Sevco 5088 Registered Office Now Changed to Craig Whyte’s Corporate Base

Rarely can there have been as much interest in a company which is on the verge of being struck off the Register of Companies as there is in Sevco 5088 Ltd.

This is the company formed for Charles Green and which was granted exclusivity to negotiate the deal to buy the assets of Rangers from Duff and Phelps. In addition Duff and Phelps made very clear that Sevco 5088 Ltd had a binding agreement to buy the assets if the CVA plan failed, as it did.

However the assets ended up in the hands of Sevco Scotland Ltd instead. Either they went to that company as Sevco 5088 Ltd’s nominee or it transferred the assets after purchase to that company or somehow Duff and Phelps forgot about Sevco 5088 Ltd and simply dealt with Sevco Scotland Ltd, a wholly unrelated company, only sharing Mr Green as Director.

Today STV News revealed that Mr Green had authorised the appointments of Craig Whyte and Aidan Earley as Directors of Sevco 5088 Ltd in May 2012, although the papers have only just reached Companies House. Mr Green’s signature is clearly there below that of Mr Whyte.

Being a sad man, I thought I would check Companies House to see if the company details had changed. The registered office of Sevco 5088 Ltd was 35 Vine Street, London, being the office of Field Fisher Waterhouse Solicitors.

As we have seen revealed this week it would appear that FFW came into the Rangers deal at the instance of Mr Whyte, rather than Mr Green.

Logging on to Companies House, the following appeared:-



Name & Registered Office:
E14 9TS
Company No. 08011390

Status: Active – Proposal to Strike off
Date of Incorporation: 29/03/2012

Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Company Type: Private Limited Company
Nature of Business (SIC):
None Supplied
Accounting Reference Date: 31/03
Last Accounts Made Up To:  (NO ACCOUNTS FILED)
Next Accounts Due: 29/12/2013
Last Return Made Up To:
Next Return Due: 26/04/2013
Mortgage: Number of charges: ( 0 outstanding / 0 satisfied / 0 part satisfied )

Previous Names:
No previous name information has been recorded over the last 20 years.


UK Establishment Details
There are no UK Establishments associated with this company.


Oversea Company Info

There are no Oversea Details associated with this company.


You will notice the new Registered Office.

48 Skylines Village is an address which might ring bells with long-time readers of this blog.

If you click this link you will find a number of posts referring to it.

Briefly it happens to be the address at which a large number of companies involving Craig Whyte have had their Registered Office dating back over many years. Through those companies there are long-standing connections between Craig Whyte and Aidan Earley and his brothers.

To change the Registered Office of a company requires the consent of the directors or of an authorised person.

At the time in May when Mr Whyte and Mr Earley were appointed, the only Director was Mr Green. He was also the only shareholder and, unless he had authorised someone else to do so, he was the only person to be able to authorise new directors and a change of Registered Office.

Why has the Registered Office been changed now?

If it is like the addition of Directors then the form will have been signed last year and only submitted now.

Why would Craig Whyte do so (if one assumes it is him)?

Bearing in mind that the last few days have seen Mr Green boast of duping Mr Whyte whilst denying any substantive connection to him, what better way to expose his alleged lies than to reveal and indeed register official documents signed by Mr Green?

If one wanted to be melodramatic, one would say that Mr Whyte has produced these “smoking guns” as a form of revenge on Mr Green for a double-cross.

Maybe Mr Whyte thinks that Mr Green deserves to have his reputation impugned for what he did to the former “Motherwell –born billionaire”?

We would need an interview with Mr Whyte to find that out for certain.

What can be said is that:-

  • Companies House have effected the change of Registered Office, so we can assume there are no doubts over the veracity of the paperwork;
  • The change can only have been authorised directly or indirectly by Mr Green;
  • The New Registered Office is one which has been intimately linked with Mr Whyte going back over many years; and
  • All of this looks absolutely damning for Mr Green if the rest of his Board did not know about it.


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  1. the mediator

    Just asked Bill McMurdo if , as you suggest, that Whyte was a director of Sevco 5088 then surely his position would be untenable. The answer I got back was


    Oh by the way I hope that you are wrong and Rangers are not being duped again because I believe that Scottish football needs a strong Rangers

  2. JohnBhoy

    This is surely Keynesian economics at its best – two funerals this weekend for the price of one.

  3. JohnBhoy

    If you have a green ball in your left hand and a green ball in your right hand, what do you have? Charles’ undivided attention lol.

  4. JohnBhoy

    I’m on a roll:

    What do you think Margaret Thatcher would be doing if she were alive today? A) Writing her memoirs B) Advising Obama C) Desperately clawing at the inside of her coffin.

  5. Sevco 5088 RES 11 authorisation will reveal all …. this is method of transferring assets direct to Sevco Scotland.
    Lack of authorisation is daming.

    Noted a Delayed publication request on AIM for BIG sell today. AIM MUST investigate at least to ensure No insider deal.

  6. bigL

    Liar Liar share price is dire

  7. Paul,
    What would have been the likely hood of this scam coming to light, if Green never tried to shaft wee Craigy?
    It seems likely that Craigy didn’t want this paper trail to come his way. I believe the lifetime ban, ratherthan any fear of the very lax companies house assured that. The document was merely an insurance policy to be cashed if needed.
    There are many loose ends though! Not least of which must be the fact that Chicco MUST have known he had it!
    What punishment can Craigy expect to receive in his part in this? Enough for Chicco to think he was bluffing? It doesn’t add up, that Chicco would embark on this course of bumping Craigy, knowing he had the goods on him! Am I missing something?
    A few twists and turns and counter claims still to appear on the horizon yet I think!

    • 100bjd

      It adds up if you threaten your opposition with the power of the fans which Chico has used already. Unfortunately the fans already hate Whyte so the threat did not work. Craigiebhoy has obviously asked for a payoff or he will start “Craigiegate”. This is presumably the blackmail plot that Green and Ahmad are alluding to.

      • 100bjd,
        I can’t help but think that a blackmail plot is a red herring!, It’s too “open”. Anyway, Chicco doesn’t like black males! I am beginning to think, that for these 2, secrets are the order of the day, and even the falling out amongst thieves, is too public to be true! Dis-association of each other has always been a tactic, to get results. Even though they are pals!

  8. ecojon


    Possibly my memory is going but I think I have a clear memory of one of Craigie’s recent taped calls re money to be paid to Green or Ahmad to pay legal expenses to FFW. Green was obviously exasperated but stated that he was ‘the client’. I could be wrong as I have a stinking cold and can’t be gassed digging out the audio tonight but I was under the impression that Green was instructing FFW.

    Also as the application for striking-off was handled by FFW and only Green was listed as a director I can’t see FFW sending the form to Companies House without Whyte also signing it if FFW knew he was a director.

  9. ecojon

    I posted this on an earlier thread and confess I didn’t know the significance of the registered address to Whyte’s former dealings but I don’t think that lapse on my part actually invalidates things.


    The director notifications received at Companies House today show the address given for Green as: 48 SKYLINES VILLAGE, SKYLINES VILLAGE, LIME HARBOUR, LONDON, E14 9TS.

    That is also the address given as the registered office.

    On a very quick look the only thing I can see at that address is: ’1SC GUARDING LIMITED’ which is a security company whose director is David Anthony Jones who might have no connection with Mr Green or Sevco 5088 Ltd.

    There is a similarly named company ’1SC GUARDING (UK) LLP’ whose address is KINGS LODGE, LONDON ROAD, WEST KINGSDOW, SEVENOAKS. TN15 6AR.

    The two members of the Limited Liability partnership are the same David Anthony Jones of the Sevenoaks address and INDEPENDENT SECURITY CONSULTANTS SERVICES LIMITED of 48 Skylines.

    The APPLICATION FOR STRIKING-OFF Sevco 5088 Ltd was made on 07/01/2013. This application is important to see who applied for the striking-off.

    Because Mr Green told STV with regard to Mr Whyte and Mr Earley’s involvement in Sevco 5088: “Neither of them had a role in Sevco 5088. That was a company formed by Field Fisher Waterhouse for the purpose of acquiring Rangers.

    “Of course, what everyone knows, in the ensuing weeks, as the model unfolded, Sevco Scotland acquired Rangers, not Sevco 5088.

    “The company that was originally formed was not required and was handed back to Craig Whyte.”

    So if the company was handed back to Wee Craigie then either he or someone acting on his behalf you would have thought would have applied for the striking-off.

    But if it was Mr Green that would strike me as strange because he has stated to STV that the company was handed back to Craig Whyte. However if it was FFW then whose instructions were they acting on?

    Does the plot thicken or is it becoming clearer?

    Judge for yourself:

    The Striking-off notice was signed by Charles Green on 27/12/2012 and the agents are given as Caroline Nicholls of FFW 35 Vine Street, London.

    So we have another unanswered question. If Mr Green handed Sevco 5088 back to Craigie in May 2012 why is he applying to cancel it in late December 2012. I would have thought it had nothing to do with him.

    Did FFW know that there were two other directors and if they did why weren’t these directors also contacted re the striking-off? And if FFW weren’t told of this fact is that something for the dossier 🙂

    Green signed the Striking-off form as a director of Sevco 5088. The rules require that only one director need sign if the company only has a sole director well that’s the only sensible thing I’ve seen all day.

    But if there are two directors then both must sign and if there are 3 or more the majority must sign and those rules are printed on the form Green signed.

    And then more of that annoying bureaucracy! Notice of the striking-off application must be made to all other directors within 7 days of it being made and failure to do so is an offence.

    I know how much Green loves the geegees so I must observe that in the Dossier Stakes I reckon that Craigie is several lengths clear of Green’s dead horse which doesn’t even look as though it has enough steam left to cross the finishing line. I reckon all bets are off 🙂

  10. ecojon


    You pondered: ‘Why has the Registered Office been changed now?’

    Just a guess but would it not be so that Craigie can revoke the striking-off application and take control of all the company paperwork especially to and from Companies House. It’s also possible he may have serious questions about the role of FFW in the affair and wants them out of the loop.

    If I was them I think I would be trying to figure out any conversations that might have been taped and might prove very awkward if made public 🙂

  11. JohnBhoy

    Daft Charlie should have adopted Ronnie Kray’s motto. Always shoot to kill. Dead men cannot grass. Clever Craigie, on the other hand, wisely reflected E. H. Howe’s observation: a thief believes everybody steals.

  12. ecojon

    I have looked at the portions of the added directors form to Sevco 5088 for Whyte dated May last year which has only just been submitted to Companies House along with Earley’s application.

    I worry that we can’t see enough to know who actually submitted the forms because it should logically be FFW as they were acting for the company at the time the form/s were allegedly signed back in May 2012.

    If it wasn’t FFW with the Vine Street address but is actually the Skylines Village address then that raises questions. It doesn’t necessarily invalidate the validity of the forms because they could have been completed back in May and perhaps even Green gave the completed and signed form/s to Whyte as proof of his goodwill and also to establish a legal claim on Rangers for Whyte should Green walk under the proverbial bus. Whyte would have need some documentary proof because he’s a spiv and he knows what spivs get up to.

    So perhaps that is why the forms have just been submitted to Companies House today. Till they are scanned onto the site we won’t have the full info we need. I think Green has given STV copies today, possibly cut to suit his purposes, and STV probably wouldn’t have sussed the potential pitfalls. They would see Green’s sig and hey presto. But they did cover their ass by saying that they had tried to verify the story with Rangers but got no response.

  13. Oh what a deadly web they weave , when they practice to deceive!

  14. Cruiskeen Lawn

    The 20000 share sell was executed 14 seconds before the market closed. Curious to see the prices tomorrow.

  15. Could somebody clear up why Companies House accepted the forms so many months after they were signed?

    According to this site –

    2. What happens when there is a change in the company’s directors or secretary?

    The company must keep registers that contain details of its officers. They are:

    register of directors. This will contain most details of all the company’s directors whether an individual or a corporate body or firm with legal personality but will not include an individual’s residential address (unless that address is also the individual’s service address);
    register of directors’ residential addresses; and
    register of secretaries, if appropriate.

    Whenever there is a change to an officer’s details, or a company appoints or terminates the appointment of an officer, it must update these registers.
    The company must then file the appropriate form at Companies House within 14 days of the change.”

  16. dan

    God bless wee Craigie. He’s bided his time and has now let rip. The end is nigh. Soon Scotland will be able to breathe the clean fresh air of a (whatever their name is at the moment)–free environment. What a disgraceful ‘institution’!

  17. Dad…..are we nearly there yet?

  18. SouthernExile

    The Charles Green statement tonight.

    The best in this saga since Bill Miller’s incubator.

    Beyond parody (unless slimshady can rise to the occasion again).

    Youse L+G, youse Cazenove, youse Cenkos, this is the man youse have given seventeen million quid.

  19. Fra

    I must commend all contributors to this site. Notably Eco, bud, barca, mick and anybody else missed. You dig and dig for us lazy shits who cannot :
    a) be bothered
    B) work unsociable shifts
    C) live on a different timescale to UK
    D) basically enjoy the varying styles of writing

    Your work is noted and is most appreciated to us readers. ‘Lurkers’ sounds quite perverse so I’ll stick with reader. I have found my university education re-ignited, which had been sitting in a dark closet. A new found spark has been found, so again, thanks lads and lasses.

    Over the course of this drama, I have found myself screaming at my I-pad to the bemusement of my family. My moods have been like the proverbial rollercoaster as each rule was bent, twisted and broken, to accommodate Scotland toxic club. Decisions made, to the bewilderment of almost all decent readers, while maybe within the lines of legal boundaries were most certainly morally corrupt. So I implore all contributors to keep the digging going and not let this corrupt mob wriggle free.

    Ps. Monti ma man. I see myself thirty years ago brother. Your direct style, while in contrast to many, is honest and refreshing. Uncomfortable to many but from the heart. I salute you comrade.

    • Ruckcroft 7

      My wife thinks I’m having an Internet affair! Can’t stop reading this bam pottery and comparing to msm, takes up far to much time but as a story it does keep giving

    • cam

      If you line up beside the monti and mick abominations, then you are as bad as them.
      A trained lawyer hasn’t pulled the statements from his site,celebrating terrorist bombings,bemoaning the lack of casualties and a murdered individual allegedly carrying out disgusting sex acts.
      If some halfwit posted that he celebrated bombings by the UVF scum,wished that more people died and accused a priest of paedophilia i’m sure they would be talking to some delightful chaps from Strathclyde police.
      Mr McConville,you should hang your head in shame that you are giving these inadequates a platform for their bigoted and sick opinions.
      I suggest that you might need to take some time to re-evaluate your moderation filter settings.
      If the mick poster is indeed a genuine poster and not some crude device that allows disgusting ,imbecilic and possibly actionable comments to be posted, then for you to allow that to continue whilst aware of it,disclaimer apart,is a statement in itself.

      • cam

        I see that my comment went straight into moderation.Further evidence,in my opinion, of someone wishing to control the direction of a debate.
        Could you please define your moderation parameters.

        • timtim

          I think Paul is incredibly tolerant of posters right to free speech on here
          and some take advantage of that to spout some vile dribble

          • cam

            Can you please name them?

          • cam

            Yes,i have posted mucho drivel on here.
            I haven’t celebrated terrorist bombings,made criminal allegations against anyone or bemoaned that not enough of a group of people were killed.
            My post commenting about that is in moderation.

        • Monti


        • ecojon


          Posts of mine often go into moderation and sometimes I know why and other times I can’t figure it out. At the end of the day this is Paul’s Blog and he decides the parameters and I think he probably spends enough time on here without having in-depth discussions as to why something is moderated or not.

          There is also the point that if you are completely open about a moderation policy then certain posters will find ways round it which leads to ever more moderation ‘rules’ being devised as a counter-measure and it never ends.

          In the main, as I see it, Paul leaves us to try and be adult and to self-police not just ourselves but each other. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. I am no angel and have said many things in the heat of the moment that I later regret,

          But the bottom line is if I feel that I cannot accept Paul’s very loose moderation then I will go elsewhere or perhaps even start my own blog – of course if no one wanted to come to my site it might crush my ego 🙂

          This is quite an unusual place which is marred by a few idiots from different camps who are usually best ignored. I often ignore you for the simple reason you talk gibberish in many posts when I know you are capable of much more and so do you which leaves me with the impression that you are only here to deflect. I may be wrong in that but I do tend to ignore the vast majority of your posts because I find nothing in them that gives me any food for thought.

          I don’t care what side of the argument someone is on if they are throwing in points of interest and well thought-out counter arguments.

          • cam

            Usually there are key words,phrases that would trigger a filter,but it seems that this filter is having a technical problem.
            There is quite enough material on the Rangers financial fiasco for folk to comment on and quite rightly rip the p**s out of, without the kind of stuff you would find on the lunatic sites,populated by maniacs.
            Being an enemy in the midst i fully expected to annoy a good few folk, and by winding them up, most of them bit.
            The months of expert analysis during the BGT and the LNS all came to nowt.Good fun though, and the verdicts are incidental to the folklore that the Tic fans will propagate.
            The current speculation around Whyte,Green and Sevco 5088 will hopefully come to a quick head and if/when Mr Whyte is contacted by the police and any breach of Company Law is found in the RFC buy out then Paul may find it within himself to reprise his dig at Ally’s statement that Rangers may have been the victim of a crime.
            I am aware of the context of that post and how Paul painstakingly presented his case to a hand picked jury that Rangers are not a “victim”
            I shall leave you to be a moral guardian of those within your tribe.You may find humanity and socialist values within micks comments,but you don’t seem to be as quick to criticise his excesses.
            Using your own criteria,a poster from the enemy camp who celebrated bombings and bemoaned a lack of fatalities ,would be cast aside.
            The Monti thing, i would suggest has spouted far more rubbish of a “bile spewing” invective than ever i could.
            If that is the direction this site is going then i bid you adieu.
            We’ll see if this finds its way past the filter!

      • Fra

        @Cam… No offence mate but we are all grown ups. I do not condemn anyone’s posts. I may disagree but that is my privilege. I do not need to comment or decry any posts I disagree with. A simple thumbs down will suffice. Many deaths are caused by wars, some more unfortunate than others. Ie. innocents as opposed to paid soldiers. All deaths are regrettable.

        Age has given me more tolerance towards those I would perceive as my enemies (rather harsh word). I, probably but not always, try to see it from the opposing side and how they arrived at their views. Sometimes I cannot see how it could possibly be the case and therefore I assume that is what happens with you in regard to certain posters

        I read the bears den and actually feel sorry for the blinkered attitudes and denials of all things negative towards their club. I cannot even begin to fathom how they arrive at their conclusion, but that is their right. I do not agree with their views but I defend their right to say it. I also defend anybody’s right to have an opinion no matter how tasteless that may be to others.

        I would assume, but could be wrong, that my background is similar to certain posters on here and can understand the emotive posts. I may not necessarily agree with everything but again, I’m free to think ‘what a tosser’ and read on. It can get rather heated at times but I prefer the freedom Paul allows as opposed to being in moderation for everything you write. Blogs, relating to both sides, either don’t allow any feedback or choke the life out of posts which can basically make the post almost irrelevant.

        Sometimes things are posted which with hindsight maybe aren’t our best work but who wants a blog of sycophants. We are only human and we all make mistakes. Do not take this the wrong way but if a post offends, give it a TD and move on.

    • Monti

      I appreciate that & will support my fellow Bhoys & Ghirls without flinching.

      • david

        Monti you got comprehensively horsed when you asked the posters if you were a bigot or not.
        They overwhelming stated that you were.

        • ecojon


          Have you managed to come up with the source of the banning stats yet for rangers and celtic which you used for an attack on Celtic.

          I have now asked dozens of times for these to be produced but nothing unless I have missed your reply.

          So let’s try and help: Did these stats come to you in a dream, was it in the Loudon, possibly a ludge meeting, on RM, from Leggo, from the MSM, from Tinternet?

          I hope that helps jog your memory.

          Btw? If a thick person with a poor education required a brain transplant and received one from a noted academic with a PhD would that recipient be allowed to claim they now owned the academic qualifications held by the academic before his demise?

  20. Raymilland

    League reconstruction; will TRFC be involved at all?

    Craig Whyte has put the SFA in rather a tight spot; but hey ho; Craigy boy has got the keys to the assets; what the hell does he care now?

    Charles Green may or may not contest the above in court, in the meantime, documentation would appear to confirm of Craig Whyte’s continued involvement at Ibrox.

    The conundrum for everyone involved is; how can they possibly satisfy the ‘debt’ perceived to be due to Craig Whyte via the ticketus fiasco (£18m and counting).

    TRFC is back to square one; as when under the ownership of SDM; then owing the bank £18m although the big tax case may now be offset to oldco (every cloud has a silver lining).

    However, there are several other storm clouds gathering; what will BDO conclude in regard to recent developments; there must also be repercussions for investors of the recent IPO.

    Maybe my next Youtube link shall be of ‘Humpty Dumpty’?

  21. Gortch

    “Either they went to that company as Sevco 5088 Ltd’s nominee or it transferred the assets after purchase to that company or somehow Duff and Phelps forgot about Sevco 5088 Ltd and simply dealt with Sevco Scotland Ltd…”

    I can think of about 10 thousand other possibilities involving demons that play tricks on our minds and hallucinations, but, Paul, which do you think is the most likely?

    I don’t see how Sevco 5088 could nominate that the assets go to Sevco Scotland instead of itself; this would be a material breach of the CVA. I don’t think D&P would leave themselves open to the accusation that they reneged on a key component of their own CVA.

    The only explanation is that the assets were moved from Sevco 5088 to Sevco Scotland. This has grave implications for the club we call Rangers since it suggests that the assets were illegally transferred to it without the consent of the directors. The club we call Rangers is, thus, in effect in possession of stolen goods. The law is clear on such matters; the assets must be returned to the rightful owner, Sevco 5088.

    Note that CW’s ban from involvement in Scottish football has no relevance here. The ban doesn’t stop him from owning assets such as a football stadium — nobody, at the end of the day, needs to play in the stadium and nobody can stop him owning it or at least some of it.

  22. For everyone who’s been saying today’s revelations on STV are the “smoking gun” … add this to them and we now have not only a smoking gun, but someone standing over the dead body with it in his hand, and his feet in the blood pool …. This is Game Over.

    Charles Green, it’s been fine, it’s been fun … but the party’s done.

    Adios amigo.

    For Rangers, the problems only grow. Green being voted off the board will not resolve this. Not even the fabled Voluntary Liquidation will negate the need for a full-scale enquiry, and police investigation.

    For those who are concerned that’ll result in the same old cover-ups …. we’re on a different level now. All the handshake deals, backroom carve ups, “local understandings” and whatever else has gone on, they are like rigging the result of a paintball match …. the same trick can’t be applied to a battlefield in a warzone.

    This one will leave bodies … this one will is the apocalypse.

  23. Paul

    I would have after SDM made Craig Whyte captain of HMS Rangers, after locking the steering towards the giant financial iceberg and sailing away, Craig Whyte was at the helm when they sank.

    I thought that if you make a company insolvent you are banned from being a company director for another 7 years. If this is the case then I’m confused as to how he can be given sevco 5088 if Green was the sole director albeit running the company from a know Whyte address.

  24. timtim

    So Craigy gets the big hoose back and Ticketus demand their season ticket allocation is honoured ?
    Rangers* who burned £10m a year with no Ticketus bill are suddenly expected to turn up and bank roll this latest heist to clear Craigys debt.
    If the fans don’t pay then Ticketus can take the big hoose off Craig in lieu of the £17m owed ?
    If the new new new owners of Rfc* dont pay a minimum of £17m for the stadium plus the additional costs of a tupe to tupe then they will be faced with renting the stadium off Ticketus which with all the added costs of overdue upgrades and work will be pretty hefty .
    Hello hello Mr Tesco -1 large brownfield site for sale in G51
    If that doesnt work maybe Charles can start planting the potatoes .
    I dont know where this is going -but I’ll enjoy finding out

  25. Monti


    • Monti

      Thumbs up who would love to be in the drivers seat of the crane, with the wrecking ball that is surely heading out to Ibrox now? If I got a shot, I think you would struggle to get me to stop….Shebeen CD blasting inside the cab… that is a nice thought!

      • david

        An even better one is confirmation of your bigotry.

      • cam

        Monti,old bhoy,how did that thumbs contest work for you?
        Is David’s statement factually correct and you got a damned fine horsing?
        on a Celtic site? full of loon balls?
        Surely not old bean,,what could that do for your fragile state of mind?
        ching ching.

    • BRIMAC

      When premises have been used for crimes against humanity, in the public interest, demolition should follow. (It would be inappropriate for others to gain from any future sale of the property.)
      Maybe a garden of remembrance would be appropriate for the unfortunate 500 million victims.

  26. cam

    Paul ,please put a total block on my posting privileges.If the recent comments are a reflection of where this site is heading then i don’t want any part of it.

    • ecojon


      Why don’t you just stop posting?

      I didn’t think anyone had posting privileges on here so your revelation shocks me and I demand these privileges as well. I hope you are listening Paul 🙂

      • cam

        If you take the time to read the disclaimer at the side old chap you will find the relevant info,,,i know you’re big on the minutiae of these matters.
        The reason i asked Paul to block me was i feared that i may respond in kind to the nasty little folk who are crawling back out of the mud that the two whuppings immersed them in.
        Paul is listening old bhoy, and responding.
        I shall now take on a new persona and much to the disgust of wee Maggie,return to extract some melon juice,,,you folk after all are the melons that just keep giving!

  27. timtim

    “Further evidence,in my opinion, of someone wishing to control the direction of a debate.”
    This is what I disagreed with in your initial statement (just for the record)
    I didnt accuse you of posting anything vile
    thank you for your good wishes I wish you the very same

  28. ecojon

    From the Rangers Press release last night.

    ‘”Mr Green was the sole director of Sevco 5088 until he resigned and became the founder director of Sevco Scotland, formed by Scottish solicitors.’.

    When did Green resign from Sevco 5088? The statement would seem to suggest it was prior to him becoming ‘founder director’ of Sevco Scotland in May/June 2012. And what’s with the ‘founder director’ speak – by that token he was also ‘founder director’ of Sevco 5088.

    Or was he – there’s always a bit of Magners in the Blackthorn with anything Chico states. I feel I am beginning to tune-in on his brain waves – gawd help me and pass the tinfoil helmet please. But seriously using Green logic was someone else ‘founder director’ of Sevco 5088 – no doubt we will find out in CW’s next tape release.

    However back to the curious Rangers press release. There is no director resignation form been submitted to Companies House whose records still show him as a live director of Sevco 5088. Indeed at the end of December 2012 in his capacity as a Sevco 5088 director he applied for the company to be struck-off.

    So if he has resigned from Sevco 5088 it has been since January 2013 and he appears to not have informed Companies House.

    So Charlie when did you actually resign from Sevco 5088 – we demand to see the proof – not that we don’t believe what you say – but your memory problems appear to be increasing and we wouldn’t want to think you are telling porkies.

  29. lord mac

    why is it 2 companys are getting closed down now that should have been sut on valintines day no sc132239 and sc 141225 one getting closed 11april the other 14th april strange eh the had floating charges agaist then also on 1999 from the bank of scotland

  30. lord mac

    and why has green been named as directors of these companys do the have value for the creditors where they considerd by duff@ phellps as assets these companys where up to there neck like sc 0004276 as they all had the same floating charge put on them 24th feb 1999 and sc207783 had 2 dates the 2nov 2006 and then again on 7th 2006

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