Worthington PLC Claim To Have Reported Charles Green and Imran Ahmad to the Serious Fraud Office

As a preamble, it has not been made clear what the basis for the above report is. Undoubtedly Messrs Green and Ahmad will maintain, as they are entitled to do, that they are not guilty of any offence and in law they remain innocent men until a criminal court declares otherwise. There is a big difference between a report being made to the police or the SFO and such a report being accepted as credible and reliable. Even then, there remains some distance to go before evidence of criminality sufficient to mount a prosecution can be produced, and even then there is a further stretch to reaching the standard for a conviction in court. Most complaints to the police result in no action at all, as the matter falls at one of the above hurdles.

So, to end the preamble, accusations are not proof, and the reporting that such a report has been made should in no way be taken as a statement that the parties mentioned have done anything wrong. There is a long way from accusation to conviction, and my comments on the whole matter should not be taken as implying that there has been any wrongdoing by anyone.


Two Stock Market announcements today, which make it clear that all parties are very serious and that this issue is not going away any time soon.

First of all RIFC PLC came out in almost as “all guns blazing” a way which one can in a Stock Exchange announcement.

In light of the recent media speculation in relation to alleged claims which are purported to have been made by Craig Whyte, Aidan Earley, Law Financial Limited or Worthington Group plc in relation to the ownership or control of Sevco 5088 Limited (“Sevco 5088”), Rangers confirms that no legal claim has been received by Charles Green, Imran Ahmad or the Group.   As none of the allegations that have been made in the press have been substantiated by evidence of any legally enforceable rights and as details of any claim, whilst threatened, have not been received, the company regards any such press commentary and speculation to be highly spurious.  The Group has been and continues to receive legal advice to protect the business, assets and reputation of the company and its directors from such spurious claims.

In view of recent media speculation, the company wishes to clarify that Sevco 5088 is not an active subsidiary of the Rangers International Football Club plc. It is and has been a defunct non trading  company over which termination proceedings began last year and which would have been struck off by the Registrar of Companies had false claims of directorships not been filed recently at Companies House.   Sevco 5088 was listed in the company’s announcement dated 22 April 2013 to comply with the AIM Rules for Companies requiring disclosure of directorships held by the directors of the company both currently and during the preceding 5 years.  Sevco 5088 was not the acquisition vehicle which purchased the assets of Rangers Football Club.

The statement could not have been clearer.

1                    No claim has been “received” by Mr Green, Mr Ahmad or “The Group”.

2                    Any press (or presumably blog) speculation is spurious.

3                    The Group has had legal advice about protecting itself from spurious claims – which is a polite way of saying “don’t talk about them”.

4                    Sevco 5088 is not an active company.

5                    Sevco 5088 was only disclosed on 22nd April 2013 as a subsidiary as, for some unaccountable reason, it had never been disclosed before.

6                    Sevco 5088 was not the acquisition vehicle which purchased the assets of Rangers.

Nothing to see – move along – and if you hang about, you will get a lawyer’s letter!

Point 6 struck me as odd.

If you recall, Duff & Phelps made clear that Sevco 5088 was the entity which had a binding contract to acquire the assets. It was then a surprise (if only to folk like me) to see that in fact the company which ended up with the assets was Sevco Scotland.

There was not necessarily anything wrong with this. Sevco Scotland could have been nominees or, for some reason, Duff & Phelps could have decided, although without telling anyone, to change the binding contract and exclusivity agreement to a separate company.

However, to my naïve eyes, the right to acquire Rangers was an asset and if this was to be transferred elsewhere, then there ought to be some price paid for it. Where the people in control of 5088 and Scotland were the same then there would be no one who would seek to challenge such a transfer.

However Mr Whyte and Mr Earley were party, in some form or other, to 5088 and not to Scotland, so they are making waves.

Back to point 6 – let us ignore for now what Duff & Phelps had to say.

Instead let us look at the linked STV report from June 2012.

In the report we see the following:-

A spokesman for Rangers confirmed that there had been a transfer of assets between one newco and a second separate newco. He told STV: “For the avoidance of doubt, Sevco 5088 Limited bought the assets of the Rangers Football Club and then transferred them to Sevco Scotland Limited so that all the assets would be in the Scottish registered company that is Rangers FC.”

Either the spokesman was wrong in June or the statement today is incorrect. Maybe another statement can clarify the point?

However, after Worthington PLC had turned its guns on Rangers last week, we saw, late this afternoon, that they were not taking this statement lying down.

The following statement came out just before 5pm.

Worthington Group Plc (the “Company”) – Conditional Fee Agreement

Conditional Fee Agreement

The Company is pleased to announce that Law Financial Ltd (“Law Financial”), its 26% owned associate, has now entered into a Conditional Fee Agreement in relation to claims that Law Financial, through its subsidiary Sevco 5088 Ltd and separately, has to all of the business and assets of The Rangers Football Club (“Rangers”) which were purchased from the Administrators of  RFC 2012 Plc by Sevco 5088 Limited, or Sevco Scotland Ltd, in June of 2012.

The principle (sic) terms of the Conditional Fee Agreement are as follows:

Solicitors and Leading Counsel acting for Law Financial will share 7.5% of the recently issued and to be issued unsecured convertible loan stock and up to 18.5% of any successful claim in relation to the business and assets of Rangers.

The Company notes the announcement made on 22 April 2013 by Rangers International Football Club Plc (“RIFC”) in which, contrary to other recent public announcements and statements by Mr Green and RIFC, RIFC now, five months after the publication of the Admission Document published for its flotation, claim to own Sevco 5088 Ltd.

We also note today’s announcement by RIFC, and would like to confirm that solicitors, acting for the Company and Law Financial, are in a position to provide compelling evidence that Messrs Green and Ahmad received a letter before claim in December 2012, having received previous correspondence, and chose to ignore it.

In the light of recent public admissions by Mr Green, including his admission that he and Mr Ahmad deceived Mr Whyte, a fresh letter before claim is being prepared against, inter alios, The Rangers Football Club Ltd and Messrs Green and Ahmad. This letter will include additional or alternative causes of action to those already particularised in the December 2012 letter.

The shares in RIFC purportedly owned by Messrs Green and Ahmad will also be the subject of this claim.

During the course of the Company’s due diligence process, relating to its purchase of a stake in Law Financial, information has been discovered relating to the conduct of Mr Charles Green and Mr Imran Ahmad, this has today been reported to the Serious Fraud Office.

So what does this mean, simply?

1                    Lawyers have agreed to pursue the claim for the assets (of for value of the assets lost to 5088) on a conditional basis.

2                    Worthington do not agree that RIFC PLC owns 5088.

3                    Worthington say they have evidence of letters being sent to Messrs Green and Ahmad, being ignored and therefore a letter before claim being sent.

4                    A new claim is being prepared, we are told, as a result of the “admission” by Mr Green that he cheated Mr Whyte.

5                    This new claim is against, among others, Mr Green, Mr Ahmad and what was Sevco Scotland Ltd (but not RIFC PLC).

6                    Worthington are also including the shares of Messrs Green and Ahmad in RIFC in the claim, presumably on the basis they got them in exchange for their interests in Sevco Scotland Ltd.

7                    And allegedly information has been passed to the Serious Fraud Office regarding Messrs Green and Ahmad.

Does a conditional fee deal mean lawyers are certain to win? No. But it means that they see enough of a chance to make a recovery of some sort, even if a “go away” offer, to make it worthwhile proceeding.

Maybe the letters were sent but lost in the post? That way both statements could be correct. However I have a recollection that Mr Green made mention of a claim being made already by or on behalf of Mr Whyte. The argument might therefore be that a “legal claim” is not the same as a letter. So whilst the Worthington statement says that letters were sent, the RIFC comments do not, necessarily, deny this.

Maybe what RIFC means is that no court writ or summons has yet appeared.

If correct that papers have been passed to the Serious Fraud Office, then this is an enormous escalation of matters.

There is of course a jurisdictional issue. If criminality is alleged to have taken place in Glasgow, then surely Strathclyde Police would be where matters should be directed?

I am sure, if such a report has been made, the SFO will pass it on appropriately.

Can Mr Ahmad stay in place pending such an investigation?

Ought he to be, without prejudice, suspended pending at least the internal investigation?

Of course, until the matter is fully aired in a court, we will not know the truth (and perhaps not even then).

However it is clear that Mr Whyte’s claims, even if no longer being pursued directly by him, are not going away.

The saga, amazingly, looks set to run on and on and on and on …

And I will be here, trying to make some sense out of it.

Posted by Paul McConville


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294 responses to “Worthington PLC Claim To Have Reported Charles Green and Imran Ahmad to the Serious Fraud Office

  1. Niall Walker
    April 24, 2013 at 7:46 pm

    At the end of the day it really doesn’t matter whether the assets were sold to Sevco 5088 or Sevco ( Scotland), the main issue is who paid for them and we know it wasn’t CW.

    I really don’t see this as being a threat to the stability of the club.

    Hope springs eternal.

    Not long now.

  2. cam

    The biggest issue isn’t being addressed.
    Ross Bryan,,,the guy who handled Craigie’s Ticketus questionnaire,,,its about his career prospects.
    How’s that guy Griers health these days? he looked a bit unwell last time i saw him,,,needs fresh air,being cooped up wouldn’t agree with him.

    • JimBhoy

      Cam the whole fekin lot of them will be found out and jailed (probably for max 18 months) not like they did something serious like defend their families from 2 junked up burglars or defended themselves from 3 muggers at a train station (a mate of mine) who was looking at a 2 yr stretch for the muggers picking on a kick boxer trainer.. Mind you he does look like Chris De Burgh, easy target..

  3. JimBhoy

    Listened to Bomber and English sounds like they were going for a pint together after…. Brown said ‘absolutely’ at least 30 times… Why didn’t they actually ask him what he knew and how HE got that info? Why did Chico confide in Bomber only….

    He mentions Chico says he has enough to take the club under.. (Wouldn’t surprise me) But no real expansion.. He says he told some rangers people who then asked for evidence but he had none….Mmmm! Needs a tape recorder imo…

    He did put the Boot into Jabba which was refreshing, I wonder if jabba mentioned his chat with Bomber to Chico behind closed doors culminating in a job offer for his silence…

    Was Bomber not in the papers recently lauding Chico’s achievements??

    There is a new angle every day…

    When Craigie Bhoy shows legal proof of the directors of 5088 and puts out some recordings backing that up he will take Chico and the D&P fraudsters down…Niall/Imran end of story… 🙂

    • cam

      Wouldn’t be too smart to call Craigie a Bhoy,,,left his wife and weans,disnae pay his maintenance on time,tells porkies,withholds PAYE,has problems writing his own name,sneaks about taping folk,,,,och whit am i saying,,,carry on Craigie Bhoy.
      All thats ok as long as he damages Rangers,,,very telling.

      • JimBhoy

        @Cam Hit a nerve mate?? Nothing to do with his personal life other than he has a negative effect on our once closest rivals, much like a rangers player’s OG in the last seconds of the match to give the Celts a late victory in the cup final..

        You cannot say the rangers fans would be any less magnanimous of the perpetrator if the shoe was on the other foot..

        I did say he would end up in the clink for the lowlife that he is but that doesn’t mean I cannot have fun for what he does to several other shysters in the hope they all get their comeuppence….

        • cam

          When Celtic had their trouble back in the 90’s i can’t remember hardly any of the boardroom stuff,the Kelly/White accusations and i know as a Gers fan i didn’t care about them off the field,,,thats the big difference.
          The blog sites obviously give the conspiracy theorists a cyber pub to spout their insanity without a taxi being called for them.
          The extent that some folk are going to,to “prove” their multiple theories is very revealing and goes beyond normal fitba rivalry.
          I find it hysterical watching the fundamentalists follow their chosen messiahs,be it in here,the Donegal loon or any of the other crazy sites.

          • JimBhoy

            Many more open communication methods have bypassed the picking up a paper in the morning to read the news as stated before often biased towards one man’s wee empire…. Which was Gospel (Obviously).

            As far as this circus goes you cannot get on the back of the non rangers fans for this. It is all the doing of those at the rangers helm much heralded as those who will continue the traditions and spend tenners for celtics biscuit tin fivers etc etc..

            I find it hysterical that the rangers fans think it hysterical that their biggest rivals are having fun at their expense..

            Many of the so called conspiracy theorists have been spot on… The Celtic troubles of the 90s were a mere ripple to the tsunami the rangers story is so comparisons cannot be drawn apple for apple..

            • cam

              There wasn’t a saddo Gers fan who would devote his life to sneaking about anonymously spreading tittle tattle about “missing” fans and publicising the Kelly’s personal tax affairs,there wasn’t a Clyde supporting lawyer who would devote months neutrally observing the various aspects of law that were connected to the Celtic story,to such a level where Celtic’s lawyers had to offer the poor guy a cuppa and a chat.
              No ex Glaswegian pesky hun bin man with a few names toddled off to the Shankhill Rd to re invent himself as an author and obsess daily about the victimisation of the hun untermensch and produce shite like the Incubator and then bleat on about sectarianism and racism.
              Its all about the Rangers.

          • cam stop polishing yer halo, there was “no” comparable forum for debate or muckspreading when Celtic had their troubles.
            carson fretting about school uniforms & empty seats at Celtic park is ample evidence that it’s a reciprocal obsession, there is more evidence should you require it on McMurders, Swallow swallow & vanguard bams!!!!!

          • @cam
            Back in the day, we didn’t have the same communication portals we enjoy now and if we had, you and others would be clattering away, paving the way as cyber bampots, just as I and others would be fending off those multiple theories. A bit like China today. I had to explain to a young adult that China is not suddenly having earthquakes and other disasters, child poisoning and murders aplenty, it’s just that we are now getting to learn of it due to new openness.
            However, thanks to bampots (you know who you are) we got this conspiracy theory:
            from June last year, who would have thought it would come to this? well most of us did. I noticed you had no comment then, I’m not sure if you had joined the community yet.
            Best regards.

      • Budweiser


        Totally agree re Cw. But also think that Green is in the same mold. If we can agree on that, then everyone associated with either of them, is suspect,or at least ‘tainted by association’. That by definition, includes all the present board, and directors including Walter and Ally.
        The only person to have come out smelling of anything other than bullshit, is bomber. Having listened to him tonight I would have to say that he is the only ‘real rangers’ man in this whole saga. Not the most articulate certainly, but definitely the most dignified.

        • Bud we now know why Bomber cut such a desperate figure on the Ibrox steps. He was in effect being hung out to dry by the “Real Gers Men” in their sleeveless cardy’s & luminous brown brogues, & not to mention the mendacious succulent one. After divulging what he knew to all of them surely they were retaining knowledge that should have been available to investors & prospective fan shareholders. I’m no lawyer, but surely it’s not only Green & Ahmed who should fear the policeman’s knock on the door.
          If these guys were aware Whyte was active in the takeover then that to me sounds something like illegal!!!!

    • Budweiser

      re bomber on sportsound.– I always thought that bomber, at the time, was showing solidarity with Ally, Cardy and other ‘real’ rangers men, when he quit. But no, he says he had a good chat with chico, [chico seemingly tells him that more or less,’ he can sink rangers at any time’ ] then immediately empties his desk and leaves!
      He also questions delatoites [?] involvement in ANY investigation into CG/CW ! Also agreed that there had been ‘ serious fraud ‘ and and suggested that police and BDO would also uncover criminal activity.
      He said that he had a good job and good salary, with a club he loved, and he just upped and left after chico talk. After listening to him, he seems like the ONLY one in the whole fiasco, who had any dignity.

      • JimBhoy

        @bud yeah know what you mean but I wonder how much of all this is about Bomber’s ego… I can’t help think he has got his knowledge up to scratch by reading this site and he has added detail to make him look like he is in the know…

        He really said nowt about the facts (of what he suggests he knows)…It may take a couple of years for all this to eventually come out in full colour HD, I suspect it will probably still be fought over and vague then… Such are the people we are dealing with.. Noted fekin liars…

  4. Fisiani

    The fakeover is starting to crumble.
    D and P arrange that Sevco 5088 have sole rights to buy ‘Rangers’.
    Sevco 5088 is a shell company of Green and Whyte.
    We have been told by a Rangers spokeperson that Sevco 50888 was the purchaser. It was then offloaded to Sevco Scotland.
    Associate membership was granted after the secret 5 way agreement. The role of Whyte makes the status of The Rangers at risk.
    Does anyone seriously expect this company to survive?

    • JimBhoy

      As I have seen of late anything is possible…. Chico desperate to get out Easdale desperate to get in something stinks to high heaven..

    • Budweiser


      Duff and Phelps have walked away with £5m. They agreed to max £500k with Craigie. Their role in all of this will soon be questioned I suspect. [if BDO aren’t already on the case ]. I just hope for chico’s sake that he hasn’t tried one last con on the wrong people.

    • The Hidden Fortress

      The Republic of Fictavia…Evening News Bulletin : ‘I’m the people. No, I’m the people.
      Oh, so you’re the people ?
      No, they’re the people. No, no, noooo…We’re the people.
      Look, just who are the people ? We’re all the people.
      Can anyone can be the people ? Of course – Absolutely – In(!)deed they can ! It says so here…http://announce.ft.com/Detail/?DocKey=1323-11561457-4EF32RDNQCMI40CK69HBIS13S1
      People get ready, there’s a train a-comin…just get on board 😉

  5. cam

    Lenny is obviously still steamin from the title party,,,,”i would leave for the bigger clubs”,,,,,, ahem,the guys a total rocket.He hasn’t got a scooby what he’s doing.

    • JimBhoy

      @Cam maybe a bit of Lenny humour.. A man growing into a very good Celtic manager..

      How would you describe Mr McCoist who was purported to know the whole sorry Chico bad sh1t all along?

      • cam

        Came up against Wattie and a medocre Gers team,lost,bottle crashed,furious rage,referees forced to go on strike till the loon got told to calm down.
        Two titles and 10 more to come and nobody cares and even the Tic fans know they wont be the real thing.
        Ally wasn’t for me a manager,always a number two,but well done to him for all his effort in keeping the club going.
        The current Whyte claims are coming from a desperate cornered wee chancer who is up to his neck in Ticketus doo doo.
        His business career is over in my opinion and he’s looking for a lifebelt.
        Where’s Bombers proof?
        One minute he’s Bomber the ugly redneck illiterate swally merchant to the Celtic fans and now like Whyte he’s a good guy cos his message is what the crazies want to hear,,,hysterical.

        • JimBhoy

          Facts: lying refs, lying sfa officials, biggoted ref’s head honcho, assault charges aplenty, bullets, bombs and death threats…

          I care about the titles I think we are about to see the most exciting Scottish top flight for a long time and the promotion of youth….

          Rangers circus is compelling, none can argue that.. The crazies are all on the rangers side… We are mere spectators..

        • “One minute he’s Bomber the ugly redneck illiterate swally merchant to the Sevco fans…”

          Fixed that for ye; you’re welcome.

        • gortnamona

          Good man Cam
          When you have no other defence have a go at Neil Lennon. The nasty little bigot in you is never far from the surface. What’s really bothering you and the rest of the sectarian morons is that you have now been twice taken for a ride and you can’t stand being the object of ridicule that you are.
          “We are the mighty Rangers. Don’t you dare laugh at us.” Tee bloody hee.

    • Steven Brennan

      Shields up

  6. @gortchomhor

    newtz,what did you mean when you said Green broke the circle? I think I know what you mean but, for the avoidance of doubt, can you explain?

    Also, what’s the significance of that? Assuming I get it, wouldn’t it be important that Green had no obvious connections to the circle? Isn’t that why Green was hired? Plausible deniability sort of thing…

    Was the reference to Metro bank a joke? I mean, even if its true that there’s a connection there, isn’t it coincidental?

    • Green was the outsider, but had close connections to the circle …. and he had previous in football (Sheff Utd) ….. and Zeus ….. the perfect (?) front man.

      Check out the octopus connections throughout the investors ….. I get above 30% without including BPH …..
      Then follow the losers in the Ticketus fiasco ….. spot the connections ??

      Note connection between Octopus and Ticketus
      Note connection between Octupus and Zeus (providers of loan)

      Note FFW …… and Octopus connection

      Notice St james Place …….big time losers …… note connection with keith Carby (below)

      Notice Caerus Wealth …..
      Their Group Investment Director is Ronan Kearney who is also the Venture Fund manager at Octopus Investments.
      Their Chairman and CEO is Keith Carby who is the founder and Non Executive Director of ……… Metro Bank, …… and original founder of St james Place …….. one of the original big time losers through the Ticketus deal …………. now do you get it ………. !

      A perfect circle ……. all was looking actually pretty rosy for Rangers ……
      It all started going wrong when Green double crossed Whyte.

      Had Whyte simply been payed off …… Rangers would be in a stable situation with further funding available through the tight circle of investors ensuring that at the very least they get their original loses returned ….

      For the avoidance of doubt ………… the circle was broken …..

      • Regarding ….. For the avoidance of doubt ………. “For the avoidance of doubt …….” ……. it was the first clue that there had been a terrible miscalculation in the project ………. were the investors briefed ??? …. IMO … No

      • JimBhoy

        Newtz take my proverbial hat off to you, are you the son of Eco??? I hope you are employed by BDO…

  7. cam

    If Rangers players were handcuffed to warders,played without pay,were run by Glasgow City Council and took a bath in holy water(is that ok PB?),the crazy gang in here would still be obsessing with them.
    Not long now,,,,till we just become a fitba team again and the refs are getting the blame.

  8. jjbhoy

    cam,i think you are mixed up with this,you are obviously from the natural erection queue,unbroken history,deary deary me,your thing you call a club is up tae it’s knees in debt,scandal,deceit,lies(club),bullying,arson,intimidation,terrorist threats(turnbull hutton),withholding registration papers(court win against the ssfa)refs(hugh dallas’ racist texts)/linesmen in yir pockets and if thats what you have to be proud of,i for one, am delighted and last but not least,the european cup and that is one thing you will never get your mits on as in europe you dont get to have all of the above “working” in your favour cos its a level playing field in europe and when thats the case,you are donald ducked.

    • gortnamona

      Not to mention having countless thousands of mindless sectarian thugs as supporters. Sorry just realised they’d be the ones responsible for the
      “bullying,arson,intimidation,terrorist threats” etc

  9. @gortchomhor

    how come iamrangers was posting about team formations in December 2011 on Rangers Media? See link below.


    • JimBhoy

      @Gort probably just a bit of match fixing and bookie beating, was it a Singapore investment team… 😦

    • mick

      gortchomor that’s a different login check number of comments under name

      • @gortchomhor

        It’s not, Mick, I looked at that very closely. It seems their signature which appears on every post includes a total number of posts number… It’s not a static thing, it updates as you go along so that on post number one it would tell you the total number of posts you have made as it would on all of them — it’s obviously just coming out of a database field.

        This 100% is the same person that they have identified is Imran Ahmed. Yet, according to this link he was posting in December 2011. I didn’t even know Imran was involved in 2011. Was he?

        • @gortchomhor

          I’ve came to the conclusion that IamRangers is Jabba, not Imran… He used the account in his previous job, either as a genuine Rangers fan or to feed info into circulation, maybe a bit of both, and he took the account with him when he got his new job at Mordor. It’s the only theory that fits.

  10. jjbhoy

    i have waited all my life for this cam,your mob has gotten away with thieving of all sorts on an industrial scale(SIR phil mac)and its all coming home to roost,aw at wance,tons ay shit,day,after day, after day an i just can’t get enough,personally the merde the merrier old bean.

    • cam

      If thats what fulfils your sad existence then party on down son,then the awful realisation that the object of your hate is gone will eat away at you.Mind those chips on your shoulder don’t get soggy.

  11. mick

    the sevco are doomed lol

  12. portpower

    could sevco season ticket holders(individually) have a case against Charles Green and Imran Ahmad?
    With this predicament at IOUbrox, I know one thing for sure- The big man above and myself have the same sense of humour.
    Talk about tainted titles what about tainted (Yorkshire) TEA ?

  13. Project Walliams

    So, no need for that internal investigation then – given that T’Rangers have already made clear to the stock exchange that there’s nothing to investigate.
    Chico will be pleased.
    And to think I was worried that the investigation might be a sham.
    Guess we can all concentrate on more important things now, like the re-naming of Ibrox (I assume you can sell the naming rights to a property you may not own – Google Eyes Arena anyone?)

  14. castlerockbhoy

    Right, forgive me if we have already gone here, but, we know `Rangers 1872` went bust. We know Sevco Scotland now own `The Rangers`, having bought it from D+P. But if the whole, ` lets keep Whyte in the background` thing is shown to be true and the share issue is as dodgy as many suggest. Does ownership of the assets return to BDO? After all,` if they were worth £ 50 million, even on a bad day`, it is hard to see BDO letting them go for any less. If so, would `The Rangers` then have to withdraw from the league as technically they had falsified their application to get associate membership of the SFL? Does that end leave us with a `Bobby Ewing scenario` where we would have watched all the shenanigans over at the `asbestos dome` for the last 10 months to suddenly discover that it was all a dream because all the results of `The Rangers` will have been erased from the record books?

  15. KnowTheStruth

    The Rangers share price falls below Celtic’s…….oooooooh squeaky bum time.

  16. Fra

    Bomber Brown stated that Chicco said he was going to shut Ibrox?? When questioned by Tom English he said he was only saying what he was told.

    So in this sorry saga, Brown tells the hordes what he knows but doesn’t have documented proof. He is ostracised and ridiculed by his own people.

    Chicco tells lies, one after another and is lauded by the same people?

    Would it not be feasible to pin Brown down and find out what he actually does know. His interview had a few tit bits without actually nailing any of them.

    Who’s name is on the deeds? Could the gullible have played right into the hands of two or more conmen? Where is the 22million deposited? A small bank statement should clear this up.

    The tie-in with various companies, administrators and players in this saga is, I would assume, all done to confuse the layman.

    As soon as offshore tax havens are mentioned, then I smell a rat. There are many tax minimising schemes (ebt’s haha) to diminish contributions without going offshore to the Virgin Isles.

    These havens main purpose is to hide wrongdoing. If everything was above board, then there wouldn’t be a need or desire to hide anything.

    On the appointment of Mather, it maybe until they find a better candidate because if he’s the best, god help them. I see a battle in the boardroom followed by a total clear out of anything to do with Green/Whyte

    When the BBC actually asked Chicco relevant questions, he stuttered and stammered and appeared totally unconvincing.

    Has the end game been what was suspected from the beginning. Pick up a business cheaply, pick the bones of what’s left, then discard, only the vultures saw richer pickings than they had thought originally. The gullible have jumped in with two feet and with a few choice words have emptied their pockets.

    They must feel totally used and abused. The wide boys of castle greyskull have been conned like never before and when the penny drops, the culprits have rode of with their spondoolies, laughing as they go.

    The post earlier about the SFA becoming involved. It was the SFO but close enough. Brilliant.

    • castlerockbhoy

      @ Fra

      If it is proved that there is money in the bank account, does that not make the remaining board members about as important as a chocolate teapot?

      • Fra

        @castlerockbhoy…Ye lost me a wee bit there mate. Early morning on this side of the world. I assume the remaining board members are pawns to keep up the pretence of being legitimate while the switch is happening in the side room. How many board members are in the know, is anybody’s guess

    • Felpen

      I believe Bomber said. CG told him if he rocked the boat or stirred the shyte and lost Charles the chance to make some green then he had the clout to close down Ibrox altogether and sell it off to tesco or who ever was the highest bidder!

    • Niall Walker

      The intention is not to confuse the layman, the intention is to have a strategy that covers worst scenarios, investors securing assets or putting them out of harms way in a holding company is standard stuff.

  17. Felpen

    Charles Green askes Sevco fans if they would like to invest more money in Sevco shares!


  18. Jamie

    Cam dry yer feckin eyes…..your like the orchestra on the titanic!

  19. Monti

    Isn’t it pleasant when you hear the birds sing in the morning, whenyou open the window & you hear them sing away? i swear I just caught a glimpse of a butterfly, it’s wings coloured, Green, white & yellow, today is going to be a good day.

  20. Geddy Lee.

    Cam, I see you are casting for a film about the Ibrox farce. Money should be no problem.

    Simply organise a “charity” match against Linfield or some other mugs. Say the money is for a kids hospital or a cancer charity.

    Once your fellow fans have coughed up, announce that in fact the money will instead be diverted to another “The rangers project” Yes, yes I realise just how dispicable that would be, but it’s worked in the past (Wink Wink).

    Does anyone know just how many people Chico has “promised” his shares to? Who else is going to come crawling out of the woodwork claiming their portion?

    I personally am beeling. I’ve just contacted “Ticket Master” and they quoted me a price of £200 for a seat in the public gallery of any pending Sevco trial.

    Will there be any on sale in the rangers ticket porta-cabin?

  21. jjbhoy

    cam is a dobber,lennon hasn’t a clue,now there’s a quote that carries some weight,league winners,scottish cup final,last 16 of the champions league,beating barcelona,meanwhile over at the comedy store wee fat boy has been put out of 7,yes 7 tournaments. cam you really are on the money an if it wisnae fur millimetres ye’d be a wummin! tah dah!

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