The Easdale Brothers, Rangers Shares, “Fit and Proper” and Charles Green

And so the Rangers saga continues …

I want to look at the revelation earlier in the week that Mr Green, erstwhile CEO, is selling or has agreed to sell his shares in the PLC which owns 100% of the shares in the company which owns that assets and business which constitute Rangers Football Club to James Easdale.

Mr Easdale, along with his brother Sandy, owns McGill’s Coaches, one of the most successful bus and coach businesses in Scotland.

The BBC suggested the sale was to be to James Easdale, whilst the Scotsman suggested it would be to both James and Sandy.

There are a few questions which arise from the story.

1                    How much of Rangers do the Easdale brothers own just now?

2                    Is there likely to be any difficulty if the Easdales acquire the shares or, as suggested in the reports, seek a Board appointment?

3                    How can Mr Green sell his shares – is he not “locked in”?

I will do my best to clarify each matter.

How Much of Rangers Do the Easdales Own Now?

According to both the BBC report and that of the Scotsman, the Easdales own 6% of the shares.

Helpfully the Rangers website lists “major shareholders”.

The list is as follows:-

Major Shareholding (3% or above):

Charles Green 5,071,629 7.79%
Hargreave Hale Limited 5,022,000 7.71%
Artemis Investment Management LLP 4,286,000 6.58%
Blue Pitch Holding 4,000,000 6.14%
Mike Ashley 3,000,000 4.61%
Margarita Funds Holding Trust 2,600,000 3.99%
Cazenove Capital Management Limited 2,450,000 3.76%
Richard Hughes 2,200,000 3.38%
Imran Ahmad 2,200,000 3.38%
Legal & General Investment Management Limited 2,000,000 3.07%


That list does not disclose either Easdale as an owner, nor do the companies mentioned seem to be related, unless the shares are held by one of the corporate entities as nominees. It is of course possible that each Mr Easdale, and their company, own 2% each, and so none of those would show on the shareholding lost.

However (and I have not had the chance to check the precise wording of the Stock Exchange regulations) there are rules regarding associated parties which, in general and subject to a variety of caveats, require combined shareholding in PLCs to be disclosed, as treating them as individual shareholdings could lead to market abuse (which is NOT to suggest that the Easdales are in any way involved with such an activity).

6% of Rangers amounts to about 4 million shares. At the float price they would have cost £2.8 million. The acquisition of Mr Green’s shareholding of over 5 million shares, together, potentially, with the 2.2 million of Mr Ahmad and the 2.2 million of Richard Hughes of Zeus Capital, could leave the Easdales with around 13.5 million shares, or about 20% of the issued share capital.

If the reports are correct, and they are looking for some form of control, then they are well on their way with such a holding. Of course one of the reasons for the float was to ensure that nobody could “own” the club in the same way that Sir David Murray and then Craig Whyte did.

It does not seem to have worked!

In addition, and dependent, as I will discuss relative to the third question, on the arrangements for sale, what we might now be seeing are entrepreneurial businessmen, taking advantage of a drop in the share price.

The share price now is around 58.5p, giving a market capitalisation of under £40 million. As Mr Green took great delight in telling us however, the club owned fixed assets worth £60-£70 million, and the club had no debt. It has just raised £22 million in a share issue.

Being able to acquire assets worth, based only on the above figures, around £90 million for a total cost of under £40 million would put the Easdales in the running for Businessmen of the Year 2013, following Mr Green’s claim to the title for 2012.

If the reports are correct and Mr Green is disposing of these shares then we can expect a Stock Exchange announcement giving details, including the Easdales’ existing holdings. We shall wait and see.

Are There Obstacles to the Easdales Buying Shares or Being on the Board?

No … and yes.

As far as owning shares in a football club, where that club is traded on the Stock Market, it would be impossible to police every share purchase, let alone miscreants involved in. So it would be very hard to stop someone unsavoury owning shares. (And I am NOT calling the Easdales “unsavoury”).

However where there is an active participation in an executive or Board role, or even as with Mr Romanov, as a majority owner, the “mythical” fit and proper test set by the SFA requires to be passed.

The focus thus falls on Sandy Easdale. He was imprisoned for 27 months in 1997 for a £1.5 million VAT fraud. Would that render him not a “fit and proper person”?

Mr Di Stefano at Dundee was clearly deemed fit and proper, despite convictions for fraud some years before. However, as the SFA process involves asking the person themselves if they are “fit and proper”, thus explaining Mr Regan’s reference to the test as mythical, this does not really create a precedent.

What should operate in Mr Easdale’s favour are the clear, robust and forthright words of the Traffic Commissioner for Scotland. In 2010 Joan Aitken conducted an inquiry into alleged rule breaches by McGill’s Coaches. Whilst she fined the company for failing to maintain a proper standard of service on all its rots, she commented on various matters which came before her enquiry regarding Mr Easdale.

As the Herald reported in 2010:-

She (Joan Aitken) lambasted “gossip-mongers and those who expect me to act on their chit-chat” for perpetrating what she regarded as unfounded allegations against Easdale. Referring to his entire family, she said: “I have no evidence that any of the Easdales are engaged in any criminal activities; no evidence of money laundering; no evidence of drug dealing, or of harassment, or of threatening public officials.”

Aitken did not say who the gossipers were. But she added: “No officer of Vehicle and Operator Services Agency, or Strathclyde Police, or HM Revenue and Customs, or Crown Office, or other public or private agency or corporate body or private citizen has brought me evidence (as distinct from supposition) of any wrongdoing.

“There is Mr Sandy Easdale’s conviction, which was very serious indeed and merited a hefty sentence, but he is over a decade on from that and there is no evidence of recidivism or other offending.”

Aitken, in her findings yesterday, made it clear she too wanted to clear the air about McGill’s, one of the biggest independent bus operators in the country.

There was an “elephant in the room”, she said. The Traffic Commissioner even cracked a joke. Describing Easdale’s evidence, taken in March, she said: “I observed to him that I did not think he would torch my car.” But Aitken’s findings will have reverberations way beyond McGill’s.

Strathclyde Police yesterday confirmed they had made no representations to the inquiry, despite being mentioned in a paragraph about “gossip-mongers”. Strathclyde Police, along with other forces across Scotland, has been eager to use regulatory authorities such as the bus watchdog as a new line of attack on organised crime.

Aitken, in yesterday’s findings, showed it will take evidence and not, as she put it, “supposition”, to convince regulators a firm or an individual is not a fit and proper person.

To use the good old term, Mr Easdale has “tholed his assize”. He committed a crime and has been punished. In addition, unlike Mr Whyte for example, his deeds are the subject of public record and public comment. It does not take a team of detectives to track down the details of the conviction.

One interesting contrast between the Traffic Commissioner’s proceedings and those of the SFA would be the burden of proof.

The Traffic Commissioner clearly saw that, unless there was evidence that a person was not fit and proper, then they should be accepted as such.

However the SFA rules appear to suggest that the burden is on the applicant to demonstrate that they are fit and proper. In most cases this distinction would make no difference, but where there is a mark against an applicant, as there is here, I think that the SFA would be entitled (and indeed obliged) to make further enquiry.

Rehabilitation is a primary goal, along with punishment, of the criminal justice system. What better way to demonstrate complete rehabilitation than by helping create a legitimate and major business, providing a vital service to many, and employing a sizeable workforce?

And finally in this section, I have no doubt that “gossip-mongers” do not exist in Scottish football …

How can Mr Green sell his shares – is he not “locked in”?

Yes he is.

A lock in, or lock up period can be defined as:-

A window of time in which investors of a hedge fund or other closely-held investment vehicle are not allowed to redeem or sell shares. The lock-up period helps portfolio managers avoid liquidity problems while capital is put to work in sometimes illiquid investments.

The effect and purpose are as follows:-

IPO lock-up is a common lock-up period in the equities market used for newly-issued public shares. IPO lock-ups typically last anywhere from 90 to 180 days after the first day of trading, and are in place to prevent shareholders with a large proportion of ownership (such as company executives) from flooding the market with shares during the initial trading period.

This suggests that Mr Green has agreed to sell his shares, but has not yet been able to do so.

Whilst a company could remove the lock in, that would require various formalities and there are no signs that has been done.

Instead it is perfectly legitimate to reach an agreement to sell at a future date. What would be very interesting would be to find out what price has been agreed.

Is Mr Green selling at a fixed price, so both parties have a risk dependent on whether the shares go up or down in the intervening period?

Is the share sale to be at the prevailing market price on the date of sale?

Does Mr Green have to wait till the end of the lock in and, should some unforeseen disaster strike the company and an insolvency event occurred (this is purely a hypothetical comment and no slight is intended on the solvency of the most financially stable football club in the UK © Imran Ahmad), would Mr Green get nothing?

Now Mr Green is in the fortunate position of having acquired his shares through very advantageous (and entirely legitimate) share options as agreed by the Board which employed him. In theory therefore, selling his shares for 2p each would double his money.

However, with the shares having traded at over 90p, then I am sure Mr Green hopes to receive a sum far closer to that than to what he paid for them!

If the Easdales want a place on the Board then presumably they would want to actually own shares?

If a sale has been agreed now at a fixed price, then might this too affect the rights of other shareholders? Having 5 million shares, being almost 8% of the company hit the market would normally, on the laws of supply and demand, depress the price.

I am sure that we will have a Stock Exchange announcement very soon to make the whole matter crystal clear.

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  1. joratim

    The real question here is this:

    Why have the so called Guardians of honesty and fair play,i.e. EUFA not stepped in and demanded explanations as to how a National Association (SFA) have failed to comply with their rules and regulations?

    The fact that those people from from the South West of our great City were given an associate membership tells the whole story about corruption in Scottish football.

    Now that the late CEO of the cheats has admitted that he told lies, something has to happen.

    Would suggest that a campaign be mouinted to force EUFA to engage on this issue.

    Due to their admissions of guilt, the alleged 4th. tier team should be stripped of all points they gained, put at the bottom of the pile, have to reaply for membership, forced to show their accounts and failure to do so render them unfit to participate in competive football

    Time now for EUFA to end corruption in Scottish football

  2. mick

    58p the share price is now

  3. Paul

    From leggoland he thinks the Whyte movie is already been filmed and thinks it’s Taggart.
    “And the other person still to be interviewed by Taggart is the man at the very heart of the scam, the old twister himself, Craig Whyte.But what if Taggart does snap the handcuffs on Craig Whyte? What if the Crown Office proceed with a prosecution? What if Whyte is found guilty of perpetrating a fraud in order to buy Rangers?

    like your team taggart is dead long ago

  4. Monti

    You have to laugh at the sevconians, they probably think that somebody,anybody out there is wanting to buy an Asbestos riddled,ageing stadium, with a crumbling marble staircase ahahah…..there is nothing of value in there, wee craigey has stripped the place, is the blue room even blue now? How can they really be in receipt of a safety certificate, when the stadium has an asbestos problem??? Ahahaha at least wee craigy bhoy left the asbestos….i feel your pain and it is wonderful to me. How bad is the asbestos problem? Do they have the cash to remove these deadly fibres? When is the work being carried out? Does Glasgow city council have a say on whether this haven of sectarianism closes? Tick tock tick tock …..i see a tall,dark hooded faceless figure with demonic red eyes approaching, he carries a scythe in his right hand & a bowl of ice cream & jelly in the other, the sky is going black with red flames breaking the darkness…..the figure whispers something…it’s……Graffiti on the wall as the sun was going down….it says we’re magic, we’re magic..

  5. dan

    Joratim, your point seems reasonable to me. Maybe all non-Sevco fans should bombard EUFA with emails. I mean, can we be confident that the SFA have even kept them up to date with the hilarity down Govan way? I seriously doubt that.

  6. Monti

    How can this be happening to us, we are the peepel? I know it really is a shame! 2 Jelly & ice cream & jelly days to go haha! Presented with the big shiny Green & white ribboned SPL trophy & hopefully a Scottish cup to add as well! Sevconians? Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha…..oh dear! Where’s ra deeeedz, you buy aw ra pies ahahahabahahagagafagavav

  7. mick

    CelticResearch ‏@CelticResearch 20m
    What is also of interest is that the TUPE negotiations were conducted with Sevco 5088.
    View summary
    Can’t stop laughing ‏@corsica1968 9m
    @CelticResearch And that’s bigger than you might realise because its illegal to TUPE without employee agreement. We’re players & staff told?
    Can’t stop laughing ‏@corsica1968 7m
    @celticresearch @ScottishFA Which begs question: has anyone been correctly registered this season? What about insurances?

    so the insurance and registration is well dodgy hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha were on to yous

  8. mick

    this is a back of worms the insurance and registration of players tubed over is fraudulent to

  9. Steven Brennan

    Why am I being asked to put my details in almost every post, 4 5 times a day?

    • Bill

      Your browsers cache is getting cleared .

    • cam

      Very peculiar Steven,it sounds as if Craigie is trying to access your account.
      Or maybe you’re just unfortunate,,you know the type of guy i’m referring to?
      that unnamed member of the exploration party in Star Trek that gets beamed down and you just know he is gonna get zapped by the baddie’s.
      Set phasers tae malky.

      • Steven Brennan

        I am sure you are the one who needs the misty lens to make you look presentable.
        The Ferengie and the Klingons at Ibrokes have been subjected to the tractor beam to drag you all back in
        Only wee Craigie is looking like the omnipotent one “Q”
        Shields to Defection Solo!!!

  10. lord mac

    rangers biggest problem is who has enough in there bank account to get them an overdraft over these lean months, when the league is finished
    they cant depend on season books this time to shore up the accounts
    as they already used that, as if they where mega rich. this time they cant rob peter to pay Paul. it is also noted once again the sfa have shifted there inquiry date for Mr green racist comment, yet never seem to miss a Lennon date, they say he is on holiday well if Neil had thought that one up
    who knows what would have happened. how long is green away for who has said he will be back.

    • How do you know how much Rangers have in the bank ? Have you seen the bank balance ? …guess , speculation , obsession , guess , speculation, obsession, guess , speculation…… get the picture .

      • More importantly ya numpty…Has your Chairman seen a bank balance since the IPO?

        DENIAL…….a trait of a Zombie,ey?

        Your club is DEAD…..did you get that?


      • Monti

        They don’t have a bank account….because they are dodgy & not to be trusted!!!

      • ecojon


        I am sure as an ardent Rangers supporter you will have asked how much is in the bank – so how much is it or don’t you care or are you too scared to ask?

        • Adam

          Who should he ask ? Who will tell him ?

        • Steven Brennan

          How much is that doggy in the window?
          The one with the waggly tail
          How much is that doggy in the window?
          I do hope that Doggies for sale!
          Sorry Monti I thought you said they were doggy.
          I”ll get ma coat shiny and brushed by the way

          • Adam as a fan are you not curious? should you not be demanding proof?The bank balance is an issue. Why won’t someone at Sevco,kill the speculation. Speculation & rumour along with the legal uncertainties will
            paralyse Sevco if not kill them

            • Adam

              fans can demand all they want. There arent many financial organisations who would give that out on a whim to “customers” The info will be made available as and when the accounts are completed.

  11. cam

    So to sum up
    The padlocks are going on tomorrow?Saturday,Monday,next week?
    The asbestos guys are getting the keys,the Tesco lads are taking measurements,Craigie is renting it out to a new newco,Imran is an internet bampot,Bomber is Judge John Deeds,Worthington’s worth may go up or down,Ticketus are arranging a poinding in Monaco,Chico is on a bus drivers holiday,Walter’s heid’s nipping,Sandaza’s lawyers are confused,cynics and neutral observers are being led to believe(and for the avoidance of doubt i’m not being cynical)in admin 2.
    Work calls,,keep firing away bhoys.

    • parmahamster

      Cam, it’ll be a long, long time before anyone can sum this whole farrago up.

    • Pensionerbhoy

      Thanks,cam. I see no need to post any more tonight. You seem to have covered everything. Enjoy work while I reap THE BENEFITS of my retirement.

    • Run along to work now and remember to ask first if the customer wants mayo on his burger.If he is more intelligent than you then he will leave room for some JELLY AND ICE CREAM.

      Deadclub so dead again……..hahahaha

    • Take care at work brother ….sorry Mick and montit , I’ll explain , work is when people go and do a hard days graft , instead of sitting on a laptop ect all day every day talking the same p**h …just if you get confused.

    • Monti

      We will don’t worry….:-D

    • So to sum up
      The padlocks are going on tomorrow?Saturday,Monday,next week?
      The asbestos guys are getting the keys,the Tesco lads are taking measurements,Craigie is renting it out to a new newco,Imran is an internet bampot,Bomber is Judge John Deeds,Worthington’s worth may go up or down,Ticketus are arranging a poinding in Monaco,Chico is on a bus drivers holiday,Walter’s heid’s nipping,Sandaza’s lawyers are confused,cynics and neutral observers are being led to believe(and for the avoidance of doubt i’m not being cynical)in admin 2.

      Yes, thank fuck, you get it

  12. Pensionerbhoy

    I see the newspapers are reporting that Neil Lennon is going to Everton. I wonder if he’s taking the bus?

  13. Pensionerbhoy

    It just struck me. If Lenny does go, could he be said to be the third green and whyte to do a runner?

  14. Paul

    Celtic offered £100.00 of next season’s season tickets, Sevco offered free bus passes from new owners for a new season of magical mystery tours.

  15. What’s really p×××ing the green seat brigade off is we’ve taken everything that has been thrown at us and then some and while they speculate and dream up mince and become more obsessed by the hour the mighty Rangers , 54 times champions of Scotland , put plans in place for next season it’s just one idiot after another clown followed by a couple of muppets and the montit assisted by the expert of fcuk all thick Mick , who struggles to string a coherent sentence together , LMFAO, people who have nothing to do from dawn till dusk , but speculate and dream up drivel until it’s their turn to sign on , then back to the start ROTFLMFAO .

    • Pensionerbhoy



    • Monti

      The only thing pi&&Ing us off is the SFA,Rangers are dead & gone…..i hope Adam is looking at your comments tonight. Just for the record I am very much employed & have been for a long time, fortunately in my position I get plenty access to internet. Adam?? Your fellow Billy doing ok is he?

    • Carson, too right you have taken everything that has been thrown at you! Next time, before taking, make sure it belongs to you!

    • Jamie

      And what are these plans for the michty Sevco…..messi, Ronaldo? Mince? which parts are mince, the links to Whyte, Wattie & Sally knowing what’s really going on and being complicit in the downfall of their club, Bomber’s howl at the moon? there’s so much to chose from. I’m sure there are major investors just around the corner waiting to come to the rescue…nothing to see move along! we are Sevco to big to fail.

  16. Paul

    Aye GIRFUY as well, why are you not away to work yet, bus pass not arrived yet. Go read your own sites tosser.

    • Interestingly no sellick players nominated for the PFA player of the year award ?….do you think it’s because the other clubs know it’s a tainted one horse race title ? ….ROTFLMFAOSGIRUYAPCAKDFW.

      • Pensionerbhoy


        I have no idea what passes through the minds of footballers. You only have to watch some play to realise that. Of course it may simply be another stage of Regan’s Armageddon.

        • Pensionerbhoy

          Dish washing time. There is one who speaks that I must not ignore.

          • Do what montit and thick Mick do …buy paper plates …but watch when your drinking hot tea from them ..don’t thank me , thank Mick for that tip.

        • Maybe , just maybe , as athletes , they don’t rate people who win a competition with …..well… competition .

          • ecojon


            And what is the Rangers wage bill as opposed to the combined wage bill for every other SFL3 club?

            Are you finally admitting that Rangers won nothing this year?

          • carson
            April 25, 2013 at 8:30 pm

            Maybe , just maybe , as athletes , they don’t rate people who win a competition with …..well… competition .

            Like Rangers in division 3?

      • Paul

        That was the grand national nugget.

      • ecojon


        Why don’t you ask your previous saviour Green what part asdfghjkl Ltd played in the cover-up.

        Don’t play with letters unless you are a scrabble champion and it’s obvious to all that you will never be that – well not before a certain piece of music is played over the Tesco tannoy at Ibrox 🙂

  17. Ed Paisley

    Bomber Brown says Charles Green “cood pit Rangurs oota biznizz”.

    Oh I sincerely hope so Bomber.
    Go on Chico – make me the happiest bloke in Scotland!

  18. dan

    Fkcu! Superboreboard was bad tonight! I always listen in the hope that mouth-breather ‘John from Uddingston’ comes on. He’s a Sevconian but great for a laugh when he drones on about minutiae that no one gives a fkcu about. Anyway, I was a bit glad I switched as there were laughs to be had on the Beeb. The biggest being Wacko Jacko actually portraying himself as a proper churno and claiming to have doubted Chico from the off. Honestly, you couldn’t give that creep a red neck with a thermal lance. But at least you could hear they were really shitting it viz-a-viz Sevco I mean really shitting it. While over on Boreboard, big DJ’s squeaky voice was nearing glass shattering pitch as he struggled to put a brave face on things Sevco-wise. But then the big galloot stepped right intae the shite. This caller ( a Sevconian) came on to complain that the Hibbees shouldn’t be allowed into Europe if they are runners up in the cup—well they do play in green and white, don’t they. And DJ (he’s a’ legend’ apparently) squeaked his agreement with the caller. Well, do I need to say what happened next? Cue Lawrie ( a Tim) to remind the ‘legend’ that when he won his European Cup Winners Cup medal with Oldco, it was courtesy of them being runners up to the wonderful, law-abiding and tax-paying Glasgow Celtic in the cup final? I guess the big lug’s just hiedered too many baws. What a Doofus!

    • You listen to two hours of p**h on radio and then come straight on here ? Is it any wonder you can’t get a bird !…before you go blind , get a life ffs…..please , please , please for the sake of your eyesight .

      • mick

        remember the curse on you by me carson for slagging methadone kids when karma grips you am praying its painful and long

      • Paul

        That was yesterday thicko and there is a podcast so when partygoers come home from celebrating they can catch up, we know Bomber talks pish but it’s good pish when your ex sevco players cannae stop themselves from distancing themselves.

    • Ed Paisley

      @Dan. I missed that – thanks for posting.
      Big Derek is an idiot. Or at least, I don’t expect to see him on Mastermind soon – unless his specialist subject is: fat Rangers strikers of the 70s with ridiculous perms.

  19. mick

    the sevco are doomed simple as that

    • The word was ” wan ” as in ” one ” not wean as in child …just mocking the way you spoke guide england …ya thick tit.

      • ecojon


        Confused? How clearer can it be explained to you? The sevco are doomed simple as that. In fact in the time I have written this they might also be deid and buried.

  20. Monti

    Adam are you condoning Carson & Cam tonight, just saying like?

  21. Hey , hey , montit and thick Mick are out ….and no full moon …strange .

    • mick

      produce a methadone wan that wul cam yoo doon a wee bit ,a do apologise carson you were right a miss read wan for wean do forgive me you were well spooked there weren’t you lol a can tell via your text am a mentalist to lol

      • Takes a big man to apologise … if you’ll now admit the mighty Rangers and their magnificent support really are ra peeeeepeeell..we’ll be getting some somewhere …in you own tim , sorry , time.

        • ecojon


          Sadly Rangers don’t have any big men as Bomber has revealed just tossers who can be bought off with shares and money, You truly are welcome to them.

          • Speculation again , you haven’t got a clue what’s going on behind the scenes , do you ? If you did you’d tell all , all we have is claim and counterclaim , so until I see facts like the FTT verdict , remember that ? OH btw how did your speculation on that go ???

          • “until I see facts like the FTT verdict , remember that ? OH btw how did your speculation on that go ???”

            Absolutely spot on as it happens, 5 trusts found liable & (how many was it again?) 50 ADMITTED as liable before FTT sat.

            Spin it as much as they like, it was a great big capital letters GUILTY.

        • mick

          a can feel the sence of relive in your text that am changing my mind but dont slag meth people carson it affects celtic and newco a have seen babies in the royal via friends from my scheme on drugs having kids am anti drugs and have never done the drug scene a hate it it can happen to any1 in future to stigmatize meth is sad carson a know deep down you being from the east end dont mean it but there could be kids now adults on here that are from that back ground so wise up call us all the cunts you want but to slag drug addicts is below belt yous use to be the people but yous have been replaced by the papal so know your place now move along nothing to see here lol

          most people on drugs are blocking a bad hand they have been dealt in life a blame Thatcherism for the uk drug policies and the system

          • Ed Paisley

            That’s why I love your posts Mick. Carson insults everyone from the poor to gypsies to drug addicted youths.
            You come back with an instructive post full of compassion for young Scots trying to kick their addiction.
            Thanks Mick – you are also right about carson: he is most definitely a prick. He confirms it with every post he makes.

          • Fra

            @Mick my friend. Sincere and from the heart. Thatchers policies of me, me, me have resulted in a society where failures like Minty Moonbeams are lauded and good honest working class people are discarded by a greedy society.

            The goings on at sevco are an indirect result of Thatchers greed where Moonbeams can borrow extortionate amounts and the results are, a dead football team, hundreds of small businesses shafted, employees shafted for wages while SDM, CW and CG et al swan about in jags while living in small castles at the expense of the working classes.

            Lock everyone of them up for they are nothing but conmen in suits

      • honest john

        Why is anyone taking any notice of Carsehole.
        You’ve got to imagine the heartache he’s been through this last two years.. seeing his team die. Then when it seemed like there was some hope of a new club coming along where they could all pretend it was the same old cesspit, it all turns to shit.
        The best bit about it …they did it to themselves…nobody else to blame.
        Is it any surprise he’s a bitter twisted wreck, more to be pittied than despised

      • honest john

        Why is anyone taking any notice of Carsehole.
        You’ve got to imagine the heartache he’s been through this last two years.. seeing his team die. Then when it seemed like there was some hope of a new club coming along where they could all pretend it was the same old cesspit, it all turns to shit.
        The best bit about it …they did it to themselves…nobody else to blame.
        Is it any surprise he’sa a bitter twisted wreck, more to be pittied than despised

  22. Ecojon , your right ! I don’t know how much is in the bank ..I would like to think that it’s a substantial amount ..topped up by new season book sales and new kit sales , but again , i dont know , that’s why I don’t speculate , guess and become obsessed with it , do you know ? If sellick told me they had 1 billion I the bank I couldn’t argue with it because I wouldn’t know , but some on here see speculation as a proven science , lmao.

    • ecojon


      When you resort to an actual semi-reasoned reply I know that you know the game’s a bogey. Make sure you get your PR money before the lights go out 🙂

      • mick

        they probably have the meter rigged lol

      • It’s a fact , your posts are pure speculation , you don’t know a thing as fact just like the rest , I feel that when the mighty Rangers run out at that temple of football in the new season you and some others will be inconsolable , because all your guess work will be just that , guess work , some on here think they are experts in employment law , business law , criminal law but know the square route of FA , and I’m sorry old bhoy ,you lead the mob , no offence , old bhoy.

        • mick

          carson the commenters on here are well academic and are experts in there field were the manual works out of them there forecasts are well thought out and researched they take the facts and figures in front of them then give us there thoughts for free if you listened to them we would not be here now and rfc would be in the hands of good men instead of crooks

          • Yes they might well be academic people , but some of them could talk pish for Britain ! The only real story and debate will be when bdo, the sfs and spf have all done their investigations , the rest of it is just ….guessing.

          • experts you want? try this, LSE
            Settlement as of 25 April

            Rangers International Football Club Plc in disarray as it suffers losses of -2.52%. The stock opened stable against the previous close, but then gradually declined in the course of the session, closing downbeat near the day’s lowest level. The technical scenario for Rangers International Football Club Plc in the last week shows the security lagging behind the UK FTSE All Share. As compared to the related index, the security has shown a lower performance

          • Bill

            The commenters on here generally urnae well academic, and if they are experts in their field, then they are in the wrong field, on balance the majority are complete trumpets who have nothing better to do.

        • Jamie

          The temple of football! ….the temple has been ransacked and is now the temple of gloom

    • mick

      The revelation that Rangers directors are willing to give out personal phone numbers of their players in the attempt to get them sacked is dynamite. tommy in glasgow has stated and sent to sandazas lawyers the texts and calls from imran about sandaza this proves how tight money is

    • @carson
      If sellick told me they had 1 billion I the bank I couldn’t argue with it

      pish, you would too

      • I’m sure if ra sellick sell out all those fire sale season books their bank balance won’t be far off the 1 billion quid mark …..

        • Pensionerbhoy


          Sevco will probably be making a fire with all theirs.

          • Pensionerbhoy


            Keep banging on. I am off to practice on my trumpet. I had a good bit of fun today. I am often a serious fellow but I let my hair down today. Quite a feat for a baldy like me. Good night dear friend. I will set the alarm in case Chuck or Craigy come a calling in the night while I dream of Celtic billions. I might just have 54 glasses of orange before retiring and see if I’ve changed colour in the morning.

  23. Mick , thank the good lord ..I was flapping like a budgie that you had lost the power to post !…praise be ! ….ecojon has had his jotters , tommy the taxi driver has taken over as the resident academic !

  24. mick

    carson tommys a alternative media star hes interviewed every 1 involved in the kabal of sevcoia a listen to all his shows a look forward to them wit a dj he is to

  25. mick
    April 25, 2013 at 4:27 pm

    Admin on FF just posted
    “brace yourselves, because things are gonna get a whole lot worse over the next few days”.

    Oh!…I do hope so.

  26. Going down…basement next floor…bargain Sevco shares…now only 57.50p…roll up and spend your last dime!

    • @gortchomhor

      Point of interest, Carntyne. Worthington Group PLC shares increased in value by around 12% today. Indicative. Funny to think investors could be withdrawing money in RIFC (as the trend in share prices suggests) and putting it directly into Worthington Group PLC. It’s like a game of find the lady: which one has the assets?

      • Budweiser


        As we are always being told – ‘ follow the money ‘!

      • @gortchomhor
        April 25, 2013 at 11:52 pm
        It’s like a game of find the lady: which one has the assets?

        I don’t know, but no matter who it is I would bet The Tribute Act’s problems are far from over.

  27. @gortchomhor

    Update on Imran Ahmad / IamRangers Debacle….

    The story has took a bizarre turn today. It’s an open secret on Rangers Media that Imran used his formal email address when he created the account. This is being discussed on the forum tonight and most agree he was a bit stupid to do that…

    Just one problem. The record shows that the user IamRangers (assumed to be the Imran account) was posting on the forum as far back as October 2011. This would mean he had a email address when Craig Whyte was in control…

    I don’t believe any of this and, as with so many other strands in this ongoing farce, we are unlikely to ever discover anything resembling the truth of what happened. More secrets for the soon-to-be-dead Sevco to take to the grave.

    • portpower

      Imran Ahmad has been shown the door for slurs against sally & wally.
      It`s the hinges I feel sorry for. WD40 will fix all your problems sevco.

    • Felpen

      A load of bull. Was thought up by 6 RM users. I took the library of doing some digging myself and what I found out made me laugh. I cast a line very very far away from RM and low and behold it came back to said forum. I wont go into it at the moment but I made a poster that had many thousands of posts walk out of RM in protest. Still working on it. But what I will say is.
      For the avoidance of doubt. IamRangers is not IA.

    • 100bjd

      I am not an expert although I would say that the original iamrangers comments seem to be totally different and with different styles from the later offerings which contain some pretty detailed stuff. I actually prophesised this week that Imran would get “packaged up” and I mentioned that he did technically have a case against the club for racial discrimination, thanks to his mate Chico. A case of me to you…you to me Chuckles brothers symbiosis. Technically, of course, in the real world Imran has been proved to have done nothing and is right up there on the constructive dismissal front. Again this is another huge package for an alleged spiv and the whole process being conducted by rank amateurs. All they had to do was wait for the independent report and sort the strategy out from there. The public aspect of the report in itself is actually not all that clever because you are boxed in tactically by the result. It is all well and good Malcolm Murray taking the moral high ground but he is up against a low life street fighter in the google eyed one. Can you imagine being pulled up in the former Dry Dock in Scotstoun by some guy with a reputation for redecorating your face….and you say fists only and first to give in loses!………No……well thats what this feels like.Murray needs to get a grip here or his club will be gone again.

  28. I think I’m coming onto this site more and more for my old firm fix.The Craic between Monti Carson Cam etc is what I have been missing this season.
    Sorry guys if I’m in the minority here,but as a celtic fan I miss the old firm games during the season. On the lead up to the match usually from Wednesday onwards after buying the celtic view,the adrenalin would start to kick in,guys at work from both sides winding one another up,everyone would buy a different paper to get as much detail as we could about who was playing or injuries etc.The night before the game just pure excitement,a carry out with the guys,old DVD/ videos on of past games,great discussions on our fav old firm games and players, and then the rebels getting belted out. Then match day,colours on ,meet up at the bookies get the bets on,see a few of mates from the other half,give one another pelters in a friendly way,share a drink,knowing that in a few hours time,for 90+mins we will hate one another.
    Into the pub early doors of course,pints flowing everyone going nuts to see if there are spare tickets,keep checking the pockets making sure you still have yours,songs getting louder,bus comes on we go,carry out,see other buses along the way thumbs up if they are your comrades in arms,arses up if they are the enemy, songs louder,fever pitch now, knots in my stomach head pounding,we are at the ground,walk in the noise ,geez it makes your hair stand on end, the sash from one end,soldiers song from ours,game starts,think im taking a heart attack by this time,goal for your team delirium fall down about 4 rows hugs to everyone you will never meet again,sheer magic and what a goal,2cd half goal for them basta#ds,ref it was never a penalty ya Masonic bas€$rd, the huddle from us the bouncy from them,do I miss those days, you bet I do,roll on 3 years can’t come quick enough. Sorry for the language but you have to tell it like how it felt,no malice intended to anyone on here.

    • @gortchomhor

      Your life sounds so suave but who do you imagine wants to read about it on here?

    • cam

      (Jimmy or can i call you dhimmy?,,,you’re talking pure pish,typical Sellic fan,slagging our wonderful officials just because they are in a nice club that you can’t join!
      I buy the Sellic view tae wipe ma erse!
      Talking of erses and baring them at our supporters bus,we couldnae tell if it wis yer erses or yer ugly fecking coupons.
      Us bluenoses don’t get steamin before a game although a good swally is needed to look at you lot dancing aboot like leprechauns in a River fecking Dance dvd.
      Fecking PC mob huv stopped me being a 90 minute bigot and ahm pure raging,,,ah luv the number 90 and if ye pit 16 in front of it ahm in ma fecking glory,,,so see you jimmy,,,yer jist making me go pure mental!!!!!)

      By putting the above in brackets, or parentheses to confuse the dhimmy’s, this permits me to present the above as satire.

      posted by Cam “neutrally observing” cynic

      • Well done cam only person on here who recognises satire at work,haha and of course you missed the bit about work you don’t get to experience that down the broo do you, up the workers hail hail.

    • Fra

      @Jimmy Bee….I thoroughly enjoyed that mate. You go for it Jimmy because if you ain’t experienced what you experience then I would assume your dead from the neck up. HAIL HAIL BROTHER

    • Maggie

      @Jimmy bee
      Get a grip man!!!! Miss Rangers,are you deranged? I can barely contain my joy that they’re about to die again. A zombie CAN die twice,right?

  29. cam

    Well i’ve just checked the Ibrox gate cam installed by my fellow brothers and no padlocks at the present moment.
    I’ve tried to arrange a battalion of the 1972nd Mechanized Division to head over if we spot any bailiffs but due to none of our members being in receipt of mobility vehicles, we are having transport problems.
    No overnight arrests i see,which is a good thing,after all it would be embarassing appearing in court for going overboard on a blog site!
    With the mooted buy out of shares by the Easdale Bros there are rumours of new coaches and we’re gonna be parking the bus in most games next season.
    Hopefully Worthington group got someone to check any forms signed or unsigned by the Craigster after purchasing 26% of one of Mr Whyte’s many companies.I’m not to good at counting,having 3 thumbs,so can anyone tell me what 26% of feck all is?
    I’m still trying to fathom how Mr Whyte can conduct business deals in the city after the Ticketus case.The heinous slurs against Mr Whytes business methods must stop, and journalistic inaccuracies will be studied for possible law suits.
    My new library book,How To Cause Financial Chaos With a Pound Coin,has revealed many cunning ways to serve up baloney and call it haute cuisine.
    My own attempt at a hostile takeover of the Belitia beacon cleaning franchise has been stymied by due diligence in the city chambers.Having not been convicted of any past crimes or had expenses scandals attached to my name my “fit and proper” status is being questioned.
    Attempts to form a shell company in Rothesay have failed due to high tides.
    In other news,,,
    I see Celtic wish to have alcohol brought back into the Scottish fitba culture.
    After the festival of pish in Dundee,this may not be the brightest way to reclaim lost revenue.Magners may want to have a say in allowing tv audiences see some unfortunate folk falling off the top tier blootered with their name attached.
    A better idea would be to install 30,000 computers in the empty green seats so that fans could take their mind of the crap on the field and clatter utter pish on sites like this.
    Now i wonder if there’s a market for an international clearing bank in Millport?
    I’m away to the library.

    • @gortchomhor

      Just when I thought it couldn’t get any more stupid and far-fetched, you say you’re going to the library…

    • BB

      Funny! And more than enough to merit yourself a spot on a ‘have I got news for you’ old firm special. cam carson an adam on one team, with gekojohn saggie and jim bob the oppos :-)Seen as henry k is still kicking around we could wheel him out for one last gig as mediator. Meanwhile, i note the pulses are racing at rangers’ imminent demise. And here’s me thinking they were already deid??? The club that couldnt be killed twice! Apologies in advance for being slightly crude but it really is there to be said-On reaching the vinegar strokes i’ll wager some of this lot actually visualize chris mclaughlin live outside the padlocked blue gates…..

  30. charliedon

    Daily Record reports today that Imram Ahmad is indeed the poster “IamRangers” on RM and is now being forced out of Ibrox for his online attacks on Smith/McCoist/Murray etc.
    If true, and it seems to be, it’s truly disgraceful that executives have stooped to such lowlife underhand tactics, but typical of the behaviour we’ve come to expect from this mob.

    • ecojon


      I realise that AIM is very loth to suspend trading in a company’s shares but there comes a time when it has to take that step to protect shareholders and the market integrity.

      I notice a ‘sell’ at 56p this morning – so far all that has stayed the AIM hand is the very low volumes but that could become a torrent within minutes and AIL know that.

      The other major problem AIM has is the fact that the CEO has gone in rather questionable circumstances with various serious allegations made against him and Ahmad.

      And now we have very serious allegations against Ahmad regarding bitter in-fighting at the heart of the Board and also allegations of sensitive commercial information being leaked.

      It may well be that after close of play today that AIM might take the decision that enough is enough to prevent a total collapse in the share price. PR people traditionally use Fridays to try and bury bad news or at the very least get a weekend ‘buffer’ before the sh*t really hits the fans.

  31. Ed Paisley

    @carson says this site is nothing but idle speculation. Well so far, most of the speculation has turned into fact. Of course, Rangers haven’t been liquidated for a second time and I think there are many influential people who will not allow that to happen – who wants the white proddy underclass let loose on our streets creating their mini kristalnacht? Not to mention the suspicious packages sent to democratically elected politicians by the Kuilwinning faithfull.
    However, all of the crookedness is robbing Rangers of the cash reserve they should have to carry them to the SPL, and crucially, to build a side capable of challenging Celtic FC within the next 10 years.
    At the end of Dec 2012, they had £22m in the bank. Let’s see what is there when we see audited numbers. Remember that any half decent auditor will ensure that the accounts reflect all actual and contingent liabilities – remember the Orlit debt?
    Rangers will limp on, but Chico and his partners in greed will ensure that Rangers are crippled for years to come.

    • Ed Paisley

      I hear you say – how can Chico rip off Rangers with the sainted cardigan on the board? Bung Walter a few quid and he would say Green is White if you asked him to. Just like his boy Alastair McCoist.

      Thanks for a great blog Paul – it is an oasis of civility in a football blogosphere awash with nastiness. Although @carson really is a prick.

    • cam

      White proddy underclass?,,,Kristalnacht?
      Are you spending too much time on the Donegal loon’s site?
      Did you have no milk for your Frosties this morning,,,nasty little man you.

      • CAM, you failed to mention this bit of the post, or did you do it on purpose ,so you could ignore the real nasty men that are sitting in the Bar L……..
        The mad bombers , not a figment of anyone’s imagination,
        It’s great ,who YOU label loons,eh

        “Not to mention the suspicious packages sent to democratically elected politicians by the Kuilwinning faithfull.”

        • Maggie

          Of course he did.He cloaks his nastiness and insults in a veneer of alleged humour,but is fooling no one.Today is a particular low,even for him,and I thought the Communion wine insult was his lowest.Btw do you notice how he can’t help himself referring to it constantly.
          I normally don’t ever read his trash,and had to go back and find it when I read pensionerbhoy’s post.
          I was compelled to read today’s offering from @ 9.02am as I was momentarily stunned by the post from Jimmie bee sharing his wonderful reminiscences of old firm games of yore……go figure! Maybe he’s another troll,setting up material for cam’s rants.
          It seems that “parenthesis” make everything perfectly ok.
          Oh well,can’t say I’m surprised.I blame the schools 🙂

          • cam

            Dear Margaret,Btw,is it ok to use the familiar or should i call you blessed?
            My little reponse to Jimmybee was recognised for what it was by Jimmy,a wind up!
            You read all my trash,Mags,just in case the Merlot has flowed too liberally and i make that little “mick moment” that you can pounce on.
            Dinnae fret about my Communion slur,,,the big guy uppa ky will look into my heart and judge me,,,not some faux hand wringers in here.
            Trust me Marge,i can go so much lower,in fact if i try hard you might call me mick.
            p.s is parentheses the plural?

            I shall let you return to the gang of “ready and eader to be offended”

      • Maggie

        @Ed Paisley
        You should have used parenthesis then it’s just “satire.”
        See above post by head troll cam @ 9.02 am.

  32. Fra

    So much for ma bloody love-in. It was all going well for about two days.

    Monti refrained from IRA postings and Carson stopped adding tit to Montis name. At least it was good while it lasted but I’m one who enjoys the gentle ribbing because the extremes on both sides show that the posters come from opposing sides of the spectrum.

    Why should we refrain from being ourselves? Is this not what makes this blog appealing. It might get heated depending on our mood at time of posting but again, I enjoy all postings.

    I may not agree or understand everything posted but the way Paul allows the arguments or posts to flow must be congratulated in this day of censorship.

    More power to your elbow folks. If a post is not to your liking, reply or move on.

  33. SairFecht

    Well, true or not, it’s all kicking off now…

  34. Monti

    Is this not the most dysfunctional new football club in the history of new clubs?……pass me another bowl please…..i seriously just can’t get enough! 🙂 I thank the lord above for bringing this gift into our lives :D….HH!

  35. Breaking news Mick , has just announced ‘ tommy the taxi driver ‘ is to take over as resident academic !…sorry ecojon , but looks like the better man won ….’ tommy the taxi driver ‘ was unavailable for comment as he was on his way ( via east end cabs ) … to collect his Nobel prize for his high standard of colouring in books and his work with teaching the green seat brigade on how to brush their teeth , good man tommy ! Mind that boundary charge.

    • cam

      Top form last night brother carson,,,keep calm and carry on.
      I’ll give you a break later.

    • ecojon


      It’s nae loss whit a freen gets

    • Carson, he is actually having a cozy wee chat with the legal team of Sandaza as wee speak. It seems he has some very welcome evidential information which they feel will help in the pursuit of justice for big Fran.
      Doesn’t look good for Ahmed.
      BTW, I would like to apologise, on behalf of every body on here. We should have told you they Chicco and Imran were out to fleece Sevco, and would be on the train with the used notes at the first opportunity. We just didn’t have the heart to say anything.
      You know how it is mate, we weren’t laughing behind your back or anything. It’s just that we knew how much they meant to you, and we didn’t want to be the ones who brokevyour heart. Still, Chin up! Plenty more fish in the seaplenty more where they came from. You will find another crutch!

  36. Monti

    😀 Why does it feel right & just what is happening to them……i’m so happy today 😀 …just happy inside, Celtic happy, so proud of our club today, our heritage & our culture, Celtic people you are a special people, across Europe this is recognised. STAND UP FOR THE CHAMPIONS! Happy days….

  37. cam
    April 26, 2013 at 8:34 am

    Well i’ve just checked the Ibrox gate cam installed by my fellow brothers and no padlocks at the present moment.

    Be patient…

  38. As mentioned, the dates of IAR stretching back to October 2011 are puzzling! Either he was involved long before he claims to have been, or Sevco have a bank of Alky Ida sleeper cell pseudo post names at their disposal.
    Was the sleeper cells of misnformation mentioned by Duff&Phelps as part of the assets? We know how they like to peddle propaganda down Ibrokes way, and having a wee personal infiltration device to guide the gullible would have been a lovely wee sweetener to clinch the deal. Lol.
    What a shower of thoroughly honourable peepelll frequent their sewers!

  39. Seems it’s not just other players but other managers who think ra sellick winning the tainted , open goal , one horse race is nothing to be praised , paranoid fc ??? ….the song and dance men ???… treacle teeth ( brilliant ) has said his “stars” may boycott the award ceremony !!! …as Michael himself put ” sellick are a classless club ” ….yep couldn’t have put it better myself .

    • ecojon


      Not only are we a ‘classless’ club but we are proud ot and just as we are proud of being ‘all-inclusive’.

      I really would have thought that any actual rangers supporter would be on Berr fan sites trying to save his club than making an absolute tit of himself on here. But, like many others, I enjoy laughing at you so please stay if you thing your drivel is helping save Rangers.

      They are beyond help and certainly beyond Redemption. In case you have any difficulty with the concepts involved please take your pick from:


      1. The act of redeeming or the condition of having been redeemed.
      2. Recovery of something pawned or mortgaged.
      3. The payment of an obligation, as a government’s payment of the value of its bonds. – Might even apply to paying taxes 🙂
      4. Deliverance upon payment of ransom; rescue.
      5. Christianity Salvation from sin through Jesus’s sacrifice

      • So not only are you classless ..but all inclusive ….breakfast , lunch and evening meal at breezblock towers , washed down by gallons of anti freeze until eleven pm !….naw your alright mate , I’ll just have a bluenose burger and a dairy milk .

    • tykebhoy

      If you are going to use that logic are The Rangers going to forgo their tainted promotion and first ever division win then? I mean their CEO was probably on a bigger wedge than the aggregated salaries of the playing squads of all the 9 other teams!

  40. ecojon


    Don’t know if you saw my earlier post on this?

    April 25, 2013 at 10:36 am

    You make a good point about IamRangers posting on Rangers Media as far back as 2011.

    It could mean of course that this has been a long-standing conduit from the club onto the site and the posting frequency and content might be interesting.

    However, it might equally have been a ‘defunct’ poster name which would be handy if used for ‘hidden purposes’ because it would appear to be a long-standing Rangers supporter possibly with a reasonable post count and thus more likely to be given credence by Bears and not dismissed with the ‘shifty eyes’.

    It’s hard to believe anything coming out of Ibrox these days as everyone is spinning like hell to keep ‘rapeepul’ watching the plates while the money makes a swift exit down the marble staircase 🙂

    • It could mean ?…it might be ?…content might be ?…while the money makes a swift exit down the marble stair case ?…speculation , guess , speculation ….oh for the love of the wee man ! Give us proof ! You know nothing ! Tommy the taxi driver is the man !

      • Carson mate, look I don’t want to see you, or anybody fleeced by spivs. Especially people who can least afford it.
        You say you buy 3 SB’s. Fair enough!
        Ask yourself this. Do Sevco need front loaded with SB sales?
        You will not be in the transfer market, so the obvious answer is no.
        Why not, you and your fellow bears pay at the gate? Go every week like good bears, but hold onto a little power.
        Then you can exert at least some influence on proceedings, and increase, or withdraw your support, dependant on how things are progressing. If anything, by paying on a game by game basis, you will have increased the clubs income.

  41. Monti

    Agent Whyte I hold you in the highest regard, you are a credit to your country, your work is almost complete & be reassured you are making a lot of people happy. Could you report to Agent Lawwell asap with an update……out!

  42. SairFecht

    Maybe the Rangers ‘old guard’ were in cahoots with Craig Whyte all along to get him in cahoots with Charles Green so that he could manipulate and get their consortium money then be ousted so the ‘old guard’ could then be reinstated and the debt wiped and the Empire theirs once again. Craig always claimed he would one day be seen as the saviour and maybe it goes back to the binned Titon report, the £1 coin and David Murray’s evil laugh trembling down the marble staircase. Hey Presto – a hundred million pounds and more of other people’s money dissolved and on we go – cursing the ‘haters’ and detractors who dared halt our progress through immediate SPL admission after liquidation and reconstitution. Wee arra peepil!


    IF and i do say IF,
    the poster is proven to be Ahmed, then if Whytes case is upheld ,Ahmed could regret this line…….On Whyte’s claims he owned Rangers through Sevco, the poster said: “These are forged documents. Whyte is just adding to his list of crimes.”……… Allegations of forgery at Sevco, well deary deary me

    • Raymilland


      Think out or plan (an action, esp. a crime) beforehand: “premeditated murder”.

      Colluding or conspiring together secretly.

      With or in proximity to another person or people: “they stood together”.
      Self-confident, level-headed, or well organized: “she seems a very together young woman”.

      Goods, esp. private property, taken from an enemy in war.
      Steal goods from (a place), typically during a war or riot: “rioters were looting shops”.
      noun. plunder – spoil – booty – prey – pillage – swag – quarry
      verb. plunder – rob – pillage – sack – despoil – maraud – harry

      Divide up and share: “they divvied up the proceeds”.
      divide – share – split – distribute

      (of a person) Dishonestly or unfairly take (something, esp. money, belonging to another) for one’s own use.

      red handed

      Web definitions
      doing something reprehensible or showing clear evidence of having done something reprehensible; “he was caught red-handed”.

  44. Geddy Lee

    I see “the rangers” are having yet another “Charity Legends match” coming soon.

    Those legal fees must really be taking their toll.

  45. charliedon

    Anonomously posting propaganda and deviously undermining his fellow directors on RM is probably not even the worst of the various tactics Ahmed and his cohorts have employed in the pursuit of Rangers. But it’s a perfect example of their complete lack of ethics or trustworthiness and is a clear glimpse into the depths of the murky waters in which they operate.

    • mick

      There was speculation last night the log in iamrangers gos back to whytes time uncharge so don’t believe what you read in record it’s mental the whole kabal is at each others throats dignity indeed lol hail hail

  46. @eco,
    If it is the case that Imran, was posting as IAR, then the questions that pose are frankly quite scary! Obviously, if he was posting as far back as Oct 2011, a lot of thing’s are blown from the water, and many police charges will follow, possibly taking the trail back as far as David Murray.
    If it is the case that earlier postings were made by A. N. Other, then it follows that Imran must have been given the IAR slot, by an insider of the previous regime, who has now grasses him up! It is so murky!
    I believe that most clubs probably poke their noses into forums on occasions, to monitor fans feelings etc, but to have actually illicit non de plumes available to guide and influence opinions and thought processes, is totally abhorrant!
    It does beggar belief, and leads you to wonder what other hidden agendas are also being pursued by covert means and possibly, as yet undiscovered channels. As I said…Scary.
    Sorry to have put up a post similar to your own mate. On my phone and musta missed it. :-).

  47. kKnowTheStruth

    i just noticed on The Rangers wiki page they had a record attendance for a european game at ibrox of 100,000 against Dinamo Kiev in 1987……i wonder how they did that…..well there you go ..another world record…pmsl

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