What Will Lord Nimmo Smith’s Commission Decide? You Choose!

According to the SPL:-

The written decision of the Commission appointed in relation to RFC 2012 Plc (now in liquidation) and Rangers FC and chaired by Lord Nimmo Smith will be published on Thursday 28 February at 12.00 noon.

Luckily I should be by the laptop at that point, to provide dense and opaque analysis of the decision! 🙂

But, purely for fun and not intended as a scientific exercise, I thought I would offer my readers some input.

What do you think the outcome will be?

If I can work it, the polls will close at noon. (I can’t work that, but they will close tomorrow evening – that is Thursday).

I refer in the polls to RFC 2012 PLC (in liquidation) as “oldco”; to Rangers FC as the “club; and to Rangers International Football Club PLC and Rangers Football Club Ltd as “newco”.

As the SPL statement says, the case is against oldco and the club, but newco has an interest in the outcome as owner of the club.

In addition, there are four coounts. Three relate to failure to disclose contrcatual arrangements and the fourth to a failure by Duff & Phelps to co-operate by providing requested information.

So to the first poll:-

The second poll is in relation to penalty. Unless the SPL and SFA are very conspiratorial, a not guilty verdict will not lead to a penalty, but even if you have chosen “not guilty” feel free, if you want, to have a guess at the outcome if the Commission finds against Rangers. In this one you can provide more than one answer, and up to three, as the Commission can impose any one or more of 18 (or is it 19) possible sanctions.

I wonder what we will see!

Will it be this?


Or this?


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85 responses to “What Will Lord Nimmo Smith’s Commission Decide? You Choose!

  1. Lord Wobbly

    “In addition, there are four coounts”?

    Two too many o’s there, shirley?

    • maes

      key is will there be repayment of winnings to clubs currently in financial crisis, eg dundee, hearts, st johnstone, dunfermline… if they collectively owed £7million that could realy help them recover and become a real challenge

      cheats should never prosper

    • Vega

      Ah, but one too many o’s…or two too many o’s…?

  2. Lord Wobbly

    Guilty on all charges.
    Ordered to replay all matches.
    Alas Gretna are no longer available so let’s just all move on, shall we?

  3. JimBhoy

    I don’t think there will be much of a penalty and the sfa will come off Leggo’s wall (albeit he has mellowed or been replaced) and they will be rabid rangers lovers..

    Mick will be livid that the feeding frenzy never happened, cam will party for a month akin to John Belushi in Animal house, Toga Toga ! (my fave film).., I really couldn’t give a sh!t…

    I hope the anti sectarian/ bigot theme gains momentum.. Hold out an olive branch and remember we are all Jock Tamson’s bairns…

    • Jimbhoy , this is the second time I agreed with you ( first time on wishing sandy Jardine to get well soon ) STOP POSTING SENSE ! or they’ll lump you in with me .

      • JimBhoy

        @Carson I trust you will not make a habit of it…

        I had my first trek on some rangers sites yesterday (rangersmedia maybe) and they were taking Leggo to bits and a lot were actually talking about rangers in a football sense and not the vile sh!t I have seen before… It gave me hope..

        I read a very good post on here a couple of days back which was right down the middle and the guy pretty much echo’d my sentiment, let’s embrace change and all work together to make this a great country… (Overly optimistic maybe), but we are all in a hole and it will remain for years.

        Some rangers fans on here talk about less than the 44k season book supporters going to the Celtic game etc, I hear on the telly some have a toss up between buying food and heating their houses..

        Love thy neighbour…Not the racist show from the 70’s, Pat McGowan God rest your soul my old pal. a man who often said that to a young JimBhoy.

        • Monti

          What are you fkn on about?? Soft in the head pal,trust no Hun!

          • JimBhoy

            @Monti what’s the definition of a Hun? Enlighten me pal….

            • Monti

              Someone you should not trust.

            • Den


              You are saying trust no one you shouldn’t trust.

              I wouldn’t use the term ‘soft in the head’ on anyone based on blogg posts but you seem to be more of a candidate than Jimbhoy who has posted here for a long time and is one of the better contributors.

              I think I know what you meant originally and would disassociate myself from your remarks.

          • david

            Are you seriously saying all “huns”- a perjorative term- are untrustworthy?
            What planet are you on?
            Suggest you do some checking on the Scottish criminal justice system.

    • Bill Fraser

      Don’t you mean Jhock Thamson’s bhairns? Ha, ha!

    • Monti

      Are you having a laugh pal? The Huns have cheated,bullied & destroyed the game in Scotland! Away and have a fkn word with yourself! Olive branch indeed? You probably hope they get off with it today!

    • Cregganduff

      A hun-dred pages of waffle and a slap on the wrist for Duff & Phelps.

  4. Ruckcroft7

    Actually spent far to much time deliberating my vote ! Which really brought it home what a difficult job a judge has

  5. Budweiser


    Are there any bookies giving odds on Guilty/not guilty/penalties etc? Genuine question.

  6. I note Paul that you have title stripping as a punishment. It may seem a bit harsh to some, but I actually see that as a given, if a guilty is reached. I also believe that the prize money should be returned. Whether that be from Oldco, or Newco, will depend on the terms of the 5 way agreement. The 5 way “contract” will be very pivotal in how any punishments are applied, and to who. It still seems to be an agreement formed on a “need to know” basis. What’s that all about?

    • Budweiser


      Also,IF, oldco are deemed guilty,and 3-0 for every game where inelligible players were present [de facto loss of league titles] what then happens to the league titles in those years? eg Does LNS decide or SPL or SFA?

      • I think they will be void. I don’t want them! It is impossible to calculate fairly. Bookings,red cards, injuries picked up v Oldco have played too much of a bearing on the rest of the league. Equally, in a cup, who is to say that a team knocked out by oldco, may, or may not have gone on to win it. It is not just the final affected! I would use the returned prize money to fund a Scottish school of excellence, something along those lines in youth development. Quite simply, the years afected, all SLP leagues and cups, have been ruined, a spoiled ballot paper.

        • ps. It is up to European clubs to decide for themselves, within their respective FA’s what they choose as a way forward. Likewise, Eufa should decide how best they should defend their competition. I think they might want a wee word with the SFA about matters.

        • hancock

          It’s hardly impossible to work out ?……. oldco and Celtic were allways running away from the rest of the pack so quite simple by the rules Celtic should get them . ps ….. But I dont want them , leave a black mark so as to tell future generations about the corruption that was going on at oldco/sfa, both being the same entity pretty much =)

          • Robert Smith

            All you beggars should be happy that at least wee treacle teeth will be able to celebrate 3 or so tainted titles that mean hee haw then when the mighty Gers are back on top where they belong he can chuck it and take up that vacant cardinal position.must be hard for you all your bitter scheming and comments for nothing.BJK

  7. ektim

    They will be found seriously guilty on all charges and the SFA and SPL will be found seriously guilty of a lack of cojones! Apparently Glasgow sold out of whitewash tonight! Expect one tomorrow!

  8. Monti

    GUILTY!!! STRIP THEM OF 5 TITLES, & a number of cups, order oldco to pay ALL prize money back, UEFA to claim all prize money back & HMRC order them to pay all tax back! I mean every fkn penny & finally, sell the shares in Arsenal & the bike in the blue room..oops already done waaaaahhhaaaahaaa

    • Sweeney Hughes

      If all clubs, domestic and otherwise, who lost out to a ranges (IL) will they fielded an illegally registered were to take legal action against them for damages of some sort, the cost of litigation itself would cripple them.

  9. In all honestly bhoys and ghirls if note if the verdict goes against the mighty Rangers it won’t stop us turning up on Saturday to watch them , because that is what we do , and will continue to do and when my great great great great great grandchildren William , willamena , billy , bill , orangina and Teresa go along to Ibrox to celebrate our 150th title it will be a distant memory.

  10. Vinnie

    They’ve absolutely GOT to be stripped of something, as they have no experience of stripping off for baths or showers.
    They’ve got to be expelled from Scottish football, as they traumatise people with their looks, bile and stench.
    ORCS (Ones Requiring Carbolic Soap)
    PS Wobbly’s right, two too many o’s

  11. lordmac

    RANGERS will receive a fine the total of the fine will be £50,000 the rest of the fine will be the money they were due for second spot plus the money from Europe and for the players that played for there national teams, this part of the fine will go to the BDO, the only fine Rangers will have to pay will be the £50,000 as that will be the top up part of it, they will also receive a one year BAN from the scottish cup games. there will be no striping of titles , as that will be left till a later date. that will only happen if the HMRC win there case .

    • Sweeney Hughes

      The HMRC appeal has got the square route of hee haw to do with SPL, SFA, UEFA or FIFA rules concerning duel contracts/side letter.
      A red herring that lost it’s smell to everyone execpt the most seriously deluded a long long time ago, it has absolutely no relevance whatsoever.

  12. JimBhoy

    Guys there will be little or no punishment, feeding frenzy will not happen… EkTim you got it spot on in the cajoneys dept.. SFA couldn’t find their @ss with either hand..

    @Vinnie… Really?

    Carson the honeymoon period will be over soon dude..

    My prediction… It’s was beauty killed the beast… Fans will decide the rangers fate and a run of bad form will have a huge impact on Chico and the lads…

  13. JimBhoy

    @Lordmac the Scottish cup ban penalty really is there for playing unregistered players in the Scottish cup… I have no doubt this happened but what about all other competitions if you wish to follow that logic..

  14. JimBhoy

    @Budweiser If the SFA open the can of worms that is rangers 3-0 defeats for every game with an illegal player can you imagine the chaos mate… It will never happen. Some clubs in Europe may be advised to sue the SFA for not policing the teams and league as they should and allowing that to happen….

    I think the biggest action tomorrow will be for the SFA to tighten up controls etc so this does not happen again.. Rangers Scotfree…

    Refer back to this post tomorrow…..

  15. mick

    finally some progress a report published via lns about the side letters ,what about lord hodge a read hes a supreme court judge now will the fit and proper test of d &ps go ahead still ?
    expultion is the only option due to scale of cheating guilty

  16. fisiani

    The 5 part agreement that allowed Newco a free entry to Div3 could be problematic.
    It lands Newco with any punishment for Oldco.

    i do not believe that should happen as Newco are indeed a new club but if they insist on being the same multi title winning Club then they must accept the punishment.

    The problem is that the concealment and shredding of documents shows a cavalier disrespect for the rules. Any other SFL team would be expelled. Will Nimmo have the courage to expel Oldco/Newco/Sameco.

    Obituary Notice

    Rangers FC went into administration 14/2/12 and were pronounced dead 12noon on the 28th February 2013.

    • JimBhoy

      @Fisiani who decides the punishment if any and is it a negotiated penalty or one held directly against the rules?

      • fisiani

        Nimmo et al decide guilty or not guilty. Then they can choose an appropriate penalty for any wrongdoing. There are a wide range of options and NONE are proscribed as automatic. It all depends on how serious the offending was. Remember that the penalty for Spartans putting a date in only on place on a form and not in two places was team expulsion for a season from the Scottish Cup. My opinion is that the Rangers offending was not accidental but deliberate and the attempted cover up shows their true colours. I cannot imagine anything less than expulsion being applicable.

        • JimBhoy

          @Fisiani Can’t see it dude . Spartans and rangers are not a viable comparison… SFA Armageddon etc… and they fukd Spartans before,

          I dunno what i wanna see except a way forward for us all…Without the sh1t and just fitba’ stuff and dad’s promoting their boys skills to teams and us all unearthing the next brilliant players..
          Like the shit pro-Youth set up that exists in this country, 6 weeks contracts, good facilities then scrap heap lapped up by normal teams,

          How much will that boost your confidence…
          A good coach will make the difference, coaching badges will not…

        • hancock

          Does LNS not just make a decision on guilty/not guilty ……. then its back to SFA for punishment ?

    • Sweeney Hughes

      They were pronounced dead the day they went into liquidation.
      The tribute act look to be following suite.

  17. JimBhoy

    @Mick they will Boob mate… wee fine, slap on wrist… However this is hilarious..


  18. lordmac

    no i think there date was 24 January that was the date the bdo gave as the day they signed them of

  19. JimBhoy

    @Lordmac ‘cant take breeches off a bare ass’ never heard that before but spot on.. Like it 🙂 You get my infrequent smiley

  20. Jamie

    Will tomorrow be a watershed day for Sevco?

    Will the Bears March on Hampden?

    Will Chico get the hell out of Dodge with his pockets full of Cash?

    Will Super be in a Job come the Summer

    Will LNS do the decent thing?

    Tune in tomorrow and find out 🙂

  21. JimBhoy

    Lennon said Forrest played well tonight FFS i saw him at least three times hadn’t a clue and did not help midfield to give an option..Izaguirre I’d take any money for, didn’t look around him as a defender is told and the second goal jumped when he knew he wasn’t gonna get the ball instead of taking 2 steps back and making it hard for the attacker, mind you the keeper also showed immaturity, one big forward player on the park and not in sight where is he likely to be??? Where oh where is Higdon..! Answers on a postcard to neil lennon..

    Motherwell played better as a team but can you make 5 changes in a team and expect anything other than some good individual performances, Neil has a ways to go.. You should not feel pressured to play players, all the best teams in the world have had small squads and kept injury free by playing and not training.. Anyone tell me when squad rotation worked..?

    Players love games, dropping or resting them can be counterproductive IMO… Who am I?

  22. A slap on the fekn wrist for them bad guys…………move along nothing to see here…..

  23. Nothing will happen in the way of title stripping, nothing!!!
    Stuart Regans observation about social unrest was not based on guesswork. Manchester, live ordinance in the post, death threats handed out like jelly tots, these peepel have serious form.
    The Mad Marching season is coming up which provides plenty of scope for vengeful mayhem.
    LNS will have been briefed

  24. JimBhoy

    Lot of new posters on here tonight… Welcome to all, Paul the papal dude (no disrespect to anyone) and Cam (Mediator grand master and alround bear who is looking for a gap in the fence :), asked me to mention that any harsh views are banned, we are now running a 70’s flowers in your hair site tonight ’til noon tomorrow when we hope it will be the OK corral..

    Just a wee note…. It’s fukin bed time Uk posters..

  25. I would not be surprised if Will Smith emerged from SPL Offices in a black suit tomorrow at noon holding one of them “forget what you saw” gizmoos and by tomorrow night we are blogging about Rangers celebrating winning the CL after winning their 10th title in a row.

  26. portpower

    G6.1 Upon determining that a breach of or failure to fulfil the Rules has been established, the Board or, as the case may be, a Commission may:-

    G6.1.1 give a warning as to future conduct;

    G6.1.2 give a reprimand;

    G6.1.3 impose a fine;

    G6.1.4 annul the result of an Official Match;

    G6.1.5 order that an Official Match be replayed;

    G6.1.6 impose a deduction of points;

    G6.1.7 award an Official Match (with such deemed score as it thinks appropriate) to a Club;

    G6.1.8 order the playing of an Official Match or Matches behind closed doors;

    G6.1.9 order the closure of all or part of a Stadium for such period and for such purposes as it thinks appropriate;

    G6.1.10 order the playing of an Official Match or Matches at such Stadium as it thinks appropriate;

    G6.1.11 subject to Rule G6.3, order that a Club be expelled from the League;

    G6.1.12 withdraw or withhold the award of a title or award;

    G6.1.13 order any Club, Club Official or Player to pay compensation to any Club, Player, person or party;

    G6.1.14 order any Club, Club Official or Player to comply with any obligation or direction;

    G6.1.15 cancel or refuse the Registration of any Player Registered or attempted to be Registered;

    G6.1.16 order that a Club concerned be debarred from Registering Players for such period as it thinks appropriate;

    G6.1.17 order that any person, persons or group of persons be prohibited from attending at such Official Match or Matches and for such period as it thinks appropriate;

    G6.1.18 make such other direction, sanction or disposal, not expressly provided for in these Rules, as it shall think appropriate; and/or

    G6.1.19 make such order as to expenses, including the expenses of the Board and/or, as the case may be, Commission and/or other party, as it thinks appropriate.

    Rule G6.2 allows the Commission to “apply such number and combination of the directions, sanctions and/or disposals provide for in Rule G.1 as it thinks appropriate”.

    H6.1 All of the above.

  27. Eddie

    I am not getting this”The company that operate the club” pish. The club and company are one entity. Charles green bought some property and a branding, thats all. The”oldco” is “old club”, simple as that.

  28. Gabby

    If I was Spartans, I would be keeping a very close eye on the result. It is bad enough that they have tried on a number of occassions to be admited to the SFL without success only to see Newco admitted with ease. Now there is the potential double whammy of seeing alleged cheating rewarded without penalty while they received the harshest penalty for an administrative error.

    They, and other members of the SFL deserve better, after all, they are supposed to be looking after all of their member interests.

  29. Proud Scot

    It will be a whitewash because they’re all Rangers Haters
    It will be a whitewash because they didn’t have the bottle to punish them

    I’m right – you know I am !!

  30. citta

    No Surrender, No Walking Away, No Debt, coupled with
    No History, No Dignity, No Shame, No Remorse, so what exactly can LNS strip them of ?

  31. tim zymurgy

    LNS will apply sanctions.
    ‘They’ (whatever incarnation they are) will appeal
    SFA will fine OldCo
    OldCo wiil just add SFA to list of creditors
    Case closed.

    til the next time 😉

  32. Ernie

    No multiple vote option for the sanctions? If guilty of improperly registered players the void game(s) and subsequent title strip(s) are a given. It’s whether they deem it to be intentional or not that will make it interesting.

    … unless they’ve managed to whinge and beg their way into special rules for rapeepul again of course.

  33. Just as well the not proven verdict doesn’t come into play we would still be waiting for lord , Carloway’s report also recommended the requirement for corroboration. (CARVE-UP)

  34. david

    Just on news- no titles to be stripped.

  35. Robert Smith

    Def Not Guilty,the beggars have failed

    • Ernie

      @Robert. The beggars have won. They whinged and begged and got the result they wanted. Good for sevco, begging works (in scottish fitba anyway).

  36. Ernie

    It is a great result for sevco and they should be applauded for that, they did well.
    It will be interesting to see what happens the next time a club makes an error, the precedent now is a fine and an insignificant one at that.

  37. Vinnie

    It (unfortunately) comes as no surprise that LNS and Scotland’s other ‘top legal minds’ can kick sand in the face of natural justice and moral integrity.
    Well done, now go and get a ‘wee loan’ out of your EBT, and don’t worry, it’s not really a loan, is it ?????

  38. “Given that we have held that Rangers FC
    did not breach Rule D1.11 by playing ineligible players, it did not secure any direct competitive
    advantage in that respect. If the breach of the rules by non-disclosure of the side-letters
    conferred any competitive advantage, that could only have been an indirect one.”
    We have been told repeatedly that we must abide by the tribunals decision.

    You now have that decision. Abide.

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