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Who Is the Busiest Person Connected to the Rangers Saga?

There is a large cast of characters, anyone of whom could fit the above description.

You have, of course, the Board, fighting to repel the Rebels.

There are the Rebels/Requisitioners/Petitioners (or whatever title they happen to have depending on precisely what they are doing).

There are then the spin doctors – led by Media House and the undoubted king of “Public Relations and Strategic Communications” in Scotland – Jack Irvine.

There is the person who prepares the various announcements which pop up, thick and fast, on the Stock Exchange website as formal notices from RIFC PLC. Continue reading



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A Story about Craig Whyte, Rangers, Charlotte, and the Last 2 Years – Guest Post by Goldstein

I don’t have any quotes, or smoking guns, or links to official documents, tape recordings, or any credentials whatsoever. All I have is a story, a story that you will hopefully agree has a ring to it. In a way, everything that has happened over the last 24 months is evidence. You are all familiar with the facts, so hopefully my story will help you process them.

Let me start by suggesting this story makes much more sense if you look at it from the perspective of Craig Whyte, before, during, and after RFC went into administration. Very little of that which follows is in the least bit controversial. Most of the key events and facts are already known and in the public domain. How those facts and events are explained here in my story might be a surprise to some but I think deep down inside everyone who reads it will appreciate its simplicity and wonder how they didn’t see through all this before. Continue reading


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If Charlotte Fakes Breached the Data Protection Act, Did Rangers Report This to Information Commissioner?

There are many theories about the identity of Charlotte Fakes and even more about where she obtained her information. I am not aware of anyone suggesting that anything Charlotte has revealed has been anything other than genuine – if the suggestion was that it was faked then I am sure this would have been trumpeted from the rooftops.

Bizarrely a lot of the coverage (especially on blogs and message boards) has been about the “clear” breaches of the Data Protection Act which Charlotte must be guilty of (at least according to those very same commenters).

As I wrote last week, the DPA is not this mighty raft of legislation capable of crushing all in its path. Instead it is a horribly convoluted piece of law-making which needs a packet of headache tablets and a darkened room to understand properly.

The former President of the United States clarifies Britain's Data Protection legislation

The former President of the United States clarifies Britain’s Data Protection legislation

One thing though which is very clear (at least in principle) is the duty imposed on a “data controller” to take action when they experience a security breach. Continue reading


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Charlotte Fakes and the Data Protection Act – Part 1 – Is Charlotte’s Web Broken?

The Charlotte Fakes Twitter account has been closed and, at least for now, the flow of information from that source has stopped.

This has been a cause of much rejoicing amongst the supporters of Rangers (or at least the small number who frequent their popular message boards). Various fellows there have been suggesting that the police, and in one suggestion the Metropolitan Police, are knocking on Charlotte’s door.

Charlotte's Web

One of the accusations is that Charlotte has broken the Data Protection Act and, as Jack Irvine said in his interview with Andy Muirhead of Scotzine (which can be read in full here):- Continue reading


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Who Will Break the Silence on “Charlotte Fakes”? Step Forward David Leggat!

The “Charlotte Fakes” phenomenon is something which could only have existed now – in an age where teh Interwebz allows people with an obsession interest in a subject to discuss and share information outwith the normal strictures of the media.

Professor Greg Philo, of the Glasgow University Media Group, believes that the problem with the media is not so much the differing stances it takes on issues but rather the refusal to cover certain topics at all, with this being a trait across the industry.

I wrote about Professor Philo and his thesis following a talk he gave to the Scottish Press Club and I applied his thoughts to coverage at that time (back in early 2012) of the Rangers story by the Scottish media. You can read the piece here.

We now have, in the Charlotte Fakes story, a perfect example, in a post-modern or meta way, of the subject. Continue reading


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