Warrant Granted For Craig Whyte’s Arrest! Why and What Happens Next?

Craig Whyte is not a very popular man with quite a lot of people. Regularly on the Internet you can read comments from people looking forward to him going to jail (for something or other) or for even worse things happening to him.

So there was some cause for celebration when news broke yesterday afternoon that a warrant had been granted for Mr Whyte’s arrest.

However this is nothing to do with any alleged offence on his part, but rather with his failure to appear at court as a prosecution witness in the trial of two people, former housekeepers for Mr Whyte, alleged to have stolen property from Mr Whyte’s Highland Castle.

As the BBC reported:-

Mr Whyte had been personally served with a witness citation last month after the Crown said that difficulties in tracking him down had been resolved. Fiscal depute Kelly Mitchell told Sheriff Neilson that all her witnesses but one – Mr Whyte – had appeared, including his estranged wife, Kim.

It then emerged that Mrs Whyte had telephoned her husband and he told her he was in France. Ms Mitchell then spoke to Mr Whyte who claimed he had been countermanded, meaning he was no longer needed as a witness, and had received a letter confirming this.

Ms Mitchell told the sheriff this was incorrect, explaining that Mr Whyte had been countermanded for an earlier trial date. The fiscal depute said Mr Whyte had been cited by letter and in person six weeks ago to appear on Monday.

She said: “Given that we have an unfinished trial today, it is unlikely this trial will commence and I am seeking an adjournment to another date due to lack of court time. However, I am still seeking a warrant for Mr Whyte to prevent this from happening again. He knew he was due in court today.”

Defence lawyers Willie Young and Eilidh Macdonald said the Crown’s case stood or fell on Mr Whyte’s evidence and should be deserted.

Mr Young said: “It was he who made the complaint to the police. He is well aware of court procedure and the importance of being a witness would be apparent to him. He appears to be in France and made no travel plans to come here. In the interests of fairness, the case should be deserted. Adjourning it will result in further inconvenience and expense.”

Sheriff Neilson granted a Crown motion seeking an adjournment because of the lack of an essential Crown witness. She also granted the warrant for Mr Whyte’s arrest.

Perhaps coincidentally there have been recent discussions at court concerning a hardening of the attitude of Sheriffs to adjournments of trials where Crown witnesses had failed to appear. For a long time it was almost automatic that trials would be adjourned to a later date on the first and sometimes the second occasion that an essential Crown witness failed to appear. There seemed to be a view that the accused should not “get away with it” simply because a witness did not appear. There was also a practical aspect, especially in “domestic” cases, where the court did not want to allow an accused to escape justice simply because a witness chose not to attend, or was persuaded by the accused not to come.

In some courts opposing a Crown motion for an adjournment on the grounds of a witness being missing seemed doomed to fail, and indeed was frowned upon by certain Sheriffs as somehow not “playing the game”.

(There is the story of the District Court trial where the Fiscal moved for an adjournment because an essential witness was absent. The accused was an unrepresented 18-year old. The Justice of the Peace granted the motion for the adjournment and, without paying any attention to his role as a neutral arbiter, explained what had happened by telling the lad in the dock – “One of our side hasn’t turned up, so we need to put the case off”.)

So what has changed, and how does this relate to Mr Whyte?

It has been noted that, in some recent cases in different courts, Sheriffs have been refusing to adjourn trials in the absence of Crown witnesses unless the Procurator Fiscal has asked for a warrant for the arrest of the missing witness or witnesses. After all, the Crown has certain tools at its disposal in ensuring that witnesses do turn up. One of them is the power to have witnesses arrested where they have been validly cited to appear but have failed to do so.

If the Crown is not prepared to use the tools it has, then why, seems to be the view of Sheriffs, should they be granted their adjournments? Lots of court time can be wasted, and often the time of witnesses, both civilian and police, as a result of witnesses failing to appear at court.

Indeed in this case, where the trial seemed unlikely to proceed because of a lack of court time, the Fiscal is to be commended for doing her job properly and making her witness issues known to the court. It is not beyond the bounds of possibility that another Fiscal might have used lack of time as the reason for an adjournment, rather than mention the witness difficulties at all! (Not that that would be an illegitimate tactic, but rather that it would be trying to take a tactical advantage.)

So how does this affect Mr Whyte?

Will he find himself locked up in a prison cell?

Almost certainly not (which might disappoint some people).

Instead we are into the realms of the Criminal Procedure (Scotland) Act 1995, the relevant sections of which you will find quoted at the end of this post.

Under Section 155(1)(a) of the Act, where a witness, having been duly cited “wilfully” fails to attend, then he shall be deemed guilty of contempt of court, and as such liable to a fine or imprisonment for up to 21 days. So, as long as the Sheriff decides that the refusal to attend was wilful (and based on what the Fiscal is quoted as saying, that seems almost certain) Mr Whyte is therefore already guilty of contempt of court. This is a matter which would be dealt with when Mr Whyte faces the court (which he almost certainly WILL have to do).

The Sheriff in this case granted the warrant because Mr Whyte had deliberately and obstructively failed to attend, having been cited. How could the Sheriff decide, for these purposes, if the failure was deliberate and obstructive? It was very easy to do so as Section 156(4) states that a failure to appear, after effective citation, is presumed to be deliberate and obstructive in the absence of evidence to the contrary.

The warrant gives the police power to search for Mr Whyte, to open “lockfast” places to search for him, to apprehend him and hold him in custody in a police station and to bring him before the court.

Most readers who are not involved in the criminal justice system would, I think, be astonished at the number of arrest warrants which are outstanding at any one time.

These can be for serious matters, like absconding at the end of a Jury trial for fear of the verdict, or very trivial.

So we will not see an application for a European Arrest Warrant to bring Mr Whyte back in handcuffs from Monaco.

Instead what is most likely is that his solicitor would contact the police and the Fiscal to arrange a date for Mr Whyte to “surrender to the warrant”. This would involve an arranged time for him to appear at court, without the necessity of dragging him down the steps of a plane in manacles.

Mr Whyte is highly unlikely to see the inside of a vehicle like this

Mr Whyte is highly unlikely to see the inside of a vehicle like this

There was a time where, at least in the Glasgow jurisdiction, the police were unwilling to “assist” anyone for whom a warrant had been granted, requiring that such a person attend at a police station no later than 11.30pm to be held under the warrant in a cell overnight and transferred to the court the next morning. This was especially problematic where the case might relate to a minor road traffic offence, for example, and one’s client, maybe a professional or Managing Director, found themselves facing a night in the cells, especially where, as was not infrequently the case, the accused had not been aware they had a case at court at all!

One hopes for Mr Whyte’s case that the police and Fiscal in Inverness are not Rangers fans! (Only joking of course – one would not dare suggest that football allegiances would interfere with the course of justice).

Mr Whyte’s lawyer will try, I suspect, to have the Fiscal agree to have the warrant held to allow Mr Whyte to attend at the next trial diet. However, with the Fiscal having asked for the warrant, if he failed to attend again, it would make an adjournment on that ground for the Crown almost impossible.

So, to preserve the Crown’s position, it is likely that Mr Whyte WILL have to appear in court. At that stage there are two aspects to consider.

Firstly, as mentioned above, the Sheriff could punish him for his contempt of court with a fine of a short period of imprisonment. His failure to attend may have resulted in the visits to court by a number of witnesses being wasted. Public cash may have been wasted as a result.

Secondly, the Sheriff can order that Mr Whyte be detailed in custody until the trial is over, or be released on bail pending the trial. The Sheriff can also liberate him.

The Sheriff can only detain or bail a witness in these circumstances if satisfied that the order is necessary to secure his attendance at the trial AND that in all the circumstances it is “appropriate” to make the order.

If bailed (which is not money bail, that having been abolished in Scotland many years ago) it would be a criminal offence (over and above a further contempt of court) for Mr Whyte to fail again to appear.

What Mr Whyte’s non-attendance has done is simply caused him yet more embarrassment – it might not, because of the other business in the court, have caused the trial yesterday to be postponed, but it had the potential to do so.

One suspects that Mr Whyte’s lawyer will make efforts to have the appearance of his client arranged for a quiet day at Inverness Sheriff Court, where there will not be the potential media circus that his appearance might bring. I am sure his lawyer will also do their utmost to ensure that Mr Whyte goes to court, suitably apologetic for the “mix up”, under his own steam, and not in the back of a prison van!

So, after all of the allegations and rumours, we see Mr Whyte potentially standing in a dock, but not for how he ran Rangers, or how he refused to pay HMRC, but rather for failing to come to court in a case where the initial allegation was made by none other than Mr Whyte himself!

And indeed I suspect that this will be the only occasion he stands in a dock.

Posted by Paul McConville


Criminal Procedure (Scotland) Act 1995

155 Punishment of witness for contempt.

(1) If a witness in a summary prosecution—

(a) wilfully fails to attend after being duly cited; or

(b) unlawfully refuses to be sworn; or

(c) after the oath has been administered to him refuses to answer any question which the court may allow; or

(d) prevaricates in his evidence,

he shall be deemed guilty of contempt of court and be liable to be summarily punished forthwith for such contempt by a fine not exceeding level 3 on the standard scale or by imprisonment for any period not exceeding 21 days.


156 Apprehension of witness.

(1) In any summary proceedings, the court may, on the application of any of the parties, issue a warrant for the apprehension of a witness if subsection (2) or (3) below applies in relation to the witness.

(2) This subsection applies if the witness, having been duly cited to any diet in the proceedings, deliberately and obstructively fails to appear at the diet.

(4) For the purposes of subsection (2) above, a witness who, having been duly cited to any diet, fails to appear at the diet is to be presumed, in the absence of any evidence to the contrary, to have so failed deliberately and obstructively.

(7) A warrant issued under this section in the form mentioned in subsection (6) above shall imply warrant to officers of law—

(a) to search for and apprehend the witness in respect of whom it is issued;

(b) to bring the witness before the court;

(c) in the meantime, to detain the witness in a police station, police cell or other convenient place; and

(d) so far as necessary for the execution of the warrant, to break open shut and lockfast places.

(9) Section 135(3) of this Act makes provision as to bringing before the court a person apprehended under a warrant issued under this section.


156A Orders in respect of witnesses apprehended under section 156

(1) Where a witness is brought before the court in pursuance of a warrant issued under section 156 of this Act, the court shall, after giving the parties and the witness an opportunity to be heard, make an order—

(a) detaining the witness until the conclusion of the diet at which the witness is to give evidence;

(b) releasing the witness on bail; or

(c) liberating the witness.


(2) The court may make an order under subsection (1)(a) or (b) above only if it is satisfied that—

(a) the order is necessary with a view to securing that the witness appears at the diet at which the witness is to give evidence; and

(b) it is appropriate in all the circumstances to make the order.


(3) Whenever the court makes an order under subsection (1) above, it shall state the reasons for the terms of the order.


(4) Subsection (1) above is without prejudice to any power of the court to—

(a) make a finding of contempt of court in respect of any failure of a witness to appear at a diet to which he has been duly cited; and

(b) dispose of the case accordingly.

(6) On making an order under subsection (1)(b) above in respect of a witness, the court shall impose such conditions as it considers necessary with a view to securing that the witness appears at the diet at which he is to give evidence.

(7) However, the court may not impose as such a condition a requirement that the witness or a cautioner on his behalf deposit a sum of money in court.


135 Warrants of apprehension and search.

(3) A person apprehended under a warrant or by virtue of power under any enactment or rule of law shall wherever practicable (if not liberated under section 22(1B)(a) of this Act) be brought before a court competent to deal with the case not later than in the course of the first day on which the court is sitting after he is taken into custody.



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113 responses to “Warrant Granted For Craig Whyte’s Arrest! Why and What Happens Next?

  1. Ed Pàislig

    Could it be that Mr Whyte was in fear for his life given the many Rangers fans out there who, unaccountably and perversely, blame him for the death of the Rangers Football Club? Not least, the Hellenic Hitman that Charles was supposed to be engaging? Under those circumstances, I think I would be very wary too.

    • Ed Pàislig

      Apologies for not seeing your question yesterday Niall. I believe Craig Whyte was laughing at Ticketus because they thought their claim on SB money up to 2015 would continue with the new club SEVCO in the event of liquidation of Rangers. As it turned out, Duff and Phelps simply went to the Court of Session and had the Ticketus debt confirmed as unsecured and thus remaining with Oldco – Lord Hodge said Ticketus had “personal contractual rights” and no right to future SEVCO season ticket money.
      My main point was; if Ticketus can’t even do their very basic homework on Scots Law and the business record of Craig Whyte, then they deserve the humiliation and the financial loss. If course I feel sorry for the individuals at Ticketus whose heads would have rolled whilst Craigy, Imran, Chico, Stockbridge and D Murray are guffawing away.

    • Steven Brennan

      Valid point Ed
      If I was him and didnt want to attend, I would ask my lawyer to request a video link. Citing the possibility of harm by some nutcase.
      If Charles Green is to be believed he had to hide in safe houses, then Craig Whyte is in some danger when in Scotland.
      I don’t know if that is possible under our law but I cannot see why not in this day and age.

      • Monti

        Morning Stevie, Agent Whyte is relaxed & safe at my side…:)

        • Steven Brennan

          Morning Monti
          Just read a big full page article in the online daily record, about how the manchester police intimidated, assaulted and framed the vermin scots who were living down there in the sixties.
          Could be the Glasgow police and irish catholics up to this day.
          But I wont read that in a scottish paper though.

    • Monti

      Do they have any bullets left to send Ed.
      Oh I forgot that was West ‘am or Chelsea fans…mmmm

  2. Monti

    If the police arrest our hero, i will personally bail him out, take him to lunch & make sure he is safe….. this is a great man & i admire him for his work! 🙂

  3. graham

    Nice piece Paul ,
    Nothing in the poor auld elvis impersonator fella diwn in dublin with the broken nose and teeth .. Looks like Saint Anthony has been at it again …
    Still maybe tonys father and his gang can
    “Shake elivs all up ” and make him change
    His statement ..

  4. Monti

    I actually want ‘ social unrest ‘, how funny would it be to see Huns foaming at the mouth & rampaging through the streets looting 🙂
    Oops that’s been done, Manchester. silly me.

  5. graham
    June 11, 2013 at 9:10 am

    Nice piece Paul ,
    Nothing in the poor auld elvis impersonator fella diwn in dublin with the broken nose and teeth .. Looks like Saint Anthony has been at it again …
    Still maybe tonys father and his gang can
    “Shake elivs all up ” and make him change
    His statement ..
    Read that story this morning and there are a couple of things that dont sit right with me. First of all the impersonator has ran straight to the papers for a few sheckles. Secondly he’s said the attack was unprovoked but the nightclub spokesman certainly seems to suggest a different story with a drink being spilled and two groups getting involved in some sort of fracas, then one group was removed to prevent further trouble.

    I’m sure the truth will out soon enough.

    • O.M.

      Interestingly enough (or not), former Hibs player Garry O’Connor was in court over an alledged assault on an Elvis impersonator in Port Seton some years ago.

  6. arb urns

    surely ‘willie young’ wont be responsible for a ‘the gers’ man committing a ‘foul in the box’ (witness).

  7. Dhougal

    Free the Craigy Bhoy!!!!!

  8. Monti

    I see Regan is trying to force through an anti sectarian & racism resolution?
    Does that apply to your staff members at Hampden who send anti- pope e-mails around the office?
    Fkn prick!

    • mick

      Monti they all need there faces grabbed 12 to 20 years of cheating most fans around The world would have Colombian necked tied them all for it ,they have to go now as the Charlotte tapes prove they are in the web of deceit as main silk spinners a bit of cheese wire required lifes about respect and all these peOple in the web of deceit have disrespected the Celtic faith team and culture it gos beyond sport now and is there hoovering over them like a black cloud

    • JimBhoy

      @Monti I believe it was Regan who insisted Hugh Bonkle from Dallas was surplus to requirements..So at least he got one thing right…

      Looking fwd to the new rules they vote in and how they enforce them, it will be a total clusterfuk much the same as the new policing laws have shown, breeding a hate culture towards the feds from football fans and costing a fortune to try and govern. Talk about counter productive..

  9. JimBhoy

    Whyte is an intelligent, experienced confidence man who knows how to work (around) a frail set of business and tax laws in this country. I am sure he will put many more people on the dole queue, raping many businesses down the line at the expense of the tax payer… For those facts alone he should be lined up against a wall and everyone who has suffered at his hand should be free to give him a good kick in the haw-maws…. Thus shall this punishment be known as JimBhoy’s law… Spivs & Shysters beware..!!

    And his voice really irritates me (Oh Absolutely)..

    Maybe Stewart Regan would let me devise a TRUE SFA ‘Fit and proper’ test, water boarding anyone?

    • Ed Pàislig

      Your absolutely right. The corporate veil is there to promote business – someone with a good idea can take a business risk without being in danger of losing everything. It is easily exploited by Craig Whyte and his like. But we must remember that it is “respected” business professionals who allow these crooks to operate. Lawyers, big accounting firms, insolvency practitioners – they will associate with any crook for a quick buck. Look at David Grier, Gary Withey, Imran/Charles – they all prostituted themselves for a few quid. Meanwhile Craigy runs about leaving unpaid wages and massive debts to the public purse.

    • Maggie

      Oh dear God Jim,that bloody voice!!!!!! First time I heard it I couldn’t help thinking of Hugh Grant in Bridget Jones’s Diary…..”I’m a terrible disaster,with a posh voice and a bad character” 🙂

      I realise this will be beyond your scope of interest Jim,unless Mrs JB made you watch it 🙂

      • JimBhoy

        @Maggie Howdy, You are spot on… Unfortunately with the three females in my life I am rather over ruled when it comes to the struggle for the remote control… 🙂

  10. mick

    Good morning every 1 hope yous are all well even my daft sevco chums lol what w event for agent whyte a warrent for non appearance as a witness is serious and could see whyte remanded but noo doubt his legal pals while be on it just know getting a date ready , for any1 thinking whyte will be charged with stealing the aresenal shares and stuff no way all he did was spend the tax money keeping rfc alive or they would have died after euro games if any1 is guilty of kill old co it’s fat Sally the Slekit pie muncher for his crap performances in Europe remember whyte was only driving the trian when it crashed the daft sevcoians buttoned up the back or what think its whyte and not Murray via msm spin there deluded clowns even the spiv phenoix going on and being revealed via twitter is legal we’re not aloud to steal a marshal but these spivs are free to fleece millions scots law needs tighter to stop this sort of business ,

  11. JimBhoy


    I liked this story for a number of reasons…. Looks like the Celts have got a good player who will service the team well and should see us make profit when he decides it’s time to go. I think Scotland will and in some cases are facing the same austere times and that will certainly mean new young talent emerging… Lastly, 6-4 is hardly ‘Giant’, we come up against boys taller than that at under 14’s.. 🙂

    • Pensionerbhoy


      Forgive my impertinence but I believe that the choice of words can oft cause unfounded concern.
      “Looks like the Celts have got a good player who will service the team well…”
      Less inflammatory statements have resulted in frenzied accusations. Fodder for fools is a feed I would rather be without. On the other hand, by reading something into nothing, I could simply be a paranoid – “idiot”?

    • ecojon


      He certainly sounds like a great signing who will fit right in at Celtic Park.

      • JimBhoy

        @Eco from what I have seen of him I think he has the potential to be a cracker…. And a good investment…

        Play making midfielder and I’d be happy… 🙂

      • Pensionerbhoy


        “…who will fit right in at Celtic Park.”
        As long as he bends his head on his way up the tunnel.
        I am looking forward to how he does. It seems a very long time since we had a big guy up front. Perhaps Stokes has made his ability more important than was first intended. Or did Elvis come back and tell Lenny aforehand?

  12. Monti

    The name Campbell Ogilvie, makes me feel physically sick!
    Does anyone else feel the same?
    There needs to be a fkn revolution in Scottish football!
    I feel like Obelix on PCP today..ahh good here comes a roman foot patrol…tum te tum….. Bash,skelp,slap….tum te tum!

    • monti
      campbell ogilvie makes you feel physically sick I feel for you
      but as long as the SFA are in control of our football
      There is not much we can do other than pray that he may get shredded
      in his own devices god works in mysterious ways.
      I hope soon MONTI you are god to me an others HAIL HAIL

    • Maggie

      Obelix on PCP 🙂 you’re hilarious,can’t stop laughing at the Roman foot patrol reference.Cheered me up no end Monti.

    • Stevie

      “Cambell Olgilvie makes me physically sick”

      Monti, why don’t you ask one of “Mr O’s” superiors to dispense with his services, citing the fact that the very mention of his nom de plume renders you full of the boak? How about contacting Mr Lawell?
      Don’t look at ‘ra Cellick’s” history though because i’ve heard that can be bad for your heart as apparently it’s enough to make it go OH oh oh oh!
      It then renders you disdainfully apathetic to anything apart from theatre’s or concerts. This may cause withdrawal symptons through the close season as “ra Celtic” won’t be there. Monti i’ve diagnosed “Therangersitis”.I would reccomend complete abstinance from football for the rest of your puff, and definitely stay away from Blog sites,as they seem to increase your heart rate from time to time. You are a seriously ill man,and should seek help soon as the condition has been known to be terminal.
      Of course you could ask for a second opinion,although don’t ask your friends, i’d go for complete strangers as to get an honest diagnosis, as occasionally there can be a cruelty attached to kindness.

  13. Geddy Lee.

    I’m confused. The laptop loyal have been telling us for weeks we had no chance of signing him, as a couple of english sides(yawn) were interested.

    How on earth have we managed it? LOL

    As for poor agent Whyte, surely the court will let him give his evidence via video.

    Can you imagine the security arrangements that would be required to keep the frothing hoards from killing him?

    • Monti

      Probably the same amount of officers who have had to protect our manager & his family….because of his ‘style of play’ ! Mmmmm

  14. Paul

    When the Sevco fans accuse CW of deception I think they delude themselves big style and do not think about what has happened right under their noses.
    To obtain the business all matters legal would have to have been taking care of and it is madness to think that one man could pull this off without employing the help of others.
    To even suggest that SDM was none the wiser as to whom this wee fox was (CW) is laughable and actually is an embarrassment to the whole of the Rangers management and supporters.
    A fit and proper test to establish who was going to be the next emperor to the institution which could have been established within one minute of browsing the web is yet another embarrassment, the MSM should hang their heads in shame if it were true. However the real facts would show otherwise.
    Rangers the big institution was in dire straits and the MSM knew it was, the final curtain was about to be lowered unless a buyer could be found, but there was none. An escape route was required and all hands were required to make this happen. The media would have a big role to play once the buyer was secured.
    Enter CW and the circus act roll in the legal teams put out the statements that the messiah has arrived with wealth of the radar, get rid of any one who objects, square the bank and set about ripping off anyone else who tries to confront you.
    CW would have taking this club further and would probably have left with a considerable wee profit, and paid off the expenses to the taxman etc as it would have been possible if you consider the money to be made (Sevco think there is no money to be made in Scottish football because they are out of it) from the domestic and European competitions. Enter super swally and his experienced team of fuds. £30 million down the drain considering CW had just took on a debt of 27 million.
    If it is believed that CW was a conman and was the sole bearer of RFC going down, ask yourself this what was all the Rangers men(WATP) with the money doing whilst this game was been played out. There are no rangers men at Ibrox they all wanted this to happen as Administration/liquidation was the key to getting rid of the toxic debt and to get rid of the creditors and invest in a business which they could float on the market with the view to making a quick buck. To the fans of the Sevco for that is what yous’ are, none of the board including your manager are Rangers men they have made an investment in the knowledge that creditors were stiffed, and most were fans, to line their own pocket and feed of the knowledge that the deluded will not question the loyalty demanded.
    If this is the way sevco fans wish to be treated and if they blindly wish to follow this charade then whatever comes their way they can always say they knew it was like this but loyalty has to be the ultimate sacrifice at whatever cost.
    To blatantly follow these spivs and deny what knowledge and warnings that was given to protect the interest of the few who have no interest in you or your club will serve to instil in the future generations that is alright to be part of the corruption which is a stain on the map of Scotland. Sevco Scotland’s shame now, then and forever until the sevco fans wake up and demand enough is enough and begin with a new history one in which they can be free of spivs, cheats, conmen and one in which they can be proud of.
    @all sevco fans who come on this site because they have nowhere left to turn GIRFUY as you deserve it for your spin.

    • PAUL
      never have there been a truer word written than this letter your 100% right
      about all the rangers men show me the money they all new it was a con
      and they were behind SDM to stiff the true blue fans by this charade
      and do the blame game it was not not me gov it was whytey who did it
      thank you paul for such a true letter may god bless you

  15. Budweiser


    I have been saying to adam;cam; and especially ,oor wullie [ who I see was spouting off again yesterday ] about Craigy . It’s all wishful thinking regarding criminal offences whilst he was at Ibrox. Civil actions are something else altogether.
    Regarding Regan’s anti-sectarian proposals, and ‘closing down grounds’. Does this only apply to home games ? What about eg. the singing at Berwick and Queens Park – what are the sanctions in these instances ?

  16. Geddy Lee.

    And while whyte continues to take ALL the blame from the sevcos for the demise of their old club, civil war breaks out on munter media as a poster dares broach the subject of Swally’s gigantic salary.

    Many are actually trying to defend his massive pay packet, despite playing at just about the lowest standard possible.

    It would seem that he and his performing coaches, unlike the players are still drawing salarys that would have most SPL chairmen baulking.

    Once again, in a staggeringly immature attempt to “save face” many of the posters are defending him to the hilt.

    The actual future of this new club seems to be the least of their concerns.

    Don’t get me wrong, the odd poster is horrified at the money being spurged on the coaching staff, but the majority are right behind him, despite slagging off his horendous football all season. LOL

    I can’t imagine any other seriuos club where this attitude would prevail.

    Is it any wonder the attract nothing but the flotsam and jettson of the business world?

  17. Geddy Lee.

    Paul, I honestly believe most of them know that without Whyte conning Ticketus, the bank WOULD have called in the 18Million immediately.

    Sadly, from day one, they have refused to face up to reality. Never once expressing any sympathy for the massive list of creditors left in the lurch when their old club failed to pay it’s debts.

    Never their fault, always someone else. They continue to insist they were “relegated” from the SPL. Liquidation of the club it seems, never happened.

    Poor Whyte never had a chance once it finally collapsed. Just look at Green having to move from house to house, and he was on their side LOL

    • willy wonka

      ” Liquidation ” hasn’t happened.
      Did you not know that ?
      Lol. Another guy who survived being a brain donor.

  18. Monti

    Agent Whyte & I have spent a lovely morning together, taking a stroll along the beach,enjoying the sun, Craig seems relaxed & is good company today.
    Ice cream & jelly factories & liquidating ‘institutions’ were just two subjects raised as we sat in the shade,discussing & laughing at rangers (IL) & other numerous things, Craig had extra ice cream with his jelly today.
    The only thing Craig was disappointed about was the length of time it took to execute his plan.
    He confirmed to me his plans to take over at Hearts…. 🙂
    If Carlsberg did Tuesday’s…..

    • Monti

      Craig & I both laughed out loud when the waiter arrived with the bill….Craig said he wasn’t paying the tax on the bill…
      Just like the Creditors & HMRC…..the waiter didn’t get it…..:)

      • Pensionerbhoy


        I have told no one till now, but I have had more than one meal with said Mr. Whyte – and I know for certain I never paid the bills.

    • tom

      dont anybody dare adjust monti’s TU/TD…..7 – 1 seems to ring a bell…..

  19. dan

    I think we should all form a Legion Of Saint Craigie, and give the wee darlin’ a guard of honour if he is compelled to attend court. Surely the authorities know how the wretched would react if thy knew Saint Criagie was in town? Lynch mob anyone?

  20. Mat.

    One hopes for Mr Whyte’s case that the police and Fiscal in Inverness are not Rangers fans! (Only joking of course – one would not dare suggest that football allegiances would interfere with the course of justice).
    Really ! Historical decisions in cases involving the various versions of Mr Whyte’s Football Club,over the last year or so, ruled on by The Learned, would suggest allegiance of some sort.

  21. Monti

    Not many Zombies on here today, ahh silly me, the sun is out, Doh! Too bright. 🙂

  22. Pensionerbhoy


    I am playing catch up again due to my month’s rest and kitchen renovations. I will probably be – well the house not actually me. My powers were cut off long ago – losing both electricity and water during the afternoon sometime so be prepared for an abrupt conclusion.

    First of all, thank you for your post about John Ogilvie School. One of my boys spent a few years there before we moved to new pastures. I have fond memories of his time there, especially his playing days in the junior school band. The senior band had quite a reputation then and travelled considerable miles giving performances, home and abroad. I have not been back for some years but I believe the school has changed a lot since then. Would it be too controversial to mention that in spite of the changes it will always be the same John Ogilvie, history and all? I will leave the debate on all things theological and atheistic till my mind is more focussed. All I will say is that my beliefs are an important element of my life and a map for my personal behaviour. What others believe or disbelieve is for them to ponder though I am always interested in what makes other minds tick. One never knows how a fresh spark may ignite new thinking of one’s own.

    Your next post highlighted one of the most enjoyable reads in modern media. I have read Private Eye almost since its foundation in the early 60s. Two names I remember well from those early days are Richard Ingrams and Willie Rushton, sadly no longer with us. These were geniuses who put the word satire into satire, and were among some very notable writers and broadcasters who were associated in some way or other with this outstanding publication. I still read it today. Unfortunately for me, it has a hint of the internet bampots about it. In spite of its exposure of questionable behaviour, both individual and corporate, it does not seem to jolt the mainstream into expected reaction. I agree with the comments that Ian Hislop has taken it to a brave new level and I hope he continues to hit hard.

    Re you latest post about Mr. Whyte, I have only one thing to say. He sure knows what that instrument between his legs is for. He has p*****d on and f****d everything and everyone he has had contact with. Accuse him of what you want, but it can not be said the man does not have balls, whether for good or bad, and all the potential functions that go with them.

    • Steven Brennan

      Hope you are well after your hols, did the missus let you drink to much?
      If so I hope it wasn’t bushmills, I drove through there a couple of times the buntin etc made Larkhall look positively vaticanesque.
      Anyway welcome back old yin.

      • Pensionerbhoy


        Sorry, the electricians had me switched off, not because I was annoying them, but simply to fit a new cooker and some fancy lights so that the wife looks more sexy in an apron. Ah, the things you can paint on spectacle lenses these days!

        Thank you very much. The wife dragged me through numerous bushes and I caught the wind under several mills but ne’r the two together. Nevertheless, I had a fabulous time and managed to get around a lot better than expected. That may have been in no short measure due to no lack of Guinness of a night. There are certainly some wonderful sights to see and I had two great days in Sligo at Bro. Walfrids memorial and seeing several places that Sean Fallon wandered in his boyhood and youthful days. I must try to write something about the experience. My only grump was not finding a pub that showed the cup final and I could not even get internet to listen on CTV. It was nearly a week before I got to see the replay on the net. I suppose knowing the score helped my old ticker from running a mock.

        Anyway, it is nice to be back learning from all you experts again. I was getting a bit worried I would forget all I had been taught on this sight and revert back to terracing tantrums. Thanks again.

  23. Monti

    ” And when this war is over & I see your face again,
    Then I’ll tell you of the warriors, who put death before revenge”


  24. Ed Pàislig

    Stop questioning the worth of Alistair McCoist. He is manager of the world’s most successful club(!!??). He was a good friend of the much loved and admired Tommy Burns and he has raised funds for SCIAF. OK he is a very poor coach and his personal physical fitness level is not good enough – in fact the only time Ally runs these days is when he hears the Broomloan Road ice-cream van. But he must stay in post. The more money that goes to Ally the better – that will mean less for the Chico mob and nothing to spend on half decent players.

    • Monti

      Ally McCoist lost respect when he stitched our Neil Lennon up!
      Fk him!

      • Maggie

        I loathe him,always have.I’ve never bought into that “cheeky chappie” veneer.
        I could never understand why the late,great Tommy Burns would have anything to do with him,then again,Tommy was a true Christian.
        That “incident” with Lenny was despicable,but typical of his sleekit,underhanded tactics.
        Anyway Karma’s a great leveller Monti.Look where he is,and look where Neil Francis Lennon is. H H

  25. Monti

    Funny moment at work yesterday, I was discussing the game with a colleague ( Hearts fan) when over walks a lovely lady & said ” who’s a Celtic fan”?
    Smiling I said “that’s me”? She replied ” my man’s a Rangers fan “?
    I said to her ” who does he follow now then”?
    like the creditors,she looked lost & didn’t get it….bless her 🙂
    The Hearts fan did.

    • Maggie

      I very innocently asked my window cleaner ( a really nice,obliging laddie btw ) if he was saving up to get his tattoo of Rangers,changed to Sevco.
      I felt bad Monti,as his wee face fell and his eyes welled up,no kidding.
      I’m a bad Ghirl. 🙂

      • Ed Paisley

        Think about poor Cam – he’s got a tattoo with “Rangers” on his right arm and on his left arm he has a racy depiction of his beloved Morag as she was when they first met in 1949. Now his team are deid and Morag has put him oot the hoose because of his snoring and all that bloody annoying laughin’ and greetin’. Poor soul!

    • JohnBhoy

      “…who does he follow now then?”


  26. Monti

    Asterix can you pass me that bottle of magic potion? The sun is gone & a zombie roman foot patrol should be along soon. 🙂

  27. How much has he cost us this time? This whole downfall thing has opened my eyes to the fact that there are too many Del Boys in banking/business/commerce/sport, take your pick or any combination there of, altogether. Are there any honest men that wear suits?

  28. Monti


    • willy wonka

      Pity Tommy wasn’t in your clubs heart when they didn’t have the decency to cancel a match to mark his passing.
      You know, unlike when it suited them following O’Donnells death.
      No class.

  29. Monti

    Glasgow City Council lose laptops containing personal bank details of thousands of people.
    Wonder if there were any prominent Ibrox & Hampden staff, among the names?
    Wouldn’t mind a detailed look at some bank accounts over the last 15 years! :/ mmmm

  30. arb urns

    c the tax avoiding pres of the sfa has signed up for another two years…. wee challenge for charlotte…. thats £12k of private funding and £10k of corporate withdrawn and lost to the game that I know of following the goat-nimmo decision and now campbell own goal being re-elected….. theres bound to be more……………….

  31. steveo

    I think wee Craigy would be quite safe in a Polis Cell. Believe it or not there are plenty Cellic fans in ra polis as well as fans of Aberdeen, Dundee ICT Ross County etc etc. If he was locked up at Inverness I am fairly certain that quite a few Cellic fans especially would be popping down to the custody suite there to get their photo taken with him & I’m sure they would keep him safe from the rampaging hordes of Orcs now supporting Newco who may (or may not) be looking to do him harm. Anyway if oldco didn’t die why do the Rangers fans want to do him harm – after all he did take care of the debt for them, he got them liquidated and cleared the debt – job done!!

  32. JohnBhoy

    I take it that the Elvis impersonator was All Shook Up and found his Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain on the way to Heartbreak Hotel, wishing he was in Viva Las Vegas, until that is he phoned a Teddy Bear called Long Tall Sally – even though She’s Not You, Stokesy – and said Don’t Be Cruel, Love Me Tender and Sally asked are you recording this because Craigy has left a lot of Suspicious MInds and if You’re The Devil In Disguise then hello Charlie where have you been can you take me to the Promised Land like you said instead of Jailhouse Rock where we are all gonna end up unless you Return To Sender.

  33. barcabuster

    It is clear from the latest of our ladies audios, that D&P are well aware of CG&CW are baking a cake together. They thoroughly endorse it!
    Some lovely gossip on the sex diseased gambling addicted, cestarian singing, walk away heroes, And what’s this…… The cardigan was on £1.7m per season. Without doubt the most unbelievable, but true thing I have heard in a long long time.
    Christ, he is almost single handedly the cause of their liquidation!
    Now he is back in the chair….Oooooooheeey . The bogie man is back to get more wonga.

    • Ed Paisley

      The biggest gravy train in history for these guys. Murray’s proud claim was “I never took a penny from Rangers in all the time I was in control”. No but he took a few quid from HBOS to fund his own huge salary and the millions he is reputed to have diverted to his family companies. He was clearly using HBOS money to feather his pal Walter’s nest too. If it wasn’t for the embarrassment and recriminations that it would provoke, HBOS would have closed Murray’s tin shed empire years ago.
      What did Murray get his knighthood for? Why hasn’t Craig Whyte got one too? They are a couple of conmen and tricksters cut from the same cloth.
      I would love to see Murray in the dock and I am a patient man.

    • Budweiser


      I liked the bit where whitehouse [ I think ] says ” Whats the wee celtic guy on – you know ? – the nutter – what’s his name ? “. CW: ” Oh you mean Neil Lennon – £300,000 per year – unbelievable ! ” — This was in response to CW informing duff and duffer that Ally was on £750,000 !

      • barcabuster

        The epitomy of impartial practitioners.!
        Ah well, At least Imran wasn’t a catholic! I know it was a joke lampooning Sevco fans atitudes, but it will provide the odd comedy moment in the movie.
        McCulloch showed some loyalty, Aye, Because nobody else wants him. Comedy Gold.

        • Budweiser


          CW:- ” Ally doesn’t have the respect of the dressing room ” – now there’s a surprise !

        • Budweiser

          Whitehouse ; ” Have you ever been threatened Craig ?” CW; ” Only once in Monaco, when I was siiting in a cafe watching the Grand Prix,and a rangers supporter came up and harangued me. I explained to him that everything was going to turn out just fine [ lol] but he said that if I ever returned to Glasgow he would have somebody beat me up “.
          Maybe Thommo should add that to the list of the threatened .lol.

          • barcabuster

            @It didn’t sound like Craigy was too bothered by the mobile mooth. He knows its the postman he really needs to keep an eye on. 🙂
            Perhaps Cha will release the process involved for the transfer of association membership, when wee Craigy, with his new company took over. Now that would be interesting.

    • Budweiser


      Another interesting snippet for those amongst us who ARE IN NO DOUBT
      [ oor wullie and others ] about wee craigie’s criminal actions which will send him to goal. —- This was in respect of ‘ financial assistance ‘ in the ticketus deal . Duff and duffer state that the only possible CRIMINAL action against CW could be ‘ Conspiracy to defraud ‘ – but because he acted with the advice of legal counsel [ and can prove it ] he is in the clear ! Gary withey might not be so lucky.

      • barcabuster

        Aye, the wee man is in the clear! Now that the SFA have said they might conduct their own whitewash into the dealings(just for some added in-credibility) into the CG,CW relationship, maybe they could ask D&P..
        Off the record of course, a lot of that going on! Is it ethical to scroll through texts of bidders to show to Craigy? Anyway…There was no doubt that D&P knew CG & CW were partners(off the record)
        Craigy got a bit twitchy when he was told they would have to cough up the wonga sharpish, or lose their input to date.
        Still, off the record, he pleaded a wee case for leniency. Did I get it right, that D&P creamed £1m from the Jerome money?

        • Budweiser


          Still, off the record, he pleaded a wee case for leniency. Did I get it right, that D&P creamed £1m from the Jerome money?’

          Yes. D&P were to get £1m and CW £2.5M. Duffers were then going to use the £1m, basically, as there up front money,ie. show that they were serious, in their case against Collyer Bristow – thereby forcing CB To settle out of court.

          • barcabuster

            There is more plotting in this than a BBC bodice ripper! Don’t tell Allan McGregor. 🙂
            I phoned my brother(a bluenose) tonight, and the subject of old/new club came up. I said they were a new club. His reply….We aw know that, but wuv eff aw else tae wind youz effing tims up aboot ya fat bassa.
            I have to admit I had fell for it.Seems they’re only kidding. Lol.

            • Budweiser


              I off to dream sweet dreams. Wondering if there are any tapes mentioning the two sevcos.

  34. mick

    Charlotte Fakeovers ‏@CharlotteFakes 52m

    Mr Regan is well aware of what I had to offer. Like the SMSM he ignored for 2 weeks. I followed up, only to be brushed off #HesNotInterested
    Charlotte Fakeovers Charlotte Fakeovers ‏@CharlotteFakes 54m

    SFA Investigation will be less effective than PM inquiry. SFA more interested in “who are these people” rather than the evidence. #irony


    so its odds on when the sfa say the will look at whyte and green it will be a white wash the fans have been conned and integrity is no more ever we might all as well take up golf as peter and Dermot don’t seem to bothered at what point is our board going to mention the rule breaking ??????

  35. mick

    its time for fans to email and ask there board were is the integrity in conning share holders and fans and creditors and why they are keeping silent its sick to watch and see and i for 1 will never spend a penny in Scottish football again its a con and every1 is party to it all member chairmen s no what is happening revoke sevco license now or 1000s will non appear

  36. Raymilland

    SFA fit for purpose?


    No level playing field, then what’s the point?

    Pull the plug on the bane of Scottish football. If the SFA fail to do so; professional football in Scotland will die of shame.

    Force the parcel of rogues out.

    The existing club cannot be cleansed; a new club needs to be formed from scratch, with new founders and a new ethos.

  37. SFA its now to late Scottish football has been destroyed by your actions
    to try and save that bigoted fu%king club do you honestly believe we are all that stupid to try and think your are in helping as the man said
    GIRFUY you are the shame of Scotland I will no longer be involved
    with the game as long as I live

  38. Raymilland

    The Scottish Football League, who operate Divisions One, Two and Three, are due today to vote on proposals to merge their body with the Scottish Premier League.

    With the Lowland League already approved by SFA chief executive Stewart Regan, he stated; “It was a substantial decision, one that could change the face of Scottish football going forward,”

    “To my knowledge we are now in a position where we have a national competition underpinned by two regional competitions, which paves the way for a pyramid for Scottish football, to become part of the game for the first time.

    “Clearly the big decision on that will happen tomorrow [Wednesday]. The Football League clubs will vote to either merge with the Scottish Premier League to create a single league body or they won’t.

    “If they do take that decision and make a step forward for the game, then the pyramid will be part of that and both the Lowland League and the Highland League will be feeder leagues into what is currently the Third Division.

    “For an ambitious club and an ambitious management committee that wants to see their club go from parkland to professional stadium, what a great opportunity today’s decision presents them with.”

    TRFC face several issues which would ultimately leave the club with no prospect of continuing in their present form.

    Setting aside the Craig Whyte/SFA debacle; HMRC shall not back down from their pursuit against oldco in relation tax due on ‘footballing debts’; namely payment to players and others during a period of more than a decade.

    TRFC are facing a financial impasse.

    The sooner the SFA force the above issue, only then can Scottish football begin the road to recovery. The journey for the Ibrox team will of necessity take more time than initially perceived by some.

  39. Fra

    The Masonic cabal knows no bounds. They will break every rule to retain their power but let me tell them, the end is in sight. TAL

  40. john brown

    There must be different laws in various areas in Scotland. .I was cited as a witness for the proscecution by letter given to me by a police officer. Since the summons I must notify the court when I am on holiday or away on business all of which must covered by paperwork. What makes Whyte any different from me

  41. SairFecht

    Even Craig Whyte’s pissing sounds dodgy.

    The question for me is: Is Charlotte merely releasing droplets of piss or is there anything here of sufficient brown substance that will effectively stick? The problem is – The whole thing howls of double-dealing, money-grubbing, deception, cheating and screwing. All of this has been white-washed by enquiry after enquiry with eminent establishment names to the fore. What we have here, I suspect, is at least some proof of how convoluted and dodgy the deal has been all along, and how fearful the journalists (despite now putting on a smug front with their tweets) are of exposing this whole chain of events and its players, which appears to be a big story in the waiting. Looks to me like we’ve descended from succulent lamb to not-very-succulent greasy pies which the journos are only to ready to slobber over to keep them tight with the big-guys – they have evidently been only to happy to condescend and scrape to them in the past when seeking permission for a story – as various emails on Charlotte (if true!) attest.

  42. portpower

    We`ve got one Agent Whyte.

  43. 502 blogs about Rangers, plus other Rangers related blogs.

    Is there anyone in the world who has blogged more about Rangers?

    Wisdom states: there are lies, damn lies, a statistics.

    But 502 blogs about Rangers. Now that’s commitment.

  44. Reblogged this on Colin Foster's Blog and commented:
    I’d like to think that justice will sone day find the one and only Craig Whyte.

    Probably won’t happen, such is the weird world we live in.

    None weirder than Paul though; over 500 blogs on Rangers. Very little about his own team (Albion Rovers?)

    It would be a boring world if we were all the same I suppose. Variety is the spice of life after all.

  45. Pingback: New Career Path? Buy a Football Club – Then Have a Warrant Granted For Your Arrest! | Random Thoughts Re Scots Law by Paul McConville

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