Six degrees separating a deposed Haitian President and a Rangers Director – by ecojon

I never thought the tangled Rangers web could link a sacked Rangers director to the deposed President of Haiti, recently questioned in court concerning inquiries into a journalist’s murder.

But it looks as though the theory that any person on the planet is connected to any other person through a chain comprising no more than five acquaintances lives to survive another day as the Bears hold their breath waiting for audited accounts.

One thing for sure is that the more I slid down the rabbit-hole the more I realised what a clever move Wee Craigie made by claiming the film rights to the movie – what a blockbuster it will be!

However let’s trace the steps which begin when I failed to find Putney Holdings Ltd which is shown in the TRFCL board minutes of 31 October 2012 as holding 1,000,000 Rangers shares. Putney Holdings sounds as English as cricket, the boat race and warm beer but it isn’t listed at Companies House.

A Google search revealed RM poster ‘In the know’ posted a Rangers share list in October 2012 noting ‘Putney Holdings Adrian Corr – 600k’. This wasn’t common knowledge so I was surprised at how aptly-named ‘in the know’ actually was although at the time his identity wasn’t known. On 24 April 2013 Rangers Board Member Imran Ahmad was outed for allegedly posting sensitive and confidential club information on Rangers Media by Rangers Standard and one of his log-ins was said to be ‘In the know’.

Is this man "in the know"?

Is this man “in the know”?

I did have a laugh at a Rangers poster commenting on the share list: ‘Tims will be all over this list 1000 times more so than any Rangers fan’. Never a truer word said and perhaps one day you might come out of hibernation and recognise why.

Companies House revealed no trace of Putney Holdings Ltd and the only Adrian Corr listed as a director was a solicitor in the now liquidated Albany Systems International Ltd from February to December 2001.

An internet search threw-up Northern Ireland born Adrian Corr, a staunch Spurs fan, who qualified as a solicitor in England & Wales in 1990 before moving to the Turks & Caicos Islands three years later and joining Miller Simons O’Sullivan where he ended-up a partner and became well-versed in corporate and regulatory matters. Interestingly Timothy Patrick O’Sullivan was an old friend having also been a director in the liquidated Albany Systems International from April 2000 to April 2002.

Adrian Corr

Adrian Corr

A few more names into the Google cement mixer left me gobsmacked when details of a 2005 Florida civil court claim emerged involving the Republic of Haiti and state-owned national telecoms provider (Haiti Teleco) attempting to recover money allegedly stolen from the people and government of Haiti by former President John-Bertrand Aristide and others allegedly acting in concert with him.

The former President was further accused of abusing his power as well as deceiving and betraying the Haitian People by directing and participating in fraudulent schemes to loot the public treasury and launder illicit proceeds to encourage, protect, participate and profit from illegal drug trafficking in and through Haiti. It was further claimed that Aristide and his alleged accomplices converted to their own use millions of dollars of public funds through a pattern of criminal racketeering activities.

Listed in the court filed documents as Defendants as well as Aristides was Adrian Corr and Mont Salem Management Ltd and others.

Very serious and wide-ranging allegations are made against all of the named defendants in the above document but it must be remembered the allegations weren’t proven in court as the complaint was dropped before it was served possibly through lack of funds and perhaps a wish by US Authorities to take control and pursue matters. In any case none of the named defendants required to file answers and therefore the allegations should be treated accordingly. Corr is reported as subsequently stating he has never acted for Aristide nor set up any shell companies to siphon money for him.

President Aristide (right) (as he then was) with the late President Chavez of Venezuela

President Aristide (right) (as he then was) with the late President Chavez of Venezuela

The Mont Salem Management Ltd involvement is spelt out in the service agreement between a major US Telecoms provider and Haiti Teleco which identifies Adrian Corr as   the Mont Salem contact at: Po Box 260, Butterfield Square, Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands.

The document was provided on a confidential basis following a request by the chief of the International Bureau of the US Federal Communications Commission but was later made public. It revealed payments from the US provider went to Mont Salem and not Haiti Teleco and that the rate payable was below that required. The original 2005 Haiti civil case paperwork stated Jean René Duperval had falsified the books to show Mont Salem was the telecom carrier dealing with Haiti Teleco and not the American one.

The Turks and Caicos Mont Salem incorporation papers show registration in June 2000 with $5,000 capital and the registered agent as Timothy O’Sullivan of Miller, Simons and O’Sullivan. The share owner was given as “M&S Nominees Ltd” (presumably Miller and Simmons) listed at the same Turks and Caicos address. Asked to identify the actual Mont Salem owners, Adrian Corr reportedly stated: ‘I don’t want to answer any questions about this. I have lawyers retained; It’s better you speak with them.’

The government of the desperately impoverished and earthquake-hit island of Haiti dropped the 2005 case but the involvement of giant US telecoms companies in what became known as the ‘Haitian Kickback Scandal’ as well as leading Democrat and Republican Politicians has led to a continuing series of court and regulatory action which, as recently as May 2012, saw Jean Rene Duperval – the former Haiti Teleco boss – jailed for 9 years by a  US Court for laundering bribes between 2003 and 2006, paid to him by two US telecoms companies, using a cloak of shell corporations and fake invoices. Duperval had been named a defendant in the original dismissed 2005 case.



Others involved in the Haiti bribe and commission kickback scandal dealt with by American Courts are: Joel Esquenaz (15 years jail October 2011); Carlos Rodriguez (84 months jail October 2011); Juan Diaz (57 months jail July 2010); Robert Antoine (48 months jail June 2010); Antonio Perez (24 months jail April 2009); Jean Fourcand (6 months jail May 2010).

US Assistant Attorney General Breuer stated ‘We will hold accountable corrupt foreign officials when they seek to launder the proceeds of that bribery through the US financial system’ and warned they would face ‘serious consequences.’ He added: ‘Duperval’s money laundering scheme was an attempt to conceal the payment of bribes to foreign officials to obtain an unfair business advantage in the marketplace.’

Under US law apparently, American telecom companies had to pay a minimum price per minute to Haiti Teleco for its services in completing telephone calls from the US to the island but allegedly Haiti Teleco offered cut-price deals with kick-backs to certain telecom companies.

It’s a precedent-setting case with The Justice Department using the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (which normally deals only with bribe-givers) not only to charge companies and individuals doing business in the United States but, for the first time, to pursue foreign officials who received bribe money and laundered it. A number of others involved in Haitian drug smuggling have also been dealt with and heavy sentences, including life imprisonment, imposed by US Federal Courts.

The strong US Fed reaction is explained IMO by the claims in the original 2005 court papers that in exchange for bribes and kickbacks Aristide and his accomplices provided safe passage for trans-shipments of illegal drugs to the US and appointed drug traffickers to important posts in Haiti’s security services and law enforcement to ensure the safety of their trafficking operations. Things had become so bad in Haiti that by 2004 around 20% of US cocaine came through the island which was a fourfold increase during Aristide’s time in office.

I’m sure my readers are familiar with Nova and Orlit and Messrs Chan Fook Meng and Nazim Khan who were both rumoured to be members of the original Rangers consortium fronted by Green in May 2012.

Businessman of the Year Charles Green, whose consortium was said to include Nazim Khan and Chan Fook Meng who share places on the Tricor Board with Adrian Corr

Businessman of the Year Charles Green, whose consortium was said to include Nazim Khan and Chan Fook Meng who share places on the Tricor Board with Adrian Corr

Both men are also directors of Tricor Plc and in March 2013 Adrian Corr joined the Tricor Board as a NED and this was noted in an AIM announcement. But I have been unable to see any mention of that appointment against Tricor at Companies House – but we all know how it can be with Companies House paperwork.

The AIM announcement notes: ‘Adrian is currently a director of M&S Trust Company Limited, a licensed trust company/company manager, and its affiliates Aincorp Ltd, M&S Directors Ltd, M&S Secretaries Ltd, M&S Nominees Ltd and IMM Management Ltd.  He is also a director of Global Insurance Managers and Actuaries and within the last five years was a director of West Indies Protectors Ltd.’ I would assume that if he was a director of Mont Salem Management Ltd it was more than 5 years ago. It would also appear that he isn’t a director of Putney Holdings Ltd and, of course, I should make it clear that that company has not afaik ever been mentioned in connection with Haiti or any alleged illegal activities.

Whilst on the subject of the Turks & Caicos Islands I will mention in passing that another major Rangers shareholder may well be an offshore company registered on the Island viz Margarita Funds Holding Trust with a reported 7.7% shareholding in Rangers. I remember my jaw dropping when Rangers was publicly quoted as stating they thought the shareholding company might be based on the Turks & Caicos Islands.

Margarita Time

Och it’s OK I’m sure. The SFA know who they are as Green has publicly stated that the SFA has been made aware of the identity of all the shareholders so they must be kosher. I wonder if the SFA know who Putney Holdings Ltd are?

The whole fascinating Haiti story is way beyond the scope of this post but a lot of it is told in a series of articles at this link.

The role of a sacked telecoms whistleblower and his subsequent ‘problems’ will interest many posters I reckon and info on that can be found here.

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        However I now realise that this bunch of truly sad people have no actual skills or even the necessary devotion to their club that could help it. They are merely cardboard keyboard cowboys who would be ignored by the ordinary Bears actually trying to salvage something from the wreckage that Ibrox is fast becoming.

        There is better informed debate on Rangers Den these days than this little collection of saddoes can string together. Their club doesn’t need them because they are the past. What is needed is the new generation of Rangers supporters who will eventually build a new club and leave the dross peddled by our troll neanderthals where it belongs – in the gutter of history.

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      Anyone who genuinely beileves there is an anti-Irish/Catholic ethos in the west cost of Scotland does not live here, they are basing it on old newspaper clips.

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            I actually believe that underneath the madness lies two decent chaps.
            My biggest failing in life is gullibility and seeing the inherent good in folk.
            I’m not changing, even after this harrowing experience.

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      The blog is dead, killed by moronic bigots.

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          You truly are Cam the Rat and totally without shame or scruple.

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          And not just my opinion.

          “There are noisy groups of supporters who, although they drink vast amounts of beer, make friends at the same time. But you? Not you, because everywhere you go, you turn into a rubbish tip. You are an undesirable.”

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    “And in the livid night there creeps a basilisk, spawned by the moon after its strange fashion. The moon – eternally barren – is its father, but its mother is the sand, barren likewise: this is the mystery of the desert. Many say that it is an animal, but this is not so, it is a thought, growing there where there is no earth and no seed: a thought which sprang from that which is eternally barren, and now assumes strange forms which life does not know. This is the reason that no one can describe this being, because it is like nothingness, indescribable.”

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    I love the freedom of expression that foreign referees are permitted to reveal.
    This all too familiar scene after a Celtic defeat would involve stewards and Strathclydes finest to protect the officials.
    The author of the article may find himself unloved.

  15. @gortchomhor

    Lol @ Enigma Gort

    Surely not me…

    As for being a mysterious seer… I’ve made two predictions on here, one was wrong. The SFO thing wasn’t a prediction, I was told about that.

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    We shall continue tomorrow dearhearts, of that i have no doubt. Eco has set us onto new links in this chain of abominations, Maggie and Gort decry these for what they are, Kerry continues with outwittingly wit, the bohys, ian, ed, mick, steven, ray and many others continue to probe the delinquents and TC and i will have another wee round the block in Johnstons motor car, oh the joy, the joy. “Right TC, my shot”. 🙂

    • daviecooperonthewing

      The first signs that a battle is going in your favour is when the enemy change their tactics. O.D. has adorned himself with your donkey jacket and HI-VIS vest. I think there may be copyright infringements. Call the polis!

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        They are fast becoming the image that they love to portray us.
        Karma is coming,it smells bad but they don’t know it.They have their noses up each others arse.
        I have many blogs to deflect from, and mucho melons to twist.
        Give them plenty rope,i’m gonna build their gallows high.

  17. @gortchomhor

    Ah poor Cam. Poor blue-noses. Just as well you are the people — can you imagine how tough this would be if you were not the people?

    I always thought the WATP thing was a bit odd. It sounds like a left wing slogan. Rangers were always on the extreme right though; sectarian bigots, racists, pro-imperialism, rule Britannia, support the troops, pro-establishment, etc., you could go on and on and on.

    Must be tough for a working class Scotsman living with contradictions like that in your head. And now you have the ghost of Rangers past in there too, roaming the narrow corridors of your hearts and minds…

    • daviecooperonthewing

      Gort…”Ghost of Rangers past”
      Our glorious past is firmly ensconced in the history books for eternity.
      A sporting hall of fame unrivalled by any other domestic club side in history.
      Historical achievement can only be measured via the record books, and Rangers can take great pride and satisfaction from those annals, which confirm their supporters claims of superiority. The medals, titles and trophies are unequivocally testament to that.
      Despite taking justifiable pride in our football clubs past achievements, there is a well known saying in most sports, that you are only as good as your next match. The old firm rivalry thrived upon that premise, as one upmanship swung from game to game.
      When Rangers complete the journey back to the top flight, the old hostilities will resume. That in itself, is enough to dispute the claims in your post.
      As the philosopher “Epicurus” said…
      “Death, is of no concern to us,for while we exist death is not present, and when death is present we no longer exist. It is therefore nothing either to the living or to the dead, since it is not present to the living, and the dead no longer are.”

      • @gortchomhor

        Very impressive. Almost poetic. I refuse to be drawn into another alive or dead discussion though and that seems to be all you want to talk about.

        With such a big game on for your team today, I’d have thought you’d want to talk about that. You seem very obsessed about this alive or dead stuff.

        You know what’s funny about all this though? There is a possible scenario that would flip the whole alive or dead debate on its head, so that those who currently insist they are alive will be arguing that they died.

        It isn’t as ridiculous as it sounds. Not when you see the big picture for what it is and predict the direction things might go in.

        • daviecooperonthewing

          Okay Gort, we’ll just deflect away from who actually raised the connotation to the dead/alive debate, that gives your post more substance.
          Typical critique employed on here.
          As regarding your sudden Mystic Meg ascension, pray tell.
          I’m genuinely curious. Why not start a thread about predictions?
          A form of sweepstake, so to speak. All good clean fun.

          • @gortchomhor

            I have no interest in football or the question of whether they alive or dead. A racist/bigot with a superiority complex is as obnoxious to me regardless.

            I said a possible scenario, it wasn’t a prediction. If, for example, you found out someone like Peter Lawell owned a significant number of shares, that he was behind the syndicate that bought the liquidated assets, etc., etc….

  18. I shall be back tomorrow cartoons, sleep well, has a decision been taken yet on Romulus & Remus? No doubt, i’ll pick this up in your dishevelled rantings. Till then dearhearts.

  19. portpower

    In the words from Barbara Woodhouse sevco. ” WALKIES.”


  20. Yellowood

    These comments about religion and nationalism are juvenile and tedious. On both sides. Would much rather I didn’t have to scroll through so much nonsense to get to comments ‘on topic’.

  21. ecojon

    I used to wonder why such self-proclaimed staunch Rangers supporters spent their lives on here when their club was in such obvious mortal danger and in need of every Bear to rally to the flag and see-off the spivs.

    However I now realise that this bunch of truly sad people have no actual skills or even the necessary devotion to their club that could help it. They are merely cardboard keyboard cowboys who would be ignored by the ordinary Bears actually trying to salvage something from the wreckage that Ibrox is fast becoming.

    There is better informed debate on Rangers Den these days than this little collection of saddoes can string together. Their club doesn’t need them because they are the past. What is needed is the new generation of Rangers supporters who will eventually build a new club and leave the dross peddled by our troll neanderthals where it belongs – in the gutter of history.

    • cam

      Have you penned a 68 paragraph short note to Major Eyeswater regards the disgusting behaviour of your amigos?
      You silly little man,you actually believe that a train spotter like you makes a difference to this B movie.
      If the blog isn’t deflected and the massed ranks of Celtic keyboard warriors can combine forces then they will sweep to victory.
      If nasty folk are stopped from commenting and ridiculing imbeciles like you,then someone,somewhere will heed this freak show.

      The loons in here think that freaks like you are digging and aiding the cause,they may be dim enough to read one of your c&p essays and think you actually always possessed and understood the drivel you cobble together from Google.

      Like flies buzzing around a mighty lion’s arse that’s all that you and your bitter little colleagues are.So you carry on with midnight raids to the “Dark Side”.your pathetic double standards and twin identities,your strategic discussions with Phil and other wood lice and keep on making a total arse of yourself.The comedy value would be worth paying for.

      I see you,and its a sorry sight.

      • daviecooperonthewing

        I see Eco-comical is at it again. “Our” neanderthal trolls.
        That’s right up there with “My readers”.
        Eco, the Rangers managed to get by with modicum of success in the last 140 years, without your input, and kind offer of assistance. I’m confident we will get by. But thanks for your concern.
        Don’t call us, we won’t be calling you.

      • @gortchomhor

        Another endless stream of bile, cheap insult after cheap insult. Do you have anything positive to say about anything?

        I can see why you hate ecojon. He has a brain and he is on the ball.

        If the Internet has proven anything it’s that those of us on the side of sporting integrity and justice have the upper hand when it comes to leading the debates, uncovering the truth, and tackling issues.

        You are always on receiving end, responding to the issues we raise. Must be a nightmare. Your fellow blue-noses seem totally incapable of imbibing basic ideas never mind doing anything constructive in response to the unfolding cataclysm.

        Actually, and I don’t say this lightly, they seem to be incapable of distinguishing between to, too, and two and throwing together a basic, coherent, sentence. And you want to close down catholic schools?

        I was on the Orange Order website yesterday, go check it out. Go into their online shop. Totally hilarious. If any of you ever have any doubts about yourselves, I really recommend that site. Add it to favourites. Guaranteed to cheer you up and give you a sense of clarity

  22. hector

    Looks like old leggo has had a visit from the thought police overnight as his post about the Procurator Fiscal having a look at potential fraud at Ibrox is gone from his blog.Squeaky bum time in Mordor with the orcs turning on each other.Wonder how old Jabba is getting on very quiet these days.

  23. hector

    I see that wee scamp Billy Mcmurdos posting survived the night of the long knives.He must still be on message.The Central Committee must approve .

  24. Caine Shaw

    Interesting that Putney Holding LTD dissolved in 2000,

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