Rangers Show “Title Deeds” to Sunday Mail. But That Doesn’t Answer Mr Whyte’s Claims

Today’s Sunday Mail (though not yet online as far as I can see) solves the mystery over the “title deeds” to Ibrox and Murray Park. Brian Stockbridge, effectively the only Director of Rangers Football Club Ltd and, at least according to Companies House, the only executive Director of RIFC PLC, is pictured with the relevant Land Certificates. Land Certificates are what replaced “title deeds” in Scotland after 1979 – one neat document, including a plan, giving all of the relevant details about a property, including who owns it.

The “title deeds” prove that Ibrox and Murray Park are not owned by Craig Whyte, or Sevco 5088 Ltd or Worthington plc, or Mr Earley, or Mr Green, or even Mr Custard.

They will show either that the title is in the name of Sevco Scotland Ltd or Rangers Football Club Ltd. Those are in fact the same company, the name having changed on 31st July 2012.

The Land Certificate will not, I think, be in the name of RIFC PLC simply because it owns 100% of Rangers Football Club Ltd, and does not need directly to own the land and buildings.

So all is well – Mr John Brown can see the deeds and this proves that Mr Whyte has no claim!

Except it does not.

Now, I am not saying that Mr Whyte or his associates have a valid claim against Rangers Football Club Ltd, RIFC PLC or Messrs Green or Ahmad personally. What I am saying is that the media coverage has misrepresented the nature of these claims.

So here goes, in simple and straightforward terms.

Mr Whyte cannot successfully claim that he or Sevco 5088 own the fixed assets. When the Keeper of the Registers of Scotland issues a Land Certificate there goes along with it effectively a government backed insurance policy that the title is correct.

However, if the Keeper considers that there could be dispute about the title, or indeed where such dispute is notified to him, this “indemnity” can be excluded. That is unlikely to be the case here, as I am sure that any “exclusion of indemnity” would have been publicised as support for Mr Whyte’s position.

That is not to say that, in due course, a court could not overturn a transaction and order “rectification of the Register” but, as matters stand now it is clear that “Rangers” own the fixed assets.

What is at issue is how the assets got to Sevco Scotland/Rangers Football Club Ltd from Duff and Phelps.

The time line is as follows.

  1. Rangers Football Club PLC owns the fixed assets.
  2. Mr Whyte’s company, Wavetower Ltd, acquires 85% of the shares in Rangers Football Club PLC.
  3. Rangers Football Club PLC enters administration.
  4. Duff and Phelps are appointed administrators, acting as agents for Rangers Football Club PLC.
  5. As agents they enter into a binding and exclusive agreement to sell all of the assets to Sevco 5088 Ltd (so it is legally Rangers Football Club PLC which is selling the assets).
  6. In mid June 2012 it is confirmed that the assets have been sold to “the Sevco consortium”.
  7. It is then revealed that the purchaser is not Sevco 5088 Ltd but Sevco Scotland Ltd.
  8. There are then conflicting statements about whether the assets were acquired by Sevco 5088 Ltd and transferred to Sevco Scotland Ltd or went straight to the latter.

As STV discovered last June, and as I commented here, it was clear that title was being taken in the name of Sevco Scotland Ltd.

Mr Whyte’s claims relate to what happened at stages 5, 6 and 7 above.

If, as is alleged to be the case, he and his associates had an interest in Sevco 5088 Ltd, then that company had acquired a valuable right when it reached its binding agreement with Duff and Phelps. The right to buy assets valued, based on RFC PLC’s accounts, at over £100 million for £5.5 million was clearly of value. It is very common in business transactions, especially where there is “distressed property”, for someone to acquire it acting as a middle-man with the intention of immediately transferring it to someone else who would actually use the asset. In return for doing the hard work in finding an owner who wants the assets, the middle-man makes a profit – he sells the asset on for more than he, notionally, pays for it, often on the same day, or even by consenting to the asset transfer from the original seller to the ultimate owner, so that the title to the assets never actually rests with the middle-man.

Mr Whyte’s claim seems to be that Sevco 5088 Ltd was used as the middle-man here, but got nothing back for doing so.

From what has been said publicly, it seems that he was not intending that Sevco 5088 should be the middle-man but that, under the stewardship of Mr Green, acting for Mr Whyte, it should acquire and run Rangers.

However it appears that, in a classic “Switcheroo”, Mr Green passed the assets, or the rights to acquire them, from Sevco 5088 Ltd to Sevco Scotland Ltd with 5088 getting nothing back in return. There is nothing wrong with the Switcheroo in principle. The problem comes when 5088 gets nothing in return.

So Mr Whyte’s case is simple (although resolution will not be).

He claims to have had an interest in 5088. Valuable assets or rights which ought to have been in 5088’s possession were effectively given away for nothing by Mr Green to a company owned by Mr Green.

What Mr Whyte wants, via 5088, is payment for those rights and for consequential losses arising from the transfer.

There are circumstances where, as part of a settlement of such a claim, title might be transferred back to the claimant, but for many reasons, football regulations being one of them, I cannot see that happening here.

Instead Mr Whyte wants some money – and may have felt that a company which had just raised over £20 million from a share issue and which was the most financially stable in the UK could well afford to pay him!

So we have now seen the deeds … and seeing them solves nothing!

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  1. Niall Walker


    The cyber attack was probably an attempt to locate the source of his inside information, it was obviously someone within HMRC.

  2. You may very well be right.

    The question is…who paid for the attack?

    • cam

      Naw Carntyne the question is,is why is Arty’s site only the watered down version?
      If i was an obsessive like you i would go and read that mind numbing pish,clearly motivated by an inferiority complex,jealousy and an agenda that may eventually come out in the wash.Arty got pumped,bolted and now its disciples are hoping for a different outcome with another panel viewing the same evidence.Smacks of desperation.
      Levy Macrae would be the folk i would listen to.

      • cam
        April 28, 2013 at 7:21 pm

        If i was an obsessive like you…
        But you are cam, ask anyone…

        …i would go and read that mind numbing pish,clearly motivated by an inferiority complex,jealousy and an agenda that may eventually come out in the wash.Arty got pumped,bolted and now its disciples are hoping for a different outcome with another panel viewing the same evidence.Smacks of desperation.

        An amazing analysis that only a drunk could have put together. Staggering!

    • Niall Walker

      HMRC is a law enforcement agency which has a strong cadre of Criminal Investigators (c. 2000) responsible for investigating Serious Organised Fiscal Crime. This includes all of the previous HMCE criminal work (other than drug trafficking) such as Tobacco Alcohol and Oils smuggling. They have aligned their previous Customs and Excise powers to tackle previous Inland Revenue criminal offences. They are responsible for seizing (or preventing the loss of) billions of stolen pounds of HMG’s revenue. Their skills and resources include the full range of intrusive and covert surveillance and they are a senior partner in the Organised Crime Partnership Board.
      HMRC inland detection officers have wide-ranging powers of arrest, entry, search and detention. The main power is to detain anyone who has committed, or who the officer has reasonable grounds to suspect has committed, any offence under the Customs and Excise Acts.
      HMRC is also listed under parts of the British Government which contribute to intelligence collection, analysis and assessment. Their prosecution cases may be coordinated with the Police, the Revenue and Customs Prosecutions Office or the Crown Prosecution Service.

      ……but don’t quote me, this post will self destruct in 60 seconds.

  3. Paul

    Who owns the deeds old co or new co?

    • Niall Walker

      Do you mean the old Rangers or the new Rangers, or do you mean the old Sevco or the new Sevco ?

      Why all the fuss about deeds worth next to nothing without a viable Rangers ?

      • Paul

        It is important to know who owns the deeds as it can be worthwhile to note that if it is the old co Rangers then the deeds will allow creditors to come back in and insist that the assets are sold and they are recompensed. if the deeds show that Sevco Scotland acquired the assets then it proves Whyte and Green turned over the SFA as it is documented that Whyte was sevco 5088 and that he never walked away. Either way the club are screwed.This is not a witch hunt, as the sevco division think but it is merely showing that corruption is happening at the top level and it would appear all and sundry are compliant in a conspiracy to cover the truth to the determent of true rangers supporters who’s only wish is to continue in following their team as that i am sure has always been their wish. To allow doors to be closed will serve to reap havoc in the good name of football and will be the death knell to smaller businesses in the future as a precedent will prevail to the larger organizations who can ride out the legal issues which smaller clubs will find hard to pursue due to economic constraints.

        • Niall Walker


          I believe the assets were sold on behalf of the creditors some time ago, why do you think they were not ?

          What did Sevco( Scotand) pay 5.5 million for ?

          • Paul

            I do not believe duff and phelps would knock back 15 mill, 8 mill and 7 mill, finally settling on 5,5 mill if they were acting in the creditors interest,To me i think Green was part of the game played out by duff and phelps to shed the toxic debt and continue debt free and pass the business on without anyone noticing what had taken place.Green Whyte and Duff and Phelps.

            • Niall Walker


              Whose bids of 15, 8, and 7 million did D&P knock back ?

              The highest bid was 11.2 million and Bill Miller withdrew it, and they took the next best offer of 5.5 million, there was not a queue of buyers competing for the assets, everybody seemed to think the assets were not worth much on their own.

            • mick

              niall bill withdrew due to pressure on his family from Scottish bears saying bad things did you know he would have ran it single handily and secured yous for the future he was well up for it and d&ps side stepped him as well as we all know they were whytes mates and green was in place long before ever1 else even blue knights were conned by d&ps whats your take on these facts remember yank go home that banner will haunt yous for ever

            • @mick

              I thought that banner was hilarious, considering there were 3 Americans in T’Rangers squad at the time (maybe even on the pitch, but I’m not obsessed enough to trawl through google to check!)

              Then again, as they have shown time after time, berrs don’t do irony.

          • Monti

            what’s ‘Scotand’? Would you like a bowl of Jelly & Ice cream?

      • Monti


  4. SairFecht

    I think some of the Rangers-minded here are being somewhat disingenuous to Craig Whyte. This, after all, is the man who stepped up to the plate by openly screwing HMRC, Ticketus, etc. and thus ensuring Rangers’ very survival to the end of last season. The guy who took all the risks, at the possible cost of himself being banged up, simply now wants a little cut of the proceeds with £millions conveniently liquidated and the cut-price assets readjusted to market value. And what does he get for his troubles but the new guys trying to do him over? Come on guys, give this man a break, the patsy has seen through and overturned the sub-plot and just wants a little bit of the cut. After all, let’s face it, where would you be without Craig? History, and nothing more, is a very distinct possibility.

    • Adam

      He should be banged up in a cell for what he done. Simple.

      • mick

        why whyte Adam he was only driving the train when it crashed

      • Monti

        And what about David Murray? Should he not be with him in a cell? After all it was Murray who walked away with a £1 in his pocket. Interestingly, if Murray had the assets valued at around £100m why would you sell those for £1? …….Graffiti on the wall…..

      • SairFecht


        And what of the other players in the game, Murray’s complicity in selling to Whyte against the firm advice of the Titon report, Duff and Phelps for collusion with Green and Ahmad, Duff and Phelps for collusion with Whyte in the Ticketus affair, Green and Ahmad for ‘shafting’ Whyte (and apparently wishing to pour hot tar on his Denis Lawz)? The Rangers board for going along with all of it, and complicity in avoiding a proper and through investigation by HMRC? Or for allowing the club to sink into irrecoverable debt without reporting to the relevant bodies or authorities? If Craig does deserve to be banged up in a cell, should he not be attending workshops and dining-in with a few of his former associates? Is it really, as you put it, ‘simple’?

        • Adam

          I was talking about Whyte. And yes it really is that simple.

          I have less evidence on the rest that would lead me to such a conclusion but I wouldnt rule it out given some of the things that are being discussed.

          I dont think Murray could go to jail for selling the club to a now proven liar but he most certainly can shoulder a lot of the blame and responsibility for doing so…..not withstanding the risks he took with the EBT schemes.

          • Monti

            Adam if you had £100m of assets, would you sell it for £1? Murray did, why??

          • SairFecht


            But what in reality were Craig Whyte’s options? To liquidate and shut down Rangers before season-end with the very real possibility of stronger sanctions, than those ultimately imposed, on the reconstituted company? In these strange circumstances, if Whyte does indeed go to jail, will he not have been something of the sacrificial lamb – or scapegoat – to the excesses of Murray and apparent double-dealings of D&P / Green/Ahmad? And indeed the sacrificial lamb/scapegoat whose dubious actions have ensured the continuity of a football team that tens of thousands of people can now follow on a weekly basis? Is it any wonder that he has been taping conversations given the duplicity of those he has been dealing with, to cover his tracks? This is not in any way to exonerate or to approve Whyte’s actions or his part in the fiasco – but from what we have learned so far – I do wonder if in some wild and wonderful way that Whyte’s foretelling of one day being seen as the saviour of Rangers will – albeit for all the wrong reasons – be an accurate reflection of events.

            • Frankie Lad

              All along, it was clear, Craig Whyte’s eyes were not on the park alone, he was looking both directions at the same time, he knew the club was doomed, he could see the assets, he needed to orchestrate the whole process hence the urgency to have his advisers in the initial dealings court appointed as administrators. The man from a business respective, should be applauded. Unfortunately his choice of front man back fired, but surely with Greens open and frank admission he ‘ shafted’ Mr. Whyte, he could be up answering embezzlement of the assets ?……

  5. Thomas

    Paul I totaly agree, I downloaded the Titles ages ago, its easy once you register with Register of Scotland. Sevco Scotland.
    It’s what happened between D&P & Chico.
    Want a copy of “The Deeds” ?

  6. Guys

    Give it a break regarding the asbestos , 6 million tons were imported into the UK , providing the asbestos is undisturbed , protected and not exposed to the elements there is no requirement to move it . An asbestos register would have been done some years ago at Ibrox , would have indicated where all exposed asbestos was.

  7. ianjs

    Rangers’ tax case: outcomes and scenarios
    In today’s post, I will try to stimulate some discussion on likely end-games to the tax case and what that would mean for Rangers. By definition, this cannot be anything more than informed speculation, so I welcome alternative views and scenarios from all readers.
    There are three broad types of outcome from Rangers’ appeal of the assessments from HMRC:
    1. Complete win for Rangers: no payments on the assessments
    2. Complete win for HMRC: Rangers face bills of £36m immediately with £18-24m in penalties to follow
    3. Some midway point where tax is due but Rangers have managed to get the amounts reduced- let us suggest to £18m

    • Niall Walker

      It is safe to say his blog didn’t run for 2 years discussing option 1, the clue is in the title of his blog.

      • Niall,

        The Rangers Tax Case Blog came to a natural end on the Rangers Tax Case (and I know that, with appeals and potential further appeals the end is not actually nigh).

        I also know from speaking to her/him/them that it had become a full-time job running the site, with thousands of comments awaiting approval or sitting in moderation.

        And, if you go back to the very start of RTC, the main purposes were to point out this huge story which the Scottish media was ignoring and to draw attantion to the “succulent lamb” tendencies of some journalists.

        I think it is fair to say that, as exemplified by the Orwell Prize, her/his/their goals were achieved.

        In light of Sir David Murray’s threats it seemed a prudent thing to take down the site pending a review of its contents – I suspect not because of angst about what RTC had written, but about what some of the more exuberant commenters had chipped in.

        I also understand that, after all the time spent being RTC, she/he/they decided that they wanted their life back!

        It has also become the received wisdom that RTC predicted total defeat for Rangers, and as the extracts mentioned here tonight show that was not the case. It is true to say that RTC’s opinion was that the outcome was more likely to be against Rangers/MIH, but I recall it was an opinion hedged with many caveats.

        It is similar to those who know categorically that I have said Rangers is dead (I haven’t); that Lord Nimmo Smith’s Commission would strip titles from Rangers (I said they wouldn’t); and that I said Rangers would lose the Big Tax Case (I didn’t). But why let the facts get in the way of “accepted wisdom”?

        By the way, that last comment is not directed at you, but rather at those who “know” what someone had to say without troubling themselves with looking!



        • Maggie

          I thank you from the bottom of my heart for that interjection Paul as I was losing the will to live with the blind intransigence of some posters.No names,no pack drill,but we know who they are 🙂

          • Maggie

            Was that an ad hominem attack Paul? Just checking……I know,I know,I’m incorrigible,sorry 🙂

          • gortnamona

            Blind intransigence is the essence of bigotry. And while we are on the subject. Have you noticed that Cam’s posts have become more hysterical and abusive of late?

            • gortnamona
              April 29, 2013 at 8:01 am

              Blind intransigence is the essence of bigotry. And while we are on the subject. Have you noticed that Cam’s posts have become more hysterical and abusive of late?

              Can’t say I have. I thought hysterical and abusive was his default setting.

        • Niall Walker

          Evening Paul,

          As I said the true value of the blog was to expose the cosy relationship between SDM/Rangers and the main media outlets, and for that he deserved his prize, he also got me interested in the financial aspect of Rangers which eventually led me here.

  8. Fisiani

    I suspect the SFA and SFL are playing fort ime till the third division finishes in two weeks. Very messy to deduct points, cancel licences etc midseason. Far better to do so over the summer.
    Problem is that anyone who forks out for a season ticket over the next month may end up with no games to watch and no money returned..

    • tigertim

      Rangers aren’t selling Season Tickets yet. Stockbridge in todays SM says they won’t sell Season tickets till they know what league they will play in!!!
      Are they waiting on an invite or an admin point deduction.
      Very strange.

      • arb urns

        or even ANOTHER new licence for another newco and an associate associate membership and back into div 3 again for a MVL.

  9. Niall Walker


    Bill Millers economic adviser was on TV less than a few months ago, he stated it was the 30 million losses he would have to bankroll that ended his interest, seemingly D&P had underestimated the turnover repercussions of footballing sanctions.This sounds like D&P were doing their level best to paint a brighter economic picture in order to get the highest price, Bill Miller felt investing 51 million (11 + 30 + 10 in football debts and bondholder guarantees) was not worth the risk to turn Rangers around into a marginal business. The only money to be made was in the CL and that was only happening every 4 years or so, and he had a possible fan revolt to bankroll.

    The Blue Knights were Rangers people at heart, they could not persuade any investors to put up 5.5 million, and none were prepared to bankroll a 50 million possible investment.

    Anyway, what has this to do with higher bids being ignored ?

    • mick

      yes but he had funds and a vision of a profit after a couple of years he was your Fergus did you know Regan told him that he would be guaranteed spl if deal went throw bill was all for it a listened to a man how did feasibility study on the other night Tommy in Glasgow gos to Hollywood what a show the guy spoke at length thinking Tommy was a agent it was a classic show did you know bill has lots of celtic friends in America and was the only person with wades of cash at the ready to save yous a will upload show if a can find it for you its a must listen when debating bill the yank with the dollar they told to go home and bullied via emails and calls hes was the only person with swavvy out of all the names mentioned

    • mick

      the 20 mil black hole was his get out card lolhaha

    • mick

      niall all the bids were ignored as d&ps were in on the scam that was set before the took over d&ps whytes m8s green whytes m8 its plane to see and is criminal throw out its a spiv scam hell mind them when it gos to court lol

      • Adam

        So why did they give Bill Miller preferred bidder status prior to him pulling out ?

        That doesnt tie in with your theory.

        • mick

          its all a front adam he was in town with real money and real intrest he was ran out of town the yank go home banner would you after that he was scratching his head at that and pulled out

        • martin c


          I’ve often wondered that myself, and think it’s not too much of a stretch to suggest that if D and P were involved in some sort of “conflicting interest project” then they took a calculated gamble with Mr. Miller and his bid. Realising any serious business conducting DD would run a mile at the risk of any big investment in Rangers.

          Millar has good results in turning businesses around but at Rangers the cash flow wouldn’t be there, he couldn’t see a ROI and info in data vault was too “optimistic”?

        • Monti

          because he was called Billy…..

      • Niall Walker

        If D&P ignored higher bids then I think the bidders would have maybe mentioned it to the press or creditors, they did not.

        • Frankie Lad

          The D&P administration progress report lists for public record the bids tabled, the one not listed was the 5.5m they accepted. Down load the administrators June report. As I said in my comment in the Herald, time for D&P to put their insurers on notice there could be a hefty professional indemnity claim coming.

    • JimBhoy

      @Niall Did you hear/see the interview with Murray and Kennedy when chico got the exclusive rights and eventually bought, can you remember that, they were disgusted because their bid was better but they were lead down the garden path, their words… East Fife fans must have been rivetted to the Telly….Like yourself..!!!!

      • Niall Walker

        I recall them having 4 months to put a bid in, and they offered a few million for a CVA, they then whined they hadn’t had an opportunity to put a higher bid in for a newco after the preferred bidder had been named, bit late don’t you think ? Even Dutch auctions have a closing time.

        • Ian403

          Naill, According to your earlier post you reckoned the Assets went straight to Sevco Scotland… THAT was NOT The Preferred Bidder Sevco 5088 was.

          • Niall Walker

            The company name of the preferred bidder became irrelevant the moment the CVA fell through, it becomes a straightforward liquidation sale and if the majority shareholder of Sevco 5088 wants to buy the assets through another of his companies then no big deal. How are D&Ps to know there existed some behind the deals agreement involving CW and Sevco 5088, why would they question the motives of a man who they had been negotiating with for weeks ?

            • Budweiser

              If Mark Daly and CW tapes are to be believed then D&P were ‘negotiating’ with both CW and CG for months not weeks. The scenarios you paint, are true , if everything was ‘ above board ‘. Unfortunately [for rangers ] , and to howls of derision at every step, the ‘conspiracy theorists’ and ‘ rangers haters’ predictions are shown to be, at least so far, to have been on the money. We still await the Insovency practitioners investigation into D&P, Lord Hodges report [ where is that ?] BDO investigation, and now Rangers own investigation, plus SFA ‘ clarifications’. This story has much further to run – much further. How much will ultimately be revealed by the various investigations , however, is a different story. Time will tell.

        • Why were bids to save RFC1872 by CVA linked to bids for the assets should a CVA fail, why were the assets not Auctioned off, if / when a CVA failed, it was supposed to be about the best deal for the creditors, not the best deal for The failed company. Once the CVA bid failed, RFC 1872 were finished, gone, game over.

          Walter Smiths and his people were willing to top Greens £5.5m bid but it was disclosed that D&P and GREEN (&WHYTE) had done a deal, previous to the CVA failing.

          • Niall Walker

            There was nothing stopping anyone from only putting in a bid for the liquidated assets right up to the point CG was nominated as the preferred bidder and no one put a bid in higher than 5.5 million. In effect CG’s bids were the highest in both categories, and an auctioneer must at some point in time bang the hammer, its a bit rich to announce one would have paid more after the sale is over. D&P could not have linked the two bids if there was a higher liquidation bid on the table, and there was not a higher bid, if there had been there would have been a complaint by the bidder, no such complaint was received.

    • Maggie

      @Nall Walker
      I saw,and read the interview with Bill Miller’s rep and he did indeed say what you paraphrase above,but he also said and later wrote about the personal threats and attacks that Miller received,one might even call them “ad hominem” racist (Yank go home ) attacks.

    • arb urns

      cracks r appearin n. only one party got a chance at 5.5m.

  10. ianjs

    Published on 15/02/2012 02:08
    Sources at HMRC say they were “acutely frustrated” by Rangers’ actions, while the club is aggrieved at being bounced into administration earlier than planned by the taxman’s decision to launch its own court action. It is understood HMRC believes the dispute over Rangers’ use of employee benefits trusts (EBTs) – which club chairman Craig Whyte has said could cost them £75 million and is currently being decided by a first-tier tax tribunal – has been used as “a smokescreen”.
    On Monday, Mr Whyte said there was “no realistic or practical alternative” to administration because HMRC had made it clear that even if Rangers won the tribunal decision it would ** “appeal, appeal and appeal again”.**

    However, as Duff & Phelps later admitted in a statement, HMRC’s petition to the Court of Session was on a different tax matter, “the non-payment of circa £9m PAYE and VAT following the takeover of the club in May 2011”.
    A HMRC spokesman said: “We can’t discuss specific cases for legal reasons, but tax that has been deducted at source from the wages of players and support staff such as groundkeepers and physios, must be paid over to HMRC.
    “Any business that fails to meet that basic legal requirement puts the survival of the business at risk.”
    Experts say Rangers will need HMRC’s approval of any repayment plan in order to secure a CVA. This is because the £75m it potentially owes would be listed as a contingent liability debt, making HMRC one of the club’s biggest creditors, and therefore one of the ones that would be required to approve the CVA.

  11. mick

    mentions the bullying of bills family just cant make friends anywhere

  12. JimBhoy

    @MIck missed a lot of posts since Friday fella, anything significant…?

    • mick

      @jim hi jim theres been lots of debate the propaganda machine is in full swing for sally to launch the season tickets a say tuesday we have seen the deeds whytes bad now pay up or die agian lol the most significant thing is king might have a stake via twitter it said that he under other names and companys has 10 percent of shares lol also it mentioned the sfa have cleared him speculation at this stage lol

      • JimBhoy

        tangled web, King is a nutter too

        • mick

          speculation at this point Jim we are in for a big week as the path has been laid via msm Sunday mail for the sfa to come out and say its ok but we don’t know if aim will act due shares nose diving suspension maybe on the cards also there is the chance of padlocks going on the gates to whytes cliam is sorted who knows what is next its like a sitcom week to week the nation is gripping to its chair to see what happens next

        • JimBhoy

          Mick gonna ask you something here… my gut feel on a poster Niall Walker, He aint no east Fife fan , very rangers related imo …. what do you think? Anyone else..? Use a good Irish first name friends with Paul and the Declans… I may just be a cynic but my gut rarely let’s me down..

          • mick

            a dont like to sound policially incorrect and ask him whats your big team all my previous work mates from fife and leven men have been tims nice lads grafters season ticket holders to ,its far to say his big team is blue although he wont admit it also when a heard hes eastfife a said to my self yes and jabbas airdrie hes blinkered to anything that is not what he says but hes polite and seems nice

            • JimBhoy

              MIck my pal I am a follower of footie you know that, no sure if that means/includes a tim or fenian.. I have never been involved in that… My biggest predicament right now is what Otis Redding song to play, he was a Celtic man BTW… Another fan…

            • Maggie

              Somebody did mick,it’s Man U allegedly,:-)

          • Think yir guts in perfect working order mate.

          • Maggie

            Yip Jim,me too.I posted this to you earlier today,when you first speculated.The same pompous,monumental self regard,self reverential,bragging about his achievements.You know my fave expression Jim…..”drawer full of t shirts” Sevconian written all over him.

            • Maggie

              I’ll hazard a guess that one of these t shirts is the vintage orange “tap”
              :-). I’ve been very bad today Jim,slatted him at every “opperchancity”
              I’m not proud of myself ‘tho,but you know what I’m like when confronted by Sevco bs.The bhoys have also comprehensively annihilated his arguments,so it’s not been a good troll day for him at all.

            • JimBhoy

              @Maggie Hiya lass go away for a couple of hours jeez!!! See that Mick..!!!

            • JimBhoy

              You speculate Orange, jeez u must be a bigot and me a fenian (i think, google_

            • Niall Walker

              I am not pompous nor a Rangers fan, apart from that you are good to go.

            • Ian403

              Let me guess,…Does he do a runner when the going gets tough?
              Disappear on business then come back later & deny all his previous Bullsh*t..

              Go away in a huff never to darken the blog again then turn up as soon as more bad Sevco news comes out & spends the next 40 or 50 posts in deflect mode?

              Is it all Whytes fault & Rangers would have been a going concern without him?
              Is it …ADAM ADAMANT?

          • jim carntyne sourced his previous occupation, Niall is his name alright.
            As for affiliation, it looks blooish to me. But you have to ask why would he bother? who’s Niall trying to convince that the worst might just not happen????
            But Niall, well played mate, a good effort in not resorting to the garbage posting typical of the 2 bloo baboons!

          • Monti

            I smell a sevcovite as well, far too interested & defensive towards them….why not just admit it? Mind you it is embarrassing being associated with them! HH

          • Adam

            As i said earlier, if you dont conform, “you’re one of them”

            Do you also suspect that mcfc aint no City fan? Or does this only work one way. As in, your way.

          • Niall Walker

            Nothing I have posted has been in favor of Rangers, just against your gut feelings, and they are batting zero.

  13. JimBhoy

    Niall show your colours dude i am so rarely wrong…

    • JimBhoy

      Niall you are never a Fifer mate my da’s family are Fifers, you pop on the scene with very specific points on the rangers and they get more intense from what I see albeit i didn’t check the weekend.. have a wee life..!

      All’s welcome here but don’t hide your intent it will soon be found out..

    • Niall Walker


      No offense my friend but you are wrong on this extremely rare occasion.

      • Ian403

        Niall, for what’s it’s worth, I don’t care who you support.

        I just cannot see the point of the ongoing debate. about the CVA

        When Lloyds withdrew their support of RFC thus forcing Murray to get rid of it ASAP, Rangers were doomed The day of the Spiv had arrived.
        An accepted CVA would just have delayed another Financial crisis, although it would have avoided any Continuity debate..

        Let’s face it, with a £5.5m sell off, debt erased & £22m raised The Sevco model, whichever one it is, should be blossoming. It isn’t, it is a failure… money is draining out of it & it is drowning in scandal.

        It appears Sevco is designed to extract money for the chosen few NOT to build a successful football Team.
        I now await the next Whitewash & PR push to sell the Season Books.

        • Niall Walker

          If a CVA had been accepted then Rangers would not have been relegated nor banned from Europe for 3 years, this would have made a difference to the business model.

  14. JimBhoy

    all the rangers boys i know say D&P screwed up… I wouldn’t like to see anyone out of a job but if a company wanted to prolong the existence of another at all counts for whatever reason I would employ D&P…

  15. I googled Fenian last week, honestly… I have been called it twice, once cos i came from a catholic school (would be a hypocrit to call me catholic) l, the latter cos i was a Celtic fan..I wouldn’t upset anybody but i am a fenian Tim… According to google..!!!

  16. Monti

    Morning everybody, @ Niall walker, you don’t half like the sound of your own voice my man, I suspect like Adam you are a Sevconian with the bus fare. I note Carson & Cam have championed you & Adam for your presence on here, I suppose they are grateful for the support as their own voice is a mere whisper these days. Niall why don’t you admit your a Sevcovite? Are you embarrassed to admit this? Interesting (well maybe not) if you manage to maintain credibility for much longer, let’s see if your mask slips, I think it will. Good to see Mr.McConville stop you in your tracks, I bet you thought you were on a roll there. Can I ask you one Question Niall? Do you think a Catholic player at Ibrox should be allowed to bless himself around the club & especially in front of the fans, be allowed to practice his faith, without someone advising him ‘ to refrain from doing so’? Don’t you think there should have been an investigation into Sandazas claim ” he was advised not to bless himself in front of the fans”? When the Famine song was being belted out, did you go onto the Rangers (IL) forums & as an East Fife fan express your disgust? What do you make of Ally McCoist asking for panel members to be publicly named, intimidation tactics? What did you make of McCoist starting a fight with Neil Lennon that ends up with a Bill being introduced on the back of Rangers (IL) players disgusting behaviour in the same game? Or do you think it was the fault of Catholic schools? I please do not think I’m calling you a bigot or any such thing, I just think your answers may reveal the point.

    • Mr B

      ooof your well grumpy !! want a hug ?

    • Niall Walker

      Hello Monti,

      You have raised a lot of points most of them puerile but I will endeavor to answer some of your more intelligible statements and questions.

      I do like the sound of my own voice and the briefest glance at your posting record confirms I am not alone.
      I am not a Rangers fan, never have been.
      Paul knows me from the past and I have written guest blogs on this site, our views differ on few things, his brain functions just as well as mine.
      As an atheist and anti-theist I find it impossible to take any bronze age beliefs or traditions seriously, having said that I believe in democracy and freedom of worship and expression, so I detest religious bigotry and sectarianism, it is a disease born out of ignorance.
      Singing songs about a 19th century famine do not disgust me and I find it ludicrous it offends you, I am not into ancestor worship.
      Ally’s request was inappropriate in my view, as are many statements emanating from Ibrox over the last 15 months. I found CG’s rabble rousing for commercial gain dangerous and disgusting, and I am glad he is out of Scottish football.
      I have no real thoughts on the McCoist-Lennon handbags at dawn, but both are not setting a good example to our children on or off the park.
      As long as all religions are taught in religious schools then I have no issue with the principle, customs and traditions are an important part of culture,the fact they all have a religious origin does not bother me. In fact I encouraged my daughter to have my grandson christened as a Catholic because it is an Irish tradition, and she lives in Ireland.

      I hope this short novel clears up all the anomalies that have been keeping you awake at night.

      Pacis erit vobiscum

  17. cam

    Mr McConville pens 462 blogs on Rangers alone and if you close your eyes and stick a pin in any of the other topics at the side of the page you will have a good chance of hitting a Rangers related topic.
    Paul has stated his reasons and Rangers have been connected with just about every area of law in the last few years.
    Hopefully the law of the jungle will prevail and the Rangers lion can,with one flick of its tail,shake of the pesky little flies buzzing around its rump.
    Paul tells us his minor interest in football as a spectator sport lies at Cliftonhill,i believe him,why?,because he’s obviously too intelligent a guy to lie about something so trivial.For the avoidance of doubt, i’m not in any way suggesting that Paul would lie about less trivial matters or indeed anything.
    Niall comes along,raises some good points,doesn’t resort to sectarian insults,mudslinging or my speciality, mindless drivel.
    Many good debaters bemoan the loss of quality posters and when Niall politely defends his viewpoint along come the usual suspects like a 41 bus full of Burberry clad heid bangers in hoops.
    There are two sides to every story folks,try to remember that and grow up.
    In my next post i’m resorting to mindless drivel.

    • Adam

      Very well said Cam. I raised this point the other day when i came back on. Some clearly dont want to hear any other viewpoint that doesnt fit their own.

      There is a word that describes that type of person.

      • Monti

        You better tell him what that word is then….& no Cam it isn’t …..Colgate!

      • cam

        Cheers Adam,Paul wants a broad church and encourages different viewpoints,but every time a decent guy comes along they get the treatment and get fed up and leave.
        I’m too thick,,,,skinned to let the nutters stop me,,,well unless folk are celebrating murders and so called intelligent folk praise idiots like that.
        Don’t bother responding to mick or monti they are beneath contempt.

        • gortnamona

          I have to say that I agree with Cam and am very disappointed with to the recent postings referring to Niall, more or less demanding that he identify himself as a Rangers supporter. Culminating with Monti’s collection of Rangers/Celtic or Catholic/Protestant shibboleths. Have you the least idea how much sectarian and intimidatory posts like these resemble what is being posted on the worst Ranger’s sites.

          • cam

            Gort,i’m an annoying arse most of the time and your smart enough to see its just a simple defence mechanism.
            If we Gers fans didn’t laugh at this then it would be me that would be greetin’ 24/7.
            When the good debates start i try to contain my mince and let the clever posters do their thing.

        • Cam

          Not being a fan of either persuasion I’m trying to be objective hence my comments last evening regarding the asbestos.

          I presume the td was that this did not fit into some people’s ideal , do they really think that the HSE are involved in the great conspiracy?

          I look forward to reasoned arguments & theories on this site but a soon as it get rude then it’s time for those to bail out ,surely it’s not too much to ask to be polite.

          The whole legal story is fascinating but any of my ill will is definitely towards the SFA for lack of leadership. Whether Rangers survive is of no concern to me , they tried to live the dream (see Leeds united) and are now paying for it.
          By the way my own opinion is we have 2 elephants in the room. Over the last 20 years both Celtic & Rangers have outgrown Scottish football and it must be pretty depressing for them to see 2 Welsh teams in the EPL next year. The rest of the SPL is comparable to Eng. League 1 or 2 in terms of support & wages ( my club included ,harsh but that’s reality) not an easy problem to solve and probably best debated over at TSFM.

    • Paul

      Of course there is that is why Niall boards a 41 Easdale bus,

    • Niall Walker

      I have the skin of a Rhino and I am used to dealing with mindless drivel.

    • Ian403

      Cam, Decent post, as I said before, I like the mindless drivel when it’s Funny, a lot of times recently it has not been.

      Niall holds his own. I was interested that he supported United, I used to.

      High was when they won the Euro Cup in 68, that was brilliant, Celtic & United winning in successive years. Low was when that clown Docherty let Law go back to Man City on a free & he put THAT backheeler past Alex Stephney.

      I used to go down to a few games when I could & also the Testimonials were a reasonable excuse for a good time.

      When the rebels started F.C. United of Manchester in protest against Glazer & his debt laden takeover I supported that & have never been back since.

      Maybe decent Rangers supporters will end up taking matters into their own hands & start an Honest Rangers of Glasgow & bin the spivs, I think Most people would support them in that effort.

  18. Monti

    What a beautiful morning out, Disappointed with the Bhoys yesterday at Motherwell, don’t have any time for Stuart McCall but I have to admit ( very grudgingly) that he knows how to put a side out & set them up ( doesn’t seem to be able to do the same when on a visit to Ibrox…pity). you know what you get from Motherwell, aggressive, competitive, try to play football & rarely let their fans down, so well done Motherwell you have had a great season & all achieved by paying taxes & dues on time, hope that catches on. Doesn’t matter how many times I repeat ” the leagues already won, it doesn’t matter” it DOES matter & a few Celtic players need a rocket up their erse, it’s not professional or the standards that need to be set, Champions Celtic should be able to go to any ground in Scotland & perform like champions, I expect nothing less, after all this is Celtic! Having said all of that, the graffiti on the wall says we’re magic,we’re magic,graffiti on the wall. We are all Neil Lennon! ……Now what’s happening over at comedy central today 😀

    • Monti

      P.S. Note to Sevconians, when I said ” a few Celtic players need a rocket up their erse” this was in no way an invitation for you to head to your local Post office. HH!

  19. Kingseat

    Haven’t had time to read all of the comments so apolgies if the point has already been made namely that having the Title Deeds does not of itself confer ownership. I have the Tilte Deeds to my house and can produce them if requried but the Building Society holds a Standard Security on the property. I can sell the house at any time but in doing so I am obliged to repay the Security holder all outstanding sums due to them from the sale proceeds so in effect they are the owner until such time as I discharge the mortgage and extinguish the Security. The question that the Sevconians need to ask is who holds the Security over Ibrox and Murray Park not where the Title Deeds are kept. Once you have that then you will know exactly where you stand however I suspect the answer may not be one that you want to hear. Still not looking good for you really. Tally-ho!!!

    • SairFecht

      Good point well made. So many of us call ourselves ‘homeowners’ but in reality most of us are not and live the best part of our working lives in thrall to loans, interest charges, and various other conditional fees that are required for property ownership. Only when a property and all its contingent fees are fully paid up, and then not placed as collateral or security against further debts, can we truly say the deeds are ours.

  20. Niall Walker

    I am genuinely flattered by all the attention, misinformation and speculation, however one thing confuses me, what do I gain by hiding an allegiance to Rangers ? I cannot see what benefit I get out of this pretense.

    Maybe some of the more enlightened on here can enlighten me because I am at a loss for words, which is most unlike me.

    • lord mac

      when you think you are a walter mitty niall, you genarly become a walter mitty niall.

    • Den

      Niall Walker,

      I don’t know what you would gain from such a pretence; on the other hand i don’t know what difference it would make if you were truly a Rangers fan.

      By the way; I suspect that flattery wasn’t what was intended.

  21. Martin

    Feast your eyes on this it’s an article from the BBC in 2012 regarding Sevco5088’s right to change it’s name.

    It interestingly states only Green’s name is registered with Companies House as well as some other informative details.

    BBC Scotland has learned that Charles Green’s Sevco 5088 company is not currently permitted to inherit the name ‘The Rangers Football Club’.

    Any attempt to adopt the name ‘The Rangers Football Club’ would require the approval of the liquidators, BDO.

    Companies House has said that a name change application has not been made by Sevco 5088, and may not be possible.

    The consortium claims the full company name has already been transferred over by the administrators Duff & Phelps.

    ‘The Rangers Football Club P.L.C.’, which has the registered company number SC004276, has not yet been dissolved, but will inevitably be liquidated due to unpaid debts.

    BBC Scotland can confirm that the company’s liquidators, BDO, have not yet taken control of the company’s affairs, and may not do so for some time.

    Continue reading the main story
    “Sevco 5088 would not be able to apply to change its name to The Rangers Football Club Ltd. until either the original company is fully dissolved, a process which can take about a year to complete, or the receivers give the go-ahead for the name change to take place”

    Companies House spokesperson

    Green’s consortium confirmed to BBC Scotland that a purchase of the assets and intellectual property of The Rangers Football Club P.L.C. has been concluded with the administrators Duff & Phelps, which includes the company name.

    A Rangers spokesman told BBC Scotland: “The administrators have already given their approval for the name change and the process will be completed shortly.

    “The company name was part of the assets of the company which was sold to Charles Green’s consortium.”

    The spokesman also said any regulatory problems related to changing Sevco 5088’s name to The Rangers Football Club Ltd are not currently an issue because liquidation of the old company has not yet commenced.

    However, a Companies House spokesperson told BBC Scotland: “Sevco 5088 would not be able to apply to change its name to ‘The Rangers Football Club Ltd’ until either the original company is fully dissolved, a process which can take about a year to complete, or the receivers give the go-ahead for the name change to take place.

    “From a regulations standpoint, once the receivers or the liquidators/administrators for the current PLC agree to a name change, Sevco 5088 could then apply to change its name to ‘The Rangers Football Club Ltd’.

    “If they apply without following this procedure, systems are in place to flag up names which are too similar.”

    Article 10.7 of the Scottish FA’s Articles of Association states that the name of a club cannot be changed without SFA board approval, while Article 74.2 states that a club’s name cannot be changed to anything linked with sponsorship.

    The Scottish Premier League has no specific regulations regarding the naming of clubs or their parent companies.

    Continue reading the main story
    “The administrators have already given their approval for the name change and the process will be completed shortly. The company name was part of the assets of the company which was sold to Charles Green’s consortium”

    Rangers newco spokesman

    Green’s newco continues to trade under the name Sevco 5088, which has the company number 08011390, meaning it was registered in England. The sole director listed on the Companies House website is Charles Alexander Green, and while the company may trade under any name it chooses, its legal name cannot be the same or similar to another company in the register.

    The ‘Sevco’ prefix is a generic company name, often used by organisations which register companies on someone else’s behalf. Sevco names can be registered in bulk through Companies House and renamed at a later date as long as strict naming criteria are met.

    Companies House is a government agency run by the department of business and enterprise and deals with the registration and incorporation of UK businesses. All documentation relating to limited companies, including information such as company names, directors, accounts and share allocations, must be processed through the agency.

    The proposed name for the new Rangers company is ‘The Rangers Football Club Ltd’. All UK companies limited by liability via shares or guarantee must end with ‘Limited’ or ‘Ltd.’ – only public companies traded on the stock exchange can end in PLC or P.L.C.

    Shares in Rangers Football Club were suspended from the Plus Stock Exchange on 9 January.

    Other companies currently registered at Companies House with similar names include: Rangers Limited, Rangers.co.uk Limited, The Rangers FC Group Limited, Rangers Football Club of Glasgow Ltd, Rangers GB Limited and Rangers (2012) Ltd.

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