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How Headines Can Misrepresent A Story – Rangers and Pinsent Masons Edition

At the end of my post this morning about the Pinsent Masons investigation into “the connections between Craig Whyte and former and current personnel of the Company and its subsidiaries” I wondered how the mainstream media might report matters.

The answer has come quickly.

The BBC has a story, which can be found here, headlined “RANGERS CONFIRM NO LINKS BETWEEN CRAIG WHYTE AND CHARLES GREEN.”

The Scotsman’s website has a similar story here. That has the headline – “RANGERS PROBE FINDS NO GREEN-WHYTE LINKS”.

The Daily Record’s headline, on its story here, is – “RANGERS’ INDEPENDENT INVESTIGATION FINDS NO LINKS BETWEEN NEW REGIME AND CRAIG WHYTE”. Continue reading



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STV Reveal New Green Whyte Links – Can Green Survive?

Forms and paperwork matter.

Where someone is trying not to leave a trace, there is always the risk of a paper trail.

Regular readers of this blog will know that Craig Whyte had a chequered history with official paperwork, especially relating to Companies House.

Now, days after he lost the case being pursued against him by Ticketus (and the judgement in which I am trying to lay hands on) and just after his claims to be intimately involved with Charles Green in Sevco 5088 Ltd were rubbished by Mr Green comes the proverbial “smoking gun”. Continue reading


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Edgar Blamm’s Inquiries into the Oldco Rangers/STV Business Deal

Edgar Blamm is one of the regular commenters on the blog and a prolific twitterer. He has kindly sent me some thoughts regarding an issue of concern to him and one which he felt had never been satisfactorily explained. I will leave you with Edgar and his researches, and I have an addition to post myself at the end of the post.


I hate to rake at dead fires, but the Rangers/STV commercial partnership issue has never, to my mind, been adequately explained, so I thought I’d share the fruits of my own investigative labours. I can’t quote put my finger on what’s happening, and I simply don’t have the clout to see this through, but there’s something very fishy about the whole deal.

Anyway, I’m sure you remember the notorious commercial partnership between oldco Rangers and STV that raised eyebrows around this time last year. Roy Greenslade at the Guardian wrote a piece about it; The Drum covered it too.

Many media outlets simply regurgitated the press release that had initially heralded the partnership and yet the deal was subsequently rubbished by STV reporters on Twitter who, apparently under instruction from their superiors (who themselves said nothing on record), vehemently denied that any partnership had existed. Continue reading


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