Welcome Back Charles Green!

Excellent news!

As Rangers Intergalactic Football Club PLC announced to the Stock Exchange today:-

The Board of Rangers is pleased to announce that it has today appointed Charles Green as a consultant to the Company.

Mr Green’s role will be to promote the interests of Rangers Football Club, specifically assisting with shareholder relations and advising the Company on its capital structure.

What a fine choice! Well done Mr Green!

After all it must be a good thing for RIFC to employ someone whose job is to “promote the interests of Rangers Football Club” although one might wonder if that was not being done already.

Who better to help advise on “capital structure” than a man with 7% of the share capital!

And who better to be incentivised to boost the slumping share price than a man who bought millions of shares for 1p and who, according to one prominent Rangers source, is looking to sell for £1 per share.

As the share price is 41.5p just now, it will surely be helpful to have the influence of the “Businessman of the Year” to get it back to the flotation price, or the post float heights of in excess of 90p.

As he is also there to assist with “shareholder relations” then we can expect to hear him making many more of his public pronouncements, and so it is likely that I will have lots to write about!

CG Aug

Welcome back Charlie!

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42 responses to “Welcome Back Charles Green!

  1. Monti

    😀 Ha. Comedy gold!
    Charlie there’s creditors need paying, with your big ‘ands! Haha!

  2. Carl31

    A shareholder group is looking to oust Craig Mather, according to STV.

  3. Who is the shareholders relation he will be assisting ?
    Ahmads mum by any chance ?

  4. cam

    Great news for Paul and the rest of us,,,life is an entertainment business and if i was gonna be stuck in a lift with either The Coyote or Huge Hands then i know who i would pick.
    Gaun Charlie give them laldy,,,get the Orange taps out!

  5. “Hours after the appointment of former chief executive Charles Green as a paid consultant, a further statement to the London Stock Exchange revealed that a group of shareholders – including former Ibrox director Paul Murray – had launched an official bid to join the board “.

    They also called for the removal of chief executive Craig Mather.

    A couple of hours after Charlie is back Diebrox,earning a fat salary, it’s all kicking off again,
    Charlie walks away, gets his salary paid up, takes an extended holiday while the painters carry out an internal whitewash and here we are, Charlie is back in a new paying role as a consultant, more money getting sucked out quicker that any dyson could suck it up

    • martin kennea

      They deserve everything they get .

    • Coatbrigbhoy

      I also thing Mr G’s holiday allowed Mr S, Chairman to sell season tickets, when that was done, move over Mr S, i’m back. You go work out Mr McC’s problem which is to de-man 40% of that overinflated squad he’s assembled, or/sack some of his backroom team. I’m not paying for people who don’t produce.

  6. Look forward to a 6 month pumping of the shares followed by an end of restrictions fire sale! Or maybe a second share issue? Could he be that bold?

  7. cam


    DIN DIN DIN!,,,The Spanish Inquisition,,,,Paul Murray?,,the Blue Knight?,,,Frank Blin?,,,Frank Drebin?

    • willy We signed young players oldco would not sign because their names sounded Irish. wonka

      @cam – you’re getting there. Lol.
      Told them here there’d be a new ‘owner’ by Christmas. It’s all starting to come together.

  8. A racist consultant. How very apt! Do Sevco really need any help in that department?

  9. notnearlydeadbutreallydead

    Now is not the time to rush to judgement. I think we should just see how this pans out!

  10. Nothing welcome about it Paul, the guy is an embarrassment to Scottish football (I know, that’s probably saying something)

  11. mick

    Great news Charlie is back but hold on is he not in cahoots with whyte and facing possible deception charges via stealing sevco 5088 and changing it to sevco scotland also is he not the man who said your sevco mister whyte ???when him and whyte were arranging a phoniex via blind owner whyte totally against tax laws of liquidation also is green not ment to be helping the sfa bdo and various other organisations into his role with whyte he’s a fraudster and a crook he’s back for more dollar lol what a mental situ also there is massive investigation into sfa lies to uefa sfm auld head special so it’s a well bad position for the whole of Scottish soccer time to revoke licence oh and greens a racist cxxt get him out of Scottish soccer and tell him to take sevco with him

    • mick

      forgot to add he was fined by sfa and went under ground via racism charge at same time cha starts to tweet coincidence no to this day the sfa and sevco are planning together to keep the zombie club wobbling shame on them we know what the script is we are not swolling this crap we are not zombies it’s a phenoix fraud enforced by sfa snp and all the other goat blood drinking kabal

    • Love the post Mick, Charlie and his crew are under investigation of that you can be sure. I’ts tho 5088 bit i can’t get out of my head, every time i see the big white van driving around with the blue numbers 3666 thing on the side i think of ‘sevco’ bothers me it does.

  12. Ben McGinlay

    Another clown enters the big top….

  13. Paul your observations on this co v club wouldbe interesting. http://www.coventrytelegraph.net/news/coventry-news/coventry-city-fc-ricoh-bosses-5412546

    We all knew Green has been behind the sham of boardroom changes, one puttetmaster DM replaced by another, Chucky was never gonna let someone else influence his payday.

    • willy We signed young players oldco would not sign because their names sounded Irish. wonka

      Green is just a useful idiot for Ahmad.

  14. honest john

    Couldn’t make it up.
    Chuckles can see his winnings being frittered away by Super Ally and the rest of the clowns before he can cash in, so he comes scurrying back to plug the leaks and drum up some cash from the most gullible fools on the planet.
    Meanwhile the SFA just stand around wringing their aprons.

  15. arb urns

    campbell campbell is THE rangers new consultant ‘fit and proper’…he looks a right charlie in the photo above…..how many of yer competitions are starting without a sponsor ?….. and this guys back in town………

  16. KennyG

    First thing Green must do is find that Dallas Cowboys email!

    Welcome back Mr Bean.

  17. Felpen

    Word on the street is that he could hear the Champions league music playing out of Glasgow the other night and he thought it was for the Ramsdens cup so he hurried back with his big hands and bigger pockets!

  18. officer dibble

    What’s all this eek-eek stuff?

  19. Robertg

    A move akin to asking a surgeon to sew a bunch of piles back on to an aching arse. Bizarre, painful if you own the arse, but amusing to watch the suffering if you don’t much care for the owner. Welcome back Chuckles. ‘Appen t’carpet bag must ‘ave been gettin’ a bit light.

  20. Clap hands here comes Charlie, no season tickets being sold, fans pissed off, Charlie gets out of Dodge, Walter takes the lead, Zombies head back in there droves buying up season tickets, 37,000 sold, enter Charlie Bhoy, HEY that’s my dosh, I am back in charge, Wattie, shut it, you know nothing about business that’s why I gave you the job, RIGHT! Where where we when I left ……oh right, the naming of the stadium………….

  21. Glazert Tim

    Don’t know about Dallas Cowboys but Chuckles coming back to T’RFC is like Bobby Ewing’s shower scene in Dallas.

    Just when you thought it was safe to invest……don’t go near the Cashline….IT’S BAWS!!!!!!!!! MUTTON BAWS!

  22. Fra

    The SMS are actually querying whether Paul Murray would pass the ‘fit and proper person’ test as he was a director of the former, now dead, rangers when it went tits up. Chuckles on the other hand has been shown to be a racist, cavorts with Whyte, threatens the association with which his team is a member off, rips a substantial amount from a club already leaking cash at an alarming rate and its ‘welcome aboard’ no questions asked. What a useless bunch of pricks our association are. I’m thinking Chuckles must be a grand master in the ludge because he can do and say as he pleases and nothing is said

    • Mr M sat on that same board and said nothing of what he knew that was goingwhen Mr W was in control,he proved what he was, he ain’t no better than any of the others, he’s tainted, tarnished and will ultimately suffer some consequence in the final outcome.

  23. Budweiser

    Expect much more from charlotte now that chico is back !

    • willy We signed young players oldco would not sign because their names sounded Irish. wonka

      Aye bud, like leaking an email from Frank Blin requesting match tickets for a terminally ill child ?
      Well done Charlotte. and Whyte. Two baws in the same bag.

  24. portpower

    Uncle Charlies` Tour of Duty II

  25. Old Cartha Bhoy

    Good to read and reread Chris Grahams piece in the Rangers Standard this week about people being led astray into believing the return of CG, the impossibility of another cull of directors, and how could anyone believe thar RFC is facing any form of impending turmoil and ingouse dispute…what a dick he is,

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