Some Helpful Advice For Anyone Going To Court – by Me at the Clarity Law Blog

My new post giving some sensible and practical advice for anyone due to attend court is now up at the Clarity Law Scotland website.

Mobile phones, suitable clothing and the exercise of restraint when receiving bad news are all touched upon.

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  1. mick

    Charlotte Fakeovers ‏@CharlotteFakes 8m

    @rangersfctrust Independent Supporters Groups controlled by Media House, just like the scottish msm. … #SandieShawRSC

    lol who can these sevcoians trust

    • willy wonka

      Mediahouse [employed by Rangers – owned by Whyte at that time] send a note to Whyte asking for the Rangers Supporters Association [funded by Rangers – owned by Whyte at that time] asking for the RSA to come out in support of Whyte.
      Maybe I missed something – where’s the story ?

  2. Niall Walker

    The SFA or UEFA can cancel a company’s undertaking to participate in football despite the company still being in operation, this proves everyone in football distinguishes club from company.

  3. Niall Walker

    I love these people who want to use the Law in football matters, in that case every violent act or curse would result in a criminal charge.

  4. mick

    great read agian from corsica 1968 well done the net is closing on the charity thief’s thanks to his work over the last year .

    • Ed Paisley

      This makes me want to puke. The match was advertised as a charity fundraiser and it was probably VAT exempt for that reason. Then charity trustee Craig Whyte decides to appropriate most of the money for Rangers FC, a commercial organisation. Utterly depressing. Thank God Rangers are now deid and a mere footnote to history – it’s bastard offspring SEVCO is simply an embarrassment to Scotland.

  5. Monti

    If we all value Paul’s blog ( I do ) then I propose a permanent end to the bitter,religious & political elements of our posts.
    Why wait for Paul to moderate individuals ( myself included) & save him a bit of grief?
    I take responsibility for my own nonsense posted at times & again I apologize for it.
    Let’s turn a new page where there is plenty of banter & Craic & humour.
    Let’s show each other a different way & get the site motoring again. Cam, Graham,Willy wonka, David & Niall & others I have not mentioned,I am offering a sincere hand of friendship,a permanent one & I would ask you guys to take my hand & let’s start again!

    I am sincere, how’s about it guys?

    • graham

      Monti ,
      Here’s ma hawn , wens the nite oot ??

    • graham

      Monti ,
      You know this cease fire you have brokered will only last as long as we don’t mention deed clubs and terrorists !!
      Can you do that for a sustained period !
      I know I can !

    • david

      Only if you buy a season ticket for Larkhall Thistle . £75.
      Ok by me Monti
      Will check at Betfred for odds for new consensus and phrases

      Stuipd Huns- 1,000 to 1 on.
      Ooh Ahh – 100000 to 1 on.
      One tooth- 1000000 to 1 on.

      Just joshing

      Go for it.

  6. Niall Walker


    I have given your offer some very serious consideration, however much of the bitterness toward me and my beloved Rangers is based on my legitimate anti-Catholic and anti-Irish sentiments. Despite my physical handicaps( don’t mention Nam), I have been endlessly tormented for saying what everyone knows, we are the people.

    • graham

      N ,
      Give him one more chance , if he is being genuine and sincere then you must take his olive branch and lets draw a line under the events of the past week and move on !
      What you say chum ?
      I think he is hurt with our perceived legitimate
      Comments on his religious and political views
      Just as I am ( and am sure you are) total pissed of by the rangers are dead stuff
      so we have all upset one another !
      Better we just stick to David’s quiz questions

    • Fra

      @Niall….my beloved rangers…the mask is slipping down bay view way my friend

  7. JohnBhoy


    Still recovering from a hangover after celebrating Deadco Day. To those Sevconians who insist that their dead club is still alive, get over it; besides you’re missing out on the annual celebrations. To those die hard neutrals who feign support of another team but spend their waking hours denying, deflecting and defending all things Deadco whilst attacking the Celtic family and, for reasons known only to yourself, Catholicism – get a life.

    Soon it will be Hearts, Cousin Of Deadco, followed by Sevco, Bastard Child of Deadco. Deadco, Sevco and Jamco: the purge of the tory, capitalist clubs. Lovely bubbly.

    It’s so refreshing to support a morally virtuous, legally constituted and world renowned club with a proud unbroken history, steeped in charitable foundations and a keen sense of social responsibility, supported by wonderful fans welcomed throughout the global football fraternity: Celtic – more than a club. Proud of our Irish roots, proud of our Scottish homeland and open to all regardless of colour, creed or religion. We celebrate cohesion, not division. We are not the people. We are of the people.

    SDM, Craigie, Charlie – they all played their part, one way or another, in Deadco or Sevco, but let’s stop castigating them for their sins. True, their 9-in-a-row titles will be forever tainted, purchased with taxpayer’s money and not their own. True, creditors were shamefully left out of pocket. True, they represented the ugly essence of Thatcherism, holding dear the tenets of extreme capitalism. They were the bankers of the football world, tethered to the money-for-me mantra, seeing society as a cash cow. They think money – not theirs of course – can buy anything, even the past.

    Yet, it is time to relax, move on and take what crumbs of comfort we can from SDM, Craigie and Charlie’s reign. Let’s give praise where praise is due. SDM, Craigie, Charlie: thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Even Walter the Legend should be thanked – Walter, without your big spending during SDM’s office to win those tainted titles where would we be? Certainly not celebrating Deadco Day! Thank you Walter.

    Nearly forgot Super Ally – bizarrely, you nearly rescued the day but got kicked out of Europe. You lived up to expectations and flunked out of every cup competition right on cue. Thank you Alastair.

    Oh, and what about the msm? Guys, you were wonderful: for years your lips were sealed. You are the real heroes and have proved conclusively that providing timely, objective and accurate news is over-rated. Thanks all round for Deadco Day!

    • graham

      Much prefer deco day !! When got pumped is sevhul !! Deco deco deco !!

    • david

      I dont see the point in celebrating the bringing down of Hearts.
      I just dont get it.
      We need all our Clubs or the game is dead.

      Rangers are correctly paying the price for their misdemeanours, and I consider them a phoenix club, but our game needs competition or it will die. ( Cleaned up of course )
      At the end of the day they are football clubs, not political or religious institutions.

      • Stevie

        Your’s is a lonely voice in the wilderness of reason David. One which is much needed on here.
        Alas when Paul returns,you may be sin died for posting logical repostes devoid of untruth’s,embelishment,and a failure to glorify terrorism.
        Remain strong my friend,because as history and the Disney films have shown us,good always prevails over evil.

        Johnbhoy. You are yet another example of what is bad about this part of the world’s sectarian problems. Alas you will be hailed as a soothsayer of distinction and all that is good about catholicism.
        Yet your viewpoints are a traitor to what your religious adherence teaches is it not? So answer me this. Just how good a catholic do you consider yourself to be? Or is the self indulgent diatribe you unleashed in your previous post part of the religious teachings our children can expect from the church you pertain to be so “universally” superior?
        You seem at odds with your religion,perhaps you should attend more often.

    • Niall Walker


      You need Celtic far too much my friend, this cannot be healthy, your life lacks purpose and meaning, try and feel more significant in a more dignified manner.

      • “try & feel more significant in a more dignified manner”….have you any suggestions Niall, could you be hinting that he adopt your particular brand of dignity?……I’m feeling a touch queasy at your latest piece of “outreach” to the needy…

  8. Niall Walker


    ” The most religious country in the developed world? Ireland’s church going attendance is reported at 84% ”

    Oh really, is this in an alternative dimension ?

    ” Dublin Mass attendances drop to an all-time low as just 14 percent go to Church…..2011 ”

    ” Numbers in Ireland’s Catholic Church continue to drop – stigma attached to attending Mass…2013. ”

    ” While Ireland on the whole is struggling with Catholicism, there are two very different scenarios operating in Northern and the Republic of Ireland. Most recent figures show that the Republic registers at 84 percent Catholic, while Northern Ireland is at 48 percent.However, the number of those practicing their faith is significantly lower than those who just say they do during a census.In 2011, it was reported that only about 18 per cent of Irish people in the Republic were regularly attending Mass, indicating a wide margin between those who claim to be Catholic and who are actively practicing.”—stigma-attached-to-attending-Mass-200315991.html

    I knew there was something odd about your figures, shame on you.—stigma-attached-to-attending-Mass-200315991.html

  9. david

    1. Which Scottish player got 2 caps on the same day?
    2. Which Scottish General cheated The Devil at cards?
    3. What Tartan does The Gurkha Rifles wear and why?
    4. Who are Glasgows 2 most successful Junior Clubs?
    5. From whom did Conan-Doyle gain inspiration for the character of Sherlock Holmes?
    6. What famous Scottish club, now Juniors, won the Scottish Cup in the early years of the Cup and defeated their English counterparts for the title of ” Champions of the World” ?
    7. Who discovered the Noble Gases?
    8. Which Scottish Junior club, once Seniors, knocked out Celtic in the early years of the competition.
    9. Where was Keir Hardie born?
    10. Where in England did Bruce defeat Edward 2nd in battle, capturing his baggage train?

  10. Niall Walker

    ” To those die hard neutrals who feign support of another team but spend their waking hours denying, deflecting and defending all things Deadco whilst attacking the Celtic family and, for reasons known only to yourself, Catholicism – get a life.”

    I have never attacked the Celtic family, can you confirm if this family is incorporated and indistinguishable from the corporate entity it is attached to ?

    It seems all my post relating to Catholicism and Ireland are no longer permitted.

    • arb urns

      interesting you appear to see yourself in the plural in the above post…….

      read that fttt yet………. mr black will keep ye on track……..then in the find box type mr berwick and you will see the existence of ‘the one unshredded side letter’…. then type police raid and you will find how all the side letters came tumbling out the system….. proof of all the rubbish you have been posting on ebts and side letters……………………………………………………………

      • Niall Walker


        I have no need to read the FTTT , there is no HMRC policy to pursue employees with EBTs and there is a policy that prevents them from pursuing both employer and employee, that is all I need to know.

        If you can prove otherwise then I suggest you produce the evidence, telling me it exists is not quite the same, is it now ?

        • arb urns

          niall i can paint my own kitchen but i dont have to paint yours as a farcical poster on here said previously…..telling you where to find the evidence is subtly different from telling you it exists…. but carry on making a fool of yourself on here if you wish….not my problem…

          • Niall Walker


            Put down the paint tin, the fumes are dulling your brain, it is not my responsibility to go and find your evidence, that onus is on you. My responsibility is to support my case, you are claiming you have proof it is wrong, it is your turn now to support this statement.

            You do have a novel view of debating arb, never heard this one before, something tells me you cannot do as you say, there has to be a logical explanation for your reluctance.

            I await your evidence.

            p.s. You do the worst Socrates impersonation I have ever read, and in 8 years on debating sites I have met some howlers.

            • arb urns

              ” a novel view about debating” me…. nah…… that would be somebody who debates about a fttt’s contents having never read it !!!!!

              try this one…. if east fife had a player on international duty on a salary of 10k pw with a ‘side’ of 10k pw into an ebt and said player got injured on international duty and was unavailable for east fife for some games, what would be the correct amount of weekly compensation that could be claimed from the sfa from the two figures above ?..

              i await your answer

              ps some player that socrates.. smoked too much tho

  11. Niall Walker

    ” At the end of the day they are football clubs, not political or religious institutions.”


    You are preaching to the converted, however there are a minority of fans from both clubs who have attached both politics and religion to men kicking a ball about. I suspect common sense or reason is not involved anywhere in this decision.

    • Ed Paisley

      Gee Niall. I must be a mean spirited bigot. I need to learn to love the club that ditched £40m of creditors and shouts about being debt free as if that position was achieved through honest graft and prudence. I need to show more compassion for a club whose fans (a clear majority it seems to me) like to belt out the fenian blood song and make our country look like a bigoted backwater on national tv. Yes I should have respect and regard for a club which is mired in an unseemly legal battle between one crooked trickster – and another crooked trickster who was forced to resign. I won’t mention the younger Easdale because he did his time and I believe in the rehabilitation of offenders (I will ignore the rumors of an involvement in serious organized crime).

      What’s not to like about Rangers/Sevco, eh Niall?

      • Niall Walker


        Please provide evidence of TRFC boasting about being debt free.

        Please provide evidence that the majority of Rangers supporters sing sectarian songs and behave in a thuggish violent manner.

        As for for moral outrage toward the last two CEOs, they were self appointed and vetted by the SFA, but you blame the club and its fans, this is evidence of irrational thinking.

        It does not matter how many times I labor the point, none of you fanatics get it, you cannot blame institutions or groups for the actions of individuals.

        Most of the fans are decent people, the fans did not cause liquidation nor did they appoint the two men who took over their club. You are employing hindsight to demonize Rangers fans for their lack of foresight.

        And before you start ranting and raving about wanting Rangers fans to be the best and allowing SDM to run up debt, most fans assume banks do not lend money to people or businesses who cannot afford to pay it back, and tax avoidance has only became a dirty word since the recession.

        Both Celtic and Rangers only took action against their fanatics when the financial penalties outweighed the economic benefits of fueling this rivalry.

        I disliked two institutions for enabling and promoting the attachment of both politics and religion to football out of greed, hopefully those days are gone.

  12. coatbrigbhoy

    just a thought, if i win the Euro millions on the Lottery, can i Contact the liquidators, arrange to pay off all the creditors at 100p in the pound if i then give CW a £10 note for his shares, could i then apply to have have RFC 2012/ RFC 1872, reinstated back in the football league, at any level.

    Those shares are THE history, they are the only tangible link to the CLUB that was founded and later became a business.

  13. mick

    2011: Bring on the Hearts, the Hibs the Rangers…’ 2012: ‘Bring on the Hearts the Hibs…’ 2013: ‘Bring on the Hibs..’

    lol of the day lol

    nice to see Charlotte getting tore in to Andy Kerr and co today on twitter she really has made them look like the fools they are also the charity thief evidence of old and newco from corcica1968 and the bbc stuff its a sevco skelp feast lol

    bring on the hibs we shall not be moved lol

  14. mick

    @niall david and all our resident sevcoians whats your take on the charity misdemeanors ???????genuine question its not going away and its criminal vat offences and all both oldco and newco

    • Niall Walker


      Here is the way I think, humans are monkeys with big brains, we are products of our environment and we are capable of enormous feats of kindness and cruelty.

      Until you understand what constitutes being a human, then you cannot understand human behavior, and without understanding there is no grace.

      You start with this premise and then apply it to individuals and their actions, it is unreasonable to demonize groups for the actions of individuals.

      Both you and I do not think the Catholic faith or its supporters are responsible for the actions of either the Vatican or its employees, nor do I believe ” bad Catholics damage your faith in Catholicism.

      Join me in believing that Rangers and its supporters are not responsible for the actions of its board or its employees, and ” bad Rangers fans ” will not damage the rests faith in Rangers.

      It is a gross generalization to state each and every fan believes the same things about their club, the range of beliefs is almost non-computational.

      • coatbrigbhoy

        Nobody is to blame,

        when the fans got deadco fined and had bans imposed the “rangers” board wailed, it’s not our fault, we have done our best to stop these bad Billy boys so stop punishing the club.
        when the board sat back and turned a blind eye to the massive borrowing and over spending,in order to buy success for the Rangers, borrowing that eventually led to the ruination of the rangers,
        the fans blame those that ran the club,
        This is a football “club” were they pass the parcel, every one blames every one else for the internal troubles, the fans blame the owners ,the owners blamed the fans, then the ranks close,no one affiliated to Rangers is to blame, So then the fingers get pointed outwards, we the Rangers done nothing wrong,, then those fans and that board along with as many as possible ex players, current players present and ex managers combine to call everyone else haters and enemies,
        Ze Lists get compiled and half baked boycotts are put in place.

        fans and board,ex players and ex manager alike all stuck to the script, we’ve been punished enough, stop kicking us when we are down,

        the silent unspoken reality, Fuck HMRC and Fuck the creditors,we are RANGERS, we are to big to be punished, WE are the people,we are Scottish football, No acceptance in the part that they ALL played in the DOWNFALL of the club with a Sectarian History, a “CLUB” tarred with a GIANT Sectarian brush,
        their proud tradition , of Sectarianism.
        RFC 1872 self destructed to the tune of £55m, no one forced the debt on them, the fans, as the Rangers went into administration were still calling for a player to be signed, regardless of cost and regardless of the rules, the board tried it’s very best to force the signing through, knowing it did not have the money to honour the players proposed salary.
        the fans and the board revelled in the for every £5 we will spend £10,
        now after the suicide, we have bleeding hearts saying,yet again, we are the innocents in all of this, no your not, you rejoiced in the big money signings,
        to a man the triumphalism took off yet again when you thought that Whyte was the hand picked Rangers supporting billionaire that was going to bankroll the rangers into 10 in a row and the SPL was going to become a wondrous one horse race , this time every club was going to be put to the sword and the Fans were all singing and dancing about the man called WHYTE,
        the singing and dancing and the party went on, 15 points in front by November, no opposition to the mighty Gers, the Board, idiot Ally, players and fans were celebrating the fact that the league was to be all but done and dusted before Christmas.
        then oh sweet jaysus, then Neil Lennons Celtic youngsters clicked into Gear, oh how we closed the GHAP, Rangers fell apart on the field, McCoist was exposed for what he is, then the truth started to seep out, the Downfall that was getting predicted slowly but surely started to become apparent to even the thickest of blue noses, Whyte was Skint, the Rangers were skint, the days of instant access to the banks money was gone,

        RIP, the Sectarian club and to those that queued up to pay their money to support such a policy, what can i say, KARMA,
        £1 £1 £1 £1

    • david


  15. mick

    deniall cut the crap what do you think of the charity conning???????

    • Niall Walker


      If some individuals have misappropriated charity funds then like all criminals I expect them to be punished, how do you expect me to think ?

      What is the big deal with everything Rangers, try and get all of this into some kind of perspective.

  16. mick

    deniall oldco and newco are party to charity scams as well as the fans group fighting fund dont you think its strange that a charity scam is not being mentioned in the msm ?apart from sevco skint and hearts admin this is the biggest story after those and not a mention the police and oscr are onto it to .am a soccerfan from a could kick a ball for 20years a have watched a rig league thats why forever a will have your sort and team under a scope the more people look the more parasites are found yous are toxic then now forever

    parasite fc then now forever scotlands shame and tax scammers the 8th richest country in the world and they steal from charity lack of innovation fc lack of dignity fc

    deniall your a deflector

    • Niall Walker


      I have some more bad news, unlike you neither Celtic nor Rangers are the centre of my universe, it is not deflection regarding some charity scam, it is unadulterated apathy, if the main media put this kind of banality on the national news I would be up in arms. There is more to Scotland than freakin Celtic or Rangers, people scam every day, there are businesses going bust and creditors getting stung every day, only you blow them out of proportion because you simply detest Rangers for their past and the minority of bigots that remain.

      If the wee bunnet had promised to spend double what Rangers spend, he would have been carried around the East End, he would have been made a patron saint.

    • BB

      BBC skelpfeast. You mean when they quoted ‘scots law’ to infer rangers are a new club. Scotslaw…mmmm.didn’t someone from scotslawthoughts say gers were the same club…was said poster…ie mr p mc…talking out his backside then mick? I mean, he either was or he wasn’t mick. Yes or no? It’s only one word mick. Can you do it????….

      • mick

        liquidation is liquidation bb no mention of the charity stealing ?

      • barcabuster

        I would say they couldn’t be much clearer. Maybe, if you require further clarification you should write to them and maybe they could explain what they meant by their “inferrence”

        • BB

          What. That bastion of integrity and impartiality (no sniggering). Sure.

          • barcabuster

            I would never describe any govt backed organisation in those words, but on the advice of their lawyers, it would appear they would be confidently prepared to defend the matter in a court of law. Perhaps you could counter with some other organisation who would be prepared to stand against them. Maybe even Sevco themselves will challenge them,!

            • BB

              Maybe they should. And maybe they should get mr p mc to represent them… :-).and wasn’t there a Lord recently who said they were the same club anyway???…and if the ‘fans are the lifeblood’…. then if he were here Big Jock would testify the same. Newco oldco no matter. When the gers next play celtic they’ll be hated as much as before (firhill for a ballpark) so nothings changed really. Btw. Whats all this threeco stuff and state aid from the council? All a bit smelly don’t you think? But hey, innocent till proven otherwise , the natural justice concept which is anathema to many on here given the last year and a half but never mind.

            • barcabuster

              I haven’t gotten around to reading anything about it(threeco?) Yet.
              Maybe its a tax rebate or something, dunno.!
              Have Sevco applied for their rebate yet?

            • BB

              Ps barca…regardless of the above…within bbc scotland there exists a culture of contempt for rangers which is routinely displayed Even downright hostility. Arguing?

            • barcabuster

              Sorry, I just noticed your addition. I think everybody feels that the powers that be are against, so I can’t argu with your perception.
              I must be honest though. If there is any truth in these charity revelations, I would say that contempt should be the very least to expect.

  17. mick

    mud sticks it will be on the news and soon thomos on it lol the great institution stealing from charity’s that’s world sports news both newco and old a have never heard of this kind of behavior in my life from a sports club its shocking sevco and oldco really are the scum of sport parasites is the only word for it who would want to employ or do business with these people they really are worth a watching

    • Niall Walker


      Stealing from charity is a poor show, although I have never understood why it is considered worse than stealing anything, as I said I hope they get justice.

      Rangers fans will be angry and mortified just as you, you seem to enjoy mocking their discomfort, that cannot be healthy surely ?

      • coatbrigbhoy

        @Niall, ( the man that LIED,that he had a disability,deafness)

        I am not surprised that you don’t get why stealing from charity is worse than stealing from,say a bank.
        you need to get away from your ‘puter for a bit, you will defend, excuse,deflect and rationalise anything to defend the actions of this dead corrupt club and it’s bastard offspring.
        any low life like yourself that feigns a disability, would not have what it takes, morally, to understand

        You post this
        “if the main media put this kind of banality on the national news I would be up in arms.”

        RFC 1872 and it Tribute Club Steal HUNDREDS of thousands of pounds from Charity and that is banal in your eyes, not to be reported,
        How Strange your world must be, It’s Rangers, so gag the press, I do not wish to be informed, to be informed will have me up in arms, how very dare the MSM do it’s job, to fulfil it’s role in a democracy

        • Niall Walker


          I am a dab hand at debating moral relativism, care to begin my explaining to me why stealing from a charity is worse than stealing from a bank, you seem to have forgot to ?

          I would suggest( unlike internet bampots) the media’s responsibility is to report facts, has anyone been charged yet, what is there to report ?

          • coatbrigbhoy

            So Newspapers should not report a crime until someone has been charged, no bank robbery should be reported until some one has been caught and charged.
            No rape should be reported until some one is charged.
            you live in a strange world, how’s your fake deafness today,
            Charities are there to help the less fortunate, those that for what ever reason have trouble helping themselves, Banks by their business methods do not have trouble helping themselves, they brought about a worldwide financial crisis,
            If you can’t see the difference in someone stealing from a charity and someone stealing from a bank then that is your dilemma
            Most Atheist’s declare that they do not need religion to be moral, that they know right from wrong, on a gut level, you I believe have a very faulty moral compass,
            your now going to try to split hairs on theft is theft regardless of whether it’s a paper clip or a £1m pound bank robbery, the obscene lengths you will go to to defend RFC/Sevco is now nothing more than laughable.

            No robbery’s ,in fact no crimes, to be reported until the offenders are charged, you should apply for a job over at Sevco, oh how they would love to live in a world like that.

          • The purpose of a bank is to make money for profit. In general the understood purpose of a charity is to aid the less fortunate & needy.
            There is no moral relativism there.

  18. mick

    mocked fc lol the great ship dignity sunk and gone lol

  19. Niall Walker


    ” that would be somebody who debates about a fttt’s contents having never read it !!!!! ”

    Ahem…..tap….tap….tap, what are you smoking my friend ?

    I am not debating the contents of the fttt, YOU ARE ……lololl.

    You introduce the fttt as evidence against my case, but you refuse to produce the evidence, this makes you decidedly odd if not bizarre. Why introduce the fttti if you have no intention of producing it, eh ????? lol

    Bonkers, just stark raving bonkers.

    Goodnight, hope you will come to your senses in the morning, never read so much nonsense in all my life.

    • arb urns

      oooooooo touchy touchy……….. u asked for evidence of a recipient of an ebt being ‘chased’ by hmrc for tax payable on said ebt and said “if” side letters existed…. by reading the fttt opinions you will find examples of both which defeats your case………..goodnight to u……….the fttt not the best piece of bed time reading for you but recommended………………………..

      • coatbrigbhoy

        @Arbyou can be 100% sure that Niall has read every thing in the FTTT, he knows your right, so he will carry on saying he is not debating with you, he scours the internet on any and all subjects to hammer home his anti Catholic, same club nonsense but when he knows he is on a loser he will all of a sudden not have the ability to check out the facts.
        Imature liar is the most accurate way to describe him,

        • Niall Walker


          There must be something in the holy water, its very simple I am asking for any evidence to support the claim HMRC may pursue the employees, and nobody has provided any, simply quoting the fttt is not evidence.

          It is a simple request, one that seems to be causing some heartache to the man who introduced the fttt to the debate.

      • Niall Walker


        Repeating the same drivel does not remove your responsibility to provide the evidence, I have nothing more to say on this matter until you do.

        • arb urns

          coatbrigbhoy got u sussed as above….. until you read the evidence i have given you i have nothing more to say on the matter…………..

          • Niall Walker


            You have not given me any evidence, you are telling me where the evidence may or may not be, I suggest you go and get it or it is not evidence.

            Do your own debating, its fairly normal, very strange man.

            • arb urns

              as you previously posted in the same vein paint your own kitchen…..very very strange man

  20. mick

    well f of then if you think its nonsense parasite fc on the rocks taking in water good night deniall

  21. coatbrigbhoy

    Niall Walker
    June 18, 2013 at 11:32 pm


    I have some more bad news, unlike you neither Celtic nor Rangers are the centre of my universe, it is not deflection regarding some charity scam, it is unadulterated apathy,

    A man that’s all over the blog like a wet rash, commenting for hours at a time on the subject of Celtic and Rangers,

    This is a man that has defended, deflected, Sevco and Deadco to the point of lying about himself,
    this hour after hour posting, is from an East Fife fan.

    Yet another disgraceful story about RFC 1872/Sevco and the biggest defender of the two clubs on this blog informs us he is Apathetic to hundreds of thousands of pounds getting stolen from a charity

  22. Raymilland



    “I have no need to read the FTTT , there is no HMRC policy to pursue employees with EBTs and there is a policy that prevents them from pursuing both employer and employee, that is all I need to know.”
    The above employees are no longer such due to the insolvency event at RFC; an issue which would alter the dynamics of your argument.

    The majority of beneficiaries of the EBT’s are ex employees of a company in liquidation. With the creditors best interest in mind; BDO would be obliged to pursue the loans which are said by the court to be recoverable.

    Firstly; HMRC would in their case, against the Murray Group, prioritise dismantling the integrity of the trust set up on behalf of the former employees at Ibrox. There is already evidence of the lax manner in which the trust was maintained. HMRC would benefit the creditors by establishing the covert and bogus nature of the trust.

    In so dismantling the legitimacy of the trust fund in itself would open the door to BDO to pursue recovery of funds via legal action against MIH. The credibility of the book keeping and diversion of funds through the trust should be challenged in court. I would suggest that the trust fund is not impenetrable from an approach from BDO on behalf of the creditors; especially with RFC being a member company of MIH with the highest proportion of beneficiaries of the trust.

    Depending on the outcome of the HMRC action; BDO would identify liability of the recoverable losses on behalf of the creditors; that would either be in the form of recovery of the entirety of each loan or the proportionate portion of tax and NIC plus additional fines (in the event HMRC successfully pursue the Murray Group).

    It is unlikely that the beneficiaries of the loans would comply given the nature of the side letters issued to each employee; in this circumstance the courts would be obliged to take action over the recovery of each loan under the terms of the side letters.

    • arb urns

      now niall before u comment on the above remember you havent read the fttt………. also you said earlier ” if such side letters exist” and i told you where you could find their existence and the ridiculous ‘shenanigans’ that your club undertook to cover them up…. a police raid ffs……………………..

      • Niall Walker


        You are trying your best not to show me the evidence, very very odd indeed, oh well, onward and upward.

    • Niall Walker


      Very interesting input, however it lacks evidence, care to provide me the evidence that either the BDO or HMRC will pursue employees for the unpaid tax ?

      I am getting a stutter requesting some fairly basic evidence, if you are going to speculate then surely it must be based on just pure guesswork.
      If there is evidence in the fttt then I fail to see why there is such a reluctance to submit it.

      Once you provide this evidence then we can proceed to the next stage,where is the evidence the SFA will regard these debts as footballing debts ?

      • Niall Walker


        Maybe you will be more forthcoming, care to tell me where in the 145 page fttt report it states monies due will be recovered from employees in the event these monies cannot be paid by MIH ??

        The heading on the fttt suggests there are 145 pages of details surrounding HMRCs claim against MIH not the employeees, but I have been informed somewhere in the report there is seemingly the evidence I seek.

      • willy wonka

        ” But Neil Patey, a partner at Ernst and Young, does not think former players and staff will necessarily have to return money they received.
        He told BBC Radio Scotland: “The loans are repayable at some point during the lifetime or maybe even at death, from the estate. But that is between the trust and individuals.
        “That will be at some point in the future, which is at the discretion of the trustee, in effect.”

        And the FTTT decision – ” “The majority view reflects the argument that the controversial monies received by the employees were not paid to them as their absolute entitlement.
        “The legal effect of the trust/loan structure is sufficient to preclude this. Thus the payments are loans, not earnings, and so are recoverable from the employee or his estate.”

        The “trustee” – in effect, Murray.

    • willy wonka

      Ray. A wee request please – any chance of posting a link to the above ?
      Thank you.

      • Niall Walker


        Here is a link to 145 pages, according to good old arb, hidden in there is evidence HMRC will pursue the employees if HMRC win their appeal, for some reason he cannot find the evidence himself, which is rather convenient.

        Click to access TC02372.pdf

        • willy wonka

          I’ve obviously not had time to look at it in great detail, but speed scanning it looks to me as if HMRC got their erchies well skelped .
          A couple of wee bits jumped out –
          ” During his closing submissions we invited Mr Thomson to give us a
          considered reply as to whether or not HMRC would regard the loans as debts on an employee’s estate in the event of death. He replied (two days later) to the effect that HMRC preferred not to commit itself. We would have expected such a claim of indebtedness to be vigorously disputed.”
          “Our Findings of Fact are as set out in para 103 supra and in our consideration of tax liability in particular cases (para 203 et seq) we have identified a factual matrix upon which we have proceeded. We are unable to make further Findings-in-Fact in support of there being an orchestrated scheme extending to the payment in effect of
          wages or salary absolutely and unreservedly to the employees involved, as Mr Thomson urged us to do. We considered this with some care in view of his trenchant criticism of certain witnesses’ evidence. We make the following Findings of Law as affecting the general arrangements and confirming in Law as well as in Fact the trust structure and loan arrangements –
          1 The principal trust purportedly constituted by the Trust Deed by
          MGM Limited and Insinger Trust Co Ltd dated 20 April 2001 was valid and subsisting and continues.
          2 The sub-trusts (subject to our remarks in paras 210 and 226) purportedly constituted by the relative declarations of trust were valid and subsisting and continue.
          3 The sums advanced to the employees of the Appellants by way of loan in terms of the relative loan documents, were made in pursuance of discretionary powers and remain recoverable and represent debts on their estates.
          4 The sums advanced by the Appellant companies into the principal trust, whether on payment thereto, or on payment to a sub-trust, or thereafter on being advanced by way of loan to the employee, were not at any time held absolutely or unreservedly for or to the order of the individual employee.
          Accordingly, the assessments made fall to be reduced substantially. It was conceded that advances in favour of certain players are taxable and liable to NIC, and we have found that in certain other limited instances, there may be a similar liability.
          To that extent the assessments should stand. In these circumstances we expect that it is sufficient that we allow the Appeal in principle. Parties can no doubt settle the sums due for the limited number of cases mentioned without further reference to the

      • Raymilland

        @Niall Walker & willy wonka

        Common logic would dictate that BDO and HMRC shall take whichever route best serves their purpose and that would include pursuit of the individuals involved.

        Click to access TC02372.pdf

        It is a matter of record that BDO is also studying the above court decision. HMRC and BDO shall work in tandem in the interest of the creditors.

        HMRC have unfinished work in respect to dismantling the credibility of the trust fund used to pay beneficiaries employed at Ibrox. If you care to read the attached document you will find criticism of the structure and administration of the trust fund used for the loans.

        I am certain the Appeal will continue in the same direction in respect to demonstration of the poor integrity of the trust fund set up for the purpose of the loans.

        Willy; I can find no reference to Neil Patey in the court decision, perhaps Murray intends to call him as an expert witness 😉

  23. Budweiser


    As you appear to be on holiday [ not as much as ‘ wish you were here btw ! ]
    I have posted below to keep you up to date on ‘ scottish law ‘ lol.
    Remember Ally’s demand of ‘ who are these people ‘? – in relation to the panel. Now I’m sure that Ally would back this petition ,which is now before the Scottish parliament – being himself a freemason – for the sake of ‘ transparency’ !
    The petition mentions Masons; secret societies; and yes, The Speculative Society [ Lord Billy Nimmo – thanks cam – being a member ] as well as tribunals, both official and ‘quasi legal ‘ !
    Funnily enough , some documentation has ‘gone missing ‘ lol .

    Really only asking that :- ” before you pronoun sentence m’lud ,could you please declare whether you have secret associations that might prejudice your views ? “.

  24. Budweiser

    100 [ yes that’s QNE HUNDRED ] year embargo !

    • Bud….if true, this is jaw dropping stuff, do you have a personal conclusion? how high up does it go?

      • Budweiser

        Mac. Sorry, been out all day. The 100 year embargo is very unusual . Most ‘war papers’ are released after 30 years. One of the strangest aspects in this sorry saga , is that the autopsy report on Thomas Hamilton is one of the many papers and submissions of the Cullen enquiry which subjected to a 100 year embargo. An autopsy report on a mass murderer !!!!

  25. Budweiser

    Billy Nimmo’s cover up – by a mason !

    Yes – Billy Nimmo is the go – to man for the establishment – no wonder he was promoted !

    • mick

      Hes the man to see for a whitewash anD a cover up also he was involved in the cover up of the Edinburgh circle thing

      • mick

        The secret society in Edinburgh has many skeletons in its cupboard ,in a modern universal world is it time these secret handshakers were outed and made to declere who and what they are if in high office ?

        • graham

          Couldn’t agree more along with Opus Dei
          And AOH chaps at HMRC who aided certain bloggers in their futile attempt to kill the glasgow Rangers
          Tick tock

          • barcabuster

            Don’t shoot the messenger Graham.!
            Your use of the word futile is funny mate. :-).. Was it intended?

            • graham

              Haha yes , do you think fertile (iser) would have be better with the amount of dung
              Being chucked about these. Days !!

      • Budweiser

        mick :_ That would be the magic circle.

  26. portpower

    Let them.

  27. coatbrigbhoy

    June 19, 2013 at 12:18 am

    Niall Walker

    “This is a man that has defended, deflected, Sevco and Deadco to the point of lying about himself”,


    In reply Niall posts this

    Niall Walker
    June 19, 2013 at 8:39 am


    I think you have more or less described my feelings perfectly.

    How warped do you have to be to be bragging that your a liar

    • Niall Walker


      Pretty warped, anything else I can do for you just give me a call.

      This chap may be ill, it is my civic duty to humor him until the next headcount.

      • coatbrigbhoy

        Will you be faking blindness today so you don’t have to acknowledge the Charity rip off carried out by your fellow Rangers men ?

        • Niall Walker


          You must be blind, I clearly acknowledged the alleged charity fraud, anything else dear ?

          • graham

            N ,
            No that’s not enough for mr Coatbridge &Co
            They will want loads of more miles out if this one .. It’s not about the alleged crime and their horror ( and ours) at it , it’s about twisting it and putting the boot in .. Quite sick real using a the misfortune of a charity to beat someone over the head with it
            Dogs with bones !! Silly wee fanny licking dogs at that !!

  28. Niall Walker

    Bud et al,

    I find your use of child abuse to score points quite disgusting, are you deaf or blind my any chance, do you deny the holocaust and have you read any PG Wodehouse recently ?

    It must be ok to discuss Masons covering up child abuse, no harm no foul.

    I just love this site.

    • Niall Walker

      How can anyone use the deaths of those tragic children at Dunblane to have a dig at Rangers ?


    • Budweiser

      Bud et al,

      I find your use of child abuse to score points quite disgusting, are you deaf or blind my any chance, do you deny the holocaust and have you read any PG Wodehouse recently ?

      It must be ok to discuss Masons covering up child abuse, no harm no foul.

      I just love this site.


      Once again, you have brought child abuse into a post. Who mentioned child abuse [ masonic or otherwise] ?
      Which particular holocaust ?
      I’ve read PG tea boxes – does that count ?

  29. graham

    gotnohumour ,

    I think you highlight the M.O.P.E’s ( most offended people ever )..
    its aw one way traffic, you criticise and dismiss all things protestant and British.
    However, if anyone argues back you accuse them of instigating it and then roll out the auld ‘you lot are all against me with your bigoted anti catholic, irish hating posts’.
    check my post gotnohumour I have not said anything anti catholic or Irish.
    yes I have condemned ira supporters who glorify the killing of innocent woman and children , but not that of the original ira and their struggle for freedom, a legitimate cause .
    As for your complete disrespect for both my grandparents, how bout I come round your place and nail their medals won defending our country and Europe against the evil Nazi’s to you fucking twisted forehead

  30. cam

    c’mon Cam,nearly there old bun.

  31. cam

    C’mon Paul get my green avatar changed!

  32. cam

    4 more to go!

  33. cam

    He beats one man,two he’s through on goal! he shoots,,,,,

  34. cam

    He scores!!!!!!

  35. cam

    1690 comments,,,,the Camster strikes again!

  36. Paul

    sorry to ruin your wee game 1690(1) like your team history gone.

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