The Blue Knights Return? Stockbridge/Mather/Smart in Firing Line

A busy day for Stock Exchange announcements from our favourite source of news!

After the return of Mr Green, there was still time for a further announcement.

This evening we saw this:-

2 August 2013

Rangers International Football Club plc

(“Rangers” or the “Company”)

Requisition of General Meeting

The Board of Rangers confirms that, on 1 August 2013,  it received a notice requisitioning a General Meeting of shareholders (the “Requisition”). The Requisition puts forward resolutions for the removal of Craig Mather, Brian Stockbridge and Bryan Smart as directors of the Company and the appointment of Paul Murray and Frank Blin as directors of the Company.

The Board is verifying whether the Requisition is properly constituted and further announcements will be made as appropriate.

There was never an announcement about the rumoured requisition by Mr Green, so this one seems to be more than a negotiating ploy.

Paul Murray is well known as the leader of the “Blue Knights”.

Frank Blin is a highly respected member of the accountancy profession, former head of PWC, with a broad experience, including many years working in insolvency and in business restructuring. Fortunately none of those skills will be needed at Ibrox.

As has been the case for the last few years, there is never an end to the excitement in and around the Blue Room!

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98 responses to “The Blue Knights Return? Stockbridge/Mather/Smart in Firing Line

    • hancock

      never heard it before ….. classic 😉

      • Legless

        The threat of Green returning and fronting up for Imran Ahmad is a dire danger for Rangers. For he must be mad if he thinks he would be accepted by the overwhelming majority of Rangers supporters as the puppet whose strings are pulled by Imran Ahmad.

  1. Well, having read McMurdo’s blog and Leggo-planet, I of course knew this was coming…what?…oh…

    • For those who have not read David Leggat’s style of writing, i implore you to do so. Simply type into your browser leggoland and view the most horrific creep’s purile view’s, he is what Rangers have fostered in recent years. If your a football fan of any club or conviction you must read this stuff, if only the once. He once was a sports journo for the sun newspapaer), he is a horrible little ucnt.

      • Legless

        And with all the shit hitting the fan and flying straight into the face of the old ugly sectarian institution, what is he doing ?
        Launching an attack on Radio Clyde, for God’s sake.

  2. Ben McGinlay

    This is like a story unfolding in a soap opera.,we could call it. ‘Corruption street’, or a film ‘ the never ending story’, tv programme ‘ the rise and fall of the big Hoose ‘. Reality programme , ‘demolish,sell or restore’…….

  3. fergus slayed the blues

    Hi Paul
    My take on all the goings on today is that .
    CG was the guy put in to get Ticketus their dues and I calculated that once the ST money was guaranteed that would see them content .
    Looks like the original peepil sounded out by the Knight to take the dead duck off his hands are now satisfied that hector won’t be a problem and are about to play their part in the sham .
    Looks like the duped list now reads into the thousands ,pity they see them as so thick they could not let them into the secret .
    As for the authorities doing anything (I even laughed at myself for typing that)
    TUMBLEWEED ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  4. JimBhoy

    As chance would have it I suggested Chico would have a consultancy role at Ibrox (a couple of weeks back)… If only I could predict a few numbers for tonight’s draw…

    Have a nice weekend folks.. HH

  5. Al1888

    All that is missing now is the beginning of the Eastenders theme tune !!!!!

  6. arb urns

    Paul Murray ffs…..couldnt find a pack of bear cubs the last time to outbid chicos band of merrymen, how does he think he is fit and proper this time !!

  7. cam

    It’s truly heartening to see the queue of well defo financial titans lining up to be associated with the world’s most successful club.
    The speed at which we shuffle the cups to distract the obsessed from finding the pea, is a masterstroke of corporate re structuring.
    Gentlemen,,,all rise for the Queens eleven!

    • Paul

      Just a pity they are lining up to feck a lot of good ( their are some) people who cannot see the wood for the trees. A lot of people gonna be greeting again, we told you, but we are just a cabal.Ally and Walter, Mathers brilliant guy, Murray brilliant guy, Chico brilliant guy, Whyte brilliant guy. Oh dear who do you trust.

    • wastrel

      hat`s off to ya Cam, `find the pea`-indeed, LMTO pal.
      all you need now is to find a settled board,- who`ll appoint a chairman with some business nonce, a decent defence, talented manager and another 20 odd million to last to the end of THIS season, can`t wait personally 🙂

    • officer dibble

      Do you aid fellow followers on the ‘above quote’ of shuffling to ensure they do not befall a second loss? or is this merely a childish fantasy of the superior race?

    • david

      Well Cam, at least if Frank Blin gets on the board you will have Scotlands foremost insolvency expert.
      Might need him.

      Beyond farce

    • @Cam
      A pea will be all that’s left mate. That and two empty cups.
      It will make a cracking club crest for the tribute acts, tribute act, just scatter a few stars around it to make it look a bit more sporty.
      Designs on a postcard please for free entry to the crossbar challenge. Lol. Bring yir ain crossbar…….And ba’

    • portpower

      “shuffle the cups” Will the pea be missing from the whistle?

  8. Maggie

    @Paul et al
    Now is the summer of their discontent ( AGAIN )…….:-) 🙂 🙂
    Apologies to Will S.

    • Mac Tomas

      “Ra slings & ‘arras’ o ootrageous fortune” Maggie……………”we arra peepel” 🙂

      • Maggie

        “Or to take arms against a sea of troubles,and by opposing end them”

        Not holding my breathe Mac,they’re too busy on here spouting Sevco propaganda and so deep in denial that they can’t even see the “sea of troubles” But Chico’s back with a REAL business man this time,so all’s well,but will it end well ? Just a guess,but I’ll have to say NO!!!!!!!!
        Such fun 🙂

  9. Big Eddie

    I welcome the Sevco Comedy back to our Screens as The Two Ronnies would say
    It’s good Knight from me and good Knight from him
    Poor Leggo and Wee Bill at War also
    Welcome home Chalky for a short time anyway mibees aye mibees naw

  10. dan

    I hear a familiar sound. It is a slappy, slurpy, sound—sort of like erse cheeks being slowly parted and a lubricant whacked on ready for an insertion. I mean, we told them. Didn’t we tell them? How many times did we try to tell them, but were dismissed as Rangers Haters (how can you hate a dead thing)? And how many times was the wonderful Phil’s wonderful blog dismissed.? And now it has come to pass—again—Sevco are in shit street—-heading, we are told, for another insolvency event—and just after the SBs went on sale, too! Oh dear, never mind. Well, what can I say, except I’M FKCUING LUUUUURVING IT!

    Thank heavens I support the wonderfully wonderful, solvent, law abiding, and contributor to Her Majesty’s coffers (God bless you Ma’am) The Glasgow Celtic Football Club. I think She should give Peter Lawell a ‘K’ (at least) for the amount of money he has put in the Royal coffers. Just a thought.

  11. Monti

    Could someone put up the Benny Hill theme tune please. 😀


  12. honest john

    Listening to Clyde ssb at 7-45, caller calles in and says Coventry City gone arse-up. F’kn clown in charge of the prog ( don’t know his name) says “Yes a company associated with that club has reported financial difficulties.
    Is this the new hun doublespeak for the death of a football club.
    Liquidation means dead.
    If its the same football club, it’s got the same debts. ..End of story.

    • Sevco United

      Will be an interesting watching brief.

      How do England deal with the same situation ?

    • Stevie

      You’re telling wee porkies John.
      Sky News: On the hour… every hour… aw night.
      Read it and weep.
      CVA failed…assets and league membership will be sold by administrators to highest preferred bidder OTI ltd.

  13. arb urns

    A just dont need all this off the field distraction on the eve of a vital away cup tie at forfar….a mean ave goat piles o’bridies tae munch ma way thru……….

  14. bigz

    The season ticket money is in, the empire is crumbling and the big boys are vulture swooping to recoup some cash. Its game over and we have started a sweep im saying doors closed in March.

    • castlerockbhoy

      Wouldn`t be funny if they called in administrators before they get a stash of points on the board? Can you imagine Raygun and Doomcaster having to make a decision that might consign, the by then all under 21s Sevco straight back to Division 3. Can you imagine all those lower league journeymen just eyeing up the chance to kick the living s***e out of a team of boys?

  15. Williebhoy56

    I wonder how Lord Haw Haw will explain how his club sneaked into the Lesgue he would never play in while he was on his three month tour of Yorkshire

  16. Robertg

    Remember how that cowboy from duff and duffer got on board wgen the boss eyed thousandaire was riding to the rescue? Can’t help thinking there might be a few similarities here (except for Me Blin actually being well respected and good at what he does). Yes really.

  17. officer dibble

    Will Walter stay or should he go?

  18. Robertg

    When I see the rangers
    I go out my head
    You just can’t make it up
    You just can’t make it up

    He slips and slides and he tells the it’s love
    ‘Appen he just can’t seem to get enough of
    The huns’ Cash!

    Ok, the last line needs a bit of work.

  19. Monti

    When I see the Sevco,I go out my head,
    I just can’t laugh enough,I just can’t laugh enough,
    Going bust again is just not good enough,is just not good enough, is just not good enough,
    Neil Lennon & Celtic & it’s 3 in a row,
    Admin II & it’s goodbye to Sevco…doo,doo,doo

  20. lordmac

    this now looks like the last throw of the dice and the blue nights are only here to subsidies this months debt or overdraft after there money is spent they will never play the wild rover no more.

  21. Budweiser

    What a shambles.

  22. officer dibble

    Bud, i prefer shame, ‘shame on the perpetrators of fortune over the institution and history’, ‘shame on the clubs elite ex board members who portray dying allegiance to that cause but failed to act’, ‘and shame on the ones who ‘knew what was going down’, ‘shame on Mr McC, Mr S, Mr T’ for allowing themselves to be used by; shameless people to the ultimate destruction of that club, they have sacrificed their fellow colleagues, their club and their honor to ultimately enrich faceless investors.

  23. Budweiser

    ‘ Some informed sources believe the club is heading for another insolvency event’ —– no shit Sherlock.

    • Budweiser

      It is only two months since he stepped down as a director, having previously relinquished his role as chief executive, but already he is back at Ibrox.

      The role of “consultant” seems vague, but then Green wasn’t an orthodox figure anyway. The tendency is to focus on personalities, but the significant issues around Rangers are found in the bigger picture.

      Green remains the club’s largest individual shareholder, having held 7.8% before transferring some of his stock to Laxey Partners, in what was described as a private transaction.

      It is acting as the figurehead of a larger group of shareholders by which he assumes his authority, though. Green and Imran Ahmad, the former commercial director, are believed to claim to be able to call upon the voting support of up to 51% of the club’s shareholders.

      Rangers had entered a period of relative boardroom calm, so today’s timing is significant. More than 33,000 season tickets have been sold, so essentially this year’s income has been secured.

      Although Green raised £22m in the Initial Public Offering of shares last December, it is understood that less than £10m remains in the bank. Some informed sources believe the club will run out of money during this season, and will need to raise additional external funding. The only investors likely to be interested are those who want to buy or control the club outright.

      What is being played out now is a tussle over the cost of buying Rangers, and the move later today by institutional shareholders to oust Green’s replacement, Craig Mather, along with finance director Brian Stockridge and director Bryan Smart, is further evidence of the high stakes.

      The share price fell dramatically last month, when a series of fairly significant shareholdings were sold, and from a launch price of 70p, the market value is now 41.5p.

      Buyers would only pay around half that, though, since the club’s financial situation, and the need for further investment, has to be taken into account. Green, who cannot sell until this December, and his original investors want to maximise their price.

      Disinformation is rife, which leaves Rangers supporters frustrated and anxious. They will look to the one figure they trust beyond all others for an indication of the state of their club.

      Walter Smith was brought on to the board by Green and is now chairman, but how he reacts to the former chief executive’s return will influence how the support acts.

      While the share price might not move in line with the mood of the fans, if the support agitates, and other investors do the same, another period of turmoil awaits.

      • Your quoting bits n bobs from what you’ve read today Bud. Mr S was set in place tas a board director/Chairman to appeal to the fan base as a friendly face of the club, Mr G stepped out of the limelight, now that the friendly face has sold the season tick’s, back comes Mr G, move over Mr S, i’ve a share price i want to reach before my stock becomes available in a few months. Why can’t you guy’s get it, Mr G ain’t in this for the long haul, he’s here for a killing and if TRIFC goes down in that process, so be it.

    • Dibble, the name is Dibble, and were all watching the good ship “dignity” Bud.

  24. Mac Tomas

    If they can weasel “insolvency expert” Frankie Blin onto the board, will they try & enter Administration without anyone noticing?

    Will that be another proud world record?

    Are they hoping that crisis fatigue will set in & we will all stop bullying them?

    Can Sally fulfill his Ramsdens Dream before admin – liquidation?

    Will Sally implode due to the strain of schmoozing every Grifter who squirms up the marble staircase.

    Will Walter fall on his sword on the asbestos turf, as it’s the only “dignity” stunt left for him to exploit?

    Will they ever be savvy enough to realize that certain people are continually “spitting on their coats, then telling them it’s raining”

    Will this end?……….absolutely!

    Will I stop laughing?……..doubt it

    will we need mint choccy chip, vanilla & mango ice cream?

    Is there Karmic justice…………….. 🙂

  25. castlerockbhoy

    I repeat something I posted somewhere on internetland several months ago. In the event of them being placed in administration once again, and possibly a second insolvency. Is there anybody out there with the cash that would possibly want to save a club that now has such a tainted reputation. Could it not be the case that any good Rangers people will simple let the Glasgow Rangers die and set about creating a new club to take its place, but working its way up through the lower leagues, i.e the juniors?

    • If i may, If you had the cash and were a major or influential person in business in the UK, and a genuine Rangers fan<<<< Would you endanger all that you have worked for to indulge the bile that surrounds that club? There are genuine people in business and in life who support that club, but in the end there is a rancid unadultarated legion who taint the name of Rangers, they know who they are.

    • Fra

      @Castlerockbhoy….As you are aware brother, this should have been the route administered to the toxic club. No favours, no rules bent, twisted or broken, no secret 5-way agreement, no similar name indistinguiable from the old. Die a dignified death, chase and shame the cause of your downfall (love that word) ie SDM, apologise for the cheating behaviour, pay ALL the creditors every last penny then work your way up from the juniors SIMPLE

  26. Budweiser

    From chafak.—- Frank Blin – doesn’t seem to realise rangers play at Ibrox lol


    • Sevco United

      Or…..the boy didnt have long to live so he was asking if it could be arranged that he took in the next Old Firm game that was at Celtic Park.

      I mean you really have to be stupid to think someone who lives in Glasgow doesnt know the difference.

      So much for good samaritans.

  27. lordmac

    ibrox is the spivs mecca, what bank would be able to double your money inside 2 years none, that i know, but to a spiv all they need
    is beg £1millon from any one, or use his own £1 million then become the director get paid £500,000 the first year then get £1millon shares
    second year you get paid another directors wage £500,000 your money paid back in full with 1 million shares thrown
    in for good measure

    • castlerockbhoy

      If the rumours of the £ 22 million being as good as gone, and the ` they are trying to finance a deal for Kenny Miller` would suggest this, I think there will need to be a proper investigation into how they have managed to spend £ 22 million in just 8 months.

  28. Sevco United

    But lets get back to the meat on the bones.

    Rangers Football Cub were fined £50,000 for being in breach of Rule 14(g)

    Hearts and Dunfermline were not fined a single dime for breach of Rule 14(g)

    Any attempt to try and bring all 3 SEPARATE charges together is cynical and a lawyer of Pauls standing should no better,

    The fact remains that each charge was either “proven” or “not proven” and a punishment was declared.

    If this was Celtic, everybody would be lined up on the other side accusing the SFA of all sorts.

    • Mac Tomas

      Crikey !!!!… You don’t half sound like 2sides!

      • Sevco United

        If I was 2sides, why wouldnt i just post as 2sides ?

        Avid reader. Quiet man.

        • Steven Brennan

          If you are a regular reader on here, you will know what this means
          “Shields up”
          Phasers to malky

          • Maggie

            @Steven B
            Do you remember that episode of Rab C Steven,where Peter Mullen played some ned running a business along the lines of Interflora called “Intermalky” He took calls and then went about his business of distributing “malkies” It was brilliant.
            This is what’s needed here. 🙂

    • Monti

      Left turn Clyde……:)

    • Sevco United
      August 2, 2013 at 11:27 pm

      But lets get back to the meat on the bones.

      Rangers Football Cub were fined £50,000 for being in breach of Rule 14(g)

      Hearts and Dunfermline were not fined a single dime for breach of Rule 14(g)

      Any attempt to try and bring all 3 SEPARATE charges together is cynical and a lawyer of Pauls standing should no better,

      The fact remains that each charge was either “proven” or “not proven” and a punishment was declared.

      If this was Celtic, everybody would be lined up on the other side accusing the SFA of all sorts.
      Rangers (IL) were given a 50k fine for suffering an insolvency event, Hearts were not.

      Hearts were given a transfer embargo for suffering an insolvency event, Rangers (IL) were not.

      Surely Hearts should be the ones feeling more aggrieved given the differences in the two punishments. In my book a transfer embargo will have far worse implications for Hearts than a 50k fine would.

    • bennybhoy

      I would love a pint of what you are drinking. Life would be so much better…lol

    • portpower

      @Sevco United.
      ” If this was Celtic ” This has jack shit to do with Celtic and never will.

  29. dan

    Imagine being a really, really smart arse Sevconian from somewhere like, say, Whitecraigs, and, having gone on holiday thinking all was well at IOUbrox—then you wake up to this! As the song says: ‘Look over your shoulder, I’m walking behind.” Little C–!

  30. Monti

    Where’s 2sides of the pointless denial, his presence is required tonight!
    big ‘ands down tit mines 🙂 Hovis WI nowt taken out 😀

  31. After all our huffin and puffin, what’s the betting that the Sevco trialists, turn out to be,….Er ….trialists.
    The SBs are sold. Chicco is back a la Sheffield styleeee. No contracts!
    The berrz will be a wee bit beelin’ if they can muster up a functioning brain cell.

  32. honest john

    Not a whimper from the cardigan or the pieman yet.
    Sleaseballs filling their boots before it goes tits-up for all the gullible fools spending their hard earned.

  33. Fra

    I notice many old and new faces to Paul’s blog in the last few days. Can I, if Im not overstepping my authority, warmly welcome every last one of you, no matter the colour creed or leanings. For all the lurkers, come forth with your input. A cross section of society is to be found which, in my humble opinion, makes this one of the best blogs available with regard to legalities in society. Everybody’s input is valued as much as the next guy. Many wordsmiths frequent the blog but if your postings come from the heart, then defend them till you can no more. A tad of bigotry abounds, of which I must confess, I have contributed to in the past, especially when my melons are twisted. The blog has a certain leaning but is by no means one sided and allows much opinions which are denied elsewhere. Come aboard especially followers of the toxic dead club as your musings leave the rest with a sense of….is he/she for real.

  34. “Forgive them lord, they know not what they do”

  35. portpower

    This sevco board and their journeymen would put Griselda Blancos` cartel to shame.

  36. bennybhoy

    ‘I cant bear it that Bale is worth three times more than gers’ priceless quote in the sun I dont buy it, swan necked it newsagents.

  37. Steven Brennan

    I think that Chico Verde is raging because Fat sally has signed all these wonderful new trialists on big wages.
    He had to come back before sept 1st to ensure they do not become full squad members.
    Craig Mathers said last week ” we are building a team for the champions league”
    big hands is not interested in anything further than xmas when he will be off with his dosh.
    Last year we had valentines day admin, halloween liquidation, this year its a christmas day present we all have been wanting for years
    HO HO HO

  38. Steven Brennan

    Check this out, who does it remind you of?
    Look at the home page, its the future of sevco
    Feckin loving it

  39. Shiva

    This time I have no sympathy whatsoever for rangers fans, including the decent ones. Their proclamations of love for their club seem to consist of of supporting whatever gobsh*te occupies the hotseat and attacking everyone else, no matter how spurious the reasons.

    They had a wonderful opportunity to reinvent themselves, they failed to take it, they’ll reap what they have sown.

    Green et al will continue to play them, take what they feel is due to them and leave rangers (old, new, whatever….finding these arguments tedious) to die. The wails will commence – why didn’t the SFA, SPFL, media, police, Interpol, ZanuPF etc etc etc do something.

    Goodbye, good riddance, please don’t reinvent yourselves as a junior club as its still enjoyable.

    You Were The People.

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