Brother Walfrid’s Resolution

Bro Walfrid

Brother Walfrid created Celtic football club in 1888 as a funding conduit to lessen poverty in the east end of Glasgow: “A football club will be formed for the maintenance of dinner tables for the children and the unemployed.” Poverty, in whatever shape or form, was abhorrent to Brother Walfrid’s innate sense of decency. It is this core value that runs through our very veins and has been the beating heart of the Celtic diaspora, passed down from one generation to the next. We are a family because we care for each other and for those less fortunate than ourselves. For that, we are indebted to Brother Walfrid. At Celtic’s AGM, in this our celebratory 125th anniversary year, Celtic turned its back on Brother Walfrid when it rejected Resolution 11.

The demand set out in Resolution 11 was one that could have been penned by Brother Walfrid himself: that Celtic – and I do not separate club from company because we are one and the same, legally and morally – pay their low-paid workers an hourly rate that lifts them above the poverty threshold. Brother Walfrid’s Poverty Resolution, for that is what it was, fell on deaf ears and was defeated. Stunned silence does not convey the shock of that decision.

The Working Poor

Celtic is legally entitled to pay a wage that keeps a section of its workers in “working poverty”. That sum is given the formal name the National Minimum Wage. It has a number of rates depending on an employee’s age. An employer can legally get away with paying its employees as little as £2.68 an hour (for an apprentice), £3.72 (for someone under 18), £5.03 (18-20) and £6.31 (21 and over).

The wage that raises workers above the National Minimum Wage, and out of poverty, is called the Living Wage. It is currently set at £7.65 an hour, a sum calculated annually by The Centre for Research in Social Policy at Loughborough University. London has its own Living Wage (£8.80), determined by the Greater London Authority. The amount is based on meeting essential utility costs and the average price of a basic basket of goods. The number of workers at Celtic Park who are paid the National Minimum Wage at some level, and so below the Living Wage, total 178.

Paying the Living Wage is the right thing to do because the alternative is to be an accomplice to poverty and that is a working practice associated with slum-dwelling Victorian Britain. A rich employer that can afford six-figure bonuses but still refuses to add a few pounds to the salary of its own working poor is an affront to a civilised society.

The moral case for paying a wage that allows staff a degree of dignity and provides for a decent standard of living is impregnable but those employers who have become Living Wage employers also recognise the business case. Dominic Johnson, Employee Relations Director at Barclays Bank (http://www.livingwage.org.uk/calculation): “This is not only the right thing to do, but good business. Early research on the impact of the Living Wage for cleaners on Barclays’ contracts shows our suppliers have a 92% retention rate versus an industry average of 35%. This means we can gain a better quality and more reliable service from colleagues who feel committed and valued for what they do.”

Other employers up and down the country have also sought Living Wage accreditation. KPMG, Lloyd’s, Deloitte, Lush, PWC, Bartons Solicitors, Bootstrap Company, Corgi Home Plan, Direct Plastics, Harlow Council, J. P. Morgan, Legal and General, National Portrait Gallery, Rathbones, and many more.

The movement to replace a low wage with a living wage has even crossed the pond to reach the shores of arguably the most capitalist country in the world, the United States of America. Sea Tac in Washington, with a population of just over 30,000, is voting to make the whole town a Living Wage town. The vote is to raise the legal minimum wage to $15 (£9.40) an hour, a 60% increase from the current minimum wage of $9.19 (£5.76) an hour.

If the Living Wage is right for other employers, why is it wrong for Celtic?

The Celtic Board’s Position

“Paying the Living Wage is not just an important part of our values, our people strategy and our award winning corporate responsibility agenda: it’s critical.” That is not the Celtic Board’s position, but that of KPMG (http://www.livingwage.org.uk). This is the Celtic Board’s position:

–    Extremely Rich Men’s Excuse 1

“For many this is their second job”.

For many on the Celtic Board their directorship is a second job (or even third or fourth) and one for which they are extremely well paid and not subject to the same logic that necessitates poverty remuneration. However, for the lowest paid at Celtic Park, their second job is not a life-style choice. The low-paid have two jobs because they are struggling to make ends meet with just one low-paid job. If the comment by the Celtic Board is meant to suggest that “for many” this second job is for money to buy sweeties, and not to cover essential living bills, then it is a suggestion that does not merit a dignified response.

–    Extremely Rich Men’s Excuse 2

Celtic’s Investors in People status is evidence of “our commitment to the development and success of our people”.

There is an alternative view of Investors in People: that it is an expensive, self-congratulatory HR propaganda tool and is no substitute for paying a decent wage. A status symbol does not keep a house warm or fill a child’s stomach with food.

–    Extremely Rich Men’s Excuse 3

“In April this year, we launched our annual Colleagues’ Attitudes and Opinions Survey”.

And they all answered no to the following questions:

Question 1. Would you like to see Celtic continue in the footsteps of Brother Walfrid and help remove poverty in the east end of Glasgow (Y/N)?__

Question 2. Would you like Celtic pay a wage to our lowest paid staff that is above a poverty wage (Y/N)?:__

Question 3. 178 of your colleagues, here in the east end of Glasgow, are on poverty wages (the ‘working poor’). This runs contrary to Brother Walfrid’s mission. Should we pay them a wage that takes them out of poverty (Y/N)?__

–    Extremely Rich Men’s Excuse 4

“The Company operates an annual bonus scheme… in order to encourage out-performance, motivate and retain staff.”

Three points: 1) A bonus is an “additional good thing”. When it is used in conjunction with a poverty wage then it is not an “additional good thing”. If, on the hand, a bonus was available over and above the payment of a Living Wage, which is a good thing, then it would genuinely deserve the label bonus. 2) An employee should not need to depend on a bonus payment to pay basic bills. 3) It is not guaranteed. If a low paid worker fails to secure a bonus then that worker may also fail to put food on the table.

–    Extremely Rich Men’s Excuse 5

“The Company takes into account remuneration packages within other comparable companies and sectors.”

To paraphrase: everybody is shafting the poor so why should Celtic be any different? Just because other football clubs are paying poverty wages to some staff does not mean that Celtic have to follow their example. Celtic’s wage structure for football players is significantly higher than any other football club in Scotland. Why not replicate that approach at the other end of the food chain? We break the mould for the rich so why not for the poor?

–    Extremely Rich Men’s Excuse 6

“… key element of sustaining a robust structure that can withstand the economic pressures of the current football environment is responsible financial management for the long term.

Such an approach requires flexibility and control of costs.”

This is corporate gobbledygook. Why does the bugle call for flexibility and control only apply to the working poor? Is it because they are powerless and so easily controlled? Flexibility and control should not be linked to the working poor. Celtic is not in vigorous financial health because of the negligible wages paid to 178 staff – if they are then more shame on Celtic. Nor will paying those 178 staff a living wage send Celtic spiralling into a financial black hole. You do not hear KPMG or Barclays Bank or Lush or Legal & General complaining about loss of flexibility or control over costs.

At the next home game when you buy an expensive pie and Bovril you can cheer yourself up by reflecting that the pennies paid to the young workers behind the counter allow Celtic flexibility and control.

–    Extremely Rich Men’s Excuse 7

It costs too much.

Celtic cannot afford not to because if the dark stain on Brother Walfrid’s legacy becomes permanent then the price to pay for the damage to Celtic’s reputation will be far greater. Celtic can afford to spend £1,409,744 on nine Directors but cannot afford to take cleaners, bar staff, fast-fast workers, stewards, and other staff, out of working poverty? The vast majority of these workers turn up for about four hours a week, 30 match days a year. That’s about £1.34 extra X 4 hours = £5.36 a day per employee aged 21 or over. Do the math. Any pay differentials will be at the bottom end of the pay scale.  This is about choice, not means, and Celtic have chosen to adopt a business model that benefits those at the top and forces those at the bottom to seek tax-relief and in-work benefits. The State, in effect, is subsidising employers who continue to pay staff poverty wages.

More Than A Club

Celtic is a club like no other. Some have better football teams or more money or a bigger stadium or even more fans. We are different. We are not defined by our team, our wealth, our stadium or by the size of our fan base. We are more than the sum of our parts. Celtic is a cultural phenomenon built on an idea. An idea that was gifted to us by Brother Walfrid: that our club is founded on the bedrock of decency and a concern for the well-being of our fellow citizens. It is this idea that bonds us as a family, the Celtic Family.

Brother Walfrid’s humane vision does not shrink to enlarge a profit margin; nor does it demur to the vagaries of corporate benevolence. Celtic’s position over the eradication of working poverty under its own roof in the east end of Glasgow is untenable, both from a moral and a financial stance. When there exists tension between voting for one over the other it is the moral vote, Brother Walfrid’s vote, his ideals, his vision of us, that should always, always triumph. That is why we are more than a club.

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  1. Grab the grass

    Truly saddened to hear this news. This site was a rare example of analytical information, mainly about rangers, but other areas as well. I will miss it greatly. My condolences clearly lie with his family and I hope his site and philosophy for explanation of the legal issues he made clearer for all can live on.


  2. lordmac

    came across this blog for guys like CAM, that are still up for the challenge

      • James

        For anybody thinking of visiting @gortchomhor’s site, BE WARNED. This chancer has created a plagiarised version of Paul McConvilles “random thoughts”, blog.

        The site was set up by @gortchomhor without the blessing of Paul’s family. He has copied everything about this original site, even going as far as incorporating “random thoughts”, into his blog’s name and using the exact same layout as Paul. The guy is a troll who has threatened to shut down a rival blog set up by a well known and liked user of Paul McConville’s original blog. @gortchomhor has gone so far as to post links to his plagiarised site on Celtic minded websites, masquerading as some sort of continuation of Paul McConville’s blog.

        As I have said already, BE WARNED, THIS TROLL IS NOT TO BE TRUSTED WITH AN IP ADDRESS AND IS NOT CELTIC MINDED, HE IS A SUPER TROLL WHO IS THREATENING TO HAVE WHAT HE PERCEIVES AS A THREAT TO HIS RIP OFF BLOG SHUT DOWN. There is something sinister about the motives for his site and the way he went about setting it up.

  3. I have just logged on after a long time away. It is truly sad to read of Paul’s death. There was much in this blog I disliked, but Paul’s contributions were always worth reading. My thoughts are with his family.

  4. hector

    Can I ask any of the regular posters on here that can make it to Pauls funeral to make a small act of rememderence in my name. A handful of soil or a blessing or whatever in my name would mean a lot . Thank you.

  5. Paul

    Cam have you really got no friends or do you just like posting to yourself, you need to give people time to answer your replies if they can be bothered.The GB were a welcome to Celtic park and created a atmosphere like no other, but sadly when you do the congo you do not know what may attach at the tail end, as it gets longer it becomes harder to control.
    I will give you an example of a train that started climbing higher than any train could climb in Scotland.As it reached dizzy heights fuel had to be added but the prce of the fuel was extortionate and new means had to be conjured up to get it.Ecomonomy Butane Train fuel was used at a cheaper cost and it was tax free. As the train soared so did the fuel tag and the tax man cottoned on and eventually the train begin to be pulled back down to earth and as the panic set in it was envitable it was going to crash and like all wrecks their is money to be made from the salvage. like i said do not throw stones.

  6. Iain McG

    I am preparing myself for an early morning flight to Barcelona, a trip which will render me unable to be at St Ninian’s on Thursday morning. My thoughts and prayers will be there, though.
    I dearly wish, however, that when Paul’s funeral is over, someone is able to take this site down permanently. It makes me feel physically sick to read the posts of a rodent still venting his spleen on a site bearing Paul’s name. His crocodile tears did not last long.
    It has long been my suspicion that Cam, aided by a few others, existed merely to spoil this site. I said so in an e-mail to Paul only a couple of months ago.
    So, go away, sewer rat. You never were worthy to post on this site.
    RIP Big Fella.

  7. Iain McG

    Iain McG on December 10, 2013 at 11:10 pm
    I am preparing myself for an early morning flight to Barcelona, a trip which will render me unable to be at St Ninian’s on Thursday morning. My thoughts and prayers will be there, though.
    I dearly wish, however, that when Paul’s funeral is over, someone is able to take this site down permanently. It makes me feel physically sick to read the posts of a rodent still venting his spleen on a site bearing Paul’s name. His crocodile tears did not last long.
    It has long been my suspicion that Cam, aided by a few others, existed merely to spoil this site. I said so in an e-mail to Paul only a couple of months ago.
    So, go away, sewer rat. You never were worthy to post on this site.
    RIP Big Fella.

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    • Neither good, nor New York Ian McG, so no need to post it twice.
      I think you will find Paul himself would have taken umbrage in regard to your redundant comment regarding “Our resident troubador”.
      In a “Bah – Humbug” state of mind, are we?

  8. Cam, find somewhere else to masturbate, folks here are totally over your wheezy ejaculations. I suggest vanguard bears, along with ‘the ref’ and ‘fartagnan’ will suit you perfectly. You are really only giving currant buns a worse name than they had pre meltdown. ‘Bye now.

  9. JohnBhoy

    Well, Paul, I’m just back from your funeral. It was lovely service. I sat at the back and watched a candle flicker like a star above your coffin. You were a brilliant but simple, humble man and the reading of the beatitudes seemed so appropriate:

    Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
    Blessed are the meek: for they shall possess the land.
    Blessed are they who mourn: for they shall be comforted.
    Blessed are they that hunger and thirst after justice: for they shall have their fill.
    Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy.
    Blessed are the clean of heart: for they shall see God.
    Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.
    Blessed are they that suffer persecution for justice’ sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

    Your family was heartbroken. I wished I could have wiped away their tears of bereavement. Instead, I said a quiet prayer on behalf of all your friends on Random Thoughts: Fra, Hector, Maggie, mick, Henrik, Martin, Eco, Monti, mcfc, Coatbrigbhoy, Raymilland, JimBhoy, Ed, Pensionerbhoy, Portbhoy, Paul, DavidCOTW, RayCharles, Budweiser, Davie, Cam Ian4300, R MacGeddon, Steven Brennan, Felpen, Portpower, and as many as I could remember – it was a long list and I was still whispering it as your coffin passed. After the service, School kids and friends lined the street in your honour.

    I’m now back in Glasgow. I’m standing at the bar in a pub for the sole purpose of raising a glass to a good friend that I never met. Here’s to you Paul Anthony McConville. You were a star.

  10. mick


    hi cam are you popping by to say hello hello lol this is the new site for us incase we get lost in cyber space am the mod so your on the guest list lol

  11. I know I’m arriving late at the wake, but having read Paul’s blog through feedly I don’t click on here unless there’s a new post so only found out about his death while reading through one of Phil Mac Giolla Bháin’s recent posts. I’ve been reading Paul for a couple of years but only ever posted once, when he sang the virtues of his domestic bliss (https://scotslawthoughts.wordpress.com/2013/09/18/the-most-important-blog-i-have-written-what-happened-20-years-ago-today/). I could really relate to what he had to say, and . . . well, I shudder to think of Val’s pain. It’s incalculable. Ar dheis dé go raibh a anam.

  12. JohnBhoy

    I see that there is someone on ‘Continuing Random Thoughts’ pretending to be me (sad but true):

    January 3, 2014 at 1:13 am
    Happy new year to you all and great to see the new blog is coming along. Between work and life I have less time now than I had before but I am working on some material which I will email when ready.

    All the best.”

    That’s not me. I’m me.

  13. JohnBhoy


    Happy New Year! Here’s an article I’ve penned: “Corporate Football: Cap In Hand No More” (http://rtrpf.wordpress.com). You can use it if you want. Every so often I’ll drop in an article at that site. You can use any of them for your respective sites if you think they are worthy.

    Note: my site – HEID THE BAW FFS! – has no comments because I don’t want to detract from your own sites. I’ll just use it to dump articles.


  14. JohnBhoy


    Trust me, I’m me. As the famous Arnold S said: “If I’m not me then who da hell am I?”


  15. JohnBhoy


    I see that Gort is not a happy bunny:

    “This standoffish approach JB is taking is a compromised position. It’s as if he doesn’t want to reduce himself to the laws of the blogging jungle but wants to reap the fruits.”

    How to make friends and influence people lol. First time I have been accused of snobbishness, making a concession, exploitation and fruitarianism all in the one breath! Time to call it a day. Good luck with your blog, Bud.

  16. Budweiser

    @ JohnBhoy.
    Don’t take it too seriously JB. I for one appreciated your efforts. Gort is just another poster like everybody else. You should really be directing any views to him imho. Anyway, thanks for the contribution.

  17. JohnBhoy


    Can you please remove the post “Corporate Football – Cap In Hand No More”.

    Thank you.

    • Budweiser

      If you remember the old site,or look at TSFM on the present thread, then you can see that comments can go on in their hundreds/thousands without reference to the original post. To remove your post at this particular time would be disruptive to the blog as a whole. I am genuinely sorry that you seem to be upset at, well I’m not sure exactly what. However I can give you my assurance that your guest post [that YOU put forward ] will be removed as soon as the next post is put up. I hope that this is satisfactory.
      To be perfectly honest I’m getting a tad fed up with fake/genuine JB’S and I have more work on the site than I need. Anything else in this vein I will happily ignore.
      Regards bud. ,

  18. k

    There’s only one Paul McConville.

  19. The Hidden Fortress

    Paul McConville LIVES !

  20. portpower

    I apologize in advance Paul.

    Moderate all you want but willy wonka is one sick man in need of help.
    There`s no doubt he`s on his lodge laptop with his brethren white marble hypocrites.

  21. portpower

    tattie-bogle willy

  22. Gortnamona

    A Rangers supporting degenerate Freemason orange scumbag.

    Not all that unusual I would have thought.

  23. JOE

    Meanwhile in the den of bears.
    Some are going Tonto over Scotland apparently becoming a Fenian country.

  24. Raymilland


    Re John Knox car park grave

    Scrabble time


    I’ll get my crombie

  25. jjbhoy

    @Joe,where is this site,i will gladly haud ma s###e in till i get there!

  26. JimBhoy

    on my usual catch up mode so apologies if this has been discussed…

    CO feels compelled to come out and make comment to a complaint that was binned…Why would he waste his time doing that and then complain about looney Lunny wasting time and effort..? No “actionable” breach does that mean they can have rules that are meaningless? Looney Lunny has spent effort and resources on a complaint… Is that not his fekin job.. Challenges on many fronts, ie, the past catching up with some clubs and their spivvy owners?? Wonder if Looney Lunny could investigate one of their own who contravened sfa rules by holding shares in a football team whilst working for another, even transferring them to his spouse which in it’s self is agin their own rules and shows the fact that he knew that in the switcheroo.. Carpet and brush CO??

    “The compliance officer has informed both clubs that there is no actionable breach of the rules.
    “Nonetheless, I am compelled to convey my disappointment that we find ourselves in this position as a result of an apparent erosion of mutual respect between two of our oldest rivals.
    “At a time when Scottish football faces challenges on many fronts it is incumbent on our biggest clubs to set the highest standards.
    “In this regard both the comments made and the subsequent time, effort and resource imposed on our compliance officer to deal with the complaint were wholly unnecessary.” AS WAS THE DAY YOU SPENT PUTTING TOGETHER YOUR WASTE OF TIME COMMENTS… PAID BACK YOUR LOAN TO OLDCO YET???

  27. lordmac

    what do we say, did a hole and bury him

  28. JimBhoy

    A wee quick summary of Keevins weekend writings… Utter p!sh, I won’t even quote his nasal nonsense… The guy has absolutely no use…

    Another guy from the guardian/observer with a similar story to JohnBhoy but without a fraction of the skill, quality and insightfulness claiming that his beloved Celtic, apparently we portray the club as the mother teresa of world football. Now the club is not that special… His shame on the greed of his beloved Celtic…To quote NF Lennon “Fekin F@nny!!!”

    I hope the Celts do LEAD the way and give a living wage standard to all employees, Maybe one positive from being singled out in the press in this way with Brother Walfrid’s gracious nod of approval.. I am sure Rangers would follow suit or they would obviously face the same Meeja grilling… Yeah/No? HH

  29. @Jimbhoy.
    By even mentioning the past rivalry between Celtic and the deid mob, the Crooked One is guilty of the exact same charge that was levelled against Peter Lawell.
    The only difference being that Peter Lawells statement was factually and legally correct.
    And that Peter has nothing to hide and indebted to no-one.
    It is common knowledge that Ogilvie illegally held the shares. It is common knowledge that Ogilvie was involved in the illegal use of the DOS scheme at Ibrokes and the illegal EBTs. It is common knowledge that he is in debt to Murrays companies to the tune of over £95K. It is common knowledge that the rules were bent, twisted, changed, and abused by the organisation he presides over to accommodate Sevco.
    If he is unhappy having these things pointed out to him he can take me to court. The guy is bent. Pure and simple! A more disgusting creature is hard to imagine.
    I am glad of the men we do have! But ecstatic about the ones we dont!!!!!

  30. Cluster 0ne

    Just for the record it was not me

  31. Monti


    Well said m8, if the rats paid the living wage to their employees, they would pay them £3.50 in wages & make up the remainder of the living wage with an E.B.T. ……….

  32. barcabuster

    Howdy buddy. Some cracking points there about the parasitic leech that is Ogilvie. It is a fact that he does not pass the fit and proper criterea laid out by the organisation he presides over.
    WRT the journos who are bad mouthing Celtic re the living wage. I wonder how many of them are actually working for a rag that has not adopted the LW policy. I would bet all of them! Fecking hypocrisy of the highest level!!!!!
    Your post below mate. Your good lady sounds like a lovely wummin. You sound rightly, very proud of her. HH.

  33. JimBhoy

    Hey Monti bhoy The government set a min wage, it’s taken literally when really the data behind the living wage is probably most important and appropriate… My missus is on minimum wage as a fully qualified carer, no pension, she drives and doesn’t get mileage allowance (HMRC make it a nightmare to claim) and has to up the car insurance for that. She goes shopping for some of her older clients and that usually leaves her out of pocket, she buys them wee gifts when their families forget, all that on minimum wage…Well subsidised by me BUT I couldn’t be more proud of her in a job she loves…I’d love for her to get a living wage but her selfworth is not measured on her bank account…. Either way IMO the government are screwing people and always will… Take care fella..

  34. JimBhoy

    Hey Barca yeah she is and giving my kids good looking genes too so win win.. We both did NOT have the best of upbringings, the most we have been apart is 2 weeks as I travel (in 30 yrs)…. If she made more money it would be more money spent on our kids… I cannot complain..Well I could cracked a couple of ribs today at footie, 2 big fast guys took me out on the half way line,,, just challenging for the ball, fekin agony… The missus, albeit in bed now has been feeding me brufen and chardonnay after mass so it’s ok for now…Take care fella

  35. Monti

    Absolutely Jimbhoy & as I’ve stated I am really disappointed in the Celtic boards decision on the LW question.
    Hopefully this won’t go away & the board think again, the board are just custodians & there to represent us, the Celtic family!
    Well the family have spoken & we wan’t the living wage paid to our employees, NOW!
    Your wife sounds like you m8, a very nice person.

  36. cam

    A couple of joyous days of R&R and i return to see that this latest pish has been moderated to feck as well,another jumbled up sac de merde.
    Good grief bhoys,,,what you mhob like!

  37. cam

    I don’t know if the latest news by the church is a good thing or a sign of the evil times in which we live.
    After Keef’s wee spell in sanctuary has failed to remove him from the spotlight,i see that the beleagured Scottish branch of the Roman rule writers is to publish an audit of Cardinal Misadventures. Sigh.
    If my political career doesn’t take off i may decide to stand for election as a new Scottish Pope and reform the Catholic church.
    Celibacy,confession,Canon law,secrecy,stigmata,visions,grotto’s and any other nonsense will be done away with.
    Pope Cam will be a liberal Father,no more mandatory Celtic season tickets(free of course),no more allegiance to the GCC.i will let my flock do the hokey cokey and eat meat on Fridays.
    I shall take the name of a great holy man who completed 9 labours and led his Peepul to the promised land.
    Bow before me Pope Walter the first!!

  38. barcabuster

    Blame one of your own brethren for that mate. I don’t know if he was himself abused, and if that is the case he has my utmost sympathy.
    It appears more likely that is not his problem though, and it is his hatred for Celtic that is his problem. That is fair enough! But his poxy attempts at guilt by association and his fixations are skin crawling.
    If he was a family member I would be severely concerned……..He is not right!

  39. Monti


  40. cam

    My wee pal Peter “look away now” Kearney has asked a question that he surely knows the answer to.
    Peter Kearney, a spokesman for the Catholic Church in Scotland, said the Church has co-operated with police and would continue to do so.

    He added: “I understand that all the information concerned was passed to police many years ago and investigated. If someone has been in possession of material which they felt showed criminal behaviour, they would be expected to explain why they had taken 18 years to hand it to the authorities.
    He only has to consult the writings of Benny and lo and behold he can gaze upon his works

  41. cam

    Monti,,,you can be first to bow and kiss my ring!

  42. cam

    Now that Craigie and his legal team have consulted with the greatest legal minds,,,,,in here!,,,,when can we expect the first salvo from his mighty battleship?
    I realise that as a financial genius,his ploys are well beyond my simplistic Protestant brain.The stroke of genius of not paying his mortgage in an attempt to convince Ticketus not to pursue him is well documented.
    We all know that Rangers are going bust by Xmas and that Craigie is only interested in the value of his assets,the stadium,Murray Park etc,but these will only fetch a fraction of the Ticketus bill as the new stadium built by my Protestant controlled GCC at taxpayers expense will free the glorious Rangers from the clutches of the googley eyed one.
    Perhaps Craigie and Charlotte can rent out the old Ibrox for tranny nights and barca and his acolytes can dress up and share reunion nights to remember.

  43. hector

    I see old Leggo has returned to the fight and is on good form lashing out at “the secretive Vanguard Bears” and Laxey partners. Good god an orc who Iain Black would give you short odds on being a Mason moaning about secret societies . Who says the sevconians don’t do irony. Over the weekend as part of my research readings on the Pishometer have been abnormally low but this morning are off the scale. I wonder why that should be?

  44. Henrik Moravcik


    Old Leggo’s backed the wrong horse again.

  45. Raymilland

    Ogilvie breaks cover at last, and reverts to type.


  46. JimBhoy

    @Ray much better put than my wee summary last night… Cheers.. HH

  47. cam

    Joe O Rourke is your source??? mwahahahaaaaaa

  48. Ed Paisley

    Priscilla looks like Big Goughy in drag. Jeez, isn’t Gough a South African – I wonder if Goughy was a stranger to a tax return like King. I often get a sniff of swirling rumours about Richard Gough and his personal life. But hey, the man isn’t a self publicist and he isn’t a hypocrite so I don’t want to know anything about his private life. He was a good player in his day.

    Keith O’Brien plainly was a hypocrite so he deserves all the opprobrium that you aim at him Cam. I’m not sure all the RCs who hold a private and sincere faith in God and the Church need your continuous sneers though. Still this former altar boy isn’t too bothered so you knock yourself out.

  49. hector

    @Ray Had a look at the sevco investment centre and still no mug shot of the admirable Chrighton despite portraits of Wallace and Sommer. What are they trying to hide, who is he ? What if he turns out to be Craig Whyte or Campbell Ogilvie ?

  50. Monti


    I still pray for Keith O’ Brien each day that the man finds happiness & contentment in his life.
    He let the Catholic church down, he let himself down & his faith!
    I will still welcome the man with an open heart, god bless you Keith & keep speaking to God!

  51. Ed Paisley

    Hi Monti
    Yes Keith O’Brien let us all down and himself. But if he is truly penitent about his sins then there must be a path to redemption for him – that is an essential part of our Christian belief. I hope he can find that path and achieve some peace in his life.

  52. Monti

    Well said my friend!
    When I see one of our own struggling or in isolation,my heart goes out to them.
    God will be with him, Keith must speak to him in prayer & God will not cast him away, our Lord is all forgiving!

  53. Raymilland


    Scrabble solution



    Govan Lyceum now showing

  54. cam

    This would be more fun in Albanian.

  55. Monti


    What would be better in Albanian?
    God save the Queen?

    I agree!

  56. cam

    In the light of all the latest stories i really think that Hugh Dallas is due an apology and he should be re-instated and compensated by all of the folk who hounded him.

  57. cam

    The ball must have been slippy,,,probably soaked in holy vata,,,bloody cheats!

  58. cam

    Can Rangers get another world record and win the title in record time?
    Another magnificent performance up at Gayfield.

  59. @Cam
    That’s pure deid brulliant that record breckin innit.
    Would you like a wee read about Laxey partners? Things are on the up mate, and they have solved the recurring problem of the never ending Ibrokes leccy bills.
    They’re gonna flog all your feckin light bulbs. Lol.
    Laxey tives replace the spivs. What a headline that’s gonna be!
    Oucha! Discount voucha.


  60. Monti


    ” Compensated “?
    Ok, I’ll throw in a £1 coin!

  61. cam

    Can Milan reserves make a game of it?
    Is Pukki gonna be told to get tae fukki?
    Is Balde worth £25 million?
    If not, when will he be?
    If Craigie’s court case is such a sure thing, then why isn’t it in a court yet?

  62. Barcabuster,

    I’m sure Rangers fans are delighted that they are making so many friends on their way back to the very pinnacle of Scottish football. Laxey Partners LTD with an 11.64% stake have made it clear that they just love Rangers.

    Happy times ahead.

  63. coatbrigbhoy

    Another outfit that stirs up trouble in the hope of making a profit is Laxey Partners. Headed by Colin Kingsnorth, Laxey has a succession of victims on its belt, including British Land, where it tried to unseat the property giant’s then head, Sir John Ritblat. Laxey’s ownership can be traced to the Isle of Man but the firm works out of a small office in Jermyn Street.


  64. daviecooperonthewing

    They have banners proclaiming them as “ULTRA’S”.
    I’d describe them as Republican supporting political propagandist scumbags.
    They have unfurled banners demanding “No blood-stained poppy on our shirts”
    They fly Palestinian flags at their ground, and have done since 1963.
    They claim “The war is over ,the rebels have won”
    They display banners supporting cowardly, murderous Republican Hunger strikers.
    After rioting and causing carnage in Amsterdam and complaining about banners from Ajax fans..
    Stephen King couldn’t contrive the HYPOCRISY of this club and it’s supporters, and what is allowed to occur at Parkhead.
    Why are these people over here? They can’ even bring themselves to fly the National flag of their “adopted” country, without changing the saltire from Blue to Green. They truly are a Nationalist disgrace. Would they not feel more comfortable, at home, over there?
    God forbid Republicanism/Independence winning the day in 2014. Can you imagine a President in the mould of Gerry Adams ffs?
    Keep Scotland British…For all our sakes. The last thing we need is a mini Ireland, and it’s historical problems being by people who wouldn’t know how to spell democracy. Take your historical Irish and English vendetta to London. Keep us proud Scot’s out of it! We fought our battles, and made our choices.
    And before any of buffoons try and deflect from the disgraceful disharmony being allowed to flourish at your club, the H banner had nothing to do with a protest at the SNP. I know it, you know it, and this disgraceful club knows it. It’s time this nonsense was put to bed!

  65. hector

    I see Plaid Cymru are going to campaign for a no vote in the Scottish referendum in case the orcs make good their threat to quit an independent Scotland and relocate to Wales.

  66. @Martin
    Cracker mate. Shame the wee man in the bowler hat got buried. Lol.
    Did you read in the article about Celtic Asset Management……Or CAM, as he is known on here. Lol.
    Well done Cam! Stick it right up them. You’ve played a blinder. Lol

  67. Raymilland

    Morning coop

    “It’s time this nonsense was put to bed!”

    Get much sleep?

  68. R. MacGeddon

    Aye that’s dead cluvver Davie mixin in the Sellic supporters wae Sco’ish independence an aw that. We aw want tae be Bri’ish and be thegither just so lang as thur’s nae Irish Kafflicks an aw thaim that came ower here ower a hunner yearz ago they kin aw go hame noo even though we sent Prodissants ower ther in the furst place an that’s how the trubbles got so bad an aw that but that diznae coont coz they wur Prodissants an they hud a right tae go wherever they waantit an get aw the best land gie’d tae thum bi the King a Brittun an aw that an we’re gonnae caw that wee bit a grun Brittun an wave the Yoonyin flag coz it’z no surrender an aw that. An we don’t waant tae be Sco’ish an huv wur ain guvurnment an self determination an aw that coz we’d raither wurship the heid family o the Aristocracy that’s millions a times richer than uz an huv gote an anthem wae a verse aboot trampling uz doon coz we’d raither be trampl’t doon than staun up for who we urr coz it’z much easier tae wave a flag an shout we urr the people an no surrender an aw that than it iz tae get a finger oot an organize yir ain affairs an evruby should follow the example o Rangerz coz we’re dead loyal an go in millionz a debt an rip aff creditors an aw that an dodge aw the tax payments tae the treasury an aw that but we’re dead loyal an we urr the peepul, so we ur. A hate Sco’lan coz A’ve gote an inferiority complex aboot it an aw that but it’z brullyint bein Bri’ish an we kin send Sco’ish soljerz tae forrin wars an aw that an still claim it’z good bein Sco’ish.

  69. Henrik Moravcik


    Lighten up son. Here’s a wee song to cheer you up.

  70. BB

    Didn’t know a thing about this. Not a sausage in the papers or anywhere else for that matter. A banner at Celtic Park, displayed in homage to Irish Republican terrorists, and the media don’t want to know, or anyone else to know more to the point.
    What a difference from a couple of months ago when Rangers fans had the cheek to do the bouncy, and some soldiers joined in. Yeah, a few soldiers had a picture holding a scarf with an unacceptable slogan on it, and Rangers fans made a derogatory reference to ira terrorist bobby sands, in no way however did it merit being labelled a sectarian hatefest by journalists , there were even calls for PoliceScotland to make arrests for goodness’s sake! (Subsequently there weren’t any) but the press were all over it, bbc Scotland had it on their main news and yet…
    What a contrast with the deafening silence on the blatant support for irish republican terrorists at Parkhead, no frenzied foaming at the mouth this time round
    Surely this display was due a mention…


    The ‘H’ no doubt is a reference is to the Provisional IRA and their time in the H blocks, and probably the hunger strikers in particular
    ‘they fought and died for their wee bit hill and glen’ …oh they did plenty for their wee bit hill and glen alright….

    …but support for this goes on at Celtic Park, and our country’s media do not have a word to say about it.

    Absolutely disgraceful.

  71. Gortnamona

    The usual sectarian racist bullshit from DaveyArseHole.

  72. Ian4300


    Were you Born as thick as shit in the neck of a bottle or are you a product of the environment you grew up in?

    I thought you had all decided to go to WALES & leave the rest of us in peace. :-)

    I love your History rewrites.

    Tell me about the Irish troubles again & how it has NOTHING to do with Scotland? What an ignorant dork you are.

    What you really mean davie is keep Scotland in a 1690’s ethos complete with the “Ulster Scot Orange Proddy” connection you are so proud of & for feck’s sake keep those Taigs in their place or even better still deport them for daring to want a Scotland that is not Proddy, Orange & Proud of the Butcher’s Apron.

    An Independent Scotland with EQUALITY for all, that’s what I want.

    To paraphrase an Irish song:

    “F*ck your Union Jack,
    we want our country back.
    We want to see Old Scotland
    FREE once more.

    Take your plastic Dutch Orange crap OUT of Scotland Taffy. .

  73. Raymilland


    Recurring nightmares?

    A Small Plot of Land

    Poor soul
    Spit upon that
    Poor soul
    He never knew what hit him
    And it hit him so

  74. Henrik Moravcik

    @BB here’s a wee song for you.

  75. Monti

    O’Hara, Hughes, McReesh & Sands, Doherty & Lynch,McDonnell, Hurson, Mcelwee, Devine! H – BLOCK MARTYRS!


  76. Monti

    Why haven’t the creditors been paid yet?

  77. cam

    I really must protest about Gort stealing a shot at riding you whilst i was sleeping.
    You are my bitch old bean and i hold the deeds to your scrawny ass.

  78. hector

    I see sevco have published the notice for their long awaited AGM at exactly the same time as Alex released the white paper on independence . Wonder if the orcs were trying to get it out while most reporters are busy on a bigger story. Anyway after independence when the orcs have moved to Wales and the Welsh are getting fed up with them and the posting of bus timetables on websites starts with mutterings about going home I hope they remember some of the bile they spouted when they were the peeeepul.

  79. cam

    You crazy old ride,you are without a doubt the most sectarian,bigoted piece of verminous crud ever to slither its way onto a forum. :-)

  80. cam

    I want the Coyote to explain the latest display by the republican terrorist supporters.Then i want him to read his own clubs mission statement.
    I want him to do this whilst dressed in a clown outfit complete with light up bow tie and glowing nose.

    Does the Coyote think that international companies really want their product associated with the filthy.terrorist loving scum, that a large percentage of Celtic fans who actually attend matches support?

  81. cam

    I want some of the resident financial fantasists in here to give me the short waffle free explanation as to why Craigie’s LBA hasn’t as yet crystallised(a word the beggars like) into an actual court case.
    We have had months of preliminary spadework carried out by the gnomes favourite tranny and the considered opinion of some of GCC’s best plumbers and joiners on various blog sites.
    It is clear that this is an open and shut case.
    Cmon now you lazy no win/no fee, £10million in the kitty, legal chappies,,,present the required paperwork,add £5 million for delays and hardship suffered by your client and have him turn up at a staged press conference outside Ibrox with the title deeds in his sweaty little hand.
    I realise that Ticketus may want to have a word, but i’m sure this financial genius and pride and joy of his parents,will have a cunning plan to squirm out of his obligations.

  82. cam

    Back inside the stags arse you go old bean.

  83. cam

    I want to cast my vote for the hardest working guy in here.
    To be able to commute between Belfast,the Falklands,St Andrews, Glasgow, Edinburgh,Methil,Amsterdam and all points in between whilst juggling family and charity commitments,keeping a job and clattering pish in here,that really takes the Protestant work ethic to a whole new level.
    Arise Sir Montague.KG,MFB,Phd,and world class spoofer.

  84. Raymilland


    ‘the short waffle free explanation’ –

    BDO, SFO, HMRC….. RIP =


  85. Eastside

    Short waffle free explanation(s), one of the following:

    A. The Spivs are still draining the last of your existing money before the Lease back is implemented.

    B. The Spivs have decided that instead of making money, they will pump millions of their own cash into the Ibrox Blackhole knowing they’ll never get a return.

    Hmmmmmmmmm, now this is clearly a no win situation for these Spiv Asset strippers, but which one of the above options is most likely?

  86. cam

    Nope,none of you can rise to the occassion and answer this adequately.
    Very shoddy bampottery and i feel i will have to consult the oracle.
    Mick, put doon the Hilti and log intae KDS and put up FeargalObumblaster@1916Semtex.com‘s explanation my good fellow.
    Innerstaun the intricacies of sale and leaseback and my direct debit is in place and is made payable to Wee craigiebhoy@castlegrantticketus.com,bvi. I’m good to go and looking forward to some broth of a bhoy explaining why Craigie is going without a few shekels for all these months.
    Pehaps his lawyers have sent him a questionairre and he isn’t near a photocopier at present,,,mwahahaaaaa

  87. cam

    those eejits provided me with 10 great barbies,,,lovely chicken all round yumyum!

  88. cam



  89. cam


    old bean does this mean that Celtic won’t have any penetration tonight? :-)
    Can Celtic actually have the audacity to play this guy?
    Hopefully the wee plonker manages to get a good lawyer and it is all a misunderstanding,much ado about nothing, a pin prick in a sea of tadgers,nothing to get excited about.
    Do they still say “all rise” in court? Jeez that could cause problems!
    Still wee Jamesies team mates can score for him,stick one in the eye for justice,bang a couple in the pokey for him.

    Ted ,,,i’m greetin wi laughter!!

  90. Raymilland


    Forearm Jests?

    Harmless fun!

  91. Monti


    There it is, There it is !!!!
    I was waiting on that line Cam, thanks for not letting me down!! :D

    Gortchomhor is riding no one my unwashed friend!
    He, like you is full of Shiite!

    Bring it on Monkey!

  92. cam

    Wee Forrest’s team mates can turn up as defence witnesses.
    They will all have seen the offending member and will be able to vouch that it cannot possibly be the source of any bother.

    Whit a pure riddy?
    Mick whit wur ye sayin aboot the bhoys aw being big wallopers? :-)

  93. willy wonka

    James Forrest. Oh dear ! What was it somebody here said about “coming out the toilet with his flies open “?
    What is it with some of you folk ?

  94. cam

    Wee Forrest displays a flash of brilliance!
    The Milan players are worried about their back door.
    There has been an upsurge in the sale of grubby raincoats.
    Every time wee Forrest plays at Ibrox the fans will be screaming “haud oan tae the baws”

  95. cam

    Chapeau to the first opponent who calls wee Forrest a wee dick.

  96. cam

    Any truth in the rumour that Keef has applied for a job in Prestwick?

  97. cam

    The play list for tonights game?

  98. cam

    If the Milan manager says at the pre match interview that he is relieved to hear that Forrest won’t be playing due to groin problems then i will marry him! :-)

  99. cam

    You gotta hand it to the Celtic marketing dept.,they certainly know how to attract potential sponsors.

  100. cam

    NEWS-FLASH :-) ; ALL CHARGES HAVE BEEN DROPPED.The police say they are now looking for a bald chap known locally as wee boaby who is known to hang about with a pair of nuts.

  101. cam

    Wee Forrest should invest some cash in that nightclub then he can say he has a small holding in the company.

  102. cam

    I shall be writing to Raygun and the bhoys at Hampden asking for an explanation for the banner displayed by the GB at the beggardome.
    This mhob were warned already and obviously know that they can ignore the Coyote’s bluster.
    The police should remove these banners and Celtic should be fined.

  103. cam

    Scott Brown can’t play due to his poor tackle against Neymar.
    Will Forrest be allowed to play after his poor tackle?

  104. @gortchomhor

    Didn’t know you were interested in premier league football, cam.

  105. cam

    Ill be tuned into the Arsenal game and warching out for a goal FLASH,,,maybe wee Forrest will grab one in the box.

  106. Big L

    maybe its nothing but colin Kingsnorth the man behind Laxey, Norman Crighton the new sevco non executive director of sevco and Craig whyte all worked at Olliff & Partners in the early 90’s, coincidence?

    Yes purely coincidental.

  107. cam

    Perhaps Jacko was being played at the time.

  108. cam

    All kidding aside,wee Forrest seems a nice young lad and i sincerely hope that this is swept under the appropriate carpet as it’s clearly just a mistake.
    If convicted, this could damage his career irretrievably.I’m not au fait with the punishment options available, but being placed on a register and being tagged may be possibilities.
    Being labelled a Tiny Tim is bad enough,,,let us all move on.

  109. cam

    Im sure that the Milan fans won’t copy the disgusting antics of the Amsterdam filth and leave the area looking like the main street in Omagh after some freedom fighters heroically made a political statement.
    The Italians are much more sophisticated and won’t be assaulting police,uniformed or not.

  110. Sons of Truth

    Might help me out here pal. Fairly new to this site. But the bowl Monti speaks of…is it one of Sevcopops?
    I love you Cam.
    You make my heart go Giddy up.
    If there’s anyway i can help you and yours to make a few bob…let me know pal
    . There ye go

  111. Eastside

    The only large group of Italians you will be seeing at Ibrox for many years will be the Gambino family looking for their percentage of the Swag.

  112. Ian,Hi,
    I’ve been reading your well written posts for a while,and
    agree with most of what you have to say. However I don’t agree
    with your take on independence.
    I think if we were to vote for an independent Scotland, the “peepil”
    would consider it some sort of victory,and would soon try to change the flag of St Andrew to a more sinister version of the union flag. So I’m for the status quo until some other option comes along.—-
    They might even try to open a ludge in coatbrig—–:-)

  113. daviecooperonthewing

    Ian… Once again what the hell are you on about?
    I know nothing of the Wales scenario you have quoted… Please explain,
    Furthermore,I never stated the historical Irish problems had nothing to do with Scotland.
    I said keep the modern day Irish Republican propaganda out of this country…And those who support their cause and any kind of terrorism.
    Support for “Freedom fighters” appears to be a natural theme among Celtic’s supporters. Like I said, it’s time this nonsense was put to bed.
    Judging by your interpretation of my post, which was very clear and concise, I suggest you have a wee lie down too.

  114. Clarkeng

    @P McC
    More moderation on a statement of fact FFS you could not make this up.
    As a failed lawyer turned criminal you certainly have a warped sense of what is morally right or wrong.
    I know you grew up in Coatbrig and that explains some of it …..
    Worse you allow potentially criminal outbursts on here without any moderation……….as long as it is Irish Republican.
    You really should consider emigration to Donegal…..you would fit in well with the so called intelligencia over there.

  115. lordmac

    portbhoy coatbridge has a few lodges, and we should not fear anything from independence , IN fact,it would be our duty to fulfill to see it, is returned to the rightful guardians and prized away from the red coats, our forefathers watched in disbelief at the so called nobles, been given land for there part in selling us short.
    you all now know how we arrived at this state. and by whom, so rise up men, break away and drive forward that every Scot and settler as there will be loads, making this country great once more, with honesty and work ethics, rest and play. and being in it all together for no other reason than betterment for all, we are given this chance a chance that
    our forefathers fought for and died for a nation once again, England only ever done, and that was divide and conquer, it made nothing of its own
    ever man in Scotland should want nothing better for his family, and he should be able to achieve this by getting rid of the shite he have put up with for so long,. this should be the start of something good
    i would still be proud, even if it took us down to the days of 4 sheep for a cow.

  116. Ian4300


    Hiya, My views on Independence are entirely based on the feckers promise to go bother Welsh sheep & give the rest of us peace.

    You are right, it’s probably Another lie.& what would we do for a Fabric of the Nation if they left?

    All that Ulster Scot Culture being absorbed into the Welsh Nation,

    “ni yw’r bobl” is “we are the people” in Welsh, so I’m led to believe & I think their Migration it is meant to be…
    A bigger bunch of Boabies it would be hard to find.

  117. hector

    There will soon be only us teuchters left in this country to take us forward after independence. Once the orcs get all the Rangers haters and plastic paddies deported to Donegal then following the yes vote they all bugger off to Wales we will be ra peepul except I am sure we will get an influx of refugees from Wales looking for a better quality of life then a few of our Irish friends return and a celtic with a small c utopia. Things are looking up.

  118. @gortchomhor

    Clarkeng, you really are a horrible person. It’s like your psyche is infected with some poisonous cancer. Honestly, you’re just so bitter.

    What happened, bad upbringing? Someone close let you down? Did she walk out? What? How do you end up in such a depressed cul de sac? Why not share it, get it off your chest? This approach does you no good.

    If I was a better person I would pity you.

  119. Last of the easterhoose mcgeechans

    What an arse , if you don’t like it get your tent down and get to fuck ya tramp

  120. Eastside

    Yet all the Sevconians are concerned about is Peter Lawell laughing at them. Astonishing.

  121. hector

    Would like to wish Celtic all the best .Skye+ is on for the game but wont see it live. Whatever the result well done and a credit to your country. Before the orcs start howling that would be the soon to be independent Scotland. Better brush up on your Welsh boys .

  122. Clarkeng

    @P McC
    This is unbelievable ….you really need to seek counselling for sectarian tendencies.
    I will print the screen and show elsewhere to show just how bad this blog has become.
    And I haven’t even mentioned the miners fund which you relieved of £4m+ and forgot to pass on to the intended beneficiaries.
    You really need to get a perspective of decency.

  123. @gortchomhor

    Why are you so angry and upset, Clarkeng? Stop running away from it. Seriously, if you need someone to chat to ask P McC for my phone number — he will give you my contact details.

    This unending bitterness is going to kill you. It’s very unhealthy.

    Maybe you already have someone to talk to. If not, as I said, get in touch. I know how difficult things can get sometimes and I’m here for you if you need to chat.

  124. BigL

    am sure Paul’s laughing at your rage.

  125. Henrik Moravcik

    Posted earlier tonight that Paul McConville died suddenly today. RIP Paul.

  126. cam


    What are you saying Henrik? please don’t tell me that awful statement is true, i’m just back in and your post is the first thing i see.

  127. Henrik Moravcik

    @cam it was posted on CQN tonight.

  128. cam

    Oh no,that is absolutely tragic,i can’t see it anywhere hopefully this is wrong.

  129. cam

    Please let this be some awful mistake,i’m absolutely gutted at this

  130. Henrik Moravcik

    @cam I posted earlier tonight what I had read on Celtic quicknews. Not good news to post on the blog. 47 years of age is too young.

  131. cam

    Henrik i can’t see it anywhere m8 and i’m holding on to the hope that this is a mistake,i’m no good at that twitter stuff and i just pray that this is not true as the big guy is too young and has a lovely family that he talks about now and then.

  132. Maggie

    @cam et al
    I’ve just come in and saw this awful,awful news on CQN.
    There’s also a tweet from Phil Mac.
    Dear God,I can hardly take it in.Devastating.
    Football means nothing cam in light of this news.

  133. Sons of Truth

    Cam..whoever you are.
    First..congratulations on Celtic’s defeat tonight. If the roles were reversed..i’d be delighted.
    Congratulations too, on seeing off Ally’s “potential banana skin” at the weekend. Nowadays we deal with plantations..relatively speaking
    Tonight, you’re experiencing the short future as a new club supporter. The future of your shameful new club ls soon to be ended. You wont be in business. End of.

    You can enjoy Celtics exploits, when we lose that is, in Europe long term, for the rest of your life.
    You’ll check the scores and cheer when some top European side scores against us etc etc.
    Celtics defeats will fill you full of whatever, and give you something to live for. On your travels…please learn to live without hate and support other Scottish clubs who face opposition in Europe. I always do. Always did
    Hail Hail

  134. Last of the easterhoose mcgeechans

    What news Maggie?

  135. Maggie

    @Bhoys & Bears
    I’ve been having trouble getting the comments page to load guys.its been doing this when the comments go out of sync.
    I can hardly take this news about Paul in,it’s awful,God rest his soul.

  136. cam

    Ah jeez,totally gutted Maggie,he was so proud of his wife and girls,as a dad i’m sitting here very upset.
    God bless Paul.

  137. Henrik Moravcik

    @Last of the easterhoose mcgeechans
    Our host Paul passed away today

  138. Maggie

    @ Last of etc

    Paul was found dead this morning.i read it on CQN and Phil Mac tweeted earlier.Devastating news.

  139. Maggie


    Me too camster,I’m in tears.
    My dad died at 46,so I know how those girls feel.
    He was a very good guy cam,a good living family man.

  140. Sons of Truth

    Just heard after i commented.
    May his soul, and the souls of all departed, rest in peace.
    God bless us all… Everyone.

  141. cam

    100% agree,his love for his wife and girls shone through,a real class act,a total gentleman,witty,clever,the lot.
    This wee hobby of his let you see a small part of the man and what a loss it is.

  142. Gortnamona

    I’m in a state of shock. Very sad for all Paul’s family and friends.
    There is really nothing anyone can say.
    Good luck for the future everybody.

  143. daviecooperonthewing

    So sad to hear of this terrible news.
    Heartfelt condolences to his wife and family who must be devastated.
    Life can be so very cruel and bewildering at times. R.I.P. Paul.

  144. mick

    maggie a just found out the sad news hard to take in

  145. cam

    All the best to you too Gort,may this short wee time we get on this earth bring you and yours a thousand times more joy than pain.

  146. hector

    Just got in and got the news. God bless Paul and his family .

  147. daviecooperonthewing

    Wise words Cam.
    We are indeed guests on this planet for a very short snapshot in time.
    Sadly it is times like this that bring perspective.
    We should all be thankful for the blessings we are afforded while they last.
    Good luck to everyone on their journey and may God bless you all and your loved ones.

  148. Ian, I’d like to speak to you at a later date,as this is not the time.
    my thoughts are with Pauls family. Rest in Peace Paul.

  149. Maggie


    Very nice sentiments davie.
    It’s been a lot of fun on here,even with the rivalry of the non friendly variety.:-) Paul made a unit of us all with his erudition and wit.
    God rest his soul.
    Everyone’s true colours coming to the fore over this tragic loss.He’d be proud of us. :-)
    I’ll miss you guys and the laughs and banter ( good and bad )
    If I had the time ( or the talent ) I’d start another blog just to keep us all together.
    Best of luck to you and yours too davie.

  150. Maggie


    I know mick.What a tragedy for Paul’s family.
    Speak to you tomorrow mick to say our farewells.
    Very sad day.

  151. cam

    The Most Important Blog I Have Written – What Happened 20 Years Ago Today?

    NOTE TO READERS – Please note – this post does NOT contain earth-shattering revelations of wrong-doing anywhere, nor legal analysis, nor even my normal (and judicially recognised) “nit-picking”. But it is about something supremely important to me, so I am delighted if you want to read on and I do not mind if you choose to pass on to something else. Thank you.


    Saturday 18th September 1993

    What happened then?

    According to Historyorb.com these were the most important events:-

    – Kimberly Clarice Aiken (SC), 18, crowned 67th Miss America 1994
    – LA Mighty Ducks play their 1st NHL pre-season game against Penguins
    – Trailing 3-1 with 2 outs in 9th, time is called prior to Mike Stanley pop out, gets a 2nd chance, & Yanks rally to beat Boston 4-3

    Now, whilst that was an important event for Miss Aiken, I suspect that even die-hard fans of the Mighty Ducks, Penguins, Red Sox and Yankees would have little reason to remember that day.

    Wikipedia records no events happening on 18th September 1993.

    It records one notable birth – Patrick Schwarzenegger (not Arnold – but Patrick).

    There are no notable deaths recorded for the date.

    Celtic drew 1-1 with Dundee United at Parkhead, but my brother and my best pal Eddie did not go to the game. Where did they go? Here is a clue.

    So, all in all, not much of a day?

    Nonetheless, it is one of the most important days of my life.


    Because at 3pm that day I met up with my wife-to-be Val at St Augustine’s in Coatbridge and shortly before 4, before our families, friends and Father (later to be Canon) Foley, she was no longer my wife-to-be, but my wife. (That is why Mark and Eddie missed the Celtic game.)

    Twenty years have passed since that day – twenty years in which there have been:-

    4 British Prime Ministers;

    3 US Presidents;

    4 Scottish First Ministers;

    16 separate winners of the Open Golf Championship;

    12 Superbowl champions;

    3 Popes;

    15 managers of my favourite football team; and

    5 Lord Presidents of the Court of Session.

    In all that time though, the most important numbers for me have been:-

    3 – for the wonderful daughters with whom we have been blessed;

    7,305 – for the days we have been married and

    1 – for the one wonderful wife who has stood with me through thick and thin, in sickness and in health, for richer and for poorer.

    So, as the clock ticks towards the exact time, twenty years ago, when I became privileged to be Val’s husband, I think of all that has passed over the years – the happiness and sadness, joy and pain, and most of all the love we have been blessed to share.

    And, I realise that I have never made a better decision that saying “I do” to her at the altar steps of St Augustine’s on 18th September 1993. I have been blessed with the best friend one could imagine – with a list of attributes and qualities which would exceed even my longest blog post.

    We left the church that day to the sounds of the “Ode to Joy” – and so if you want to hear it, just click below.

    Thank you Val – and God willing here’s to many, many more anniversaries!

    Posted by Paul McConville.

  152. @Monti
    Just logged on mate. Can’t believe this news. Devastating! I honestly don’t know what to say. I hope his family can stay strong. It is clear he loved them dearly. Rest in peace big fella. X

  153. hector

    @cam Nice one Cam.

  154. Maggie


    What a lovely gesture camster and a fitting tribute to “our” Paul,his best blog IMHO.
    That’s me in tears again thinking about Val and the girls.
    I hope they take some comfort from the many heartfelt messages of support and prayers from here and draw comfort from the fact that SO many of us who only knew Paul from his blog formed such a positive impression of him and are truly saddened at his loss.
    His intellect,his humour,his kindness,his overwhelming love for his family and the way he created an online family,which gave us hours of endless fun ( and rage,on occasions ) was the reason I tuned in every day.

    What can I say about you camster? Where do I start ?
    I have truly loved your melon twisting,Mason Boyne nonsense.
    Things wouldn’t have been the same without your 5 thousand daily posts,I truly don’t know how you kept it up every day,but I loved it.
    If anyone should take the blog on,or start a replacement blog,it is you camster,you’d be writing less words daily than you do now :-)
    I promise not to correct your spelling or grammar if you do :-)
    I’ve loved jousting ( and jesting ) with you.You’ve made me laugh out loud and swear out loud,occasionally at the same time.its been “such fun”
    Like Paul,you’re a dedicated husband and father and a good guy.
    All the best to you,Morag and your family camster,take care.

    Love Marge

  155. hector

    To whom it may concern. In case any of Pauls friends or family take a look in here as the blog was moderated the posts are not in chronological order and are all over the place. If some comments seem inappropriate or insensitive it is because of the messed up time line as everyone without fail held Paul in the highest regard. There are more people with you in prayer than you can possibly imagine at this time because of Pauls wit ,warmth and charm on this site. Take care and God bless you all.

  156. mcfc

    Rest in peace Paul and my deepest sympathies to your wife, children, familiy and friends who you spoke of with such obvious love. We never met but In feel I’ve lost a good friend – I’m sure we wouldd have enjoyed a few beers and many laughs together. A sad day indeed. A good man who will be sadly missed and fondly remembered.

  157. daviecooperonthewing

    Well said Hector. A valid point well made because some posts were obviously made prior to the devastating news filtering through.
    Best wishes to you and your herd. http://s0.wp.com/wp-includes/images/smilies/icon_smile.gif?m=1129645325g

  158. JimBhoy

    Jeez just got a txt from my daughter saying one of her pal’s dad died… OMG haven’t got the words… repost

  159. JimBhoy

    @Cam awesome mate…I dunno about you all and i did not know Paul personally, I know of his family and live not too far from him, but feel like I have lost a good pal, a lovely man, a scholar, a funny guy, a great family man who loved his religion and his fitba’…..

    God rest you pal you will never be forgotten and I will be there to see you pass to paradise…

    2 wee notes to all from my experience in general and on this site..

    – Always respect your neighbour because you never know when you will need them.

    – From this day on never be a stranger to a neighbour, an acquaintance, a colleague, a frequent passer by, a blogger…

  160. mick


    there is massive grieve being shown throw out the whole celtic community today at the lose of Paul ,both paul and his family will never walk alone hail hail and RIP, Paul on his passing to Heaven is touching millions of hearts

  161. joe

    I have very mixed emotions this morning.
    I have lost a friend I have never met.
    I have made friends on here I have never met.
    All the bitterness and bile on here has now paled into insignificance.
    Mostly all about football how trivial in comparison.
    Today I have landed back on planet Earth Knowing life is frail and short.
    I will try to concentrate more on what really matters my family and friends.
    I will hug my grandchildren a wee bit harder love my children a bit more and thank my God I still have the love of the best wife ever who I cherish every day that God gives.
    RIP Paul all my love and thanks to you and your family.
    God Bless and keep you close to his heart.

  162. cam

    Aye Maggie(Marge :-) ),it’s a sore one and a hard reminder that every minute we get with our loved ones is to be cherished.
    God truly does work in ways my thick brain can’t comprehend.

    to Paul, his family,your good self and to all my fellow bampots.

    May the road rise up to meet you.
    May the wind be always at your back.
    May the sun shine warm upon your face;
    the rains fall soft upon your fields
    and until we meet again,
    may God hold you in the palm of His hand.

  163. david

    Thoughts go primarily to his family.
    No kind words of condolence can go anywhere near enough to console them.
    I wish everyone on this blog all the best for the future, no exceptions.
    This event shows how trivial football is.
    Life is to be cherished and lived to the max for alas, one never knows when one will be called.

    St Peter may already be hearing the benefits of corroboration.
    Good luck and God Bless you all.

  164. JOE

    Well said.
    Our only differences are too stupid and miniscule to matter a jot.
    I will miss all the banter,and all I have met on here.
    Gob bless you all.
    I hope Paul’s family take some comfort knowing that he touched so many hearts.
    I am, and have been numb all day.

  165. Sad news indeed thoughts are with his family at this sad time puts everything into perspective I had the pleasure of him putting me in the ” cooler ” many a time ! R.I.P

  166. JOE

    I am sure the thumbs down was a wee mistake.
    Good night all

  167. daviecooperonthewing

    Joe… It most likely was just a mistake. Probably by someone using their phone. Good night mate.

  168. hector

    @joe Must be a mistake take care old boy.

  169. Ian4300


    If Ignorance is Bliss, you are in Nirvana.

    My answer to your utter crap was concise & accurate.

    You are one sided as usual.

    Why are the Orange Order, an IRISH Sectarian Export to Scotland allowed to march up & down our Streets spouting their bile, without any adverse comment from you?


  170. cam

    Good to hear from you brother,Paul’s reaction to your great line still makes me laugh and it is the most thumbed comment ever.

  171. cam

    Ian my old pal,,,hush now.

  172. JOE

    It was the place,but not now the time.
    I am glad to have met and known all on here.
    When push comes to shove I am heartened to know we would all be here for each other.
    I am sure in an emergency road accident etc. we would all pull out every stop to help each other.
    Mini differences mean not a jot.
    Life and human nature and endevour are all that really matter.

  173. Eastside

    Posted earlier but can’t see it so not sure it went through. Shocked and saddened by this news, sincere condolences are with Pauls friends and family.

  174. @David
    “I wish everyone on this blog all the best for the future, no exceptions.”

    I concur, nice legacy, IF, we carry it into the real world,

  175. I’m stunned at the news of Paul’s passing it’s never left my head since i heard.
    May his soul rest in peace and his family somehow find the strength to get through this, i’m praying for them.
    To all fellow posters, i think you guy’s and gal’s covered all that required to be said.
    I’ll check back to see if someones had a chance to maybe have a condolence post.

    Take care all. I feel so sad today.
    (reposted, don’t know where the original ended up).

  176. Can’t quite believe Paul went so suddenly. Condolences to all of his friends & loved ones.
    Rest In Peace Paul, I think all the regulars are indebted to you for providing a forum for our musings & venting…………

  177. daviecooperonthewing

    Thanks Maggie… It’s actually quite humbling to see everyone cast aside their petty differences and come together as one.
    Football tribalism gives us a sense of belonging, it bonds communities, but also creates division between communities. It is so petty in the great scheme of things, and I personally will be attempting to follow Paul’s example in adopting a more philosophical and humorous approach to life, particularly within the realms of “Planet fitba”
    Although our sentiments and condolences are directed primarily at Paul’s family during what is undoubtedly a difficult time for them, I hope they take a modicum of comfort from the tributes paid to Paul by the on-line community that he has irrefutably nurtured. It takes a special person to bring people together, and even more so in this day and age.
    I had a weird dream last night, which,( not sure if I should be sharing this actually) consisted of Paul’s twitter photo… (The one with the mug of tea…Lol ) sitting at a table discussing RFC with Henry Kissinger!
    Originally I thought what a bizarre thing to contemplate. But you know on reflection, I bet the big man could have danced all night with the great ambassador. Just for the record I don’t indulge in any mind altering substances!
    All the best Maggie, and everyone.

  178. Raymilland

    I have just discovered the shocking news.

    It’s all a bit surreal.

    I am upset and saddened by the sudden death of a man that I have never met, a man who was not afraid to hide his true opinion. The McConvilles have a lot to be proud of.

    Only time will help heal their deep grief, my thoughts are with the McConville family.

  179. JimBhoy

    McConville’s Legacy, he has brought a team of argumentative misfits together… :) We are all PMcC… Take care all….

  180. cam

    Yes Jim,reading some tributes on other sites,and it seems that Paul was enjoying being back at his job and was obviously too busy to spend as much time on the blog as he used to.
    I just wish that the guy had taken a complete break from all this.
    Doing his job,running this and other commitments,if you could just turn back the clock,,,,,,every time i think about his wife and kids it does my head in.
    Good luck m8

  181. JimBhoy

    @Cam I feel the same about his family, real tragic shame.. Take care fella..

  182. I came on to the site just after the Milan Game, i thought i would get the “slagging” out of the way before i went to sleep,
    instead i read of Paul’s death, shocked by the news, i could only say RIP Paul, days later i still have nothing more to say,not really, i hope his family get all the support and comfort that they will need and deserve,

    so many on here and on other sites, are mourning the loss of a man that the vast majority never met ,
    So many held him in such high regard and fondness, all the regular posters have expressed their loss, if we all feel this loss so much, then how much more must his family and friends feel it,
    Pauls blogs were so educational and informative ,
    yet that did not stop most of us from fighting the fight on behalf of what ever club it is we follow, regardless of the law, or common sense, football gets us all like that, it’s highly emotive and i would go so far as to say borderline addictive,
    we all had the ability to have a particular coloured haze descend and stand our ground, yet Paul, would post another blog, explaining how the law saw it, sometimes, his knowledge did not suit my viewpoint,

    I have read through all the comments since we found out about the tragic passing of a fellow coatbrig boy, i took to reading them without looking at the names of the person that posted them, it’s a small wondrous thing to see that Paul’s untimely death has brought us all together as People, we were all afforded the right to post our thoughts by Paul on his blog, he was.
    it’s a wee bit sad to see that we are all now capable of doing what he always asked of us …………………………

    “please keep your language restrained and be respectful generally and to other commenters.”

    I said on here a few times, i am an Atheist,
    Paul was very much a man of his Faith, i hope his family have a faith as strong as his, i am sure that’s what will get them through these awful days,

    R I P.

  183. Ian4300

    Joe Apologies to all, This was posted before I found out Paul had died.

  184. hector

    @Iain I don’t think anyone would have thought otherwise. This place is getting a bit like a ghost town the soul and spirit is gone. A quick run through other sites shows how much our host was thought of outside of this small circle of ” internet bampots” . I will mark Pauls passing by planting a tree that will outlive us all by a factor of 3 and make a donation to my favourite charity in his name. All of you mark this sad event in your own way. Take care goodnight and goodbye.

  185. JOE

    No problems my friend,the site was going a bit wobbly at times.
    I find myself looking at my computer now, and thinking the magic of the internet does not pull me in so often.A big void has appeared impossible to fill.I will miss you all.
    God Bless.
    I wish you and yours all the best for Christmas and the coming New Year.
    Life goes on, only not as before.

  186. Felpen

    Great gesture. I think I would like to do something like that also. I don’t think this really has sunk in yet. Hard to believe the man that has brought us all together on here has now left us to go on our way. I hope we are all better people for it. I know that I am. God Bless you Paul. And may God be with your family.

  187. Ed Paisley

    It feels like breaking up after the last year at high school. I am still stunned about Paul – I never met the guy but he sounded so utterly vigorous and energetic. I am 47 and I certainly don’t feel those things this morning with my aching back and sore neck.
    Often life has no rhyme or reason. I lost my sister in law four years ago almost to the day and I still find my wife in tears from time to time thinking about her beloved sister. She had a long term illness but her death was very sudden and unexpected. I fondly recall that my wife’s family were all bluenoses but once I was introduced to the family I remember my sister in law discovered that she quite liked Celtic too!
    Rambling a bit but I’m signing off here and just wanted to say my thoughts are with Paul’s family and to wish all of you guys and your families health and happiness. Oh Cam – I’m gonna take a leaf out of my departed sister in law’s book and try and quite like Rangers too. It shouldn’t be impossible because they are my ma’s team!

    Sorry Cam – I just can’t do it! Never mind.

  188. Paul

    So sad no mention from McMurdo or Leggo on the passing of an old foe,well what can one say.Seems even dignity has a price,signing off for ever and rest in peace my blogging friend whom i never met but will always remember.

  189. @gortchomhor

    Forget those insignificant pricks. They shouldn’t be mentioned in the same universe as Paul McConville.

    Paul McConville will be long and fondly remembered by many, many thousands of us. He was pure class. My only regret is that I never told I’m that.

    If it’s possible and anyone knows the date and time of Paul’s funeral, I’d like to try and go along, so please post that info if you can.

  190. A repost of behalf on Johnbhoy

    just trying to get it to be the last post so people can find it.

    December 1, 2013 at 5:46 pm

    Dear friends,

    I have posted a message which I hope expresses the views of many on Paul’s blog. I have placed it at https://scotslawthoughts.wordpress.com/2011/05/27/jennifer-ingles-walker-or-smith-or-liehne-v-hma-2011-hcjac-51/ for two reasons. This was Paul’s maiden post and, looking back, I felt sad that there were no comments. He now has one. It also gives us all an opportunity to comment about Paul in a dedicated place.


  191. cam

    Without Paul’s endless supply of qualitymaterial ,it appears that the negativity emanating from Ibrox is on the wane.
    The ceasefire until the AGM has allowed Rangers to almost become just a fitba club again and winning every game is breeding an air of confidence amongst the squad.
    The last week has been a nightmare for Celtic on and off the field.Humiliated by Milan reserves and having the spectacle of Lenny lauding his team thrashing Hearts ghost team is bad enough on the park.
    Wee Boaby Forrest is in mucho trouble,the terrorist banners are being debated in parliament and Nyon.The Co-op mortgage scandal is now in national publications and the spectre of state aid,political interference and unfair advantages is hovering over Mordor.The mayor of Amsterdam has spoken and it is now official,,,,Celtic fans are revolting!
    The Green Brigade are now out of control and Lawwell will be placed under the spotlight as he tries to convince sponsors and UEFA that the club are not a front for political ideology and have been hijacked by loonballs with a craving for garden gnome attire.
    Craigie doesn’t know which courtroom he’ll be appearing in next.
    The one where Ticketus are poised to end his rather novel business career or the one where his castle gets re-possessed.
    The imaginary one where he turns up with his faither and a clip art set of Ibrox deeds is still under construction in Disneyland.
    There might be some more courting for the googly eyed one, if some handwriting jolly japes are further pursued.
    Yes, the pendulum is starting to swing in the other direction.

    I posted this here as it seems that the appetite for whataboutery is still unsatisfied and Johnbhoy’s idea of using the other post as a tribute room to Paul is not the place for it.

  192. cam, dry up. This is not time.

  193. Mike Craig

    blimey Cam, that’s perhaps the most cogent thing you’ve posted on the late Paul’s blog. I applaud you.

    It is nice to see that Celtic fans are starting to wake up to the fact the Green Brigade have done their own reputation no good.

    Hopefully Celtic carry through on their intentions to split up the Green Brigade section, who have been an embarrassment not only to Celtic, but Scottish football seen from Europe.

  194. @gortchomhor

    Cam, let’s assume your prognosis on Sevco regarding Craig Whyte’s claims is correct, that he has no claim. Let’s assume that the boardroom divisions will soon be resolved. As you put it, let’s assume this imagined pendulum swings in the other direction and Celtic take some flak for the various ssues you mention.

    Sevco still don’t have enough money to make it to March.

  195. cam

    Excellent work by Rangers and the police in odentifying the alleged hooligan who threw a flare onto the pitch at Falkirk.http://news.stv.tv/west-central/251875-rangers-flare-arrest-after-falkirk-pitch-damaged-at-scottish-cup-tie/
    Lawwell should ask for assistance and guidance from Scotland’s premier club instead of moving mummy punchers,kow towing to terrorist supporters and protecting the rights of bottle throwers.

  196. cam

    Celtic may be giving their Dutch lawyer some extra work.
    In a heinous Orange plot there have been incidents of seats at Fir Park launching themselves at innocent Celtic fans.Peter Lawwell is not ruling out paranormal activity and wants to reassure the peace loving gnomes that he will do everything in his power to hush this latest outrage up.

    Still smarting from the European embarassments,the GFITW decided that Stuart McCall was of an Orange persuasion and that he looked quite sad,so in an outbreak of jolly japery and in no way sectarian they decided to singalong and let him know.

    The green flares on show have been claimed as a legitimate political expression of gnomish solidarity with Mandela and Che,the PLO, Showadawaddy,Fran and Anna.
    With Mr Lennon having the audacity to speak out on the referees unhappiness after single handedly causing the strike action,it is now patently clear that Celtic have adopted the Tony Bliar school of thought and can create new forms of reality at will.

  197. Possible article that the complicit MSM may use, if they decide to come out of the Celtic Triangle.

    Green seat brigade launch unprovoked attack on innocent Amber seats.

    Amber seat assembly CHAIR-man Peter Couch told reporters. ” My members were sat sitting awaiting the arrival of a few bums, when this atrocious incident occurred. It was a completely unprovoked assault .
    We shall be pursuing compensation from the club concerned”
    “We will also be asking the SPFL and UEFA to look into the additional unsatisfactory behaviour of the hooligan element of the away supporters who follow Celtic Football Club, whom, not for the first time this season have needlessly attacked, and attempted to destroy, the fabric and assets of a member club.”
    As well as the damage to the seating and surrounding area at Motherwell’s Fir park stadium, further incidents of hooliganism were observed, which included.
    18 smoke bombs.
    Three Flares.
    And six rows of seats ripped out at Fir Park and covered with Green Brigade stickers.
    Surprisingly there were….No arrests…
    A spokesman for the shamed Glasgow club said. “Unfortunately, there are a minority of supporters who occasionally let the club down, we will be defending any criticism with the utmost rigidity, we will not allow the club to used as a pin cushion”
    Peter LIE-WELL,Celtic’s CEO taking the weight off his chubby cheeks, refused to comment, as he reclined on a specially adapted and strengthened Lazy Bhoy.

  198. cam

    With the latest acts of hooliganism being carried out by a growing portion of the Celtic support the question that must be asked is; Are CFC and its fans becoming a clear and present danger to the security and moral fibre of the realm?
    The Green Brigade,that bunch of disparate souls desperately searching for a flag to rally to,an ethos that can make some sense of their otherwise pointless existence,are on collision course with the puppet master supreme,El Coyote,his chubbiness,the Lawwell man.
    Pedro rushes around trying to sell that disgrace of a club as some sort of Boho,folk singing,friendly entity,when in reality the chavs and grafitti artists that form a large portion of its support are creatures you wouldn’t want next door to you.
    A long term solution involving conscription,forced showers,hard manual labour and a belief system change, would benefit these misguided souls.
    Short term?,,,a damn good kettling 24/7,withdrawal of all state benefits,arrests,convictions and public shaming and fines upon the club they claim to support.

  199. cam

    Mere posturing Bud, by two groups desperate to be in charge of the blue leviathan as it surges upwards and onwards to the greatest story of sporting comebacks ever.
    The momentum being gathered by the famous Glasgow Rangers will result in nervous moments for the ned in a trackie,Lucozade bottles and Sami’s bottle will be headline news.
    Referees will get another chance to look at Lenny’s teeth close up as he snarls at them.
    The karma being built up by wee Lenny will engulf him and i picture a future for him as a broken man,alone with his dvds of some meaningless titles.

  200. cam

    Here we have it,,,,it’s now crunchtime for Lawwell.No more empty rhetoric,no more false promises,El Coyote is gonna have to face up to his worst nightmare and risk alienating a large and vocal part of his support.
    The Green Brigade are gunning for wobbly chops and he has tried using Lenny as a go between to tread carefully whilst appearing to act tough.


    The worst vandalism in years at Fir Park,hot on the heels of the destruction of Amsterdam and offensive banners.Lawwell can’t keep this genie in the bottle.
    At Parkhead the stewards and police are allowing these exhibitionists to carry massive banners into the ground and Celtic are standing idly by hoping that their puppet press won’t highlight it.
    Too late Pedro,the Gers have learned the black arts of propaganda from the master of spin himself.

  201. Paul

    Meanwhile over at Ayebroke the orcs are split over what tribe they want to rule over them.McMurdo has fired the first warning shot by alienating the sons of struth by refrencing them to fools and horses. roll on the 19th of title deeds day, and whilst you are at mate when will the plastic pitch bill be paid or is this the first creditor to be stuffed in the new year.
    Can see why you have no friends outside cyberspace could not wait to get back to what you do best you wee scumbag.We are all Celtic 125 unbroken.

  202. cam

    Steady now Paul,there’s no need for offensive and abusive behaviour.
    I’m only highlighting ACTUAL events,you know the kind,ones that took place rather than being imagined.http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/ex-sfa-security-expert-warns-fans-2907351
    Reports of body surfing and large crowd movements,smoke bombs,flares,fireworks and wanton destruction haven’t been invented by me.If the daft wee bhoys didn’t behave in this manner then no negative headlines would be possible.
    Celtic as a club and its fans have to accept that there is a large portion of their support behaving like yobs and deal with it instead of blaming everyone else.
    The events at Ibrox are just some chancers throwing words at each other.When they start throwing seats then it will be more newsworthy.
    There can be no excuses as the culprits are easily visible.So let us have some transparency at Celtic and see some positive action taken.
    If CFC don’t act and a tragedy occurs then they will be held accountable.

  203. cam

    Paul,perhaps you’re a GB member and feeling a bit touchy about how they are perceived.I see the little twats think that they are important and are now releasing “statements”.
    I would like to see points deducted for each offence and a hefty fine of at least £500,000 imposed on Celtic.
    Any repetition should see Celtic being expelled from the country’s league set up under health and safety grounds.
    To prevent any possibilty of fire, a water cannon should be parked facing the Green Brigade section at home and away games, Ready to unleash a life saving torrent of scented clean water towards poor unfortunate innocent fans who suddenly find a lit flare in their hand.
    I read that one of the imbeciles actually burnt himself and needed treatment.

  204. Paul

    if you want to throw stones then look no further to your own club. Do you honestly believe that 60,000 fans endorse the behaviour of wee neds who want to spoil things for the majority. Should clubs be held responsible for assholes.Look to the bigger picture their is nothing gained point scoring as it does not get to the heart of the problems, the point scoring should be that fans want their clubs to operate in a level playing field to eradicate corruption, you know this makes sense and you would not want to invest and be fleeced.I know things are not rosy over by but this was not a football problem this was gangsters fleecing ordinary fans and this is the problems fans need to tackle. The police and authorities should deal with the neds,fans should boycott spivs by taking away what they crave finances.the GB issued a satement lets see if they are sincere and wait and see if they begin the self policing of their group.As far as political banners go i agree football has no place but if this is a free country then let them explain the meaning behind the banners and if not approriate or offencive then say why. if you take the shilling then you have to negotite the terms and if certain people do not agree then simply go elsewhere,
    But dialouge must be important. this should be made clear and it does not look like the Sevco AGM has both camps singing from the same hymm sheet, hope this clears up my thinking, i do not want to see clubs punished for idiots this is sometimes out of the control of clubs and i do not want football to become a police controlled environment.So grow a pair and start contributing to what you think might be a constructive way forward the game has suffered log enough from people with their own agends to the detriment of the decent folk who like the idesa of following their club supporting their club.Our game is not for people with agendas it is the working class mans release from the chores that life puts on us.

  205. cam

    The Green Brigade are lauded by Lennon and if they stick to Celtic related stuff then all well and good.These wee dafties think that having listened to some nutter like PMacG or a like minded rocket in the pub,they can espouse their half baked idea of republicanism on the streets of Glasgow and various cities in Scotland whose inhabitants couldn’t give a toss about Ireland.
    Search them thoroughly for banners,make Celtic totally responsible for their actions,let the police make mass arrests if necessary and put these idiots in their place.
    CFC are in danger of allowing their club,stadium and ethos to be hijacked by loonballs that Jock Stein would have leathered in two seconds flat.
    The SFPLASFPLSARFASP or whatever those banjo strummers are called this month should inform Celtic that one more incident and they will be playing games behind closed doors.
    Rangers and the police managed to trace and charge the flare idiot at Falkirk,so Celtic can follow suit and throw these dogs to the police.

  206. Sorry to disappoint you cam, but that is exactly what has happened, and more, no doubt with more to come, ha ha bet you were wishing for the opposite.

  207. cam

    El Coyote,in a cunning ploy to limit the damage inflicted upon the club by the authorities,has “suspended” 128 fans pending further investigation and offered to re-allocate or refund GB members in section 111.
    This is a good start, but must be followed through with no back tracking and defense of any kind of these hooligans.
    By acting promptly,my suspicious mind tells me that Lawwell is trying desperately to pre-empt any severe sanctions by the SFPL.
    He will have been lobbying furiously and attempting to display that he is in control.
    The Green Brigade will have him on ze list, as they only wish to use CFC as a cloak to further their pathetic agenda.
    I shall monitor developments on this very carefully, and every football fan and law abiding member of the public should not rest till these louts are herded aboard a transportation vessel.

  208. Raymilland


    One for the road?








    OH YE C*NT BDO =


  209. cam

    The worst journalist anywhere in the galaxy at any moment in time does his usual bumbling,imprecise sweaty waffling and manages to connect Rangers to a story of some giro tourists smashing up private property,,,this guy takes fannydom to a whole new level.

  210. cam

    The demise of the republican filth is well overdue.We go to watch the fitba not to hear about the latest dietary plans of a convicted terrorist coward
    CFC should be forced to pay for massive policing of their games and these rebel pieces of garbage should be kettled to oblivion.
    Mick the mangler was always up for defending these cretins as they were of his peer group,but even he must condemn the hooliganism.
    Bye bye Green Brigade!

  211. cam

    Green Brigade= Bearing Greed,,,fits fatbhoy Lawwell to a tee.

  212. cam

    Green Brigade nailed by English.
    The guy gets it spot on Phil MacG!!
    A few mounted police,some deft baton work and the sight of a white charger and these cowards would have scattered back to their hate filled hovels.
    Order must be restored and if martial law is required at the Beggardome then so be it.

  213. cam, Why don’t you go over to mc murdo’s site to get rid of your frustration.
    Please leave us in peace for a wee while. Thank you.

  214. Paul

    Cam have you really got no friends or do you just like posting to yourself, you need to give people time to answer your replies if they can be bothered.The GB were a welcome to Celtic park and created a atmosphere like no other, but sadly when you do the congo you do not know what may attach at the tail end, as it gets longer it becomes harder to control.
    I will give you an example of a train that started climbing higher than any train could climb in Scotland.As it reached dizzy heights fuel had to be added but the prce of the fuel was extortionate and new means had to be conjured up to get it.Ecomonomy Butane Train fuel was used at a cheaper cost and it was tax free. As the train soared so did the fuel tag and the tax man cottoned on and eventually the train begin to be pulled back down to earth and as the panic set in it was envitable it was going to crash and like all wrecks their is money to be made from the salvage. like i said do not throw stones.

  215. Kerrygirl

    Would that be the same white charger that strathclydes finest called King Billy , I remeber these things, is Mandela filth in your eyes to ,,,,, I suspect he is

  216. cam

    @Paul,i had a good friend once,but i ate him.
    I’m picking up some of the millions of stones that Celtic fans have thrown at Rangers in the last 3 years and lobbing them back,,,what’s up? can’t you handle a wee bit of banter?
    The Green Brigade have been defended and this has encouraged them to think that they are important.Hopefully Lawwell won’t do his usual sleight of hand and mouth and let them return after the fuss has died down.
    The EBT thing is all but over and dealt with.The new kid on the block is state aid Paul.http://footballtaxhavens.wordpress.com/2013/11/24/celtic-fc-getting-sucked-into-the-labour-party-co-operative-bank-scandal/
    Preferential interest rates granted by a bank with political connections.
    Preferential deals on land transactions by a Celtic friendly GCC that involves publicly owned assets.
    Preferential deals on planning permission and regeneration of areas surrounding the Beggardome slum.
    It’s in the public domain now,lets see Marky Daly get his investigative skills tore into the cooncil bhoys.https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/glasgow_city_councils_celtic_plc
    Be honest,i bet you and all the other Celtic fans knew nowt about mortgages and loans.The Coyote has been playing at hide the pea and duping the dupes.
    If Rangers hadn’t imploded then Celtic would be bust as well.The CL money and selling off some duds has saved them but now they are in the same position as Rangers were.They need to try to atrract decent players to qualify for the CL,not for fitba reasons,just for the money.The only way any decent,proven player is coming to this dump is for cash.The vicious circle will hopefully swallow Celtic.
    The spotlight is now being turned upon Celtic and the glare is not being welcomed.
    When one throws stones Paul,one shouldn’t really stay in a glass house dear bhoy.

    I’m just engaging in some polite banter,the type that Paul encouraged.
    Some folk are stating that they would like to see some kind of blog continue.
    The other Celtic blog sites are carrying on their mission to demonize Rangers and to attempt to slay the bogeyman.
    This site,according to Paul,wasn’t a Celtic site,merely a place where obsessed Celtic fans got a load off, after a hard days work,,,or not,as the case may be!
    The other chaps are debating in another cyber room,set up by Johnbhoy to pay tribute to the doyen of internet bampottery,the much missed and irreplaceable Mr McConville.
    I got the distinct impression that Paul monitored the course of the blog and gave the rudder a wee tug in the desired direction every now and then.
    HHS McConville is a ship without a captain,the Jolly KOSC flag no longer flutters as it goes to war,the crew are looking around for direction.
    Should the ship be berthed,tied up in port?,,,or should it take to the seas again under a new Captain?
    Can the crew run the ship themselves as a democracy or would squabbling and infighting sink her?
    The Captain is laid to rest on Thursday,all flags on my pocket battleship will be lowered in tribute to a noble opponent who was taken far too early.
    HMS Brittania rules the waves,,,,,kiss me Portbhoy!

  217. paul

    Cam when a bank lowers interest rates and business’s see it they go for it. i also have had loans from the bank in question and am pleased to have paid them back at a fixed small interest rate,thank you Co-op there when i needed it. go back to collect them stones theres plenty and maybe you could build a new stadium with them redneck..

  218. Cam,
    Thanks for your reply.I just thought it too early for the things you said. We will no doubt continue to debate in a week or two with my Celtic minded friends and your rifc pals.B.T.W. Kissing is out till I know you better.

  219. cam

    Nay sir,this bank is being investigated for its dealings.
    If SDM and BoS were up to anything that the crazies viewed as well deffo dodgy then it would be up for discussion.
    Lenny bhoy has decided to let the Viking deal with this hot tottie.

    If that band of arsewipes had mobbed in a street like that then the polis would have huckled the lot of them.
    This is the hidden face of the jolly craicster,the ugly wee thing you lot like to hide in the basement when UEFA and sponsors come sniffing around.
    C’mon bhoys,don’t be bashful,,,let Kevin oot the basement,let us gaze upon his coupon and behold his true nature.

  220. cam

    Now then,here’s a fascinating story which could affect all of us.
    I think i’ll get this guy onto RTC and Charlotte and get them out in the open,,,,we can’t have wee sneaky shites up to no good anonymously.
    It’s not healthy or manly.

  221. cam

    Now that this site is without its creator,it really shows up the other dross available.
    Some of the bampots from here have started to comment on crazy PMacG’s nonsense of a blog.
    How anyone can read that self serving crap and comment on it is beyond me.
    The guy claims to be a journalist???
    His writing style suggests an out of work double glazing salesman who read some psychology books.
    I never understood why an edumacated chap like Paul associated with him.
    Very curious!

  222. cam

    Now then,Barcelona actually have a reason to take the game against the CL’s worst team semi seriously.
    A comfortable win ensures top of the group status which will be necessary to assist them to negotiate further progress.Barca aren’t anywhere near the level of a few seasons back.
    The added desire to hand Celtic a good thrashing should be uppermost in the Barca team.
    On the last few occasions they have met Celtic have been very fortunate not to recieve a 6-0 humping,,,tomorrow may just be the night if Barca have the correct attitude and the other game isn’t going their way.
    I hope for 5 goals at least from Barca,a couple of sendings off for Celtic,Lennon sent to the stands and some Green Brigade embarassment before,during and after to further humiliate Ireland’s shame.

  223. hector

    @gort Are you going to make it to Pauls funeral on Thursday?

  224. cam

    your cashflow prognosis is i think based on worst case scenarios and on previous burn rates.I’m sure that the new board have ideas and possible investors lined up.
    I’m not for a minute saying that Rangers will be awash with cash and i realise stricter budgetary controls will be needed and it will take at least 5 years hard slog before Rangers can compete against Celtic.
    That is of course assuming that Celtic maintain their current level.
    One season of facing a decent side in the qualifying and it will be panic stations in the east.
    There is a massive story awaiting a brave investigative reporter regards Celtic’s business dealings and if the lid can be prised off that damned GCC then such fun will be had by all.
    We are about to find out if Lawwell has the cojones to follow through on the Green Brigade issue.
    Lennon is in a difficult position as he always tries to appeal to the rebel contingent,but even he knows that they could be a massive liability with UEFA watching.
    The Celtic online community led the way in their concerted attacks on everything Rangers,the dozy lethargic Bears are now learning the power of constantly whinging and grassing and e-mailing various bodies,highlighting anything negative to beat Celtic with.
    You can bet that every Glasgow councillor of a Celtic persuasion will be very careful from now on.
    There could be a split in the Celtic support over the GB issue and the politicalisation of a football club.

  225. @gortchomhor

    Hector, if you mean me, yes, I’ll be there.

    And if you don’t mean me, I’ll still be there.

  226. Paul

    You can only be humped if you are in it. Ho Hum still the wee bigot who hates Celtic and NL the irish Catholic,The irony from one who tags people rangers haters.

  227. hector

    @gort If you could carry out some act of rememberance on my behalf I will be in your debt big time .A handful of soil or whatever is the done thing would be great.Thanks a lot and take care.

  228. @gortchomhor

    I’ll think of something, Hector.

  229. Fra

    I think there’s a few of us Gort my mhan

  230. @gortchomhor

    yes, fra, I’m thinking of the bigger picture and something on behalf of us all…

  231. cam

    Well Paul,your lot were in it,never to win it,just to be the whipping bhoys in the biggest humiliation any team anywhere at anytime has ever suffered.
    This was one of those moments when you wish the Green Brigade had pooled their giros and bought some more smoke bombs to prevent the tv cameras showing this pumpfest.
    Neymar might as well have walked up to Lennon and slapped him with a week old kipper.
    You must hand it to Scott Brown though,the boy could relax with his mum out of reach of the mammy punchers,and he covered every blade of grass.He managed to track the position of the ball within 3 seconds of where it last was with unerring accuracy,,,chapeau,,,lets all NOT do the Broony :-)
    Saw that advert at half time in the campaign to stop racism,Frank Ribery reminded me a bit of Broony,a sort of poster boy for Lego afficianados.
    The Barca manager looked a dapper gent in his designer gear,,,,and then up popped Lenny in a sleeping bag from Sports Direct,,,,jeez,what a tramp!
    Oh well,Europe over for another 8 months for the beggars and with the dross out of the tourney we can only hope that a full Barca team can delight us in the new year.
    A team missing Valdez.Iniesta,Messi,Alba,Alves,Fabregas,and Puyol,utterly humiliated Ireland’s shame and one can only hope that Buckfast hasn’t been put on tap for the craicsters as they could destroy the lovely architecture and blame it on extra terrestials.
    Obviously the effects of playing Shaktar Karagrandy has rubbed off on these coalminer’s daughters and they played the part of the lambs to the slaughter so well.
    Just the UEFA verdict on the terrorist banners,a fine from the SFPL and a severe warning,the bill from Motherwell for the vandalism,wee Boaby Forrest’s trial,and the reaction from the Giro Brigade and that should top off a wonderful week for Karma FC.
    At least Stokesy will be able to point out his Barca shirt to the regulars in the Bawbag’s Arms in Dublin when the next phase of his career as a publican begins.
    Now then Morag,where’s that Joy Of Six dvd?

  232. LMAO.
    Another sterling performance Cam. :D

  233. Paul

    Glad that you like to follow the bhoys in Europe must be fed up with endless re runs of corrie etc. honestly though it shows that it will be a million years before your team ever compete at all in the big stage, Lets face it Barca and co are not exactly Forfar are they? Anyway i thought maybe you would be a bit respectful this morn condidering this is the day our host is laid to rest but morons like you and coop do not do dignity. RIP Paul McConville bigger than Scotland’s shame.

  234. cam

    Broony asking Neymar for his shirt,,,,

  235. @gortchomhor


    I managed to keep a straight face until the words “investors lined up” appeared. I have a pretty good imagination but that’s just pushing it. I simply can’t imagine investors queuing up to throw money into an open sewer… Although, granted, they seem to have done it before.

    As for Celtic, the only aspect of them worth keeping is the Green Brigade — it’s the only part that makes sense to me. Without them that place would be totally derelict.

    Interesting that they want to sell booze at Celtic park but want to ban flares. Oh, right enough, there are loads of people going around that have been injured by flares whereas you hardly ever hear of anybody getting injured through booze.


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