I WON’T LIE TO YOU – JohnBhoy Reflects on Ally McCoist’s Favourite Phrase

By JohnBhoy from the comments on the previous thread:-


Ever notice that Ally McCoist precedes many of his comments with “I won’t lie to you”. He tends to do this when he doesn’t want to lie to us. Examples:

– On Lennon Closing the Gap
“I won’t lie to you, it’s a little bit disappointing…”

– On Signing Target Broznek
“He’s a player we were looking at and – I won’t lie to you – we were sort of interested in but there were no specific bids made and I didn’t have any contact with the player or the agent.”

– On Takeover Uncertainty
“I won’t lie to you. I’m really concerned and really worried because we have a lot of planning to do.”

– On Two Trialists at Ibrox
“I won’t lie to you: from where I am sitting it’s a real boost as well.”

– On Not Influencing the Field of Play
“The players are in total control of the game so you have to accept that. I won’t lie to you – I found it difficult to accept early on.

– On Not Being in the SPL
“I won’t lie to you, I was surprised a little bit, and saddened, by some of the ill-feeling and vitriol shown towards our football club during those months.”

– On SFL Refusing to Strip Rangers of Titles
“We’re just going to have to wait and see what unfolds, but I won’t lie to you – I’m absolutely delighted by the response from the SFL…”

– On Early Poor Away Form
“I won’t lie, the away form in the league is a concern”

– On Managing The Rangers
“I won’t lie to you – I found it difficult to accept early on.”

– On Boardroom Unrest
“I’m not allowed to talk about boardroom goings-on which, I won’t lie to you, suits me…”

Ally likes to warn us when he is not lying to us. This is a commendable trait and needs to be encouraged. What about the occasions when he fails to inform us that he won’t lie to us? Is he lying then or has he just absent-mindedly forgotten to tell us that he won’t lie to us? Or is this a cunning plan by Ally just to confuse us – is he lying when he says he won’t lie to us?

Either way, Ally has produced a master stroke on double-speak and, I won’t lie to you, he is an exceptionally good truther.

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211 responses to “I WON’T LIE TO YOU – JohnBhoy Reflects on Ally McCoist’s Favourite Phrase

  1. Adam

    Off topic, but just read about George Galloway and his comment to an Isreali student during a debate. For those that have saw it, do you think what he did was a clear cut case of racism ?

    Thumbs up for racism. Thumbs down for ok.

    • Maggie

      TU from me Adam,he’s a well known opponent of Israel,but
      I’m not sure if he continually makes sure that he says Israel,rather
      than “Jews” to keep himself on the right side of anti semitism
      accusations. I have Jewish friends and have always been a supporter of Israel,not for that reason but simply because they deserved a homeland
      after the horrors of the holocaust.
      Definitely a case of racism by GG.

      • SairFecht

        Very difficult one for me Adam, Galloway’s one big talent is intimidating his opponents and I’ve seen this as far back as the 87 election for the Hillhead seat when he called a debater at the hustings a ‘pompus ass’ as soon as he started to speak. In a sense he is being racist but in the context of which he would claim his position it would be against the Israeli state as it stands in its aggressive and intransigent stance towards Palestine, the brutal nature of its incursions into Lebanon, how it can operate without reply with the backing of America and on and on. But then again he seems to be good pals with the Iran regime – a country in which he even has (or maybe had) his very own TV show and a regime that rules with brutality over its own people. It would have been better I’m sure had he debated the point instead of walking out – but then again if he’d done that we wouldn’t all be talking about him, and the tragedy is it’s him that’s the story and not the horrendous situation of the Palestinian people.

        • Adam

          There is no doubt he is an intelligent guy. His performance at the Senate will probably never be seen again by anyone. But, i really dont understand why he would attend a debate on the subject then be shocked that an Israeli international is on the other side of the debate from him.

          Essentially for me, he is saying “I will debate the rights and wrongs with you if you are from the UK, but if you are from Israel then I wont”

          Strange behaviour.

  2. SouthernExile

    The AIM rules require that a new entrant submits financials for the semi-annual period following the date of the of the financials contained in its admission document. In the case of RIFC, this period ends on 28 February. The accounts must be submitted without delay and in any case not later than 90 days following the end of the the six month period.

    Everything that is happening at the moment must be seen in this context.
    The good folks at Cenkos, RIFC’s nominated advisor (NOMAD) must be tearing their hair out over Green’s recent behaviour (in particular his “him or me” challenge to Murray) and be wishing that they had never had anything to do with the ‘Gers.

    Cenkos can/could reasonably threaten to resign. If an AIM company loses its NOMAD, its shares are automatically suspended from the exchange. If the company does not procure a replacement NOMAD within 90 days, it is kicked out of the market. If it resigned, Cenkos would suffer a short-term hit to its reputation but it could plausibly threaten that this would be better for it in the long run rather than being shackled to an out of control company with a maverick CEO.

    Institutional shareholders (if they are what they seem to be, and I don’t think people like L&G would be fronting up for shadier types as has been suggested) could also threaten to dump their shares and crater the share price. The cost to them would be peanuts in the context of the multi-billions that they manage. Charles’ retirement plans on the other hand would be significantly impaired.

    If I was a betting man, I would predict that we wont hear too much that is controversial from Charles for the rest of the season (if, indeed, he lasts that long).

    • 100bjd

      Yes this is a good summation. The interim accounts do not need to be audited although I am sure they will be fine and present some more facts to debate. The Malcolm Murray/CG spat has told Green that he is not all powerful and he has been very quiet…….but not for long I am sure. Cenkos will wondering if their fees are worth it. Dont forget you NEED a nominated advisor or you are off the Market toute suite so CG needs to be careful.

  3. dan

    Adam, Maggie, love him or loath him, the one thing you cannot say about George Galloway is that he is a racist. He is anti-Isreali yes, but that does not make him anti-semitic. If he had said ‘I don’t debate with Jews,’ that would have been racist in my view as not all Jews are Israeli—indeed there are many Jewish people who oppose Israel’s policies viz the Palestinians.

    As for the organiser of the debate’s comments on ‘vegetarianism’ and ‘shoe sizes’ I think he is being disingenuous in the extreme (for anyone puzzled by these references, please see the article.

    • Adam

      What would you call him then Dan ?

      Xenophobe ?

      Bigot ?

      • dan

        As I’ve said, I would call him anit-Isreali. What many people deliberately do–and I’m not suggesting you are one of them—is to conflate anti-Isreali with anti-semitism. He is not an anti-semite. Listen, and this is a genuine suggestion and not a cheap wind-up, phone his show on Talk Shite and put your view to him. I’ve heard others do it and they’ve been proved wrong. I know he can be a bit hard to take at times, but I just don’t think he is a racist. My interpretation may sound simplistic, but a racist to me is someone who thinks there’s us, the whites, and then there’s the rest. Given the man’s personal and political history I just don’t think that describes him.

        I doubt if you could call him a xenophobe since he’s been highly critical of this country’s recent and past history. And as for being a bigot, that would suggest to me that his anti-Isreali sentiments were based on nothing more than prejudice, but if you listen to him—and again I understand that might not be easy for some people—-there’s no escaping the fact that he has a considerable understanding of middle eastern politics and the injustices suffered by the Palestinians. Anyway, for what it’s worth, that’s my view.

        • Adam

          He is a closed book on the issue. He is completely intolerant of anyones view on it. And for me, to exclude someones opinion, just because they are Israeli to the point where you do not even want to hear what they have to say on the matter is classic bigotry in my book im afraid.

          • dan

            Adam, by that logic any government that refuses to have dialogue with terrorists is acting in a bigoted fashion. Galloway does not recognise the state of Israel. To his mind, therefore, debating (dialogue) with someone espousing the right of Israel to exist is to confer legitimacy on that state. Ask yourself this, had Galloway debated with that person, was there ever the remotest chance that his opponent would have said: ‘You know what, Mr. Galloway, you’ve convinced me. The state of Israel is an illegal entity and we should all up stumps and hand it back to the Palestinians? I think not. So the whole thing would have been an exercise in futility.

            As for other comments, (not yours) suggesting Galloway is a money grubber, if that were the case, a man of his undoubted talents could have made a lot more dosh if he’d parked his principles out of sight somewhere and climbed aboard the ministerial gravy train. I would say that Galloway’s principles, while you may not like them, have been seriously detrimental to his bank balance.

            • Adam

              Thats the most ridiculous thing i have ever read. The debate was about the West Bank so why turn up at all ? Did he think that it was only a 1 sided debate ?

              As for comparing a student in a university simply taking about the rights and wrongs of an issue to terrorist demands, its just ridiculous.

              If i refused to speak to someone simply and only because they were “English” or because they were a “Celtic fan” then I would be labelled a bigot. And quite rightly so.

            • Maggie

              @dan & Adam
              Been v busy guys and just catching up on the GG debate.
              I have long had a soft spot for old (non) Gorgeous on account of
              his considerable skills of rhetoric and because,in these days of the
              homogenised “call me Dave” “call me Tony” politician,GG is a real
              character,tho’ not always in a good way.He is definitely a conviction
              politician of the old school,it’s just that I find his conviction a little
              disingenuous.A working class,Catholic boy from Dundee isn’t a
              natural supporter of Palestinian,Muslim or Arabic rights now is
              he? Who can forget his vocal support for some of the most
              heinous Arab dictators,who unlike Israel,were responsible for
              torturing and murdering their own people.

              Based on his vocal opposition to the Iraq invasion ( correctly )
              then hypothetically one would expect him to support Israel if it
              was attacked without provocation by Iran.
              Well I think we can agree that won’t happen.

              To support these people and yet refuse to debate with an Israeli,
              is not only hypocrisy,but I feel tinged with a latent anti semitism in an
              effort to curry favour with his Muslim constituents,and his friends
              in the non democratic Arab countries.
              As I said earlier,he is always very careful to distinguish between
              Israeli and Jew,but I really don’t see that you can do that
              successfully unless you ARE Jewish,many of whom as you
              correctly say are critical of Israeli policy towards the Palestinians.

              I do not profess to having a great knowledge of Israeli/Palestinian
              politics,but I’m aware of enough to know that Israel does not cover
              itself in glory in it’s struggle to find a homeland.
              My support for Israel as I stated above is an emotional one.
              After centuries of pogroms,the inquisition,rampant anti semitism
              culminating in the Holocaust,I can understand why Israel has
              said “enough, never again” and acts as the aggressor rather than
              be the victim.I don’t condone it.There must be ways to co exist with
              people of different beliefs for the good of all and I realise that
              Israel is intransigent here,but then Palestinians are hardly paragons
              of rectitude.

              I also support Israel as a democratic nation,unlike its surrounding
              hostile Arabic dictatorships.
              I know someone will tell me this is simplistic nonsense,so be it.
              I think GG could have been a wonderful asset to the Labour Party
              and made a difference in his political life ,but his monumental ego
              got in the way.A man of many gifts,poorly utilised.

    • Geddy Lee.

      I believe he said “I don’t debate with Isralies”.

      There is a difference, one that Jews outside Israel at at pains to point out.

      No matter what. His performance before the US Senate was magnificent.

      Still on YOUTUBE I believe.

  4. portpower

    sevco boss swall has called for a clear list of acceptable songs for supporters, while the head of a sevco supporters’ group has called for fans who sing sectarian songs to be banned for life.There goes the Attendance FC bragging rights. The place will be empty.
    Looks like it`s back to nursery rhymes for sevco. It seems appropriate seeing they`re about to turn 1 year old.

    • allfanstogether

      Super swally will never learn, he is on about providing their fans with a song sheet, he knows and 500,000,000 fans know what songs to sing, but they are the ———-,they will do what ever they want, its swally that needs a scriptwriter.


    Galloway?….I am ashamed that he is ‘one of us’.

    Everything he says, or, does is for himself only.

    He takes the Arab case as is keeps him in ‘dosh’ (something he loves more than anything) and a stream of compliant ‘star-struck women.

    He plays to the gallery, just like Charlie Green.

    He is, was, and ever will be, a self-centered and self-obsessed, self-publicist.

  6. John Burns. He is as you say. Some times though, just some times he hits the opposition in any chosen field where it really hurts and for that. He is really needed (Saddam Hussein) excepted.. He is! after all “A politician”

  7. Monti

    Sevco 5088 manager (lol),has said the Sevconian support need a song sheet (pmsl), they can’t read a song sheet, since they are 1 year old, what about this nursery rhyme” Round & round the third div, like a teddy bear,one step, two step, Rangers aren’t there” or ” twinkle twinkle you had 5 stars, Nimmo smith says take 4 aff” …pmsl lmfao or ahhhhhhaaaaaaaahhhhaaaa

    • portpower

      The Big Ship Sails on The Ally-Ally-Oh.

      The big ship sails on the ally-ally-oh
      The ally-ally-oh, the ally-ally-oh
      Oh, the big ship sails on the ally-ally-oh
      On the last day of Saturday, May 4, 2013 .

      The captain said it will never, never do
      Never, never do, never, never do
      The captain said it will never, never do
      On the last day of Saturday, May 4, 2013.

      The big ship sank to the bottom of the sea
      The bottom of the sea, the bottom of the sea
      The big ship sank to the bottom of the sea
      On the last day of Saturday, May 4, 2013.

      We all dip our heads in the deep blue sea
      The deep blue sea, the deep blue sea
      We all dip our heads in the deep blue sea
      On the last day of Saturday, May 4, 2013.

  8. JimBhoy

    @John Burns He is not one of “me…!”

  9. Driverjohn

    George Galloway.

    1. He has never met Colonel Gadaffi.
    2. He despised Saddam Hussein.
    3. He despises Arab dictatorships.
    4. He wants troops out of Afghanistan.
    5. He says Britains finest hour was WW2.
    6. His last filed expenses as an MP prior to the expenses scandal was ‘zero’.

    And you say he’s not one of us?

    • JimBhoy

      @DriverJohn Exactly… “One of us” is a wee bit of a generalisation for me, for example, I have never felt the need to dress up as a cat..

      1. Me neither
      2. Didn’t know the guy
      3. don’t know any
      4.Should never have been there in the first place
      5. Not into war, politicians start wars for honest men to die
      6. I haven’t filed an expense report as an MP

      If you agree to your points then he may be akin to yourself but I bet the vast majority of bloggers on this site, like me, do not..

      Which us do you speak of? That’s my question…. It’s like me saying Chico Green IS one of us cos he eats, sleeps and has a crap.. Of course that maybe more of an assumption on my part.. 🙂

  10. lordmac

    this looks bad for all concerned here

    • Steven brennan

      I dont think for a moment anyone on the list will be bothered.
      Its a bit like like another list being compiled over in sunny govan

    • dan

      Lord, life being too short I couldn’t be bothered listening to all of this. What crimes are they, we ,all guilty of?

  11. JimBhoy

    Rangers will announce a new shirt deal and sponsor in the next 2-3 days, that’s my prediction based on the fact Chico said he expected the feedback on the side letters enquiry 28th Feb… If I know Chico he will deflect that potential bad news with the big shirt deal, could even be an orange one sposored by orange

    • tykebhoy

      If he announces that sponsorship deal you will know he is talking his usual pish. The parent company of the former Orange has spent millions obliterating that name from the high street. The brand logo now only exists as a legacy on the phones

  12. Fisiani

    If it is acceptable for Boateng to walk off the pitch for racist taunts will any SFL team have the guts to walk off en masse when the sectarian song book is again paraded. Imagine what would happen if the game is abandoned after 10 minutes. Imagine this happening week after week. Someone stands near the Rangers supporters and sounds a klaxon at the first chorus of hatred. All the opposing team sit down on the pitch and just refuse to play. The referee has to stop then abandon the game.

  13. allfanstogether

    I understand you perfectly had a similar upbringing, when I was a lad we had one uncle in our family who was always rangers daft and because I was to young to travel to the Celtic away games (my mothers rule) he would always take me to Ibrox when Celtic was away , 25 years later at a family wedding, after all the speeches, he decided to stand-up and announce to all the guests, “Jack you will never be a Rangers supporter, god I tried so hard but failed ” that to me is the way people should treat football as it’s only a game.

    So It’s Costa Del Sol for you, that’s fine, however I live 2hrs further south of Benidorm nice and peaceful, only visit it when we want a blow out , I still get home to watch a few games every year, as it’s still there, Adios Senor.

  14. Laudrup97

    Maybe Neil Lennon will seek “clarification” from Ally on this issue .

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