Charles Green Denies Whyte/Sevco 5088 Documents Are “Correct or Valid” – But Are They Genuine?

Late last night (Friday) the following statement appeared on the Rangers official website. You can read it in situ here.

I have posted my comments in bold and indented beneath the relevant parts of the statement. I then end with a brief (yes, I know what you are thinking) conclusion.

Before I start, it is headed “Charles Green Statement” and then, as readers will see, is actually by a “spokesman” for Mr Green. It is not billed as a “Rangers Statement”. Might that be significant?


FOLLOWING the publication and broadcast of misleading and inaccurate information on STV this evening, a spokesman for Charles Green said: “Mr Green is appalled by this blatant attempt to discredit him.

A hard-hitting start. The information broadcast by STV was “misleading and inaccurate”. I am sure the statement will tell us in what ways.

The days when some were concerned that a proposed commercial relationship with STV might compromise its coverage of the team seem a long time ago now. To be fair, the STV News team have been at the forefront of many of the breaking news stories regarding Rangers for some time now.

The spokesman tells us that Mr Green is appalled. I have no doubt that he is.

If the allegations are true, then no wonder he is appalled at the story getting out.

If however this is a vile attempt to besmirch a businessman out only to preserve a Scottish institution, then he is right to be appalled by this vile calumny.

As far as being a “blatant attempt to discredit him” …

Some on Twitter have pointed out that he has been doing a good enough job of that himself in recent times, including his “Paki” comment regarding Mr Ahmad.


“These documents are not correct or valid and he did not sign Craig Whyte or his associate on as directors of Sevco 5088.

The documents are not “correct or valid”. If they were forged, as has already been floated on the internet as a theory, then one would expect the statement to say so. After all Mr Green has already threatened to sue Mr Whyte. He can’t surely be afraid of Mr Whyte suing him for defamation!

And, as we have seen with Orlit Enterprises, Mr Green did not shirk from referring to someone with whom he is in dispute as “terrorists” and “blackmailers”.

This therefore leads me to believe that Mr Green is not denying the documents are genuine. Rather he is objecting to how they are being used.

How could the documents be genuine but not “correct or valid”? Simple. If they had been signed and their use was to be conditional upon certain events which have not taken place, they would cease to be “valid or correct”.

If the plan in early May 2012, for example, was for a CVA to work, and for Sevco 5088 Ltd to take over Rangers Football Club PLC (as it then was) and to own it which in turn owned the football team, the stage might have been set for Mr Whyte’s appointment once the new structure was put in place. And, notwithstanding his ban from Scottish football, Mr Whyte might have argued that a role in the company which owned the company which owned the football team assets was not a close enough connection for the ban to apply. (That is speculation on my part.)

In any event the CVA was rejected and Sevco Scotland Ltd acquired the assets, in some way. Therefore Sevco 5088 Ltd became redundant and any corporate changes which were planned were no longer necessary.

The documents which were to be registered when certain events happened became incorrect and invalid as the conditions were not fulfilled.

Why, after all, bother to become a director of a limited company which is not trading and which has applied to be struck off the Register?

As regards the forms, it is not uncommon for paperwork regarding company changes to be completed, signed and retained. Whilst the Companies Act 2006 lays down timetables for lodging documents regarding changes, these are rarely applied. In addition Companies House will not reject a form because it was submitted late. This applies to share transfers as well as to appointments.

So, by implication, as the statement does not say that the documents are false, should we assume that they are genuine? That is not unreasonable logic.

As for Mr Green “not signing on” Messrs Whyte and Earley as Directors, this is strictly true, on the hypothesis I have suggested. Their appointments were conditional on other matters. Those conditions were not fulfilled. Therefore the appointments were never made. Simples.

The desired implication of that comment is that the papers are not genuine. However, as already discussed above, if that was the case, why not say so?


“Mr Green was the sole director of Sevco 5088 until he resigned and became the founder director of Sevco Scotland, formed by Scottish solicitors.

This is wrong.

Mr Green has never resigned as Director of Sevco 5088 Ltd. He is still listed as such. Indeed I understand he applied, through FFW the company lawyers, in December, as Director, for the company to be struck off the Register.

He did not step down from 5088 to join Sevco Scotland Ltd, nor was there any need for him to do so. Quite what the nationality of the lawyers who formed Sevco Scotland Ltd has to do with anything, I do not know.

At the time an explanation was offered that it was decided that a Scottish company should own the assets and thus 5088 was shunted into a siding and replaced by Sevco Scotland.


“If this documentation was correct then, as Sevco 5088 was formed as the initial bid vehicle, the administrators would have been negotiating a sale of the club to a company which had a director who was clearly forbidden from being involved with it.

If the above statement was made against a backdrop of Mr Green denying anything other than meeting Mr Whyte only once and having nothing more to do with him, then it would carry greater weight.

However we know that Messrs Green and Ahmad were in touch with Mr Whyte “stringing him along”. We know that Mr Whyte paid money to Mr Ahmad Mr Ahmad’s mother. We know that Mr Whyte thought he had a role to play in a newco.

You will also notice the reference is to the document being “correct”. Not “genuine”. There is no reference to forgery.


“Furthermore, it should strike people as deeply suspicious that these documents are being filed today 11 months after they were supposedly signed and on other documents Mr Green’s home address has been mysteriously changed without his knowledge.

As I mentioned in my last post, I think the filing of these papers now is designed to inflict damage on Mr Green. It is “Mr Whyte’s Revenge”.

That does not mean they are false.

If Mr Whyte’s motive is greed, as is implied, then how does it help him to go to Companies House to register as a director of a non-trading company on the verge of being struck off? And in that scenario, why would he forge documents or signatures. It does not add up.

And, as Mr Whyte has clearly been in touch with some media outlets, why would he take the risk of actually sending papers to Companies House, rather than simply showing them to the media.

Let’s say that, hypothetically, the documents were forged. It would still amount to a criminal offence to pass them round the media and to publicise them, as well as opening the person responsible up to civil action. But why, in that case, take the risk of sending them to Companies House?

There officials are meant to ensure that documents lodged are genuine (although I suspect that the number of items they receive makes such checks nominal at best).

Lodging false official documents would significantly aggravate any offence relating to forgery or fraud.

Lodging papers when the conditions under which they were to be activated have not been fulfilled might well give rise to civil action, but would not, in my view, amount to a crime (or if it was, at a far less serious level than that of using forged papers).

It is not for Companies House to make enquiries, whenever papers are lodged, into whether all of the terms under which the documents were written have been fulfilled. It is for an aggrieved person to challenge that, administratively with Companies House, or through the courts.

As for the change of address, I think that this, rather than being some evil act by Mr Whyte, might actually have been done in Mr Green’s interests. The latest report from Companies House, which I saw having been generated at 10.30pm last night, disclosed three directors of 5088.

They are Mr Whyte, Mr Earley and Mr Green. However Mr Green’s address is now shown as the Skylines address which is the new Registered Office. It is possible that, conscious that the media and indeed Rangers fans might be all over these papers, Mr Whyte decided that leaving Mr Green’s home address on the forms could be seen as potentially risky or provocative. So the address was changed.

That could be wrong of course and the plan instead was to make sure all Companies House papers regarding 5088 went to Mr Whyte. We would need him to explain.


“Furthermore, notice was filed publicly in January this year by Field Fisher Waterhouse and is on record at Companies House company seeking to strike off the company, yet four months later directors appointments are now being supposedly filed.

FFW were initially instructed, it seems, by Mr Whyte. Then Mr Green took over.

Again the implication is that the documents are false, but the statement refrains from saying so.


“As stated previously these matters are now in the hands of lawyers who are preparing a file to be sent to Police Scotland and Mr Green cannot comment further on the details of that process.”


If it was Mr Green’s position that the documents revealed by STV were forged, this would not have been “as previously stated”. After all, these papers have only just appeared.

The statement also suggests that, in some way, the preparation of papers to go to the police prevents Mr Green from commenting. Well, clearly it does not! After all, what is this statement but his comments, even if voiced for him by a “spokesman”?

If Mr Green is, as he seeks to imply, an innocent man who is being attacked by the media and Mr Whyte using forged papers to destroy his reputation, then he has every right to make a lot of noise about what is taking place.

In addition, he ought to be off to the Court first thing on Monday with actions for damages raised, and interdicts threatened in connection with these defamatory broadcasts.

Last week he and Mr Ahmad threatened action against Mr Whyte. As far as I am aware no summonses have been served.

It looks to me, as an outside observer, that Mr Green is fire-fighting. It is not a matter of accepting that Mr Whyte’s allegations about his deal with Mr Green is accurate or not.

What is clear is that, UNLESS IT IS MR GREEN’S POSITION THAT THESE DOCUMENTS ARE FORGED, he had a far closer business relationship with Mr Whyte than he has previously revealed, either in public or to his Board (as per the statements of Walter Smith this week).

In the context of May 2012 he needed such a relationship – after all, if a CVA had worked, Mr Whyte, through his company, would have been 85% owner of the rescued oldco.

But all of Mr Green’s discussion of Mr Whyte, dating back to May last year, has been of a most disparaging nature, undoubtedly based on his assessment that any dealings with the former owner could well have further soured the views of Rangers fans towards him. After all, when he first appeared publicly on the scene, a prominent Rangers-supporting writer repeatedly referred to him as a “snake-oil salesman”. Perhaps Mr Green felt that not all of his customers would have appreciated the business necessity for dealing with Mr Whyte in a business-like manner, and he felt it best to minimise their connections as much as possible.

None of that however would have been inclined to make Mr Whyte a fan of Mr Green and, following Mr Green’s rejection of Mr Whyte’s plea for recompense, what does Craig Whyte have to lose?



Where does this leave matters?

I think what we can glean from it is the following.

Mr Green is NOT alleging that the papers have been forged. He neither specifically says that nor does his comment about the home address being changed suggest that. After all, if the papers were forged then there would be no question of details being “changed”.

The papers were completed by Messrs Green and Whyte conditional on certain matters happening – presumably Mr Whyte coming up with cash, and the CVA being accepted. Those events did not happen so the papers became redundant.

There may well be matters about which Mr Green thinks he should be reporting Mr Whyte to the police. If forgery was one of them then I suspect we would have heard most clearly about that. We have not.

Ironically, as has been the lesson from Watergate onwards, it is often not the initial “offence” which is the problem, but the subsequent efforts to cover it up. (My use of the word offence is not intended to convey implications of criminality in this instance.)

Mr Green had to deal, however unpalatable it was for him, with Mr Whyte whilst a CVA was possible. He judged, it seems clear, that admitting this in the early (no pun intended) days of his involvement at Rangers would damage him, so he spun the line about only one meeting – no prior contact – and giving Mr Whyte £1 from his pocket so he could make a 100% profit.

That approach helped establish his credentials with his customers as a person who would not consort with the previous regime.

However, once he went down that road, there was always the danger that something would happen to expose his dealings with Mr Whyte. It is ironic that exposure of these matters could be damaging, when the dealings were, as far as one can see, entirely legitimate, and indeed essential!

Maybe a wise PR man might have suggested gradually revealing Mr Whyte’s involvement, whilst re-assuring the customers that that route had closed when the CVA failed, and explaining why it had to be done for the sake of saving Rangers.

But either that was never suggested, or if it was, Mr Green decided not to follow that advice.

So now we come to the bizarre situation where the leaks about the Whyte/Green dealings are corroding the goodwill the Yorkshireman had created, like sulphuric acid on a biscuit.

And having embarked on the route he has, a U-turn becomes impossible.

Will this be Mr Green’s last comment on the matter? I very much doubt it!

Posted by Paul “Burt Campbell” McConville

(The above reference will make sense to those of a certain vintage – no prizes, but lots of kudos, for the first person to mention it in the comments!)



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  1. Monti

    Morning Paul,
    . I can’t believe anybody out there would have a bad word to say about my friend, Craig Whyte, this is a man who has brought untold joy to many thousands of people & I would certainly endorse this mans credibility to any football club in Govan. We are all Craig Whyte & want the same things in life. P.S. Charles Green is an awful person.

    • Maggie

      Morning Paul.I’m SO not happy.What did I say to Carl 31 yesterday
      morning? I said I was going out for the day and I’d better not miss any good stuff……and what happens in my absence? Yes, I miss gazillions of good stuff. So far I’ve only managed to catch up on the Sandaza thread,
      which gave us the biggest piece of monumental self regard on here EVER…..yes I do mean David’s line “pretty sure my qualifications and
      professional attainments would leave yours in the shade”
      If it hadn’t been said to John Bhoy I might have given it some credence,
      Ok,that’s a complete lie,but I was trying to be nice,and “I won’t lie to you”
      cyber friends.
      You couldn’t have posted all this on Thursday Mr Mc Conville,when I had the day off and was at home awaiting deliveries? No,you wait until I’m
      out and then the posts come thick and fast…..Grrrrr. 🙂 Very sneaky.

      Mrs Mc must never see you.Does she perhaps encourage your blogging “hobby” thus freeing herself to read Vogues and paint her nails.
      I know I would,and do,encourage Mr M’s hobbies……the man doesn’t even know who Karl Lagerfeld is,despite years of instruction in these matters,but can name every footballer who ever played for Glasgow Celtic AND every game he ever attended.This proves my point I think,he’s not even trying.:-)

      Paul,I can hardly wait to get through the posts,but it seems Chico’s reign is about to be over.I’m devastated,Im not being sarcastic.He provided us with so much material to mock,please say it’s not true Paul,I’ll miss him.
      To end,allow me plagiarise Jim Bhoy’s masterful line “Chico rocks”

      • Monti

        Who’s Karl Lagerfeld ?

        • Maggie

          Left back for Bayern Munich 🙂
          No,he’s the design genius behind Chanel,nicknamed Kaiser Karl
          on account of his German origins and dictatorial pronouncements on all things “fashion.” My lifelong dream is to become his “muse” 🙂

      • Maggie, even if Chico does, when he goes the fun will only be taking a new twist. not ending.

      • ecojon

        @ Maggie

        I have reposted what I think is a topical point on whether brain power achievements can be transferred 🙂


        Have you managed to come up with the source of the banning stats yet for rangers and celtic which you used for an attack on Celtic.

        I have now asked dozens of times for these to be produced but nothing unless I have missed your reply.

        So let’s try and help: Did these stats come to you in a dream, was it in the Loudon, possibly a ludge meeting, on RM, from Leggo, from the MSM, from Tinternet?

        I hope that helps jog your memory.

        Btw? If a thick person with a poor education required a brain transplant and received one from a noted academic with a PhD would that recipient be allowed to claim they now owned the academic qualifications held by the academic before his demise?

        • Monti

          Remind me never to get into an argument with you…:)

        • cam

          Would the sins of the donor be transferred to the newco and would the recipient have to spend hours in confession doing penance and could a jealous rival attempt to strip the recipients darts trophies won whilst using poor uneducated thick brain?
          BTW,Eco you seem to have momentarily forgotten your socialist,buddhist, learned years of experience and unfairly tarred David with the brush of idiocy just because he holds a different viewpoint.
          Stats can be used to prove anything.
          Look at poor Monti and his thumbquest,,,on a Celtic site the poor chap got thumbed into the obscurity of bigotsville!
          If you held a strawpoll in the Garngad you would find that RFC are the demonic forces of darkness.
          Gotta go up to Tesco for some party ballons and hats for Maggie’s funeral.
          We’re dressing up as yuppies with giant mobile phones and red braces and setting up a mock stock exchange.
          Rangers shares will be heavily traded and your massive portfolio of Buddhist incense shares can be given away to the poor thick uneducated masses.

          • cam

            BTW,,,,,Maggie’s party is a celebration of her life,not her death,,you know the kind,,a Christian burial.
            Thanks Maggie for the right to buy!

            • david

              Cannot agree with you Cam.
              A state funeral in all but name, undeserved.

            • Budweiser


              It’s her last rite.

            • @David bizarrely I find myself in agreement with you. Maggie deserves many things, but this grotesque, obsequious, ridiculously expensive pageant in not deserved. An unmarked grave, with a bin bag shroud is more fitting.
              @ Cam, you are one of those working class, treacherous rats my old man always warned me about. Smug, conceited arrogant right wing tosser!!
              Why is it no surprise to me you are a Hun
              Lets not have any tears about the H U N word being a sectarian. It clearly has “no” reference to Religion or ethnicity. Simply means a follower of the Rangers, now Sevco cult.

            • BB your political illiteracy is staggering. It’s the usual mince coming from a Sevco welly boot wearer. Just because someone declares an allegiance to socialism does not mean they have an affinity with Soviet Communism.
              Socialists subscribe to a philosophy of a mixed economy, not totalitarian Communism or Thatcherite free market capitalism, which incidently caused the global banking crash.

            • david

              Happy to do so Monti.
              Your thumbfest did not go too well, did it.
              Thrashed on a pro-Celtic site.
              You have been outed as a bigot, do you accept that?

          • BB

            Hilarious! Capitalism-the unequal sharing of blessings. Socialism-the equal sharing of miseries. No wonder they hate oor mags. Far from perfect of course, but mrs t and old ronso did bring the wall down liberating millions from socialist oppression. ‘It’s the same old socialist disease, you end up running out of other people’s money’!

            • Budweiser


              ‘ they run out of other peoples’ money ‘.
              And the capitalist banking system didn’t?

            • BB

              Budwieser. How many poor souls were shot trying to get over the wall hesding due East then….?…

            • BB

              Mac Tomas. As said, the free market far from perfect. I only did the same as you though Used an extreme example (U S ‘S’ R ) to make a point. Or am I not to afforded the same rights as you. Some socialist! By the way, if the free market is so terrible, why didn’t brown and blair drag us back to ‘3 day week’s then……..?

            • JohnBhoy


              You quote Churchill from a speech that he gave in the House of Commons on Britain’s future after the Second World War. He was, in his inimitable way, paradoxically highlighting a pointed criticism of both economical models, conscious of the impact of demobilisation in spreading more egalitarian values. He whimsically recognised the vice of capitalism and, as he saw it, the virtue of socialism. Full quotation: “The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings. The inherent virtue of Socialism is the equal sharing of miseries.”

              The history of capitalism has been a history of exploitation and failure for the working classes, here and abroad. The current perception of the poor as leeches on society is simply part of that disgraceful story. Now, of course, it is the turn of the middle classes to suffer the consequences of capitalism. It’s failure, which brought countries to their knees, is now accepted even by right wing journalists, sensing that all is not well with a system that rewards extravagant greed while the rest of society takes the pain.

              I am a socialist but accept that a middle ground will need to be found, one where responsibility to the less fortunate is more evident. Adam Smith wrote the book upon which much of capitalism is based: The Wealth of Nations. However, he also wrote another, less well known book, The Theory of Moral Sentiments (1759). This book preceded, and was a counter-balance to, The Wealth of Nations (1776). He argued, very convincingly, that the profit of others cannot, in all conscience, be achieved without sympathy for those less fortunate. Unfortunately, society has veered excessively to the former while neglecting the latter: profit before society. Even Churchill would be shocked at this dangerous imbalance. Boasting of the “success” of capitalism over communism is no comfort, for capitalism has also usurped democracy.

            • JohnBhoy

              “Its failure”, not “It’s failure”. My spellchecker is a sneaky wee shite and frequently makes changes when I’m not looking.

            • BB


              I agree no system will ever be perfect. the sinful nature of mankind will see to that. Churchill was basically saying it is the lesser of 2 evils. He also said something along the lines of capitalism being the sturdy horse which pulls the economy along. Socialism for me holds people back and creates a dependency culture. Of course not everyone on benefits for example, are in that position through choice, but there are a fair number of people who reckon the world owes them a living. Folk who are quite happy to shelter under the bosom of the state. Ironically, it is these people who actually ensure less is available for those in genuine need. I prefer a system that encourages self sufficiency, hard work, ownership and responsibility for their lives. I also think too much public sector and not enough private sector equals, well, Greece, for example. It was Britain also who was the sick man of europe pre thatcher remember. And it changed for the better, but not without cost, admittedly. A topic which could go on all day and I am now otherwise engaged. I do respect your difference of opinion from mine however. That is what true freedom and democracy is about. On a side note to finish, the really sad thing for me this week was the celebration of someone’s death because they happened to have a different political ideology. Agree with it or not, the woman believed she was trying to better our country, and had the courage of her convictions to see that through, regardless of personal cost to her own popularity. When we see the sanctity of human life devalued to the extent we witnessed in george square during the week, that for me is without question a damning indictment on the people involved. Whatever their political persuasion.

            • Ed Paisley

              Article in the Independent on 10th March 2013 by Margareta Pagano about John Spedan Lewis, the founder of John Lewis stores who gifted the company to his employees.

              Here’s what John Spedan Lewis had to say in a BBC radio broadcast in the 1950s as he explained why he had given the family company to the staff: “The present state of affairs is really a perversion of the proper working of capitalism. It is all wrong to have millionaires before you have ceased to have slums.

              “Capitalism has done enormous good, and suits human nature far too well to be given up as long as human nature remains the same.”

              Lewis, founder of the John Lewis Partnership, added that this perversion has given us an unstable society, and that while there must be differences of reward to induce people to do their best, the present inequalities are far too great.

              Even more astutely, he observed that the function of providing capital had become more and more separate from the function of managing capital, no matter who owns it. What’s more, he backed his own beliefs, and by so doing created one of the great business success stories of the 20th century: pre-tax profits were up again by 15 per cent last year to £409m.

              So when John Lewis announced last week that a £210m bonus pot is be shared by its 84,700 staff, and that each of them will receive a bonus equal to nine weeks pay, there was universal applause. Contrast that with the mood after Barclays said on Friday that it is paying out a £2.2bn in bonus and incentive payments – even though pre-tax profit last year fell by 96 per cent to £246m after taking hits for Libor, mis-selling and other charges.

              Out of the pot, 428 bankers will receive £1m or more each, and five of them will get £5m or more. Yet the dividends paid to investors are less than half of the bonuses at £733m. Another 40, 000 job losses are expected over the next few years.

              Investors as well as Barclays top brass would do well to listen to all of Lewis’s speech. He also warned that if we do not find some way of correcting capitalism’s perversion, society will break down: “We shall find ourselves back in some form of government without the consent of the governed, some form of police state.”

          • @Cam You might find some solace in these words.
            I predict that your children & grandchildren will one day hear the strains of the Champions league music, & will not be denied this unique experience. The thing is they’ll be wearing green & white scarves & sitting in the new 85000 capacity Celtic Park Superdome.
            You might as well start teaching them the words of “Walk On”, Grand Old Team”, “Fields of Athenry” & “This Land Is Our Land”
            Sevco 2 will be making a magnificent contribution to Scottish football by being a feeder club for all the clubs in the West Central conurbation.
            Take Heart Cam, your club in their 3rd incarnation will still have much to offer Planet Fitba!!

            • david

              How about them hearing ” Flower of Scotland ” etc.

            • cam

              i was in an Oirish theme bar for a function and overheard two chaps discussing the merits of Van Morrisons singing/song writing abilities.The debate ended when they both concurred that he was shite because he was a Hun?
              Does that mean i’m confused or do we have another celebrity fan?
              On another occasion at work the policies of Frank MacAveety in the then city council were being discussed by two hard core Tic colleagues,they excused his hard line stance against employees by stating well at least he’s a good Tim.
              Being a Glaswegian for all my years i know exactly what is meant by those statements and any amount of PR wheedling to gain the moral high ground is actually sadder than just coming right out and stating what you mean.
              I now know the inner secrets of moderation and am secure in the knowledge that any Celtic fan can say absolutely anything in here and if anyone takes offense they are advised to move along and ignore the statement.
              But just you try to put up a link to the business activities of some billionaires(gotta be careful,so as not to activate the filter!) and its straight to the naughty step.
              Smug and conceited,,,,yes i’m a Gers fan QED.
              Right wing?,,,,maybe right of centre if pushed,but politicians nowadays disgust me.I no longer vote.
              No pictures of the loony left at chez Cam, and JFK’s statement of think not what your country can do for you etc. will do for me.
              Old Maggie achieved more in her life than anyone in here will and she would be an interesting dinner guest,,,,you my friend,,, i might throw a chicken leg over the fence.
              The forecast that any of my kin would visit the Stade de Venom as a willing customer is most unlikely,but unlike your extreme kind,indoctrination isn’t practised in my household.
              Paul did state that its the petty name calling and personal abuse that irks him rather than contentious statements,so out of politeness i shall refrain from ending this mince with GIRUY.
              Bad Cam,master doesn’t like it when we mention the precious.
              Smeagol out!

            • @ Cam Mmmmmm…. everything I said was right then.
              Right of center these days IS RIGHT WING.
              & you are a smug TOS….
              Have a look at your dire contributions after LNS, which is still GUILTY!
              If you don’t like the moderation parameters why not slither off to McMurder?. Now there is a blog follow following in that fine miserable right wing tradition of allowing only the approved narrative.
              Indoctrination? well you perhaps know the results of that better than anyone. Still having fantasies about the glory days of this once great nation. Also if you were inculcated in an environment of free thinking & questioning your football club would be in better health rather on a ventilator, but no, You Swallow Swallowed the lot of Murrays moonbeams.
              As Galloway said, ” That club, that history, ha ha ha !
              BTW if you have evidence that the term Hun is historically sectarian & racist furnish us with the damning evidence. One pathetic anecdote is just that. Pathetic!

            • Fair enough david., I’m a Scotland fan, but Flower of Scotland is a poor anthem. Musically & in terms of it’s lyrics. I don’t think national anthems should be referencing war & killing people.

        • david

          I was in no dream, I would never set foot in a dump like the Loudon tavern, such business would never be discussed at a Lodge, Leggo is a daft maniac like Phil McG, not the MSM, you are correct, something I noticed on the Net.
          BTW- that is daft and I cannot see how it relates to me.

        • Don

          I’m not aware of the antecedent intercourse of your post but surely ecojohn as the donor, in the example you describe, would be the recipient of the brain and not the other way round, intellectual ownership is not altered?

        • Maggie

          Mmmmmn good point eco,I’m hoping Noam Chomsky leaves his brain to david,then we’d be able to talk to him at our level 🙂

        • Paul

          No but they would now have the intelligence to decide when suited if old brain owed a debt or if new brain owed a debt.

      • mcfc


        totally agree – Paul and Peter really ought to orchestrate the conspiracy better than this.There is severe danger of ice cream and jelly overdoses across the nation.

        For myself – I’m not celebrating – I’m waiting to see how the usual suspects can distort the space time continuum in order to brush this under a fold in the universe – thus allowing TRFC to continue unaffected. MAy feature in tonight’s Doctor Who.

        Speculative theories such as string theory predict 10 or 26 dimensions (with M-theory predicting 11 dimensions: 10 spatial and 1 temporal), but the existence of more than four dimensions would only appear to make a difference at the subatomic level and fourth tier Scottish football level.

        • Maggie

          Of course they’ll never be allowed to die,worst luck.
          Btw you threw in that last paragraph to confuse david,didn’t you?
          I,of course,totally understand it,as one of my best friends from school studied astro physics at Oxford and I became an astro physicist by
          osmosis. 🙂 That counts in the battle of the qualifications doesn’t it?

          • mcfc


            Don’t tell david – but I copied that para off the web and changed a few words – just like my Nobel prize certificate 🙂

            • Maggie

              My school friend,the astro physicist, went to work at NASA then gave it all up to become a classical musician,go figure.He was a certifiable genius,and as such,he was of course,a Celtic supporter.:-)

        • cam

          Jelly and ice cream,,the food of children.
          I see that you’re a realist and now well versed in the natural order of things.
          In the Large Hadron Collider or LNS verdict to Tic fans,there are two types of hadrons,namely baryons and mesons,henceforth termed masons for purpose of discussion.
          Hadron incidentally comes from the Greek for stout or thick.
          Now as any budding particle physicist knows if you hurl two thick masons at each other, at near light speed,then a strong nuclear force is requires to keep the universe stable.This force is called the Establishment,think of it like the Continuum in Star Trek.
          As a side effect of this god like force a nasty little particle is created called a pion or the Celtic peons.They are a destructive force and their purpose is not yet clear.They are usually found imbibing on gluons,interfering with quarks and generally buggering around with forces beyond their remit.
          apologies to Richard Feynman

    • BB

      So! We have a proven fraudster liar cheat and tax dodger-whyte, and a guy, admittedly with a case of foot and mouth disease, but who also was good with his word regarding investment-20 million or so, and who actually pays the clubs taxes-Green, and who do the moral champions of our age on here plump for? That’s right, the guy who fleeced the tax payer of millions. Way to go folks, way to go. Says a lot about your ‘erm, values. Should we be really that surprised, given that most on here support a club who it’s said got land from Glasgow City Council for a pound, and who also got Glasgow City Council to cover the costs, 1.5 million, for the demolition of a row of houses and relocation fees, to facilitate the stadium’s redevelopment. A scandalous story to be investigated if ever there was one! No such vigour here , or at BBC Scotland etc to ensure taxpayers weren’t losing out. Or the other little nugget of Fergus’ VAT season ticket scam. No wonder you people love the tax cheat that is Whyte. Hospitals , schools etc, ? You really couldn’t care less. As long as he’s damaging Rangers, the tax payer doesn’t matter. As long as Celtic benefit from the charity of Glasgow City Council, the tax payer doesn’t matter. if only Rangers had season ticket holders and shareholders partaking in votes at the city chambers. There’s as much chance as a protestant holding the office of Lord Provost, 37 years and counting. Equalty eh, you can’t whack it! ps Monti, if you are a christian, it certainly doesn’t look like it the way you promote terrorism, but if you are as that is not my decision, before praising whyte, best heed Isaiah 5.20. Woe to him that calls evil good and good evil.

      • cam

        Outstanding post my good fellow,,,lay it into the non believers!
        Follow follow, for we are walking with the grace of god.
        Moses Smith shall lead us,,,let the peepul sing!

        • Maggie

          Yeah outstanding,pity he doesn’t know the difference between vigour and rigour.Idiot.I blame the schools.

          • cam

            Ah, the fair Maggie.
            I was watching the Masters,otherwise i would have responded earlier.
            BB’s post was rather juicy,unlike some which are more full of rigor,a la mortis.
            I shan’t interact with you too much fair maiden, as i sense a burning hostility that ill becomes you.
            My knowledge of Prada,Lagerfeld and Elle magazine has a serious paucity, and on the other main issues that you deal in we shall only disagree.
            As David said elsewhere,just because someone holds a contrary opinion it doesn’t make them an idiot.
            You seem to be suffering from blogitis and are too long in the trenches.Take another break,be more consistent in your rebukes to users of foul language.An intelligent lady like yourself shouldn’t use sweeping generalisations.
            At least you had the good sense to berate mick on his remark about terrorist bombings.You have tried many times to control his outbursts but he went way too far on that occasion.
            Eventually all this nonsense will settle down and Rangers can get back to concentrating on football.
            Then, hopefully you can release that inner hatred and go shopping with a lighter heart.

    • david

      Even St Anthonys, a great wee club?
      Or Benburb?

      • JohnBhoy


        Afternoon David. Hope your weekend is going well. I’m watching a great game between Hibs and Falkirk: 3-3 would you believe, extra time. Apologies for my crudeness earlier – I was unfairly winding you, and others, up.

        • david

          So am I in an Inverness pub, its 3-3 just in extra time.
          Great advert
          Cmon the Hibees

          • JohnBhoy


            Screamer by Griffiths. Was rooting for Hibs but Falkirk must be gutted.

            • david

              My brother in law, rest his soul, was a Hibee.
              What a great well run club, the original Catholic / Irish club in Scotland and they moved on without the baggage.
              They attract Leithers and the more intelligent Edinburghers.
              Great advert for the Scottish game.
              Great credit to Falkirk, some excellent young players and trying to play the game in the correct manner.
              Maybe Hibs long wait is over, and I hope they win the Cup.
              Sunshine on Leith.
              Now anxiously awaiting word of my own team.

            • JohnBhoy


              Understandably, I hope the tic win the cup! However, I was, eventually, pleased for St Mirren when they beat my team – the celebrations they had would have exceeded Celtic’s, what with their street parade and parties. One of the commentators today said that if Hibs play Ilke they did in the first half against Falkirk then they will lose the final. He forgot to add that if they replicate their second half performance then they might very well clinch it.

    • Vera Kux

      However, Paul and Monti, if the assets were bought by Sevco 5088 Ltd and then moved to Sevco Scotland by Mr Green and the shareholders of Sevco 5088 received no financial benefit, what would be the situation then? And, did Mr Green have the authority so to do?

  2. Johan Ecoslayer

    From “Soap: Episode #3.20” (1980)
    [Burt has just received the election recount results]
    Burt: Prentiss got caught stuffing the ballot boxes, so I won, I am the sheriff.
    [everyone congratulates Burt]
    Danny: How ’bout that? Sheriff. And I get to be deputy, right Burt? Me, deputy, me. Please?
    Bob: I’m gonna be the deputy.
    Danny: You are not.
    Bob: Am too.
    [Danny and Bob argue before Mary breaks it up]
    Mary: Burt, what’s the matter?
    Burt: Well, it’s Prentiss, he won’t give up the office. Yeah, he’s holed up in the armory with enough weapons to quality as a third world nation. He says he will not be taken alive and my first assignment is to take him.

  3. Megansdad

    Hiding behind semantics, the last bastion of the cornered cad. Oh, and nice soap reference, Paul!

  4. Gerry Wright

    A Mulligan on Masters weekend covering all the bases in this soap opera, well played

  5. Paul

    all seems like a soap opera to me Burt

  6. Mick Connick

    The soap opera in which Burt Campbell took part never got close to being as unbelievable as this one.

    I, unkindly I know, hope it gets another series.

  7. Monti

    Why do I have a vision of Regan, Doncaster & Longmuir in an Office somewhere inside Hampden park, the room is silent & all are stoney faced & not a word is being said between them……suddenly from down the corridor, the hum of a shredding machine can be heard. ” where’s Campbell they all asked at the same moment”? The room falls silent again………..governance eh?

    • Maggie

      Oh Monti,you are a “card”
      Do you guys not understand how “conflicted” Mr Ogilvie is?
      My heart goes out to him,poor soul.He’s trying to do his very best for everyone at Glasgow Rangers ( old & new) and all he gets is opprobrium heaped upon him.It’s no wonder he cries into his pillow at night.

  8. Works for me Paul – beautifully argued, thanks for that

  9. abrahamtoast

    Confused?….. You will be…

  10. jim

    “Mr Green was the sole director of Sevco 5088 until he resigned and became the founder director of Sevco Scotland, formed by Scottish solicitors”

    This could be right, if you treat the “and” as a simple conjunction joining two totally unrelated sentences. Your mistake is to assume that there is any temporal connection between the two events, and that the second followed the first. Reading “and then” for the simple “and”. It could be the case that Charles Green resigned as a director of Sevco 5088 sometime between December and late last night. After all he’s got another nine months to send the form in.

  11. Gortch

    Paul, don’t you think it’s likely that there’s more to all this than we know? We still haven’t seen those title deeds John Brown mentioned, why? And what was it that Green said to Brown that stirred him so much, what did he reveal?

    I don’t think we can call this in terms of explaining it until we see more data. At this stage, I’m not ruling out CW’s name being on the title deeds or anywhere else…

    And it’s obvious there’s more to come, otherwise Green would be much more adamant in his defence. Why is he holding back? Why did he mislead everyone over the last year? There’s so much that’s just impossible to explain on the basis of what we have heard so far.

    Some very big pieces of the jigsaw still to come…

  12. Don

    An extremely plausible summary of events, Nay, on thinking further, I am in no doubt this is precisely what occurred. I see the obsequious hand of Mr Green’s PR “expert” all over his or his spokesman’s statement. No sign, as you clearly mention, of any creditable rebuttal or rebuke, merely a large windy blast of Airdrie snow serving only to further embroil Mr Green in the (Mulligan) stew.

  13. Carntyne

    Every word that comes out of Charles Green’s mouth stinks of smoke, mirrors and bullshit, but to have the absurdity of his comments examined and pointed out is satisfying.

    Well done Paul.

    P.S. Where is James Traynor

    Charles Green Statement
    Written by Rangers Football Club

    He hasn’t changed his name to ‘Rangers Football Club’…has he?

  14. Soap…great piece. Question still to be answered. If Sevco 5088 preferred bidder then how did Sevco Scotland end up getting the assets of the deceased Rangers?!

  15. easyJambo

    Isn’t the simplest explanation of the AP01 forms not being lodged timeously the simple fact that Whyte had just been banned from having any involvement in Scottish football nine days earlier (tribunal decision on 30/04/12). Therefore it was deemed necessary not to disclose his appointment as a director of a company that was set to own the football club, either with or without a CVA.

    Clearly Whyte does now wish to discredit Green after he spurned any suggestion of a financial settlement with him, hence the lodging of the papers at this stage.

  16. not nearly dead but really dead

    Who after ‘green and the gang’ go, will lead the ‘third reich’ to world domination?
    Surely all are tainted and none are ‘fit and proper’

  17. nickmcguinness

    What if, what if . . .
    Green and Whyte have been working in cahoots all along, and this is just their way of executing the “switcheroo” in plain sight?
    That way they would get all the assets AND all the shares cash.
    Just a mad thought. But there was something about that Sevco 5088 – Sevco Scotland carry-on that just didn’t ring true.
    And the bold Charlie strikes me as a compulsive liar and a very bad actor.
    Perhaps in a few months’ time, while the Rangers fans wait impatiently for the start of a series of court cases, Chuckles and Craigie will be sharing champagne cocktails at a beachside bar in Singapore.

    Sorry, I realise this may be a conspiracy theory too far!

  18. ecojon

    Love to see that Craigie is still blasting away with all guns:

    Whyte described the accusation of blackmail by Green and Ahmad as “comic”.

    “Mr Green has publicly admitted defrauding me on the Sevco deal,” he said. “I am seeking to put that right by taking legal action.

    “This must be the first alleged blackmail in history where the person making the allegation has actually received money rather than the accused. Following through their bizarre logic, anyone who takes legal action against them is a blackmailer.”

    At the end of the day Wee Craigie might be a spiv and a crook of the first order but he’s our wee Craigie as opposed to Green who is merely passing through Scotland.

    As to the dossier being prepared for ScotPol I am sure the police will find that very helpful a lot further down the line and I doubt if their focus at that stage will be on Craigie 🙂

  19. portpower

    (S?)DM, Whyte & Green. Blue Busters. Screening yesterday, today & tomorrow.

  20. Fra

    If Chuckles name was on they deeds, he would’ve been shouting and waving them on the steps of Ibrox ‘wit them big Yorkshire hands lad.’

    Methinks its wee Craigy Bhoy.

  21. Green brigade have lost,the real Glasgows Green and Whyte are across the city.What a great week The wicked witch is gone and Del Boy and Rodders fall out. By this time next year they will be millionaires. Just can’t get enough.

  22. Monti

    When I see you Celtic, I go out my head..i just can’t seem to get enough of you, do do do do do do do do do do go do do…..Come on you Bhoys in Green…..Come on you Bhoys in Greenn….Glasgow loves craigey Whyte, Glasgow loves craigey Whyte…….ooooohhhhhooooooohhhhhooooohhhh CELTIC CELTIC CELTIC!!! TICK TOCK TOCK TOCK GOES THE ASBESTOS DOME CLOCK……..COME ON CARSON…..CELTIC CELTIC CELTIC!!! HA HA

  23. JohnBhoy

    This is in response to @the mediator, from an earlier blog.


    I don’t know if the game needs specifically a strong Rangers, or Celtic for that matter. There is an argument that the strangle-hold of the old firm has hindered progress in the Scottish game. It needs competition. My favourite football era was not 9 in a row for Celtic – I just took their dominance for granted – but when Aberdeen and Dundee United were at their best. In my view it is no coincidence that at that time we also had a very good national team. EU entitlement to cross-border movement notwithstanding, a focus on home-grown players via a three-foreign payers rule would also help.

    I, and others, have had enormous fun at your club’s expense but, joking aside, what do you think Rangers should do? I was reading the other day about Tiger Woods. It seemed to me that he followed a text-book approach to rehabilitation: COMPLETE contrition right away, EVERYTHING out in the open right away, all the while quietly getting on doing what he does best – playing golf. If Lance Armstrong, for example, had adopted that model then he would have been able to start afresh; but he allowed the drip-drip of accusations and counter-claims to kill off any chance of a comeback. Rangers’ “re-habilitation” under Charles Green was closer to the Armstrong model. As a Celtic man, of course I revel in the troubles of your club; if the roles were reversed then Rangers fans, quite rightly, would be gleefully putting the boot in. That said, here’s what I would do if I was an omnipotent blue nose:

    – Remove Charles Green.
    – Hire an independent legal and financial expert to get to the bottom of this nonsense once and for all, openly working with the authorities.
    – Get some outside body in to advise on steadying the ship.
    – Bring back John Greig (he left with dignity).
    – Drop legal action and pay off Craig with a % of Charles Green’s shares. Why should the fans or the club pay for their shenanigans? They are both in this up to their necks, so they can share each other’s loot and be gone.
    – Give the fans some real power.
    – Stop fighting with everyone.
    – Create a joint Rangers/Celtic colt team.
    – Create a joint Rangers/Celtic fans forum (their remit would be to discuss issues over e.g. songs, banners, joint initiatives for combating sectarianism, over-enthusiastic policing, etc.). A Rangers legend and a Celtic great could be members of the forum to keep the weans in check.

    It is the obscene levels of animosity between the old firm that causes so much division in Glasgow. If Rangers survive, then that needs to end. Rivalry is healthy, but not open warfare. Surely in this day and age, surely for the sake of the next generation, surely for the sake of a better Scotland, we can replace this bile with intense, but sane and civilised, rivalry. We owe ourselves that much.

  24. Robertg

    Was he not the Dunfermline manager who looked like uncle Fester?

  25. cam

    The outcome of the board meeting is awaited with as much anticipation as the FTTT and the LNS verdicts,,,hopefully with the same marvellous result.
    Is Craigie a bigger spoofer than Chico?
    Are they both factually correct?
    Is newtz an alien advanced life form?
    How much am i getting paid for this?
    Has Wattie stuck the nut oan somebody?
    Can i?
    Will the new Tesco stock 50,000 varieties of orange?
    And will they be bitter or sweet and juicy?

    • Raymilland

      While we’re waiting:

    • The meeting is closing with MM, sitting outside Cam..? ?
      Does this suggest a vote on his future?

    • gortnamona

      Synonyms for Gullible
      being a sucker, believing, biting, credulous, easily taken in, easy mark, falling hook line and sinker, foolish, green*, innocent, kidding oneself, mark*, silly, simple, sucker, susceptible, swallowing whole, taken in, taking the bait, trustful, tumbling for, unskeptical, unsophisticated, unsuspecting, wide-eyed.

      And now you’re waiting for the truth to come out of a Rangers’ board meeting. What a crowd of wallies.

      • cam

        Slightly more sensible than hanging on to every word from the mouth or tape recorder of a proven liar,but then as BB said in the post above,you and yours will present every negative titbit about Rangers from any possible source as a sermom from the mount.

        definition; consumed,driven about belief,desire

        wound up with,eat sleep and breathe.

        • gortnamona

          Obsessed? Don’t you believe it. Off to the sun tomorrow to do a bit of cycling. Met a bunch of Rangers bikers last year in Can Picafort. Not overly friendly, maybe my border accent had them confused.

        • tykebhoy

          Are you saying the tape recorder lies?

  26. lord mac

    the biggest mistake made was to under estimate the cva or was it the case they thought they were the people and it was a formality but if you owned rangers and all assets why would you want to give it all away not unless the ticiktus deal was dropped and no court case to answer and if i where whtye i would have signed just like david murray did, handed tickitus the title deeds for £1 it might be the case green then done the dirty on tickitus , and they have to then get whyte to bail them out and get there money back there are to many loose ends and i dont see david king walk away £20 million lighter.

  27. In a kidnap scenario, undoubtedly, the most difficult and challenging aspect, is the collecting of the wonga! An ingenious, but simple distraction is a necessity
    I can’t help but feel the top of the pops dry ice machine is in overdrive.
    The blinding flashes on the freshly polished mirrors, catching Craigy’s sunshine, are hypnotic and euphoric in equal measures!
    What is happening in the shadows Ladies and Gents? Where is the real swag bag? Ignore the decoys.

  28. coatbrigbhoy

    All in the first minute of this interview.

    Neither of them (Whyte &Early)had a role in Sevco 5055

    Sevco5088, that was a company formed by FFW to acquire Rangers

    The original company (sevco 5088) was no longer required and was *handed back* to Craig Whyte with the shares ( Rangers 1872 shares ? ) that we did not need plus the indemnity.

    The first ( not only) shareholder was myself (Green).

    If 5088 was set up to Acquire Whytes Shares, why did Whyte have to pay,through Greens bank account, £25,000 for the privilege of Green paying him a £1 + a £1 for the shares.

    Mail Online 13 May 2012
    “Green revealed he had signed an exclusive deal with Craig Whyte to buy his 85 per cent shareholding for £1, the price Whyte paid Sir David Murray.
    I gave him a pound out of my own pocket too, so he has made a 100% profit,”

    Was Whyte just going to walk away with £2 ?

    why pay anyone £137,000 and £25,000 in legal fees to get £2

  29. Budweiser

    All of the above is sensible, albeit overoptimistic imo.
    However, it depends entirely on The Rangers,limping, with serious wounds
    [ but not fatal ] into an uncertain future. eg Green, ahmed, and even Stockbridge will go, meaning Rangers take a big financial hit. Craigie is somehow ‘paid off’ – another big financial hit. But somehow, and only just, with ,’ genuine Rangers’ men ‘ at the helm ,the club, although severely damaged , will survive.
    Now, if we take the, let’s call it The Newtz Theory [ thanks newtz, it took me so long to get it! ] then everything that happened post sevco 5088 is invalid.
    ie sevco scotland, the share issue,sally’s warchest,license to play,in fact everything is either invalid,corrupt at worst illegal.
    The cat can’t be put back in the bag, the worms can’t be put back in the can
    [ although given the dead status , it should be maggots ! ]. Apologies newtz , if I have got this wrong.

    • The STV interview is quite revealing ……

      CG confirms that CW was required as part of the process prior to CVA rejection as he held the shares (85%) and indemnity …… (CG)

      Note ….. the indemnity …… later CG deliberately changed tack and said debentures ……. big difference …… the indemnity was always in question …. see D&P reports …..

      The vehicle was Sevco 5088 ….. (CG)

      FFW formed Sevco 5088 …… an off the shelf company ……. (CG)

      2£5K required from CW for legal costs to FFW ……. (CG)
      £25K accepted from account (Not the bounced cheque) …… seen by STV

      CW and AE started the process with FFW …… (CG)

      You are Sevco …… On Tape ….. (CG)

      And yet on the question of CW and AE role at Sevco 5088 ….
      Neither of them had a role at Sevco 5088 …… (CG)

      New documentation dated 9th May 2012 …..
      These forms relate to the appointment of Adrian Earley and Craig Whyte as Directors of Sevco 5088 Ltd and the signatory authorising each appointment is Mr Green.

      Later …. after CVA rejection ….. 5088 passed back to CW …… (CG)

      ok, let;s accept that this is bad choice of words (passed back), by CG

      But where is the documentation or Company House record to show this … is it also late ???

      moving on then,

      We know that D&P had a binding agreement with Sevco 5088 to purchase the assets.

      Assets acquired directly by Sevco Scotland …… (CG)
      and ….
      The assets were never in 5088 ….(CG)
      Sevco 5088 never bought anything … (CG)

      Now D&P involvement here is not in question, I believe they acted appropriately. But they are crucial in this as there was a binding agreement with Sevco 5088. So how could they transfer assets to Sevco Scotland without the assets passing through 5088.

      The only sensible answer lies in Sevco RES 11

      Subsequently we changed the process …….. (CG)

      Was it the right to assign ….. to allow authorisation of the transfer assets without need of Shareholder agreement.

      Note that RES 11 was recorded on June 14th …….and assets transferred to Sevco Scotland on same day by D&P …… There had to be legal authority to do so ………

      It is the transfer of assets that CW claims is illegal and reason that he has Instructed a London QC

      Now here’s where I could do with Adam ……. I need the counter argument. …… someone to debunk the theory ….. I guess in Adam’s absence it’s left to cam (yikes), and possibly David.

      The CVA failed …… so CW shares do not count
      What about the indemnity ????
      CW is still though legal owner of assets ….. this is why he had to be part of 5088 ….. as CG stated ….. this was his authority to be pole with D&P …… (CG) ……. this is why RES11 is key …….. or rather, ….. the document that CG gave to D&P showing that he had authority ……..

      ……….. boss (RM) knows ………
      …… but it is not what he knows ….. it is who is telling him …. and why ?
      …… what is their agenda ……..

      • cam

        I’ll try to coax Adam back but its a long way up the Amazon.
        Poor guy couldn’t handle the double standards in here.I don’t possess your skill and i have no desire to piece together bits of jigsaws provided by Celtic fans on anti Rangers sites.
        The BTC was analysed in every possible manner for over a year by internet cowboys and the FTTT verdict is an inconvenient truth.
        I don’t doubt your wonderful research for a minute newtz,but there is a possibility that you’re too close too the problem and that fascinating pattern that you’re analysing is actually just the tread on a 4×4’s tyre coming to squish you.
        Take the Renfrew ferry and look underneath seat 4 for an envelope.

        • Budweiser

          Nice try!
          Scotty , In panicky pseudo Jock voice : ” the lithium crystals are overloading Captain ! ” We’re at full deflector mode !” ” We cannae fire the lasers !”
          The New Frontier lol. Where’s Davy Crocket when you need him? Is cam in the Alamo? Is chicoskuck ‘The Last Of The Mohicans? Am I mixing up my westerns? Who cares, the entertainment is all that matters really, isn’t it cam? Are you still having fun? Hope so !

        • Budweiser


          Eco has stated that he is a Buddist [ It means I think, that he will be a St. Mirren supporter in his next life ]. Something to do with karma [ don’t quote me! ] I believe. Now, was it Glenn Hoddle? and the other guy from ‘corrie ‘? – who got into bother, by saying, more or less, that what you have done in past lives will impact on what happens in this life?
          So, do you reckon that this is what has happened in the Rangers case ?
          What do you advise The Rangers to do now to protect their soul [ shit! I mean club?] in their next incarnation ?
          I do realise that as a good Presbyterian,reformed Catholic ,Christian, that you believe that, once you die, you are dead, and go either to Heaven or Hell. Where are Rangers now do you think ? Oh, I see ! Shame! Still in Purgatory ? Where ? Oh – right, 3rd division. That’s Karma folks!!

          • Budweiser


            Actually, I prefer big Arnie [ no, not arty c, cam! Big Arnie – you know the one – ” I’ll be back !” etc. ] in ‘Total Recall ‘ . If you ‘recall’ the plot , Arnie is in a wonderful life , steady job, beautiful wife, nice home. Then WHAM !! Everything goes haywire, memories of a past life as a secret agent, keep flooding back, and get this– he is really a secret undercover mole and eventually destroys the evil empire. Thank god it’s just fiction, eh ?

            • cam

              for a Buddie you do tend to get caught up in this mince and your copy and pasting skills are coming on a treat.
              Keep this up and like PMacG,you could make a pamphlet and give it a snazzy title like Downpipe.
              Are you still on the fizzy stuff from the cup win?
              I’m still having fun Bud,it goes with the territory of being a Gers fan and realising that no matter how many bits of paper sad wee Celtic fans wave, that everything you see in front of you is all part of the big blue empire.
              Keep enjoying your current high point,i think St Mirren are financially stable,so thats a good thing.I know you don’t like Mr Gilmour so i suppose we won’t hear from you as much as you will be on the Save our Saints message boards and devoting hours of your daily life on all things Mirren.
              You have bought into the newtz theory of Andrex evolution and now wish to listen to the words of wee Craigie.
              Do me a favour,if you visit him for some research material, don’t do the old file in the cake trick.
              Give me warp 9 scotty.

  30. excellent piece paul very interesting indeed,would the ‘BURT CAMPBELL’ REFERENCE BE TO THE CHARACTER OF “SOAP” american comedy FAME CIRCA 1970s, the guy who did a wee antic with his two hands across his face and declared he was not here & disappeared, CLASSIC ABSOLUTE CLASSIC, PS WHO CARES ABOUT SEVCO THEY ARE A LAUGHING STOCK ANYWHERE IN THE FOOTBALL WORLD


  32. Chris mcglauchlin tweeted no boardroom changes at Ibrokes

  33. cam

    That’s the spirit old bhoy,let the seething hatred ferment inside yourself and then pass it on to some other poor soul.
    Here’s a wee site for you to visit.Maybe it will lighten your mood or maybe you will just sit in your wee dark room and spread the hate.

  34. p groom

    so the rangers board want an independent commission to look into the latest snafu. that indicates they dont believe or want to believe the emerging storyline. just how will they get a truly independent panel? perhaps a group on mars who have been too busy following the antics of kim -wrong -un ?

    • Budweiser

      p groom.

      Silly you. Obviously they will appoint Nimmo- Smith, who will find Green guilty on all charges. and then fine the oldco.

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