Rangers Interim Results – Everyone at Ibrox is Very Happy – What About Asset Revaluation?

A brief note (yes – it will be brief).

Rangers International Football Club PLC’s interim results are out and can be read in full here.

People will pore over them but is seems clear that all is well on the Good Ship Rangers, and that Captain Green, Commodore Murray and First Mate Stockbridge are steering a course as plotted in its business plan and flotation document.

There is one squall on the horizon that I want to mention at this point.

As with weather approaching a vessel on the high seas, it might change course, missing the boat. It might blow itself out before reaching it. It might even turn out to be a smudge on the lookout’s telescope, and not there at all.

The squall goes by the name of BDO, and more particularly “gratuitous alienation”.

I have mentioned this before, at some length, but put very briefly is as follows.

A liquidator can challenge an asset disposal if he considers that “adequate consideration” was not paid for it. This does not require any underhand or dishonest action by the vendor or purchaser. It is one of the few times when the courts can intervene to protect someone from a bad business deal, in this case protecting the creditors.

Sevco Scotland Ltd, now Rangers Football Club Ltd, a part of RIFC PLC, bought all of the assets and business of Rangers Football Club for £5.5 million in June 2012.

According to the Interim Results posted today, the assets were revalued “on acquisition”.

The relevant paragraph reads:-

A revaluation process was undertaken during the period; Ibrox stadium and Murray Park were revalued at £40m, and intangibles were valued at £19m on acquisition.

So, ignoring everything else, including the cash and rights to money which Sevco Scotland Ltd bought, it now treats the fixed assets as worth £40 million, and the intangibles as worth £19 million. (Remember that the “intangibles” were sold by the administrators for £1).

Will BDO, acting for the liquidators, decide that a sale price of £5.5 million was “adequate consideration” for assets revalued immediately at in excess of £59 million? Is that in the interests of the creditors?

If BDO do nothing, then Mr Green will deserve the title of Businessman of the Decade, not just of the year!

If asked to guess what will happen, I think that BDO will raise the issue and that RIFC PLC will use some of its accumulated cash to settle at an early stage. If, and this is a guess, BDO found that it could get, say, another £10 million for the assets from RIFC PLC to conclude matters, I see little reason for them to engage on a long drawn out and expensive court battle to get more, and I would see RIFC jumping at it, to end any further issues.

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546 responses to “Rangers Interim Results – Everyone at Ibrox is Very Happy – What About Asset Revaluation?

  1. mick

    there a basket case rules dont apply greens vaporising all the monies there doomed its a case of just sit back and watch them eat themself from within adam cam carson and a few others on here might feel good just now but waitto they see whats in the pipeline the more they help sevco the more green will take the piss

    • Adam

      As usual, you misrepresent me. You cant help yourself. Nowhere have i said “feel good just now”. Thats your problem mick. In your eyes, if its not green, it shouldnt be seen.

      • You’re the one doing the misrepresenting; Mick didn’t write that you “said” anything, rather that you “might feel good just now”.

        Quite a difference.

    • Michael

      mick, did you really write “there doomed”?

      What’s next, “don’t tell him Pike”? 🙂

  2. JimBhoy

    @Adam you sure about the audited accounts having 14 months, I thought all had to be presented by end of April… Or is that only for a Uefa license?

    • Adam

      Im not sure JimBhoy. I think thats what the guy over the page was asking. TRFCL from a legal and tax point of view does not need to file accounts until February 2014.

      Im really not sure if football legislation trumps the Companies Act.

      • not nearly dead but really dead

        im gonna read the last line of your statement a few times, adam to see if you are really saying what you are really saying, as some how ‘rangers fc’ have become the only incoprated football club ever to manage it. now i grant you i dont know the law but was LNS a sports enquiry and not a legal one?. i of course would will stand corrected !

  3. ecojon

    Well I see that Chuckles is back in full flow and had to laugh at his latest comment on STV’s web site:

    ‘Mr Green also stated that he would not give in to “blackmail or terrorists” when referring to a bill dispute with Singaporean finance firm Orlit Enterprises’.

    Reading the piece it’s hard not to believe that he isn’t referring to Orlit – but he knows these people and trusts them enough to have done a gentleman’s agreement with them or so he has stated previously.

    Thinking about it probably you wouldn’t actually put any deals in writing with terrorists and blackmailers but what do I know as I wouldn’t do a deal with them in the first place no matter how much money I could earn from it.

    So the circus continues down Ibrox way and it appears chuckles has found his voice again so we are all in for more laughs.

    And then another strange one when he declares that no one will ever have a charge over anything to do with Rangers – he ignores the historical £500,000 Sports Council charge over Murray Park of course or perhaps it’s just something else he has forgotten.

    But I was thinking more about the deal with Sports Direct and the charge that is laid-out there if Rangers take advantage of the draw-down arrangements – it’s all spelt out in the AIM Flotation Prospectus and I now wonder if that’s something else that will go by the wayside 🙂

    • mcfc


      I’m wondering if Charles’ ramblings are preparation for a quick exit due to illness – namely dementia. Would the angry bears pursue a poor old chap who’d lost his marbles in his retirement. Surely they’d forgive him for leaving them on the train to Admin II.

      • ecojon


        Well Chuckles is tied in for 12 months with his shares from the flotation date.

        I suppose the big worry for him would be any investors leaving after the 6 month lock-in period which applies to them. Both the 6 month and 12 months lock-in periods have a further orderly market restriction of 6 months.

        But if investors go before Chuckles and the share price drops say to 50p – this is a pure guess of course as it may indeed go to the £15 a share that was suggested (can’t even remember if that was another Chuckles one as there are just so many) – then that would mean that Chuckles would drop on 5 million shares at a current price of 79p around almost £1.5million.

        The other problem is that if the operating loss continues to the extent that another share float is required then that could lead to a further drop in share price.

        And to get back to your original point one of the easiest ways out of a lock-in is a retiral through ill-health. Still I don’t think Rangers fans should be too worried about that as at the last count Chuckles was staying till he was 75 in 15 years time or so he said 🙂

        • Mcfc


          Thanks for reminding us where the emergency exits are. Don’t get trappled in the rush!

        • 100bjd

          Who is going to buy these shares when the founders want out. This is an illiquid stock….there is limited trading. Right now the fans will not sell, the institutions will stay in and the founder investors are locked in, thus meaning that a bomb can detonate (interims such a case!) and the share price will be static. When the founding investors want to sell there will be limited buyers at which point the share will collapse.
          Off point I do not think that Charlies “shop your mates on sectarian singing” is a vote winner…….a bad mistake tactically there I think

          • Clarkeng

            I am struggling to understand your point.
            If no one wants to buy then the shares wont be sold.
            Do you think they will just give them away or put them in the bin?
            It does not matter now to Rangers they have already received payment for the shares.
            If you are suggesting this will drive the share price down then again I dont see the logic as the market price is recorded based on actual trading.
            How can this happen?
            For example Celtic shares slipped to 36p from 60p and stayed there over the last five years – what damage except in market cap did that do to the club?
            They had already received the 60p (or £1.00 dependant on type of share ) for each share issued.
            When the share is sold on they dont get anything else.
            What it did do was give an incentive to existing shareholders to increase the level of their holding at the expense of the sellers.
            They have steadily acquired shares at a preferential price to increase their rights in the voting at the club.
            But this was not done at the expense of the club.

            • 100bjd

              You seem to accept my point, as you mention Celtic,s market capitalisation issue. Have you factored in that any further cash required for your company for working capital, players or major capital projects will be hugely difficult with a low market capitalisation. Even if successful any new cash raised in this manner will heavily dilute the existing shareholders. Now have a look at your clubs cash burn and add in the properties going to be purchased, the Stadium improvements plus Ally’s £10m war chest and you should start to have a worry unless you can cut more cost or create revenue. Lets start on cost reduction with non playing staff at Ibrox and you will have restructuring costs associated with TUPE. Players are on contract and fixed costs can be polished up a bit although usually nothing major.Increased revenue is going to be the success of the naming rights of the stadium and the shirt sponsorship plus the merchandise and Rangers TV.. That is the club’s position is it not?

              I am not saying that your club will not make it although I am saying that every business plan needs a downside risk analysis and I am sure your club has one. The question is if your down side risk plan is neccessary how do you fund it……..a low market capitalisation does not assist. Now I have posted on here and RTC for years and I have never said a bad thing about Rangers. I have restricted myself usually to debating business transactions as that is what interests me and keeps me commenting. I have no love for Celtic or Rangers and am a proud Scot and hope that my posts are accurate and informative……You are quite correct about the fact that once a share has been sold the club gets the cash and all other transactions with the share are with the share buyer however you will remember when SDM needed cash at Rangers before he used a rights issue to create more shares to sell in order to create more cash. The market capitalisation is an important issue at this point.Do not discount one serious tool if you run out of cash and when you try to get cash through other sources such as a loan, it will be related to many things although market capitalisation will be one of the criteria. A new investor will also view the market capitalisation and factor this into his valuation. So market capitalisation is not an issue today althogh as I have attempted to describe …very quickly I am afraid…it could be an issue down the track.

  4. dan

    Lots of anti-Irish sentiment coming through from the likes of Davy, ‘Boaby’ Smith and Ian—–(it couldn’t be the ‘Ian’ could it?) They should have a care as we hear that Sevco are in talks with John Daly’s agent—-doesn’t he hail from the ‘oul country?’

  5. Scottish Football supporters are doing something quite remarkable and something we should be proud of.

    Could the whole sorry mess of Rangers administration and liquidation produce something positive? It seems unlikely on the face of it or prima facie as you might say (sorry couldn’t resist), but it may be so.

    Looking over the blog posts and comments on Scottish Football the casual observer could easily get the idea the our game is on the brink of a war in which mutual destruction is assured.

    I beg to differ.

    Football today is a game that is won or lost with the power of wealth, it consumes wealth, effectively gold buys silver.

    Astonishingly Scottish football supporters are now questioning this and slowly they are becoming adept at it.

    A few years ago it would have been unimaginable that a football clubs finances would have been picked over in such detail by ordinary fans, as has happened with Rangers.

    Rangers fans may not like this (who would) but who could doubt the value of it. The wider implications for those who would buy a football club for whatever reason is that in Scotland everything you do will be observed, questioned and tested.

    Scottish Football particularly in Glasgow has a complication, it’s an unavoidable and ugly one. Some supporters of Celtic and Rangers are too often blinded by a mutual animosity.

    It’s an animosity based on distrust of things which neither side seeks to understand. The antagonists seem to dislike understanding – it negates the dispute.

    As crazy as it may seem even in the darkest corner of the darkest room in the darkest home of Scottish Football I can find a positive.

    Never before has their been a medium so useful or valuable as the internet, The blog posts and comments of those that inhabit the underworld of Scottish Football are there for all to see.

    Everything becomes visible, everything gets questioned. The cloak of anonymity that the internet seems provide is the worst place to hide.

    • Perhaps we could get the SFA to join in this new “openness”. It would take very little, to plonk a webcam in the room at SFA./SPL meets.
      I don’t think there is a Scotsman alive, who would not have wished to be a fly on the wall the past wee while.
      We could watch in amazement, as they duck, one by one, under the table for a wee chuckle at the latest e-mail.
      The wonder of grade A whistlers dutifully lined up for the weekly bottom kissing would be a “must see” event.
      But seriously, referees should be allowed to explain their decisions. Rightly or wrongly.
      All officials should be wired for sound as in rugby. The spotlight should be on everybody in the game. The higher the perch, the brighter the light!
      I wonder why it isn’t

      • If there was a camera at SFA/SPL meetings (not that I would suggest such at thing) would they really go as you describe?

        Perhaps openness and scrutiny would alter events.

        • You are right Martin, I was joking. I think they would simply don Groucho Marx glasses and moustaches, or Bin Laden beards.
          Honestly, I think it would be a top way forward. I just don’t see it happening. We have just witnessed the attempts made by our governing bodies, where secrecy was the driving force. Without it, they were, fecked!

        • Aw c’mon guys, this whole sorry affair’s been hard enough for us laymen to follow, now you’re smacking us round the chops with Schrödinger’s cat?

          Have a heart 🙂

  6. Monti

    I see Dundee Utd’s Jon Daly is being linked with a move to Sevco 5088? Jon you have been in Scottish football long enough to know the score here, if it wasn’t for UEFA back in the late 80’s, when they questioned the Huns sectarian signing policy, they would still be keeping it protestant only & keeping it blue( never understood what that means), do you really want to sign for a new club who don’t have a song that doesn’t involve killing Catholics? Do you Jon? IF THOSE BASTARDS OFFERED ME £100,000 PWK TO PLAY FOR THEM, I’D LAUGH AT THEM! THEY WERE SCUM THEN,SCUM NOW & FOREVER WILL BE TOTAL SCUM!!! JON DON’T SUBJECT YOURSELF TO THEM!

    • parmahamster

      Now, now…don’t fall for the old pr hype. Crap financials and teh stadium renaming fiasco-in-waiting…something had to be invented to take the spotlight off these and what better than a lie about speaking to the captain of the club they wanted razed to the ground not one month ago. Now…breathe in, breathe out…that’s it…:)

    • cam

      Nasty wee man,,,,if the boy is good enough we’ll have him.

    • david

      Next thing you will complain they dont sign ROI players.
      You dont do irony, do you?

      Your comments are frankly an embarrassing disgrace.

    • If Daly signs he may find himself in a Sevco 2 situation.

    • Den

      Re: Monti,

      Depressing stuff. No good to anyone.

      The fact is that Rangers sectarian policy ended years ago, they have signed a lot of Catholics and other religions and races. Let’s move on from the dark days.

      I had hoped that the ending of that shameful policy would have led to a reduction in the religious based divide that shames parts of Scotland. Maybe I just have to be patient.

      Some people seem to find comfort on holding on to old hurt and wallow in it.

      I know a lot of what happened, myself and my family were impacted. It was stupid outdated ideas that set communities apart, not inherent differences.

      Sorry to go on about it but such stuff must be confronted or we can just give up and leave it to the trolls.

      • Monti

        I stand by every word I said,maybe you should stay on Hun blogs & tell them the world has moved on? Tell them to stop singing about killing Catholics & ask your own club (new) who told Fran Sandaza not to bless himself?? Your old club stole multi millions from the tax purse denying the country invaluable income towards Hospitals, schools,etc! Rangers were a disgrace,their fans were a disgrace, nobody wants your fans anywhere near their ground, only in this country would you receive a glowing report for singing sectarian songs,eh mr .mccaskill ( clown)? Celtic winning the European cup killed your club & they died trying to achieve what we achieved ( pmsl), you even cheated the rules of the game to seek sporting advantage ( yes you really did), so you give me an example of your new club moving on,how the stands at Ibroke are now filled with open minded,tolerant anti sectarian activists who promote equality, by the way,where is the money they received for the poppy shirt sales? What charity received the Utd gate percentage? What did mccoist sneakily say to Lennon? Why do you play Linfield every year with the Orange (scum ) bands in attendance?? Moved on..yeah ok.

        • cam

          Think you will find that Den is a Tic fan Monti old boy.
          You are a hate filled wee man who needs to stop drinking in those Irish theme bars and mix with real people.
          The Catholic, Proddie pash is played out now,it is boring and childish and you need to find a channel for your hatred.
          Can i suggest you randomly choose a domestic fuel supplier or one of the petrol companies.
          Just to assist you in your new obsession i hear that the Masonic force is strong in both of the above.

          • Monti

            Think your wife will confirm that I’m a ‘big man’ ssssshhhh now,silly Billy!

            • david

              You are frankly bang out of order with that comment, Monti.
              Your comments reveal you for what you are you sad wee inadequate.

          • Monti

            My Retort was to David,Silly Billy…tut tut.

            • mick

              Well in Monti any 1disagreeing is a sevconian or a stickie .its nice to see your up for telling the truth about these ejits

          • Monti

            I would like you to read carefully my words, WE ARE ALL NEIL LENNON! RANGERS ARE DEAD,GONE FINITO,OVER & OUT!!!! as Neil Lennon said & I quote “we are playing Juventus in the last 16 of the Champions league,not renting training grounds out” pmsl! We are laughing at Sevco & their fans, your wee tribute act can’t even provide audited accounts,your manager is addicted to pies & sausage rolls & can’t manage a run in the Ramsdens cup,pmsl! As for being ‘hate filled’? No, I just hated Rangers,but they are gone & you know it,funny when they were heading for liquidation,the MSM never said it was the company that would be liquidated,it was the CLUB!! Charles green bought the history??? If it’s the same club,why did he have to buy history,come on now,you know your CLUB is deed, pan bread. Hate is not good it’s destructive & I haven’t said a word to my children about religion,even though I’m a proud Catholic myself. I can’t hate Sevco because they are a new club trying hard to be a big club like Celtic perhaps, so as I see Celtic walk out v Juventus on Wednesday, having paid all our tax & paye ensuring we are contributing to education & Hospitals etc, I will be content in the knowledge that my greatest Foe (Rangers) are dead as a dodo!! Lmfao! As the great Irish leader Michael Collins said ” I hate them for making hate necessary” THE WAR IS OVER,THE REBELS HAVE WON!!

        • Robert Smith

          I really do worry for your mental health Monti ,your posts are frightening in that someone can be consumed with so much hate

          • Monti

            Talking about mental states, is denial a mental condition? Go on admit it, Rangers DIED, they are GONE FOREVER, just llke the shares in Arsenal & the tainted trophies in the trophy room,melted down by our hero Craig Whyte pmsl,now you watch a tribute act,with no history,no trophies,no money & hopefully BDO & HMRC will leave you without a stadium soon,you could play at Murray park next season,only you’ll have to play away when Celtic ( big proper club) are playing at home in the champions league,as chuckles with t’ big ands from the Yorkshire mines pmsl,will be renting it out, what did you do with the poppy shirt money? Where is the money from Dundee utd game that was meant to go to charity (SCIAF) would welcome the cash? You kept the ‘Charity’ money raised from the Milan game, why are your fellow fans singing about killing Catholics & child abuse,but not being grilled for it in the media? Why did a senior figure in the British Army have to reprimand your new club with it’s over the top circus on remembrance day? (dignity)? As I have said before scum then (oldco/ original/ scum now ( newco/zombie) forever scum!!!!!……..1 EUROPEAN CUP & COUNTING! HH! Remember sevconians, your club DIED trying to emulate CELTIC!…..PMSL!

            • Maggie

              Re Robert Smith comment above ….oh the hypocrisy,
              this from the person who earlier was telling us to “GTF ASAP on
              the Stranraer bus” and all that implies.March 4@5.20

              I would say his comment falls well within the perameters of the
              anti sectarian legislation…..”expressing religious or racial hatred
              which would be offensive to any reasonable person”
              I am a reasonable person and it is offensive to me.
              I see my original complaint still in moderation Paul,any thoughts?

        • Den


          I am not a “Sevconian” or a “stickie”.

          Merely someone who points out that sectarian abuse has no place in intelligent debate. Applying derogatory names to people who have a different view doesn’t get us anywhere.

          • Monti

            I think your actually a stickie sevconian pmsl…Graffiti on the wall HH!

            • Den

              Just noticed this post.
              Could you define the terms so that we are clear what you think I am. Could you also provide the evidence that you have that either apply to me.
              What do you mean by “graffiti on the wall” ?

        • Den

          I don’t frequent football sites of any persuasion, they tend to be frequented by people who resist and attack any ideas that don’t fit into their own view of the world, and denigrate anyone who differs from them.

          Like yourself they are not prepared to move on.

          I expected you would stand by every word, in truth I don’t care. I posted to disassociate myself from your post, which I have done without any personal abuse aimed at anyone.

          • Monti

            You aren’t listening, so I’ll spell it out, there is a few things needing addressed before I ‘move on’, admit you are not the same club & you have no trophies,no titles & that Rangers as a club died on liquidation day or ( ice cream & jelly day) to us Celtic fans, admit the old clubs board cheated & broke spl rules & stole tax payers money to gain a sporting advantage over all the other clubs, admit there is a major problem with accepting Catholics at Ibrox, admit your dead club would have won nothing in it’s sectarian past without the help of blazers at Ibrox,referees & lodges, police & Judiciary. admit there is no need to riot (Manchester) because a ‘screen failed’,attacking lone female,drivers & the isolated police officer, admit Charles Green is a clown,admit mccoist likes Greggs, admit your dead club was a disgrace…then I’ll ‘move on’ Hail Hail!

            • david

              Youre correct, all the referees came straight to the games from the Lodge.
              Do you really believe such tosh?

            • Den


              Although I wasn’t listening, I did read your post. I didn’t reply to most of it, this was not through any oversight on my part, in just chose not to.

  7. arb urns

    @ clarkeng 2.46pm

    Unfortunately in the business world situations like this occur everyday and are perfectly legal.

    evening clarken

    am intrigued by your use of the word ‘unfortunately’ here……. an explanation would be brilliant.

    • Clarkeng

      Business is a risk.
      To do business people need to take risks.
      Sometimes the risk is you will not be paid.
      Businesses fail everyday and in a lot of cases a phoenix transaction takes place which moves the assets on at a fraction of the value and leaves behind the liabilities.
      This is perfectly legal but also very unfortunate for the people who are left behind unpaid.
      In this particular case Rangers sought the protection of the courts to prevent them being sequestrated and the assets sold on to pay the creditors.
      Again all legal and in accordance with the Law of the Land.
      The Administrator after pocketing his large fee sold the business and it’s assets on for the best deal available free of the historical liabilities.
      Again all legal and in accordance with the Law of the Land.
      Arb I could expand on this as I am sure you are aware but this is probably the simplest way to put it.
      Now people on here may say ( again ) that the law is corrupt and that would be their opinion but why would anyone be surprised at that.

      • arb urns

        thanks clarken

        its really disappointing a football club has chosen this route.

        • Clarkeng

          You and me both.
          The whole thing has been nutcrunching and then you get the numpties on here.
          Anyway without delving too much into things it is easy to spout opinions based on little or no knowledge but if everything keeps going the way it is now then despite the prophets of doom we will be back shortly.
          How shortly depends on which conspiracy theory you listen to.
          What do you call that syndrom when you think the whole world hates you and they do everything just to spite you?
          There is a name for it – I mean a proper name – not just being a Sellik fan.

          • arb urns

            just to say clarken i work with the game frequently and there is genuine disrespect for the route your club has CHOSEN to get out of its disgraceful situation. your club has a lot of work to do and a lot of attitudes need to change. u have shamed our great wee country on a very large stage and it hasnt gone unoticed.

            • Clarkeng

              Dont really think there was a choice.
              Think the ball started rolling as Whyte’s off the wall wealth proved to be £1.
              As for the rest there is enough shame oot there for everybody.
              The conduct of some of the SPL members was nothing less than spiteful and perhaps a lot more.
              What goes around comes around and the wheel will stop at the next ones turn soon.

            • arb urns


              sale and leaseback
              share issue
              sell players
              debt for equity
              buy out
              directors loans.

              what did u chose a dishonourable walking away.

          • Raymilland


            “If everything keeps going the way it is now”; Newco will be back in the SPL by August; with a new set of side letters stashed; it’s already been proven; they can’t touch you for it. As the old saying goes; no harm no foul.

            Would 10 points of a start suit you…………yes? Every other SPL club should be deducted 10 points for having the temerity to vote against RFC in the first instance.

            The engraver is on stand by, although he wants to know, shall he prefix Rangers with ‘THE’ on next season’s trophies?

            No hard feeling; welcome home.


            You asked:

            “What do you call that syndrom when you think the whole world hates you and they do everything just to spite you?”

            I’m sure they call that ‘Irritable Bowel Syndrom.

            • Clarkeng

              You can be so funny sometimes i can hardly hold the laughter in.
              What you werent joking?
              I would never have guessed.
              Try some pepto bismol.
              You will need it for tomorrow night when your team are probably going to be abysmal.

  8. Raymilland


    Half a league half a league, Half a league onward……..

    If that the ‘teflon Gers’ had led the cavalry charge at Balaclava; Lord Alfie would have left us with the valley of dearth.

    Cannon to the left of them, cannon to the right of them, cannon to the front of them? A bit of a non event in the end; not a jot; never even knocked a hat off.

    Mons Meg does more damage at 1.00pm every day in Edinburgh.

    Given that RFC brought the ‘volley’ upon themselves of which in the end turned out to be blank ammo; any triumphalism is reflex; aligned with vengeful jubilation of the demise of Scottish football; said to be symptomatic of the loss of the ‘gallant’ gers.

    Meanwhile, the modern day epic of a lack of leadership of monumental proportion would entirely merit directors pay and benefits increased by 16.5%, despite a 6% fall in revenues; and all that without the need of a balaclava! Nice one Mr Doncaster.

    • cam

      verb and noun

      The Gers were charged with cheating but the tax man said,,,no charge.

      Lee McCulloch led the Gers charge back to glory.

      The Celtic bloggers need to re charge their batteries.

      Rangers received an honourable discharge from Lord Nimmo.

      • The Sevconians aren’t buying ST’s because Charlie upped the charge.

      • Back to full smugness cam?
        Your Sevco nightmare is not over! LNS guilty findings on 10 years of deliberately witheld information on brown envelope payments is a big fat bomb with a long hissing fuse.
        HMRC have been handed an ace in their appeal on the BTC.
        just when you were in the middle of a party as well!!

        • cam

          Guilty of smugness on all counts Mac.
          The UTTT don’t consider any new evidence Mac,,they just look at the original decision again and again and again until brown envelopes are swimming around in front of their eyes.
          BTW i’m sure i saw that Peter Lawwell chappie in WH Smith’s yesterday,,he was at the stationery section.

      • “The Gers were charged with cheating but the tax man said,,,no charge.”

        Did he really? As I recall a total of 36 of the EBT sub-trusts were found to have PAYE/ENIC liability.

        No charge? No chance!

        • cam

          Nobody cares anymore Rab,,,you can throw yer dossier oot the taxi window.
          The guys at the stance are getting bored with it.
          Take it down to the Peoples Palace and see if they would stick it beside Billy’s banana boots.
          Move on,,,get a life.

          • “Nobody cares anymore Rab……Move on…”

            You really think we should just forget the fact that 36 out of the 81 – that’s 45% – let me spell that out for you FORTY FIVE PER CENT – of the sub-trusts in the case you claim to have “won” are liable for tax & NI?

            As they say down this neck of the woods “You’re ‘avin a bubble!”

      • arb urns

        1. wrong…. the tax man said wee charge…. then…. we charge again and again and again. poon army poon army poon army

        2. wrong….. elbows is on ra disability benefit the noo and is chargin the country a fortune wi his earnins related claim.

        3. true….. they could be donald ducked…. get yersel ane o’ they ‘bryson’ carpet sweepers cam … the dyson is so yesterdays tech.

        4. ffs….. an hon dis frae lns. maks me think o’ thon yankee guy that splashed oot on a new dress fur that nice wee monica lassie… canna mind his name.

        cam a’ve just noticed yer badge on here , dont imagin ye kiss it very often ye look like st. patrick b’garra.

        top o’ the mornin to ya.

        • cam

          Wee Heidi is poon feeding you all up the garden path.

          Rabbie,big Jig played a blinder on Saturday.

          Paul is trying to keep too many plates spinning

          We did not have side letters with that judge.

        • cam

          Stephen Thompson,chief camel humper has declared the war is over,we shall have peace in our time.

        • cam

          Lovely slice of fillet steak,two square slice,onions and mushrooms,just washed down with a Bud born on the glorious 12th.
          Early for the drink ,but Mrs Cam has just threatened to put me on gardening leave if i don’t stop terrorising the poor bhoys in here.
          Old Mason Boyne is heading into town to twist some melons at the car hire shop.
          My old banger can’t be relied on to transport me over the border and its a 7 seater job thats required to take the klan on tour.
          Trouser leg ready to roll and handshakes all ready for the Alamo boys.
          I’ll take a wee pop into the city chambers and ask the bhoys what they think of a statue to Billy Nimmo in the square.
          pip pip

    • jocky bhoy

      Mons Meg doesn’t do any damage at 1pm every day in Edinburgh. In fact it hasn’t done anything since 1681 when it burst its own barrel being fired to celebrate the birthday of the future King James VII of Scotland and II of England. It’s a 25lb howitzer that gets fired @ 1pm every day, to much noise and smoke but no real substance.

      Fill in your own gags here: _______________________

  9. mick

    a cant see jon daly signing for them we have had this sort of misinformation before and its been lies who in there right mind would he would fit in at any spl club so why would he want to go there ,after a couple of posts on the sevco media about it they started calling him a fenian basket and he was crap so this new club sevco seem worse than oldco when it comes to bile

  10. cam

    Jeez mick,what the hell has happened to you?

    • mick

      cam your a clown you mention me in every post your left looking like some trolling freak none of yous mention the topic just deflect the issues and try and decend it in to name calling and slagging match your a clown and your team is a non entity and the most disliked product in scotland if not the world the sporting basket case of the uk

      • mcfc


        just point and shout “Trooollll”

        • mick

          @mcfc lol troollllsss there out in numbers on here lately lol it just use to be cam and carson now there is millions of them am all for it as it balances the debate and proves that its not just cam and carson that is mental nut nut but 99.9% of them

          • I think I have it Mick. You write your stuff in Swahili and then run it through a few translation sites via Icelandic and greek and out it comes as above. I have read it and the few before and I do not understand them, but who cares.

            In my opinion RFC’s problems will come when they have to compete in Div. 1 assuming no changes to the structure. At that level some of the team are near SPL standard and RFC are no where near that. They will have to spend money to get to the SPL and we may be back to square 1.

            Re, Hearts singing, I accept that they are no better than some and I hope that someone takes the line taken by Mr Green. Also, I have little idea how CFC supporters behave at home, but I can assure you when they visit Tynecastle they are as bad as RFC. And, now for more on the Rangers share front, these are today’s trades:
            12:49 78.00p 750 £585 Unknown O
            09:03 77.40p 62 £48 Sell O
            08:44 77.40p 205 £159 Sell O
            08:00 79.00p 1,898 £1,499 Buy

            As you can see, hardly a robust market. Maybe best if we all shut up about the price for a while.

            • mick

              @vi the shares at this momento is being fixed by spivs wait till the lockin is over and its admin2 of the company that owns the company that owns the club will be vaporised just like the 1mil a month black hole theres no way in hell your a jambo you dont have the intlect or inteligence to be a hearts fan

            • Mick

              Please supply proof that spivs are fixing the share price. Your last phrase says all that needs to be said about you. But I am pleased that you feel that Hearts’ supporters are intelligent and have intellect – you may be illiterate but you have some insight.

            • mick

              illiterate vi 1 thing am not, am not the best at useing punctuation but say am illiterate is wrong am a builder with a nc in basic education arub shoulders every day with people of all educations from none to master degree level the sites are like that a was the class rep to your illiterate to critisim and truth and integrity oh and last and most sadly justice ,your mask slipped long ago on here

            • ecojon


              Why do you bother wasting time and energy on a vicious troll – do what you do best and ignore the personal attacks 🙂

            • mick

              @ecojon a think a will a think a will save my time and energy and channel it towards my tesco ambitions its all deflect from the topic these days also its not fair to hijack pauls blog and get involved in handbags so for that reason am cleaning up my act and staying within the topic a feel as if all my fans are sevcoians a might up load bank detials and charge them a pound a comment lol

            • Maggie

              A wise decision mick.

            • ecojon


              You’ve now got me worried as I keep all my t shirts on hangers and would never dream of keeping them in drawers (must mean something) – I don’t have enough drawer space anyway 🙂

            • Raymilland

              In a ‘year without summer’; a morality tale of death and rebirth arose from the shadows of old Glasgow town.

              The actual names of individuals shall be altered to protect the innocent.

              A once proud football institution tragically gasped its last breath. The mortal remains were hurriedly interred in an underground vault only then to be snatched during the twilight hours by Victor von Frankengreen.

              In the dungeon of his castle; Victor; with his grotesque assistant Igor; frantically work through the night to fashion an ungodly creature from reclaimed cadaver parts. With his laboratory prepared; and copper electrodes clamped firmly in place; a powerful electrical storm did unleash right on cue.

              Igor forced down on a lever directing a massive surge of electricity through the body of the creature; its body seized violently; lurching back and forth, current being circuited via whirring glowing transformers…… then all at once there was stillness. The electrically charged air had a sulphurous odour; most shockingly; the once lifeless fingers of the creature now began slowly to sense its surroundings; Victor held his breath; for a few short seconds; then shrieked manically; “It’s ALIVE I tell you! ALIVE!!

              Igor nervously licked his lips and uttered; “Of that there can be no doubt master, it’s a minor miracle, to be perfectly honest with you, I thought it was a non starter” (Igor had a panache for understating the enormity of the truth).

              Suddenly the creature jolted from its life bearing cradle; its huge frame cast a shadow over its creator and his minion. It tried to speak; the dry sinews crackled and then a voice began slowly to resonate….. “Who… am… I?”

              Frankengreen spoke firmly to his creation; “Your name is Sevco 5088, have you no memory of the past?”

              The creature stared blankly then groaned; “Mmmmmmmmm…..yes, a hamper, many hampers stuffed with legal tender, wad upon wad, being loaded onto a vessel bound for the Caribbean.”

              Victor turned in dismay; “Get the electrodes out again Igor; the bugger remembers too much.”

              Just then; a loud banging upon the castle doors disturbed the devilish encounter. One villager had earlier that night witnessed the unholy excavation and had sped the length of the Gallowgate to muster a crowd from the ale houses thereof.

              Rumour had spread of an attempt to reanimate their once great rival from across the river. As the fervour mounted the torch bearing villagers managed to unhinge the huge timber doorway of Castle Von Frankengreen, the crashing sound was met with loud cheers and a chorus of ‘I just can’t get enough’.

              The angry villagers descended a dimly lit stairwell leading them to their quarry.

              Igor greedily gorged on a meat pie; one that had escaped the stampede, his hunched figure hardly noticed; all eyes were fixed upon the creature now before them.

              The monster emerged from the shadows, the bright light from the torches causing it to momentarily pause, and then advance further with its big ‘ands outstretched.

              A young man by the name of Mick yelled “Kill the beast”,
              Baron Von Frankengreen then stepped between his creation and its tormentors, with the intent to do what ever it takes to protect his investment.

              “You get nowt for nowt lad, who’ll gimme two quid?

              The creature was saddened and struggled with its own self worth; as a torch came nearer; the beast grabbed his maker and swung him like a shillelagh, the crowd opened while the Baron was propelled over the castle battlements onto the rocks below.

              In eerie silence; the remaining villagers looked down upon the fatally injured alchemist; he tried in vain to raise his big ‘ands. With his final breath Baron Von Frankengreen exhaled the immortal words; “Make it a quid and it’s a deal……..”

              Ultimately, the villagers showed mercy toward the beast.

              Rumour has it; the creature was last seen lashed to a vessel sailing from the port town of Stranraer.

              Mary Shelley eat you ‘eart out.

              Post comment by James Traynor:
              The moralality of the story is that the creature required kindness and sympathy; but did not believe itself utterly unworthy of it. The creature believes himself capable and even worthy of both emotional and psychological reciprocation and, by extension, capable of existing in harmony with the rest of humankind.

              Desire for acceptance and integration into society; the creature did learn; such was the history of the beloved villagers it impressed the creature deeply. He learned from the views of social life which it developed, to admire their virtues and to deprecate the vices of mankind.

              Through their unknowing example, the villagers serve the creature as teachers, imparting a sense of morality and virtuous behavior through simple human interaction.

              If only?

            • mick

              good afternoon every 1, Top read ray comment of the month sums it up perfectly lol ,what a night lAst night am still breathless after the Manu and real Madrid match its was good to watch a match with no emotional attachment no 1 mentioned the real goal chopped of for of side when you could clearly see it was onside in replay Manu were no way the better team at first a wanted Manu to win due to Glasgow manager sir Alex lets hope tonight the team away in Turin win 2 0to Celtic hooper misses a penalty with 2 mins to go but hay that’s show business lol

            • mcfc


              Good luck tonight – big hill to climb but possible – won’t be watching I’m afraid – don’t have Mr Murdoch’s magic box and can’t make it down the pub.

              Can you imagine Charles Green if you win – he’ll be in the Distraught Ward with Fergie.

              Green “Jabba – eh up lad – whats tha got for distractin’ t’ knuckledraggers from t’ Celtic in t’ last 8”

              Jabba “The Pope’s out of contract boss – and O’Brien”

              Green “FFS lad – I coulda thought of that – what about t’ Chavez tribute match with Pele – get him on t’ phone – eh up – get it in yon papers first in case he’s not answerin’ “

            • mcfc


              I love a good TD in the morning – it’s the smell of …. victory

            • Maggie

              Never mind Chico. If Celtic win,Leggo will need a straight jacket
              and a rabies shot……I can just see him getting huckled into
              the ambulance shouting “Peter Lawwell rules the world,and not
              in a good way.” or words to that effect 🙂

            • Maggie,

              in a blizzard of froth and confusion poor old Leggo is doomed to one day referring to Peter Lawwell as a “snake oil salesman”. The sobering thought that ensues precipitating the destruction of his keyboard in a violent meeting with his head.

            • Just got a TD, presumably from Leggo ( I know you read this) demonstrating thousands of years of evolution. A thumb can oppose, particularly when it’s not connected to a brain.

            • A brain finds more lucid responses.

            • MCFC

              ‘You’ve confirmed your troll status with the iliterate comment. Clearly untrue and intended to hurt – congratulations’ your quote. I am pleased you feel like that. Given that I would not want to be thought well of by a person who posts what you just have about the Pope, Cardinal O’Brian and Mr Chavez.

              I will not waste any more words re. mick except to say, try reading his posts and then say that it is clearly untrue that he is not blessed with a transparent writing style. And, it is a nice tactic to brand anyone who disagrees with you a troll.

            • mcfc


              Not interested – you’re wasting your time – not mine

            • Maggie

              “I won’t lie to you 🙂 ” That was seriously funny.

            • cam

              A wee bit of plagiarism from the Incubator man,Raymondo,,,,he may want some royalties.

            • Maggie

              As do I eco,that is,of course,the correct and modest
              approach. 🙂

            • Mcfc


              You’ve confirmed your troll status with the iliterate comment. Clearly untrue and intended to hurt – congratulations

          • mcfc

            TBH I just ignore them most of the time – don’t have time to read their gibberish – but enjoy bating them occasionally. Wonder how they have the time to spend so long on such a hateful site. – must be a good hourly rate from Jabba.

            BTW I’ve speculated before that Adam is Jabba – but I’m beginning to think he is Dickson, (Head of Football Administration – now that’s job security) giving his off the radar claims of CEO & NED experience.

            just point and shout “Trrroollll”

            • mick

              there is hidden agendas with them we will never know the deflect and contradict with whataboutya is the work of hidden agendas adams devo a plant lol

            • Maggie

              I’m with you there mc,who has time to devote to reading the
              drivel and insults.I have tried to advise mick of the wisdom of
              ignoring the trolls,but he gets sucked in,which is what they intend.

              What can you say to people who advise you to GTF ASAP via
              the Stranraer bus and all that implies.I really pity them,that their
              self esteem and feelings of self worth depend on feeling superior to others and abusing them with impunity.
              Charles Green has his work cut out ridding Rangers of this element,
              if their online activities are indicative of their mindset.

              I loved the self reverential Adam’s C.V. that he shared with us the
              other day…..priceless.Talk about complete lack of self awareness,but
              it made me scream with laughter….even Jabba’s not THAT pompous.

              Btw I speculated that one would struggle to move freely through
              Adam’s house on account of all the drawers full of T Shirts 🙂

            • Adam

              mick asked me a question. I answered it. Im happy to answer questions. I know that might be strange to others mind you who hide.

            • Mcfc


              Point and shout “ttrroooollllllll” and then just ignore their pixel-wasting garbage. Adam’s t-shirts all have a nice crease down the middle – his mammy insists 😉

            • mick

              @mcfc and every1 what did you make of the nani foot raising red card and all what a turning point jos saying the best team lost lol

            • Bill

              I think you need to go to bed…your rambling noo . lol 🙂

            • Mcfc


              Good match – great result. Red maybe a bit harsh maybe -but nani definitely put his fate in the hands of the ref – he knew someone was coming why else was he trying so hard – could have just let it drop -so don.t buy the watching the ball story. disallowed goal, ramos climbing, was just as harsh. Jose – he knows how to defuse a tough situation. did you see the docu recently – love in between him and fergie – think jose may be next utd manager so why would he rub their noses in it.

              Good decision on ttrrrooolllsss. Save your energy for decent discussions -let them live in their parallel universe – they,ll soon get bored if no-one feeds them

            • Budweiser

              Heard the man u fans singing ‘hello. hello’ – is this the same song as up here, or same song without the bigotry.?

            • Mcfc


              No bigotry angle – most mancs couldn,t even tell you the old french derivation of the word 😉

            • Budweiser

              Thanks for that – thought not. Hope city can catch up but it doesn’t look good at the moment. My late father in law was a life-long city fan and would take me to maine rd. if there was a home game if I happened to be visiting.
              He would not have believed the changes which have taken place. The family lived in Cheadle hulme – not far from the airport.

            • Mcfc


              Yeah – city fans feel like lottery winners and are enjoying being the noisy neighbours. Not much chnance of pulling back 12 pts – but it ain,t over til it,s over – gota remember just how close it was last year

            • JimBhoy

              @mcfc harsh sending off dude he was up for the ball and no-one around til the guy cam in sideways but he didnt kick him in the gut

            • Mcfc


              Gotta disagree – dangerous play – kicked him under the heart – charging around with your studs in the air and not being aware of other players is no defence. If someone did that to nani he,d still be rolling on the ground

            • JimBhoy

              @Maggie for you……..

              I haven’t read up the way to this blog chronologically but I suspect you could write some great songs Forgive me… Just jumped into my head then… I hope you love Elvis Costello cos he could help you with the lyrics.. first set mine.. Adam next….

              “I speculated one day, I’d struggle to move freely, In Adam’s the coffee cup was cold, it always seemed that way, I saw the kitchen was a disarray, then I looked towards the drawers
              And the hidden stuff was shown (for once),”
              What a good year for the blue noses
              Many blooms still linger there
              The lawn could stand another mowin’
              Funny I don’t even care
              As you turn to walk away
              As the door behind you closes
              The only thing I have to say
              It’s been a good year for the blue noses,

              Donations to wtf-JimBhoy.com or any other charity..

            • Maggie

              I did like Elvis Costello back in the day,before he became all
              “Hollywood” featuring in Two and A Half Men,Austin Powers etc.
              He’s now suffering from the common complaint of “celebs” ( and some
              of our trolls ) Monumental Self Regard.

              The drawer full of t shirts comment,is one used by me and my
              friends to puncture the pomposity of those like Adam,who make
              claims of having seen it,done it and got the t shirt in absolutely
              every area, of absolutely everything,in the history of the world.
              I’m sure you’ve met them Jim. I do love it when they assume that
              because, people in general,will be polite, that they can “hold
              court” with impunity,safe in the knowledge that no one will
              contradict them.Witness Adam’s continual back & forth with
              Paul the other day.I feel these people require a BFF to tell them
              a. “quit while you’re ahead” or b.”you’re being an a*** and nobody
              likes you” I may apply these to the comments on this site Jim
              as it would save time and effort 🙂
              I did actually say to one such person that he probably couldn’t
              move for drawers full of t shirts to which he replied,with a straight
              face ” I wouldn’t be caught dead in a t shirt” cue much hilarity
              from all present…..priceless.

              Re your comment in moderation Jim,I suspect Paul knows my
              feelings about that sort of comment,and thought he’d spare himself,
              and you, from my wrath,as he knows I like you and he can’t face
              any more people being on bad terms.Just a guess 🙂

            • JimBhoy

              @Maggie I have a reply to you in moderation, jeez it wasn’t that dirty..!!!! McConville get the finger out fella 🙂 I cannot even think about why but hey our host with the mostest is a lovely dude..

      • cam

        Guilty as charged Michael.
        I’m gonna turn over a new leaf.
        I hereby solemnly swear never to call anyone in here a;
        money launderer
        domestic abuser
        child killer

        I do like “nut nut” and may steal that from you.My visit to the chapel today has filled me with benevolence my son.I forgive you your sins.

  11. mick

    6 post down curiosity killed the cat ,John Daly? the fucking name gives the game away.
    so they dont want him timmy name lol mental or what

  12. cam

    I haven’t a clue what your talking about mick!
    Anyway,in other news,,,,i see that HMRC are after Rolls Royce for some corporation tax.
    They tried this on with the Rolls Royce of Scottish fitba and we’re just purring on down the motorway.
    meep meep

  13. Lenny Bruce

    The Daly ‘story’ is chaff.

    1. They would have to pay him too much – enough, in fact, to guarentee they wouldn’t be outbid by a rival club. That would be too much (if you follow the Jim Spence like stream of conciousness:-))
    2. He could have his pick of more than a few decent championship teams.
    3. He isn’t stupid. (Would you want to be the first Republic of Ireland player to tread that turf and take the abuse from your own ‘supporters’?)
    4. He is too good for them.
    5. Why elect to play in the third tier.

    But we are talking about it ergo, a success for Sevco and their diligent propagandist Traynor.

    Methinks he is de-sensitising the sevconians in advance of a ROI player playing for them. He knows it has too happen one day. And he knows how they will react.

    If and when it does, it is more likely to be one from their orcademy thought, rather than a ready made first teamer.

  14. cam

    Mick,Maggie will be along to berate you on your foul language.

  15. KennyE

    Remember that Charles’ original financial plans were predicated on being in the SPL in year 2. His financial plans can recover from the year 1 losses but only if he can charge the punters SPL prices starting next season. What is the average price this year? £200 + VAT? Will Rangers fans pay 50% more for the same lousy standard of football? Charles is apparently confident that they will. With that increased season ticket revenue and substantially improved retail income and sponsorship income then I’m sure he will close that financial chasm. But it’s all down to the supporters – will they allow their club to die (again)?

  16. Adam

    So now im in the comfort of the home, a little googling of the SFA rules in relation to the question set an hour or so ago.

    Now before i go any further, i dont know the answer here so rather than just slag or press thumbs down simply on the basis that is me, it would be good to get some debate or indeed for Paul to look at it from a legal standpoint.

    Section 8.1 deals with the Finance requirements for SPL and SFL clubs and under rule 8.1.1 deals with audited accounts.

    For definition it states:

    “Refers to the audited annual financial statements prepared according to the Companies Act 2006 and relevant accounting standards (UK Generally Accepted Accounting Practice).”

    The requirement states:

    “Each club shall be required to provide a copy of its audited annual financial statements as defined”

    So my reading of that is that it is a requirement to produce audited accounts in line with the definition which specifically points to the Companies Act 2006.

    My understanding is that in line with the Companies Act 2006, TRFCL does not need to produce audited accounts until February 2014.

    So…….whats the views ?

    • martin c

      Not being an expert in anything myself but did “rangers” not present accounts as a caveat of their conditional licence?

    • tykebhoy

      Both the SFL and SFA ignored their rules on audited accounts to permit Sevco’s club to play its first season in SFL3 so I don’t think next season will be any different anyway. It will be interesting should it come to the SPL having to make a decision. What is for certain is that if the 3rd set of audited accounts appear as late as Feb 2016 then TRFC will not play in Europe until at least the 16-17 season

    • Raymilland

      Will you last that long?

    • I apologise if this comes as a double post Adam. I can understand the reasoning behind this question, but it is largely hypothetical as we all know it will make no difference.
      To extend on it though, although it will be waved through here by the SFA, Eufa may look on the matter differently.
      Hypothetically, Sevco could enter the top league in Scotland, with timelines subject to performance and restructure.
      If Sevco were to do so, within the 3 years. following their first audited report, they would effectively be entering a Euro qualifying league, and possibly qualifying to play in a competition were they are ineligible to compete
      What do you think Eufa’s position on this would be? bearing in mind that they are illegally being permitted to compete in domestic competitions.
      This situation would also apply to a cup win. Do you think Eufa will be compliant to Sevco (a) qualifying, or (b) being illegally allowed the chance to.
      It must be remembered that until Sevco complete 3 annual audited accounts, they are playing illegally in Scottish football, and will be until the following season of the 3yr completed term, which incidently, hasn’t begun yet.
      Hypothetically, 2nd place spot in the 3rd div, could possibly make a claim. Tainted titles?
      What a terrible mess has been made! That is not hypothetical
      ps. A wee TD just because its you Adam.

      • Adam

        My understanding is that to be elligible for UEFA competition, you need to have a licence from your own association. My question is relating to the actual articles of association of the Scottish FA which read to me that potentially, as long as a club is adhering to the Companies Act 2006, then they would be eligible for the licence.

        Now 2 small caveats.

        1) I have not checked for any “aye buts” in the Scottish FA articles so there may be other rules that clarify or supersede the one i posted on.
        2) I have also not checked UEFA rules for any other caveats.

        • Adam

          PS – Appendix 1 Exception policy on UEFA rules section A.1 (d) is interesting in the context of UEFA participation.

          • I see what you are say bud, re the regs. I only have my phone at the mo and the text is blurred to my old bulbs
            From memory, I think Sevco have to operate on a “provisional” license, for 3 yr before becoming a full license holder Hence no vote on league restructure Whether a provisional is acceptable to Eufa, I have no idea. But if Sevco need a full license, the SFA will provide them with two. Just in case.
            We know under SFA juristiction, Sevco will be playing, with or without
            The point I was trying to put across is, will Eufa accept Sevco into the SPL(or top league) without the necessary 3yr auditted reports? I can understand their(eufa) lack of interest regarding the P/T leagues. There is no route to euro competition from there The SPL is somewhat different, in as much as “promotion” on winning it, is entrance to the CL.
            This would mean that it will be year 4 before Sevco can play in the SPL, and even if they were to win it 1st pop, year 5 before any hope of European football.
            So regardless of league restructure or racing through the league’s, would Eufa allow Sevco to compete in the SPL before year 4.

  17. david

    Have you re-read your own posts?
    Pot and kettle?


    • mick

      would you care to explian this david ??

      • david

        Yes, I will EXPLAIN this without difficulty.
        Your posts are unintelligible misspelt mumbo -jumbo full of vile bile and bigotry yet you have the gall to have a go at other posters such as Vi who try to make decent points.
        You posted ” anyone disagreeing is a sevconian or a stickie “- do you mean a supporter of the Official IRA as opposed to the Provisionals?
        Does it not penetrate to you that that is a fascist statement?
        You had a go a Den ( who had posted a reasonable post ) without seeming to realise he was a Celtic fan.
        Are you under the influence of something or just generally raving bonkers?

      • KennyE

        Hey Mick. The pseudo intellectuals on the (Charles) Green side don’t like anyone on here displaying any genuine anger about Rangers escaping any real punishment for their years of rule/law breaking. It was left to the fans to rescue some sporting integrity from this mess. Don’t despair, Charles Green’s business model cannot work in Div2 – he will soon be crawling to the SFA/SPL for entry to the SPL. Keep up the good work Mick – your spelling and punctuation are shit but your posts are clever and entertaining.

        • mick

          thanks kenny we all know deep down there doomed they know it to but like the followx2 mantality they have and being good subordates they cant mention it or there mates will call them weak and socialist and not toeing the racist party line they are the dumbest fans on earth with no sence of induviduality thats what will see them do a admin2 when greens founding investors want a return lol the basket case of sport

        • ecojon


          Not only clever and entertaining but many have a passion in defence of the underdogs and disadvantaged throughout the world that puts to shame a helluva lot of posters on here wedded to their tunnel vision.

  18. cam

    Place has gone to pot,,,micks week just keeps getting worse.
    “would mick the pie man please report to the heidmasters office”

  19. Alexander Doherty

    Dear cam
    If rangers have been in the right all along What went wrong.
    Now they are history gone gone gone I hope never to be seen .

  20. Alexander Doherty

    Me thinks cam loves the Irish to much perhaps spurned by his irish boyfrend from the lodge

    • cam

      Alex, old bhoy,if you can Bear it,have a wee gander at Bill McMurdo’s site of the 4th of March.In the replies column you can see a video of a young lass with an Irish accent going tonto.
      Fake?,,i hope so.
      Genuine?,,,please God no.

  21. petescully

    what you propose ,makes sense except your dealing with a club
    that will fight,any move by BDO as a unjust attack
    it only ads to there Persecution Complex.

  22. ocuilte

    Surely “gratuitous alienation” by the liquidators is now almost mandatory given the statement in RIFL’s interim results that
    “Profit before tax £9.5m driven by non-recurring release of negative goodwill of £20.5m”.

    Investopedia defines negative goodwill as:

    “Negative goodwill is based on the concept of goodwill, an intangible asset that represents the worth of a company’s brand name, patents, customer base and other items that are difficult to price but that help to make a company valuable. Most of the time, a company will be purchased for more than the value of its tangible assets, and the difference is attributed to goodwill. When the price paid is less than the actual value of the company’s net assets, you have negative goodwill. ”

    Thus RIFL are admitting publicly that they bought the assets for less than the value of the assets by an amount of £20.5 million pounds, ie they think they should have paid £26m. QED.

    • Raymilland


      I agree with you, common decency should dictate that sincere effort is made to reduce creditor losses.

      Following their bankruptcy; for RFC to flaunt new found wealth accumulated through use of the liquidated company name is tantamount to daylight robbery.

      Is there the desire or competence of any administrator involved in this farce to stand up and do their job?

      In the instance that BDO take steps to tackle the issue of gratuitous alienation; does anyone know how that would be put into effect?

      If that BDO take action; that would at least go some way to reduce the discrepancy. The big question again is; Has anyone the gumption for it?

  23. arb urns

    cam this ones for you… i kno u have been round all the drains and manhole covers in govan and larkhall today lookin for that 7m but its gone. u wont find it. its no nae surrender this time its been surrendered……

    stop prowling the perimeter fences the nicht an climbin the watch towers theres nae spondulix there either.

    yer lieutenants on here are u.s its down to you to save yer club. they have failed as shekel coonters…. so heres where tae start yer surveillance and ye need tae up it pronto.

    30% o’ yer £7m is in three guys pockets
    anither 14.28% is in three guys kegs who r on sicky’s the noo

    thats nearly half between 6 guys.

    chico needs tae get his big hands down at betty swollox level for another £185 from each o’ ye edward bears.

    theres a guy at yer club who lobbed in 200k for a few months, charged 50k for his efforts and got 2.2m shares, 7k a week salary + bonus + exes as a thanks

    theres a guy at yer club who lobbed in 25k for a few months an got 5m shares,7k a week salary + bonus + exes as a thanks .

    there’s more but thats enough on yer plate the now tae deal with alongwith yer dessertion court martial for the finance dept namely LT adam and LT clarkeng

    • cam

      Rabbie,Chico can shove his big ands down my breeks and for that Yorkshire handshake i’ll gladly leave another £185 on his bedside table.
      As you know the feel good factor is back at Ibrox and £185 for a good feeling is but a drop in the deep blue sea,,i feel a song coming on.
      The inflated wages are a tad ridiculous and need to be adjusted accordingly.
      Chico promised stability,a share offering,no surrender of the titles,paying off the fitba debts,a shirt deal and better marketing of the big blue Bears.
      His status as businessman of the year is well deserved.
      General Stockbridge will have a word with Adam and Clarkeng at the morning sausage roll call and brief them as to the continuing strategy against the enemy in the east.
      Now i suggest you try to retrace your footsteps as you have strayed into a mine field.
      “Charles,,,,could you warm your big ands first?”

  24. Ruckcroft 7

    Haven’t they still got the season ticket money ” untouched” in the bank? Or down the back of the sofa?

  25. JimBhoy

    The Jon Daly story falls nicely into Chico’s newest MO of a charm offensive, beating the bigots out of Ibrox, eradicating the old guard’s bile singing and chanting (before ESPN/BTAlba drop their interest in their games) the next roadblock on the way was the RoI player signing. I am sure Chico’s PR Guru is advising him, but they have the easiest job in the world right now ‘cos no-one is gonna question anything that breaks from Ibrox whether official or spoon fed to the press thru speculation.

    Chico seems to be feeling his way with the support making sure he doesn’t do a Leggo and totally misjudging the mood of the fans. Chico likes to wait on the bandwagon rolling before he jumps onboard and then adopts as his own idea all along. He is a user and that’s why we do not hear much from Wiley Wattie . ‘cos he (Wattie) knows Chico’s kind.

    I think there is more to play with the eradication of the ibrox bad boys and I’d love to think there was a serious weight behind this but I feel it will be pushed just enough to make some scapegoats to SHOW progress but at the end of the day Chico will not, in any way, want to see a decline in fans paying into his pension fund, nor TV deals or sponsorship’s jeopardised. We live in hope.

    On a slightly different tact… New shirt and sponsor deal down Ibrox way, the strange thing about this is that these things are normally leaked all over t’internet. Celtic and rangers new tops are usually shown a good few days before they are officially published… Well except that one that Keif Jingle Jangle Jackson showed a while back that was a total p!ss take on him.. I think Chico, as I speculated at the time, used the LNS supposed victory moment to try and add a little bit more positive gloss. Maybe a little premature in this case. Maybe not, who knows, I for one can’t wait to see Jabba in an Orange shirt, apologies for posting that mental image early on a Tuesday morning.

    I hope big Daly stays at Utd, I think that’s a good level for him, imo he doesn’t have the pace to really prosper in either of the top 2 English leagues, then again if he is solely money orientated League 1 or the lower championship teams could easily double his salary…He is a good honest pro.

    Prepare for a host of players being linked (in it’s loosest sense) to rangers, easy way to fill paper space without any foundation..

    Lastly, honestly, Did i read a piece from Longmuir recently suggesting another ‘fasttrack’ option to get rangers up a league if the re-org is backed… Is it just me or are the football authorities just not learning their lessons.. I don’t actually care if rangers move up one or not but the whole idea that the rules are being made up as they go along, they think they are helping rangers when effectively the whole hypocrisy is isolating the authorities and they are making no pals. Their ineptitude knows no bounds..I don’t know about you but I have felt for a while that 2 of the 3 incumbents ruling Scottish football are just holding out for bonuses and a good pay off and I am not sure there is money to do this. We need one authority (re)elected every other year and if they are not then sling your hook.

    • iain

      The whole notion of a supposed “road block” to Rangers signing a ROI player only exists in the fevered imagination of Mad Phil and his acolytes.

      As for the possible fast tracking of Rangers up a division. There is of course a precedent. But lets not mention that eh?

      • Timmy7

        What precedent Iain? Stranraer? Wrong.

      • JimBhoy

        @Iain In the interest of transparency let’s mention it…

        Name me the last full RoI cap that played for the rangers first team (oldco/newco rangers)… Is it just coincidence? Is that what you are saying, because if you REALLY think that (is coincidence), one of these days your “best pal” may want to have a word wi the stewards at Ibrox.

        Chico’s plan is not difficult to follow, I hope he is successful in breaking down those roadblocks. I hope he can change it and not just make it an illusionary trick to suffice the various factions for now.. Time for honesty otherwise no problems will ever get solved… Iain maybe time for you to be honest with yourself mate..

        • iain

          WHo needs to name anyone?
          You claim there is today, here and now a “roadblock” to signing a player from ROI.
          Quite simply there isn’t one.
          Just as there wasn’t the same “roadblock” we were told there was to an RC captain – Amaruso, or an RC manager – Le Guen.

          The simple fact is that non-Rangers fans are far more interested in the religion and/or nationality of Rangers players than Rangers fans.
          That much is borne out across the internet since this story emerged yesterday.

          • Robert Smith

            Good points Ian.It was a massive road block that prevented Big Jock getting a place on the board at Celtic ,because he was one of Gods chosen he was refused and offered a post in their pools firm, which he refused.

      • mick

        iain yous are a racist club via songs and policies its not hard to understand any way not to worry yous are eating yourselfs from within and bleeding 1mil a month lol pmsl the daly is a jabba deflection so to hide the bleeding and yous are falling for it hook line and sinker clown mugs

  26. cam

    Chico on top form.
    Any clown caught singing sectarian crap,,,banned for life and the guy next to him,,,brilliant.This guy is a legend.
    Ally,,,,get yer finger out.
    Malcolm Murray,,,just a wee spat
    Stadium renaming,,,,sorted
    Wage bill,,under control

  27. JimBhoy

    @Cam saw Chico’s comments just after I posted earlier, maybe he hasn’t learned from Old Leggo, I can understand the self policing piece amongst the rangers fans but i don’t think they will take kindly to his bullish methods that the rest of us have endured over the past 10 months.. Could this be the start of the end???

    • cam

      No Jim, i think the penny is finally starting to drop with the morons.
      Chico needs to protect his investment, and dafties singing songs to wind up the Tic fans will damage his nest egg.
      Why don’t these muppets sing these songs outside Govan police station on the way to the game?
      I said to my mates years ago, that the sectarian issue would be the one that Rangers enemies would use to batter the club.
      If the morons keep it up then they can only blame themselves when the Gers are banned and fined.
      Now that the tax case and the LNS stuff is out of the way,the folk who seek to portray Rangers in a bad light will pounce on every clown who continues with the 400 year old guff.
      Go on Chico,do a Cloughie and wade into them with your big ands swinging.

      • JimBhoy

        @Cam be great to see people support their teams for football reasons and not because of their background or their da’s old allegiances..Shouldn’t lose the banter and windup but it doesn’t need to become offensive nonsense that no-one has half a clue why it belongs in the football stadiums in the first place.. Well maybe that’s more my ignorance.

        There is obvious resurgence of the ‘Move to England’ debate recently, the new driving factor is not solely cash but to escape the corrupt, inept leaders of the Scottish game… What would be interesting if this happened and rangers and celtic found themselves in the EPL one day, what songs/chants would the English team’s visiting Glasgow have for us, anti-scottish, sectarian…??

        • cam

          Aye it would be nice to think that years from now we will have grown up and moved on but it is gonna take a while yet.
          I hope Chico backs up his tough talk with actions.
          I would love to see a game stop, and a whole stand,if necessary,marched straight right out by the police,water cannon if need be.
          Then these 90 minute bigots might think twice.
          I wonder if with all the technology we have nowadays,that it would be possible to blast 130 decibels of feedback through the PA system when the dafties start singing.
          Some creepy lawyer would probably sue for damages for the scum.
          Maybe we will get back to talking about wingers and right backs soon?

  28. JimBhoy

    Chico: “What I also said at the meeting is that if you’re stood next to the man, if you are not seen to be policing that, ie putting your hand up and saying arrest my best mate, because of his sectarian chanting, I’m going to ban you as well. I feel so strongly about it.”

    Sally asks who are these people, where is the good song’s list.. 🙂

    It’s time the police and stewards did more, get the guys on video show the club, tell them to GTF. That applies to anyone at any football match, the clubs pay enough for this to happen. Forget the courts the club have a right not to allow entry into grounds.

  29. Re. some earlier posts. Mick – I have finally concluded that your posts are unreadable. I have no idea what it is you are rambling on about other than you seem to be some kind of guard dog for Ecojon.

    Maggie – I do not hate Ecojon; I pity him. I have lost count of the number of times he has been wrong and his obsession cannot be healthy and neither can yours given that you are so ready to jump to his defence.

    This site is plumbing new depths in raising the religion of Jon Daly. If he goes to RFC it will be for the money as have a number of others.

    And, the amount of sour grapes and peripheral nonsense being discussed is interesting. It’s as if we have to now find new, or maybe the old, ways to express our hatred for RFC. I get it, most of you hate Rangers. No need to keep saying so in different ways. Rangers £0.78 on 2165 shares traded and it looks like one trade to me. Cam/carson not jumping ship are you!

    • cam

      Violet, like the Titanics captain i’m here till the iceberg hits and beyond.
      Poor mick has let the dark side of his character be exposed,it was all funny videos and allegations flying right up until Mr Truth smacked him in the kisser.
      Eco,god bless, has decided discretion is the better part of valour and is perusing obscure sites to find a nugget of iron pyrites to show to the lemmings.
      Maggie is running out of plasters and bandages and is reduced to singing nursery rhymes to the wounded.
      How do you feel about Vlads little difficulties?
      I’m off out into the blue skies.

      • I wouldn’y mention the Titanic mate. Lets face it, The “Unsinkable” was not Harland & Wolfes finest moment.
        Boats Sinking, Flegs comin down, whatever next, Football Teams dying?

        • david

          How on earth was the sinking due to Harland & Wolf?
          At the time the ship was the greatest technological exhibit of the day.

    • tykebhoy

      ” in raising the religion of Jon Daly”
      I can see his nationality being mentioned but not his religion. Of course in the eyes of posters who regularly mention “the Stranraer bus” and other similar refences to “the famine song” it probably does equate to his religion too

    • mick

      This site is plumbing new depths in raising the religion of Jon Daly

      the above about the unt player is from the bears den thread it was them how highlighted what he was a just sheared there sickness with a wider audience

      Re. some earlier posts. Mick – I have finally concluded that your posts are unreadable

      there unreadable because you have your blinkers on as its related to hate comeing from you and the sevcoians

      most of you hate Rangers
      hates a childish word vi dislike most people dilike the sevco product as its as tainted as the product its tributing are people not to dislike sevco run at a lose from day 1 yous are clowns and a lol product yous are more tainted than findus

    • mick

      vi the site hates you you add zillch to the debate but whataboutya your turned out to be a troll

      • Vega

        Whoa there buddy, the day you talk for the site is the day I stop reading…

      • Michael

        mick, there was a point when I was prepared to read through your tosh to see the nuggets others claimed they could see.

        For all your pose as a rational person, you are wilfully illiterate, and have now taken to abusing those like Vi who are trying to post a coherent rebuttal to your stream of consciousness nonsense

        • tykebhoy

          “coherent rebuttal”

          Sorry Michael but you may have to point out where Mr Vi does any such thing. HE as per the majority of Sevco posters posts half trues and lies as fact. I suggest you look for reference to Daly’s religion that is chronologically before Vi mentioned it

          • Michael

            by coherent rebuttal, I meant I can, first of all, understand what Violet writes, and he/she/it/they is coherent and logical and consistent in their postings.

            I have zero inclination to wade through 18 thousand posts to find one in which Violet says something you don’t like to make you portray he/she/it/they as HE and also as a Sevco poster.

            My understanding is that Violet is of the Hearts persuasion, so I am confused whereby you call Violet a Sevco poster.

            Is it perhaps your opinion that any vaguely Rangers supporting post therefore has to have been written by a Rangers supporter?

            If so I would be happy to accept the charge – such a shame I support Dundee United.

            Until, you blinkered trolls on both sides of the Old Firm divide finally grow up and understand what debate looks like, I frankly worry for our children. LOL 🙂

          • Michael

            March 5, 2013 at 10:14 pm
            “coherent rebuttal”

            Sorry Michael but you may have to point out where Mr Vi does any such thing. HE as per the majority of Sevco posters posts half trues and lies as fact. I suggest you look for reference to Daly’s religion that is chronologically before Vi mentioned it”

            Tykebhoy (yet another fairly silly attempt to put lifebHoy in a name – can’t understand it myself!)

            As a boring obsessive, I have of course looked for the references you mention re Jon Daly prior to Violet mentioning it.

            First time I can see Violet mentioning it is 05/03/2013 at 11:25am, referring to how new depths are being plumbed and if he goes to RFC it will be for money as many others have done.

            Whereas previously there was Monti: –

            March 4, 2013 at 8:16 pm
            I see Dundee Utd’s Jon Daly is being linked with a move to Sevco 5088? Jon you have been in Scottish football long enough to know the score here, if it wasn’t for UEFA back in the late 80′s, when they questioned the Huns sectarian signing policy, they would still be keeping it protestant only & keeping it blue( never understood what that means), do you really want to sign for a new club who don’t have a song that doesn’t involve killing Catholics? Do you Jon? IF THOSE BASTARDS OFFERED ME £100,000 PWK TO PLAY FOR THEM, I’D LAUGH AT THEM! THEY WERE SCUM THEN,SCUM NOW & FOREVER WILL BE TOTAL SCUM!!! JON DON’T SUBJECT YOURSELF TO THEM!”

            Now, I’m not sure about you tykkichap, but Monti raising sectarianism and only protestant signing policy a good 15 hours later would seem to indicate that Violet was correct in her post and that you should apologise to her/him/it/them regarding half truths and lies as fact.

            Now tykiiboy if you are going to raise untuths and lies as facts you really should apologise for them when you are busted.

            Try posting comments not abuse and lets see where the world gets us you moronic div! (post ironic comment noted!)

            • Michael

              15 hours earlier even. doh! 🙂

            • tykebhoy

              I see you too appear to be incapable of coherent rebuttal.without reporting to pettyness. Monti did not mention Jon Daly’s religion. There seems to be an unhealthy perception that anyone who is Irish has to be Catholic especially amongst the supporters of one particular club. I restate Violet was at best guilty of a half truth Jon Daly’s religion was not mentioned only his nationality.

    • Maggie

      @Violet Carson
      A little correction Vi,I did not say you hated ecojon,I said “we all
      get it, you don’t like eco”

      Also I was not jumping to eco’s defence in that instance,though I
      would if I felt he needed support,just as I jumped to your defence
      on more than one occasion Violet,plus eco is MORE than capable
      of defending himself.

      My intention in my last post to you was to attempt to point out that
      your ” carping” about eco in everything you post was tedious and did
      YOU no favours and hopefully you would move on,get past it and
      just let it go.

      I believe I told you Vi,that posters I find rude and insulting and those
      who are abusive eg that charming Robert Smith who is keeping
      the seats on the Stranraer bus so “we” can all “GTF, ASAP back
      to Ireland*” and those who could bore for Britain covering the
      minutiae of every comma,conjunction and clause on any given
      day,not to mention those who post the stream of consciousness,
      idiotic,meaningless drivel,I simply ignore,in fact now I don’t even
      read it,as quite frankly,it’s more of the same,just in different form.
      Who has time to invest in it,certainly not me Vi.I would advise you
      to do likewise with those you have “issues” with,though,as ever,feel free to ignore me if you wish.

      I’d just say AGAIN,for the record,I do not hate Rangers,their fans
      or their new owners.I do hate what they stood/ may still stand for.
      I hate that people are branded haters and bigots for wanting to
      see fairness applied and justice done towards them for their
      countless misdeeds.Like you Vi,I am sick of having to
      refute the same charges of hatred and bigotry,and to continually
      reiterate the same points ad infinitum.

      * if I wanted to be on the receiving end of that sort of insult,I
      would go to a Rangers newco away match or peruse one of
      their charming online blogs of the more extreme nature.As I do
      not lead the sort of life where I have contact with the sort of
      people to whom these retorts are second nature,I have alerted
      Paul to the above mentioned comment,and while lunching today
      with a lawyer friend asked his advice on where this fell in the
      offensive publication/anti sectarian laws.

    • Michael

      sorry, don’t really know where else to post this comment Violet, but you seem to be a friendly bosum (or fake breast if I am believe tykebhoy), but the increasing level of 1) anti Rangers comment and 2) anti-even semi positive Rangers comment is becoming ridiculous.

      At this point I feel there is a rear guard action being fought against the forces of darkness – by which I mean what seem to be Celtic supporters.

      It is very sad that a blog which promotes intellect and reason is being hijacked and bullied by commenters who show neither attribute, nor indeed the understanding that those attributes are a good thing.

      A year ago I might have said the same thing about the ravening hordes of the wandering, homeless Rangersites’, but a year on and their green and white counterparts have managed to show the same lack of grace.

      They still don’t believe it, but the two supports were separated at birth, except one now seems to believe it is in a higher plane than the other.

      I can assure any “bhoy” or “ghirl” (dumb way to describe yourselves in my opinion) writing on this blog that your posts are in many cases setting your own points back rather than helping, due to their utter lack of humility.

      Celtic and Rangers – a year ago I’d have happily lived with both teams, and their associated bull excrement, out of Scotland, but reading your recent comments, I could actually live with Rangers and see Celtic take the European Airways League.

      Congrats on the whole dignity in victory front – how’s that working out for you all?

  30. By the way, I detect, yet again, the hand of the Institutional Investors in Mr Green’s new get tough stance with the singing brigade. Maybe we have a new dawn at RFC. Can someone remind me, what was the latest statement from CFC on the matter of their singing. I hope they are taking a similarly tough stance.

    • cam

      Like Bruno Mars,i would hold a grenade for you Violet.
      I do like the way you throw them.

    • JimBhoy

      @Violet Totally agree that the Celtic singing needs reviewed and not sure where they are with the Green Brigade thing, not even sure what the whole issue is about but I do hear sections of celtic and rangers fans being harassed outwith football and before the matches with no substance other than by some association to an area of the ground… That to me is as bad as any singing..

      I haven’t been to celtic park this season due to other commitments but me and my boy were SB holder a couple of season’s back and there is no sectarian songs sung at celtic park that I heard… I do agree sections at some away games tend to sing about some political nonsense and there is no need for that crap either…

      I might just point out at this juncture though that fans visiting celtic have sung the bile sectarian stuff on many an occasion that I have been there and the worst offenders in my opinion (rangers apart) BY FAR are hearts supporters, maybe that’s more heard because they tend to take a good support, but that’s my honest lasting opinion of the jambos support at celtic..

      There is no acceptable face to racism or religious bigotry at football… Police should record it show the club security men the videos and then just tell those caught no to come back.. The message will soon get out and we may see some more families come back knowing their sons and daughters aren’t gonna hear that hatred.

      • mick

        jim ave good to disagree with you there there is no sing problem at celtic dont let them drag you in to there what about ya

        • Wasp

          Don’t agree Mick.

          I think there is an issue with some of the comnments and songs heard from the Celtic support. These need to be rooted out too.

          • mick

            wasp a take the game in with the kids from my own and extended family and having been a wolftone singer all my life a dont see any of the old jungle anthems at all these days on sunday at the dundee game the only tune that you could class political was see below

            Twas on a Sunday evening the sun was in the sky
            As he walked his way to the Gaelic pitch never thinking he was going to die
            But as he crossed the checkpoint the sound of gunfire came
            The news spread through the border town Aiden McAnespie was slain

            For years he was harassed by the forces of the crown
            As he went to his work every day he left his native town
            The soldiers swore they´d get him the reason no one can say
            And sure enough they murdered him in cold blood that sunny day

            Oh why did you do it?
            Have you not the guts to say
            You say it was an accident or even a ricochet
            But like Loughgall and Gibraltar you´re lies are well renowned
            You murdered Aiden McAnespie on his way to the Gaelic ground

            The people heard the gunfire they came from miles around
            They saw that you man lying there dying on the ground
            His flow of life was ebbing fast and people they tried their best
            That bullet wound it was far to deep it went right through his chest

            Oh why did you do it?
            Have you not the guts to say
            You say it was an accident or even a ricochet
            But like Loughgall and Gibraltar you´re lies are well renowned
            You murdered Aiden McAnespie on his way to the Gaelic ground

            Aidens life had ended it was time for judgement day
            The soldier he jumped down from the tower and the coward he slipped away
            God´s curse on you Britannia for this cruel deed you´ve done
            But god will have his final say when your judgement day it comes

            Oh why did you do it?
            Have you not the guts to say
            You say it was an accident or even a ricochet
            But like Loughgall and Gibraltar you´re lies are well renowned
            You murdered Aiden McAnespie on his way to the Gaelic ground

            To say it was an accident is the greatest crime of all
            To his heart-broken family the worst had `er befalled
            A cross it marks the lonely spot where Aiden was gunned down
            As he strolled on that sunny evening on his way to the Gaelic ground

            Oh why did you do it?
            Have you not the guts to say
            You say it was an accident or even a ricochet
            But like Loughgall and Gibraltar you´re lies are well renowned
            You murdered Aiden McAnespie on his way to the Gaelic ground

            weres the bile in that its a song about lies and cover ups

            apart from that there was no other songs as a dad at the matches regular a would say there is no issue with songs and now and then at away games some of the older songs come out due to home fans sing bb and baiting the younger fans hand on heart a dont see any issue with the celtic fans at all if anything they are the bench mark in cleaning up there act yes the bench mark

        • JimBhoy

          @ Mick In my opinion some of the songs at away matches shouldn’t be there mate, I am not saying they are illegal but what have armoured, cars and tanks and guns got to do with a game of football… Oooh ah up the RA!!! Really… Celtic (fans) can still sing about their heritage but if i took my young children to a celtic game through at Motherwell I wouldn’t want them to hear that sort of thing when they are watching their heroes kicking a ball. There are some great celtic songs and chants we don’t need the other contentious stuff. Let the people sing…Without bringing the spotlight onto their club. That’s all I am saying.

          • mick

            thats true jim but as a said its 99.9.9% folk songs now and most times the bhoys of the old brigade is song is via home teams baiting the young fans a always say to any1 singing the songs do it at a concert a dont think there is any fan who would condem celtic at this point in time since the troubles finshed we have been the bench mark in leaving politics behind and out of our clubs stadia although a feel we are the benchmark in change it is still good to debate and see were we are with it all also the fans them self deserve great priase for change over the years well done to them and long may the folk songs be sung and the political 1s can be left behind for concerts

            • Wasp

              Got to say I agree with JimBhoy, Mick. What has that song got to do with a football match ?

              Also, I have a friend who supports Celtic and he has often mentioned [with distaste] the “RA” comments.

              I don’t think this is a matter for who is better/worse than anyone else; it all just needs to be left in the dark ages where it belongs.

      • Wasp

        This may be Mr Green’s get out of jail card – he will leave if the sectarian singing does not stop………. saying that on the basis that it is unlikely it will all stop.

        He then walks away and, indeed, looks like a statesman who was not prepared to accept the unpalatable sounds emanating from some of the support. Forgetting, of course, his unfortunate comments about the possibilities of orange strips when in NI ………

        I sincerely hope he manages to stop this singing as that would be something he, Rangers and their support could really be proud of.

        • iain

          I thought Green’s “fight” with Murray was supposed to be his get out of jail card?

          • Wasp

            Perhaps some felt that, Iain – did you ?

            Couldn’t see it myself as he would just have looked petty.

            This way would leave him clambering up towards the moral high ground though – that must appeal to soemoen with an ego [and please let’s hope there is no dispuite that Mr Green certainly has an ego !!].

        • Maggie

          Indeed,and he’d be a far better man than either SDM,who had
          ample opportunity to take a firm stance,but didn’t,or Craig Whyte
          who wanted to know why the “old” songs couldn’t still be sung.
          I felt, and still do, that Charles Green missed a golden opportunity
          to start with a different ethos,and make it clear to all, that the
          undesirable element had to be rooted out,but as we know he
          chose to go the other way with his idiotic talk of “bigoterie,” etc
          Better late than never I suppose,but the damage was done,and
          on live television too.

          • Wasp


            Let’s hope that Mr Green [for whatever reason] wants to deal with this and manages it – the end result in that case would be well worth it.

            Bit of a bug bear with me I have to say. It used to stick in my craw, when I was going to play football against Catholic denominational schools, to hear some of the bilge certain of my teammates came away with [and you could not make them see any sense]. I am sure there would be certain of the opposition with a similar mindset too [certainly, from some of the tackles that would fly in !].

            As I say, not overly bothered about the reasons behind it if a concerted and determined effort were made to try to eradicate this at Rangers and, indeed, at all teams. If it could be removed at football grounds, I think it would certainly help it to become less acceptable in society as a whole.

            Like all of these sorts of things, however, the greatest influence will still come from the home.

            • Maggie

              I really,really hope Charles Green is true to his word and succeeds
              where others have feared to go.Things seem to me to have gotten
              worse since the Admin / Liquidation as the fans seek to reinforce
              their allegiances.
              Even if Chico et al are taking the line of it damaging the club,as
              opposed to it being simply wrong and illegal ( often forgotten) to
              sing songs of that nature,it is to be applauded.
              I often compare it to the anti German songs of “morale” sung by British
              troops during WW 2.No one would consider going to Germany today
              and singing these songs…..that’s what should happen now with
              offensive songs,they belong to a different age.

    • mick

      total bollocks vi 3p has just been wiped of the shares its most likely eufa on there case and sfa quietly there was no Institutional Investors all the shares were gave away to spivs your tripping are you doing your nails a would advise you to put the lid back on the nail varnish remover its going to your head and making you spout rubbish and as ever makes you look like a troll

    • KennyE

      We’ve all just watched Rangers fans heap disgrace upon themselves at Berwick, shown live on a national sports channel. So its not the time for you to be censorious about Celtic’s supporters. Words are cheap – I will be the first to praise Charles when he starts banning the fenian-blood merchants. Oh – I would ban God Save the Queen too. It’s such a dirge.

    • Jamie

      maybe we’ll get one from Hearts as well

  31. mcfc

    One for the NUJ training manual – under the heading Succulent Lamb

    Headline: SPL chief Neil Doncaster’s pay hike enrages fans

    First of two quotes justifying the tenet of the article – from someone representing fans of a team/club/company that is not in the SPL – and some would say has never been in the SPL:

    Andy Kerr, president of the Rangers Supporters Assembly, told the Daily Record: “It’s hard to believe that at a time when the game is struggling, Neil Doncaster is taking such inflation-busting rises.


    Beyond Parody – Vie Les Blogeur

  32. Timmy7

    Iain, tell us about the fast track pecedent.

  33. Fra

    When are BDO going to do their stuff because the gloating is nauseating. From day one the guilty party have twisted the truth to suit themselves thereby exonerating all that has gone before. I haven’t been inside a chapel in a few years but its time I paid a visit, lit a few candles and prayed for a bit of fairness and justice. I know behind their defiant facade they are hurting but in my humble opinion, not enough. The anger, with regard to myself, is still there regarding how this scenario has been played out. Why haven’t EUFA stepped in and took over as the hierarchy (trying) running our game have failed miserably. Excuse the French but could somebody with a pair of balls not just sort out this mess as the SFA have been shown to be ‘not fit for purpose’.

  34. mcfc

    Charles Green turns Rude Boy

    “What I also said at the meeting is if you’re stood next to the man and not seen to be policing that — i.e putting your hand up and saying arrest my best mate because of his sectarian chanting — I’m going to ban you as well.

  35. cam

    What a great day to be alive and of course a bluenose.
    Marching along the Broomielaw,whistling a wee tune, arms swinging,chin up, chest out.
    That lovely building with the beautiful spires always caught my eye against the modern steel and glass buildings that surround it.
    A few folk ere coming out and i caught a glimpse of the interior.I,in my ignorance never realised that this was St Andrews RC Cathedral.
    Took a look inside,what a fantastic restoration job.
    I shall return for a proper look and get a wee blessing off the priest.
    Took a wee pop into Annie Millers,for a look at another kind of religion and the picture of SuperCooper is a belter
    With the mosque across the road,Glasgow truly is one city,many cultures.
    Here’s a wee video for you mick.


  36. arb urns

    the accused stood in the dock. LNS presiding:-

    LNS: r u cameron belisha

    cam: yes m’lord

    LNS: cameron belisha u r charged with driving a motor vehicle without utd insurance documentation although amazingly u do have a valid road tax disc how do you plead

    cam: not guilty m’lord

    LNS: what is your defence

    cam: case law m’lord sandy bryson at the spl gers ind commission FEB 2013 i’m sure yer lordship has heard o’ the case nudge nudge wink wink…. registration and eligibility to drive on our roads are as one. i went to the post office and handed in the registration document for my motor. the lovely ‘sandi’ at the bowl looked at it and handed me my wee eligibilty to drive disc. now in bryson at the spl it was established once registration is accepted I am now eligible so ye canny ask me to retro get insurance and take away my registration to drive on our roads as i have my eligiblity disc and am therefore eligible

    LNS; order order order in court……. adjournment

    ten minutes later……..

    LNS: cameron belisha i find u not guilty. u r free to go…. psst c ye in the club deck at the annan game tonight for a swift one !!!

    LNS: next

  37. arb urns

    the accused stood in the dock. LNS presiding:-

    LNS: r u cameron belisha

    cam: yes m’lord

    LNS: cameron belisha u r charged with driving a motor vehicle without utd insurance documentation although amazingly u do have a valid road tax disc how do you plead

    cam: not guilty m’lord

    LNS: what is your defence

    cam: case law m’lord sandy bryson at the spl gers ind commission FEB 2013 i’m sure yer lordship has heard o’ the case nudge nudge wink wink…. registration and eligibility to drive on our roads are as one. i went to the post office and handed in the registration document for my motor. the lovely ‘sandi’ at the bowl looked at it and handed me my wee eligibilty to drive disc. now in bryson at the spl it was established once registration is accepted I am now eligible so ye canny ask me to retro get insurance and take away my registration to drive on our roads as i have my eligiblity disc and am therefore eligible

    LNS; order order order in court……. adjournment

    ten minutes later……..

    LNS: cameron belisha i find u not guilty. u r free to go…. psst c ye in the club deck at the annan game tonight for a swift one !!!

    LNS: next

    • cam

      I knew you would learn how the game is played Rabbie,once the DVLA are informed then thats my arse covered,,,,lets play ball.
      Billy Nimmo has offered me a wee shot of his wig when he isn’t needing it.
      Just think,the wig that saved the titles!!

  38. cam

    Hope the 2nd half is better than the 1st,,,,if the Tic had been better wrestlers they could have stuffed either of these two.Man Utd to go through.
    Hope i’m wrong and Real go for it.

  39. not nearly dead but really dead

    HYPOTHETICAL phone call about the time of disclosure of dual contracts:
    doncaster: erm .. yeah sandy, this dual contract thingy, erm…. does it break the rules?

    bryson: gives us 5 mins and ill call you back

    5 minutes later

    bryson: erm.. yeah ive had a look and everything is ok. the didnt tell us but there is nothing we can do about it now.
    (could he have cancelled registrations then?)

    doncaster: cheers, good man , ill cancel that enquiry as you are the top authority on the registration rules, toodle pips!!

    why oh why didnt doncaster say us all the gnashing of teeth and bad blood over the past year, his bonus would have been much bigger im sure of it

  40. ecojon

    Rangers International
    -1.75 (-2.19%)
    Mar 5 – Close

    -1.75 (-2.19%)
    Mar 5 – Close

    Very thin trading again. When Rangers floated on 20 December last year the opening share price was 76p. It then went to a high of 94p on 7January and has been slowly falling since on fairly low volumes most weeks.

    I was fascinated by finance expert Neil Patey – who we have all got to know so well on STV – and the piece he did on Rangers finances in today’s Daily Mail.

    He says they are probably losing between £10-£12 million for the full year but have £21 million sitting in the bank and he states: ‘That gives them about two seasons for which the cash in the bank will see them through’.

    OK I know the flotation mentioned that some of the capital raised would be spent on running costs but most of it was also earmarked in the flotation for capital projects and then of course there is Ally’s warchest to consider. I reckon they easily account for £20 million between them.

    So if you take the £20 million off the cash in the bank you are running on empty so where is the money coming from to plug the shortfall for two years? Unfortunately Mr Patey hasn’t addressed the issue – I wonder why 🙂

    • Den

      I used to expect something from Neil Patey given his billing as a football finance expert, but have given up hope.

      Anyone can see that the longer it goes on the more the money is going down, you don’t need to be an expert.

      The business model seriously needs to be questioned. Why is a Third Division club paying premier league salaries to its players, staff and Directors. When cost cutting reaches the limit where are the increased revenues coming from to get the company in at least a break even situation.

      Some financial projections are well overdue.

      The hard questions are not in Patey’s nature.

    • JimBhoy

      @Eco my friend who gives a fuk unless you have an investment fellla 🙂

      Your skills are needed elsewhere fella…. Don’t listen to cam/Vi they are jealous…

  41. Adam

    This has turned into a football forum. Petty shite with intermittent bigotry.

    It really is a shame.

    • not nearly dead but really dead

      bigot , bigotry, etc-
      words so often bandied about with little irony or understanding of the meaning

      • Adam

        I know exactly what it means. There is plenty of it on here. Plenty.

        • not nearly dead but really dead

          @ adam
          do you know what it means? or our you only taking charles green’s interpretation of it? i mean ,how many ‘rangers fc’ fans were using it until he dropped into your vocabulary, not many i would say, no need ‘WATP’ ,isnt used for no reason
          as for the rest of us we are used to its meaning , having to use it in regards to aformentioned institution.

          • Adam

            I dont care how “many Rangers fc fans” were using it and why. They were all wrong. I know the real meaning of bigotry and it manifests itself on many many fronts.

    • Bill

      Aye but some of it is good natured bigotry…They should be banned from this debate. Nae time for good natured bigots on here.

    • Den


      Not yet it hasn’t. I have taken a bit of flack for asking some folk to tone it down but there is a lot of good stuff and I see a number of people on here who rise well above football forums.

      As for yourself, you obviously have some ability and at times make good points. I have actually agreed with you at times but you often come over as petulant and preachy. Often your posts include a dig at a group which overshadows any decent points made in your post.

      If you and some other Rangers minded contributors (not all by any means) entered into the discussion in a positive way rather than ridicule the posts and the posters, throw up distractions, put up selective quotes and statistics, there maybe some hope for those of us who have no truck with bitterness and insults. As it stands your agenda always seems to be about interrupting any debate.

      I know I keep having a go at you, I think it is because I feel you are part of the problem but could be so much better.

    • JimBhoy

      @Adam fuk off then dude, a football forum ?… There have been a ton of football things thru here ya fukin eejit, you have speculated on most as far as I can fukin see…. You on fekin drugs dude?

    • Den


      Apologies for the strong language that follows but it reflects how I feel.

      Have you ever looked at what you write and think that you are making an arse of yourself, have you ever had the thought that you were denying what was staring you in the face. Ever feel that you don’t want to wade through loads of pointless bickering to get to good stuff.

      If you have you will know how I feel. I have just read Jimbhoy’s post and remember recently stating that he was one of our better contributors. That was not his best post or, in fairness, typical of his posts.

      I take it back, no excuses, you were right, this time at least.

      I can’t be bothered with my pious, disassociating posts any more so I won’t bother.

  42. mick

    ronaldo was class as per usual my mind flow back to henrick hit 1 for barca at celtic park

  43. mick

    ronaldo was class as per usual my mind flow back to henrick hit 1 for barca at celtic park when he scored

  44. Bill

    It was a crackin game…spoilt again by a sending of for an innocuous challenge .Or was it improved by the sending off…I think I need to go to bed noo .

  45. Bill

    How the hell do you follow a thread on this .Is there a script running to sort the posts into an order to start a fight ….or is it just me .

  46. JimBhoy

    paul could you release my 2 posts in moderation, sorry for mispelling

  47. JimBhoy

    Some earlier things:
    @Iain In the interest of transparency let’s mention it…

    Name me the last full RoI cap that played for the rangers first team (oldco/newco rangers)… Is it just coincidence? Is that what you are saying, because if you REALLY think that (is coincidence), one of these days your “best pal” may want to have a word wi the stewards at Ibrox.

    You have not so fukin shut up.. Make a claim stick by it, if rangers want to stick by non roi catholics then why did the songs specify that.. we all fukin daft..?

    my point: transparency for all teams…!

    I am a Scots man my family from mother )Irish descent) but my genes may be Irish pretty much like 65% of most Scots..Dad staunch presbyterian

    Lets take DNA at Ibrox… Most with Irish, I bet and some horse imo we are all Jock Thamson@s bairrns

  48. Fra

    Jim bhoy et al.. Re Man U. Living on the other side of the world does have it’s drawbacks on occasion. Mainly being, 3.45am is an ungodly hour to watch a football game. Never saw it as I retired around one so cannot comment on the actual game but did notice Mourinho was extremely gracious in victory by stating the better team lost. I will attempt to keep my peepers open tonight in the faint hope that I’ll be successful as I finish at one, so a fair amount of coffee may be consumed to aid me in this quest. Mick, I must congratulate you on your contributions to this blog. I am fairly new to Paul’s blog but find it thought provoking at times which is probably the intention. I believe my friend, we may have fallen from the same tree as your views reflect much of how I see the world. The trolls??? on the blog, I believe started with the best intentions until the mask slipped. Nastiness belongs in the bears den as does the constant sniping with your punctuation. We are all Jock Thampsons barns until one becomes a bully. Mick my friend, I have never met you but believe I could spend many a pleasant afternoon in your company as could be said about a few on here. I’m rambling now so I’ll say toodle pip and good luck to the Bhoys tonight. Hail Hail from the other side of the world.

  49. arb urns

    still dont like these accounts losses at nearly 80% of t/o. seed capital lurking a dangerous combo.

    time perhaps for the sfa to ‘do a heidi’ and get the full list of shareholders as they have the right to demand imho.

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