I Wonder …

I wonder when Mr Whyte started taping or recording conversations.

Does he have his discussions with Mr Green on record, for example.

If so, is there anything in such a call which could embarrass the Yorkshireman?

Who else is now thinking back to their conversations with Mr Whyte and realising why Craig insisted on having a potted plant or angle-poise lamp sitting right beside them.

Anyone meeting him now will, as per Cold War spy films, demand to meet him standing in the bathroom with the shower turned up full to drown the noise!

And if people don’t know what records Mr Whyte has, they need to be very confident to contradict him!

“Secret” taping opens up other issue, but that is for when I’m awake!



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36 responses to “I Wonder …

  1. cmh64

    I like the cold war spy film image.

  2. You would imagine that Duff & Phelps and therefore Mr Charles have known about this story for some days.

    Makes you wonder about the timing of Green’s “Death Threat” story. Surely not a warning to our hero of what can happen when you upset the Berrs. I know for certain that it wasn’t some call to the hordes to take action.

  3. Reminds me more of Nixon in the last days when he was going completely bonkers. Didn’t think this farce would ever make me laugh again, but…

  4. mick

    what about this for a product a wonder if whyte had 1 of these

  5. ecojon

    And, as if the news for Rangers wasn’t bad enough, they have just been stripped of a couple of world records:


  6. fisiani

    Is secret taping legal in Scotland?

    • mick

      @fisiani yes when you look at the sheridian case and also other things like films and voice recordings related to social care it is very much in wide spread use in courts world wide video and audio evidence and modern equipment is used to entrap people all the time also there is the statements and whyte him self could be summoned to give evidence am not a lawyer but a feel it would stand in a perjury case as there is lots of other evidence and d&d are well bang to rights

    • ecojon

      @ fisiani

      It is as long as you don’t get caught ๐Ÿ™‚

      Usually the defence will create hell about admissability but when I’ve come across it it’s always been allowed. Slightly more restrictions if it’s a phone call when you are meant to advise person you are taping them,

      But there is always the ‘public interest’ defence and in this case with ยฃ100 million of HMRC cash missing I don’t see it being a problem.

      • mick

        @ecojon theres lots of mordern media gos throw the courts like stuff were carers hit old ladys although this is not as bad the laws the law and audio and visial tools are well in the system a think after tonight they might have to resign and hope it goes away whytes a real nut nut


    Charlie’s been in the toilet since 6:35pm. Only opening the door twice. Once to shout, “Imran! Phone ‘a’ Whyte, ‘n ax ‘im if ‘e recorded enny o’ t’ conversations ah ‘ed wi’ ‘im. Tell ‘im we will double ‘is brass if ‘e deletes ’em”. And the other, to shout, “Imran! Fetch uz mooar toilet roll. T’ soft kin’ min’ fat lad. ‘a’ cheap stuff is rippin my arse ta shreds”.

  8. JohnBhoy

    SDM spotted on a flight to Bolivia.

  9. mick

    what a night we have had with agent whyte every single person that has delt with him must be having anxiety attacks incase there next its a form of blackmail but all above board he is the top shark and is making them all look like minnows and rather amature like lets not for get hes a real dodgey ebenezer himself

  10. JohnBhoy

    Charlie overheard praying to St Jude at midnight mass in St Andrew’s Cathedral.

  11. Dhougal

    I’ve said on here before ,nothing shocks me abt Sevco ,but to fiddle the attendances …………WOW!!!!! …………Now am a wee bit pi**ed but will the tax man not want to know where the cash went for these ”extra” fans ? maybe i’m missing summit ere ,hic burp ,if so please excuse me

    • ecojon

      @ Dhougal

      Perhaps we have discovered the free tickets.

    • Its not certain that Rangers have fiddled attendances, per se – we don’t know where Strathclyde police get their figures, if not from the club. And, I know someone did the same Freedom of Information for Celtic’s SPL opener and found the same thing – the police records indicated a smaller attendance than the clubs claim.

      One suggestion is that the police record the “actual”, as they go through the turnstiles, whereas the club may include season ticket holders who chose not to go to the game that day. ie, effective revenue tickets.

      I’d not be surprised if gates were being fiddled, but I don’t think the FOI request necessarily proves that is happening.

      • ecojon

        @ Alistair McLeod

        One thing for sure is that any request to the Guiness Book of Records might not be accepted given the disparity in figures and tbh I would rather take the word of Strahpol any day of the week than the current incumbents of Ibrox unless, of course, I was wearing a wire or had bugges the boardroom and the toilets – which are always a favourite place for clandestine conversations ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. panbreid

    sorry for off topic, posted this on the tsfm, was hoping ecojohn and others could have a look, http://moneyextra.uk-wire.com/Article.aspx?id=20121011172628H8477 most to all of their investments are to themselves.

    back on topic

    i wonder….

    • ecojon

      @ panbreid

      Thanks. I have never really gone in to the Octopus linkage theories and them being a dark force in the background. I think it’s more simple in that Ticketus or one of their professional advisors screwed up and now they want their money back in whatever way is possible and legal.

      Tbh with Craig fighting back then I think he will provide a lot of diect pointers to the main players rather than spending grindingly boring time trying to establish links which may or may not be there. And, by the nature of the game and finance sector, there will be many links between main players that are perfectly legit.

      But I always keep an open mind and my lateral sensors fully tuned and deployed ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Mr Beaujangles

    Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Whyte!

  14. JohnBhoy

    (whisper) this is Agent JohnBhoy reporting from the gents’ toilets at Ibrox… Charlie’s still in trap 1… it’s gagging in here… can’t take much more (cough)… he just keeps saying the word Cxxx! Cxxx! Cxxx! Cxxx! over and over again… (sotto voce) need to sign off because Ally’s just come in… he’s gone into trap 2… shit, he’s started talking to himself… “Me hates fat Sally. Go Away! My precious pies. We wants it. We needs it. Must have the precious. They stole it from us. Sneaky little hobbitses. Wicked, tricksy, false! No, not master! Yes precious, false. They will cheat you, hurt you. LIE! Master is our friend. No, master taped you. You don’t have any friends; nobody likes you. I’m not listening! I’m not listening! You’re a liar and a thief. You stole those titles! No! Smeagol hates you! Smeagol leave now, never come back.”

  15. charliedon

    I knew the Rangers saga had many twists and turns still to come but this latest one is beyond even my imaginings!
    If Craigie recorded this conversation back in May you can be certain he has recorded more since then. There is speculation why he waited so long to use this, but if he only started doing it in May he wouldn’t want to let the cat out of the bag too soon, he would want to record as many “useful” conversations as possible before revealing his hand. We wait…..

    • ecojon

      @ charliedon

      I think it’s in the timing as the final D&P report has been submitted to the Court and is set in stone and can’t be changed. So then in waltzes Craigie and throws a load of firecrackers into Lord Hodge’s lap and shouts HOWZAT?

  16. ecojon


    Appears not a word in the MSM about the Beeb Excclusive on a sory which touches just about every bit of Scottish society. Well, would you ever? Only the Beeb listing shown – a great Darkness indeed appears to have settled over Scottish Journalism. Perhaps ordinary Scots, particularly taxpayers, who have no interest in football might begin to see how they are kept in the dark.

    And to think I had a crack recently about the Soviet control of the media – when I see the MSM this morning I reckon the KGB must have learnt from us about population control. Well the PR people certainly won last night and the Scottish people lost but the biggest losers will be Scottish newspapers as who would want to continue buying such a gutless product.


    Ally: Little bit of Andy will go a long way Glasgow Evening Times 08:20
    Lee happy to tough it out with battlers of basement rough house Glasgow Evening Times 08:20
    Rally Macleod as Ally hails impact of classy kid Lewis Glasgow Evening Times 08:20

    In the last 2 hours
    Meet Wilson & McKinnon Glasgow Rangers – Official Site 07:26

    Earlier today
    Forty Two Years ago today, Where were you? DoTheBouncy.com 00:37

    A Taylor-made plan to stop breakaway includes ‘Rooney rule’ and instant sackings Daily Mail 23:29 Wed, 24 Oct 2012
    COMPETITION: Win a copy of Downfall โ€“ How Rangers FC self destructed Scotzine.com 23:02 Wed, 24 Oct 2012
    Why Doncasters figures dont Add Up (wild bill’s missed chance) DoTheBouncy.com 22:36 Wed, 24 Oct 2012
    Rangers need to shape up ESPN Soccernet 20:43 Wed, 24 Oct 2012
    Football clubs increasingly in league with myskillz the unique football skills โ€ฆ Yahoo! US 20:14 Wed, 24 Oct 2012

    49,463 Rangers Punters Demonstrate Fans In No Mood To โ€˜Walk Awayโ€™ The Transfer Tavern 18:30 Wed, 24 Oct 2012
    Three Guatemalan players banned for life Edmonton Sun 18:22 Wed, 24 Oct 2012
    Gers deal talks ‘were recorded’ BBC 18:13 Wed, 24 Oct 2012

    • ecojon

      OOPS Mea Culpa

      The Scottish Sun has just been pointed out to me and I hang my heid in shame. However I will now be finding out how come News Now didn’t have it listed. There must be a conspiracy ๐Ÿ™‚


      • charliedon

        Nothing whatsoever in the Daily Record though. In stark contrast to their front page spread ridiculing Craigie following his BBC interview.
        They obviously reckon it won’t be so easy to rubbish this latest revelation so they’re like rabbits caught in the headlights.

        • ecojon

          @ charliedon


          Yea there is – a piece by Traynor but very disjointed and hurried and essentially still blaming Saint Craigie ๐Ÿ™‚ Even the Sun’s a bit strange as they would normally have shown copies of the emails but they may have decided to use it as a dripping roast rather than the too easily devoured succulent lamb.

          I just wonder if they thought an injunction was being sought and if it was and was rejected then that really is a blow for D&P. I expect their American parent company are flying Top Brass across the Atlantic as we clatter. They are a huge concern and will be ruthless if they think this can’t be adequately explained by the London team. They will rightly judge that the media that worry them is the Wall Street Journal and that is who they will act to reassure.

          No doubt pesky bloggers and posters have already alerted said august journal to the connection of a Division 4 backwater Scottish football club to global high finance involving a New York Stock Exchange listed company. No wonder the likes of Naqvi made a hasty exit.

          • charliedon

            Apologies – I must have missed that report when I checked the Record’s website earlier. I find it very strange that Traynor clearly seems to be playing down the seriousness of Duff & Phelps role.

  17. jimCB

    ‘ He wuz wearin a wire…..!!! ‘ ‘You want me to take care of it?’
    No sit tight Paulie ‘This is one I’m going to do myself ‘

  18. I think the season ticket non-attendees explain the attendance discrepancy – at least partly…9,000 is a LOT of season-ticket holders not turning up. And I’m afraid I read the Mark Daly story on the Record website well over an hour ago.
    Mind you, I’m left with one question. Have any of those lying b**tards involved with Rangers over the last decade ever told the f***ing truth about anything EVER? Just wondering…

  19. panbreid

    Thanks ecojon, yeah this mess has many tendrils. For what it’s worth, here’s how i think it plays out. Keith carby was involved in openwork, who teamed up with octopus in omnis, they all meet up in prism ifds, carby is looking to buy paradigm, octopus do a runner, carby picks up the pieces.

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