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Rangers Confirm Sevco 5088 Is Subsidiary of Rangers PLC + How Long Is “Without Delay”?

Rangers are busy with Stock Exchange announcements. Today comes the following:


22 April 2013

Rangers International Football Club plc

(“Rangers” or the “Company”)

Director Declaration

In accordance with AIM Rule 17 and further to the Company’s admission document dated 7 December 2012, the Company confirms that in addition to the directorships disclosed in the admission document, Charles Green and Brian Stockbridge held directorships in the following companies, each of which is a subsidiary of the Company, at the time of publication of the document:

Charles Green

Rangers Retail Limited

SEVCO 5088 Limited Continue reading


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Rangers Interim Results – Everyone at Ibrox is Very Happy – What About Asset Revaluation?

A brief note (yes – it will be brief).

Rangers International Football Club PLC’s interim results are out and can be read in full here.

People will pore over them but is seems clear that all is well on the Good Ship Rangers, and that Captain Green, Commodore Murray and First Mate Stockbridge are steering a course as plotted in its business plan and flotation document.

There is one squall on the horizon that I want to mention at this point.

As with weather approaching a vessel on the high seas, it might change course, missing the boat. It might blow itself out before reaching it. It might even turn out to be a smudge on the lookout’s telescope, and not there at all. Continue reading


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Charles Green – Businessman of the Year? Brief Prospectus Thoughts by Me at Scotzine

I greatly appreciate all the commenters who have been beavering away at the prospectus. I am gratified that people have taken the time and trouble to analyse the document and comment.

Some of my initial thoughts are over at Scotzine – click here to be taken there.

There will be more to come!

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