Neil Doncaster Predicted Doom and Disaster for a Larger SPL – Now He Wants a Larger SPL

I have commented before on the poor record of Mr Doncaster and his crystal balls.

Neil Doncaster prepares to make another prediction of gloom and despair

I am very grateful to for providing a more recent example, which is particularly relevant to today’s announcement from Hampden, copied below.

He is clearly a man not afraid to be swayed from his position by events!


Joint statement on behalf of the Scottish FA, Scottish Premier League and Scottish Football League

The Scottish FA, the Scottish Premier League and the Scottish Football League have, for the past two years, been involved in a series of discussions at Board level with the objective of securing radical and co-ordinated reconstruction of the game in this country.

Today, we are asking clubs to consider a package of reforms which have the potential to rejuvenate Scottish football at senior level and safeguard its future at a time when uncertainty and fear prevail.

The proposals are based on five principles previously outlined by the Scottish FA as key to streamlining Governance, ensuring greater financial distribution and above all, providing better entertainment, enhanced competition and value for money for supporters.

Upon agreement by the respective Boards, the proposals will placed before the SPL and SFL clubs for approval to be activated immediately and phased in over a two-year period.

A working party will be formed, including three representatives from both the SPL and SFL, to devise a new structure for the senior professional game in Scotland.  This group will have an independent Chairman appointed by the Scottish FA.  They will be tasked with delivering by 30th November, 2012, a recommendation for structural change effective 2013/14.  This will incorporate primarily:-

a) The introduction of an enlarged top tier for Scottish Senior Professional Football.

b) A new detailed model for senior professional football in Scotland including number of divisions; number of clubs per division; number of matches per season per division; number of promotion and relegation places per division and the introduction and operation of play-offs.

c) An all-through distribution model providing certainty for all clubs as to the percentage of distributable income which will be received. As a minimum, clubs in the current third and fourth divisions will receive the settlement agreement proportion guaranteed as per the current arrangement. In addition, the value and number of parachute payments to relegated clubs will be considered.

d) The introduction of a pyramid for Scottish football to provide a route for licensed clubs to enter the new structure effective 2014/2015

In the event that a final decision is not reached by 30th November 2012, the Scottish FA will seek to implement a new structure in time for the 2013/2014 season. The members of the working party including Chairman will be announced in the near future and will ensure consultation with all stakeholders prior to final recommendations being made.


On 4th June 2011 The Scotsman reported as follows, including Mr Doncaster’s direct quotes:

Mr Doncaster has been left distraught by the state of Scottish football

Representatives of the various football supporters’ trusts, attending the Supporters Direct Scottish Conference at Hampden, were unimpressed when both SPL chief executive Neil Doncaster and his SFL counterpart David Longmuir made it clear that there is no chance of reverting to a top league of 16 or 18 teams.

In a survey conducted at the turn of the year, 88 per cent of fans canvassed stated they were against a ten-team set-up, with more than three-quarters stating a preference for an SPL of either 16 or 18 clubs.

But the league officials said that would mean a decrease in the number of fixtures and a decline in interest from TV companies, amounting to an estimated 20 million shortfall in the purse currently split between the SPL clubs and the SFL.

Doncaster and Longmuir also said that it would increase the number of meaningless games, which could cause significant drops in home attendances similar to those experienced by both Hibs and Aberdeen this season in post-split games after it became clear that neither team had anything to play for.

“I think the most helpful thing from my point of view was being able to explain that the choice we have is not between a ten and a 16, because football cannot afford at this point to go to a system of once home, once away.

“So we have to look at alternative models that mean playing twice home, twice away because fans cannot afford to pay more for their football but we need to, wherever we can, bring more money into football. If we go to a 16-team league, which would appear to be the fans’ more favoured model, then we would have to find 20m from somewhere else to keep fans on the financial even keel that they are on at the moment and I do not know where that would come from.” (I assume the reference to keeping “fans” on an even keel is a misprint for “teams”.)

He says that, unless money can be freed up by reducing the size of the top league, even the prospect of play-offs between the top two tiers remains a no go.

“If we simply open up more promotion and relegation within the existing 12 then you are asking clubs to vote for an increased chance of being relegated but with no more money in the division below.

“We see the financial pain that Inverness suffered the year before last, Falkirk last year and this year we can see what Hamilton will go through and we have to do something to address the distributions to the First Division and that’s one of the fundamental reasons that ten works, because it immediately puts another 3m into that second tier of football.”


So in June 2011, Mr Doncaster vigorously opposed an increase in the size of the SPL, as it would cost £20 million to keep teams on a financial even keel. If we combine the £20 million loss caused by this change with the £74 squillion loss caused by Rangers demise from the SPL, then Scottish football must be really hard up!

There was also only the possibility of playoffs if the SPL went down to ten teams from twelve. Otherwise it was unaffordable.

Today’s statement however tells us that the SFA, SPL and SFL have been working on these plans for two years (thus avoiding the accusation they are being rushed through with no thought in an effort to help Sevco Rangers, even where the fans of that team do not want the help!).

Part of this plan is:-

a)      The introduction of an enlarged top tier for Scottish Senior Professional Football; and

b)      A new detailed model for senior professional football in Scotland including number of divisions; number of clubs per division; number of matches per season per division; number of promotion and relegation places per division and the introduction and operation of play-offs.

As play-offs already exist apart from between the SPL and SFL, this can only mean that play-offs are to be introduced there. But the SPL is not shrinking to accommodate this.

Mr Doncaster has had a Damascene conversion between last year (when we are told that the negotiations were in full swing) and now.

Mr Doncaster addresses the media with the latest update on the SPL

It would be an unkind person who suggested that Mr Doncaster’s predictions of doom and disaster change from day to day to suit the prevailing crisis, or that he resembles either the Boy Who Cried Wolf, or Henny Penny!

Finally, I fail to see how this proposed structure, to be reviewed and delivered by the end of November 2012, fits in with part (ii) of the resolution to be voted on by the SFL clubs on Friday. Quite how this permits the SFL to achieve entry to SFL1 for Sevco Rangers baffles me.

Neil Doncaster takes to the streets with his message of hope for football in Scotland

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59 responses to “Neil Doncaster Predicted Doom and Disaster for a Larger SPL – Now He Wants a Larger SPL

  1. TheBlackKnight TBK

    Excellent again Paul. The governing bodies latest set of proposals are duplicity at it’s best! Further, whilst casually discussing these proposals for 2 years (despite discounting in 2011 the very proposal we see before us now) we are told these proposals, if permitted are “to be activated immediately”.

    Something really is rotten at the heart of all this, but what (or who) exactly?

    • Hugh Jarse

      Best comment on this so far is the statement from Clyde FC today.

      Club Statement: SFL Meeting
      Thu, 12th Jul 2012 2:40pm

      The Board of Clyde Football Club has received the papers in advance of tomorrows SFL meeting and will consider the Heads of Terms supplied. We continue to have the same fundamental concerns about this process, however the overriding concern is a point which we have made to the SFL.

      We have received absolutely no information on the organisation Sevco Scotland Ltd whom we are being asked, and encouraged, to vote straight into the top division of the SFL under resolution 2 and possibly into SFL 3 under Resolution 1. We have no business plan, list of directors, details of ownership, statement of capital adequacy or any proposals relating to the provision of any similar information in the near future. David Longmuir has clearly stated that he will distribute all the information he has got or is able to distribute.

      Whilst the notion that there is a leap of faith to be taken in terms of some of the matters, there can be no leap of faith with something as fundamental as knowing who is being admitted to the league. The very fact that there is no information of any kind being made available on this company undermines the authorities efforts to direct the new entrant to SFL 1. It is actually impossible for any member of the SFL to make an objective assessment of the proposals under Resolutions 1 and 2 and could be seen as irresponsible to support either proposal in such a void of information.

      It is our hope that some credibility can be introduced to this process and we would ask that whoever holds information on Sevco Scotland Ltd provides a full and detailed pack to David Longmuir in order that even at the eleventh hour the SFL clubs are given reason to support any Resolutions that they might wish to vote on. We have to assume that the SFA and SPL hold such information otherwise they would not press so heavily for entry to SFL 1.

      If a leap of faith is to be taken, then in the current circumstances it will be taken blindly and the only logical outcome of taking that kind of risk would be to enter them to SFL 3, where, should any subsequent issues arise they will be contained within the lowest league rather than disrupting the top flight of the SFL.

      The other matter that is entirely outside the gift of the SFL is the need for the SPL clubs to confirm that contrary to what Neil Doncaster stated on their behalf, the SPL will meet its obligations to the SFL under the Settlement Agreement.

    • Hugh Jarse

      “Something really is rotten at the heart of all this, but what (or who) exactly?”

      The driving force behind this has been Doncaster and Regan. Both are now quite clearly in an untenable situation and both will surely get their jotters in short order.

      That this has been driven by two “outsiders” is surprising and begs the question whether other forces are in play.

      Say for example someone who may have been a director of dead club, perhaps even their company secretary at the time of players being paid by EBT and receiving dual contracts, someone who may have even been paid by EBT himself?

  2. Gerard Madill

    Excellent article, Paul! I have to say, my favourite part of the highly entertaining joint statement is ‘at a time when uncertainty and fear prevail’ – from the people who brought us ‘armageddon’ and ‘financial meltdown’. You really could not make this up!

  3. Schneeb

    To say these guys are as slippery as a sack of eels is to do a serious disservice to eels.

  4. Regan and Doncaster DON’T so much fear for Scottish football if Sevco (rangers) are not allowed into the SFL Div 1…they ARE however . . .absolutely terrified with fear that Scottish football will survive and thrive WITHOUT Sevco and that would be a disaster for the establishment that promotes this garbage of an organisation – eg: Gutter press, bbc, stv, sky, Masonic Lodge, Bigots, Queen and Country patriots, Orange Lodge, Sectarianism, etc, etc,. They are the ones who are putting pressure on Regan and Doncaster to shoehorn Sevco into the SFL at any cost. They, the establishment shadow puppeteers are the ones who are working these two puppets and the curtain is about to fall once and for all.

    • Niall Walker

      Good afternoon Dombhoy,

      To suggest Scottish football would thrive without Sevco is borderng on delusional, I have no particular love or hate for Rangers but there is no denyng they generate a third of all revenue. Scottish football is dying and removing a third of its turnover is hardly going to resurrect it, add this to the inevitable losses in TV-Sponsorship revenue and Scottish football’s survival as an entertainment sport is threatened..

      I seriously question the motives of those who seek the extinction of one of our greatest football attractions, and I see no value in creating an Irish League in Scotland.

      • Hugh Jarse

        Niall, removing a third of that the turnover has no impact if you consider that this turnover is loss making and has been for years,

        Scottish football has not been an entertainment sport for nigh on two decades.

        Fans – outside of the OF – have been turning their backs on Scottish football for years, at a rate of around 100,000 per year based on the SPL’s own figures. The prize is in encouraging those fans back because their clubs have something to play for.

      • Hugh Jarse

        Further, doing without Rangers turnover and financial “might” is irrelevant. That state of affairs was brought about by their large, and extremely messy, insolvency. Remember, the one that screwed over £130 million+ of creditors. This sum is more than the combined debts of the entire SPL by a large margin.

        Consider also Clyde’s statement today.

        “We have received absolutely no information on the organisation Sevco Scotland Ltd whom we are being asked, and encouraged, to vote straight into the top division of the SFL under resolution 2 and possibly into SFL 3 under Resolution 1. We have no business plan, list of directors, details of ownership, statement of capital adequacy or any proposals relating to the provision of any similar information in the near future.”

        This is absolutely damning.

        Too often Sevco and Rangers are being conflated BUT Rangers are dead and Sevco are an unknown quantity. If we are playing by the rules then there should be no debate of admitting “Rangers” to SFL 1 or 3. They are dead. Sevco, on the other hand, meet none of the criteria for SFL membership, yet our officials are trying to move heaven and earth to accommodate them.

        Ironically, there isn’t even any guarantee that Sevco will bring anything like the former RFC’s financial power to the game anyway

      • josephmcgrath112001809

        Scottish football has been dying for years now. The question is ‘Why is it dying?’
        It has been dying with Rangers included so having them back won’t stop it dying. Perhaps you need to look closer at what Scottish football has become. Pauls expose of the national organisations might give us a clue.

  5. Aitch

    Doncaster, Longmuir and Regan should be brought to task by their members for the complicit way they have misinformed and mismanaged the Rangers fiasco. This has nothing to do with restructuring for the good of the game. I haven’t renewed my season ticket as yet but still have my Sky and ESPN subscriptions. I won’t give them up, I love the EPL but I have no wish to contribute any more to this corrupt Association of second rate CEOs not even fit for our second rate leagues. I may be back when there are changes, changes at the top with some honesty, integrity and consideration for the people who keep this game going in Scotland, us, the punters! I’m angry now and wonder where the anger is with the people who sit on the Boards of the member clubs. Enough is enough!

  6. Hugh Jarse

    Neil Doncaster IS doom and disaster for the SPL

  7. mick

    they have lost touch with reality ,they have for years been covering up iregularities at ibrokes and are part to blame for the old co,s demise,they should all step aside after fridays vote were its looking likely sevco will be showing a place in div3 ,doncaster regan longmuir and olgilvie have over step the boundrys of there posts and have devoloped a us and them in all this

  8. “Commit it then to flames; for it can contain nothing but sophistry and illusion.”
    David Hume
    An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding

    Aye, David, whenever I read Mr Doncaster’s latest meanderings, I think of this..

  9. Alexander Kerr Murphy

    Chairmen of Raith Rovers, Clyde, Aberdeen, Hibs, Hearts have all vented on this Tiresome Saga, Our Game is being dragged thru the Mud by those people charged with Running the Show, we need strong Leadership and Direction.

    Celtic and Mr Lawwell, where are you ????

    • Richboy

      I can understand that Lawell is taking a back seat to avoid the impression that Rangers demise is being driven by Celtic, however now is the time to step up before the Scottish game is irreparedly damaged. The Directors of all Scottish foorball clubs must man up and clear the Directors and Chairman at the SFA, SPL and SFL.

      Doncaster throws out a scenario that he admits to having no clue as to how it will work. Increasing the number of teams above 14 means one home/one away or dividing the league into groups similar to the American NFL with a series of playoffs and finals to close the season. Can anyone imagine this working in Scotland?

      Simply put, Doncaster is a muppet.

  10. Peter

    On a lighter note – had to laugh at this comment on a BBC article: “Expanded SPL included in proposed overhaul” at

    englishman abroad
    2 Hours ago

    Who would have thought that Scottish football could ever be so entertaining.

    When all of this is over what will the movie and musical be called:

    Once Upon A Time In The West

    As Good As It Gets

    The Unforgiven

    The Anti-Social Network

    The Usual Suspects II

    Titanic II

    Reservoir Dogs II

    Friday The 13th – The Prequel

    Indecent Proposal I, II & III


  11. KD

    What happens….just to be cruel and stir things up a bit,
    Friday 13th, “Welcome to SPL Div1” The plan worked.
    Friday 27th “Oops, we Sevco (whateverwearethisweek) don’t have enough income to cover the bills, can we go into administration please?
    Have Mr D & Mr R got Plan Z worked out yet?

  12. Alexander Kerr Murphy

    In Reply to Richboy,

    I fully understood the silence from Celtic Park in February, March and maybe even April, since then however the Game has been dragged thru the Mud so much that it would appear that Celtic’s Silence is now supporting the Crass efforts of the SPL, SFA and to a lesser extent the SFL to Bully Rangers into SFL 1 without 3 years Accounts, with However Massive Debts and apparent Corruption.

    Mr. Lawwell annouced that CFC could live without Sevco as RFC no longer exist, it is time to come out and Support the Celtic and Scottish Football Fans in General.

    In the words of the Brave Turnbell Hutton, we may as well send our Mascots to Friday’s Meeting, such is the Pantomine that is being Played Out.

    Peter, on a much lighter note, England did so well at Euro 12.

  13. p groom

    here we go again . this statement leads to yet another scenario to baffle the voters on friday. these guys dont work on the kiss principle do they? this statement surely does not meet the promise that the sfl members would be fully informed before the meeting. ( and how could they be? the plans for reform are far too wide ranging and complex to have been set out in just a week). as far as I can see it merely states some objectives and lays down the mechanisms to discuss them via a working party to report by a specified date. after that the clubs can be asked for their views but not before. but of course sfa/spl/sfl/ boards want a yes on friday to part (ii) and will use it not for reform but to shoehorn sevco into div 1. it is preposterous to expect agreement on such an issue before even the debating process has started.
    dont be fooled sfl members; reject part (i) and thus ensure your board does not sell you down the river by voting yes to part (ii). dont be fooled sfl board; reject part (ii) if it comes before you based as it is on a promise of major reforms which havent even been formulated yet. we need an answer from messrs regan longmuir and doncaster to the following: if the sfl board rejects part (ii) ( assuming the members voted for part (i) ) will you still go ahead with the reform programme anyway? if the answer is no we will at least all know where we stand but if more likely they say yes the response to that is a resounding ” so what has it got to do with getting sevco into div 1. ?”

  14. Robert

    In 2011 Ibrox alone accounted for 28% of SPL match attendances (Henry McLeish STV News 3rd July 2012) and taking away support into account Rangers supporters accounted for some 31% of SPL match attendances.

    Without Rangers in the SPL is the overall SPL attendance going to be maintained by increased attendances at other clubs (and I do not mean Celtic when I ask this question)? No, they will continue to argue “sporting integrity” or some other reason as to why they will not support their team in the SPL, even although Rangers will not be in the SPL. The consequence is that there is going to be a massive drop in overall SPL attendances .

    Hence, there is all of a sudden an urgent need for a strategy to increase SPL attendances. It is too late now to do anything about the 2012/2013 season and it may be too late to do anything about the 2013/2014 season.
    The problem with the 12 team SPL league structure is that it just is not competitive, with 10 of the teams tended to lose (not always but most of the time) when they were playing Celtic or Rangers so they were at a 24 point disadvantage. With Rangers out of the SPL it is reduced to 12 point disadvantage. However, this is still too much. So increasing the SPL league size so that the number of times they play Celtic is reduced will result in a more competitive league and a more competitive league should mean a better supported league.

    • JimmyS

      re: “The consequence is that there is going to be a massive drop in overall SPL attendances .”

      why is this relevant?

      as you said “Ibrox alone accounted for 28% of SPL match attendances ”

      so there were high attendances but 28% of that money disappeared straight into Rangers coffers. And look at all the good it did them.

      Rangers away support might be an issue for the remaining clubs but it can also be a positive thing as the teams have more to play for and many home fans stayed away when Rangers came to town anyway.

    • Hugh Jarse

      Bear in mind that the majority of that 31% was income for an organisation that lost money. Successful businesses don’t just need turnover, they need PROFITABLE turnover. There is a definite “so what” factor to this lost revenue.

      As for attendances, they may well recover. The SPL has been losing 100,000 fans a year for several years now – mainly because the diddies know that it’s rigged and have long since got bored. Interest will pick up without Rangers.

      • Ernesider

        We need more guys like you contributing, to cut through the ‘lies damned lies and statistics

        31% would indeed be a massive drop in attendance, but if the income from 28% of this has been going into Rangers bottomless pockets, then it is irrelevant. What I would have liked from you was an analysis of how the loss of the remaining 3% would affect the future economies of the remaining clubs. Taking your figures and doing a bit of research I have worked out that the other clubs would lose on average the income from around 8,500 Rangers fans per annum. At £20 per head that would amount to £170,000 per club. I don’t know how seriously this loss would affect some clubs.

        I could be completely wrong in my calculations and as you seem to have the figures on hand I will be more than happy to be corrected. But in future could you please just give the bare figures instead of using alarmist phrases like, ‘massive drop in attendance’ which paint a distorted picture and I hope that is not your agenda.

  15. Tyke Bhoy

    Good to see they are planning ahead for Sevco with point d. Introduction of a pyramid system might just get Triggers Broom FC back into senior fitba in 14/15 😉

  16. Stuart

    According to the BBC, “The only proposed change for the coming season would be the introduction of a promotion/relegation play-off between the top two divisions”.

    I wonder which hypothetical club that Doncaster wants to see in SFL Division One might hope to benefit from a possible second bite at the cherry?

  17. JimBhoy

    I usually (try) and bring something to the table. but we face a bigger revolution, fek newco,

    Scottish football authorities grow a pair and shut the fuk up listen to chairmen. Don’t try and rush through meaningless crap to justify your job, stay to see a good future ot fuk off..

    u think the SPL hard nuts will listen to the SFL guys… Reform needed

    All in the SFL……. abstain!!!!, what will they do? leave the vote wi the numpties…whatever the fuk they ask anyways… who knows?

  18. Jim

    Just been looking at D&P’s report. I appreciate it was a complex situation, but as someone who works in the health service, it makes me sick to the stomach that these guys charge 300 plus per hour for doing a sh*t job!

    Fascinating reading, they obviously never had any intention of getting the creditors a good deal.

  19. Jason

    On Rangers Media and excerpt from the latest babblement:

    “paid dearly for that with fines, a Euro ban, relegation, points deduction and other potential sanctions.”

    The article started off ok and as usual by the time the talk of “punishment” came along it had turned to custard. Can someone tell me exactly when Rangers were relegated? and what are these “fineS”. Isn’t it just 160k?

    Pts deduction for admin – fair enough eh Motherwell, Gretna, Livingston?
    Potential sanctions?? WTF !?? Moaning about things that have not even taken place yet!

    Have you EVER know such a “Head in the Sand” attitude towards wrongdoings? By the Rangers Media benchmark of punishment the Yorkshire Ripper should have been given 6 weeks remand or 4 weeks with good behaviour.

    Hilarious. 🙂

    • Stuart

      Technically, they are correct about the fines part. It was £10k for failing to inform the SFA about Craig Whyte’s disqualification, £50k for insolvency, and £100k for bringing the game into disrepute. Three separate fines so the plural is correct. The best lies always contain some truth.

  20. JT

    Could it be that agreement to this proposal to set up a working party to discuss the changes will be considered the “agreement” required in resolution ii, thereby allowing the SFL to place Sevco into SFL1?

    However, given that the SFA will only “seek to implement” rather than actually implement a restructuring of the Leagues if agreement is not reached by 30 November, some sceptics could see that this leaves room for nothing to change! What happens if the working party decides the current setup is the best structure?!

    • p groom

      yes it absolutely frigging could. see my long-winded (sorry) conclusions above. we can only hope the sfl members and board may read our blogs… its their decisions that matter in the end and I will respect though regret if they decide IMHO to be bamboozled by sfa and spl.

  21. Marching on Together

    In fairness to Doncaster, one of the arguments against expanding the size of the SPL, was that clubs would get one less visit from Rangers each season, with the drop in income as a result. As they are now getting two less visits, this objection no longer stands.

  22. ian lewis

    As the large drop in attendances and hence loss of income will be due to the Ibrox reduction the other clubs should not worry too much-particularly those that had only one Rangers visit per season with the attendant rise in costs asociated with Rangers-police,security etc.

  23. Doncaster and co are treating us like little children that won’t see through their desperation, lies and bull. These new proposals stink of desperation and are only being put to us because of the demise of the rfc(soon to be deceased). I am totally flabbergasted and disgusted with the total brass neck of these clowns. We were told that conflicts of interest would not be a problem within the corridors of Scottish football well they well and truly are. In desperate times you need a leader that will steer you through and be optimistic about the future even telling us about the fantastic opportunity we have ahead of us, maybe even stating that there is no place in Scottish football for liars cheats and bigots. Mr Doncaster is different tho he seems to be listening to others because I don’t believe he has come up with master plan all on his own. So who could be the people that have caught the ears of Mr Doncaster? Campbell Ogilvie perhaps? Or maybe all the other ex rfc men that hold prominent position within Scottish football. The most frustrating thing is that Doncaster and the rest of his cronies don’t think or care that we will see through their scheming lying cheating. Well I can and most supporters I have spoken to can, funny thing that none of the MSM can or maybe they do and they too have conflict of interest? I just hope the SFL chairmen can see through the lies and cries of these desperate men if they do they will give Scottish football the chance to seize an opportunity if they don’t we may well get our Armageddon of Scottish football.

  24. Robert

    The SPL does need take some action to make up for the potential 31% drop in the overall SPL match attendances by Rangers no longer being in the league.

    The SPL needs to be more competitive league, in order to become a better supported league and one way to achieve this is to reduce the number of times Celtic plays the other teams by increasing the league size.

  25. Ernesider

    Just signing in. Sitting on the couch with my fags and coffee and pad computer waiting for the latest developments (devious comes to mind).
    Is this the calm before the storm or will the Scottish football authorities finally realize how out of touch they are. Who can tell? I have Rabbie Burns on standby to say a few words if there is another sell out.
    When was the last one? 1707 actually.

  26. mick

    apart from the keyboard clatterers as jim traynor calls every1 on here ,the only person to come out was turnbull hutton of raithrovers he academicly asked questions and begged to differ he has took on board what his own fans want and the sevco fans and the whole of scotland and is voteing sevco into div3 so are most sfl teams so hopefully after that we can get ride of donchaster and his tripping croonies they have embaressed there selfs and are a laughing stock ,we are all turnbull hutton

  27. mick

    kirkcaldy great for sea views fish and chips shopping on the towns high street and a great place to visit to see raith rovers the town that gave us turnbull hutton

  28. Peter

    I am Turnbull Hutton !

  29. Ernesider

    “Would you buy a used car from this man” The old Kennedy quip about Richard Nixon comes to mind.

    “Well here’s the deal. The old fuel guzzling banger you have there will be replaced free of charge by a brand new modern economy model that will last you for years to come and as an additional bonus we will throw in a years free petrol and lifetime membership of the Country Club. Just sign this agreement giving us permission to dispose of this heap of scrap and leave the rest to us. May be a while before you get your new car, but don’t worry you can trust us.”

  30. thelegendthatis

    If you want to join in getting your message across have a look at

    For those who feel strongly it would be good if they sent E mails to the SFL offices, with copies to SFA and SPL saying what we want. The heading needs to be for “For the attention of Brechin” or whatever. A separate email for each club chairman!

    Use your own words for the email if you want.

    I have chosen videos which demonstrate honesty to be attached to the email to make sure they get there ok. If we can get a few thousand emails going it should be significant enough to make them pay attention

  31. mick

    theres only 1 turnbull hutton 1 turnbull hutton 1turnbull hutton

  32. mick

    what a responce from the diddy teams together there bigger than the sfa spl sfl the big 2 now a big 1 ,scotland has done its self proud on this showing a great force of togetherness agianst cheats and goal post shifters that are pro sevco ,they were underestimated and are sending regan longmuir and doncaster back home to think agian lol the saying diddy team was made by the msm pro dodo and n

  33. mick

    now the lamb eating days are coming to a end some1 better explian to jim traynor what chopped pork is a wonder if he will like smokey bacon crisps on it like the rest of scotland lola bet they wont believe you when you tell them that chop pork is healthier than lamb thats proven in science by the way mcghees rolls with jim welcome to the real world theres no wine its irn bru or tea lol

  34. mick

    old co new co sevco tesco

  35. mick

    with out the net all this would have been hushed up ,the days of getting your daily news in the morning at the shops have gone for most people due to the lies they print in scotland the rtc bloggers have changed the whole countrys perspective of the media and exposed curupttion at the highest level of our game and throw truth on the table for the smaller clubs to see and for the fans to well done what an acheviment

  36. mick

    reduce your carbon foot print dont buy msm papers think of the lies the amozon and the constant killing of spiecies and the ink polutes rivers ,you will save money and protect your enviroment at same time flick throw msm websites and laugh at it as its all lies they have us living like its the truman show good morning good afternoon good evening incase a dont see ya lol

  37. Robert

    Taking Rangers out of the SPL what are we left with? I am not arguing that Rangers should be back in the SPL but rather what we will be left with is a very uncompetitive league with one dominant team, unless action is taken to make it more competitive. Have a look at the analysis in the following report and ask yourself the question if Rangers is taken out of the analysis how appealing is what remains

    Click to access 0,,10291~160369,00.pdf

    • mick

      aberdeen dun utd and st johnstone or hearts can challenge and build and become the same as celtic just like the 80s before the financial doping started why say other wise keep your cup havle full it releases more positive energy

    • Jason

      Robert – i think that is simply a consequence of the way the league has been run i the last 20 years. No-one is denying that it will be uncompetitive but that can be addressed and should have been addressed 2 years ago by Regan and Doncaster. – not now as a panic measure.

      Rangers must be in the SFL purely on the reasoning of applying the rules. Money must have no place in this discussion. If there is anything other than this decision on Friday then we really are in a world of football armageddon.

      • Robert

        We need to separate out what happens to Rangers and what needs to be done to improve the SPL to make it more competitive. I agree this should have been done long before now, but it was not, hence the situation the SPL is in today. The SPL and the SFL need to discuss this at meetings at which Rangers is not on the agenda.

  38. Robert

    I am afraid in the post above you will to copy and paste in the complete web address.

  39. mick

    rangers are not out of the spl they went into liquidation and there brick and motar sold to green who has registered them at company house as sevco rangers are dead ding dong the whitch is dead its a done deal ,its cloneing in its worst form at scotlands saying no to it .

  40. David C MacKenzie

    @Hugh Jarse
    July 12, 2012 at 4:53 pm

    Thank you. I spent quite a while trying to put down what I thought, and always ended up saying much the same as you, ending up with a Battleship McPotemkin sailing up the Clyde. That is precisely the point. The Scottish football that they want to rescue was built on a model which, certainly in its latter days, may even have involved criminality in the witholding of PAYE and NI by one of the major players, and payments to players that were against the rules. Time needs to be taken to sort the mess out, not a headlong rush over a cliff, based on decisions made at haste, they need to remember that the other side of that is “repent at leisure”.

    I have bookmarked a link to a site that provides links to articles dealing with the Rangers situation. One of these links is to Rangers Media, and has them seeing themselves as the saviours of Scottish football. That is outrageous, but that has come about, in part because that is how Doncaster and others have actually set them up. Far from being the villains of the piece, they become the heroes to be trumpeted into the First Division, or wherever that can save Scottish Football. I am sorry, but that cannot be seen to be the case. The last thing we need is an unreconstructed Rangers mentality going around.

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