Thank You All For the Kind Words and Good Wishes

The heading says it all really, but when did that stop me repeating myself? 🙂

Thank you to everyone who, in the comments or on Twitter, was kind enough to take the time to offer congratulations on yesterday’s McConville celebration.


It is hugely appreciated by me and my wonderful wife too (who, I should make clear, is not a regular reader of the blog, being occupied with many far more important things). Val was astonished to see how many people, almost none of whom we have met in real life, offered us their good wishes. I think it is fair to say that there were almost tears shed!

For all of the bad press which sometimes comes to the blogosphere and Twitter for cyber-bullying and trolling, I think your reactions to my anniversary post show, in a small but important way, how positively it can bring together people from all round the world to form a community the like of which could never have existed before the online Age.

It is also appreciated that, despite the strong and contrary views often expressed here, there were very few interventions which did not fit the occasion (and for the sake of the “free speech” brigade, there were none blocked by me).

People united by a common interest in a subject, even where their views of it are very different, can converse (with varying degrees of civility) and generally share information, knowledge, humour and experiences, all for the greater good.

So, once again, thank you for the kind words and messages. It helped make our 20th Wedding Anniversary a day to remember indeed.

(Programming note – just in case anyone thinks that the blog has veered from its mission of “bayoneting a wounded club and its fans” © Niall, a topper of a post by ecojon should be along soon and I have a list of about 25 separate topics to write about, although only about 23 of them relate to Rangers (only joking … it’s only 22 🙂 ) – so we can get back to our normal friendly banter and textual jousting on the posts to come!)

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53 responses to “Thank You All For the Kind Words and Good Wishes

  1. Steven Brennan

    You better post one of them quickly as the love in wont last much longer.

    • Steerpike

      ” there were very few interventions which did not fit the occasion ”

      Please forgive Ian, he got carried away and has apologised.

      ” Thank You All For the Kind Words and Good Wishes ”

      Your welcome, i’m a big softie really.

  2. Fisiani

    let this be a thread that is true and generous of spirit

  3. lol@Steven

    Hope you both had a great day 🙂

  4. Monti

    It was our pleasure Paul!

  5. Monti

    Wee bit more quality needed with the final ball last night, overall good performance tho.
    Commons needs to relax a little when picking up the ball in vital areas around the penalty area.
    Neil can you get our full backs on intense crossing/delivery training please, or give them a Davie Provan DVD!
    Still magnificent to be at the top table of European football,unlucky Celtic & there are better days to come! HH!

    • Steven Brennan

      I have never seen a better opportunity for us away from home than last night. milan were poor( compared to what i have seen before)
      Celtic can hold there heads up as they did not look out of place in the champions league once again.
      Wont be long till one of our sevconians is on talking rubbish and the irony is we lost a goal to deflection which is Niall and co’s speciality.
      Was the celtic supporters club in Stanley busy last night?

  6. I found the tenor of your post yesterday uplifting, and generous of spirit.

    Best wishes to you both.

  7. JohnBhoy

    A belated happy anniversary Paul! I trust that you followed Balzac’s advice that no man should marry until he has studied anatomy and dissected at least one woman.

  8. @gortchomhor

    Someone was “bayoneting a wounded club and its fans”?

    I think “bayoneting a dead club and its wounded fans” might be a better description.

    But am I the only one who is sick to the back teeth of this debate and reading the same old arguments? Time to move on. We think they died. Some think they didn’t.

    Regardless, we still have all the same reasons for opposing them. The bigotry, the threats, the illegal chanting, the supremacist language, the violence, it’s all still alive and well, I’m afraid. That stuff definitely never died.

    Old wine, new bottles. If anything they are more caustic, obnoxious, and dangerous than they were before because they have a new axe to grind along with all the others; they think we / Scotland kicked them when they were down, that we tried to kill them.

    Arguing about whether they are still alive or not is sapping energy and attention that should be put into resisting the new monster. Trust me, that new monster is just as bad as the last and is most likely going to be back in the top league and at our throats again soon. Unless it dies first.

    This is where people like Phil, Ecojon, and so many others come in. We need to dig up as much as we can on the new club, keep the pressure on, agitate, keep reading, keep writing, keep spreading the truth, and keep mixing it with them. It works.

    And all the work us ordinary people do on here matters too. That’s right, every post and expression — even the thumbs ups. It all contributes towards the overwhelming momentum we have. Don’t let anyone come on here and tell me the views of ordinary people don’t matter…

    It was the views of ordinary people that forced them to start life in the 3rd and that’s worth remembering and repeating.

    • Monti

      Brilliant m8!
      Count me in.

    • Coyote Briggs

      I’m in!


    • portpower

      @ SFA.
      And once this new team sevco are finished you`re next.
      SPFL – Despot Free.

    • Maggie

      That statement could not be bettered gort,SPOT ON.
      I too am bored rigid by this idiotic same club crap…..what is there left to say ? Actually I was bored rigid a year ago by it,but the deluded deflectors keep on plugging away at it…..Nobody gives a toss,but them.Every person with even a modicum of intelligence knows that liquidation means death,but the lie was allowed to take root to avoid upsetting the infamous “small minority” of city wreckers,bullet and bomb senders,threateners of innocent QCs,senior bankers with “timmy names,” sports reporters et al.

      I agree wholeheartedly with your “Old wine,New bottles” analogy gort.
      They’re out for vengeance against “The enemies” of Rangers / Sevco, in fact they have lists of “enemies” that have to be dealt with come the glorious day when they’re “back where they belong,deserve to be”
      Quite sinister actually when you think about it.

      It IS up to us,in our small way of course,to expose this at every opportunity.I think we’re doing an ok job gort,if the reaction of our Sevconian trolls is anything to go by……they think they’re running rings round us with their idiotic scenarios of viable business plans,Celtic’s supposed massive debt,anti Catholic rhetoric and their insults.
      Yeah whatever! Their first club is still dead,and their second one is in its death throws,but still they carry on trying to defend the indefensible and rewrite history.

      I have no interest in trading insults with the trolls,as it’s part of their MO,so have been reading,but not commenting much and I’ve been very busy recently.I long ago stopped reading the inanity of the trolls,even to point out the inanity, as it’s just more of the same boring crap and insulting,nastiness,but I suppose it keeps them off the streets and their mammy’s know where they are at night 🙂

      • Maggie

        Oops,aberrant apostrophe there on mammy,sorry.
        Multitasking AGAIN!!!! 🙂

        • Gortnamona


          Maybe to spare their feelings?

          ” As a child Alice had a series of budgies named Carrot and, until Geraldine reveals that each Carrot was a separate budgie entirely, Alice believed that her first budgie Carrot was reincarnated, “Just like Jesus, but with feathers”.

          Vicar of D.

      • @gortchomhor

        Spot on, Maggie. I used to think it was good to come here and exchange ideas etc with them, this site is quite unique in allowing us to do that and on paper at least that is a good thing, but I’ve realised it’s quite pointless.

        The battlelines were drawn long ago. It’s the same fight. If some ape has his boot on your neck, it really doesnt matter if he thinks Rangers never died. From his perspective it doesnt matter what you think either, and it never did — all that matters to him is you are a taig or a bheast or whatever.

        • Gortnamona


          ” If some ape has his boot on your neck,”

          Englishman to Northern Ireland Catholic”

          “Why won’t you shake hands with your Protestant neighbour?

          Northern Ireland Catholic to Englishman”

          “If he would take his Fu**king foot off my neck I might be able to reach his hand.

          • Maggie

            To gort,gort & angry gort world famous company of insolvency practitioners 🙂

            I like that budgie analogy,tho never watched the Vicar of Dibley…..that Dawn French is just too smugly self satisfied for my liking, always banging on about loving chocolate and loving her humongous XXXL size figure and how sexy everybody thinks she is….dear God the woman could be a Sevconian she’s so deluded. 🙂

            In the past we could be dismissed guys,as they were spending tenners to our fivers,getting one over on Timmy ( as they thought ) while we quietly got on with building our club under the auspices of first rate business men like the bunnett ( of blessed memory ), Brian Quinn,Dermot Desmond and now Peter Lawwell,master of the universe.
            Compare and contrast the way these esteemed gentlemen go about their business with how David Murray,Dave King,Craig Whyte and all the Sevco Spivs operate,very telling isn’t it.

            Ps which one of you is angry gort ? Or is he an alter ego one of you created to annoy the “camster ?”

    • daviecooperonthewing

      Oh Gort…you old romanticist. Imagine remembering all that.
      It fair warmed my heart to see the other half of the Old Firm rivalry blink first . I salute you Mr Chomor.
      WATP. Lol.

  9. hector

    @monti WWTP we were the people.

  10. Monti

    Celtic park is apparently an option to host the Fish supper cup final, if second rangers reach the final.
    does anyone agree?

    • portpower

      With sally`s curriculum vitae, I don`t think there`s anything to worry about.


    • Maggie

      Buongiorno Signore,come stai oggi? 🙂
      Good show last night Mont,bit disappointing to lose after such a good performance,but still,it’s only the first game.HH # Bleed Green.

      I agree Monti,I don’t want them in our stadium either,tho it will be the only chance that they’ll have for a LONG time of attending the famous Celtic Park,venue for the opening of the 2014 Commonwealth Games,seen around the world.

    • daviecooperonthewing

      Yep. Every Bear I know of.
      Fear not, Oh diddiest of diddy people, our most gracious majesty shall decree thy shithole free of infestation after the raising of the union flag and a robust and rousing chorus of the National anthem has reverberated through the very fabric of all things evil.
      Another British victory, and rebel uprising squashed like a “green, white, and yellow” butterfly, which sat too close to miss muffet during her tuffeting duties. Tally Ho. Pip Pip. Old Bean…I say,the old gaff hasn’t looked so good in years, just shows what a bit of unionist investment can achieve. The gaff actually appears fit for purpose. Toppo! What!

  11. paul

    Could not care less,they would be bankrupt if they had to pay damages.
    Steerpike in case anyone did not know is a fictitious character from a book.just Google the name, typical that he hides behind a false identity, ironic really since the team he defends is also fictitious.A devil’s advocate dude not to be taken seriously,Hail hail,

  12. Monti…..Didn’t know there was a celtic supporters club in stanley, is that stanley county durham? I drink in the Irish center in newcastle.

  13. Pat

    Paul, I also wish to pass on my congratulations to you and your wife , Val. Between you, Ecojon, Pensionerbhoy , Phil and Auldheid I have had a wonderful year down here in Truro . Thank God for educated taigs who should know their place but obviously do not. However , give Val an extra hug for all of us for endurance. H H , Pat Gritton.

  14. My name is nial walker and am now steerpike, I told everyone I was a fifer and a east fife fan I am a liar, I am not from fife nor am I a east fife fan, I am a rangers fan, no one takes me serious, I wonder why.

  15. Monti


    ” my name is Niall Walker ”
    No it isn’t it’s Richard Head aka Noel Hunt aka Terry fckwit!

  16. Felpen

    You’re welcome Paul. Greetings from Italy 🙂

  17. Monti

    I introduced a mate to the blog, he had never been on it before & of all the people on here, who’s name did he pick out as the least likely to complete a sentence?

  18. hector

    I do not post under my real name as being christened David Carson-steerpipe it would cause complications.Not sure if a triple arsehole bypass is possible but will look into it.

  19. Gortnamona

    ” a topper of a post by ecojon should be along soon”

    Eco is the Man

    No sooner had your words appeared than the message went out “Be Prepared, Eco the Infidel is returning to attack our most sacred beliefs”

    Expect even more semi-literate, incoherent drivel and obscene gibberish now that Eco’s research has attracted a nationwide following.

    • daviecooperonthewing

      I’m not reading it. I’ve just finished painting the sitting room.
      Eco has no conscience. Your team have just been dusted again by a very poor and injury hit Milan side. Arguably the worst in history.Then Eco pipes up with more p*sh to totally rip Samaras’s tights right off You.

  20. Maggie
    September 19, 2013 at 2:26 pm

    …that Dawn French is just too smugly self satisfied for my liking, always banging on about loving chocolate and loving her humongous XXXL size figure and how sexy everybody thinks she is.

    I have it on good authority there are some very strange men who like their women big.

    In some cases very big indeed.

    No one under 25 stone need apply.

    So, she may have a point.

  21. Geddy Lee

    Blast. it was my 30th !!!!!! Anniversary on Wednesday and I didn’t tell a soul. LOL.

    Well done Paul. Apparently it’s rather an achievement in this day and age3.

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