Internet Security Tips from Rangers Media and A Picture Quiz from Vanguard Bears

I was directed by a friend to two websites which I was told, intriguingly, might be of interest – one because of some important information regarding internet security, and the other which apparently had an interesting picture quiz.

It was rather a surprise to see that the links to which I was being directed were from the Rangers Media site and the Vanguard Bears fansite. (The latter is a website supporting Rangers which bears, no pun intended, the slogan “defending our traditions”).

Now, you might ask, why mention what I am going to refer to? The simple reason is that it astonishes me what misconceptions people have about others. This is signified by the absence of any response (apart from one which was factually unsound) to my request for someone to direct me to proof of my “Rangers hating”.

Some people are clearly “obsessed” with those perceived as their enemies, even where there is neither a jot, nor even a tittle, and certainly not even a scintilla, of evidence. But why let facts get in the way of some good old fashioned prejudice!

I followed the links and here is what I found.

First we turn to the Internet security warning.

A pleasant fellow called Baxterboy popped up on this blog last year and managed to post twenty separate comments totalling over 1,600 words in a seven hour period. I answered some of his points in a blog post all of its own, which seems to have made Mr Baxterboy proud.

What he was on about on Monday was the danger of having your email accounts hacked if your “blog password” was the same as your e-mail password (although, to be frank, I did not pay too much attention to that, as I find Norton Anti-Virus to be slightly more reliable).

However he explained, at some length, that he enjoyed playing “away games” by going on to websites which did not support Rangers and drawing peoples’ attentions to the links he averred between Mr Torbet, Celtic and the Catholic Church. (I have summarised his thesis in a rather more understated way than Mr Baxterboy did in full.)

After some badinage about passwords etc, he chipped back in with the following, which has been edited only to remove the swear words:-

paedo bloggers like toxic thomson and mcconville are, to a large extent, responsible for the hell Rangers have gone thru this year.

they are our most dangerous enemy and inflict serious damage because they are read and perceived by many neutrals as objective observers and thus – credible.

destroying them on here is, for the most part, really preaching to the choir – most of us know the f@&%ers have an agenda against Rangers.

but not that many neutrals come on RM or sites like FF to read alternatives to their bile.

therefore, the only way to counteract their sh@te and expose the f@%$kers to neutrals is to do it in the public domain – to confront them on their own patch.

as i said, an away game.

I apologise for the lack of capital letters and dodgy punctuation – I blame the schools (only kidding Baxterboy!)

First of all calling an award winning journalist and respected news reporter on one hand, and a blogger on the other, “paedo bloggers” is grossly offensive to us. It is also a fine example of what I say here every so often to those who bring up Mr Torbet and the alleged Celtic “cover up” in response to negative comments about Rangers. Child abuse is a serious matter. Using it as a “whataboutery” device demeans the victims and the nature of the offence. I have suggested to people who have made such comments, or who make some parallel between Penn State University and Celtic, that they might care to write a reasoned and evidenced piece for the blog. Surprisingly no one has taken me up on that invitation, and the tide of comments referencing that continue.

It is also astonishing to me how anyone intelligent can think that the problems Rangers have suffered have been anything other than self-inflicted. It might suit Mr Baxterboy to believe that the custodians of his football club until administration hit were all there purely for the greater good of Rangers. But any sensible factual analysis would place the blame for the decline into insolvency last year on Sir David Murray’s stewardship and that of Craig Whyte. Differing analyses might lead to disagreement about the precise balance of that blame, but suggesting that Alex Thomson is responsible for the “hell” Rangers have gone through is bizarre, and as for suggesting that I am to blame…

That credits me with infinitely more influence than I have, and I do not profess to have any influence at all.

I do appreciate the compliment, which I suspect is not intended, namely the suggestion that we “are read and perceived by many neutrals as objective observers and thus – credible.”

Mr Baxterboy, in his own way, bolsters the theory I have been writing about recently (which I appreciate is not some Eureka moment) that people have a perception of who one is and what one writes without actually having to take the time and trouble of reading it.

A fine example too of the “double think” approach. Whilst what I write, posits Baxterboy, might SEEM to be “neutral, objective and credible” he knows that in my heart I am a Rangers hater, and therefore what I read, whilst seemingly credible etc is actually bile intended to damage Rangers.

There are so many logical holes in the argument that it would make a Swiss cheese look solid!

And so we come to his suggestion of “destroying” these evil bloggers on their own turf by “exposing” them to neutrals. However the neutrals are the very ones who read the blogs by myself and Alex Thomson and who believe them, according to Mr Baxterboy.

However, his advice of keeping passwords secure is to be commended.

NB – When previously I reproduced a selection of choice quotes from Rangers Media, which were expressing what might even have been criminal sentiments towards another “enemy” the response was not to seek to justify or explain the comments (though they seemed unjustifiable and inexplicable). Instead it was to suggest that I was guilty of “breach of copyright”. To avoid people having to repeat such allegations, might I suggest they read the “fair dealing” provisions of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988.

Turning to the picture quiz, we find the following:-

How many "enemies" can you name?

How many “enemies” can you name?

At first you might wonder who these 45 people are, and why one is marked with an “X”.

On the Vanguard Bears site the tag for the picture is “enemies”.

The “X” marks the late Paul McBride QC. The rest of the people are, I assume, “enemies” of Rangers.

I identified myself, but sadly could not get all of the rest. Maybe I should host a quiz here, with the first person to get all 45 correct receiving a copy of “Downfall” by Phil Mac Giolla Bhain!

It struck me that it must have taken some time and effort to create that picture – perhaps a sign of “obsession”?

Of course the picture itself accompanied a piece about “forgiving and forgetting”. Perhaps the reader will not be surprised to know that the writer was NOT in favour of that. Let’s say there was a rather Old Testament viewpoint, rather than one from the New.

I might be wrong but there seems to be an increase in the “frenzy” towards the “Rangers haters” – no matter how often people try to point out that there is not the tiniest shred of evidence for the allegation.

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47 responses to “Internet Security Tips from Rangers Media and A Picture Quiz from Vanguard Bears

  1. Ian Smith

    Middle row, 2nd from right is the BBC. do I win a prize

  2. Please tell me your not third row down , first picture?

  3. Michael

    Try reading the RM comments about riots and war on their Lord Nimmo Smith’s commission impending decision thread.

    Here’s hoping they are only keyboard warriors!

  4. Budweiser

    Simply unbelievable. Or is it?

  5. Is Maggie on your right ?

  6. On internet security, i have mentioned previously on this site that the RM site is regulary hacked and targeted. ….. they were recently forced to change servers such was the high level and ferocity of attacks ….. interestingly the worst of which eminated from the Far East …… !!
    If you do choose to visit make sure that you have very strong anti-virus and philshing software ….. Not the free stuff (although some are good). If the site is taking a while to load then please beware ….. it may not be that the site is just busy
    I use NOD32 and also Windows Defender (free).
    Best Protection Advice i can give ……… Don’t visit this site …

    • and for you Celtic fans …….. do not follow any links (esp from twitter) to thecelticway . net …… originally suspected it was a false positive, but now seems it is actually a virus

    • Maggie

      Thanks for the helpful hints on the previous thread re my
      Problem with the layout of my posts.
      I’ve been really busy and had no time to investigate further,but
      I will find some suitably qualified 9 year old to look into it. 🙂

  7. Breaking news , ” fat ” Kris commons has requested that septic train at the prestigious “5 star ” Rangers training complex ” fats ” commented if it works for the mighty Rangers and juventus I would hope it worked it’s magic on p@#h ! Like us .

    • Walter Harvey

      Jeez Cartoon…u are hilarious…..

    • Sweeney Hughes

      If we were playing in the fourth tier I’m sure it would. I mean the talent that’s rolled of thej old conveyor belt there is world famous, all those millions in transfer dough from young players like……….em…………..

      So! While we’re on the subject of dodgy dosh, Where is the Dundee Utd charity money, mmmmmmmm?

  8. Pensionerbhoy

    I must have been too old to get on it. I believe Mr. McCoist has demanded to know the names of those in the picture. What a terrifying looking lot, mind :). No doubt “The Evil Dead” in the X rated mind of Baxterboy.

  9. Pensionerbhoy


    Are they doing a wallpaper version? I would love to wake up to the lot of you in the middle of the night 🙂

  10. Lord Wobbly

    Now I’m really confused. Alex Thomson and Paul McConville are responsible for the ‘hell’ Rangers have gone through this year?
    I assume that must be the new Rangers, because surely the demise of the previous club to bear that name was all the fault of RTC, Phil Mac Giolla Bhain, Paul McBride, HMRC, Peter Lawwell, Dundee Utd, assorted directors of Raith Rovers, the BBC and I’m sure even Graham Spiers got a mentionI assume that must be the new Rangers, because I assume that must be the new Rangers, because surely the demise of the previous club to bear that name was all the fault of RTC, Phil Mac Giolla Bhain, Paul McBride, HMRC, Peter Lawwell, Dundee Utd, assorted directors of Raith Rovers, the BBC and I’m sure even Graham Spiers got a mentionI assume that must be the new Rangers, because s

    • Of course it was the fault of all the above mentioned. If they had kept stoompff. The SFA could have wrapped it all up in a big bundle, and tucked it under that big lumpy carpet, that furnishes their office. The Ben Nevis rug, as it is affectionately known.

  11. Den

    He is correct that they must post outside their own increasingly isolated and paranoid blogs, neutrals who visit them will be repelled by the stuff on display

    Of course if they export their illogical rubbish elsewhere they will just alert even more neutrals to their real true character.

    There are reasons why some blogs are seen as credible, because they contain reasoned and intelligent comment. Confronting these sites is going to require qualities of logic and expression that is notably absent from their own sites.

    I think the rhetoric has been ramped up because the extreme element realise that Rangers are not the power they were and their agenda is being questioned by Rangers supporters who want the club to make its comeback without all the conflict and bitterness.

    Maybe I am being too optimistic.

  12. Can I get a copy to keep the weans back fae the fire ?

  13. Lord Wobbly

    I haven’t had an echo like that since the early days of RTC. It’s a conspiracy I tell you.

  14. Aw naw more bad news LNS has delivered his verdict early ! RANGERS GUILTY on all counts ! And as punishment every Rangers season ticket holder is order to septics midden to sit and watch for a whole season ! One Rangers fan is quoted as saying ” why could they no just take the cups and titles , this is surely more than we deserve , can we not come to some kind of compromise ? What about banishment to coatbridge ? What about deportation to Mongolia ? No one deserves this ! Will I have to sit next to Mick , the blessed Maggie or drillbit ecojon ? Please , please can I have a pistol ?

    • Lenny Bruce

      Fair play to you for trying to be funny (your not funny, obviously, but the gesture is a very positive step away from the vitriolic language and random violence usually associated with both the Govan football Teams).

      Well done you!

    • AntoniousF

      it was definitely not an early verdict. Peter Lawell said he wanted the verdict released at 12pm on the 28th and thats that.

  15. mick

    expultion tomorrow should be the only thing in mind due to there reckless media bullying is there not legal ramifications for this list it seems a bit criminal to me 2 women on it as well sick or what

  16. Lenny Bruce

    Is Jim Traynor on their wall of faces?

    Why the hell no……

    Ah, wait.

    Bet he would have been in there if the ‘article’ (sic) was run in November.

    An original thought would end these people.

  17. Jon

    I always find it disappointing, but never surprising, that when bloggers are commenting on Rangers supporters they use an example as above and imply that this represents what all Rangers fans are about. Read the excellent Rangers Standard – you will see condemnation of Berwick and reasoned arguments on a variety of Rangers issues. Yes, there is an extreme, vocal and moronic element within the Ibrox support, but they are unquestionably a minority. It is foolish to suggest otherwise.

  18. rab

    Is it still five star though, its been built for years and you have hardly spent two Bob on it for years years. There was storm damage a year ago as well. Will it be down graded to a four star facility tomorrow to coincide with the LNS downgrading of rangers historic title wins.

  19. Mick , there’s only one women on it the third down is ” allegedly ” big pauli !And I know your not on it as you would be wearing a balaclava ……….. back to front .

  20. rab

    That was nice of that motherwell supporter to get into the spirit of things and donate a cup to Kris Commons when he was taking a throw in tonight.

  21. jjbhoy

    @carson,here he is again on one of our sites and his crumb of comfort is that ,by letting juve train at ibrox, that this contributed to the result,just one wee point for you and even though you are void of any intelligence,juve are from italy,a catholic country,where the pope resides…ahh the irony. jjbhoy looking down at yeez in div3!

  22. Maggie

    I know that no one should be ON “the list” and that there shouldn’t
    even BE a list,but Aamer Anwar ? What was his part in the downfall
    of the blameless Rangers? Again I realise the futility of even asking,
    but I have no recollection of Mr Anwar “spouting bile” or even making
    any comments re Rangers.Once again I do realise that one doesn’t
    have to be guilty of anything to find yourself on “the list”
    I’m certain Mr Anwar is not a “Rhabid Papish ……etc.
    Maybe the fact that he happened to be on a business trip with
    the late Paul Mc Bride when he so tragically died was enough to
    secure his place on the list,who knows ?
    I don’t see a photo of my gal pal Dr Heidi anywhere Paul,surely
    a huge oversight,oh wait,she must have been too busy doing the
    dishes and getting cups of tea for the sartorial Mr Mure and his
    fellow tribunal member,to pose for Mr Baxterboy.
    Oh that reminds me,I was supposed to get cam a cuppa,milk
    no sugar.God I’m such an airhead I totally forgot all about it.
    “Heidi hon,where did you put that arsenic for the tea ? “

  23. rab


    I will play you at guess who. Pick someone from the board and so will i. No asking if its a man or woman. I will go first. Are you wearing glasses.

    I’ve got kerplunk if you would rather play that.

  24. Looks like an orchestrated attempt to shoot the messengers. Judging by the grave “oaths” on ‘Vanguard Bears’ (stupider than yer average Bears) they are actually having fantasies about actually shooting them..
    “Taking up arms against vile Republicans & SNP parasites”, this site should stimulate the interest of Strathclyde’s finest if not the regions social services.

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