Why, Even With Yes Vote, SFL Board Can’t (But Will) Put Sevco into SFL1

In which I look at the blatant tactics of three men to assist a party which is a member of no football organisation in Scotland, and which is not asking for the “help“ it is getting. I suggest that Clyde FC get it, again, spot on, and I wonder how the fact that we have a secret ballot today could affect the outcome.

I also point out that, logically, the SFL Board cannot be in position, standing the terms of the restructuring ideas mentioned, to have reached the agreement which the resolution needs them to have reached to admit “Rangers” to SFL1. Though that will not stop them, I am sure.

Finally, if the SFL teams stick to their guns, it would be appropriate for Messrs Doncaster, Regan and Longmuir to resign today. (But they won’t).

Today’s meeting of the 30 Scottish Football League Chairmen to discuss league reconstruction proposals might be the most significant in Scottish football since the SPL was created in 1998 and possibly since the teams agreed to move from the two-league structure with the adoption of the Premier Division in 1975.

The teams are being asked to consider the following proposals for League reconstruction (with thanks to STV):-


“Draft Heads of Terms

A) In the event that Sevco Scotland Limited is admitted as Associate Member of Scottish Football League and that Rangers FC shall be directed to play in the First Division of the SFL during season 2012/13 by resolutions approved by general meeting by SFL on Friday 13th July, then the following are to be implemented.

  1. Subject to The Rangers FC plc (in administration) signing a stock transfer in favour of Dundee or Dunfermline FC, a resolution will be tabled to a general meeting of the SPL to approve the registration of the transfer of that share.
  2. A payment of a minimum of £1 million + VAT will be made by the SPL to SFL to purchase the broadcasting and other rights in respect of SFL Division One next season.
  3. A resolution will be tabled to a general meeting to allow for play-offs at end of season 2012/13.
  4. A working party will be formed, including three representatives from both the SPL and SFL, to devise a new structure for the senior professional game in Scotland.

a) The introduction of an enlarged top tier for Scottish Senior Professional Football.

b) A new detailed model for senior professional football in Scotland including number of divisions; number of clubs per division; number of matches per season per division; number of promotion and relegation places per division and the introduction and operation of play-offs.


I) A combined rule book

II) Governance recognising that one league body should have a chairman and two non-executive directors (to be appointed by the board and nominated by a panel with equal representation between i. the top division and ii. the other divisions). Three directors elected by clubs in top division and two directors elected by clubs in remaining divisions.

III) In the event that any change to the rules has any bearing on position rights, divisional structure including promotion and relegation, then any change would require the support of 75% outside of top tier of football clubs.

IV) An all through distribution model, providing certainty for all clubs as to the percentage of distributable income that would be received.

V) An integrated executive.

d) The introduction of a pyramid for Scottish football to provide a route for licensed clubs to enter the new structure effective 2014/2015.

e) The value and number of parachute payments to be made across the new structure.

f) The Scottish FA to invest in a restructuring budget to facilitate the delivery of the above domestic structure.

In the event that a final decision is not reached by 30th November 2012, the Scottish FA will seek to implement a new structure in time for the 2013/2014 season. The members of the working party including Chairman will be announced in the near future and will ensure consultation with all stakeholders prior to final recommendations being made.

These heads of terms are not intended to be a contractual agreement which is legally binding between the parties.”


These proposals, as referred to in a joint statement by the SFA, SPL and SFL, have been under consideration for two years, and now are at the stage, after detailed analysis of the McLeish Report and its detailed conclusions and review of the future of Scottish football, where they can be presented to the SFL clubs, so that they can approve the fine-tuning process leading to a final report by 30th November 2012, with a view to a new structure for season 2013-2014.

Clearly the Scottish football authorities deserve nothing but praise for the thorough process they are undertaking in an effort to ensure that Scottish football can thrive again, despite the major economic and social problems it faces.

One could be churlish and suggest that, after a two year consultation process internally, as clearly the member clubs have not been party to this, they might have been closer to a finish, but these matters are so important that it would be wrong to rush into a hasty decision. Decide in haste, repent at leisure, as the saying goes.


Don’t worry, I have not taken leave of my senses!

All of what I said above might be correct, as long as what the SFL clubs are considering today was the above proposal minus Section A. However, Section A in the proposal, coupled with part (ii) of the proposal which will be voted on today actually makes clear what a shameful episode this is in Scottish football.

To remind readers, part (ii) of the proposal reads as follows:-

That the Scottish Football League Members direct the Board of Management of The Scottish Football League (the “Board”) to provide that Rangers F.C. shall play in the Third Division of the Scottish Football League during Season 2012/13 unless the Board shall have to its satisfaction negotiated and reached agreement with The Scottish Premier League and The Scottish Football Association on a series of measures which the Board shall consider to be in the best interests of the game, how it is structured, how it is governed and how it is financed, whereupon the Board shall be authorised to provide that Rangers F.C. shall play in the First Division of the Scottish Football League during Season 2012/13.

As I wrote here, this involves the SFL members, if they approve the application of Sevco Scotland Ltd for membership, agreeing to “Rangers FC” playing in SFL3 in the season which is due to start with the Ramsdens Cup in 15 days. If the SFL Board considers that it has reached agreement with the SPL and SFA on measures to revise the game, then the SFL Board can parachute “Rangers FC” into SFL1.

Part A of the details now given to SFL members states:-

“In the event that Sevco Scotland Limited is admitted as Associate Member of Scottish Football League and that Rangers FC shall be directed to play in the First Division of the SFL during season 2012/13 by resolutions approved by general meeting by SFL on Friday 13th July, then the following are to be implemented.

  1. 1.       Subject to The Rangers FC plc (in administration) signing a stock transfer in favour of Dundee or Dunfermline FC, a resolution will be tabled to a general meeting of the SPL to approve the registration of the transfer of that share.
  2. 2.       A payment of a minimum of £1 million + VAT will be made by the SPL to SFL to purchase the broadcasting and other rights in respect of SFL Division One next season.
  3. 3.       A resolution will be tabled to a general meeting to allow for play-offs at end of season 2012/13.
  4. 4.       A working party will be formed, including three representatives from both the SPL and SFL, to devise a new structure for the senior professional game in Scotland.”

Let’s look at this logically.

To admit “Rangers FC” to SFL1, the SFL Board needs:-

(a)    approval of part (ii) by its members, and

(b)   to have reached agreement on measures to restructure the game.

Part A states that, if “Rangers FC” is admitted to SFL1, then there will be a working party formed to devise a new structure for the professional game in Scotland.

Therefore, by definition, there has not been agreement on the measures to restructure Scottish football, as if there had been there would not be a working party set up, nor would the following sentence appear:-

“In the event that a final decision is not reached by 30th November 2012, the Scottish FA will seek to implement a new structure in time for the 2013/2014 season.”

In theory of course the SFL members could approve part (ii) of the proposal and the SFL Board could say that there had been no agreement, so “Rangers FC” starts season 2012-2013 in SFL3. As there are no finalised proposals, there therefore can be no agreement regarding these matters – at best there is “an agreement to agree”.

So, to admit “Rangers FC” to SFL1 requires the SFL Board to be party to a lie.

In therory, a member of the SFL denied promotion by this manoevre, being Airdrie and Stranraer, could consider action agauinst the SFL Board for breaking its rules to their detriment.


Not one of the SPL member clubs voted in favour of the transfer of the SPL share held by Rangers Football Club PLC to Sevco Scotland Ltd.

However the CEO of the SPL, Mr Doncaster, has now put together this package contingent on “Rangers FC” playing in SFL1. The SFL is being offered a “bung” of £1 million to admit “Rangers FC” to SFL1. Of course it does not mention Mr Doncaster’s threat that, if the vote went in favour of SFL3, the SPL would refuse to pay the £2 million which it is contractually due to pay to the SFL as part of the Settlement Agreement.

Does that remain his position, or that of the SPL, or has he withdrawn the threat, having been politely told his company would be in breach of contract?

Mr Doncaster’s position was, and may still be, that the SFL clubs between them stand to “lose” £3 million if the vote goes against SFL1 admission.

Mr Doncaster is the CEO. He has certain powers in that role. He is answerable to the SPL Board and ultimately to the SPL members.

It has never been made clear whether or not this proposal is one cooked up by Mr Doncaster, and as to the involvement of the SFA, the position is the same as regards Mr Regan, or one approved by the Board or informally by the members.

As to the threats that, if the vote goes against SFL1, the SFA would create an SPL2, and admit “Rangers FC” to that, has that been approved only by the respective CEO’s or by the Boards, or by the members?

It cannot be imposed only by the CEO’s of each organisation.

There is also a threat implied in the proposal that, should the SFL not approve SFL1 for “Rangers FC”, then there will not be promotion, and both Dundee and Dunfermline will remain in the SFL. How the SPL could therefore play one team short would be a problem, but it would leave a hole for a “Rangers FC” to drop into next season.


The ironic thing about today is that, despite all of the problems for Scottish football governance which have been caused by Rangers FC over recent times, they, and Sevco Scotland Ltd, are almost blameless in this.

Mr Green, after the disastrous meeting of the SPL members, has kept quiet, as he promised. A certain amount of humility, even if forced, has been shown. The only thing that Sevco Scotland Ltd could have done would have been to announce that, in accordance with the wishes of its supporters and manager, it would only accept a place in SFL3.

However Mr Green’s interest, which is entirely legitimate, in maximising return on his group’s investment means that he would much prefer the admission to be to SFL1.

As I said, Sevco cannot be blamed for this particular mess.


So what are we left with?

As Clyde FC stated yesterday:-

We have received absolutely no information on the organisation Sevco Scotland Ltd whom we are being asked, and encouraged, to vote straight into the top division of the SFL under resolution 2 and possibly into SFL 3 under Resolution 1.

We have no business plan, list of directors, details of ownership, statement of capital adequacy or any proposals relating to the provision of any similar information in the near future. David Longmuir has clearly stated that he will distribute all the information he has got or is able to distribute.

“Whilst the notion that there is a leap of faith to be taken in terms of some of the matters, there can be no leap of faith with something as fundamental as knowing who is being admitted to the league.

“The very fact that there is no information of any kind being made available on this company undermines the authorities’ efforts to direct the new entrant to SFL 1.

It is actually impossible for any member of the SFL to make an objective assessment of the proposals under Resolutions 1 and 2 and could be seen as irresponsible to support either proposal in such a void of information.”

In light of that it is clear that the football authorities in Scotland are, all three of them, pushing an agenda which is for the clear benefit of one party only (and which is actually not yet a member of the SFL, the SFA or the SPL).

In addition, the entity which wants to play as Rangers still faces determination of an application for SFA membership, and resolution of at least two major disciplinary processes.

The horror stories about losses of millions to Scottish football are unvouched. Mr Doncaster and Mr Regan give the impression of plucking huge figures out of the air. Indeed the ever increasing tales of woe spouted by them bring to mind the Four Yorkshireman sketch.

The leaders of Scottish football meet to discuss just how bad things can get…

Scottish football has come to a stage where important decisions must be taken. However, what the three bodies are pushing through seems to go against the very purposes for which they exist.

Because of dithering and delay, we are 15 days from the start of the football season. The whole league structure is to be, if the SPL/SFA threat is to be believed, ripped up and rebuilt. Whilst it took God six days to create the universe, He did not have to deal with the articles of the SFA and the rules of the SFL.

To create SPL2 would require teams to leave the SFL in breach of their contracts.

What Should Happen Today?

As the Clyde statement put it so eloquently, the real choice faced by the SFL members today is whether to allow a “Rangers FC” to play at all this season. The way the vote has been framed, and all the attendant publicity, has been to the effect that the choice is SFl1 or SFL3. This is like the tactic taught to salesmen. Do not ask the customer of they want to buy a car. Instead ask if they want it in blue or red.

I suspect that the SFL members will swallow hard and agree to admit Sevco to SFL3, although the case for rejecting them now is strong. If Spartans or Cove Rangers produced as little information as has come from Sevco, would they even get on the ballot paper? I doubt it.

If the SFL votes in favour of part (ii), especially bearing in mind the publicly stated preferences so far, then this would appear to be as a result of shameful bullying and bribery by the bodies who are meant to look after their members’ interests.

As it is a secret ballot of course, we will not know who has voted what way, unless the parties themselves announce it.

The clear implication that, if SFL1 is rejected, the involvement of the SFL in re-structuring will be ignored, and the SPL and SFA will impose a solution is shameful.

If the vote goes in favour of Sevco in SFL1 today, then this will be confirmation, if such was needed, that the football authorities are only interested in one thing, and that is not the interests of the members or sporting integrity.

If the vote goes against the proposals, and Sevco are refused admittance or only permitted to enter a team in SFL3, then if they were honourable men, Messrs Regan, Doncaster and Longmuir should immediately resign, as their positions would be untenable (although they may be that already).

They should also make clear, and in fact ought to have done so by now, whether these plans come only from the CEO’s, or the respective boards or indeed from the SPL members.

Scottish football faces a monumental decision today. Let’s hope that the SFL members do what is right.

What would be right, in my opinion, would be for the proposals to admit Sevco to be rejected. Leave the SFL one team short for a year. Allow the football authorities time to decide how to re-structure, and invite applications for the extra place there will be, thus giving the football rulers time to assess the applicants properly, and also time for them to decide what to do with the “Rangers” disciplinary matters.

However, nothing will surprise me in this saga, and we await the news from Hampden today.



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67 responses to “Why, Even With Yes Vote, SFL Board Can’t (But Will) Put Sevco into SFL1

  1. redetin

    “I) A combined rule book”
    I’m sure this isn’t a joke, but its going to lead to a few.

  2. Duncan Brown

    The Clyde FC statement is right on the button.
    Given the paucity of information on Sevco Scotland, there are only two sensible options open to SFL clubs at today’s vote:
    On the (highly partial) assumption that ONLY Sevco Scotland will be considered for any place that becomes available in the SFL:
    1. Defer any decision until adequate info is available on Sevco Scotland, or,
    2. Deny Sevco Scotland entry to the SFL.

    Whatever decision is made, Sevco Scotland should not end today as a member of the SFL.

  3. redetin

    “What would be right, in my opinion, would be for the proposals to admit Sevco to be rejected. Leave the SFL one team short for a year. ”

    What would be right, in MY opinion, would be….Leave the SPL one team short for a year. The SPL caused the problem, either by the action of one team or by lack of action by the SPL board and SFA. The SPL should therefore take the consequences to itself. This has the advantage of not disrpupting other leagues whose are ready to play their scheduled fixtures.

  4. james larkin

    gordon smith
    last night went on about rangers being kicked out of the spl !
    he also went on about how everyone wants to have a go at rangers and that rangers had a massive fan base and won 54 league titles and been in 4 euro finals.
    maybe he doesn’t realise rangers have went bust (on his watch) and as a result are no longer able to be a member of the spl/sfa – so have not been kicked out…and that sevco have not published 3 years worth of accounts, so do not qualify for a license.
    [and he was in charge of the sfa] [ffs !!]

    • mick

      gorden forgot to mention 7 titles belong to celtic due to financial doping ,was gordon not a ebt recevier ???a for years thought gorden smith was crooked and a players agent who did he sell and to whom a bet it was laiden with brown envolpes he was on whytes board and when the shit hits the fan with the police investigation a bet hes done wrong

      • JimBhoy

        Hi Mick i long thought this would be the sweetest part of this debacle. When FINALLY the football authorities would make a call to take the ill-gotten trophies from oldco and give them to the next best, in most cases Celtic. I have kinda mellowed on that idea now, do we want the tainted trophies… Why not expel them to history showing a note besides the trophy saying “*** Void due to Rangers breaking SFA rules” Forever… This would serve as a remimder thru time… Fek it you know what, even better give the trophies to the next best and also have a note saying “*** Given to the team cheated by Rangers” hail hail..

      • Ernesider

        With JimBhoy on this one. Tour de France comes to mind as regards to tainted titles.

    • Ernesider

      Or maybe:
      Won by Rangers – “The Club That Died of Shame”

  5. Peter

    A long long time ago
    I can still remember how that football used to make me smile
    And I knew if I had my chance
    That I could make those people chant
    And maybe they’d be happy for a while
    But July 14th made me shiver
    With every paper I’d deliver
    Bad news on the doorstep
    I couldn’t take one more step
    I can’t remember if I cried
    When I read about that Sevco side
    But something touched me deep inside
    The day the football died

    • mick

      every day in the news another dig of those cheating blues you were sold for just a single buck now your out of luck and you we couldent give a fxxk the day that sevco die,were headen for a bevvy let the guniess run dry oh this could be the day that sevco die

      • Peter

        love it
        hope for the best, prepare for the worst

      • Peter

        I met a guy who cheered the blues
        And I asked him for some happy news
        But he just smiled and turned away
        I went down to that tesco store
        Where they’d played the football years before
        But the man there said that football wasn’t played
        And in the streets Ali screamed
        The followers cried, and Green still dreamed
        But not a word was spoken
        The church bells all were broken
        And the three men I admire most-
        Donk and Reg and Longmuir’s ghost
        They caught the last train for the coast
        The day that sevco died
        And they were singing

  6. Boss Hogg

    The proposals of Messrs Doncaster, Regan and Longmuir should not be regarded as any kind of solution and the experienced chairmen of SFL clubs will already know this. What is being proposed is nothing more than short term expediency. The apparent compulsion of the three musketeers to do the wrong thing, for the wrong reasons, will have disastrous consequences as they seek to restore the comfortable and rotten world they know.

    Making a bad choice between right and wrong always ends in tears. If the SFL club chairmen are in any doubt at all they should do what feels right and allow natural justice to prevail. That will eventually produce the best outcome.

  7. mick

    great morning read paul a wish every1 involved took the clyde stance ,its it not the case its regan and doncasters fault rfc went to wall if they had not turned a blind eye to all the wrong paper work at ibrokes things might have worked out diffrent for the dodo,a feel the socalled diddy teams as msm is called them for years will deliver a div3 blow or even worst no league at all its friday the 13th the day we have all been waiting for

  8. mick

    no matter what happens today stay mentally positive and dont let them fill you with there negative energys ,is the msm in the west coast bad for your health and mental well being with all the lies and spoof storys to suit there mates that serve them lamb ?will the death of the old firm see a drop in heart diseses and strokes due to less binge drinking and and fans getting tence about it all what a great positive affect this will all have on our city

  9. Ulysses54

    I have the feeling that all these points about which league Sevco/Newco/Rangers will play in next season are moot. Will they have enough money to field a team in any division next season?

  10. mick

    now rangers are gone and theres every chance that there grandchildren will be celtic fans ,should celtic be looking to creat a 100,000 seater stadium to acomidate the gap in the market we all no there is a potential 100,000 fans in glasgow who regulary watch football ,why has the sfa not mentioned buring the old firm axe and moving on together to become a cosmipolitian city with 1 team that would pull the biggest crowds in europe ,thats the way forward and thats the future a hope for glasgow ,how would you view the stadium if 50,000 turned up for opening day havle full ?or havle empty ?havle full means your porseption of things is positive havle empty means you have let msm infultrate your mind lol

  11. mick

    if you read the daily record and sun your increaseing your chances of depression and while you read throw the lies it will fill you with bitterness which leads to strokes cancer and heart deseas dont buy the msm papers they are bad for your health and relise negative energys ,also your reducing you carbon foot print and saving trees and money .

  12. mick

    as turnbull hutton said “there making it up as they go along”

  13. John Pollock

    Your fingers must be red raw Paul! Let the revolution begin.

  14. mick

    they have all took there seats now were waiting on the vote

  15. mick

    go to trendmap and punch in sfl and you will get the news as it happens its a share info site twitter second by second factual info

  16. KD

    A while ago I used the Churchill quote that we had not reached the end but the end of the beginning.
    I fear that if the Three Musketeers impose Newco on SFL1 then we have reached the end and the revolution will begin in ernest.

    • mick

      scotland is a passive country we go about our days carefree, but when you fxxk with our love of soccer and integrity then all that changes am proud of all the little teams in scotland they are the force not the spl or sfa the sfl have the biggest numbers and they are the back bone of the game and today they are going to show this .

      • ecojon

        Mick – I must admit that I’m humbled by by the so-called ‘diddy’ teams and the principled stance that they took.

  17. Ernesider

    Definition of SHENANIGANS

    1. devious trick used especially for an underhand purpose

    2. tricky or questionable practices or conduct

    Definition of SCHADENFREUDE

    Enjoyment obtained from the troubles of others

    Merriam-Webster Dictionary

    • mick

      econjon same here a feel more scottish the msm try and make scotland out pro rangers and anti celtic how wrong could that have been ,am proud of everything scottish apart from the dodo and sfa suits thats the only stian on our nation once you leave the west coast football is about fun not profit and tv deals

  18. mick

    its a diddy team rising and them together run scotlands soccer not the sfl sfa spl chairmans ,they are well on the back peg and about to fall over its games a boggie for regan and doncaster and longmuir ,after this we have to get the ebt,s sorted ,the main thing a want out is the managers that left rangers and deals they done 1s away the souness ebt tuguy we things like that ???

  19. mick

    am well full of schadenfreude today lol

  20. mick

    on the way in another 4 said no lol

  21. David C MacKenzie

    Interesting from Annan Athletic:


    Annan Athletic chairman Henry McLelland says that the newco scenario has happened before and the precedent is that Rangers should start again in Division Three…

    “In the last four years we found Gretna in the situation where they entered administration and then liquidation. There was no-one there who could rescue them; so a place was vacant and we got that.

    “Livingston found themselves in a similar scenario and again, the SFL demoted Livingston from Division One to Division Three.

    “Now, it’s quite simple: we cannot make exceptions because it’s Glasgow Rangers.”

    I agree; but wouldn’t the reply be that you got Division 3 entry because it was the appropriate level for you to enter on. For a team the size of ‘whatever’, the running of which caused tens and probably hundreds of millions of pounds of debt, including the illegal withholding of PAYE and NI contributions, EBTs and so on, remember, that is their real size, they don’t even deserve to start in a rofessional league. That is a consequence of their claiming the history.

  22. Ernesider

    David Murray was solely responsible for the death of Rangers.
    Craig Whyte’s crime was necrophilia.

    • mick

      wee criag whytes been very quiet during it all it would be nice to have his opion and thoughts he was murrys scape goat if murry took 6mil is there criminal charge on way for him via ebt,s he let a company cheat 100mil of tax avoidance and we all no its a bigger sentance when you steal from the crown and taxpayers

  23. David C MacKenzie

    RE this from AT http://blogs.channel4.com/alex-thomsons-view/football-chairmen-living-fairytale-world/2265

    Alex Thompson has now said on Twitter that the leaked email from S Regan was sent to: Barrie Jackson, Jim Ballantyne, Rod Petrie, Alan McRae, Neil Doncaster, R Topping, Rod (Harper Macleod) and A S Leigh.

  24. mick

    once they lose reiality then its time to stand down or your left looking like hitler

  25. “Football is nothing without fans”
    Jock Stein

    “Without fans who pay at the turnstile, football is nothing. Sometimes we are inclined to forget that. The only chance of bringing them into stadiums is if they are entertained by what happens on the football field.”
    Jock Stein

    Quotes made by the most impressive, influential icon for SCOTTISH football, how he must be turning in his grave now.

    Pressure your chairmen and CEO’s to get rid of these biased, contriving, conflicted, useless, individuals that collectively between them have brought the Scottish game into total disrepute, namely the collective executive board of SFA/SPL and SFL under any guise they choose to present or reform themselves.

    Today or Monday may bring some news but the heart and soul of Scottish football stills beats with US the true fans of the game. Don’t let ourselves down now.

  26. Waterygrave

    So the SPL pay £1mil for the TV rights for the SFL that they then sell on for a profit?, SFL should speak to the Dutch league TV and set up their own deal without the SPL, even selling at £8 a month to say 150,000 subscribers is shy of £15mil less costs.

  27. mick

    after reading that email article a feel shocked ,all the talk and cheating they sold the spl games cheaply was there brown envolpes from sky why sell scottish soccer so cheap there bent curren bun s simple as there there via the handshake not on merit so get them out now

  28. mick

    all the tv deals are under vale prices ,brown envolpes spring to mind who done the deals and who asked for more and if they dident why not

  29. Peter

    Forgotten my mobile – it’s at home on the table by the front door – and don’t have time for twitter

    Can someone – everyone – comment on http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/scotland/18798033 to ask all those sevco fans who want Div3 for “sporting integrity” (i.e.,push other clubs to the wall) whether they will boycott home games if they get Div1 – to maintain their integrity

    • David Wilson

      I tried my best today. Sent six messages questioning some of the responses from oldco fans and not one of them was shown on the BBC website. It’s very apparent that the BBC were in full ‘edit’ mode today.
      And again we have on the BBC national news at 6 a headline from Fiona Bruce ” Rangers relegated to Division 3′. I’d love to know who this Rangers team is she refers to.
      It beggars belief the lengths the BBC will go to to keep the name Rangers alive.

  30. David C MacKenzie

    “BBC Scotland has learned vote taken will put Rangers Newco in Division 3”

    The question is, is that Division 1 (for the purposes of this vote known as Division 3) or the real thing?

    Hope it is the latter.

  31. mick

    div 3 yeha scotland well done

  32. mick

    integrity and fairness has been served up well done

  33. David C MacKenzie

    Alex Thomson says
    SFL votes Division 3 as “only acceptable…option to restore pride to the game” 25 clubs of 30 voted for D3

    Well done.

  34. Waterygrave

    Are the chairmen still at Hampden so they can now vote to replace the board of the SFL, and how many votes are required to replace SFA? as it would save time to do that just now as well, without having to bother the SPL, as they don’t like making hasty decisions any way!.

  35. mick

    why sevco over spartans ????spartans fit the legal criteria

  36. mick

    hopefully the ebts and big tax case can start up agian now

  37. David C MacKenzie

    RANGERS’ future remains uncertain after the Scottish Football League clubs voted against the Light Blues playing in the First Division next season.

    At a meeting at Hampden today, the 30 member clubs agreed to accept Rangers into the SFL but voted against the SFL Board being allowed to broker a deal with the SPL and SFA over new structures and procedures which would also include Rangers playing in Division One.

    **It is now understood that on the back of a briefing SPL chief executive Neil Doncaster and SFA counterpart Stewart Regan gave to clubs last week that the SPL will introduce a plan for SPL 2 – which would include Rangers – and invite existing Division One members to join.**


    If they do that I hope that they rot. That would be the vilest form of cheating. When their fate has been decided by the vast majority of clubs, then some (expletive deleted) comes along and says, let’s just ignore that, and let them cheat their way back in. Remember which site this is posted on. It was put up very quickly, so they seem to think it is going to happen.

    • KD

      So who from the SPL is going to vote for this?
      10 said no to Newco in SPL less than 10 days ago.
      25 from SFL have said no to Newco in Div 1.
      Are they seriously going to give them a leg up?
      Can they not take the hint?
      If Doncaster and Regan like Rangers so much get a job at Ibrox and let Turnbull Hutton take over the SFA.

  38. Waterygrave

    By the sounds of the majority of Rangers fans and if Green wants any customers through the door, he would do well to respectfully decline any invitation to SPL2 and just get on with what the majority of Scottish clubs have dealt him.

    • Peter

      This is beyond desparation but not unexpected – how low can they go – you ain’t seen nothing yet

      Sevco Preservation League 2

  39. mick

    its div 3 as things stand so stay calm and do the conga or have some ice cream its over and its sorted out now lets just look ahead to the season and the forensic examination by the police and bdo ,regan and donkeycaster will die of death and will go done in history as numbtys and our game will prosper now ,there ant a big two now so its more fair and hopefully when sevco make spl they will remember what happens when you spend lots of tenners you have not got

    • Peter

      well let’s hope so. The turning point in the Arab spring was always the loss of fear of the ruling regime – maybe things are changed forever – but I’m old enough and ugly enough to not take it for granted.just yet

    • JimBhoy

      You hit that on the ‘Turnbull Hutton’ !!

  40. David Wilson

    Anyone else think that Charles Green will be praying for BDO to unwind the sale of oldco’s assets to him so he can get out of this mess ?

    If this were too happen, I think we would see Ibrox up for sale.

  41. mick

    the tesco soluition is a viable option now lol

  42. mick

    keep clattering its changing scotland and making the country become universial ,com on the clatterers well done

  43. Glazert Tim

    New chant required:

    WATP =
    “We’re away to Peterhead”

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