Edgar Blamm’s Inquiries into the Oldco Rangers/STV Business Deal

Edgar Blamm is one of the regular commenters on the blog and a prolific twitterer. He has kindly sent me some thoughts regarding an issue of concern to him and one which he felt had never been satisfactorily explained. I will leave you with Edgar and his researches, and I have an addition to post myself at the end of the post.


I hate to rake at dead fires, but the Rangers/STV commercial partnership issue has never, to my mind, been adequately explained, so I thought I’d share the fruits of my own investigative labours. I can’t quote put my finger on what’s happening, and I simply don’t have the clout to see this through, but there’s something very fishy about the whole deal.

Anyway, I’m sure you remember the notorious commercial partnership between oldco Rangers and STV that raised eyebrows around this time last year. Roy Greenslade at the Guardian wrote a piece about it; The Drum covered it too.

Many media outlets simply regurgitated the press release that had initially heralded the partnership and yet the deal was subsequently rubbished by STV reporters on Twitter who, apparently under instruction from their superiors (who themselves said nothing on record), vehemently denied that any partnership had existed.

My personal curiosity in the matter was first piqued when I was party to @THE_TBK’s exchange with STV’s Grant Russell on Twitter (Link: https://fr.twitter.com/STVGrant/status/244090316972498945)

Grant denied the Rangers/STV partnership – as he’d done in the past – stating that any supposed joint venture between Rangers & STV had only ever been claimed by Rangers, not by STV.


We responded by providing Grant with a link to the story (since removed) on the Glasgow Chamber of Commerce website which carried the original ‘Partnership’ press release in full, and included the now notorious quote from STV’s Director of Channels Bobby Hain:

“We are delighted to be working with Rangers Football Club in the online area and believe that this arrangement will be hugely beneficial to both parties.  As STV’s unrivalled reach and impact continues to expand across all platforms, we aim to work with a wide range of football and sporting organisations, creating opportunities for them to promote their brand in innovative ways.”

Grant alleged that GCC’s Anne Marie Hughes, whose by-line appeared on the Chamber of Commerce story, had “clearly [rewritten] the press release”. However, when I emailed Anne Marie, she confirmed that she had uploaded it exactly as she’d received it, stating:

“This press release was received from Rangers on 27 December 2011 and was uploaded onto our website exactly as supplied on 4 January 2012 – you will notice that the url includes “January 2012”.

I found it odd that junior(ish) STV staff were prepared to go as far making these allegations in order to deny the RFC/STV deal took place at all, while Bobby Hain and the executive-level STV powers-that-be, after publicly promoting it, remained silent.

Indeed, when asked if there’d ever been any official denial by STV of the partnership or of Bobby Hain’s quotes, Grant replied:

7 Sep Grant Russell Grant Russell‏@STVGrant

@THE_TBK @edgarblamm @pault1888 @hen1rik@glasgow_chamber No. It was left to myself and others to tell the actual story on here.

So there was never any denial of the deal by STV higher-ups, despite original announcement containing a direct quote from Bobby Hain.

So, I sent the following email to Bobby Hain.

Hi Bobby,

I hope you’re well. I wonder if you can help clarify a few issues surrounding a commercial venture between Rangers Football Club (IA) and STV that was reported back in December 2011.

A number of news outlets covered the story, and you’re widely quoted as stating:

“We are delighted to be working with Rangers Football Club in the online area and believe that this arrangement will be hugely beneficial to both parties.  As STV’s unrivalled reach and impact continues to expand across all platforms, we aim to work with a wide range of football and sporting organisations, creating opportunities for them to promote their brand in innovative ways.”

I was wondering:

Is the above quote accurate and correctly attributed?

If so, to which “arrangement” were you referring?

In what capacity were STV “working with Rangers Football Club”?

Notwithstanding your own quote, was this partnership ever officially confirmed or denied by STV?

If the quote is not accurate, can you please tell me who was responsible for attributing it to you and what steps STV took to redress this?


Edgar Blamm

I received the following response from an STV PR Executive on Bobby Hain’s behalf:

Dear Edgar,

Further to your email to my colleague Bobby Hain, I am responding to your query on his behalf.

The arrangement you ask about, relates to a one off streaming via online to international audiences. This arrangement was for one match in the SPL calendar and there was no ongoing or associated commercial ventures undertaken.


website: http://www.stv.tv |twitter: www.twitter.com/stvpress

STV | Pacific Quay | Glasgow | G51 1PQ | switchboard: 0141 300 3000


This raises some questions:

Was there a commercial partnership or not?

If there was, why were the STV journalists allegedly instructed to deny it on Twitter, to the point where they seemed to imply that a media colleague had falsely attributed a quote to their Director of Channels?

If there wasn’t, why did STV’s Director of Channels Bobby Hain speak so gushingly about it in the press release?

Why was there no official confirmation or denial by Bobby Hain other than his initial quote celebrating the partnership?

Why were the STV Twitter journalists apparently told to claim the arrangement related to advertising space (this has now been confirmed to me by one of the STV journalists, who’s far from happy at being lied to by his superiors) when it was actually for “streaming”?

Did oldco-Rangers (at a time of extreme, ultimately terminal strife) fabricate or wilfully misrepresent a deal with STV and misattribute quotes to their Director of Channels Bobby Hain in order to maintain the illusion of legitimacy and solvency?

If this is the case, why didn’t STV take steps to distance themselves from it?

Anyway, I’d better get back to work!


Posted by Edgar Blamm


And this is Paul back!

I looked at the Rangers website, but the link to it from the Guardian article is now a dead link.

However, on the basis that nothing ever disappears from the World Wide Web, through the magic of the “Way Back Machine” the now deleted post from the Rangers website is still accessible.

You can see it at this link.

It reads in full as follows, being dated 27th December 2011:-

RANGERS Football Club and STV are working together to capitalise on commercial and brand opportunities in Scotland and internationally.

The two organisations have agreed to explore opportunities on a variety of online commercial prospects including content development and brand promotions.

The new partnership kicks off tomorrow when the live RangersTV international online Old Firm match coverage will be promoted on stv.tv, which has an international reach of over half a million unique browsers per month.

Rangers’ Chief Operations Officer said: “We are delighted to be working with STV to develop and maximise joint online brand and commercial opportunities that benefit both organisations.

“Rangers is an international brand and we aim to utilise all platforms to maximise the brand both at home and abroad.

“The partnership with STV is part of optimising these opportunities and we will be developing new initiatives throughout the season.”

Bobby Hain, Director of Channels at STV said: “We are delighted to be working with Rangers in the online area and believe that this arrangement will be hugely beneficial to both parties.

“As STV’s unrivalled reach and impact continues to expand across all platforms, we aim to work with a wide range of football and sporting organisations, creating opportunities for them to promote their brand in innovative ways.”

As can be seen, the Rangers release seems to be envisaging a far wider and longer connection than a one-off match. To be frank the confusion, or apparent confusion, about the deal has prompted many more questions than if the matter had been made clear at the start.

I think, based on my review of what Edgar has written and what has occurred since December 2011, is that STV realised that they had made a mistake in entering the arrangement without a corresponding one for Celtic, or at least a similar business connection. Once Rangers fell into administration, and especially once the various purchasers appeared, it was clear that the deal was over. It was therefore easier to rubbish it, and to state, as I am sure was true all along, that any commercial relationship would not have compromised or influenced the STV coverage of the team.

By the time this appeared on STV, there was less doubt about its objectivity

By the time this appeared on STV, there was less doubt about its objectivity

However it clearly influenced people’s perceptions of the STV coverage of the demise of oldco Rangers (even if not the coverage) and in such an atmosphere of suspicion as surrounded the events, that detracted from the authority STV was trying for.

Whilst, even before the administration of oldco, it was possible for commercial organisations to deal with only one of the so-called Old Firm, it was generally seen as counter-productive. To avoid upsetting fans of Celtic or Rangers it was seen as unwise to sponsor or link to only one of them.

Now of course would be a better time for anyone to deal with only one of the former Old Firm.

But Rangers are doing this all in-house now so newco is unavailable as a partner.

So we have a commercial deal which seems to have been instantly disowned by one of the parties. At least administration and liquidation meant there was no risk of any litigation in the aftermath!

Postscript by Paul McConville



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150 responses to “Edgar Blamm’s Inquiries into the Oldco Rangers/STV Business Deal

    • Cregganduff

      Very good JimBhoy thanks

      Tickets – lead out the team – join the board.
      Let us be thankful that he doesn’t want to play.

    • Den

      Flamin glory hunter. We should stick with the seasoned pro and not throw a rookie into the cauldron.

      Wrong time for meddling with your formation..

  1. Adam

    Just trying to understand the issue here.

    Are people upset that STV done a deal with one half of the Old Firm and not the other ?

    • cam

      Adam,i’m gonna give you this advice one last time!
      Don’t,for the love of God try to “understand” the musings in here.That would imply that there’s logic behind it.
      By debating with mick you’re attempting to outwit a witless opponent.As an exercise in futility it takes some beating.
      meep meep

    • No fair play to xRFC for trying, as they still are, to secure broadcast rights for multi media, this has always been an ambition going back to Dm days.

      The issue here is if they have breached any regulatory or commercial “rules” not laws. Broabcasters like STv and even the BBc are supposed to report independently and commercial ties obviously obsure or colour judgement calls, WHO PAYS the wages etc….

      Inresting points and when I’m sober I will reflect and absorb more, on this and the previous 3 posts all of which are interesting and provokative.

  2. Marching on Together

    Could it be that STV were bombarded with calls from irate fans from other clubs threatening violence and all sorts, and that caused them to pull the plug on what was envisaged?

  3. cam

    When i saw the post and the name Edgar Blamm,mentions of twittering and the usual suspects i thought i had fell asleep and awoken(MAGGIE?) on April 1st.
    On a scan read it appears that some “fixatives”(no Maggie) have spent some waking moments investigating the obscure goings on regards STV and RFC.
    We are now entering a Terry Gilliam fantasy world.I can forecast,that in 5 years from now, some ex pupils from the school on the hill,will be forensically ploughing through the bins outside Ibrox and holding a press conference to reveal that someone inside Ibrox bought the November issue of Jugs!
    I honestly cannot, even in my warped mind, imagine spending hours researching and posting links to possibly insinuate that there’s something “fishy” going on regards RFC.
    Seek help folks.
    I hope for my sanity, old LNS get a jildy on with his verdict and the BDO monster is dealt with.Its like playing tig in the vicinity of Chernobyl in here.
    Fun for a while but harmful in the long run.
    Does anyone know if Edgar Blamm has special powers and which Marvel comic he appears in?

    • Adam

      Was my thoughts as well. I kept reading and reading and thinking there has got to be something more to it but no……..it really was somebody spending their time badgering someone about something so trivial, that it beggars belief.

      • Edgar Blamm

        So you don’t think there’s anything odd or interesting about Scotland’s largest independent broadcaster entering into a commercial partnership with the dying (now liquidated) Rangers Football Club, announcing the deal with gushing quotes from their Director of Channels, then instructing their reporters to whitewash it and deny that any deal existed?

        Seriously? That’s trivial?

      • ianjs

        February 3, 2013 at 12:31 pm
        Just trying to understand the issue here.
        Are people upset that STV have done a deal with one half of the Old Firm and not the other ?
        There Adam fixed that for you.

        February 3, 2013 at 12:48 pm

        Song for sevco
        Every breath you take
        Every move you make
        Every bond you break, every step you take
        We’ll be watching you
        Every single day
        Every word you say
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        And every vow you break
        Every smile you fake, every claim you stake
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        • Adam

          Dont follow. What did you “fix for me” ?

          • ianjs

            Are people upset that STV done a deal with one half of the Old Firm and not the other ? Have

            • Steven brennan

              I am struggling to follow some of this, is this a wee joke blog?
              We have discussed some great topics on here but today???

              When will Chico tell us which charities are getting his share of gate money from yesterday?
              And will someone in authority verify the amounts are correct? And also ensure he actually pays them.
              Not insinuating he might not be an honest man, but what happened with the Milan charity money?

        • cam

          Nice one.But do you know the background of the meaning of the song lyrics?
          Here you go.Just stay in the corner till the varnish dries!!
          A character of a dubious nature indeed.
          A song about an unhealthy obsessive.
          Sting himself said its very sinister and very,very ugly.
          Thanks Ian.You’ve made my day!

          • Adam

            LMAO – Brilliant cam

            “it’s about the obsession with a lost lover, the jealousy and surveillance that follows”

            As apt as an apt thing covered in aptness. 🙂

          • ianjs

            Adam yes really!

            Cam thanks for the link already aware of that, but the song always reminds me of The Cat’s Eye Stephen King 1985 (Qitters Inc),background music. When James Woods is watched round the clock to make sure he behaves otherwise he will be liquidated. Sad innit.

            • Adam

              So whats the difference between “done” and “have done”

            • COYBIG


              “So whats the difference between “done” and “have done””

              Eh…one has ‘have’ in it and the other one doesn’t?

              Is this a trick question like ‘Travis: The Man Who?’

          • arb urns

            ah but sir cam blogging doyen yer nightie is showin haud them melons!

            sting also got stung by the men who pulled the purse strings and lost millions to them.

            if only he knew o our great bards finest words… aw wad some power he would have known the one thing he couldnt control when he wrote his own immortal song is how ithers wid see it, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and one mans meat is anothers poison….. if only al jolson or small paul m had grown some melons and stood up to wee davie ye could have had a safer passage out o this. as mick the optician on here wid say- yous pay attenshun tae that song an watch the chickster- every step every step

    • Cregganduff


      ” I honestly cannot, even in my warped mind, imagine spending hours researching and posting links to possibly insinuate that there’s something “fishy” going on regards RFC.”

      Comment superfluous.

  4. Cregganduff

    I think it is probable that STV became aware of the seriousness of Rangers’ financial problems and decided to pull out.

    • I agree with your comment and to a certain extent that the post is “superfluos” and its good to see you all flooding back on this site again when yous wir so missin yistrdy. In more ways than one. 15 seconds before I get the TD.

      However you know and I know that there are substaintial answers to questions yet unasked that require answering.

  5. Den


    What I see is inconsistency in the public statements from STV and Rangers and inconsistency in statements coming out of STV.

    Seems like a small issue for a cover up, however it does look like a cover up. Maybe it could lead to a much bigger issue, maybe not.

    I think it is worth considering.

    MOT, is that a statement of fact, opinion or just a statement of one out of
    all of the many possibilities, albeit not the most likely ?

    • Adam

      What were they covering up ? They worked with Rangers for 1 online game whilst stating they would like to work with other football teams in the same manner.

    • cam

      Is anyone at CFC ever gonna do the decent thing and tell those poor Japanese folk that the Coyote and the bhoys aren’t coming.
      The Japanese are into politeness in a big way and its not nice to leave them at the airport for 5 years.
      I realise that its just a small issue but it does smell like 5 year old sushi.

      • Adam

        Thats it ! Im awat to email all the major airlines that service Tokyo from the UK, all the major hotels in Tokyo and all of the J league presidents in order to establish if that tour was ever on. I think we all need to know if this was lies, in the interest of sporting integrity.

        I have just cancelled a 12 month contract that im working on as this is going to consume my life until i find out the answer now.

        Thanks for the reminder cam.

        • cam

          I want results Adam,seat numbers,names,hotels,passports,visas,innoculations,letters of intent,shredded or otherwise.
          We’re talking integrity here.
          Now how does this twitter thingmy work?
          If i can fire off my insanity to a bigger audience then it may just counter act the effects of the random virus.

          • Adam

            I will do my very best. Im in the process of contacting the confidential waste company that services Celtic Park and trying to obtain all the shredded paper from 2008 which was kept in a secret bunker by a guy in the know who knew something may come of it in 5 years time.

            Watch this space cam.

            All will be exclusively revealed.

            • cam

              Now remember if Agent Mick is deployed upon you by SMERSH,don’t let his accusations defect you from the search for the holy grail of integrity.
              I’ll run interference on him and start talking about soap.Its his weak spot.

            • Ash

              If you’d been that diligent in the past your club might not have ended up in the state it did.

            • Sweeney Hughes

              Or your ‘establishment’ thieving the food out of sick childrens mouths to pay millionaire footballers who’s ‘loyalties’ were subsiquently proven to be only to one thing.
              Hard cold cash.

    • Marching on Together

      It is what has happened. The only question is in which of the infinite number of parallel universes it has happened.

  6. Edgar Blamm

    Incidentally, the Drum article I mentioned (http://www.thedrum.com/news/2011/12/28/stv-denies-rangers-fc-deal-will-lead-bias-news-coverage-towards-club), written by news editor Stephen Lepitak, includes the following:

    “A spokesperson for STV told The Drum that the deal was purely commercial and stated that the broadcaster would remain impartial when covering Rangers stories.”

    As well as:

    “In announcing the deal, Bobby Hain, director of channels at STV, said: “We are delighted to be working with Rangers Football Club in the online area and believe that this arrangement will be hugely beneficial to both parties. As STV’s unrivalled reach and impact continues to expand across all platforms, we aim to work with a wide range of football and sporting organisations, creating opportunities for them to promote their brand in innovative ways.”

    So the Drum not only carried Bobby Hain’s quote, but seemingly corroborated this with a “spokesperson for STV”.

    Strangely, when I tweeted Stephen Lepitak to ask about this, he said “…no formal announcement was made by the broadcaster.”

    I gently reminded Stephen that his very own article contains: “In announcing the deal, Bobby Hain, director of channels at STV, said…”, as well as the STV spokesperson’s confirmation of the deal!

    Alas, Mr Lepitak didn’t reply, so we’ll simply have to trust him when he says STV’s widely-publicised announcement doesn’t quite constitute a formal announcement.

  7. cam

    Edgar is the patron saint of Blampottery.

  8. Steven brennan

    Just some journalists making things up, are we to be surprised?
    The Msm have been in a one way deal regarding scottish football for a very long time. With the new cyber age they will soon be in the same boat as oldco.

    • cam

      Good concept Steven, the new age journalists can say anything they like and when questioned just take down the blog and head for the hills.
      The newspaper can’t be sued.
      Yup, it should be interesting in years to come.
      I’ve proposed it before Dermott Desmond has the money and the contacts with Denis O Brien to launch a Celtic minded, quality paper where only the truth is printed.
      I think it would be a financial success and would stop all the whinging from CFC fans.
      Take it away Dermott.

      • Steven brennan

        I dont think anyone of sound mind would read a paper that only has one opinion, I certainly wouldnt.
        According to the media director in Govan the newspapers and the sfa are already controlled by the celtic machine, so why would Desmond start another rag?
        It would have to be staffed by some of they poor Japanese guys hanging round the airports with a wee column from Smeato to balance things out.
        And while you brought it up, some of the crap you contribute would maybe qualify you for the dear Cam page.
        First letter form orangina Williamson,
        Dear Cam
        Ma mans away wi aw the giro again, hes bought shares they Rangers.
        A telt him tae buy mare soveriegn rings and joolry fur me, but a didnae ston a chance agin Mr Green wantin wur dough.
        Reason fur ma letter, dis lidl dae weans shoes?

        • cam

          Hmmm,,my commercial idea obviously upset you Steven.I just thought it would be a good fiscal move to redress the balance of Gers fans wi laptops setting the daily agenda.
          Never done the Giro thing Steven, mum and dad told me to work for everything i wanted,including my kids shoes.
          I so far have respected their wishes and barring misfortune, should exit this mortal coil under my own steam.
          Nothing wrong with Lidl’s in this recession.
          May you live long and prosper and may your bitterness not consume you.

          • Steven brennan

            Thanks For your response
            I did not say you had done the giro road, or realise I displayed any bitterness.
            I thought the blog today was a terrible subject and decided to have a wee pop at you to cheer myself up.
            Thought you had broader shoulders.

            • cam

              Only joshing Steven,i do honestly(in one of my rare lucid moments) think it would be a winnwer if the CFC bhoys could buy a paper that reports the world news in a professional manner but with a clearly stated Celtic view.
              Its not me being facetious,i think it would be a great commercial venture and the benefits to me would not having to listen to the MSM mantra,,,its boring.
              I’ve re started my training regime for the summer holidays and my shoulders are massive! I’m benching Leggo in the absence of my weights. 200lbs of superfluous blubber.
              I need to work on the legs or i’m heading for the Sly Stallone Tweetie Pie look.

      • COYBIG


        I take it you’ve never heard of club fanzines then?

      • ecojon

        Of course that’s what that ex-journo leggo did was take down his pages attacking chuckles and head for the hills. The amount of noise that this post has created emanating from Adam and the poor rhymer makes me think that there must actually be something in the STV cover-up that also touches on some Ibrox raw nerve..

        • TheBlackGoose

          In that case care to comment why RTC hastily deleted all the lies they had posted for the last year?

          • COYBIG


            “In that case care to comment why RTC hastily deleted all the lies they had posted for the last year?”

            HMRC have just been granted leave to appeal against the decision by the FTT, and an appeal has subsequently been filed. So your comment re RTC is redundant.

            But lies? Ha! Good one. Keep telling yourself that if it helps you forget your club, that cheated for at least a decade, died last year. Does it help you come to terms with the fact that your new club’s playing in the 4th tier of Scottish Football? With a squad of vastly overpaid players, who don’t look out of place at that level, as the Scottish Cup game versus a younger Dundee Utd team, who have a far lesser wage bill, showed.

  9. cam

    Hang on here folks, i may have been hasty.Not properly awake.
    Is Edgar a real poster as i’ve not seen his name before.
    If so,apologies to ridiculing your name as i may have wrongly assumed this was a wind up post by Paul.
    If it is real then my other thoughts still stand.

  10. willy wonka

    Jesus Christ !!
    Is this the level of rubbish now being put forward for ‘debate’ these days ?

    • cam

      William,i shall now give you my very best Eco.
      Typical of the bile spewing invective of the enraged hordes who bring nothing to the debate.This investigation by Edgar is much appreciated by those of us of the Celtic family who wish only to assist the decent Bears out there to know whats happening with their club.
      You’re quite welcome to do a guest post and put yourself up for inspection but i don’t think that you shall accept this challenge but insttead will continue to drag this blog down with foul blasphemy and a severe lack of IMHO honourable smileys.

      • arb urns

        will somebody put cam out his misery and tell him how to put these smiley things on. its spoiling his mike yarwoods

      • Cam

        …and I will be adding you to the list of those I do not debate with.

        • cam

          Steady Violet,don’t mention his name!!
          You’re nearly back in the fold of reasoned commentors,so don’t jeopardise it by consorting with the enemy.
          Ian Black,now thats a subject i could get into in depth.
          A complete pudding of an individual,a testament to Ally’s poor eye and a wee coward to boot.
          With him playing it could take 5 years before the refs have to start worrying again.

          • Adam

            It was a disgrace that he was signed in the first place. A nasty piece of work and a complete liability. I used to think behind the liability and hard-man exterior, there was actually a decent player there but that has gone as well now.

            • COYBIG


              I take it you must have been wired to the moon at the time of such thoughts then? Ian Black a decent player? Ha! That’s almost as funny as someone thinking Ally McCoist’s a decent manager.

  11. john

    I wonder if sky or ESPN were aware that internet streaming rights were being sold off by a club on a game by game basis. I thought the SPL did all deals on rights one would assume sky or espn would have live internet streaming rights as exclusives .. why else pump any money in if it wasnt exclusive broadcast all platforms. STV a free to air broadcaster offering streaming rights to live spl football matches to RFC games would be a major problem for a PAY TV Broadcaster who had stumped up millions for spl rights. …. STV were also making a horses arse of their relationship with ITV at the same time…..so nothing would surprise me…

    • cam

      I’ve contacted SKY/ESPN and informed them although they told me that they had been alerted to this despicable plot by concerned posters just this morning.
      They have arranged for ultra hi frequency signals to be pumped through the digi box’s of all Gers fans and an endless loop of the moment big Roy Aitken kicked the baw oot the park and then took the throw in that helped wee Joe score the winner.
      If you can think up any further suitable punishment,perhaps transportation,then please contact SKY/ESPN.

      • COYBIG


        “big Roy Aitken kicked the baw oot the park and then took the throw in that helped wee Joe score the winner.”

        The fact that’s the most recent incident of a ‘dodgy decision’, in favour of Celtic against Rangers, you can recall…does that not tell you something? No? I didn’t think it would either.

    • ecojon


      Perhaps action ws taken against STV and they might have got their fingers burnt.

  12. Den

    Good teamwork from the trolls here.

    They have indeed made a valiant attempt at deflecting the thread. In some ways they have succeeded. Where they have not succeeded is in dragging others down to their level. They are talking to one another at the moment, as you would expect it is very poor stuff.

    If you chose to post please leave the name calling and ‘what aboutery’ to the trolls, it is their forte.

    • willy wonka

      ‘Teamwork’ ???
      “Something fishy” and the usual suspects, including 10-names neighbour Greenslade trotted out.
      When does Thomson get a quote ?

      FFS !

    • Cregganduff

      “Den February 3, 2013 at 2:52 pm

      Good teamwork from the trolls here”

      A little insensitive of you to mention teamwork today.
      I believe that Paul made this post as a sort of a Basil Fawlty “Don’t mention the war” diversion, to spare their feelings. But the bitterness is oozing out all over the place.

      Schadenfreude Rules OK

      • Den


        i am not really a football fan and didnt mean to make any connection.

        But I can’t help myself. Looking at the responses to the trolls goading, it feels like a cup ties and we are three up. The only thing we have got to do is keep the discipline and not make any silly mistakes. They are resorting to taking the man not the ball.

        Some of these guys may have been top division one time but these days are far from it. Their tactics have worked in the past but against good opposition who maintain discipline they are sadly lacking.

        Something like that anyway.

    • cam

      On you go Den,feel free to make an interesting observation on the “fishy” feelings of Mr Blamm.
      Edgar tell us he can’t quite put his finger on it and doesn’t have the security clearance to reach inside the STV bunker.
      He quotes some twitterati musings by Gers haters and then brings republican Roy,best pals with incubator man,into his aquarium.
      Have STV broken any new laws i’m unaware of?
      Many folk perceive BBC Scotland to be biased in favour of CFC.Can i get a reduction on my licence fee?
      Are Bobby Hain and Grant Russell on a list now?
      Is Take the High Road a Masonic metaphor?
      Why can’t we bring back Clem Ashby and the Queen at the end of transmission time.
      Was Bernie the Bolt the recipient of an EBT?
      If you can put your finger on it Den and it smells of fish then please reveal all.
      Who are these kippers? we need to know!

      • COYBIG


        “Many folk perceive BBC Scotland to be biased in favour of CFC.”

        Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Have you never listened to Sporsound? It’s like a who’s who of ex Rangers players.

        “Why can’t we bring back Clem Ashby and the Queen at the end of transmission time.”

        Why don’t you go on a wee bus run instead of trolling on here? Going by that comment, you’re old enough to have a bus pass, so it won’t cost you anything. Infact, do they still do them Dial-a-Buses? It will pick you up and drop you off, right at your door.

        “If you can put your finger on it Den and it smells of fish then please reveal all.”

        There’s 101 jokes I could probably write, but I won’t.

        “Who are these kippers? we need to know!”

        So you don’t know the names of your teams players either? And there was me thinking it was just me. Seriously tho, who’s your #2? At first I thought it was a fan who had won an auction or something, but then I found out he’s signed on a full-time contract, and he’s on thousands of pounds a week. Got to hand it to Ally, he canny half spot a bad player.

    • ecojon

      @ Den

      As I said above the OTT reaction from them had me re-read the post with more interest and I just wonder what the problem is for Rangers that it seems to pose.

      • Den

        When I read the post I wasn’t that interested, just another episode in the short but eventful tenure of Mr Whyte. There are many questions to be answered by the man and his associates about where money went.

        Given that no one seems to doubt that he was disaster for the club, I wouldn’t have expected a rush to defend him, but there was quite an attack.

        I suspect that anybody who was party to the agreement would want to forget about it as they nearly made a huge blunder. Could STV have been left out of pocket? Or did the other broadcasters insist on contracts being honoured.

        Maybe a nerve has been struck, certainly got a reaction.

  13. ianjs

    February 3, 2013 at 2:08 pm
    So whats the difference between “done” and “have done”


  14. You just need to listen to the STV news to know where their loyalties lie: Deal Or No Deal!
    In the east its wall-to-wall Hearts and Sevco with the odd comment about Hib’s and Celtic. Very poor and amateurish reporting at all levels by STV. BBC only marginally better.

  15. josephmcgrath112001809

    I don’t care who STV want to lose money on.

  16. This blog by Edgar Blamm (I really cannot believe that is his real name) and the coda by Paul is, IMHO. the very epitome of obsession. Nothing presented as something. I cannot believe that Cam is attracting all those TD’s for saying so. Are there no other random legal matters or for that matter any other football related issues we might discuss. An alien might imagine, reading the blogs this year, that there was only one problem in the world. There is war, famine, pestilence, death and the X Factor, but still we discuss the minutiae of speculations on a 4th tier team.

    PS As a Hearts supporter I am pleased RFC now have Ian Black, but why?

    • tykebhoy

      As pointed out earlier. What we are actually discussing is the gerrymandering and corruption that led the Scottish Football Authorities ignoring/rewriting their own rule books in order to allow the tribute team to play in the 4th tier.

      We are also discussing ways of preventing the authorities repeating this when the tribute club is liquidated as it almost certainly will given its been run on no better business model than liquidated its predecessor.

      As for your final question. Probably couldn’t afford the disciplinary fines that went with him, not that the holding company of TRFC can either and its doubtful the holding company’s holding company can either

    • Cregganduff


      To cam & Co. The Fifth Horseman will always be Craig Whyte, but everyone else knows he was/is David Murray.

    • Edgar Blamm, = Mad Gambler, Whyte or SDM ?

    • cam

      Violet he’s real and he’s out there,,,waaaay out there,Google his twit feed and sample the essence of the man.Tres revealing.
      You can judge a man by the company he keeps.

  17. Violet , as I have been saying until I’m blue in the face , pardon the pun , there is no other story , no other interesting topic , no other club worthy of commenting on than the mighty Rangers , again I will state Rangers are the biggest club , best supported and the only story in town ! there are cup game going on all over our jealous bitter little country this weekend , no mention, septic have a massive game in the cl , no mention , Scotland have a new manager , very little mention , why ? Because they are OBSESSED by a club in the FOURTH tier of Scottish football , if they one day ignored the mighty Rangers it is then I would worry that Rangers have lost there place as Scotland’s premier club.

    • willy wonka

      It prevents having to stop and draw breath just in case that results in somebody raising the question of continued plummeting attendances at Sellik matches.
      About 6 years ago I got a pie at Parkhead that made me ill. Why were the Foods Standards Agency, the EU or Egon Ronay not invited to comment ?
      It’s a conspiracy I tells ya.

  18. Football Question, after watching Dundee United yesterday, can WGS be serious about giving Sevco’s Wallace a Scottish cap

  19. Adam

    trolls = people who dont hold the same opinion as myself and therefore must be up something.

    • mick

      troll + adam


      February 3, 2013 at 5:42 pm

      trolls = people who dont hold the same opinion as myself and therefore must be up something.

      and the above statement is factual evidence of it if you dont agree with him he treats you like a troll deluded or what

      • Adam

        Unlike you, I remain calm and in control of my senses and posting and i dont treat everyone who supports a different team from me as the same. I respect a number of posters on this blog, including Paul himself who is able to debate and reply in a logical and sensible manner,again unlike yourself.

        You hate Rangers. We get it.

        • cam

          Thats a fair response Adam,now don’t take micks fishy bait,,,,meep meep

        • mick

          pretentions to moral seperiority are devestatingly destructive ?

          adam your hated and seen as a spoiled brat on line every1 laughs at you you are a bullying threating troll simple as that your superiority complex holds no bounds

          • Adam

            Case and point.

            • mick

              you not want to sue me tonight for slander lol your superiority complex holds no bounds coupled with you pretentionist aroura makes you a total nut nut in my eyes

          • Steven brennan

            Hate is a strong emotion, I dont hate anything.
            I am not trying to claim the moral high ground just reminding you what your Mammy probably told you.
            Deep breaths buddy

            • Den

              Got to agree with Steven.

              I get accused of being a hater in some of the less rational posts on here. I am at most a mild disliker but that doesn’t have much of a ring to it, so it won’t catch on.

              Hate is very strong and destructive emotion.

              I have had some disagreements with Adam in the past, probably will again but have never felt he had any hatred or bigotry in him.

  20. Spot on mr wonka , let’s have debate about septic crashing attendances .

  21. cam

    In the interests of politeness and blogging etiquette, i’m happy to leave the field clear for Edgar to respond in kind and will take both barrels in silence.
    Just as long as he keeps that fishy finger waway from me.
    Take it away Edgar.

  22. I think the STV ‘deal or no deal’ has to be taken within the context of the BBC showing the Mark Daley documentary.

    Troll= is someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as a forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion. The noun troll may also refer to the provocative message itself, as in: “That was an excellent troll you posted.”

    Keep up the good work Paul and the free, reasonable thinking contributors. You must be doing something right, to attract this much obsession from the Zombie Klan.


  23. Ah good evening Michael ! On looking to engage in a battle of wits ? Only problem is youve come unarmed . Meep meep.

  24. cam

    There’s a good film on at 9pm ,Source Code,well maybe not good but its better than micks patter.
    Its all about a guy whose last memory is of holding up the SPL title,he wakes up to find himself on a train being driven by Craig Whyte,but our hero has assumed another passengers identity.
    8 months later the train explodes into administration and our hero wakes up in the Louden pub.He talks to a guy called Cam who tells him he has got to go back and find out who was in charge of the signal points.
    He keeps going back but he can’t stop the train from crashing.
    He looks for clues in Random Insanity but there are too many conflicting theories on how the train crashed and there’s a guy on that site called mick who can see dead people everywhere.
    I won’t ruin the ending but despite the attempts of the vandals the train gets back on track and keeps on going.

    • Gortnamona

      “a train being driven by Craig Whyte”

      Craig: “Hey Ally. Where’s this train heading for anyway?”
      Ally: “Who cares. Davie and Walt said to keep going, rolling along the way we always did.”
      Craig: “Hey Ally. Have you noticed we have no brakes?”
      Ally: “Brakes, who needs brakes? We just roll over anything that gets in our way.”
      Craig: “Ally have you noticed the passengers are jumping off?”
      Ally: “Who cares? There are plenty more where they came from. Give me another pie ffs.”

  25. cam

    Well in the interests of fairness and masochism i clicked on the Greenslade link to find a poorly written article quoting unnamed members of the NUJ expressing “serious fears”.
    Some other pap about sponsors not wanting to do separate deals with either half of the Old Firm filled out this guff.
    Fast forward to Magners and the Daily Record entering into separate business deals with CFC and committing financial suicide in Glasgow and thats the only sardines i can find.
    I’m not clicking on any Twitter ramblings amongst Gers haters and will leave that odious task to any pilchard with the cojones, or mick,king of the Octopussies.

  26. mick

    its like troll night lol

    • cam

      I’ve warned Adam not to take the bait mick.Slander is the spoken word mick,libel for the written.
      Did tall Paul rescind your license to thrill, or are you an untouchable?
      meep meep

  27. cam

    Oh dear after reading the bold Edgars name in the mirror ,feeding it into the cam Deep Blue mainframe and looking for hidden meanings i then just googled it and entered the twitter world(God forgive me) of the bold yin.
    It appears that Edgar is an obsessive of the first magnitude and tweets with some lovely folk!
    We are now entering the endgame folks,,its gonna get messy from here on in!

  28. cam

    The good lady has donned her Gers onesie and informed me i have 90mins to keep “debating” with my friends on Plentyofpish.
    The maltesers and straw are prepared and a wee cuddle under the quilt whilst i put on my Jake Gyllenhall mask is the order of the evening.
    A couple of bottles of shiraz and i may open a Twitter account,,,nah thats for weirdo’s.

  29. cam

    The thrust of the blog seems to hinge upon the commercial sanity of an organisations decision to be seen to be coming to an arrangement of a business deal that may upset either half of the Old Firm.In this instance CFC.
    Bearing in mind that the Specsavers good humoured sponsorship of the Scottish referees has been renewed does this mean that not only will Celtic fans and bloggers see things through a green tinted perspective but an out of focus one as well?
    I can’t get the image of mick feeling his way along Argyle st to protest at this inflammatory gesture outside Specsavers.
    There’s none so blind as a bitter Tic fan.

  30. John C

    What are these scurrilous rumours of alleged irregularities with documentation presented during the floatation registration process, couldn’t possibly be true shirly ?

    Yes the end game may indeed be in sight.

  31. cam

    For those amongst you who are Twitter literate have a look at Edgars tweets and inhale the essence of the chap who posted todays sermon from the puddle.
    Ah i love the smell of bitterness in the morning,,,it smells of Obsession.

  32. cam

    All things considered, i suggest that the motion of permitting Mr Blamms Trebuchet to assail the Ibrox walls is denied due to the ammunition he is using.
    Dum Dums are for dumbies.
    Happy tweeeting.

  33. dan

    I once heard about this guy–second hand mind you, and I must stress that–who was active in the Labour Party while at Glesgae Yooni, back in the late seventies, early eighties. But the only thing he could not quite swallow was his fellow Labour students’ take on events in NI (they were all for ‘troops out’ etc, stuff like that). He just could not buy into it. Some unkind socialists, so I was told, put this down to him being a season ticket holder at IOUbrox—and this at a time when Oldco were avowedly sectarian ! Anyway, he subsequently married well and is now a high hied yin in telly in Scotland. And I don’t think it’s at the BBC, by the way—-though as I said this all came to me second hand.

    Just thought that in view of the thrust of the blog it might be worth mentioning. Know what I mean???

  34. Could this be the next Green money spinner, he could get Ally to adopt this clubs training methods, two former Ibrox stars already at this club seem, to know the steps to take

  35. mick

    What have Sky got to lose from the paying Scottish football fan?
    Sky had 10.5M TV customers at end of 2011
    They make an average of £539 per customer per year from these

    Let us assume from demographics that 10% of Sly customers are based in Scotland
    Total revenues from Scottish customers = 1.05M*539 = £566
    Assuming 50% of customers take Sky Sports/ESPN = £283M

    The £16M* per year that Sky pay the SPL looks very good value for money – if the SPL had any decent negotiators they would be able to point to the current activism of Scottish footbal fans and extract a much BETTER deal regardless of where Sevco are playing

    VertWolf ]
    * Its actually £10M the balance is from ESPN/Overseas rights making the case we are not getting anything like value a lot stronger.

    I have seen other lower estmates of £90M -£109M but not having an accurate figure stops a case gathering momentum.

    One way to get a more accurate figure might come from a survey (on the lines of the one on the fate of Newco) of fans asking if they subscribe to Sky/ESPn or Virgin and to Sky Sports, how much and if they would consider pulling out of Sky do not change their approach to the Scottish nation (got to make it a national discrimination issue). This would not only inform the debate but attract attention to the issue.

    There is also another emerging factor and that is ESPN losing out to BT Vison for future TV broadcasting must surely raise questions if they are going to hang around anyway and for how long.

    What an opportunity for BT Vision to step in especially as the BT Vision CEO Mark Watson (Not to be confused with Ian Livingston the BT CEO at Celtic)


    has according to the above article experience of the SPL TV issues in Scotland.

    So if ESPN might be pulling out and Sky are really robbing Scottish Football blind whilst killing it (which a survey might show) and with BT Vision on the prowl why is Doncaster not on the blower talking to BT Vision instead of shouting ” Clear” as Regan applies the shock treatment to a dead body?

    sourced today via cqn

    • Steven brennan

      That would have been a better debate today than the guff we have been reading.
      Camadam love in was giving the dry boak

  36. smartbhoy


    Smartbhoy, internet slayer of lovers of Oldco/Newco/Sevco/ Rangers international. Anyone who supported the Oldco and paid money to watch them before they signed a Roman Catholic player then they are sectarian bigots. I shall state my reasoning,

    a) A Club/Company who had an active policy of not signing Roman Catholics for nearly 100 years.

    b) If you paid money to see Rangers during that period you’re a sectarian bigot who was funding a Company/Club operating a sectarian signing policy.

  37. Geddy Lee

    Quick turn around by “ra people” at STV there. From a partnership, to a cracked crest.

    I take it STV are on the “boycott” list after that howler. LOL

    What a fantasy world the old Rangers seemed to occupy.

    World Wide brand?

    I take it nothing came of this “exciting partnership”

  38. martin c


    Here we go again, round and round she goes, where she stops nobody knows?

    Well, who will represent the oldco who ran the club that now plays in the third division? “David Murray or Craig Whyte or RFFF or Beaker”

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