What’s in the SPL/SFA/SFL/Rangers 5-way agreement? Guest Post by Carl31

Many comments here and on other football blogs have indicated that the whole Rangers issue can’t and won’t progress towards a resolution within Scottish Fitba until the grown-ups publish the ‘5 Way Agreement’ in full.

A statement including a summary was produced, but not the agreement itself. Arguably, this may be due to some extent to an air of secrecy by the SFA, SPL and SFL, but at the least the absence of full publication is not desirable for an atmosphere of honesty, openness and trust to cut like spring sunshine through the current dank air that’s about our beautiful game.

In the spirit of the age old tradition of applying a bit of pressure until something breaks, I would like to invite guesses and speculation as to what is in the 5 way agreement. Many contributors may have done so somewhere in the blogosphere already. These can be formulated by looking at what has transpired or what may have transpired via some indicator or another. Here’s my clumsy attempt first.

Carl’s Clumsy Example 1.

Rangers started this season in SFL3 as a new club with a new owner operator of an existing entity. The precise application of the rules would have precluded this since 3 years of accounts are required. I would venture a guess as to some form of words that say the following:

‘The existing rule on 3 yrs accounts is to prevent clubs being admitted to the league that then might fail to fulfil their fixtures due to some commercial reason. Mr Green’s Blues will not be subject to the literal interpretation of the rule but are subject to the spirit of the rule. The governing body and the league bodies require assurances/evidence that the business plan is sound and fixtures can be fulfilled for this season and a number of subsequent seasons.’

Carl’s Clumsy Example 2.

Rangers were not treated as a continuation of last season’s SPL second placed team since they started in the earlier rounds of the Scottish Cup – last season’s SPL second placed team is entitled to start The Scottish Cup in round 3. I guess some form of words were used to clarify this such as:

‘Mr Green’s Blues will enter the various cup competitions in line with being treated under the relevant rules as a new entrant club.’

These examples neither confirm nor deny either side of the Survivalist or Extinctionist debate.

Carl’s Clumsy Example 3.

FIFA and UEFA frown on the national associations being taken through the civil courts. The SFA are aware of this, and are not happy that Mr Green’s Blues took the action they did. Mr Green’s Blues might have been given the Hobson’s Choice of accepting the registration ban despite it having been declared as ultra vires by Lord Glennie:

‘Our own rules may not specifically set out that we can impose a registration embargo, but its oor baw. Given that the next step up from just a fine alone is expulsion from the game, you will accept such an embargo or else face such an expulsion.’


I also would hazard a guess that some kind of future proofing wording by the administrators is in there regards acceptance of footballing punishments or penalties that may come to light, and the acceptance of footballing debts as debts now of Mr Green’s Blues. Also, from Mr Green’s side, some kind of time limit would be placed on these, and some kind of limit of total financial liability too.

That’s as far as I’m going with such guesses at the moment. I invite others to join in.

If the learned and informed observers of the Rangers Saga, who are at all interested were to respond reasonably, sensibly and fairly, I think we could end up being able to set out a mock document (a mock-ument?) which would clearly and obviously not claim to be the actual document, but instead would list a number of interesting educated guesses…

… one of the guesses might be read by one of the formulators of the real thing and think, ‘damn, I wish I had thought of that’!


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  1. mick

    @carl31 great idea heres a extract from pauls article on it
    So what does this tell us? It was interesting that the SFA spent a while on Twitter “clarifying” the statement.

    The process as described by the SFA seems to run as follows.

    1 Sevco Scotland Ltd accepts certain conditions on the transfer of the SFA membership from Rangers Football Club PLC. This includes accepting the registration embargo. This has been accepted by Sevco Scotland Ltd.

    2 Sevco Scotland Ltd supplies all necessary financial information.

    3 The application for transfer of membership will be passed to the Appellate Tribunal, which will require to be newly constituted.

    4 The Appellate Tribunal, if satisfied that the conditions are accepted, and that this imposes appropriate sanctions, concludes proceedings by imposing no further penalty, and the matter is remitted back to the SFA Board.

    5 The SFA Board approves the transfer of membership.

    6 Rangers FC, owned by Sevco Scotland Ltd, embarks on its new life in SFL3, the League Cup and Ramsdens Cup.

    dont forget when this was going throw the rangers were at the time sevco and there first game was played under false names


    we all know green breaches the agreement on a monthly basis and and the sfa breache it from time to time to by turning a blind eye to the off shore investors and listening to green threating them

  2. tykebhoy

    One thing that certainly wasn’t in the agreement was anything preventing the CEO of the new team running his mouth off at everything, because if it was then he would have been censured by the other 4 parties and the agreement would be null and void. Oh hang on that requires the other 4 parties to grow a pair which they certainly hadn’t in agreeing to the agreement. In short the agreement must have basically said TRFC can do whatever they want

  3. mick

    when you look at how much trouble green has caused from the start of it and hes saying him and jabba are doing a book it must make the people involved have nightmeres may be jabba will stick in the docos that would boost sales

  4. mick

    1 you must accept oldcos punishment of lns findings

    2 you must accept the transfer embargo

    3 produce paper work on backers

    4 you must agree to new tv deals with sfl in control

    5 you must help not hinder lord hodge if called to do so

    6 you must never let what happened here leave these 4 walls

    you must not mention the insurance and health and safty breach at the brichin game sevcos first match was played unlicenced if a recall

    • lordmac

      YEP, and the old co got away with making an insurance claim for injured players, should Green have handed that back from the funds he was given
      on the sale deal , why did DUFF and PHELPS give the impression that they where about to part with creditors money, in buying DANIEL Cousins, and at the start of the new season the SFA states you must have your debt paid, so RANGERS SHOULD HAVE STARTED THE SEASON WITH A 15 POINT penalty they still owe money yet nothing is done about it strange

      • mick

        wellsaid lord mac the fact that they cliamed loan money(ebt) on top of wages is insurance fruad and is something the national institutue of insurance should devil in to there is so much wrong with the whole deal and the people at the top that in the summer when season is done the fans group have to voice for change at the top

  5. lordmac

    i think rangers will be striped of titles. It cant be done any other way
    if the SFA and SPL made the claims for out standing debt to be met
    by the newco and given the licence, then ask that all football teams and players fees be paid, as that is the letter of there law and such is the case, if there law is broken it must be the same for the OLD CO s PUNISHMENT, as you cant give with one, and not take from the other.

  6. Dhougal

    You must refrain from selling pies,this will increase stadium capacity,reduce the Glasgow mortality rate but may mean anothder Halls plant closíng………….pity……..know a good site that’ll be available soon………….has experíence of offal too ,watched it today getin gubbed at Taaaaannaaadice !

  7. allyjambo

    …101 This document will spontaneously combust if ever given oxygen…

  8. Charlie

    5 different kinds of handshakes

  9. mick

    a wonder if jabba doing the book is a indirect threat to keep them on side and give them(sfa)and co sleepless nights

  10. allyjambo

    Does anyone really believe it matters what was stated in the final document? Anything to TRFC’s detriment will be ignored, if called upon, and everything to their benefit will be used, whether called upon or not! If it was a fair and honourable document, it would have been published in full immediately. Only dishonourable organisations keep secrets from their members, and members who aren’t afraid of the bullyboys, would demand to know; and unless it held something to their benefit – which would be lost if made public – would insist on it’s being made public!

    In answer to my own question: of course it matters, it matters to us all, but we are dealing with people who, hitherto, took us all, the Scottish football fans, as dumb idiots and haven’t come to terms with the fact we are not. They created this document still thinking they know what’s best, not for Scottish football, but for themselves. They thought they were on top of the internet world because they knew how to tweet, then realised that there were a great many ordinary football fans much smarter than they, so stopped tweeting. They have no answers, they have no morals, they have no more concern for Scottish football than Fred Goodwin had for banking! They would all rather see the end of Scottish football than ever admit they got it wrong. The only chance we have of ever knowing what was in the agreement is if LNS finds Rangers guilty, to the level we all suspect, and words his written judgement in such a way that the SFA/SPL have no choice other than to call upon the 5 way agreement to save TRFC! Even then it might be draft number 10, with the ink barely dry!

  11. Finding out tonight on radio shortbread from Reagan, that he and Green are actually friends. Explains to me, everything i need to know. He doesn’t “do walking away” either.

  12. mick

    Statement from Campbell Ogilvie
    Wednesday, 14 March 2012

    Campbell Ogilvie, Scottish FA President:

    “In light of today’s comments by Sir David Murray, and the ongoing speculation surrounding my role as President of the Scottish FA and my previous employment as a director of Rangers FC, I would like to take this opportunity to clarify the following points:

    “I was aware of the EBT scheme in operation at Rangers during my time at the club and, indeed, was a member. The existence of the scheme was published in Rangers’ annual accounts.

    “My role at Rangers, until the mid-90s, included finalising the paperwork for player registrations. As confirmed by Sir David Murray today, it was never my role to negotiate contracts during my time at Rangers. It is also worth noting that, since the mid-90s, I was not responsible for the drafting or administering of player contracts.

    “I ceased being Company Secretary in 2002 and became General Secretary responsible for football strategy, in effect becoming the main point of contact between the club and the respective league and governing bodies.

    “In relation to the recent investigation, I can confirm that I asked to be excluded from the Scottish FA’s Independent Inquiry into Rangers. In the interests of good governance it was absolutely right that this was the case.

    “I am proud and privileged to be President of the Scottish FA during an exciting period in its history. I have an excellent relationship with our chief executive, Stewart Regan, and the Board of Directors. I would like to thank them for their support throughout this process and look forward to new and exciting challenges ahead at the Scottish FA.”

    this has got to be the most deflective statement of all time he knew what was going on and dont let him foul you whats needed is 1 last push from the bloggers to out them via fans groups they have to go or it will never change money before integrity and cover ups before truth is not what should be going on ina mordern thinking scotland also the 1s that go cant have a say in who comes in as it would only be the same types

    • @mick

      Don’t forget he also made a statement to the effect that he signed off on Rangers accounts without knowing what was in them, which is (I believe) an offence, at least under HMRC regulations.

      Surely on its own the (very public) admission that you couldn’t be arsed carrying out your statutory duties in your previous employment is enough on its own to warrant resignation?

  13. arb urns

    Rule 71: A recognised football body, club, official, Team Official, other member of Team Staff, player or other person under the jurisdiction of the Scottish FA shall, at all times, act in the best interests of Association Football and shall not act in any manner which is improper.

    in fairness to chico the rule doesnt mention specifically : calling all his clubs fans to boycott a scottish cup tie against dundee utd at tannadice on sat 02.02.2013 by not purchasing match tickets. so he is probably ok !!!

  14. Budweiser

    The 5 way agreement is yesterday’s old news. It’s done and dusted, a dead parrot, gone, deceased, as far as relevance to the present state of Scottish football is concerned imo. LNS will probably decide rangers guilty but only mild sanctions imposed,excluding title stripping.This will infuriate non gers fans and please ibrox. Chico to save face[and play the game] will appeal to SFA. SFA will then impose mild plus sanctions [again excluding titles] chico ‘reluctantly’ accepts ‘in the wider interests of Scottish football’ ‘let’s move on’ etc etc. Do you think I’m being to cynical?

    • arb urns

      bud u r wrong but only because there are two oo’s in to at the end.

      pretty sure we will get The Scottish Fudge Association again. the only people with the beel stalls needed for this have been heidi p and ironically chico. lns needs to kill this now, the pres of the sfa and all chief execs should b sacked and not given the chance to resign.

      • Budweiser

        arb urns
        How do you sack them? I don’t know, but would imagine a meeting of all SFA member chairpersons would have to agree a motion of ‘no confidence’ or such like,or am I being to parliamentary? The chairpersons don’t have season ticket pressures on them at the moment so fans have little or no pressure at the present time imo.
        Ogilvie ‘ has the support of the rest of the board’ [see mick’s post]. He has no shame and there is no pressure on him to resign, much less sack him.
        Maybe after LNS has concluded [with appeals and possible court cases] Scottish football can take a good look at itself and decide how it will go forward. I wouldn’t count on any beel stalls though.

        • arb urns

          Agree Bud.

          votes of no confidence are probably the only route. fans will be empowered again in the next few months though and there are scotland games coming up where a few shots could be fired. this pandering to one club is farcical, grab the thing by the buge hollocks and squeeze. if gers have broken rules either mark the titles and cups with a black ball or give them the opportunity to say we hand them back we were in the wrong . impose sanction 6 which is compensation to fellow member clubs by way of say a 10 year ‘mortgage’ at £2m pa or whatever level is deemed appropriate.

          get on with it !!!!!!

  15. You again are looking at stripping titles , when there is no guilt established , if guilt is established then yes have sanctions , i would even go for stripping of titles , but , it must appear on the team finishing seconds records ie septic would get title for bottling it against Motherwell and for missing a penalty against Kilmarnock so yes if you want the titles tell the world his you WON them !

    • Steven brennan

      If the titles are stripped, they will not be awarded to anyone else.
      I don’t want any of them as it would just give the tainted title more credence.
      And just for the record when i say ” I don’t want them” i don’t actually mean me I mean the team I support.

    • not nearly dead but really dead

      IF found guilty , so called ‘stripping of titles’ is only rightfully amending league tables as a CONSEQUENCE. BUT….. what should a PUNISHMENT entail. a fine? ahahahaha…..so suspension/expulsion, nah , they havent applied the rules so far, why start now

      oh …and the investigation into this matter was held last year and RFC 1872-2012 were found to have a prima facie case to answer, so the verdict shouldnt take too long should it? then again we all know how this will pan out

    • hancock

      We dont want the titles ….. put a black mark in the records against each 1 stripped (if found guilty ) and you can tell ya kids growing up about the zombies cheating ways … let the whole world know about it . But like many posters on here, me thinks were gonna get a big cover up and it will be the end of Scottish football.

    • TBH Carson, I don’t think anybody is asking that the titles are awarded to any other team. Merely that if Oldco are found guilty, then the records adjusted to reflect this. In fairness, it is impossible to quantify who would be entitled to them. Nobody can calculate if say, oldco knocked a team out in the semi’s, who may, or may not have progressed to win it. Similarly, in the league, reds or yellows may have been collected against oldco(or injuries etc) which would have affected team selection in legitimate games. So no! you are wrong. Some teams have too much pride and integrity to want, or accept these titles.

  16. JohnBhoy

    The ‘five-way agreement’ has no force in law: legally enforceable contracts require the participation of competent parties.

  17. Steven brennan

    I cannot comprehend why the Celtic supporters on here continually obsess with a third division outfit.
    After todays football I am delighted to say Celtic will not have an opportunity to play against any third division teams this year.
    Long may it continue, and so on and so on and so on.

    • Steven, I sometimes wonder myself why. Then I read posts like the one above by Mick, and I know why. Our governing body is rotten at its very core! For too long now, playing the establishment team has meant playing uphill, and into the wind in both halves. What is the point of playing with 24″x8″ goals when the other teams goals have the net at the front.

  18. hancock

    Out of curiosity, would they have to produce the 5 way agreement if asked for under the freedom of info act ?

  19. No , the titles , if Rangers are found to have broken rules , note IF , the title must be stripped and awarded to the second placed team , and , must be displayed on their ” roll of honours ” no hiding , let the world know how they WON them.

  20. Yes , let the world know that an a alleged contract bottled it against Motherwell and an alleged contract missed a penalty against Kilmarnock , no hiding let the world know , sporting integrity , I would even have , IF found guilty ex Rangers players hand their medals in at the breezblock boulevard reception and MAKE septic acknowledge the titles in their dishonorable history .

    • It has been pointed out to you several times now. Celtic, or any other club, would not want, or accept any award, stripped from oldco, if and when they have been found guilty. My wish, would be that IF found guilty, the records will state, blah blah, as decided by the LNS inquiry. The titles in question would simply be void. It may pop up on a question of sport-ing integrity in years to come. Sally will then get an easy couple of points, because he certainly won’t be managing a club.

    • Steven brennan

      If all games that the team from Govan played in with unregistered players are marked down to 3-0 defeat for them, then many teams will have been robbed of revenue and a chance to progress in competitions.
      There is no way of knowing who would have gone on to win, so your comment of awarding the team who finished second is irrelevant.
      And by the way why do you call celtic park breezeblock boulevard? If it is an attempt at ridicule it fails badly. A bit like a fourth tier team in Dundee today

    • lordmac

      this is just like saying if you did not hide GAZZAS wages from the tax man he would not have come to your club, and with that said, he would not have had helped your club into the second position, and you all awaiting the celtic slip up, but had you paid the honest dollar, it could have been Hearts that could have awaited on a celtic slip up, have you got that now.

    • lordmac

      this is just like saying if you did not hide GAZZAS wages from the tax man he would not have come to your club, and with that said, he would not have had helped your club into the second position, and you all awaiting the celtic slip up, but had you paid the honest dollar, it could have been Hearts that could have awaited on a celtic slip up, have you got that now.

    • Allfanstogether

      Why not have the Rangers players that won these tainted cups etc, meet with the players they cheated, meet them on one of Glasgows bridges over the Clyde, and they could all throw them in the river together.

      • hancock

        As much as i hate to say it , you can’t blame the players of the club formerly known as Rangers. Some one offers you x amount a week more than what your on your gonna take it , they aren’t legal minded ppl so they probably didn’t know the ins n outs of the scamming going on . After all not many brain cells between them ….. anyone for a fish supper ? =P

  21. Raymac

    Lance Armstrong was stripped of his Tour De France titles.No one was awarded those titles,and the reason is that no-one could be certain that the runners up were not doping as well.Football,in this case Scottish football,knows that no doping,financial or otherwise,was taking place elsewhere.Award them to the honest clubs.

  22. portpower

    I think there`s more than 5 ways in the agreement. It`s more like this-
    One potato, two potato,
    Three potato, four;
    Five potato, six potato,
    Seven potato, more!
    Then at the end of the day this potato will take over sevco?

  23. As Jackie McNamara said , ” I do not want the medals or titles IF note IF Rangers are found to have broken rules over registration ” he said they were won by man v man not like sweetie wife v sweetie wife that we have on here .

    • John C

      Truly sad squirming, when restitution of the trophies is complete will those who have denied any irregularities accept the judgement ?

      • mick

        If the fan groups start debating how to get rid of the sfa cheats now a plan could be put in Place were no 1gos back till they leave and all st money held back till the fans groups proposals are set in place the amount off high intilectuals on line is staggering and is powerful and is well capable of bringing change at the top also we need real fans on the board

      • Maggie

        @John C
        Was that a serious question John? Oh ok, my mistake. 🙂

    • Carl31, It would indeed be interesting to have a wee look at the 5way agreement, and debate the ins and outs. However, there is another important factor it raises, and an example of the systematic corrruption of our governing bodies. What gives them the right to enter into any secret pacts, with any club? So blase have they become, and so conditioned have the general public become to expect such underhand dealings, that it has largely went unquestioned. Why was it felt necessary to (a). Formulate a secret draught of rulings with the new owners of a soon to be liquidated member club, when rulings already exist? . (b) Have FIFA/EUFA been made aware of this “secret pact”” and if not, why not?. (c) Do any other secret agreements exist within the governing bodies?. (d) Considering that FIFA/EUFA do not advocate legal proceedings to determine outcomes, how enforceable are the terms and conditions of the agreement, and what would constitute breach and punishment., (e) Is this agreement in breach of existing rulings within Scottish football, therefore, rendered useless, or have the rules regarding entrance criteria been changed? ……It is early on a Sunday morning and I could continue with more questions regarding this covert agreement, but regardless of its contents, I believe the very fact it was entered into, is both unjust, and contrary to EVERY club’s call, that sporting integrity is the backbone of our game. This is no more, and no less, an agreement put in place to allow the new club and owners, a pathway to circum-navigate, the rules of our game. As such its contents are irrelevant. It is a loaded dice.

      • Adam

        Do yo actually believe that other clubs were not involved in the drafting of this agreement ?

        • The simple truth Adam, Nobody knows what to believe. That is why people speculate,investigate and question! This breeds mis-trust, and division. Our football’s governing bodies, should not even be thinking of entering into secret agreements with anybody! Are we innocent,naive children, to be sheltered from the horrors of the adult world, or are they, moving the goalposts for the benefit of one team? Perhaps you can explain to me a situation that requires this level of clandestine behaviour.

          • Adam

            barca, i dont disagree with you, but i do think that people are mistaking this secrecy as something that benefits Rangers.

            You can bet your last dime that the key players in the SPL (Peter Lawwell, Stephen Thompson, Rod Petrie et all) had their hands all over this agreement and document.

            The contents of that paper have been approved by your clubs CEO so perhaps it would be better served as a supporter of an SPL club that someone writes to their own CEO and ask him what was in it and why he agreed to it.

            • I was unaware that PL, or any other CEO was involved in this agreement, officially or otherwise. I shall follow up on your suggestion. Cheers.

            • @Adam

              “The contents of that paper have been approved by your clubs CEO.”

              You have made a definitive claim to something which you could only know if you were either there in person or have seen the document concerned. So which is it?

        • ecojon


          The parties to this agreement have been stated in the Rangers Flotation document from memory and there are no clubs involved other than Rangers. Unless you are just making it up that other clubs are involved please post the evidence to back-up your claim.

  24. Adam

    Guess 1 = Even although people will shout and scream you are not the same club, you will have to serve the transfer embargo punishment cause you clearly are the same club.

    Guess 2 = Even although people will shout and scream you are not the same club, you must pay all the football debt cause you clearly are the same club.

    Guess 3 = Even although people will shout and scream you are not the same club, you must accept any punishment given out by the independent enquiry cause you clearly are the same club.

    Guess 4 = Even although people will shout and scream you are not the same club, you are not entitled to any positives at all from anything cause you clearly are the same club but we just cant be having that now can we.

    Guess 5 = Even although people will shout and scream you are not the same club, you have to accept the fact they need to repeat it 20 times a day as a sign that deep down they cannot stand the fact that you clearly are the same club so when it suits everyone else, we will treat you as the same club which you clearly are and punish you and when it suits Rangers, we will kid on your not the same club, even although we know you are, and still punish you.


    P Lawwell
    R McKenzie


    • cam

      In a nutshell thats what the dafties concerned cobbled together and what the dafties in here churn out as their daily mantra.
      With each passing day,month,year of poor results and the very slow realisation the the Gers are of no threat to the Coyote’s plan for total world domination,then the continuing fixation(change from obsession) with a 3rd div club actually serves to demonstrate that this hatred goes beyond the realms of football rivalry.
      The fact that Raygun and Donkey are morally bankrupt,that RTC was/is a fantasist coward,that the FTTT verdict is a legal ruling(pending appeal if granted),that the transfer embargo is illegal and that if LNS decides in Gers favour,is irrelevant in the eyes of the haters.
      The end justifies the means and the Gers survival and the fans continuing presence is the only fly in the ointment
      Perhaps by contacting the old bhoys network currently active in many spheres of influence it could be made unlawful for that many folk to attend at Ibrox.Go on lads give it a try.
      Congrats to Ally for keeping the score down to a respectable level.

      • How many illegal EBT’s were there ?
        Transfer embargo that did not start until Green gave Ally all the money he was prepared to spend, up until the transfer window closed, Embargo had nothing to do with the big tax case and all to do with Whyte the legal owner of RFC 1872, stealing millions in VAT,PAYE&NIC’s to keep the “club” afloat till until the end of the season

    • Charlie Green claims he bought the history, well all that’s part of the history he bought
      IF it’s the same club what happened to this season’s 10 point deduction for being in Administration and why was the club allowed to sign player while in administration ? Are they fielding ineligible players in every game this season
      (transfer embargo that began when the transfer window closed )
      Is it legal for a company in administration to pay off selective creditors (football clubs)at 100p in the pound and ignore all the other non footballing creditors ?

    • arb urns

      adam try this- ‘legally ‘u r not the same club because you went into liquidation. if you had ‘been bought out’ of administration you would have been the same club ‘legally’.

      football wise- because you went into liquidation and therefore lost your membership of the sfa,spl,sfl,u r a new club. that new club has been given preferential treatment to get back into an associate member position of the scottish football league as far as the current three ruling bodies of the game are concerned. it is only right that your new club picks up ‘the baggage’ of your old football club in a football sense as a condition of re-entry into the senior leagues otherwise all other clubs can chose your route and simply stick a THE infront of their name and bobs your auntie away we go debt free.

      the mistake all u gers are making and need to understand is that u went into liquidation and didnt come out of administration.

      these are facts which should help u understand the position your disgraced football club is in as a business.

      • Adam

        We are the same club. You may not like it, but it wont change. If we werent the same club, this blog and the tens of thousands of comments discussing a club thats only 7 months old would be dead and buried.

        • tykebhoy

          No we are discussing the corruption and gerrymandering of the Football authorities which permitted a new club which didn’t qualify for SFA or SFL membership to join both.

          We are also discussing ways of preventing history repeat itself in full when the tribute club follows its predecessor into liquidation. Remember Third, Lanark, Airdrionans and Gretna. They weren’t permitted immediate restarts in the SFL’s bottom division.

          • Adam

            Were any of those clubs assets bought during the pre-season ?

          • Adam

            Also, do you know why Leeds United were granted membership when their assets were bought and why there wasnt the same hate filled stooshie down south as there is up here ?

            • Steven brennan

              Because the Leeds fans acted with dignity and accepted what had happened after the board apologised publicly.
              Unlike some other team who demand answers
              without apologies
              Without dignity

            • tykebhoy

              Maybe because the FA and Football League didn’t ignore/rewrite their own rules

            • Adam

              Strange answers. Board apologised ??? Dignity ??? It was Bates who ran the debt up then bought the club and its assets whilst in administration, before oldco was liquidated.

              Thats some apology.

            • hancock

              Leeds? …. different country different rules move on.

        • arb urns

          adam if you want to be the same club ok, as long as you come out of this with punishment if found guilty of breaking the rules and the consequences of liquidation. democracy and a deterrant for going forward are the only two asks.I prefer to think of u as a newco in line with the football authorities in scotland .

          point u in the direction of jabba if you want any further assistance on your same club agenda and his little effort to buy the old airdrieonians badge for his erstwhile ‘beloved’ airdrie utd.

          also listen and i mean listen to stewart regans explan on radio about newcos nd how there is no universal recognition of how they are regarded in status terms within leagues.

          its been a good day on here in that i have got cam now thinking along the right lines and u confirming your club is only 7 months old as above .

        • Adam recognises that we discuss “a club thats only 7 months old”!!!

          It warms my heart to read it. 🙂

      • cam

        But Rabbie,the mistake all you Gers haters make, is thinking that we care what you think.
        Its a Mexican standoff and you’re holding a soggy enchilada.
        The Gers ain’t a business,think of a deity,an act of faith an emotion,a constant in life.

        • arb urns

          its your problem cam , your all still digging that hole, maybe the a league in oz will let u in when u reach the antips. fyi dont hate gers just dont like em and cant stand what they have done. dont like tic either but unlike u and thousands others i guess i want them to progress in cl for the benefit of the scottish football co-efficient.

          • cam

            The Gers fans didn’t do anything other than follow their team,Whyte is the crook,Murray is at fault and the SPL/SFA are incompetent.
            My tortilla is crispy and won’t go limp.

            • arb urns

              dont blame the fans cam ,infact admire them for sticking with it, but they need to understand the diff between admin and liquid abuses. on this occasion bloody solvent abuses would have been fine.

              cam if tortillas are the answer to the eternal hig bard on problem am horsin it round to tescos the noo and will grow handlebars on the movember in celeb. dont try the refried beans they will setu back in the progress u r making in this saga

        • portpower

          Are your companies intending to turn over a new leaf or will sevco continue with their recidivism in life.

    • tykebhoy

      Guess1 while it was Oldco that the original ambargo was placed upon it was Newco who ignored UEFA/FIFA advice of not involving the courts. It is therefore quite fitting that Newco should have the embargo transferred to them along with as they claim the SFA membership

      Guess2 Newco benefitted from the transfer of Mr Jelavic who they had yet to fully pay for, although BDO may be interested in D&Ps decision to include transfer proceeds in the package Sevco paid so little for. They also benefitted from the TUPEing of Lee Wallace who Oldco failed to pay for. Only corrct that Vienna and Hearts should be paid by Newco

      Guess3. Actually the most discussed consequence of the LNS Commission finding riules were breached is th stripping of titles. Noi SFL3 titles which Newco may make as their first ever title. It wiould be the titles of Oldco stripped 54 and counting BACKWARDS

      Guess4 not allowed any positives? A squad that was worth more than Sevco paid for all the assets including fixed assets that are now valued at more than 10 times that entire payment. Permitted entry to SFL3 and into the SFA without having either’s minimum requirements at the expense of more qualified entrants e.g. Spartans

      Guess5 with that much doublespeak it could only have been written by Charles Green. What was that you were saying about not allowed anything?

    • portpower

      Was it not sevco scotland that played their first game as an associated member? Cup game against Brechin City if my memory seves me correctly?

  25. Pensionerbhoy

    What was the blog called? Ah yes, I do recall now. It was just that I found myself up so many side streets I though I was in the wrong town. Ok, guys, carry on.

  26. mick


    a little of topic but it just shows you scottish football is not a dead duck when we have the likes of snoop a world wide star wanting to come and see our game in scotland and we had the girl from the osmands at killie we are a global sporting brand with a great future dont believe the doom and gloom of jabba and co .

    • Adam

      1990- Charged with cocaine possession
      1990-1993 – In and out of prison multiple times
      1993 – Charged with illegal firearm
      1993 – Arrested for being an accomplice to murder
      1998 – Charged for having drugs
      2001 – Charged again with drugs
      2003 – Accused of videoing under age girls stripping and offering them drugs
      2012 – Another drug charge
      2012 – Another drug charge
      2012 – Banned from Norway due to a drug charge.

      You are welcome to him.

    • Steven brennan

      Snoopy the huddle hound

  27. JimBhoy

    Doncaster and Reagan fukd up good an proper on this and the comms about armageddon. To this day I do not know who was meant to benefit from all of those protracted discussions. Clearly no-one has.

    If the agreement was as unjust as we are speculating I am sure it would be high on Green’s hitlist and it does not seem to be.

    Anyone else involved I would assume were there at the request of those 2, of course the lawell speculation is there because he is involved in hating the rangers, just ask old sticklebricks. Clearly there are no winners in all of this just a couple of asses..

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