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Charlotte Fakes and the Data Protection Act – Part 1 – Is Charlotte’s Web Broken?

The Charlotte Fakes Twitter account has been closed and, at least for now, the flow of information from that source has stopped.

This has been a cause of much rejoicing amongst the supporters of Rangers (or at least the small number who frequent their popular message boards). Various fellows there have been suggesting that the police, and in one suggestion the Metropolitan Police, are knocking on Charlotte’s door.

Charlotte's Web

One of the accusations is that Charlotte has broken the Data Protection Act and, as Jack Irvine said in his interview with Andy Muirhead of Scotzine (which can be read in full here):- Continue reading



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What A Wonderful Day For Rangers! – by Me at Scotzine

For anyone who just can’t get enough of the Lord Nimmo Smith Commission, I have posted a short piece over at Andy Muirhead’s Scotzine.com.

You can read it by clicking here.

Some of it will be familiar to you if you’ve read all three of my post-verdict posts here today, but not all.

Pop over and have a read, if you want.

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Andy Muirhead on Why Our Invitations to Discuss Rangers on Sportsound Were Withdrawn

Andy Muirhead at Scotzine was due to be on BBC Radio Scotland Sportsound last night along with me.

BBC Scot

As readers will know, that invitation was withdrawn and, according to what I was told by the producer, the item, a discussion about social media involvement in the Rangers story, was pulled as the BBC could not find anyone from the Rangers side of the fence to “balance” the conversation.

Andy has written, at some length, about his involvement in reporting on Craig Whyte, and the subsequent developments in the story. This culminates in his description of how and why he was told that he was not on the programme.

At first reading what he was told does not seem to fit with what I was told. Continue reading


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Green and Whyte – Unlike Ebony and Ivory, Not In Perfect Harmony – Me at Scotzine

Andy Muirhead at Scotzine was kind enough to put up my piece there a couple of days ago.

I looked at the initial shots exchanged, figuratively, between Messrs Whyte and Green, and noted that, for all of the apparent disagreement, there were actually some common points in what each had to say.

Feel free to click on the link here to read the rest of it.



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Sevco and Rangers and “Conditional” SFA Membership – Me at Scotzine

I note that Sevco Scotland Ltd have been given “conditional membership” of the SFA.

Does that actually exist?

I have posted some quick thoughts over at Scotzine, which you can reach here.

I am writing a piece which will make three or four posts (at least) looking in depth at the SFA/SFL/SPL/Sevco joint statement, and the various comments emanating from Ibrox.

They will go up as they get done.


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