Daily Mail Prints Nonsense re European Court of Human Rights – Part 1 – Max Hastings

The Daily Mail is not my favourite newspaper, even though there are many people who do like it. It has a “Little Englander” attitude which grates on the nerves and has a clear list of “villains” who it regularly castigates as representative of the evils which bedevil the United Kingdom/England today.

In the words of Dermot O’Leary, “in no particular order”, they include:-

  • Tony Blair;
  • The BBC;
  • Foreigners;
  • Politicians who are not Conservatives;
  • “Europe”;
  • The BBC;
  • Benefit claimants scroungers;
  • Female celebrities who look fat (or who, to a more rational mind, look human);
  • Lindsey Lohan;
  • Trades Unions;
  • Banks;
  • Companies which do not pay taxes;
  • Supporters of Scottish independence;
  • Cherie Blair;
  • Irish Nationalist politicians;
  • Muslims; (Whilst clearly the Mail cannot hate or fear every follower of Islam, they only seem to get mentioned in the paper in the context of terrorism and destruction of the “British way of life”).
  • Judges;
  • The BBC. (The Mail really does not like the BBC).

It was therefore not a surprise to see the Mail’s reaction to the decision of the European Court of Human Rights in relation to the application by three prisoners sentenced to “whole life” tariffs for murder.

In that case the judges ruled that it was unlawful to give someone a “whole life” sentence and therefore these interfering European busybodies were telling the British public that these evil murderers should in fact be free to walk the streets.***

***Before anyone thinks I have gone mad, that is NOT actually what the decision said, but, from reading much of the media coverage and politicians’ reactions, you would think that WAS what they said.

The Daily Mail boasts some excellent writers, for all of its faults. It is also an undeniably successful media product. Max Hastings, former newspaper editor, and the journalist who “yomped” with the Marines into Port Stanley in the Falklands War, has written many fine books, especially on aspects of World War II. However, even with such a fine pedigree, he can still trot out rubbish if it suits the editorial line of the paper for which he is writing!

One such piece was his reaction to the ECHR decision.

I won’t go through his full piece, as I have a more appropriate target for my next post, but some of his pearls of wisdom are as follows (with my comments in bold beneath each section):-

Take it away Max!


Human Rights legislation has become a great divider of the British people, a definer of identities. On one side of the argument stand the Liberal Democrats; Cherie Blair as a standard-bearer of the legal profession which waxes fat on HR spoils; and all those want to remake Britain as a model of Scandinavian social rectitude. In the other camp is almost everyone who believes that Britain is, on the whole and of its own making, a decent place upholding decent values.

The stranglehold which HR now exercises on the way we conduct our affairs, to the advantage of no one save terrorists and the aforesaid lawyers, has become a very bad joke.

So the only people who approve of the ECHR are (stops to spit the words) “Liberal Democrats”, Cherie Blair, fat and greedy lawyers and people who want Britain to be like Scandinavia (I’m not quite sure what the Vikings have done to earn Mr Hastings’ dislike).

The people who oppose the ECHR are “almost everyone who believes that Britain is, on the whole and of its own making, a decent place upholding decent values”.

By implication therefore the only cases which the UK loses at the European Court will be those where daft foreigners find that “the British Way” is wrong, even though, by definition, it must be right.

Yesterday’s verdict from the European Court of Human Rights, branding whole-life tariffs for murderers in British prisons as ‘inhuman and degrading’, represents an insulting intrusion into our national affairs, made by people who are quite unfit to influence them.

As we will see, that is a most cursory statement of the verdict, and ignores the lengthy and closely argued verdict of the court. However, as an historian, I am sure Mr Hastings will present evidence explaining why the judges are “unfit” to influence “our national affairs”.

… every year, a raft of British cases reaches Strasbourg — almost invariably involving legally aided appellants at a cost to the public purse of hundreds of thousands of pounds — of a kind of which no one would have dreamt six decades back.

Not from Scotland …

The Scottish Legal Aid Board website makes it clear that it will not grant Legal Aid to solicitors in Scotland to pursue cases before the European Court of Human Rights, as these are NOT matters of Scots law. Bearing in mind the ravaging of Legal Aid in England, I find it hard to imagine that there is much if any availability of assistance for complaints from south of the border to the ECHR either.

… It seems intolerable that 16 Strasbourg judges should dictate to Britain how it addresses crime and punishment.

Why is it “intolerable” that 16 Strasbourg judges should “dictate” to Britain? This strikes me as offensive and as illogical as the Scottish government’s moaning about the “foreign judges” of the UK Supreme Court at the time of the Cadder case.

And what judges! I looked up the list, which includes Linos-Alexandre Sicilianos from Greece, Dragoljub Popovic from Serbia, Nona Tsotoria from Georgia, Nebojsa Vucinic from Montenegro.

Ah – here comes the analysis of the judges and their abilities or prejudices, and an indication of why their judgements should be ignored.

No. It doesn’t. Mr Hastings’ “analysis” seems to be summed up in the paragraph below (which he did NOT write, but might as well have done).

Look at those funny names! How on earth can the UK be dictated to by people from places like (sniffs) Serbia…Georgia…Montenegro…Greece! And a judge called Linos-Alexandre? And a Dragoljub? And Nona and Nebojsa! How can people with those names be able to tell Britain anything! After all, their countries never even formed part of the Empire!

Now, I am sure Mr Hastings is not a xenophobe, but he can, at least in this piece, do a good impression of one!

The court includes one British member named Paul Mahoney. He spent most of his career as a law lecturer, with a couple of years as a practising barrister, and a spell as a visiting professor at the University of Saskatchewan. He then attached himself to the great European gravy train by becoming an administrator at the Court of Human Rights, before gravitating to a judgeship.

I have nothing against Saskatchewan, and I am sure Paul Mahoney is a fine, upstanding Eurocrat. But I cannot for the life of me think of any reason why he is an appropriate person — any more than is Nebojsa Vucinic — to decide whether Jeremy Bamber should, or should not, have any claim to a review of his life sentence.

How poorly qualified our own British judge is! Look! He was a law lecturer for “most of his career” – a barrister for a “couple of years” and then professor of law at a university with a silly foreign name!

I far more respect Joshua Rozenberg’s opinions and he was surprised at Mr Mahoney’s appointment, but at the same time he did give a more accurate précis of his career and why he was chosen. The following comes from his piece in the Guardian when Mr Mahoney was on the point of being chosen.

Having tipped Ben Emmerson QC as the favourite, I then learned that the Conservatives at Westminster were mounting a campaign on behalf of a candidate they regarded as more right-wing. Reporting this in April, I pointed out that Christopher Chope, a Conservative MP, chairs the parliamentary assembly’s human rights committee and is an ex-officio member of the 30-person sub-committee that interviews the candidates for judicial appointment and makes recommendations to the full assembly.

Mahoney has a lot going for him. He is fluent in French, which Emmerson is not. He has a specialist knowledge of human rights law, which Agnello does not. As registrar or deputy registrar of the Strasbourg court for 10 years, he drafted many of its judgments. After that, he spent five years chairing the EU staff court.

In fact he was a law lecturer for 6 years, before working with the ECHR for 31 years, then being president of the European Union Civil Service Tribunal for six years before coming back to the ECHR.

So in fact the disrespected Mr Mahoney was appointed, apparently, at the instance of the Conservatives!

Human rights, once a fine phrase defining a noble cause, has been debased by foolish judges at home, as well as abroad. It was our own Supreme Court which decided last month that the families of British soldiers killed in action should be able to sue the Government, if negligence had contributed to their deaths.

How dare the court permit families of servicemen killed because the Government was negligent to sue the MoD! What a disgrace! Although, as the Daily Mail is a vigorous supporter of the armed forces, then surely it would welcome a decision which gave families of servicemen the same rights as other “employees” or does Mr Hastings believe instead that soldiers should be proud to die for the country, even where death is because the MoD gets something dreadfully wrong?

Today’s Daily Mail website gives the top of the home page over to the funeral arrangements for Lee Rigby, the soldier murdered outside Woolwich Barracks recently. But for all of the recognition of the important job the army does, let’s treat them as cannon fodder anyway? That seems to be the argument.

Judge-made law is an ever-increasing threat to the conduct of a sensible society, and to respect for the wishes of parliament and the British people.

Rubbish Mr Hastings!

I am sure that Mr Hastings, like the Daily Mail, would be a staunch supporter of the English “common law”. If it was good enough for Henry VIII and Thomas Cromwell, then it should be good enough for today. But surely the common law is predominantly “judge made law”?

Is Mr Hastings’ compliant not simply that the judges disagree, never mind the reasons, with his point of view?

And how should we prevent judges “making law”? After all, our legislation is sometimes drafted in ways which render it ambiguous or in conflict with sense or which mean that it does not do what it is intended. The courts have to fix that mess and by “interpreting” the law they do “make” it. Should they instead say “That legislation is unjust – it is ambiguous and causes more mischief than it seeks to prevent, but having pointed this out, we must allow it to be used in a way which clearly is contrary to its intention”?

Mr Hastings, who is not a lawyer and therefore might be forgiven for his ignorance on this, would have the judges say exactly that.

It seems intolerable for this country to remain in thrall to the Strasbourg Court, and its ever more intrusive and absurd judgments.

In thrall to Strasbourg? Well, it is a foreign place after all – what else can we expect? We are subject to its judgements because the Government, long ago, signed up to it.

What message would it give if the UK Government now withdrew from the ECHR? How much comfort would that be to less democratic and more unfair states who could then justify their own refusal to abide by the rules by saying that if a fine country like the UK thinks the Convention is now unfit for purpose, they should not have to follow its tenets either?

It is grotesque that a cluster of ill-qualified judges, several of them drawn from the most corrupt and ill-governed nations in Europe, should abuse their powers to lay down law, quite literally, to the Government of Britain.

It is grotesque that a major commentator on one of the most popular newspapers in Britain chooses, without offering any evidence other than of them having “funny names”, to castigate some of the most senior judges in Europe who see their role as one of protecting the citizen against abuse by government. It is grotesque that he accuses them of abusing their powers by “laying down the law”, when there is no doubt they have that power to do that very thing! It is grotesque to misrepresent what the court does and to dismiss its decision in this case, without any comment on the merits of the decision or the reasoning of the court.

And they only choose to do so when a majority of the judges determines that the Government has been guilty of abusing the human rights of the people who are ruled by that very same Government!

Theresa May is right to say that, whatever the difficulties, we must break the chains of thralldom to Strasbourg.

As I said above, rubbish Mr Hastings.


You might think that that piece of nonsense was as bad as it could get. However the good old Daily Mail also trotted out another writer to pen a piece which might as well have been written by a stereotypical taxi driver.

So my next post will look at what Driver Number 312 had to say – his name – Chris Grayling.


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89 responses to “Daily Mail Prints Nonsense re European Court of Human Rights – Part 1 – Max Hastings

  1. Monti

    Heartfelt condolences to Lee Rigby’s family & friends today as they attend the funeral of their son & friend.
    The people who callously took this boy’s life away from him should never see the light of day.
    God be with his family today!

    P.S. no point scoring or analogies please, my sentiments above are sincere.

    • Fra

      4 TDs. Why????? Monti issues heartfelt sympathy to the family and somehow it’s construed as something else.

      Shame on some of my fellow human beings

      • Internet Bhampot

        I am not one of the people who gave that post a thumbs down, but I can
        see a (perfectly reasonable to me) reason for doing so:

        “no point scoring or analogies please” seems to me to be “point scoring”, akin to how saying ‘now don’t be childish or unreasonable about this’ would be implying the addressee was inherently childish or unreasonable.

        I take the intention behind the statement was to suggest that ‘Monti’ assumed the majority of commenters on this blog would disagree with his post because it seems the majority of commenters on this blog are Celtic fans, who in the minds of certain ‘peepel’ are all pro-IRA fanatics who revell in the death of British soldiers. Sorry to disappoint their warped fantasies, but this is not the case!

        I, like all reasonable people, was appalled by the tragic murder of Drummer Rigby, and to attempt to exploit the events for ‘point scoring’ is beyond tacky and crass, and that’s just what he seemed to attempt.

  2. Patrick Gritton

    Fantastic analysis , Paul. I could not buy that paper , but I sneak a look from time
    to time to know how the “enemy” are thinking .
    Thank you.

    Sent from my iPad

  3. Richboy

    Monti, it is not often I agree with you, but , in this instance, I wholeheartedly agree.

    A society is based on how honorably it conducts itself and how well it protects its citizens from evil. Unfortunately, the socialist agenda forwarded by the legal system of the EU is more attuned to rehabilitating offenders than the protection of the innocent. We only have to look to Scandinavia where mass murderers have maximum sentences of x years (x being not nearly not enough) posted on them. (BTW, Scandinavia was only used a recent example, there are many cases of other “socialist” judiciaries putting the interests of the criminal before that of the victims)

    Surely if someone massacres over 150 youths then they should never be released into society. I simply cannot believe that I am that far off the mark that more than 50 per cent of the population feel these people can be reformed.

    Justice is not just for the culprit, justice must also be awarded to the aggrieved. Unfortunately this point is sadly lost on the legal fraternity whose incomes would be severely reduced if this were ever implemented.

    • Monti

      Well said Richboy!

    • mick

      A agree with some of what you say but after contemplating your comment a disagree your in the Tory hang them corner Europe is safer than Britain it’s down to community education lets deal with why people do bad and tackle that prevention is better than letting it happen hail hail god bless the socialists

      • mick

        Getting. BAck on topic a would consider the daily mail a Tory paper right wing crap european law should be embracesd as its a safety net for miscarriages of justice and keeps the uk in line when it comes to the capture of Irish freedom fighters who number close to 100 so it’s vital some1 is watching there policies and treatment of others every year Britain pays millions in human right violations via the courts in Europe without this it’s a free rain

        • 2 sides of the 1 coin

          “Irish freedom fighters” Are any of them in the IRA ?

          • parmahamster

            Should you not be out for a walk today? As Monti said, leave the point-scoring out.

            • 2 sides of the 1 coin

              Ive been out for a walk already. Its too warm here though so its a day by the pool from here on in. 🙂

            • 2 sides of the 1 coin

              He said to leave the point-scoring out regarding his post. Nobody has done that.

            • Fra

              @Twosides….Why does your posts hate so much. We realise you are in pain with the death of your team but that doesn’t give you free reign to shovel abuse onto anybody who doesn’t share your narrow views.

              I see the Provos/IRA as fighting for something that they see as rightfully theirs. You would obviously disagree with this view and that brother, is your god given right. Discuss, dissect and air your view without the intellect of the average sun reader. The Daily Mail is a perfect example of the dross served up on a daily basis and people want to believe the shit they’re reading as its easier to accept than question.

              Think why people would carry out acts, as to opposing the act itself. Open your eyes to reason and look at how your perceived enemy arrived at their position. Stop listening to the rhetoric of the narrow minded boards on sites which spew shit and bile. Question brother. Question. Enjoy your swim and welcome

            • 2 sides of the 1 coin

              The IRA are a terrorist organisation who murder innocent civilians to further their cause. They are a proscribed terrorist group under the Terrorism Act.

              As to why they would carry out these shameful acts. Well, basically, they are mindless scumbags.

              As to why anyone would support them. Well, basically, they are mindless scumbags.

              And to ensure the benefit of any doubt, I hate their counterparts in the UVF equally as much.

          • Paul

            Yes are you thick that is what the IRA are. Are the rangers board tax dodgers?

            • 2 sides of the 1 coin

              Most boards in the UK are tax “avoiders” yes.

              Is Peter Lawwell, Eric Riley and Neil Lennon tax dodgers ?

      • 2 sides of the 1 coin

        They should be hung. And in full public view as well. As should all terrorists and paedophiles.

      • 2 sides of the 1 coin

        They should be hung. And in full public view as well. As should all terr0rists and paed0philes.

        • Lets remember people who were wrongly convicted of terrorism,and if the judge had the right to hang them he would have,the Birmingham 6 and the Guildford 4,so glad the death penalty is not in existence in this country,but there has to be tougher jail time. Geez it’s a walk in the park now,satellite telly,meals,gym,exercise,all that’s happening is that they have to go to bed at a reasonable time.

        • Paul

          Aye and people who blatantly rip off creditors and continue as if nothing had happened carrying on the same business with the cheek to claim the old credentials to appease the masses..

  4. mcfc

    Five days, 120 hours, 7200 minutes since Jabba’s personality disorders (deNiall, Wanka, Cam) have commented here.

    Send us a post card boys.

    • 2 sides of the 1 coin

      🙂 Not sure which is sadder. You counting the minutes since someone posted or you pretending you are a Man City fan. 🙂

      • Monti

        Mcfc isn’t sad……but you sound like a total dick to me!

      • mcfc

        @2 sides of the 1 coin

        Why do you think I’m pretending to be a Man City fan ?

        • 2 sides of the 1 coin

          I have no idea why you are pretending. It might be to try and gain some credence as a neutral. It doesnt wash though. Ive watched your game from afar for a while.

          “Never been to Scotland” “Never been to a Scottish football game” “rangers this, rangers that, rangers, rangers, rangers, rangers, rangers, rangers rangers”

          Pull the other one.

          • mcfc

            @2 sides of the 1 coin

            “Never been to Scotland” – show me where you read that ?

            Are Man City fans not allowed to have opinions on Rangers ?

            • 2 sides of the 1 coin

              They are indeed. But save the lies. Its obvious you are obsessed by Rangers. A team that plays in a league that you have never watched a game in person.

              I mean, this blog isnt even about Rangers, yet a Man City fan was the first person to bring them up by having a dig at Rangers fans, or perceived Rangers fans.

            • mcfc

              @2 sides of the 1 coin

              I’ve no objection to being called “obsessed” over the Rangers affair – I think I’ve said as much myself – the whole business, governance, finance, sociopolitical saga is fascinating – the least fascinating bit is the football.

              But your lie detector is faulty and btw if you’ve been reading this for a while you’ll understand my “five day” comment above.

            • 2 sides of the 1 coin

              My detector is working fine. And fine well you know it.

              Off to the pool now. Bye Bye blue moon bhoy. 🙂

            • mcfc

              @2 sides of the 1 coin

              Is that in Florida by any chance ?

            • Jamie

              “A team that plays in a league that you have never watched a game in person”.

              Well there’s not much call to watch 3rd division football you can add half of scotland to that list…..have you been brought in as a last minute sub while the trolls are on hol?

    • Maggie

      Hi there,you old pretender,fake M.C.supporter 🙂
      Admit it,you’re a Rangers’ hater and you’re on “The List” of those to be dealt with come the glorious day when HRH Walter leads them “back to where they belong” ( permanent bottom half of 2nd Division LOL )
      Had a few wee quick looks during my hols…..you’re doing sterling work,as always.
      I see we have a replacement from the subs bench. Mr 2 sides of the 1 coin. I’m very impressed with him already,the name alone instills repect.
      Time will tell if he’s worthy of the accolade of troll second division.No offence meant there by mentioning the second division. 🙂

      • mcfc

        @maggie – lovely to hear from you again – 2 sides of the 1 coin – must be one of those big money signings – but he’s not shaping up as expected – in fact he’s a bit of a donkey – might need to off load him soon to Bora Bora or the Mechanics – to keep the lights on 🙂

  5. Monti

    20 mins to go & on holidays AGAIN for 12 days :D, I’ll have a signal this time tho so no escape this time Huns!

    • Have a good one m8 mind the games on bbc on wed night

    • Maggie

      Got a good one for you Monti…..Saw this story on the news here.Some guy who’s played for the Boston Celtics for something like fifteen years
      was being transferred and tweeted a tearful message thanking the people and city of Boston,the Celtics’ coach,players and fans.
      He ended his message with # BLEED GREEN.
      I don’t know why Monti,but I instantly thought of you 🙂
      Happy holidays Monti,have a great time.H H

      • Monti

        Thanks pal & all the Hoops on here & also non Hoops who just call it as it is!

  6. Well done to the community leaders who rescued and returned the statue of our lady from the top of a bonfire just before it was lit in ardoyne. Damage had been done to the statue but the parish priest thanked the community leaders for their action,which would have resulted in even higher tensions at this flash point.The statue came from Holy cross church,am I right in thinking this is the same parish as the children who had to face the gauntlet of abuse as they made their way to school every morning?
    Wonder why the police never intervened,different story if it was Allah or the Koran on top of the fire eh.
    Peace to all in the north today, think the Catholics should celebrate too,as the pope rejoiced and ordered the hymns of victory to be sang and the cathedral bells to ring,in Austria and Spain,when he heard of king Billy’s victory at the Boyne.
    Don’t think it will ever happen though.

  7. Budweiser


    Re the Daily Mail piece and others on this ECHR ruling. The court is NOT advocating releasing mass murderers onto the streets . What it does state is that nobody should have a whole life tariff without a review taking place at some point. The review would then decide whether to maintain the current prison sentence or not. So nothing to do with European judges – it would be UK courts which would decide on release or not, and I can’t see any way that these petitioners [ Bamber et al] would be freed.

    • mcfc


      Quite agree – things change over 25 years and it seems draconian not to review such sentences. Imagine being falsely accused/convicted with no possibility of review. As a rule psychopaths don’t “recover” so it is unlikely any of the famous inmates would be released.

      On a wider note, our politicians has chosen to hand-over many of their powers to the EU and now complain about the results at every turn I find them increasingly behaving like mediocre middle managers – whining about their lot yet unwilling to take responsibility for their actions/futures. And, jumping on any bit of good/bad news to promote their agenda – really very unimpressive.

  8. Excellent deconstruction of the piece if drivel in the “Hate” Mail , I also abhor its sister paper The Daily Excess.

  9. Fra

    Being on the other side of the world, I sometimes purchase an international express. God, this paper is a jingoistic pro British rag. I buy it for another view with regards to the football but its very pro English, royal family, Maggie thatcher. Also gives you an insight into how these people view the rest of the world. It’s a scary read at times.

    Being a socialist with principles would put me at odds with most of there rhetoric. They would advocate capital punishment where they see fit so if I was an Irishman, I would be very afraid of people like these. With the horrors committed by the British army and their cohorts towards Irish people, the European justice system must be retained in order to act as a deterrent against the British establishment who would behave like the butchers of old.

  10. mcfc

    Mather is still “Interim CEO” according to the official website. These guys are a bit sloppy when it comes to the paperwork. That’ll get them into trouble one of these days .

  11. We don’t have the death penalty in this country though there are those who still think we should, presumably on the grounds that it’s a good idea.

    If you don’t know or understand why we don’t have it then all I can tell you is that in itself that’s not a reason for having it, it’s not even a reason for being upset. It’s a failure, your failure.

    ‘ A whole life sentence’ is not the death penalty but it is as close to it as one could imagine.

    The state in response to a serious conviction is saying this – we will not kill you but we will not allow the possibility that you will live at any future date with the freedoms and protection that the state affords the populace at large.

    When thinking about these things it’s easy to consider the most notorious of murderers and see them as the benchmark in determining sentencing.

    Rehabilitation in extreme cases is without doubt unlikely to say the least but that’s not a reason to eliminate it as a possibility It is a reason to be careful.

    Failures which result in offenders gaining freedom, who then commit terrible crimes, are not as is widely perceived, failures in sentencing, they are failures in liberating

    It’s easy to lock people up, and there is no doubt that many deserve it.

    Eliminating the possibility of a return to society is needlessly cruel, providing suitably high standards and checks for release should not be beyond us though it’s fair to say when funding is being considered it’s a hard sell.

    The ECHR may upset a few writers for the Daily Mail and they in turn might move some of their readers to anger. Hell has no furry comparable to an angry Daily Mail reader. Tea may be spilled.

    Perhaps they will be moved to take to the leafy streets.

    If I can suggest a suitable banner or chant –

    “We have enough human rights thank you – no more human rights!”


    “None of this stuff really affects me but I define myself and my good fortune by excluding people!”

  12. Maggie

    @Paul Mc
    Laughing out loud at your comments re The Daily Mail,but you forgot to mention its weekly “fun” ( allegedly) double page spreads along the lines
    Animals who look like famous people
    Animals whose coats/fur look like the hairstyles of famous people
    Animals in poses from famous paintings
    God I can’t go on,but I fear I must,as my daughter insists I include the caption from another animal story of which we cannot remember the details of for laughing,but it was something to do with a rabbit and a hamster where one saved the other from drowning ( we think)
    There was a photo of the hamster under which read….. A hamster LIKE Kevin ( yes,that really was the unfortunate animal’s name)
    It seems Kevin was too shy or too “big” in the animal celeb world to pose for photies.
    You also forgot to mention The Mail’s undying love for the late Princess Diana…….it is only since Kate Middleton became an official member of the Royal Family that her photo has usurped Diana’s on a daily basis,though to be fair the Mail does still continue to make sure a Diana story or photo makes a weekly appearance……just wait until baby Cambridge is born,cue glut of Diana and William photos,what would Diana have been like as a granny ( they’ve already done computer ageing mock ups of what Diana would look like now, several times) Will they never let the poor woman rest in peace? I think we know the answer to that one.
    Great analysis of the Max Hastings article,as you say Paul,pretty much par for the course for both him and The Mail.
    That’s the thing with The Mail,once you know its M.O. then you can sit back and enjoy the laughs and cut out the very handy weekly articles on all the things that cause cancer,obesity,strokes…..insert health care crisis of your choice 🙂
    I’m still in the U.S.on holiday* You’d have a field day Paul with the Zimmerman trial that is constantly being debated on every news channel.
    He’s the neighbourhood watch “officer” who is on trial for shooting and killing the unarmed black teenager Trayvon Martin.
    He’s charged with 2nd degree murder but the prosecution has made a total hash of it,a bit like the O.J. Simpson trial.Anderson Cooper on CNN even has Marcia Clark ( remember her? ) the prosecutor from that case on his show every night……..Then there’s the Michael Jackson wrongful death suit,but my favourite law story here is all the crazy women turning up outside the court in Boston,decked out in T Shirts “supporting” ( use that term loosely) The Boston Marathon bomber……very weird.These are women who don’t even know him and are professing a romantic interest in him.
    There’s enough material here to keep you busy for “like ever” 🙂

    * Bhoys,I am NOT in Florida btw.It’s a complete coincidence that our trolls and their beloved leader Mr The Hut are in the U.S. at the same time as I am. You believe me bhoys,don’t you ? 🙂

  13. alfredthepict

    Problem you have is that one mans terrorist is another,s freedom fighter ! As for pedophiles ? They can be found in all sections of society unfortunately even football team captains !

    • 2 sides of the 1 coin

      Its not a problem at all. The IRA are a proscribed organisation and are murdering bast@rds. Your support, if you do, says it all about you, not me.

      As for for pedos, of course they can be found everywhere in society. And when found, they should be hung. This was not an attempt to narrow it to one section of society in any form.

  14. Monti

    can’t believe 2 thumbs down given for my support of the Rigby family today?
    See the two of you who chose to do that, hard as I find it,I forgive you!

  15. Bill Fraser

    A bit like the Bears’ hate list (apart from the “companies who don’t pay taxes”).

    • 2 sides of the 1 coin

      Do you hate people who dont pay taxes ? Or is your hatred reserved only for Rangers not paying them ?

  16. Thank you Paul for your insightful post in regards Max Hastings article in the Daily Mail.

    I have over last few years read and enjoyed many of Max’s books about WII without taking any real interest in him as person beyond those pages – now a little embarrassed to find out through your post that he writes such horrendous jingoistic views in the tardy column widths of the Daily Mail.
    I have to admit I did get a clue to his views beyond the confides of the conflict of the second world war from an interview he gave on National Radio (the public broadcast station here in Aotearoa New Zealand) in relation to the recent anniversary of the Falkland’s war and his time has a correspondent reporting from the front. But alas I did not further research to check my inklings. I am now less likely to reread his books or by his new book due later this year.
    Now for the confession, from around the age of 8 and until I begun University I read said paper 6 days a week without fail. The paper is what my grandparents had in the house thus it was what was available to me, but it’s ” journalism” has left no indelible scars as I count myself to socialist leanings ( I am sure 4 years at Art School made sure of that) and have not look at the Daily Mail since.
    I still feel guilty to this day though when as an upstart student I asked my grandfather as a man who thought fascism from North Africa to Southern Italy through the duration of the war now reads a paper once known as the “Daily Brown Shirt”. He was crest fallen and upset by my statement and I truly believe he did not have a political bone in his body. But as I have outlined already I am little to reticent to find out more when possible I should.

  17. Well done m8,for reading the paper,and having the beliefs you hold by.
    Too many people read rags,and are influenced by them too much,aka the sun,and what truly happened at hillsborough,to what they projected to their readers. Lies.
    Too many people trust what is said in their fav daily newspaper,the Internet has changed my outlook,and I no longer buy a daily newspaper,only my racing post,which I am now delighted has gone digital.
    Without the Internet the biggest story ever to hit British football would not have been told,or at least told in the honesty that it was by phil.
    The mainstream media are still in denial,and are short changing their readers,sales are falling and will continue to do so.
    Succulent lamb is still the order of the day.

    • Thanks you. I have long since abandoned buying a paper since my move to the bottom of the globe 8 years ago. The local rag the Dom Post is owned by the dubious Fairfax Media with most of its content filled with adverts and reprinted stuff from the Times and the Telegraph.
      Do not get me started on the NZ MSM, in particular the broadcast media where they think it is fine to report a serious assault as getting the “bash”.

  18. Fra

    What idiot termed the phrase ‘you can lead a man to water, but you cannot make him drink’ obviously didnt have sevco fans in mind. Led by the hand and shafted on a regular basis only to return and be shafted again.

    Keep the cash in your tail and pay at the gate as you’re only filling the deep pockets of the spivs.

    Two sides (aka Jabba, Deniall or Wanka),, welcome aboard and I hope you enjoy your stay but something tells me the ride could be a little bumpy.

    • Bumpy, I would imagine so. I have been an avid reader for a while but felt to timid to comment.

      Just for transparency, i am lapsed Heart of Midlothian fan. The last game I attended was the Cup final in ’98. The game marked the last time my dad was well enough to attend a game, he passed away 5 weeks later. He was born in Feb 1956 so his life bridged the last time the cup going to Georgie.

      A mixture of student life distraction and poignancy of my dad’s memory and my journey to a new life out of Scotland has led to a diluted interest in Hearts.

      My interest in this blog and TSFM is for a hope that Scottish Football can abandon the shackles of the past and begin again to produce a game we can proud of without fear of favour. The corruption that has been allowed to pass is a shoddy reflection of what should be a great country.

  19. Fra

    @Gingerbeardedman….If I call you GB this could be mistaken as the Green Brigade so that’ll do for me. Haha. Welcome aboard brother and enjoy your posts. It can get heated but that’s part of the fun.

  20. Thanks Fra. I am imagine i will be an infrequent poster but will read on regularly as before. I have beer blog to manage and I barely do that.

  21. Monti

    I see the Loyalists ‘celebrated’ their ‘culture’ in style last night….rioting!
    Amazing what equality can do to a people!

  22. 2 sides of the 1 coin

    So, pre-season games. They’ve went well for Ra Sellic havent they. 🙂

    Are any of you concerned about Wednesday or are you too busy with your obsession over a club you claim to be deid. 🙂

  23. 2 sides of the 1 coin

    Saw a picture of the new Celtic top there from last nights game. Cant help but think that sponsorship has went too far when the original hoops have been devalued in order that the strip fits in with the magners logo.


  24. Fra

    2sides….So who makes the rules on who is a proscribed organisation. The biggest terrorist on this earth were the British government. Nelson Mandela, a man revered the world over, was deemed a terrorist. If the bully (Britain) keeps goading and prodding, then the victim (insert whatever victim you want) will retaliate. A conventional war isn’t feasible so anything way of making an impact is acceptable.

    Please remember 2 sides that every war that Britain were involved in, they were the instigators, not the victim.

    • 2 sides of the 1 coin

      Sounds like you are trying to justify your support of the IRA.

      Oh dear. 😦

      • portpower

        @two sides of the 1 coin
        different but closely related features of one idea Rewards and punishments are two sides of the 1 coin – both are used to control people, and neither works very well.

      • Monti

        Do you support the British Army?
        They have murdered innocents for centuries…Fra is quite correct, if you start a fight & end up getting a bloody nose, don’t FKN complain about it……fkwit!

        • 2 sides of the 1 coin

          Away and have a drink with your fellow supporters of the RA. I hope you can sleep well at night knowing most of your clubs supporters despise Terrorist lovers like you.

          You are a cancer.

      • Monti

        Your team is dead, must be sore to take that……personally I find it funny as fcuk…54 & DEAD…….AAAHHHAAAA

        • 2 sides of the 1 coin

          My team have just made it 3 out of 3 wins and 3 out of 3 clean sheets.

          How have the bhoys got on so far ?

      • Monti

        left turn Clyde…..:D

  25. Monti

    Still haven’t heard a single word of contrition from anyone associated with Oldco, in relation to the cheating & damage inflicted on the Scottish game!
    What a bunch of morons!
    Scotland’s shame was Rangers, thank fcuk they are dead!

  26. 2 sides of the 1 coin

    3 friendlies. 3 victories. New boys seem to be gelling well in preparation for the new season.

    Ra Sellic are lucky they are playing a British team on Wednesday given their recent form against foreigners. Should hammer them…..but what if ?

  27. cam

    A lovely week in the sun,celebrating the greatest sporting triumph by a Scottish sportsman,celebrating the glorious twelfth,celebrating not being a mhanky bogging Celtic fan,celebrating life and not posting in here when i’m on holiday,,,FFS! what type of obsessed weirdo reads this pish when they’re on their hols??.
    I ain’t trawling back thru the previous mince but from what i see on this “blog” its the same old same.
    Poor Paul, he “just can’t get enough” of the glorious mighty Glasgow Rangers.
    Now to deal with the subject of todays mince;
    The Daily Mail;a wonderful publication,keeping true to all the Rule Brittania ethos that made this country great.
    Everyone of those groupings at the top of the page are a clear and present danger to the country.
    Rangers and its fans will keep the republicans in our midst under control,the evil chunterings of a small but vocal minority shall be drowned out by choruses of God Save the Queen,Rule Brittania and WATP.
    In other news;
    lets all laugh at Celtic and that cave troll of a manager,,,humped repeatedly in a Germanic humpfest,a hunnish humperama!

    God bless Andy,the Queen ,Rangers,Walter,the Daily Mail,benefit cuts,immigrant control and the SAS.

  28. cam

    I think somebody in here kept repeating that the Gers would only sell 20,000 SB’s?,,,,oops,got that one wrong!
    What a magnificent support by Gods chosen ubervolk.
    The dafties in the Celtic blogging army are being decimated,their sweetie wifing being made to look ever more ridiculous by the day.
    Just admit it bhoys,,,WATP.
    Don’t keep carrying that wee chip on your shoulder around for ever,,,,accept your 2nd place and embrace this glorious British country and bow before your ruler.
    Gers hammer Bristol City,,,every English eye witnessing the re-emergence of the Queens eleven,her Majesty’s legions in the north keeping the rebels under the thumb.
    Whats been happening with the Charlotte freak bhoys? anything new?
    What about Craigie’s court case?,,any updates?
    I knew it was gonna be a great holiday when i opened the patio door and the next apartment down had Rangers tops and towels drying,,,wonderful families,content in their supremacy,enjoying the fruits of their protestant labours,laughing at the Celtic pubs playing dirges about some loonball getting transported,,,fecking pathetic!! hehehe.

    • Paul

      Just like the British transported your like as well. Maybe you think Botany Bay is a catholic resort, you are so thick history not one of your strong points mate. Spend all day with a crayon drawing union jacks at secondary school. Ha Ha fucking Bristol, swim swim.

  29. cam

    Monti,old bean,,,if you’re on your hols and posting your usual IRA pish then you’re a bigger rocket than i ever thought possible!
    Away doon the beach and build a sand version of the Beggardome,,,and watch the tide wash it away.

  30. cam

    A wee look at TSFM finds the Ecorocket making a total phud of himself as usual,,the smilies are creeping in and then the pontificating and wordly wise Buddhist beliefs will begin.
    That site is where the hard core weirdos hang out,,bitter little munchkins to a man,,,,hysterical what an inferiority complex can do the the human psyche.

  31. cam

    Here’s why the Daily Mail is sooooo good!


    Utter brilliance,,the biggest ever victory and greatest Scottish sporting achievement.
    Andy,Sir Chris Hoy,Allan Wells,David Wilkie,Ken Buchanan ,Jackie Stewart etc.
    Andy tops the lot,,a resounding victory against a true genius in Djokovic in sweltering heat.

    • Paul

      Why so happy to have your hero denied his heritage, you know when the first Englishman wins it since Fred Perry it will be England cam.You know when the Royals have their kid it will be glorious England, still every man to their own if you want to be kept down thats your choice.I am just happy to see that it took a Scotsman to show the way, just like the eleven who delivered the big trophy to these shores.

  32. Pingback: Daily Mail Human Rights Nonsense Part 2 – This Time from Chris Grayling | Random Thoughts Re Scots Law by Paul McConville

  33. Monti


  34. Monti


    Do you honestly think pre season games mean a single thing?
    Forfar will pump you out the League cup at the first time of asking, Sevco are shite, the tribute act is pure comedy gold.
    I have never laughed so much in my life, who is your derby game?
    You don’t know because you are thicker than your average bear aren’t you?
    How often do you brush your tooth?
    :)……Just enjoy the Celtic way of life,your grandchildren will.

  35. Fra

    My my my. Any post saluting Ireland, Celtic, 67 etc has been getting TDs. Can we now assume, the Neanderthals on the bigots den are slowly creeping over to see if they can fathom what the ‘big’ words mean.

    Come on in followers of the toxic club…

    Shall we begin….A……B…….C……Do keep up at the back please.

    Two sides…….. Stop scraping your tooth with your ruler.

    Cam……Stop slavering while staring at Morags snot

    Where’s DeNiall……Don’t know how I could possibly miss you with that HUGE head.

    Willy Wanka……Don’t give us historical facts, just your own warped version

    Listen folks…Once and for all…..rangers are gone. DEAD. KAPUT.

    Stop crying children because its better for all concerned.

    The END……..

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