Rangers Look to Sign More SPL Players – Kyle and Stack next on List

My blog readers, contributors and commenters are on top form.

Further to my post about reports from Greece that Rangers have signed Greek international Pantelis Kafes, Marsyas pointed out that this might be the outcome of Mr Green’s trip to Greece.

He went off to organise a match to raise  money … and came back having spent money signing a player!

Maybe he mixed up the saying about being wary of Greeks bearing gifts!

Greek football teams lined up to be generous to Mr Green

I wonder if Mr McCoist has ever heard of Mr Kafes.

The BBC is reporting that:-

“Rangers fans have been able to buy more tickets for Sunday’s game against Brechin City despite a continued delay in the new club receiving Scottish Football Association membership.”

As Ecojon pointed out, the foot of the article states, quoting the Rangers official Twitter feed:-

“A very limited number of tickets for Sunday’s scheduled match against Brechin have become available at the ticket centre.

These are available to buy this morning from 10am on a first-come, first-served basis to season ticket-holders.”

However, are there any Rangers season ticket holders?

As the Rangers website says right now about season tickets:-

“We hope to provide further details on the timing of season ticket renewal distribution and payment methods later in the week once the position becomes clearer.”

One wonders how many people were eligible to rush over to the ticket office today to buy these extra tickets.

It is unclear if police were required this morning at Ibrox as a result of the crowds of season ticket holders seeking tickets for the Brechin match…

Mind you, if someone has already bought a season ticket, they must have the loyalty or optimism to believe that Sunday’s game will go ahead as well.

And finally (whilst I check to see if any announcement has come from Hampden yet) STV is reporting that Rangers have held talks with Kevin Kyle, and that Graham Stack, the ex Hibs goalkeeper is hopeful of signing with the Ibrox team too.

Kevin Kyle, who has had talks with Rangers officials about signing

Does it seem strange that the busiest team in the signing market in Scotland is the one team which, as matters stand right now, cannot play football?


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19 responses to “Rangers Look to Sign More SPL Players – Kyle and Stack next on List

  1. Tyke Bhoy

    Paul, you did the counting a few weeks ago. How many over 19s would Kafes and these two make? Isn’t it only 21 over 19s who can be included in an SFL squad. Are Triggers Broom going to have to terminate contracts of some over 19s if they can’t sell them? Surely breach through “frustration” comes into play if they have a contracted player aged 19+ who can’t play because he isn’t in the squad because there is no room for him in the squad.

  2. ADM

    Nope, neither of these two will ever play for Rangers either. Free publicity for two players looking for clubs, and for Green to convince the Bears he’s serious.

  3. ecojon

    Perhaps we are truly seeing the Rise of the Phoenix here in that Green is also assemling the player pool for his English to be.

    Or as one cynical poster said it’s just to generate fan interest to sell STs – we have already seen that ploy at work earlier today when tickets for Brechin were sold at Ibrox but only to ST holders. Couldn’t have been a lot of Brechin tickets then 🙂

    However, I wonder if when Kafes moved from Olympiakos to AEK whether Olympiakos retained a sell-on clause. It would appear Kafes was out of contract at AEK but who knows what might be floating about in contract terms especially when you take into account Green’s rather strange pronouncements amounting to player serfdom despite Tupe Regs applying and then the rather strange decision on the Davis payment.

    However, it will all come out in the wash as my granny used to say and don’t dare anyone ask what her age is 🙂

  4. bob potts

    Try slagging lennon + your paedo mhob . . . Naw didny think so, sweep sweep

    • Thank you Bob for your constructive, reasoned and sensible comment.

      • Ernesider

        Hi Bob

        Usual high standards of intelligence and literacy.

        But thanks. When I get a faint twinge of conscience about what we are doing here, someone like you always comes along.

    • John Pollock

      Nice touch Bob. If you have been affected by any of the issues raised in your post please stay on line and we will put you in touch with the appropriate agencies.

  5. mick p.g.

    music for the moment

  6. mick p.g.

    its unfair they are financially doping the team agian if all these signings are true to out do the div3 big bhoys

    • JimBhoy

      I think Greens plan all along (check his comments) has been to open the gate for the current Ibrox big earners, Bocanegra, Goian, Edu, Broadfoot and more and then pick up bargain basement journeymen (on much lesser sals) of which there are a ton out there due to this whole fiasco and financial uncertainty or propaganda as it is known from the Scottish football authorities.

  7. Marching on Together

    Wahey. Graham Stack. Goalkeeper for Leeds United when they got relegated to League 1 and went into administration. Clearly being signed for his experience in telling the boys in the dressing room, sorry lads, the gaffer says there’s no money for wages this week.

  8. Hugh McVey

    STV reports that a condition of temporary membership of the SFA is
    “signing off on the transfer of the old company’s member share in the Scottish Premier League to Dundee, which Duff & Phelps have retained despite being compelled to hand it over to the Dark Blues”.

    Why make this a conditionwhen they are COMPELLED to hand it over, anyway?

  9. Grabthegrass

    Looks like the boys at Hampden are making it up as they go along again

    However this is the first time I’ve seen menton of both the share to Dundee and the the payment of football debts. I can only admire Green for his persistence withthe dual contracts opposition to investigation. Any other club wouldn’t have seen the inside of Doncasters ffice talking like that.

  10. Did anyone catch this? Saw it in the Daily Telegraph…

    ‘Robbie Savage took to Twitter on Wednesday to offer his services to come out of retirement to play for Rangers for free.
    ‘The 37 year-old, who quit the game last summer after a spell with Derby, said: “If Rangers are struggling for players I would come out of retirement and play for nothing. [I] could do a job in Scot Div 3. It would be a privilege to play for a great club.”’

    I almost feel for McCoist. Almost.

  11. Den

    There have been a lot of things about this affair that I don’t understand and here is another.

    How can a team headinf out to play in the Third Division be signing players who are easilly SPL quality. They must be offering a great deal to entice the players into the Third. This cannot be justified on Financial terms given the lower crowds and lower prices in the Third.

    Savage is right ” It would be a privilege to play for a great club.”’ It really would, but unfortunately this is SEVCO. 3rd division and temporary SFA membership tells you it all.

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