News Report from Athens – Rangers FC Sign Greek International Kafes on £400k per year Contract

With thanks to Gregory Ioannidis, who can be found on twitter @LawTop20 proof that the “through the looking glass” reality in which Rangers FC is fighting with other European teams to sign Dean Shiels, extends further than the Evening Times.

According to various Greek publications in the last hour, Rangers FC has signed Pantelis Kafes. Perhaps in Greece they serve succulent souvlaki?

According to wikipedia (yes, I know) he is:-

“a Greek footballer playing as a deep-lying playmaker or defensive midfielder. He is known for being one of very few outfield players to have worn the number 1 jersey and has won acclaim for his creative abilities and passing skills.”

Most recently he has played for AEK Athens.

Pantelis Kafes, 40 caps for Greece and formerly of AEK Athens, who is reported today to have signed for Rangers

As wikipedia says:-

“AEK Athens

Soon after signing for AEK and continuing his tradition of wearing the number 1, Kafes broke into the first team and was a mainstay in AEK’s fight for the championship, but they had to settle for second. The following season on 12 January 2008 Kafes scored his first goal for AEK against Veria. On February 30[dubiousdiscuss] of the same year, Kafes scored against his former club Olympiacos and put AEK 4 – 0 in front. AEK initially finished in first place in the Greek League, but after the court case between Apollon Kalamaria and Olympiacos for the illegal usage of a player (Roman Wallner) in the 1–0 Apollon Kalamaria win earlier in the season, Olympiacos were awarded the 3 points in a court hearing, thus finishing 2 points ahead of AEK Olympiacos. In his third season with the “Dikefalos-Aetos”, AEK did not live up to their expectations and finished third, Kafes was a key figure in there revival inwich he captained the side on a few occasions. On 12 June 2009, Kafes signed a new 3 year deal which will keep him at AEK until 2012. He agreed to reduce his wages to help the clubs financial difficulties. On 11 July 2009, Kafes was given the captains armband and will be the new captain for the upcoming season.[1] On 13 September 2009, Kafes scored his first goal of the 2009–10 season versus Iraklis. Kafes also scored 2 goals against PAS Giannina. He has made great appearances throughout the 2009–10 season, with much silent work as a defensive midfielder and some great assists to his teammates. In the summer 2010, Kafes found his ex-teammate Traianos Dellas that he joy to AEK Athens and also they won EURO 2004 with the Greek national Team. On 30/4/11, Kafes won the Greek Cup scoring AEK’s 3rd goal in a 0-3 win against Atromitos. Kafes scored his first goal in the 2011/12 season against Panionios in a 1 -0 home win on the 5/2/12. The 2011-12 season was his last with AEK.

International career

Kafes made his debut in the national team against Croatia in April 2001 and scored his first goal against Austria in Vienna in March 2003. Kafes made two appearances in UEFA EURO 2004 qualifying, and was in the finals squad and he won Euro 2004 with Greece. Kafes participated in 2006 World Cup qualifying campaign, the 2005 FIFA Confederations Cup. Kafes has been re-called into the team from the new coach Fernando Santos during the qualification for Euro 2012. On 8 October 2010 Kafes came on as a substitute against Latvia replacing Giorgos Karagounis. This was Kafes’ first competitive match under new coach Fernando Santos. On 17 November 2010, Kafes played also the second half of the friendly match against Austria, giving a big contribution, where Greece beat Austria.”

He has 40 full caps for Greece.

According to Google Translate, the story on Sportena reads as follows:-

“The Rangers will continue his career Pantelis Coffee.The former AEK midfielder has agreed for the next two years with Team Scotland will play in the fourth category.

The experienced midfielder, who remained free from AEK will get bonuses with close to 500,000 euros a year by the Scottish team, which is beset by serious economic problems. That is why, moreover, led to the demotion.”

500,000 Euros = £390,486.

I was clearly far too genrous with my figures earlier today.

If this is true, why would an SFL3 team sign a 33 year old international on an £8,000 per week contract for two years?

Can someone explain this to me, as I am baffled.

It is also ironic, is it not, to see a Greek publication refer to Rangers as “beset by serious economic problems.”

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30 responses to “News Report from Athens – Rangers FC Sign Greek International Kafes on £400k per year Contract

  1. Marsyas

    So was AEK the club that Capt. Green was zooming over to recently, in the hope of setting up a game? This story is very puzzling, good luck to Sevco if they feel the pull to boogie down the avenue that got Rangers into so much trouble. Until the SPL kicks off minus Sevco I shall harbour the suspision that there’s a sleeve somewhere with something up it. How to explain these ‘signings’ otherwise?

  2. I expect you’ve just filled the back pages the Evening Times tonight and the Daily Record tomorrow, Paul. Expect every word you’ve posted to be used in some way – maybe in the form of quotes (‘sources say’, that type of thing).

    Maybe, though, he’s the first signing for the fighting fund’s new team as they put together my long-argued-for AFC Wimbledon-type new club? Well, they seem to be the only ones that can afford him…

    • mick p.g.

      @kennymc when a first stumbled across this site after a couple of weeks a noticed that what is said on here 1 week is the news the next (creat a real like spoof story that you think they will by and a bet it gos main stream next week dont make it about murray or fraud or coruption as they turn a blind eye to that and ignore it )lol

      • JimBhoy

        An Insider at Ibrox has just confirmed there will be a supercasino built next door to the Govan Giants home. It is hoped that the casino once operational in early 2014 will bring in millions to the Ibrox club…

        A spokesperson for the Govan constituency confirmed the story and on the back of that suggested it would bring thousands of jobs to the area and revitalise the building market in Scotland as there would have to be another layer put on Ibrox to fulfill the crowd demands.

        A reliable HMRC source issued a statement saying that these increased revenues generated by the Ibrox club would be more than enough to compensate for their tax mis-deeds in the past.

        A representative from the Scottish media stated that the Ibrox club will share a restaurant with the supercasino and have an all you can eat Lamb buffet for all the press all for £16.90
        Full details to come…

  3. iamtheperson

    That would be enough to pay an entire D3 team, or two.

  4. ecojon

    Well we can work out that the Olympiakos angle earlier might either have a grain of truth or indeed have been a cover unless it’s Cove Rangers that he’s signed for.

  5. ecojon

    Will he get a work permit?

  6. ecojon

    I suppose the 40 caps will qualify him especially when his Scottish granny is revealed. I wonder how old she is?

  7. ecojon

    One thing that interests me about wages for some of the recent mooted signings is how will the other members of the team feel as presumably they will not be on *STAR* wages to help balance the books.

    • Tyke Bhoy

      Another confusing thing is that given there is a restriction on SFL team squad sizes doesn’t triggers broom FC need to cut the number of over 19s on its books.

      • ecojon

        @Tyke Bhoy

        good point but SFA will probably find a rule that exempts foreign internationalists that speak Greek

  8. Tyke Bhoy

    Not sure if that’s tonge in cheek ecojon but there are a lot of ausiie rugby players pretending to be greek so they can play in the UK as an EU citizen and avoid the overseas player quota

  9. ecojon

    I see a bit of an injury history particularly with knee problems. Still what can you expect for £8k a week?

  10. John Pollock

    Its all spin to get punters to buy tickets and the fools are lapping it up. Servco are supposed to play their opening game in 48 hours and as yet have no licence. One could expect this to be front page news but what do the record run with? They will all go down together!

    • mick p.g.

      a heard greens got a snake oil stall at side of ticket office tenner a bottle (100%sevco Illusion) take four times a day at the back of the bottle it says after each spoonful keep saying we are a big club

    • mick p.g.

      music for the moment

  11. ecojon

    Played for Olympiakos where peak value was £3.5 million in Jan 2006 and then went to AEK with value there dropping to £1.8 million in January 2012 and now estimated at £875K early this month.

  12. Pingback: Rangers Look to Sign More SPL Players – Kyle and Stack next on List | Random Thoughts Re Scots Law by Paul McConville

  13. mick p.g.

    jabba sees that he,ll be holidaying in greece from now on !

  14. mick p.g.

    its greek style succulant lamb they cant even afford the leccy never mind a new player lol

  15. ADM

    Will add another prediction to my list from earlier: this guy will never play for Rangers. This is a rumour to distract the Bears and convince them that Green intends to field an SPL-quality team in SFL3 (if indeed they ever play there). No chance.

    • ecojon


      Of course the downside to these tactics is the depression that will set in when things don’t come to pass.

      But them maybe Green doesn’t need or have much time – he is either walking away ‘cos he can’t pay D&P or if staying for a Scottish Hogmanay then he has to sell 40,000 STs.

      From memory the old season tickets were paid in four equal instalments. I haven’t seen any mention of how the SevGers ones will be paid – will it be one lump sum up-front?

  16. Richboy

    Perhaps Mr Di Stefanos threats have convinced the SPL that they were hasty in excluding Rangers and they now feel that Rangers should be included in a 14 team SPL for this season (add Dunfermline or Falkirk).

    In all honesty woud the above scenario surprise anyone on ths blog? I don’t think so.

  17. NeilR

    I’m confused by the reference to a club losing points for fielding an ineligible player, and a league title changing hands as a result. Surely that is just an old wives’ tale?

  18. mick p.g.

    @rich boy theres no rangers there liquidated (mr di stefanos statements makes him look like he suffers from a dillutional disorder )

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