kids made me eyes water.

        Now go get my projections, any projections for anything you want, just go get them.

    • Start up your own blog, what a great idea,
      get started on it right now, strike while the irons hot sort of thing, don’t give up to soon if your not getting much of a response, give it at least six months then pop back in here and tells us all how successful it is, give us a breakdown on your success,
      I am sure some will like it a some will not,
      i would guess that 60% will like it and 60% will not.

      see you in six months, take care , remember to keep your eyes shut crossing the road.

      • Steerpike


        Your volume and intensity suggest little old me has rattled your cage, try and remember you are not the only dunce on here, there is always Ian.

    • Steerpike
      September 9, 2013 at 5:07 pm
      I feel there is a gap in the market, I cannot find a Rangers blog devoted full time to Celtic, so it could be a money spinner.

      Why not fuck off and start one…

  22. Reading the Charlotte Fakes’ material I’ve always been uncertain as to how I should consider its value.

    Putting aside the legal issues (which Paul has explained) for the moment the questions left are firstly are the documents genuine rather than actual fakes? And secondly what is, if there is one the driving force behind the releases.

    My take on the first questions is that the documents are in fact genuine.
    I’m not alone in this view; Jack Irvine considers them a breach of the Data Protection Act (rightly or wrongly on the point of Law). This could hardly be the case if the documents were false.

    The second question has for me always been the most troubling. The simple answer to it is that some sort of rabid Rangers hater is at work in an effort to undermine the club. It’s an answer which has the easy virtue of allowing Rangers fans to simply ignore the content.

    A more enquiring mind might ask why release the documents for public consumption at all. This looks to be the main issue and it’s one fraught with problems.

    It has been suggested that the individual or group behind the Charlotte Fakes documents might serve those interested best by simply dumping the entire content at their disposal in a single act (wikileaks style).

    This did not happen.

    The reason for this not clear though it’s fair to speculate that a selection process determined the eventual output.

    Perhaps I’m completely wrong; it wouldn’t be the first time.

    But it seems to me that not all of the documents and recordings in Charlotte’s possession have been made available.

    For those forming opinions based on the output fleetingly available, it ought to be worth considering the possibility that documents and recordings exist which may not fit the chosen narrative.

    I have no way of knowing if this is indeed the case, but I’m enough of a doubting Thomas to ask questions.

  23. anon.

    Terrorism: The unlawful use or threatened use of force or violence by a person or an organized group against people or property with the intention of intimidating or coercing societies or governments, often for ideological or political reasons.

    The big elephant in the room with the whole Rangers/Sevco thing is the threatening behaviour of their fans. We can deny it ’til we are blue in the face, that’s the sad truth.

    Is there any public figure or institution that has expressed a dim view of sectarianism, tax evasion, singing the Billy Boys, or cheating in sport, that has not been threatened in one way or another? Even honest reporting of the facts is enough to warrant a mobilisation it seems.

    The Gibson Street Gala doesn’t want the Founders Trail setting up a stall? How will they feel when 10 thousand fans turn up complaining and causing mayhem? A BBC radio host suggests some people think Rangers FC (IL) are dead, let’s send in a thousand complaints, make life hell for him… Dundee United fans were against Sevco starting life in the SPL, let’s boycott them and anybody else who doesn’t bow to us… We could go on and on, but wait, these are the more lawful examples.

    Unlawful, criminal, examples would include the carnage in Manchester, video of which looks like scenes from the film World War Z, sending bombs and threats to Neil Lennon, attacks on people like Graham Spiers, and, of course, last year’s threats towards the 3 man independent panel who, as I understand it, had to be moved along with their families to safe houses. I believe we can safely add others to the list of those threatened, such as Phil MacGiollaBhain and the lady who had the gall to help him edit his book, Downfall, and many more.

    Inevitably there are also countless thousands who aren’t in the public eye but have been at the receiving end, ordinary people in the wrong place at the wrong time. They don’t make the newspapers unless it’s really serious; they’re there if you look. I guess for most people, though, it’s so routine that it isn’t even reported half the time.

    The authorities are aware this problem, I believe. Their strategy is to treat it and present it as a two-sided football-related problem with roots in Old Firm rivalry. The problem here is it isn’t true. It would easier if more Celtic fans committed crimes and provided the illusion of balance no doubt, and Celtic fans (including the green brigade) are being surveilled and hounded relentlessly to that end, but it just isn’t happening. No. I think they need a new strategy, one that hinges on facing the truth of the situation.

    ESPN broadcasters, the European Footballing authorities, and even other governments (including the government of the Republic of Ireland) have issued formal complaints about Rangers fans and their unacceptable behaviour. Of course, they don’t need to live with them and have no allegiance to the pretence of it being an Old Firm problem. If they can be honest about it, why can’t we? Our reward for putting up with this nonsense on our doorstep is that we can’t even discuss it or define it for what it is. Thanks for that.

    Calling this an Old Firm problem is like calling the problem of lynch mobs in the Deep South a race problem. That might arguably be good enough for some, if it worked and stopped the lynch mobs maybe I would go with it, but it isn’t working. It isn’t working and it isn’t true.

    You’ll forgive me for choosing to post this anonymously.

  24. The concept of ‘We Are The People’ looks to have been seriously undermined by those who might consider themselves encompassed in its meaning.

    Gone are the days of quiet assurance and certainty.

    Todays’ guardians of the old mind-set find themselves unequal to the task of effectively dealing with the perceived attack of sporting pundits.

    They are losing.

    Perhaps in the face of Jim Spence they will not surrender let alone yield an inch.

    Ultimate victory is the goal over anyone who may hold a view that differs from the Ibrox faithful.

    For the avoidance of doubt, I’m warming to the idea that Rangers are dead
    The petulance and ingratitude is beginning to annoy me.

  25. lordmac

    It WILL BE SOME SITE TO SEE WHEN IT COMES, mather stockbridge
    green whyte all standing in line getting buttons pulled from there jackets
    holes punched in there hats, all them hero”s of yesteryear having to stand and face the old ranger support, and explain they ain’t going to see a new year in.

  26. Muzz

    It is simply astonishing the levels of hate on show here, the vilification of an entire community, the damage you are doing to the social fabric of our nation, you cannot even percieve.
    Where do you think this community will go ? do you think your vitirolic hatred will make our city a better place ?
    Congratulate yourselves brothers, for you have fed mistrust, division and hatred that nourishes sectarianism, the beast will grow till beyond your control.

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