SFA v Craig Whyte Calls At Glasgow Sheriff Court This Week (On Conference Call)

Glasgow Sheriff Court has a very 21st century (or at least 20th Century) method of dealing with court actions under the Commercial Procedure. For disputes of a commercial nature, and if the pursuer in the action chooses to do so, there is a streamlined process designed to focus quickly on the issues in dispute and to reach a determination as quickly as possible.

This is achieved by having cases allocated to a particular Sheriff to take the dispute through all of its stages, and by having a procedural hearing (or Case Management Conference (CMC)) take place by conference call, rather than dragging lawyers from across the city or the country to the court to sit awaiting a slot in the diary.

Instead the nominated Sheriff assesses at an early stage what is in dispute in any case, and what each party is going to have to do to achieve victory. This can include the Sheriff pinning down solicitors as to the nature of a defence, or regarding witnesses to be called to court and the nature of the evidence they will give. The Sheriff can order production of expert reports and tell parties to have experts meet to clarify issues in dispute.

The use of conference calls also means that the principal solicitor can deal with the matter from his or her office, rather than having to send along a representative who might not have a full grasp of the case. It is also harder to waffle (which lawyers have occasionally been known to do) when a Sheriff is politely asking you a question down a phone line. Recently I was in court to witness a lawyer tell the Sheriff on numerous occasions that they would “come back to that point later”. Perhaps needless to say, they never did. You can’t do that on the phone!

The commercial procedure is an excellent one if you are a pursuer and less so as defender as it cuts out a lot of the routine delays which can arise in court proceedings.

Why do I mention this?

I see that our old friend, Craig Whyte, has a case calling for a Case Management Conference at Glasgow Sheriff Court on Wednesday 1st May before Sheriff Swanson. It is likely that this will be by conference call although the Scottish Court website does state:-

Most of the Case Management Conferences will be conducted by conference call facilities. Should any person wish to observe such proceedings they should let the Sheriff Clerk know. He will make the necessary arrangements.

I wonder what the maximum number of people who can take part in a conference call is!

The court action is one which, going by the case number, was raised only this year and is in the name of the Scottish Football Association v Craig Whyte. The SFA is represented by Burness Paull & Williamson. The court sheet does not say who acts for Mr Whyte.

However, as the case is proceeding to a Case Management Conference, this suggests that he has defended the action and that he has a solicitor acting for him. Presumably with a suitably large payment to account of fees having been made?

The action relates, it seems, to the £200,000 fine imposed personally on Mr Whyte last year by the SFA for his failure, inter alia, to declare his company director disqualification to the governing body.

The case has taken some time to get to court.

The Telegraph reported on 3rd June last year as follows:-

They (the SFA) are preparing to return [to court] in an attempt to force discredited Rangers owner Craig Whyte to pay the £200,000 fine handed down to him by the same independent panel on April 23, at the same time as the transfer embargo was issued.

Whyte, who was found guilty of breaking three of the SFA’s Articles of Association, was also expelled for life from holding office in Scottish football.

The venture capitalist described the fine as “a complete joke,” adding: “It makes no difference to my life whatsoever – good luck collecting the money.” Whyte had been given 30 days in which to pay the fine and that deadline passed 11 days ago.

This week, though, the SFA’s legal team will be instructed to pursue the Monaco-based venture capitalist for the money.

The Whyte issue will be raised at a board meeting before Wednesday’s AGM,” said a well-placed Hampden source.

“He hasn’t paid the fine and there will be discussions on how to proceed. Our lawyers, Burness, will be asked to send him a reminder and then a final reminder. Should he decide not to respond to those letters then, in order to reclaim that level of finance, we must consider taking a civil action against Whyte and that would be done through the Court of Session.

“We will also be seeking interest – at four per cent – on the £200,000, starting from May 23, the day the fine was due to be paid.”

It looks as if the two letters have taken a wee while!

After that statement in June 2012, the issue next was reported in the press substantively in February. Then the Scotsman said:-

The Scottish Football Association is suing former Rangers owner Craig Whyte over a £200,000 unpaid fine for bringing the game into disrepute, after ignoring requests to pay for the last ten months.

Scottish football chiefs have confirmed that a writ has been served after a string of warnings issued to the tycoon went unheeded for 10 months, and football chiefs will now go through the courts to seek payment.

The Motherwell-born businessman has previously refused to pay the fine, branding it “a joke”, and saying he would seek legal advice over what he called the SFA’s “defamatory statements”.

The SFA confirmed that the writ had been served to Mr Whyte but refused to comment further.

It is understood that the writ was served to Mr Whyte at his residence at Grantown on Spey in the Highlands last week.

The case is calling, one assumes, for its first CMC at which the lawyer for Mr Whyte would be asked to make clear what the Motherwell-born billionaire’s defence was.

Normally the jurisdiction for hearing a case is determined by the domicile of the defender, in this case at Castle Grant in the Highlands. But the location where a debt is due to be paid can found jurisdiction and one assumes that is what applies here.

Why proceed at the Sheriff Court, rather than the Court of Session?


If the SFA doubts that it will get money back from Mr Whyte, then why spend the additional sums needed to pursue him in Edinburgh when it can be done for less expense in the Sheriff Court?

And there remains one final thought.

When the fine was imposed, it was stated by the SFA that, in the event of non-payment by Mr Whyte, the football club would be liable.

The SFA has to try to get the money from him and is doing so now. If unsuccessful, would it come knocking on the door of Ibrox? After all, might that be seen as a debt due by the football club (which, as we know, continues, no matter how often ownership changes) or a “football debt” for which newco accepted liability?

Even with the departure of Mr Green and the seemingly more measured Mr Stockbridge and Mr Mather in charge, I suspect a request to pay £200,000 plus interest and expenses being the sum unpaid by Mr Whyte would not go down very well!

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  1. Adam

    Well done to Rangers for winning the Glasgow Cup tonight with 2 goals from Ryan Hardie and one from Junior Ogen. 🙂

    On a sour note though, i hear there has been a bit of trouble. 😦

    • mick

      sevcoians on the pitch adam under17s ffs charging Celtic end to police incidents all over partick and west end sevcoian shirts what a bunch of zombies

      • Adam

        usual one sided blinkers. You should be proud.

      • do u live in some sort of fucking dream world?

        i will tell you what is wrong with scottish football. BOTH sides having so many arsehole fans that are a detriment to the game.

        DO NOT EVER take some high moral ground about being a Celtic fan. They are as EQUAL to any scottish football issues as celtic fans.

        Roll on 19000 ‘thumbs down’ to this statement. But if anyone would require a dossier of proof then i will provide.

        FUCK off with the high and mighty chat, its an utter disgrace. UTTER disgrace.

    • mick

      a forgot to mention adam well done to the young lads lets hope all the players in the match go on and be greats the mums and dads of the 3thousadn kids given primary school free entry will be worried thou lets hope the police and courts show them that glasgow is not what it use to be and throw the book at them and ban them for life ffs under17s sick or what

    • madmo67

      Sickened to hear of trouble at game and fed up with excuses from fellow Celtic fans. Its unacceptable as are any references to IRA or to Ibrox disaster. Real people lost their lives. I hope Club condemn actions of supporters involved. Unfortunately I don’t see problems with singing going away any time soon and it has put me off away games. Both sets of fans have significant elements to blame and we don’t do our young people any favours .

    • gov.uk_logotype-2x-24145374d271079f08d96c618cc8d4a5

  2. Niall Walker


    When one looks at the fall of Rangers there is a common theme that runs through it that just about sums up the 21 st century.

    Things began to go sour in 2008 when spivs gambled with millions of unaffordable mortgages sold to men wearing string vests, the result was an economic crash.
    One of its victims was SDM whose own property portfolio collapsed in value, and now he too had gambled too much.
    SDM for over a decade ran a high risk business model which lost money and this encouraged him to gamble in the shady pool of EBTs.
    By 2011 all of these factors collided and created a perfect economic storm, his sustainable overdraft and losses in Rangers suddenly became unsustainable, and no one would buy the club and its debt with the specter of the BTC.
    Enter another spiv with yet another high risk strategy, he gambled the taxpayers money on European football income, and lost.
    In 2012 a self confessed spiv gambles on a secret deal with a persona non grata to buy Rangers, knowing if it ever came out, he was gambling with fan loyalty and the economic viability of Rangers, and he lost.

    The Rangers story is a story of greed and gambling, unregulated capitalism at its worst.

    • Pensionerbhoy


      I have been away in the depths of Broxburn over the weekend and I assure you those are depths as you have never experienced even if you have canoed The Amazon at source in the pitch black of night time. Well, the night club I was in (no sarcastic remarks. I was escorting not twisting) fell into that category at least although I felt as though for most of the night it truly was like being proverbially up river in a canoe without a paddle. I tell you this merely to explain why my first comment Stuka dives right into your post. You are the first in line as I do my reverse blitzkrieg run-in in preparation for…….cam or carson perhaps, further up the pages? Who would bet against that?

      So to your very fine summation.

      “spivs gambled with millions of unaffordable mortgages sold to men wearing string vests, the result was an economic crash.”
      While I recognise the scenario you describe, I do take umbrage at the “string vest”. First of all, I know many people who looked good in string vests – and may I say that I never excluded myself from such fashion icons – and who were not duped by the chimney pot loan sharks. Secondly, I think you would concede that there were many pin stripe suits with singed, if not burnt, fingers in those years too. The result of the quick buck syndrome.

      “SDM for over a decade ran a high risk business model which lost money and this encouraged him to gamble in the shady pool of EBTs.”

      I would respectfully suggest that the word “encouraged” would be better termed “tempted” as narcissism and an reckless superiority complex, I think, had more to do with his decision than business foresight.


      “In 2012 a self confessed spiv…….was gambling with fan loyalty and the economic viability of Rangers, and he lost.”
      Would you not agree that in this instance he WAS ENCOURAGED by the blind acceptance of the bulk of fans in their desperate desire and possible need to come out of their decline with some measure of redemption. Could it be that his plan, or plot you might prefer, was reliant entirely on that very blindness producing the ready money to create economic viability. He certainly laid great store by luring them to his web.

      I am not picking on you, Niall. I think you make an excellent case. Maybe I just need to make some comment to get Broxburn out of my system :).

      • cam

        I had advance forces posted in Broxburn disguised as monks,their mission was to kidnap you and stick you on a ferry to Iceland.
        My ack ack guns are waiting.

        • Pensionerbhoy


          here was me thinking I was under enclosed orders. I was looking forward to Iceland until I saw the boat on Broxburn main street. Ack, ack, ack, naw, I am off to bed. Broxburn has fair done for me.

          Oh, and well done to to the young ones of that team you do not support because you have so much more important things in life to concern you. Let it go for one night and acknowledge they got a good result. The real world can wait till tomorrow. Pity it was spoiled, ruined actually by the sound of things. I was an my way back from Broxburn so it wisnae me and you would be at work, no doubt, just for my benefit.

      • Niall Walker


        Constructive comments are welcome, as to your point concerning the role of the Rangers fan in this tragedy. I do not think we can blame them for the appointments of CW or CG, they had little say in the process, they may be guilty of blindly supporting the governance of SDM but up to the crash he could afford to gamble with Rangers. There are many things Rangers fans should be held responsible for but I am not sure how much responsibility they should bear for their clubs implosion. I would have said their failure to buy shares from SDM, but they were vastly overpriced and the business model was showing signs of financial instability, you would have to be a lunatic not a fanatic to buy them on those terms. I certainly don’t blame them for not trying to buy the liquidated club, raising that kind of money for a high risk venture just wasn’t feasible.

        Some have a rather obnoxious sense of superiority and self importance and this may have facilitated their fall out of the SPL, so in this sense they did make a some contribution.

        There are good evolutionary reasons why being sociable is our biggest survival tool, Rangers fans found out ” no man is an island” and to use a biblical phrase ” you reap what you sow “.

        I do not judge the majority of good Celtic and Rangers fans on the behavior and attitudes of a mindless minority.

    • Den

      Interesting overview Niall.

      No shortage of ruthless spivs in the game and in business in general.

      Was going to post some of my remedies but it made me sound like my grandfather so I won’t bother you with it.

    • Budweiser


      Tell us something we don’t know.

  3. mick

    a was monitoring the game on twitter lets hope sevco die as glasgow deserves better fxxking prxxks a kids match highjacked by prxxks

    • Adam

      Your pal Andy at Scotzine reporting Celtic fans throwing seats on the park and mocking the Ibrox disaster…….but you will have missed all of that mick. 😦

      • mick

        if so adam there not celtic fans thats sick mocking the dead and breaking seats fucking bawbags lets just hope focus were there and kick there doors in under 17s they must have been shitting it am shocked if thats true a have no reason to not believe you

  4. mick

    adam gather as much photos as you can and all do same then we can debate it also audio would confirm chants it was a kids match its not fiar they gave thousands of tickets to schools as well any adult bar the players mums and dads there were there for a bigot feast shocking or what

  5. mick

    on behalf of all decent celts adam a do apologist for the numptys mocking scotlands soccers fallen its not on not only did rangers lose fans but scotland and the world of sport did to that day am so sorry

  6. notnearlydeadbutreallydead

    There has been much chat today about Leeds admin/liquidation/ or neither and its relation to Rangers fc/sevco5088/sevcoScotland/TheRangers fc
    But can anyone here point me in the direction of sources stating legal seperation of club and company with regards to ‘rangers fc’ BEFORE feb’2012. Can they also show me and sources staying the same from the SFA in regards to ‘rangers fc’ from BEFORE feb’ 2012. If that can’t be found can someone point me in the direction of the ‘real world’ . I have apparently got lost and taken a wrong turn up bullshit crescent.

  7. mick

    @joebhoy2412: Celtic fans tearing out seats at Firhill, and fans on here mocking the Ibrox disaster. Stay away from our club. You aren’t welcome.

    @joebhoy2412: Big group of NewCo fans now trying to get over to the Celtic fans.
    sourced at kds

  8. mick

    @joebhoy2412: The pitch invaders were 2 NewCo fans, for those asking.

  9. mick
  10. Just ask yourselves one question. Who has more pent up anger and frustration to release than any other section of Scottish football?
    Yes you’ve guessed it correct. Hope they get the bool thrown at them.

    • Adam

      Im guessing the answer is Celtic, if the pictures above are anything to go by ?

      I appreciate that probably wasnt where you were going mind you as yet another one tries to peddle the “its aw their fault” nonsense.

      • mick

        adam no 1 is blaming any1 there was crowd trouble before with sevco and police sevco fans on pitch and charging celtic fans on terrace celtic broke seats and mocked fans bad as each other at present we will have to wait for police statement and take it from there we have no vids yet ave been looking and cant find any

        • Adam

          “no 1 is blaming any1” he says.

          “sevcoians on the pitch adam under17s ffs charging Celtic end to police incidents all over partick and west end sevcoian shirts what a bunch of zombies” – You seem to be blaming someone.

          “sevco fans are running a moke with police and were on the pitch what have you got on celtic then ???” – Here too.

          And then there is this:

          “a was monitoring the game on twitter lets hope sevco die as glasgow deserves better fxxking prxxks a kids match highjacked by prxxks”

          Naw. You werent blaming any1 mick. FFS. I truly despair at times.

          • mick

            adam its better for both if 1 die and we have 1 team its a small price to pay for future generations not to have the bigot feast in our town

          • willy wonka

            Mick is the same as Monti – never goes to a match but is an expert, not only in his own team but in Rangers too.
            The sad thing is, it’s usually guys like these two who send wee ‘I’m offended’ Emails to the SFA, their MP’s, UEFA and whoever else causing bother for genuine football fans..
            If you weren’t at the game caller haud your weesht.
            I was Mick. What you posted was nonsense.

      • mick

        it was both adam the helicopter was there to and roits with police in partick to that was sevco v police

      • Steven Brennan

        What reason do you have for saying the pictures above were caused by celtic fans?
        I cant see any particular group of fans in them that I can identify.

      • Paul

        Do not judge pictures i use photoshop a lot and can show what i want to see,Videos do not lie and besides the point is this not why Scotland has to get a grip and get rid of all the shite that makes us a laughing stock. Ban all marches, and re-educate to learn about our history a history to be proud of roll on independence and a chance to become what we used to be pioneers who make a difference to the world, ie Fleming, Baird,Bell, Watt etc.

      • iantm

        Adam, I am just on & have been reading all the comments.
        I am disgusted by the whole thing ,the Loonies have taken over the asylum oh & by the way, YOUR comments are as one sided & twisted as anyone else’s.

        If ever proof was needed that this “Old Firm” crap should be allowed to die, this is it.

        Imagine it was a game involving the senior Teams & Alcohol was Allowed?

        I hope this is awake up call to the SFA..

  11. I hope no-one was hurt! I join Mick and Adam in their condemnation of events at the game. No doubt each side will blame the other. That will solve nothing and only flame the fire!
    Anybody arrested and found guilty should be severely punished, and banning orders handed out by both clubs.

  12. mick

    @COLUMBUS whats it going to be like if we meet in a cup a feel it would have to be behind close doors and with pubs shut sevco were well rampaging from 5 oclock bus from NI to were over its madness it was a kids match under 17s ffs a was just of phone there to people at match a they feel social media is making a mountain out of a mole hill

    • Adam

      more baseless accusations.

      sevco this, sevco that. “Wasnt us guvnor”

      • mick

        adam am not am stating facts a posted all the celtic stuff negative about them am constructively criticizing both for you to say that is wrong and proves you cant debate or handle criticism a confirmed your accusations tonight sevco this, sevco that. “Wasnt us guvnor” you should say sorry for that a know deep down you know am right a have stayed balanced in it and said both sides were at it and your wadding in saying that you would think it was you that had a subordinate mind rather than a degree holder man up

  13. Pensionerbhoy

    And people claim to miss the OF. Maybe there should be league reconstruction. The Scottish Football League and the crminal league and neither the twain shall meet. If the Ibrox disaster was mocked, I am disgusted because I was there that terrible day and it left all sides shocked and saddened.

    • It was a sad day for the whole of Scotland Pensionerbhoy. There is no excuse for anyone who uses such a thing for some sort of perverse point scoring or provocation.
      If true that “people in Celtic jerseys” (I will not call them fans) did. Then they have shamed Celtic fans the world over.

    • Bill

      There has been an online campaign regarding the disaster all day on twitter…wouldn’t repost it , but easy to find if you search.

  14. cam

    Lets hope everyone gets home safe and the damage is repaired by both clubs and any cctv and police images can find all the guilty parties.
    I was gonna go to the game tonight but my daughter started an athletics club.
    Partick don’t need this at their ground,shocking, and probably not helped by the bevvy.

    • Was going to go myself cam and take my grand kids,thought we would be all grown up about it now,sadly the bigots on both sides just don’t get the message their time is up,great shame as 3-2 sounds a cracking match too.

  15. Lets hope that both clubs bar those involved and maybe for a change have a joint statement in condemnation of those involved. Makes you sick to the stomach that this can still happen and worse at a kids football match.

    • cam

      Yes it would be good if Mr Mather could contact Peter Lawwell and arrange a joint statement,banter has gone right out the window now it just turns you away from the football.

  16. mick

    throwing flares onto the pitch? Singing the Billy boys? Singing songs about child abuse?this is some what about ya as ave said before bad as each other tonightthe above is twitters from people at match

  17. mick

    Just back in from Firhill. The trouble caused by the Rangers fans (without colours) in Maryhill Road, attacking Celtic fans who had to walk back in the opposite direction because of inept police segregation was a horrible throwback to old days – anyone who tells you that we just have to get Sevco back in SPL because the ‘edge’ is missing should have been made to stand in the middle of that.

    God only knows what the cost of all this was the taxpayer. Huge police presence outside – not inside, that was stewards which is how Sevco pitch invaders didn’t get huckled but watched the rest of the game from behind the goal with some old steward.

    an inside account of thing from a celtic fan

    • joe mcguire

      I was there tonight,there was two attempts at aiden mcanespie,which fell flat,because too busy watching that lot make an erse of themselves and being ridiculed.grown men attacking wee boys,cars getting smashed up on garscube rd,nansen st,maltbarns st,I could be here all night typing what I saw.cannot wait for that scum to die,Scotland be a far safer place to live in without them

  18. cam

    A meaningless(for Celtic) game and Lennon is accosting the ref in the tunnel at Fir Park whilst serving a ban due to his big mouth,,,,lets hear the usual “passionate” excuses,,,he’s just a horrible loser and completely without class.

  19. Monti

    Was at the game tonight, to be honest the Celtic fans did nothing wrong, all the problems tonight lie squarely at the feet of Sevco, rioting with Police in the street before & after the game, I thought they were filming a remake of 28 weeks later,zombies running in all directions….hope the SFA throw the book at them. Just to repeat Celtic fans did nothing wrong tonight!

    • Christ Cam! They don’t even cover their work now! Did Walter think that big zombie fella on his shoulder was such a distraction nobodyvwould notice.
      I’m glad the other guy is out of focus….Or is he?

      • cam

        Its caption competition time!

        Walter;” Campbell,have you managed to shred ma stuff yet”

        Campbell; “it was the first item of business gaffer”

    • JimBhoy

      Shocking… Brave police to stand in front of that with the rockets flying..

      Any set of fans who behave like that at a sporting event should be dealt with accordingly and I hope they are outed and I mean that for any set of fans…

      Most of us have taken our kids to games if that kicked off when I was there with my family I would leave right away and never return as a supporter…

      • JimBhoy
        April 29, 2013 at 11:41 pm

        Shocking… Brave police to stand in front of that with the rockets flying..

        Filthy scum.

        • cam

          April 29 2013 at 11.46 pm

          Filthy scum


        • JimBhoy

          @Carntyne Nice reply, anyone of those polis could be somebody you know, somebody’s mother or faither who have been TOLD to stand in front of a baying mob, doing a job, bringing in a wage…

          Your reply frankly sickens me…

          • JimBhoy

            @Carntyne my apologies if you were NOT referring to the polis in your comment… I don’t mid what you say about the rangers fans, anything is fair game from that footage..

          • cam

            I think you will find he means the Gers supporters Jim….its his mindset.

            • JimBhoy

              Had my own experience of football nastiness with the boys team earlier where opposition coaches and parents were verbally abusing young boys throughout our game, luckily i didn’t find out what was going on until after or you might have been reading about JimBhoy in tomorrow’s red tops…

              Bad enough we had to endure a ref who could only raise his arm one way and decided that football was not a contact sport OR that penalties are ONLY given for contact IN the box and not 4 yards out..

              Anyways time for my cot…. Not really looking forward to tomorrow’s football headlines..

      • mick

        jim thats what alex is floating as the fabric of our nation sad

  20. Monti

    Breaking News: After the disgraceful fighting,urinating & looting by the Sevco 5088 zombies at firhill tonight, compliance officer Vincent Lunny has reported Neil Lennon to the SFA disciplinary panel. 🙂

  21. mick

    that was the highlight of there season tonight lol sad sevco but hay they are still bleeding over 1mil a month and have more liabel cases on the go than ross harper lol there doomed

    • JimBhoy

      Hope they are all really proud of themselves… Stewards and police should be fitted with cameras, anyone found behaving like this should see an automatic ban from their club regardless of police investigations…

    • lord mac

      a classic cop out, from the red tops have to blame some one when we all know it is the rangers fans that have form, and as this is water of a ducks back to them, the reporter is once more thinking about the cost of
      copy’s sold it is so obvious

  22. lord mac

    i just cant see why the rangers managment, put up with this, why do they suffer this from there fans, and don’t pull out of these competitions, they know there fans cant handle playing away from home, it is the same old stuff just like Manchester, Barcelona, Berwick, it has been proven over the years, that they dislike traveling, and end up having run ins with every team they meet, they wreck all before them, then try and blame every other, and no one can say it isn’t true, the worse fans in Scotland. out of control hooligans.

  23. And for anybody that thinks following the story is easy …..

    Wavetower side2

    And this is just the Wavetower side …. and still more to add ….

    • martin c

      King would appear to be as bad if not worse than Whyte when it comes to lying, TSFM had a link to king and his dealings with SARS, King it appears is here to offer Rangers a line of credit they can’t get anywhere else and then at what price? A truly great rangers man if truth be told (honest, erudite and it would appear can take a blow torch to the back of his neck)!

    • Budweiser


      I hope he doesn’t end up like the ‘ original King Maker ‘ , the Earl of Warwick . He ended up headless.- much like ibrox today
      ps. I think he operated a medieval coach company.

  24. cam

    And its goodnite from him and its goodnite from me.

  25. nickmcguinness

    This is from August 2012, courtesy of KDS:

    Just the other day I suggested that all the drama about investors from Lebanon, Monaco, Pakistan, Dubai and Malaysia could be deflecting from the key facts in the Sevco story. The core of the story, I concluded, could lay closer to home. Namely with Ticketus and Whyte.
    Closer to home? Like Bearsden perhaps?

    Let me introduce you to Mr Brian Stockbridge, Financial Director of The Rangers Football Club Ltd, formerly known as Sevco Scotland Limited.
    The quiet man of a takeover saga that began in late February of this year when Duff & Phelps announced they were accepting takeover bids for the soon-to-be-liquidated RFC PLC.
    Weeks earlier Mr Stockbridge had transferred from Allenby Capital — where he had been involved in some deals for Ticketus owners Octopus Investments — to join Zeus Capital, who are backed by Octopus.
    There is nothing online to suggest that Mr Stockbridge had previously lived or worked in the Glasgow area.
    Indeed, late last year he was working in London with Allenby as nominated adviser to Tembusu Investments — a firm owned by convicted bank fraudster Rafat Rizvi which then changed its name to Nova Resources and hired Charles Green as Chairman.

    On February 29 Ticketus met with Duff and Phelps and told them they intended to “protect their investment” at Rangers by being willing to “hold talks with any potential new owners”.
    On March 5 Brian Stockbridge registered a Change of Name for his own firm, Stockbridge Capital Investments Limited, which had been incorporated on February 20.
    The address given was a residential property in – you guessed it – Bearsden.
    A house that had been put on the market only weeks earlier by a gentleman of Asian descent who had previously registered a now-dissolved beauty business to the same address.
    And it is that Bearsden address that also now appears on Mr Stockbridge’s registration with the Financial Services Authority.

    One possible explanation for this (and I do accept there is a fair bit of supposition involved here) is that Mr Stockbridge’s new bosses had sent him up to Jocko-land to pursue a special project. And had even arranged for him to settle down in a new house. So it wasn’t going to be a quick fix.
    March 5, I hasten to add, was before even the first deadline had expired for the first bids for the carcass of RFC PLC RIP.
    We had Bill Ng, Bill Miller, the Blue Knights and that choob Kennedy Uncle Walter and so on still to appear, then disappear. Many of them complaining of the unstatisfactory nature of their consultations with “representatives” from Ticketus.
    Did any of them, I wonder, have talks with a certain Mr Stockbridge at around that time?
    Then along came Sevco 5088 Limited, which was incorporated on March 29.
    Charles Green was not made a director until May 4, and news of a bid by his Sevco consortium was not made public until May 11.

    So what do I conclude?
    Revelling once again in conspiratorial mania, I suggest that the plan to send Brian Stockbridge north to mastermind a takeover bid was hatched by Zeus Capital — and whoever they were working on behalf of — within DAYS of Duff & Phelps beginning the RFC PLC RIP administration process.
    Stockbridge was in Glasgow throughout the whole of the takeover pantomime.
    Now he’s working quietly behind the scenes on behalf of his paymasters while Chuckie Green creates a noisy distraction.
    And if I had to put odds on who was giving Stockbridge his orders, I’d have very short odds on Ticketus.

    • willy wonka

      ” One possible explanation for this (and I do accept there is a fair bit of supposition involved here) is that Mr Stockbridge’s new bosses had sent him up to Jocko-land to pursue a special project.”
      Another of course could be his current involvement with a lady from Glasgow ?
      Nobody on the grassy knoll. No CIA conspiracy.
      Still, some deluded woodentop writing on a Sellik forum probably makes for a better story. Eh ?


  26. Adam

    I see a full history re-write of events last night was in full flow until pictures and newspaper reports got in the way.

    “It was aw the Sevocoians fault mister”

    Same usual suspects as well.

    Shameful from both sides at the game last night and even more shameful from some on here trying to justify it and blame only one set.

  27. Monti

    Disgraceful behaviour from Sevconians inside & outside the ground last night, Celtic fans should be applauded for their restraint in the face of intimidation, I was really scared last night for my safety, Zombies on the loose….it was real scary like 😀

  28. Monti

    Rangers fans ” the most socially challenged support in British football” – post Uefa cup final in Manchester. Graham speirs.

  29. mick

    adam you have proven you cant have open debate with your toys out the pram mindset and lack of input

    • Monti

      As a punishment for their bad behaviour at last night’s Celtic v Sevco cup final, the SFA have banned the kids from watching the SIMPSONS for one whole week! :)! Seriously some over reaction here regarding this, it was kids letting off steam for heavens sake & some Zombies thrown in the mix. Laugh it off guys, fitba is turning too serious man. Chill out, kick back & laugh at it. P.S. Prawn sandwich brigade ssshhhh 😀

    • Monti

      He just wants to blame Celtic for everything…i think he’s Paranoid

  30. SairFecht

    Lovely to see the Rangers fans in concillatory and contrite mood for all the wrongdoings of their club in ripping off £millions and cheating the competition over more than a decade.

  31. mcfc

    I’m eager to hear about Ally’s budget after his much publicised meeting with the new Craigie – so I checked out TRFC’s website:

    Legends Set for Ibrox – no not legend signings – just some old blokes huffin and puffin

    Club Announcement – TRFC sign another QC – the bench must be filling up.(JimBhoy – can I borrow your coat?)

    Plenty to Celebrate – here we go – – let’s celebrate 3rd Div like it’s SPL or CL – what ?

    The Future’s Bright – at last – oh – more celebrating 33rd place in Scottish football

    So where’s the budget announcement Ally ? Where’s the ten mill ? Well according to Stockie it’s in the bank and it needs to last at least two years – so trot along there’s a good boy. . . .

  32. lordmac

    how many names are involved in tickitus i would like to say at least 5 guys
    and i would think they are all rangers men, I would take a stab at the names but couldn’t put them in order of importance, so will leave it for now i also think it was the rangers fans that got there own guys in to trouble going to the redtops giving it big licks on something they knew nothing about, they where there to wright up the story, but if whyte and co where left alone, Rangers would not have went to the wall the thing that they needed was the shares from lloyds, Murray had the money £18 million but he could not get it out of a bank, as that would lead to a trail, and should the bank come for him for his out standing loans he would loose all, as after the bank collapse the Murray group where getting drawn in, as they them self where way way over the top with loans.
    so it looks like the plan was working till the follow follow got the msm
    they jumped in with both feet and now they are finding it hard to correct there errors on behalf of rangers. we have now JABBA jumping ship
    and now that green has left he will be like a fish out of water to the rangers board, after his known comments about rangers

    • Budweiser


      You raise an interesting point there about jabba, re his ‘ on the record ‘ statement, ” that no matter what Ally Mc Coist or Charles Green say – Rangers are dead “. No matter the gainsayers who may detract from the ‘ voice of Scottish Football ‘ views, it might be seen , by some at least, at Ibrox, as a form of ‘ disloyalty ‘. Where are his protectors now ? Will he be cast to the wolves ? do we care? Have the present incumbents at Ibrox long memories? How loud is a squeaky bum ? Can it be heard without a directional microphone ?
      Sooo many questions of sport, and the answers are always entertaining.
      Thank you, from the heart of my bottom: cam, carson,adam,willy wontee and countless others for the endless hours of pleasure. Without your ‘continued ‘ support of rangers ,[god rest them] my life would have missed many comedy moments, and let’s face it – ‘always look on the bright side of life — de doo de doo de doo de doo ].

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