A Bit of Trumpet Blowing and a Thank You

This post is entirely self indulgent …

Well, not entirely.

I want to use it to thank all who read the blog, who pass it on and who contribute to it.

I see this morning that February 2013 is the month that the blog has had most hits. Not February 2012, when Rangers went into administration – not June 2012 when Sevco Scotland bought the “assets and business” of Rangers, nor October nor November 2012, as Rangers geared up for its share issue.

And coming soon, possibly, we have the Nimmo Smith verdict, and later the Upper Tribunal appeal, and any fall out from the BDO investigations as part of the liquidation of Rangers 2012 PLC and civil proceedings regarding Mr Whyte’s takeover, and his dealings with Collyer Bristow and Gary Withey, and his deal with Ticketus, and possible criminal proceedings re the takeover (allegedly) and Sir David Murray’s threats of action regarding alleged HMRC leaks and newspaper articles (and blogs) he considers defamatory…

And, as well as all of that, there are non-Rangers related topics too!

I hope the list above shows why this has become a blog where much of my writing is related to the Ibrox football team. It is, in legal terms, the biggest story in town, covering an enormous range of topics. They interest me, so I keep writing about them.

When I started blogging in May and June 2011 I did not think that the hits the blog got in a month then would be less than the hits it gets in an hour now! But that has turned out to be the case.

I plan to keep writing, even if no one else reads it other than me. If you have been with me on the blog since the summer of 2011, or since yesterday, thanks for reading and I hope always to be interesting (even if wrong from time to time). And more importantly a forum for discussion over a range of topics.


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100 responses to “A Bit of Trumpet Blowing and a Thank You

  1. bruno swallyplenti

    Most enlightening. Looking forward to the days, weeks, months ahead,

  2. Ally

    dont always agree with ur thoughts m8, but i keep coming back for more, keep up the good work,

  3. Brian

    A recent convert to your blog and even though I am a Killie fan I still find it interesting and can see both side of the argument……..that’s because we hate both Rangers and Celtic

  4. Big Thanks to You Paul ….. Blog On ….

  5. JohnOh

    Hi Paul, Im an avid reader since early times, yet passive in terms of contribution. I must confess your articles have sometime been taxing to my limited legal knowledge and on the odd occasion impenetrable. But most of the time it’s been an enlightening education and I thank you for that.

    The world is undoubtedly a better place for the democratisation of journalism and dissemination of specialist knowledge and opinion that blogs encourage. Even, if I may be so bold, when it comes to people who hold diametric views of the world, for it allows us to recognise, if not always understand, the prejudice and partisanship we all have within us.

  6. Sassenach

    I look forward to each and every blog. They are interesting, challenging and done with fairness and a sense of humour. Thank you for your hard work and strength of will to continue against some some pretty bitter attacks from those who do not recognise the value and honesty of your work.

  7. riddrie

    Entertaining, points clearly made, persuasive, and articulate to the nth degree.

    What’s not to like?

    You have my admiration for the way you manage to keep calm in the face of the Zombies efforts to deny and defend their club’s shameful actions.

    Dim Dumb Tossers.

  8. portpower

    I envy a learned person. Thankyou Paul

  9. Shugg67

    Thanks to you and bloggers like you paul we have been fortunate to have a more balanced viewpoint of what’s happening in Scottish football. Keep up the good work.

  10. Pensionerbhoy


    Well done and well deserved. I hope the blog is still going long after I have gone – oh, it could well be short lived, then! Seriously, keep on writing. The world could be a cold and lonely place without the interaction on here to keep the heat up and “the friendships” alive. Great stuff once again!

    • Raymilland

      new topic

      Rangers announce shirt sponsorship deal.

      A word from our sponsor:

      “We are glad to herald a new beginning of a partnership which can truly be said to be a union which benefits everyone in Scottish football; I would firstly allow Chief Executive Charles Green; a few words.” –

      “Everyone is familiar with the occasional bout of diarrhoea, but some people suffer more frequently. It can be difficult to live with; and the effects are emotional as well as physical. Likewise; the natural balance or ebb and flow of debate can sometimes be disturbed by foolish or inflammatory comment; this oratory assault is commonly known as verbal diarrhoea.”

      “That is why we are gathered here today on this auspicious occasion here in the grandeur of Ibrox stadium; after a thorough and exhaustive search for an appropriate deal which suits rangers, a product which has come highly recommended from our own James Traynor; we are privileged and proud to announce, a four year deal, with the internationally famed; Imodium @Plus”

      A spokesman at Ibrox confirmed that there is no truth in the rumour of a soon to be announced commercial deal with Dyno-Rod.

      Ally McCoist was unavailable for comment.

    • Maggie

      I hope that’s not you playing the “one foot in the grave” card
      for sympathy PB,we’re onto you 🙂
      We know you’re not some doddery O.A.P. We’ve read your work.
      I know what you mean about cyber friendships,it’s “such fun”
      with much more to come.

  11. Cregganduff

    The success and popularity of the blog make it inevitable that there will be an increased onslaught from Rangers’ supporters. Which is acceptable if they keep to basic rules of human respect and decency. Unfortunately the majority of those who contribute here seem unable to do that. To a large proportion of supporters the most important benefit of belonging to the Rangers Clan is to be able to spew their sectarian hatred in public.

    • Sorry if I missed anything yesterday but it seems there was a bit of a sing song in Berwick yesterday , now this must be condemned what group of fans would ever sing song praising terrorists ? Or having at another religion ? These fans must stop this behaviour and use the example of the green seat brigade on how to behave .

  12. Bill Fraser

    Thank you, Paul, for giving people from all three sides of the divide the chance to express their opinions. I like reading the opinions of the Rangers fans, even though I usually don’t agree wih them. It shows a belief in democracy, which is sadly lacking on RM and FF. It makes claims of bigotry against you by bears all the more risible as they are the ones who stifle freedom of expression on their sites. I for one will continue to follow your blog as long as I have an internet connection and my eyes function correctly.

  13. Gav Wallace

    Hi Paul,

    The fallout from the rangers saga, has become increasingly difficult to navigate. The baying mob increasingly more agitated. This in itself speaks volumes for those involved in this comedic drama.

    Even if you were writing from a perspective of Celtic mindedness (Fenian bastardy rangers hater, which I do not think that you do), you should be granted fair treatment, a fair crack of the whip. That I believe is a key point

    The sly comments and character assassination (attempted) from those of a rangers persuasion say much more about them and their thought processes than it does about yourself Paul. Criticism of the establishment has never been taken in good grace. The outdated mentality of a once vast imperial empire, still has, to this day, pockets of resistance.

    Keep up the good work and good luck. This is only the beginning.

  14. MSM

    It is passed 11:30pm, Sunday evening here, I really have to stop reading this site and sign off – I’ve got work in the morning. Nonetheless, I would like to take the opportunity to say congratulations and present a quote which comes to mind.
    “When you get to the end of your rope _ tie a knot and hang on.” {Franklin D. Roosevelt}
    Keep hanging in there…………

  15. Just read the back of the morning sorry afternoon rag ” Motherwell v septic tIckets still available for home and away fans ” sell out Saturday ! Sorry Sunday !

    • not nearly dead but really dead

      medals for best attended team are given at the door on the way out or alternatively can be bought for a pound at your nearest liquidation sale in govan,
      now go back off around the country with your song book making friends in your ‘unusual’ style the way the other club that died last year you also supported did all over europe

    • Monti

      You mean you got your next door neighbour to read it out to you..

    • COYBIG


      Or even Wednesday.

  16. Your blogs are entertaining, humerous, interesting and educational, everything that is difficult to find nowadays in the msm format or elsewhere for that matter. Your guest bloggers are excellent too. Your interactive readership, I don’t want to use the term ‘followers’ as this has all sorts of wrong connotations, is also second to none for wit and, intelligent and informed debate. I only caught up with blog in early 2012 and have tried not to miss one, once I had caught up with you and your participants musings. It just a pity that the dull of mind have put you down as a hater, as the vast majority here would disagree.
    Keep it up, it is always a forum of great interest to me and I know you enjoy it, this shines clear through your efforts, but I thought I’d tell you I enjoy it too and thank you a lot Paul. And apart from my simple thanks I hope your sterling efforts are rewarded in some more tangible fashion.

  17. Budweiser


    Keep up the good works.

  18. Maggie

    Delighted that the blog goes from strength to strength Paul,
    testament to your skills and the quality of your posts.
    I blame the schools for that quality 🙂

  19. JohnBhoy


    I won’t lie to you Paul, congratulations!

    Ever notice that Ally precedes many of his comments with “I won’t lie to you”. He tends to do this when he doesn’t want to lie to us. Examples:

    – On Lennon Closing the Gap
    “I won’t lie to you, it’s a little bit disappointing…”

    – On Signing Target Broznek
    “He’s a player we were looking at and – I won’t lie to you – we were sort of interested in but there were no specific bids made and I didn’t have any contact with the player or the agent.”

    – On Takeover Uncertainty
    “I won’t lie to you. I’m really concerned and really worried because we have a lot of planning to do.”

    – On Two Trialists at Ibrox
    “I won’t lie to you: from where I am sitting it’s a real boost as well.”

    – On Not Influencing the Field of Play
    “The players are in total control of the game so you have to accept that. I won’t lie to you – I found it difficult to accept early on.

    – On Not Being in the SPL
    “I won’t lie to you, I was surprised a little bit, and saddened, by some of the ill-feeling and vitriol shown towards our football club during those months.”

    – On SFL Refusing to Strip Rangers of Titles
    “We’re just going to have to wait and see what unfolds, but I won’t lie to you – I’m absolutely delighted by the response from the SFL…”

    – On Early Poor Away Form
    “I won’t lie, the away form in the league is a concern”

    – On Managing The Rangers
    “I won’t lie to you – I found it difficult to accept early on.”

    – On Boardroom Unrest
    “I’m not allowed to talk about boardroom goings-on which, I won’t lie to you, suits me…”

    Ally likes to warn us when he is not lying to us. This is a commendable trait and needs to be encouraged. What about the occasions when he fails to inform us that he won’t lie to us? Is he lying then or has he just absent-mindedly forgotten to tell us that he won’t lie to us? Or is this a cunning plan by Ally just to confuse us – is he lying when he says he won’t lie to us?

    Either way, Ally has produced a master stroke on double-speak and, I won’t lie to you, he is an exceptionally good truther.

  20. Pmsl , pmsl haaaaaaaaaaaaa h a , I’ve just seen the crowd at breezblock bvrd ! No fuc*”n way ! There must be 30k empty seats ! It’s laughable ! Is it they are buying school uniforms ? Is it ….. no a canny do this any more .. it’s far too funny , the greatest fans in the world? Tell you what I’m gonna sit and count them that will catch liewell out , unless he has a cunning plan and uses the seville calculator …… can not wait for the official attendance ! Mick come on geese an excuse for youse !

    • JohnBhoy

      @car sick

      Some of us are cheering on Scotland against the Irish. That must present a real dilemma for follow-followers of that new discredited marching band The Rangers, given that you hate all things Scottish and Irish. Lose-lose situation for you.

    • citta

      No doubt about it Carson, many of Paul’s readers are only here to read your comments… why are you helping him? maybe you should make your own Blog and leave this Rangers hating bile spouting blog to die a slow death … you know it makes sense

    • Sweeney Hughes

      There must be 30k empty seats ! It’s laughable !……….. so since Dundee supporters chose to voice their anger at a total embarrassment of a man, would be sevco CEO bummer broon, being appointed as manager had only 40 or so supporters at CP, we can safely assume there were 30 thousand Celtic supporters at CP on a freezing day in Feb, for an early kick off, for a game that was live on the box.
      Well done the Hoops faithfull.
      (full price tickets anaw, anaw!!)

      One must wonder how sevco will manage (no pun intended, lol!) next season, if they still exist, when chuckles either fields 3rd division players or charges SPL prices??

      Ponder, ponder, PMSFL!!!

      • Sweeney Hughes

        Ps. Keep up the good work Paul, you’re doing a fine job.

      • So it was tooooooooooo cold ? Ahhh ! And what’s your excuse for not being at the ” bring a feind for free arena” ? Today ?

        • not nearly dead but really dead

          oohhh my crowds bigger thans yours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          tell you what …..
          compare bank balance with celtic and tell me how you get on.
          you tool

        • Sweeney Hughes

          ” bring a feind for free arena” ?

          They just don’t do irony do they??? jeez!…..sorry, I meant Cheese…….sorry, sorry, I meant SLEAZE!
          I’m getting auld, lol!!!

          Out of interest, taking into account that last season, before admin and the sale of Jelavic, rangers fc could only muster 17,000 against Dundee Utd in a 5th round Scottish Cup at home at asbestox, how do you think the sevco support will fair when challs either fields a 3rd Div side or charges full SPL priced tickets to see SPL players playing in the 3rd Division?
          I’m seriously interested to know.

          Ps. I got fed up living in a wee bigoted country like Scotland years ago chump.

    • parmahamster

      Hiya FT, hiya pal!

    • Gotcha so you like watching a real team playing football carson lol.Never bothered watching your wee diddy team myself because you, and your wee diddy team are both irrelevant.

    • Jamie

      Still obsessed with the Tic ….Were you with Ali’s asbestos army in Berwick then or to busy trying to count bums on seats at Celtic park? …..We’ll see how your attendances fare when Chuck heads of into the sunset and you have to pay grown up prices for your tickets

  21. Keep up the fine work Paul – Great Blog!

    Thanks also to the many contributors (too many to name) who have added wit and wisdom in equal measure.

    And a thought for the spoilers – it ain’t working.

  22. paul

    I am pleased that your site is well supported and congratulate you. And the list of topics you mention is indeed what draws many of us to this site. Unhappily all too many of the comments are on minor details of the doings of Rangers and those associated with them. Take the one yesterday on Rangers singing.

    The first few comments were on legal opinions – does the law apply in England? An interesting point and one which I had not anticipated. If only it had kept on like that. Pretty soon those who felt they had discovered the silver bullet which would result in the final disgrace of Rangers and their death came forth. First THIS SORT OF SINGING IS A DISGRACE, can I make that any clearer. IT BRINGS SHAME ON SCOTLAND AND RFC. But, it is hardly new. When will the SFA act? Can someone enlighten me on the legal position. And, would it be possible to bring some kind of private prosecution? Is this legally possible? Everthing else is just hot air. We all know it is disgusting and saying so over and over again doesn´t make it more or less so.

    Regarding my comments on another thread, I am have to report that I was accused of óff topic remarks´, invited to ´do a post´´, told I was a RFC supporter, but there were some interesting comments.

    I seem to have touched a raw nerve with the flag thing. For the avoidance of doubt I do not hate the country or the people of Eire, my own forebears came from there, and I view them as I do the French, say. But I do object (NOT HATE) that Celtic supporters wrap themselves in said flag and sing vile songs. They are a Scottish team, playing in Scotland and yet the predominant flag flown on the terraces is that of a foreign country. Those abroad, who care, must look at this and wonder what the hell is going on..

    I would also like to correct someone. I did not say that Paul said the IPO would fail. I liked the comment by Ecojon who reminded us all vis a vis the 13% return point that charges were payable. YES; but it is still a BLOODY GOOD investment. In answer to the more sensible person who asked if I would sell, the answer is I would have sold some time ago.

    I would also like to define ´whataboutery´of which I was accused. It is irregular and can be defined thus: 1. A perfectly valid point used tangentially to bolster or refute a previous argument; or 2. A piece of blatant deflection to draw attention away from the topic I am addressing. The latter definition is used by those who have the intellectual depth of a marmoset.

    I also note that there were a number of uses of the b**** word all I think addressed at RFC posters (if I may call them that). Now what was it I was saying about intellectual depth.

    Paul, keep up the good work, but stick to the agenda you outline above. There is no need to post every day – the quality suffers. And, you might target certain individuals for a guest post. There was someone called Michael and another called I think Snakeeyes or some such who both made points with real depth.

    I for one do not want to see this post via its comments look more and more like the Celtic View. Look up to the law, not down in the gutter with many of those on here.

    Howls of anguish now please and a small prize for the first person to say that I am condoning the events at Berwick yesterday.

    • Sweeney Hughes


      Sorry violet, fell asleep after two sentences there!

      Carry on, you were saying?

      ‘Absolutely’, as a man much fatter than me would say, love the two main axcuses surfacing from the dark side.

      Excuse No1;

      ‘sumbdae told the bares thit the laws didnae apply in engurlund’!

      So, some guy told the sevco support that it would be ok, in England, to sing racist, sectarian and offensive songs about child abuse (that would make the whole thing his fault! You would think that Big Peters face would be well kent by now!!LOL!!) and they duly filled their boots??!!
      next you’ll be telling us rangers took tax advice from a porn actor!! MMWWaahahaha…haha!!
      The only ‘peepel’ on the planet that don’t realise that the grossly obese first meensters ‘new laws’ are a crock and that laws against ‘offensive behaviour’ already exsist.
      ‘incitement to racial and religious hatred’ might be something the big hitters on follow follow should be looking at.lol!!

      Excuse No2;

      ‘sumbdae hus come doon and tell us wit we kin and cannae sing’!!!!

      well………………………………………..I think I’ll let that one stand alone!

      Now, where was I…………oh yeah………ZZZZZZZZZZzz………….zzzzzzzzzzz……….sombody give me a
      shake when violet posts again…Zzzz………trump….ZZZZZZZZZzzzzz

      • Sweeney

        I am not usually given to replying to comments of this nature. But see above regarding the intellectual depth of a marmoset and the attention span of a goldfish. You make my point better than ever I could.

        • Sweeney Hughes

          So violet, what do you think will happen to the sevco support when challs either;

          A/ Charges spl prices (C£400+p/s) to watch spl players struggle to beat 11 men in the 3rd Div?


          B/ Charge spl prices (C£400+p/s) to watch 3rd Div players struggle to win promotion from the 3rd Div?

          You do know one way or another challs will have ‘absolootely’ no option but to up ticket prices, probably more than double.
          You do know that don’t you?
          The question is, since he gambled on cash greedy spl players who have quite frankly struggled to justify their dough- 7 cups at the first shout- do you think he will, or can afford to do the same next season?

          The club is running at a loss.
          You do know that don’t you?

          Didn’t Jaba say something about the share issue only raising 9million or some such?
          You can bury your head in the sand and haver away, but what’s left of the club you support is heading the same way as the club you once supported and the biggest problem the sevco support seem to think they have is whether they can sing songs mocking and trivialising child abuse, and songs that incite racial and religious hatred without arrest!!!!!


  23. I’ve gotta a ball park number of maybe 20k at breezeblock bvrd ? Do I hear any other bids ? It’s soooooooooooo f#@$ing funny .. made my Sunday ah wait minute is it fancy dress day at the bring an offender for free arena ? And they are all dressed as seats ? Brilliant …… sit alone sit alone with hope in your hear and you’ll always sit alone ., you’ll always sit alone … Mick do you have a video link for this song ?

    • not nearly dead but really dead

      obsessed with celtic much carson?

    • Sweeney Hughes

      Sorry carson, but I thought you said ‘There must be 30k empty seats ! It’s laughable !’???
      A perfect case of oldco, newco, sevco arithmetic.
      If the first number that just pops into your head doesn’t work???????………………..Just say another one!!!


      I blaim the scools!

    • Felpen

      …..made my Sunday……. So you’re Sunday was made because you were watching the best team in Scotland beating Dundee 5-0
      So I take it you got fed up watching Sevco in the amateur league!

  24. paul it’s great to read all of your blogs, it is my hope that sevco or whatever they call themselves end up in the gutter where they and their filthminded supporters belong so please please keep ’em comin’they are a delight to read,and as i say it is good to see them wollowing in the mud,it really really is good to see this happening cos they deserve it they really really do i mean that most sincerely i really really do

  25. I hazard a guess that Violet Carson has one of those nasal,low pitched voices you hear when women ring up to complain about something on the Jeremy Vine show.
    She should be sponsored by both Immodium and Temazepam….yawwwwwnnnnmmm

  26. BREAKING NEWS …….. Celtic have issued a statement strongly condemning inappropriate , allegedly , of the green seat brigade ! And have ordered the immediate removal of them in the breezblock area …. they were unconfirmed reports of them leaving the area in a taxi .

    • Sweeney Hughes

      Sorry carson, but I think, yet again, you’re missing the point badly.
      Why are you even commenting on SPL attendances? Celtics interim accounts, (sorry, that’s what proper football clubs issue every six months) make us a stand-alone perfect football model any club Britian would envy.
      Please keep on with your inane remarks about the Champions support, the rest of us will watch with a warm glow as your team gasps for breath and finally goes gurgling under and guys like you announce ‘WE NEVER SEEN IT COMING’, ‘SUMBDAE SHOULD HUV TOLD US’!!

    • The silver fhox

      Oh my God Carson, you are becoming embarrassing!

  27. a

    Paul, this blog is a fantastic achievement and a tremendous source for football fans of all hues. I look forward to many more blogs. Salud!

  28. Mr mconville , thank you providing my good self with the opportunity for having sooooo much fun.

    • not nearly dead but really dead

      i thought you were having fun travelling the country with bigot fc.
      espn on the boycott list?
      sevco dont mind using the old boycott word do they nor do the sevco fans mind copying those poor downtrodden irish rebels from the 19th century’s tactics. seems that is one tactic they dont want ‘to go home’. better than any tactic mccoist can produce on the pitch!!

    • Jamie

      Carson do you even have a season ticket for sevco? you appear to watch an inordinate amount of Celtic games…is it because you just can’t get enough?

  29. Grab the grass

    Paul, well done. Having stumbled on this blog early in 2012 I personally find it by far the most informative of blogs and helped by comments normally of decent lengthy making good points for and against without resorting to crude insults- well most of the time.

    It would be good to see if the stats show how many different posters you get as whilst there are some regular posters the wide variety of opinions raised is what contributes to make this a daily view to see what is going on in the rather odd world of rangers and the odd legal musing.

    Keep up the good work, but I also note the “less is more ” thought expressed earlier may keep it up amongst the more read blogs.

  30. parmahamster

    Tremendous achievement Paul, despite the best efforts of the one-fingered trolls to drag it down to the levels of CG and his Sevcoite horde.

    May you continue your fine work.

  31. Blog away oul son, but please stop using the R word in polite company, eh?

  32. coyote briggs

    Paul, I’ve read with interest your wide ranging knowledge of all things law and other non-relevant topics.
    I honestly put my hnd on my heart and say the beetroot story was the funniest,side-splitting blog of them all. Even. Funnier than rangers dying….. Well maybe not quite

  33. Shiltrum

    Hi Paul
    As a long time lurker on this site I find it informative,entertaining and educational keep up the good work. To the likes of Violet and Cam if only eh!.

  34. Townheadbhoy

    Thanks Paul

    Not just for the football stuff,but for the occasional non football legal blogs. I do hope we hear more of this as Sevco stuff eventually unwinds

    Best Wishes

  35. Septic have just announced that the attendance at the ” bring a FIEND for free arena ” for today’s game was one million two hundred a fourty five thousand a sixty five and that guests honour Santa Claus and the tooth fairy thoroughly enjoyed the game.

  36. Without success, I tried to think of some constructive criticism to offer. All I can say, is don’t change a thing. Well done, and congratulations.

  37. jjbhoy

    carson…he only comes on here to “talk”to us tims and anyone else that will listen but as pointed out to him(he thinks this is praise)on several occassions,we are at the top, you are at the bottom and you have experienced whats known as cognative dissonance that in,all you have ever perceived in life is well…..lies….and i won’t lie to you.

  38. Great stuff. Always balanced?

  39. Virginian

    Thank you. Your blog is an oasis of sanity and agreeable writing.

  40. Felpen

    Keep up the good work Paul, Always a good read.

  41. Hetraq67

    Cheers Paul ,and other regular posters I thoroughly enjoy the many and varied posts and discussion they provoke .Can I win the tea and scone please ,as an exiled Coatbridge girl I haven’t been in St Patricks hall since my wee cousins wedding

  42. Richboy

    Love this blog Paul, especially when it deals with legal issues that raise my level of knowledge and understanding of the law. In the early days there were always posters who actually added to the conversation. Unfortunately these days, through no fault of your own, the comments section often descends into a kindergarten playground with, for example, posters talking about attendances at football grounds.

    I would recommend that these posters stick to RM, FF and CQN where their inane rants are more appreciated. The rest of us would really appreciate it.

  43. Geddy Lee.

    The success of this blog is due to the “Power of reason” . That, and Cam’s barnstorming wise-cracks. LOL

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