Meanwhile, in an alternate universe…

A quick one – Story in today’s Evening Times


Euro raiders may scupper Rangers move for Shiels

RANGERS are facing a three-way fight with European clubs to land Bosman target Dean Shiels.

The Northern Irish midfielder is a free agent after his deal with Kilmarnock concluded at the end of the season and it is believed that Ibrox boss Ally McCoist has offered him a £7,000 a week contract.


It is not really worth pointing out everything that is wrong with this story, is it?

Have the last twelve months been a dream? Is Mr McCoist getting his team ready for their first Eurpoean match?


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  1. MSM at their very best…………………..

    • mick

      Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Kano 1000 on 26 July, 2012 at 12:52 said:
      Good Afternoon,

      So far, Mr Charles Green has predicted or suggested that the CVA proposed by Duff & Phelps would be accepted by the creditors of Rangers PLC (including HMRC), that the players employed by Rangers PLC are covered by the TUPE provisions, that the SPL would accede to the application of Servco and that ” The Rangers Football Club” would be playing in the SPL in season 2012/2013.

      Mr Green was wrong on all counts.

      Further, in the midst of his very public spat with Dave King ( of whom more later ) he stated on 9th June that he would be introducing £30M of working capital into Servco by 31st July 2012. That date is now less than one week away!

      If we are to believe all that is printed in the papers ( and who on this blog does not? ) Mr Green is currently negotiating a licence to play football with the SFA, and that practically all matters are cleared up bar some trifling sideshows that are to be resolved with the SPL.

      Surely he could not be wrong again?

      This latter aspect is curious ( to me at least ) as I had thought it had been determined that Mr Green’s club would not be playing in the SPL, and so quite why and SFL club would even involve themselves with a league they were not members of is beyond me!

      Except of course that this is “Rangers”– where nothing quite appears to be as it seems– or as is first presented– whether what is presented is to the “Rangers” fans, The SFA, The SPL, the “Rangers” Creditors, HMRC or anyone else.

      The plain and simple truth is that there is no one on the “Rangers” side of this saga that you can trust! None of the parties involved- going way back in time– could be said to speak the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

      Some may be deluded. Some may be mistaken. Some may be disingenuous. Some may be just plain wrong and some may be just plain crooked liars who will say and indeed do anything to meet their own- ill perceived- ends.

      This leaves the football fans, the football authorities, the media people, the other teams in Scotland and elsewhere, HMRC and everyone else in the position where they just do not know what to believe, if anything, that emanates from Ibrox or those who seek to control events at Ibrox.

      Most important of all is the fact that the football authorities in Scotland should, by now, have come to recognise this. Time after time in recent months, we have seen both the SFA and the SPL “officials” seemingly adhere to notions and proposals coming from Ibrox only for their members to point out that such notions and proposals cannot be accepted or acceptable to the rest of football.

      And so it remains.

      Take for example the demands of the fit and proper person test and the need for accounts. Green has to pass these tests to get any registration of any kind, but the majority of recent press reporting focuses on the notion that any investigation into dual contracts and improper registration of players by the SPL should be postponed and the public outburst by Master McCoist that “Rangers” will not accept the stripping of titles– Master McCoist of course enhancing his reputation for behaving like a spoilt brat who in olden times would have had his legs skelped for repeated disgraceful public behaviour.

      Howwever let me suggest that all of that is a complete blind and takes the focus away from the need for accounts,accountability and the need for full disclosure as to who Charles Green really is!

      There are very good reasons why Green & Co would go to endless lengths to try and get the SPL investigation into dual contracts postponed and it has nothing to do with the stripping of titles. It has to do with saving the skin of those who were at the core of the whole Ibrox debacle– including Master McCoist!

      Lets start with the powers of the SPL Commission who would be investigating. Oh yes they can overturn results, they can withdraw awards and strip titles– but that is not all that they can do!

      They can also:

      G6.1.13 order any Club, Club Official or Player to pay compensation to any Club, Player, person or party;
      G6.1.14 order any Club, Club Official or Player to comply with any obligation or direction;


      G6.1.18 make such other direction, sanction or disposal, not expressly provided for in these Rules, as it shall think appropriate; and/or
      G6.1.19 make such order as to expenses, including the expenses of the Board and/or, as the case may be, Commission and/or other party, as it thinks appropriate.

      Furthermore, the commissions power of enquiy includes the ability to summons and take evidence from anyone it deems fit to do so, and in general it has all the powers necessary to get to the bottom of this particular saga.

      Those powers are not just as strong as the powers of the soon to be liquidator of Rangers PLC, who has a range of powers to seek redress against former Directors, shadow Directors and anyone else involved in the running of the “club” or the company.

      When the CVA was rejected by HMRC it was done so on the specific basis that there could be a proper liquidation which would provide “The best opportunity to protect taxpayers by allowing the potential investigation and pursuit of possible claims against those responsible for the company’s financial failures in recent years.”

      In other words, Hector is coming.. and he is coming for a damn good look because he thinks ther are those at Ibrox who were at it, who have been caught, and who he is going to chase for a variety of reasons- not least to show the footballing world that widespread past practices in football, including EBT’s, are at an end, but also because it is readily apparent that Rangers Football Club are at it and have been more than dishonest for many years in many mnay ways.

      Accordingly, an SPL enquiry right now is as welcome as a hole in the head!

      But why should Green bother, he has nothing to do with the past regime? Correct?

      Well, let’s go back to Dave King, who to be fair cannot be regarded as the bastion of truth and justice either.

      King has claimed in the past that he cannot accpet that White simply handed over his shares to Green for £2 without retaining some control in the background. Further, in June Whyte himself claimed that his shares would form “part of the Charles Green consortium”, and of course despite repeated promises to do so, Green refuses to name who is investors actually are with the mysterious Blue Pitch Holdings remaing the largest single stakeholder with an alleged 23% of Servco.

      Remember too, that King claimed that he would sue Whyte as he ( Whyte ) had a pre existing agreement with King to sell him his entire shareholding, and that this had been confirmed in writing by another Rangers PLC Director, namely Andrew Ellis!

      Would an enquiry into dual contracts and their registration bring about new salvos in this particular set of disputes? You will note that all of this has gone remarkably quiet for the moment, but there are reasons to believe that various parties would have more than a passing interest in having a say, and others would want to see the whole thing far enough.

      Consider too that in recent days, Whyte appears to have claimed that he was astounded when Lloyds did not offer any new financial assisstance to Rangers PLC once Whyte had cleared off the long standing debt by way of the Ticketus money. He claims that there was an understanding that once the old debt was paid off, then a new facility would have been available.

      I wonder who told him that? Lloyds? Murray?

      This would be the same David Murray who King no longer speaks to, and who King claims to have deceived him as far back as 2000 when King was persuaded to part with £20M as part of a share issue which was designed to get rid of a £40M debt at that time. Since then King claims that Murray mismanaged the Rangers business, did not disclose the full extent of the Rangers finances and took certain steps which benefited Murray and MIH which were to the financial detriment of Rangers PLC! If true, then that all brings the big F word to mind– and a don’t mean the one that rhymes with duck!

      Do we really have a situation where Whyte and King both claim to have been deceived about what would happen if they invested money? And was Murray completely unaware of Whyte, who of course duped him, and the problems surrounding King’s assets and ability to trade as a result of the investigations by SARS?

      Looking at the KIng/Murray/ Rangers relationship makes for very odd reading, and I am indebted to others who provided some financial info yesterday.

      King arrived in South Africa in 1976 having been transferred there by his then employers- The Weir Group- Jim McColl.

      He eventually strikes out on his own and by 2000 has made more than a few quid but has tax issues.

      He has retained his affection for Rangers, and is persuaded by Murray ( alledgedly ) to invest the £20M in the Rangers share issue of that time– Rangers having severe debt problems at the time. So let’s get this straight here. King, a shrewd businessman with tax troubles, spends £20M in return for which he gets a minority shareholding in Rangers PLC and a non executive Directorship at the club.

      Pause there: If £20M gets you a very minor shareholding just how did Murray- and more importantly King- value the club? Remember King still had this shareholding when the company went into Admin in February this year.

      Not long after King invests his £20M, the annual accounts for Rangers show a trading loss for the previous year of £16.3M.

      Yet, in separate papers produced by King, he claims to have received the equivalent of roughly £15.75M by way of income from Rangers PLC for the period ending 2001? Eh- he only arrived in 2000!

      Note– this is not repayment of a loan, nor is it money for the sale of his shares ( which he still has ) nor to my knowledge is it a dividend on the shares– everyone else who was a Rangers shareholder must have received an equivalent amount so this would run to tens of Millions, and as a dividend can only be paid out of “profits” the sum is a total mystery.

      Further, as pointed out in Paul McConville’s blog ( a nod and more in that direction ) it is unclear whether this sum was received by King net of tax or gross. If it was net of tax, then King didn’t receive £15m- he actually received £25M.

      So– here you have a guy with major tax issues in South Africa, with assets frozen including planes and so on, who has “access” to a large sum through a company. He sticks £20M into Rangers PLC in 2000 but by 2001 he has received back either £15M net or £25M gross– but he keeps his shares and Directorship?

      Mmmmm? Is it all making sense to you?

      Would an enquiry into player registrations touch on that?

      Well it would certainly stretch back to the time period, and it would certainly look at individual transfers at the time and how they were funded and indeed accounted for in the books. It would also look at who conducted them and register them? It might even look at who was the company secretary at the time?

      However, beyond that, the Liquidator in his investigations might just want to have sight of what the SPL through Harper McLeod solicitors uncovered which then takes me to the next point.

      Rangers went into Liquidation with huge losses.

      The Liquidator, as a bare minimum, will want to know who actually got paid at the expense of the creditors ( especially HMRC ) and why. Now it is one thing to pay £y to Mr X if he was contractually entitled to it, but it is another thing altogether to pay £y to Mr X by way of a discretionary gift, especially if it brings about losses which means not paying any tax!

      Within a certain period, the Liquidator could undo any such financial transaction- he doesn’t have to show fraud, or negligence or anything else- he coukd just seek to undo preferential payments that were not in the interests of the creditors.

      Of course, in this instance the EBT payments were made to the MIH employee benefits trust- and so it could be that the liquidator would be claiming the money back from there in the first instance– and who knows what is in the MIH employee benefits trust by way of money, assets or indeed records.

      However, as such trusts are normally administered by professional independent trustees, I would have thought that the standard of record keeping would be pretty could– if only to protect the trustees themselves.

      So why did Dave King receive money when the company was making a loss? Was he really just making a short term loan to Murray for some reason in return for a nominal stake in the club, a non exec directorship and a few quid in interest? or was he moving some money through the Rangers account and getting it back shortly after with in a different form with an “admin” fee having been deducted?

      And separately, what do we make of Craig Whyte claiming that he paid off TWO accounts with Lloyds– one which was circa £20M in debt in the name of Rangers PLC, and another which was in another name which was £10M in debt? Is that to be believed and if so what is that all about? Did Rangers PLC guarantee another debt, or pledge assets in security of another debt?

      Given that an enquiry with such wide powers could stray into matters which are germain to all of this, and that Green may well be the agent provocateur for any of these characters, can you see the sense in kicking all and any enquiries as far down the line as possible?

      Further, dare I mention Section 216 of the Insolvency Act 1986.

      This states that if a company is placed into insolvent Liquidation (ie Compulsory or Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation), directors or shadow directors in the preceding twelve months are prohibited from being directors or shadow directors of a company with a name by which the liquidating company was known by in that period of twelve months or a name which is so similar as to suggest an association.

      So if John Smith Limited is placed into Liquidation, a director of that company cannot simply become a director of John Smith (Newco) Limited

      Accordingly if any of the bods mentioned above ( or Paul Murray, or Walter (maybe) or Ally (maybe) or any number of others who may be deemed to control contracts and carry out other functions worthy of a Director of Rangers PLC, are behind the scenes with Servco and in a position of influence whether as Director or shadow Director– then Servco cannot use the word “Rangers” in its title!!!

      Would the SFA or the SPL really want that? How would it go down with SKY etc if Servco were to officially play as Servco and not “The Rangers Football Club”.

      No, I am sorry, any examination of this whole situation points to people fighting for their lives on an individual basis, with much to fear of any enquiry of any kind which has independent people sitting in judgement. The stripping of titles is a concern as it affects history– a history which Charles Green said would be wiped away and flushed down the toilet if Liquidation occurred. However, I would wager that any of the players in this murky little farce would sell that history in an instant to save their own skins if it comes close to their being accused of some naughty stuff!

      The football authorities need to start with complete full and total disclosure as to who Green’s investors and partners are, and none of the previous players need step forward as they are all tainted and in any event will all be subject to the scrutiny of the liquidator and of the legal provisions surrounding phoenixing.

      History will show that the footballing authorities in Scotland were duped, deceived and or used by Rangers Football club and its officials for the better part of two decades. The same football authorities cannot afford to be so used ,duped and deceived again by the same people hiding in the shadows. With all the various non footballing enquiries we have at the moment the truth- or something approaching it will eventually out– and those at Hampden cannot afford to be made to look even more stupid by that truth.

      They should also remember that this whole affair is about to be looked into in the greatest deatil by those who have absolutely no interest in football, tv contracts, reputations, and the footballing old boy network.

      It is not only football clubs who can be stripped of titles and positions.

      • mick

        how cools that (1aaa)

      • Richboy

        Awesome post Mick, can’t believe the quality of the post compared to your initial offerings. It would seem the “pygmailon” process is more than complete, I applaud you.

      • Mick pie

        That’s a copy and paste from TCN @richbhoy

      • Grabthegrass

        A truly amazing post which makes following this site so worthwhile. So many points very ably put forward. The key new one to me was that King had received so much money back. This deserves a little more detail and scrutiny, but if it holds up shows that financial shenanigans started a very long time ago. Well done.

  2. Iain S

    Lemme think….average 3rd div wage…eh… seventy quid and if you’re really good you don’t have to wash your own kit….

    You’ll be a superstar at Ibroke Dean. You’ll be able to wave your pay packet about like all your EBT predecessors did. You in your flashy Ford Focus and them on their bikes.

    Naw….on second thoughts the ”Euro raiders” might be a better bet.

    • ecojon

      If SevGers have got that kind of cash I reckon Killie will be stickin a claim in: ‘Ah mean he’s nae right tae walk away on a free – Bosman? Whit’s that goat tae dae wi it? Giez ra cash or we’ll sue ye’.

    • makes you wonder…if ally is serious about building a team for sfl3. Is he serious about building a dream team for sfl3 full of spl players, etc, in the situation there in and the financial turmoil they find themselves in.

      Maybe allys great idea is to blow a hole in SevGer pocket trying to get to spl. Or maybe he still dreaming and reality hasn’t kicked in yet. IF and i mean IF ally really did offer such a deal, it seems he is only able to manage with internationals/spl rated players. Especially as to date, he has only ever knowledge internationals as the only players he has available to him, aside from the other 40 bit-part/reserve players there. Put a team full of international, a team better than your opponent and the rest should work themselves out seems to be the strategy his going for. Rather than try to build a winning squad on a strict budget to crawl back up to the spl.

      • mick

        thats unfair on div 3 teams internationals should be capped to balance play its financial doping all over agian sick and sad

      • cmh64

        There might be another issue here. I’m unsure of Ally’s coaching history, but has he done much youth / reserve team coaching? I got the impression he just did telly stuff and then started as assistant for Scotland. Maybe he has absolutely no idea how to relate to players who aren’t internationals or SPL standard. He wouldn’t be the first player who became a manager and then couldn’t cope with players not as good (I use the term advisedly) as they were. Maybe he thinks he’ll be shown up as a manager if he had SFL3 players?
        Just a thought.

      • Mick

        Sevco has no budget for this approach. No ST money, no working capital & no credit facility. Ally is in cloud cuckoo land, & MSM can’t help their habit of a lifetime approach to reporting – its how they make money

  3. mick

    athought a would share this vid with yous while we are on the topic of msm and theres been a incident with n korea a bet at end you see the coincidence

  4. mick

    its the story that just keeps you reliseing positive energy with all the laughter
    7000 a week now thats totally heads in the sand stuff the evening times should know better am disapointed in them running that

  5. John Pollock

    On my good God? That’s the worst story I have seen since the 750m revamp of ipox. How do they get away with this guff? Its having the desired effect though as go on any Servco forum and all the talk is of signings whilst declaring they wont back Green? Is it just me? I cant even laugh at them anymore, its embarrassing now. Days from death and delusion rains supreme. The people mentality has ultimately killed them. Greens plan is to stall, see it go tits up then blame the SFA for killing the beast. Then he will punt the assets at a huge profit and continue his life unhindered just like Whyte. I expected more from them. After all their club has been violated in public on a daily basis and not so much as a brick thrown in anger. I feared civil war but they have gone out with a pathetic whimper! I was looking forward to watching them on BBC Alba with a carry oot, but alas:(

  6. Ernesider

    Bipolar Disorder Symptoms:

    More than just mood swings, bipolar disorder symptoms range from elation or irritability to sadness and hopelessness, and back again. The periods of highs and lows are called episodes, with each rotation from one extreme to the other called a cycle.

    This is the way the world ends
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    Not with a bang but a whimper.
    T. S. Eliot – The Hollow Men

  7. josephmcgrath112001809

    Seven thousand a week is one thousand a day. Thats £41.67 per hour.
    A 90 minute game is 1.5 hours. That’s about £62.50 a game.
    I think they could manage that.

  8. mick

    I’ve just a well informed little bird tell me that Sevco have folded in the last half hour and accepted all the terms attached to transfer of the old huns SFA membership

  9. mick

    Let the stripping of titles commence!!

  10. ian lewis

    I fear the point is being missed here.The Bears will be expecting plenty of signings and will consider £7K a week the bottom end of the market.Much more important surely is that due diligence has been carried out to ensure that Shiels is not a predominately left sided Northern Irish midfielder.

  11. And now from the BBC more SPL news………………..
    More Headlines

    St Johnstone St Johnstone v Eskisehirspor
    St Johnstone Striker Kyle trains with Saints
    Kilmarnock Kilmarnock add striker Boulding
    Norwich Celtic concern after Norwich loss
    Motherwell Ramsden wins Motherwell contract
    Rangers Black and Beattie train with Gers
    Rangers Little poised to re-sign at Ibrox
    Rangers Kelty anger after Gers call off
    Rangers Kennedy re-confirms Rangers bid
    Hearts Zaliukas expects tough SPL battle

    4/10 headlines concern a team no longer anything to do with them plus another in a different section….same for all the other MSM’s

    I will not be gracing bbc anymore fed up with their biased puppet strug approach to journo and that’s not restricted to sport either….will watch THIS space for any “new” (thats a laugh) info from them.

  12. ADM

    “It is not really worth pointing out everything that is wrong with this story, is it?” No, Paul, probably not – you’d still be writing on Monday and there’s a risk some real news might have happened by then… 🙂

    Think someone said earlier today that this is in fact a more exteme repeat of a tactic they used last year to keep the Bears happy – steady string of rumoured big name signings (and free agent trialists) of whom precisely none ever actually sign. It is frankly bizarre that any self-respecting sub-editor lets this kind of nonsense appear in a supposedly serious newspaper.

  13. mick

    msm compliant forms are all over the dodos media sites (there there now see calm down there is arangers please stop threating us now we said it in the news )they dont start the forms dear sir or madam if you know what a mean

    recently wrote a letter to complain about the termininology used by the BBC when mentioning Rangers in various reports.

    This is the reply I have received today regarding my letter. The sooner this registration is agreed to our benefit the better.

    Dear Mr xxxxxxxxxx

    Reference xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Thank you for contacting us.

    Your comments were passed to the Sports Editor, who has asked that I forward his response as follows:

    “Thank you for your comments.

    It’s important for the BBC’s audience that a clear distinction is made between the former Rangers company and the new company owned by Charles Green’s consortium – and the football entity formerly known as “Rangers FC”.

    Currently, there is no professional club registered in Scotland with the Scottish Football Association or the Scottish Football League named “Rangers” or otherwise (i.e. “Rangers FC”, “The Rangers” or any other similar name – although, there is a separate club known as “Berwick Rangers”). The company known as “The Rangers Football Club PLC” is currently in administration and will inevitably be liquidated.

    The company owned by Charles Green is known as “Sevco 5088 Ltd”. Mr Green also owns another company known as “Sevco (Scotland) Ltd.” – this is the company which Mr Green claims has purchased all of Rangers’ assets – purportedly including Ibrox Stadium, Murray Park, the Albion St car park, the player registrations and the club’s membership of the Scottish Football Association and its share in the Scottish Premier League. However, the status of the “club” – i.e. the football entity – is currently in limbo after the old club’s registrations were effectively terminated when it filed for insolvency.

    At a meeting on Monday 4 July 2012, the SPL voted unanimously to reject an application to transfer the old company’s share in the SPL to Mr Green’s Sevco. Subsequently, Sevco applied for membership of the Scottish Football League, and, following a vote at Hampden on Friday 13 July, was accepted into the SFL setup. Also at that vote, Sevco was refused entry to SFL Division One, but was offered a place in SFL Division Three – and, subject to Scottish Football Association approval, the newco will start life in the SFL Third Division. However, it is not yet clear if Rangers will actually play football next season or not – at this stage, Sevco has only been given an agreement in principle to participate in the Scottish Football League Third Division – it has yet to obtain an SFA licence and fully register as a Scottish football club. When this happens, the SFA will undoubtedly clarify if there has been transference of the club’s membership from the oldco to the newco, or if an entirely new club membership registration has been approved. Certainly, the BBC will seek clarification on this issue.

    Given this, BBC Scotland has taken the editorial decision, in the interests of clarity for the audience, to refer to “Rangers oldco” and “Rangers newco” in order to accurately reflect the legal status of the company and the football registration status of the club, in addition to any sanctions that may or may not be issued.”

    Thank you, once again, for taking the time to contact us.

    Details of the BBC complaints process are available online at

    a more polite 1

  14. Martin

    Just a silly story.


    Can only paste here what Paul67 has posted on Celtic Quick News “I… can’t believe the amount of traction that [the] notion that Sevco would somehow be able to acquire SFA membership of a dead club, with all associated benefits, but be in a position to dictate set terms on how past misdeeds of Rangers would be recorded.

    “This is a bogus debate which serves only to deflect from the more serious issues facing Sevco, namely, do they have circa £25m to pay their way this season? If not, their pedantic views of disciplinary matters are moot, although they may be used as a principled excuse to fold a football club.”

    Sums it up nicely.

    • mick

      good point kenny mc the overheads and running costs that will put them back in admin 25mil is about right bill millers lawyers said deals of due to 30 to 40 mil black hole but that was with them in spl and full price season tickets selling like last year ,its over for sevco befor it begins am thinking and so is most of scotland

  16. Jim

    This may be a silly thought, but was thinking about the article on about the bibs vs no bibs matches. Did it really say they played on the ‘brand new Ibrox pitch’?

    If so, were the hell did Oldco/D&P get the money from to re-lay it?

    • mick

      jim the rangers fans fighting fun paid it ,you think the local businesses conned by d7p would have been paid the fund its self is ilegal as its not registered ,the does not count in glasgow when it comes to ibrokes

    • ecojon


      From a brand new creditor in the next liquidation

  17. ecojon

    By Ewing Grahame

    Consequently, it would be surprising if that embarrassing episode was not at the back of his mind during this Mexican stand-off. Green will see himself as Clint Eastwood to Regan and Doncaster’s Eli Wallach and Lee Van Cleef as the rest of Scottish football waits to see who will blink first.

  18. mick

    the stand off

  19. Niall Walker

    When you put your assets into a safe holding company, you can offer players any contracts they want, no season tickets=no contracts, back to D&P.

  20. JimBhoy

    Thetaxmancometh my new hero….
    Anyone who can type so much has Celtic passion…!!!! Not to mention factual evidence a lot of which i did not know…!

  21. ecojon

    Being reported on Inverness Reds (Aberdeen Football Supporters Club based in Inverness)

    All references to The Rangers Football Club on the Scottish Football League website have been removed from their website within the past hour.

    The Rangers FC’ are mentioned as a venue in SFL 3 fixture list, but no mention of the actual club.

    Their Ramsdens Cup fixture against Brechin on Sunday has also been removed from the website.

    Something afoot?

  22. mick

    its well a massive mess ,its great its out in the public domian enter king lol

  23. ecojon


    Former Hull City hero Dean Windass has offered to play for Glasgow Rangers next season.

    The 43-year-old, who played SPL football for Aberdeen nearly 20 years ago, says he is willing to come out of retirement to play for Rangers in the Scottish third division.

    Read more:

  24. mick

    they have read about the cartel and they want a brown envolope there all coming out of retirement to see what they can get after the king thing its devo game over now the tax man will hammer it all on the head what a night

  25. JimBhoy

    dean wideass good player but if he gets a game at his age i wanna play for them too, i can bring my own ball…!

    • ADM

      I must be remembering a different Dean Windass from you… So you’ve got a ball? If you’ve got a blue top, suspect you’re in – doesn’t have to match, they’re not that fussy… wonder how many players have had the privilege to play with Windass and Robbie Savage…

      • JimBhoy

        Windass and his fat ass scored a lot of goals. I wore a Rangers top one time at five a sides. Carluke Recreation centre, forgot a top and wore it, inside-out of course.. Pope’s 5 won. God Bless JP2

  26. mick

    the power of the net is amazing king must be shitting it its a whole new can of worms ,what will they call the bit of the jail they all go to lol(hmp handshake hilton)

  27. jimCB

    Ally is signing players because he’s a coach of a once big team. Thats his job as he perceives it. If Green goes there’s someone else to take his place. That’s what he believes and damn the torpedoes. However, we as interested bystanders can only be amazed at his lack of vision and absence of clear thinking. Then again he was the manager of Rangers. He is at the moment the manager of a jaikit/ strip on a shaky peg. Don’t expect him to aknowledge it. Certainly not to the tabloids. We’ll be BACK!!……. Mibbe’s aye mibbe’s no.

  28. David C MacKenzie

    Hopefully tosh. But, just in case. What would happen if Rangers won, don’t get a license and the next team get a bye. Brechin would be a little bit … no, Brechin would be incandescent.

    • Project Walliams

      This is not the view from across the pond – this is cronyism from the wsj Wine Correspondent – not the soccerball correspondent – and you can see easily, reading between the lines who his drinking buddy is.
      Where is the wrongdoing. Its all aparently a frightful mess due to some arcane Tax problem. There is one reference to ‘shame’ by a rangers football fan – but the inference is about the embarassment of having to start in such a lowly position as SFL3 not shame of deeds done.
      Were Paul to carry out a forensic examination of the text, it would make interesting reading.

  29. ecojon

    Interesting snippet from the Scotsman

    A pre-match media conference by McCoist has been provisionally scheduled by Rangers today (FRI) but will only be held if SFA membership is received beforehand.

    Wonder what time the conference is schduled to begin – possibly 11.55pm 🙂

  30. ecojon

    Alexander, 34, now Gers No1 keeper, still has one year left on his current contract but has been offered another three years – if he agrees to take a cut on his current five-figure weekly wage packet.

    Nice to see an optimist – I wonder what Paddy Power is offering on SevGers lasting 3 years?

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