Schrodinger’s EGM – Still No Decision By Rangers

This morning brought the latest official update on the extraordinary saga of the Rangers Intergalactic Football Club PLC Extraordinary General Meeting. You will recall this was the one about which agreement had been reached, but then the Board and the Rebels could not agree on what that agreement actually was!

Today’s announcement reads:-

Further to the announcement on 4 September 2013, the Company confirms that whilst the Board’s discussions have continued with representatives of the group who requisitioned (together the “Requisitioners”) a general meeting to consider the proposed resolutions (“Requisition”) detailed in the announcement on 2 August 2013 (“General Meeting”), the Board is disappointed to announce that no agreement has been reached.

Unless an agreement can be reached prior to 13 September 2013, as set out in the announcement on 2 September 2013, the Company will be required to send a notice to shareholders to convene the General Meeting by no later than 13 September 2013.

So, the “agreement” before was not an agreement. That suggests that Mr McColl and his Rebels were accurate and that the Board was less so, although no reflection of that comes from the statement.

And you will note the reference to the 2nd September announcement regarding timing. The relevant part of that said:-

If no agreement is reached by the close of business on 9 September 2013, the Board will be required to send notice to shareholders by no later than 13 September 2013 to convene the General Meeting.

The deadline for agreement has now extended from close of business yesterday until “before 13th September”. If the Rebels and the Board do not reach an accord by then, some lucky printing company is going to be very busy on Friday!

The downside to having such a successful share issue, with so many thousands of loyal fans buying a few shares (or even lots of shares) is that there are lots of shareholders – and each and every one needs to be notified of a General Meeting.

One can envisage the office junior at Ibrox being sent off to the Post Office on Friday morning for an order of envelopes, a packet of tea bags and, don’t forget, 25,000 first class stamps!

What seems most bizarre (amongst all of the bizarre things relating to this EGM requisition) is that it appeared that the agreement was to roll up the EGM into the AGM. If saving money was the most important aspect of this, as the Board has made clear, then, at the very worst, allow the motion about the removal of directors and the addition of others be dealt with at the AGM. After all, what better forum for dealing with who is or should be on the Board than the AGM, complete with accounts!

The Board, it appears, are desperate to keep the issue away from an AGM. Why?

The whole thing is a mess, and getting even more ridiculous by the day.

I’m loving it!

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  1. Steven Brennan

    I would love to see the list of shareholders being amended as we speak
    I hope Craig Whyte attends the agm

  2. Monti

    ” I see dead people. Walking around like regular people. They only see what they want to see. They don’t know they’re dead”.
    ‘ The sixth sense ‘ 🙂

    • Steven Brennan

      My Kenyan reference
      Colonel Edward Loden of the Parachute regiment in Londonderry on a sunday in 1972
      On hols in Nairobi, wont be coming home, seems the locals dished up a wee bloody sunday of their own
      Hence the reap what you sow !!!
      And before anyone gets all uppity I dont really give a *****
      Instant Karma’s gonna get you

  3. Geddy Lee.

    Is there a single character in this whole Pantomime who can tell the truth?

    Honestly, I realise their target audience is made up entirely of Sevcovians but the contempt shown here for Investors and supporters, is truly disgraceful. When is the Stock Exchange going to step in and sort these incompetents out?

    If this shower of spivs were in charge of my club, I would be genuinely concerned. Surely, it is obvious, even to the dumbest Sevcotron, that the current board are out of their depth as I’m sure we will see by the shambolic build up to this legendary meeting.

    Will all shareholders have the right to attend?

    I suggest they turn it into a open air job in Ibrox, and charge the mugs a tenner for the “privilege” of attending.

    That’s what Charlie boy would be aiming for.

    At least hire the Barrowlands guys. Think BIG.

    • Monti

      ” The Barrowlands is a quality venue, I have sang there with the Celtic family many times, The Wolfe tones, Charlie & the Bhoys, Eire Og etc. Fantastic evening of Alcohol,song & homage!

      • Geddy Lee.

        The Barrowlands is indeed a cracking venue, though it will never surpass the greatness of the Apollo.

        The Apollo though would not have been an option for the “assembly” as the super high stage and balconies would have been too high a suicide risk. LOL

        • Gortnamona

          They don’t deserve any better, in fact did any club deserve their ‘downfall’ and humiliation more?

          Sneer away little Cam. Van Helsing is on hand with the stakes and garlic.

          Ian Archer in the Glasgow Herald, issued a damnation of Rangers:

          “As a Scottish football club, they [Rangers] are a permanent embarrassment and an occasional disgrace. This country would be a better place if Rangers did not exist.”

          • Geddy Lee.


            It seems they would rather concentrate on complaining to all in- sundry about the plethora of perceived insults, lies and slurs coming their way from their own press.

            They are currently collectively howling at recent comments from Jim Spence, which they have failed spectacularly to understand.

            This subject of course is way too complicated for them, so they are mostly ignoring the thread . Some claim to be “bored” with the whole sage, while others have “lost interest”. Is it any wonder they find themselves at the mercy of a string of third rate Spivs and Gangsters when they would rather cry at perceived digs from irrelevant hacks, than take an interest at this potentially critical phase in their new club’s short history.

            No other fan-base in football would be so weak in the face of such behaviour as we see coming from “the rangers” boardroom, and those chancers trying to get their foot in the door.

            I’m thinking of presenting myself as a “Scottish Billionaire” with a wish to “take the club forward.

            I’ve already been on to Jabba and once they woke him up, he seemed very keen to meet. Apparently he knows this great wee restaurant that serves up excellent Lamb

            Right that should do it. That’s me off now. . I’ve a fitting appointment at Slaters for a new Blue Blazer. LOL

          • Maggie

            “This country would be a better place if Rangers did not exist”

            They DON’T exist Gort,died 2012,unmourned by hundreds of thousands throughout the country 🙂
            Their undead Phoenix about to go the same way.

        • @Geddy Lee .
          I think the risk of jumpers is worth it. Make it a televised event, and I wouldn’t grudge Sevco 1 penny of their £80 (or whatever it is) tv appearance fee.
          Deid people commit suicide..LIVE! (Straight after Jeremy Kyle.)

      • david

        Monti lie No. 36.
        You have to be 18 to get in.
        You need bus/taxi fare and money for a ticket.

      • tecumseh

        Wreck the hoose juice and…..”shareholders”……!!!

        Hoots mon…..!!!

    • Monti

      Yes. Craig Whyte tells the truth.

    • @gortchomhor

      Geddy, I’m the only one that knows the truth. I’m also the only one that’s prepared to tell… my strategy is to pretend to be just another daft guy on a forum with too much time on his hands, drip feed you all with little bits at a time. If you go astray, I’ll be here to gently nudge you back on track.

      To sum up the last two years for those who missed it, in chronoligcal order;

      1) a team of crooks got involved running Ibrox and it all went pear-shaped.

      Then, after that…

      2) a team of crooks got involved running Ibrox and it went pear-shaped again.

      And where we are now…

      3) another team of crooks got involved running Ibrox and it’s all gone pear-shaped.

      It’s too early to tell if this team of crooks will be replaced with a new team of crooks, or what shape it’s likely to go if they do. My guess, if you were to press me, is that they will replace the existing crooks with new crooks and it will all probably go pear-shaped again.

  4. Geddy Lee.

    This revelation has now appeared on “Munter Media”.
    It should be hilarious to see how that debate unfolds.
    Opening comment was…. “What does this mean?” LOL.

    • @gortchomhor

      You could sell tickets to Munter Media on days like this… sounds like a good place to be right now, better than work.

      • Geddy Lee.

        Yes, but I advise you to avoid the Carlos Cuellar thread. A couple of truely disgusting comments aimed at Stylian Petrov.

        Having said that, the comment from the wee Sevie crying because Celtic’s charity matches are shown on tv is a cracker LOL

        Also hilarious are the cry-babies blubbering over Carlos donning a Celtic strip. It seems some knuckle draggers believe both teams wore Celtic strips, just so they could make an ex Rangers FC player wear one. LOL

        As for this topic ……, lots of wild speculation.

        Astonishingly, still no mention of Neil Lennon or Sir Peter LOL

  5. reilly1926

    I’m totally confused now. So the plan now is not to include the EGM in with the AGM ?

    I can understand self preservation and all that but the current directors must realise that what’s going to happen is going to happen. They must also realise that they cannot limp on until cash in time in late December. The yucky stuff is going to hit the air conditioning unit well before then.

    More fun times ahead for some but abject misery for others !

    • @gortchomhor

      The question is whose yucky stuff and whose air conditioning unit…

      On a positive note, it looks like Orlit got paid, well, some of what they were owed…. bet they are glad, all the same.

      Pity you can’t pay bills with promissory notes eh? ROFLMAO

  6. Let the blood-letting commence; what a stramash as old Arthur would say.

  7. Monti

    @Steven Brennan,

    Cheers Steven.

  8. Raymilland

    Roll on……. the AGM/EGM?

    Regards the Switcheroo (the only show in town).

    Whyte has Green over a barrel, if Green (Mather) cannot manipulate the outcome sought by CW; the Rangers self destruct button will be forced by Whyte.

    Dig it?

    Like BDO,
    the SFO and an IPO like a rolling stone
    Like the FBI and the CIA
    And the BBC, BB King
    And Doris Day
    Matt Busby
    Dig it, dig it, dig it
    Dig it, dig it, dig it, dig it, dig it, dig it, dig it, dig it

    ‘Hark The Angels Come’ (McColl & Co) 😉

    • That was brilliant, thanks Ray.
      Also listened to ‘The Night Before’ from Help and couldn’t help thinking of the bears begging for the good old days:

      Were you telling lies, the (k)night before…
      Was I so unwise, the (k)night before…
      Now today I find, you have changed your mind…
      Treat me like you did, the (k)night before…
      Like the (k)night before, (k)night before…

  9. Think it all comes down to the requsitioned being sorted with the requisitioners to get a requisition, but before they can do that they need to buy some stamps and envelopes,and can’t get a credit line for it.
    So the requsitioned and the requisitioners are fu€$ed!

  10. Just a wee reminder that this is the anniversary of the great Jock Stein,a true legend in the game we love,and brought together a team of legends their likes we will never see again.
    God bless you Jock today and always.
    Forever in our hearts.

  11. Monti

    If I said you weren’t a prick would I be lying? 🙂

    • david

      Say it and Ill answer

      • @David,
        i see you day in day out calling Monti a liar,
        Monti posts that your not a prick, do you stand by your claim that Monti’s a liar, or do you change your opinion to save face ?

        If Monti is such a consistent and believable liar as you claim,will he be a shoe in for the CEO’s job at Ibrox once Mather gets the vote of confidence from his fellow directors and is forced to walk away.

        • david

          Montis chances of a job are zero, anywhere,
          And he is a consistent, though not believeable liar- who claimed he voted no in the Falklands referendum- hardly likely, dont you think?

  12. Some famous quotes from the great man

    On becoming manager of Celtic: “If I can achieve for Celtic what I have achieved for Hibs, then I feel I will have done well for them.”

    On being questioned about being the first Protestant manager at Celtic: “25% of Celtic’s managers have been Protestant!”

    On becoming Celtic manager: “I lost some friends when I made the move, but if that’s what matters to them, then they’re not really friends at all.”

    “I enjoy being manager here, because I like the people who support us.”

    “The most pleasure any manager can get is seeing everyday boys joining the Club as youngsters and growing into men and giving themselves a better social standing than they could ever have dreamed of previously.”

    “I think it’s important to win a match, bit I think what is even more important is the manner in which you win.”

    “I’d far rather not talk about players; they are the people who make things happen.”

    “There is no substitute for experience.”

    On journalists being late to his conferences: “If they were interested in what I had to say they would get here in time. The door stays shut.”

    Before the start of season 1966/67: “I think we could win everything in front of us. I think this could be a season to remember.”

    “We all end up yesterday’s men in this business. You’re very quickly forgotten.”

    On the Ibrox disaster: “This terrible tragedy must help to curb the bigotry and bitterness of Old Firm matches. When human life is at stake this kind of hatred seems sordid and little. Fans of both sides will never forget this disaster.”

    “Ach, Rangers are alright, but they still haven’t invented blue grass.”

    “Jock, if there were two players, one Catholic and one Protestant, who would you sign?”
    “The Protestant.”
    “Because I know that Rangers would never sign the Catholic.”

    TV Presenter: “Scott Symon, Rangers manager, what do you think the score will be in the Old Firm match?”
    Symon: “I think 2-0 to Rangers.”
    TV Presenter: “And you Mr. Stein what will the Old Firm score be?”
    Stein: “Only a fool would try to predict the score in an Old Firm game.”

    “The best place to defend is in the opposition penalty box.”

    “If you’re good enough, the referee doesn’t matter.”

    Rangers fan: “You only won the European Cup because you had 5 Protestants in your team.”
    Stein: “Well you’ve never won it and you’ve got eleven.”

    After beating Vojvodina Novi in the Quarter Final: “I feel we have the players fit to wear the mantle of Champions of Europe. I have told them so. Now it’s up to them.”
    “It’s not religion that’s the problem – it’s the lack of religion!”

    On reported interest from Manchester United: “I’m happy where I am, I like the people I work with, I like the players and the directors of this club but most of all I like the fans and to see them happy makes me happy, so I’m very happy here.”

    Before the European Cup Final 1967: “If you’re ever going to win the European Cup, then this is the day and this is the place. But we don’t just want to win this Cup; we want to do it playing good football – to make neutrals glad we’ve won it, glad to remember how we did it.”

    Before kick off in Lisbon 1967: “We must play as if there are no more games, no more tomorrows.”

    After winning the European Cup: “There is not a prouder man on God’s earth than me at this moment. Winning was important, aye, but it was the way that we won that has filled me with satisfaction. We did it by playing football. Pure, beautiful, inventive football. There was not a negative thought in our heads. Inter played right into our hands; it’s so sad to see such gifted players shackled by a system that restricts their freedom to think and to act. Our fans would never accept that sort of sterile approach. Our objective is to try to win with style.”

    Lou Macari on becoming Celtic manager: “The problem for us is that Big Jock and his players spoiled it for everyone who came after them…”

    Alex Ferguson on Jock Stein: “I always thought Jock Stein was the perfect International manager. But you, England, don’t have anyone like that. You don’t have Jock Stein’s; you’ll never have a Jock Stein.”

    “Unlike many other Celts, I cannot claim that Celtic was my first love, but I can say that it will be my last love.”

    Top 5 quotes in my opinion

    5. On the release of the Celtic View: “Have the first issue ready for the week after the Scottish Cup Final and leave a blank space on page one for a picture of the boys with the Cup.”

    4. After winning the European Cup: “We did it by playing football. Pure, beautiful, inventive football.”

    3. “Football is nothing without fans.”

    2. “It is up to us, to everyone at Celtic Park, to build up our own legends. We don’t want to live with history, to be compared with legends from the past. We must make new legends.”

    1. “Celtic jerseys are not for second best, they do not shrink to fit inferior players.”

    Please note that these quotes have been taken from numerous websites such as BBC, Celtic Minded and Celtic Wiki.

    • Ed Paisley

      Brilliant Jimmy – I enjoyed reading those quotes again.
      One very well known quote about Jock by a certain Bill Shankly that I love “John, you’re immortal now”.

      We will never forget Mr Jock Stein.

    • @gortchomhor

      I thought those quotes were good too. I’m wondering why they are here though, is this a Celtic fan forum? I don’t see how those quotes relate to the topic or anything… maybe someone can explain.

    • Maggie

      @Jimmy bee
      My favourite is :
      Rangers fan ” You only won the European Cup because you had five Protestants in your team ”
      Big Jock “Well you’ve never won it and you’ve got eleven”

      Thanks for that Jimmy,I wasn’t aware of that quote,it’s brilliant. 🙂

  13. Ed Paisley

    I’ve asked my wife not to buy me a Christmas present this year because I expect a wonderful gift that will outshine anything else that I could possibly receive – the death of the evil spawn of Rangers 1872. I’ll be wreathed in smiles!
    Jeez I can’t wait – it will be almost as good as first time around.
    Santa Baby
    Kill the Sevco Rangers
    Stone dead for me
    I’ll be so-oo happy
    Tee hee hee
    (Sorry – I should leave the lyric writing to Don Black).

    • @gortchomhor

      As long as you don’t mind getting some presents early, Ed… this thing is gathering momentum big time. Happy days, my friend, and more to come.

  14. @gortchomhor

    I think the accounts are obviously problematic. Where are they? My guess is that the requisitioners want to have a meeting with view of the accounts but the accounts are not going to be ready.

    Should we also assume Charlotte’s most recent revelations have confused matters further? Friday’s were astounding — nuclear, if you prefer — in resolving a question we had been grappling with for months; how did Sevco Scotland come to own Rangers?

    I think we now have a much clearer picture. A clearer idea of how unclear and murky it all is (LOL) — see how all logic gets twisted when you discuss this subject? What happened eh, everything used to be so simple…

    Anyway, as if all that wasn’t enough, I heard rumours that the EBT case is about to develop into something quite spectacular. I tried to put a timescale on this and asked if we can expect something by say Bonfire night… the response: “you will be seeing plenty of fireworks before bonfire night”.

    Watch this space along with the 200 others… another perfect storm coming.

    • Ed Paisley

      When I was a kid I was taught that cheats never win.
      Then D Murray came along and said “good guys finish last”.

      Murray was wrong – the good guys are reaping the benefits of obeying the rules and living within their means. The cheats continue to burn in the fires they themselves created.
      Sometimes life is fair and people get precisely what they deserve.

    • Steerpike

      ” I think the accounts are obviously problematic. Where are they? ”

      Is that a 50 foot snake in the river ?

      No, it is a log.

      Are you sure, it looks like a snake ?

      No, it looks like a log.

      Just goes to show, people see what they want to see.

  15. tecumseh

    Something spectacular……!!!!

    Pray tell…….

  16. arb urns

    as niall will be busy preparing for his east kilbride address tonight thought i would post this brilliant piece of writing to advise the current rangers ‘bored’ they have that vote of confidence they are looking for from the requisitioners.
    apols for ‘boaring ‘ everyone but i thought it was worth reminding ourselves there is nothing to see here…………………………………………………………….

    Our most recent blog demonstrates this in spades, nowhere do the existing directors state the club’s articles would be breached, and they intended to avoid routine re-election. The only people who could oust them have agreed a compromise of 4 additional directors,this is in itself the vote of confidence. The statement by the new directors is simply clarifying no prearranged agreement can circumvent the club’s articles, nothing more than that. The existing directors are hardly going to agree to 4 new directors if they do not have their tacit support in their own re-election. Since both camps represent at least 60% of the vote, no other body can affect any re-election vote.

    It is called a mountain out of a mole hill.

    • Steerpike


      It is still a mole hill, nothing has happened yet, the politics of big business does not make it a mountain.

      • now your getting it, “nothing has happened yet ”
        announcement after announcement on the official webshite and from AIM and still nothing happens,
        a spokesman for all involved said that it was very tight, the odds on a EGM taking place are now 60/60

        • Steerpike


          ” the odds on a EGM taking place are now 60/60 ”

          I love the way you parade your ignorance of the English language for all to see, words, sentences and context form meaning, two out three aint bad in most things, unfortunately not in English, go polish your dunces cap.

  17. Steerpike

    ” this thing is gathering momentum big time. Happy days, my friend, and more to come. ”

    gort, time for yet another analogy, and the enthusiasm of you and your fellow cohorts brought it to mind.

    Over recent years there has been a spate of wildlife documentaries that share one thing in common, we never get to see the killer crocodile, the man eating lion nor the 50 foot long anaconda that eats men whole.
    What we get in place of the actual content is hours of enthusiastic presenters telling us how dangerous it is, how frightened they are and how exciting it all is for them. There are countless false alarms, potential close calls and maybe some evidence if one hangs upside down to view it.

    In a nutshell, there is no substance to the claims, and no substance to the documentary, and the documentary is filled with baseless enthusiasm, the experiences of the reporters are in effect the story.

    Ring any bells ?

    • reilly1926

      Do you recall 14th February 2012 and 4th July 2012 Steerpike ? (And no not for being St Valentines Day and Independence Day) I’m sure I watched documentaries featuring killer crocodiles and man eating lions on both days.

      Cheer up mate – It might never happen. (But then again)

      • Steerpike


        I agree, both events were substantial viewing, not so the more recent entries, too much what may happen and not enough what is happening for my taste.

        The compulsive viewing has become the obsession of certain Celtic bloggers, and that is worthy of any documentary.

        • reilly1926


          I may be wrong but I feel the current buzz in the air is more charged than pre-administration day 2012.

          Think about it, back then we had some newspaper speculation and probably similar levels of timmy excitement but this year the whole think has been one gigantic cluster f..k with chaos at board level, outsiders wanting onto the board, no accounts (again), speculation that you are burning cash as if there’s no tomorrow and fans on FF demanding action both inside and outside the ground this weekend.

          No I firmly believe that what is to come will be the equal of last year’s entertainment to many supporters of clubs outside of TRFC.

          Fans have been sickened by the downright lies, never mind spin coming from within Ibrox not to mention the threats, bully boy tactics and sheer arrogance in the past 18 months.

          Some sort of insolvency is on its way I feel and I hope that TRFC that come out on the other side do so with grace and humility. I have my doubts though.

      • great days, can you remember the clock ticking down to those events, some fools kept telling us it would never happen, they told us if it was true they would be able to read about it in the newspapers,

        some that denied it was going to happen, are what i call name changers, their wee predictions blow up in their faces and they pop out for a wee name change then come back on the blog with the same waffle and pish posting under a new name claiming to support some wee team or other then start up the same old predictions,

    • @gortchomhor

      I think it’s a poor analogy on a few levels which it would tire me to go into. As Reilly points out, we got the money shot last year on the 14th of February. Several others followed. My favourite moment was when I found out the CVA was rejected — that was the day death became a certainty for Rangers FC.

      Funnily enough, I was watching one of those junk Documentaries recently about animals getting nasty… some showman put his head in an crocodile’s mouth. He was there for about an hour with blood streaming down his face.

      They were saying if the crocodile went into a roll it would tear his head off so about 5 guys sat on it to prevent it rolling. I think that is where we are right now with RIFC. About 5 guys are sitting on a crocodile trying to stop it going itno a roll.

      You have every right to call people like me obsessives, steer, I have never, ever, objected to that. I am obsessed about this. You will know that I despise everything RIFC stands for, I’m up front with that. I won’t bore you with my reasons again. it is what it is.

      Needless to say, I think the world, Glasgow, and Scotland, would be better off without an highly militant contingent of seething bigots in it. Not all are like that as you are thinking, but enough of them are to warrant my obsession.

      • BB

        So you want the green brigade disbanded then…..

        • @gortchomhor

          No. Funnily enough, a lot of people defend the Green Brigade on the grounds that they bring a good atmosphere to the games, make a lot of noise, are fun. I agree, they do all that.

          Typically though they then say something like “if only they would avoid the overtly political gestures” and the point to the poppy day thing. But, I for one, if I had to choose, would prefer to see them focus more on the politics and less on the carnival atmosphere.

          The thing that makes the Green Brigade unique and important is their politics. I hope they keep that stuff and develop it. Everything is political, don’t let anyone argue any different. Football fans should have political views too and shout about what they stand for. Everybody should.

          You need to remember that young people in this country, more than ever, have got a really crap deal. Unemployment is off the scale with 16 to 20 year olds. It’s dire. They should be pissed off about that. Same applies to Sevco fans, ideally they would stop confronting each other and confront that but I’ll believe it when i see it.

          • Steerpike

            “You need to remember that young people in this country, more than ever, have got a really crap deal. Unemployment is off the scale with 16 to 20 year olds. It’s dire. They should be pissed off about that. Same applies to Sevco fans, ideally they would stop confronting each other and confront that but I’ll believe it when i see it.”
            gort, mixing football tribalism with a cocktail of politics, religion and the low status of young men is a time bomb just waiting to go off.

            • Steerpike


              You and others are not targeting the bigots, you are targeting Rangers, this is actually creating bigotry and I rather like the luxury of wandering about the streets of Glasgow at the weekends, you are a threat to my freedom and safety.

            • @gortchomhor

              That mixture was there long before I was on the scene. I see it as a healthy mix, you disagree. You need to bear in mind, all through history, progress usually involved a mob of some sort kicking up hell, and often they got the hell kicked out of them. That’s how we got things like the vote and rights and welfare. So don’t knock it too much.

      • wildlife documentary at Ibrox, to save money the board decided to rolled the following events
        man eating lion, keller Croc and giant snake eats man,

        to save £80k cost the Board assured us that the lion ate the man, the Croc then ate the lion and for the viewers we get to see the Snake eat the Croc,
        money well saved,

      • Steerpike


        You are obsessed with Rangers and I am obsessed with the obsessed, it makes neither of us serial killers.

        As a young man I ended more than a few school friendships as I matured, and the catalyst was Rangers and its bigotry, I despised it back then.
        I do not see Phil and Celtic blogging as a cure for what remains of this disease in my country, in fact it is the opposite. I see the internet as a dangerous mechanism that is reigniting sectarianism in Scotland, and the stats back this up. Mass communication can spread good and bad ideas very quickly, and bad ideas influence attitudes and actions.
        We live in hard times for the young, especially young men, long term unemployment creates status issues, they are in need of direction, and old tribal bigotry is going in the wrong direction.

        It will be ironic if the demonisation of Rangers for their old bigotry, becomes the main cause of new bigotry in Scotland.

        • @gortchomhor

          We have got plenty of historical examples that show how racists and bigots lash out when they are confronted, so that’s fairly predictable as a response and you aren’t saying anything surprising. I’ll let someone else decide if something that you would expect like that can be ironic, irony confuses me.

          That being the case, it isn’t a reason not to confront bigotry and racism. We should confront that. That’s what I am doing. It isn’t my only concern, I have a few others. For the record, I have also confronted stupid behaviour amongst Celtic fans. I do that on here too.

          But, on a more conciliatory note, I’ll say this. If getting rid of Rangers and all the sectarian crap meant getting rid of Celtic too, I’d accept that in a heartbeat…

        • last week you were selling the Idea that Sectarianism was no longer playing a role in Scottish society, you posted Stats to back up your claim,

          today your telling us that the internet is reigniting sectarianism, and that you have stats to back that up also, what a difference a week makes.

          old bigotry FFS, ESPN, same old sectarian racist,bigotry from the same set of fans, new club, old habits that ,unlike their club,never died

          Rangers are dead, they died a shameful death, no demonisation needed,
          the tribute act trading on the soiled name of the dead club is in no small measure responsible for keeping bigotry alive and well,
          Green , to encourage a take up of season tickets made his famous bigotry speech, he jumped a plane to Ulster and wore an Orange top while he sat and discussed his plans with his audience, some of whom were from the loyalist paramilitary factions,

          The bigotry was about the first thing to tupe over, it’s the one thing that they will never walk away from,
          having a venue to go to meet up and express that bigotry, to rant about Royalty, religion and the Brutish armed forces is more important to them than watching part time footballers getting beat by their SUPERIOR Full time team,

          • @gortchomhor

            Brilliant, Coat… you’re spot on, the bigotry was the first thing to tupe over. I like that. Bigotry is integral to season ticket sales and the business model.

            Second best post I’ve ever read on here — one of mine just pipped you at the post…

          • Steerpike


            ” last week you were selling the Idea that Sectarianism was no longer playing a role in Scottish society, you posted Stats to back up your claim,”
            I really did not need any more proof of your density but up you pop with enough evidence to choke a cat, I stated there was no bigotry outside of football thuggery. The internet is reigniting sectarian football thuggery, now is this getting through your thick skull ?


            Complete cretin.

            Get this man a nurse, how thick can thick be.

    • Rangers died and almost 50,000 lambs were led to the slaughter by a Yorkshireman with big hands, one Yorkshire man and one local a guy call Coisty, fleeced the lot
      thousands were fleeced by the Yorkshire lad by handing them cups of cold weak tea, sad that these creatures are so dumb to their plight,

      wildlife experts reckon their chances of them surviving another winter are put at least 60/60.

      • Steerpike


        ” wildlife experts reckon their chances of them surviving another winter are put at least 60/60. ”

        Keep digging your own grave dumbo.

    • Geddy Lee.

      Steerpike, I see Swally has again given a trial to a player and then knocked him back for a contract because he says he can’t afford it .

      Apparently Sam Kelly (Everton/ Norwich) was very impressive in recent trials but their own website admits McCoist’s budget did not stretch that far.

      “We couldn’t afford to offer Sam a deal so that would possibly indicate we’d be looking at getting one centre-half in.” McCoist liked watching Kelly during his stint at Rangers but had admitted previously he’d be a luxury player in the sense he played in an area which didn’t need strengthening. McCoist liked watching Kelly during his stint at Rangers but had admitted previously he’d be a luxury player in the sense he played in an area which didn’t need strengthening. He added: “It’s a big disappointment for us because he came in and showed up really well. He’s got a lovely left foot and is a smashing lad who mixed in well with the rest of the boys. “We’d have liked to have offered him something short-term for perhaps a year but it wasn’t to be and he’s away to train at one or two other clubs up here now. “He’ll certainly go there with our best wishes and an endorsement to sign with any of them because he’s a talented player.”
      Clearly Swally does not know A> What his budget is, nor what players the club are going to buy.
      LOL Why on earth then have they invited Zaluskas for trials. What a complete shambles. The club is clearly a wreck, and no wonder with Imbeciles like McCoist running around like a headless chicken.

      And this just for a teenager. Clearly, there is something VERY wrong with the finances . I also see that contrary to previous claims by “the rangers”, You have yet to find a club that will take Mitchell on loan. If you all open your windows , you will be able to hear the collective head scratching of the population of Sevcovia, as they come to terms with the fact they have been lied to by the club AGAIN.

      The Sevies are now being told Mitchel is not actually gone, but that Annan and Arboath are “interested” LOL

      Clearly, no-one is proof-reading Jabba’s press diatribes.

  18. Monti



  19. bill

    Clayhunt LimitedEdit details

    Clayhunt Limited
    Company Number: SC258787

    6Th Floor Gordon Chambers
    90 Mitchell Street
    G1 3NQ
    United Kingdom

    Can the Easdale brothers explain why this company is leasing the land at 3 Muriel st, barrhead ,Glasgow to bus companies since 2004, yet has only ever filed dormant and non trading accounts at companies house ?
    The public inquiry into a bus company called Greenock and district omnibuses ltd in 2008 revealed that rent and electric bills for them premises were outstanding to the tune of £55,000

    Dear mr easdales how can your company, clayhunt ltd be dormant and non trading ?
    Dear mr easdales how can your company mcgills bus service ltd operate as united buses, using Greenock and district and abc taxis (Inverclyde ) ltd bus licences ?
    Dear mr easdales what happened to the £1.5 million paid to Greenock and district by transport Scotland ?
    Dear mr easdales both Greenock and district omnibuses ltd and united buses ltd were dissolved at companies house in dec 2011, both companies had only ever filed dormant and non trading annual accounts at companies house, please explain ?

    • @gortchomhor

      You just opened up a whole new front… reminds me of a German word Kesselschlacht (Kettle Battle). Pound them from all sides. I like it.

  20. portpower

    4 imaginary brothers pioneered. Wherefore art thou canoes` paddles?

    intonate sevco.


  21. portpower

    Who can take the protocols when it`s a under a minutes till death?


  22. portpower

    @ Paul McConville.

    So am I.


  23. Geddy Lee.

    LOL portpower,

    I must admit, I was always led to believe they derived from a rowing club. Where the wee boys “having a dream ” comes from I have no idea.

    maybe it’s to stop people confusing them with the “old Rangers”.

    Can’t think of any logical explaination.

  24. Steerpike

    What has happened to portpower, he has become a mumbling wreck ?

  25. McColl and Murray . combined investment in sevco, £4.and thruppence demanding the resignation of Mather, who has £1m invested of his own money in Sevco,

    “we who have invested less than a Fiver demand the removal of the man that has invested a £1m because we reckon he is not doing his best to make the new club run at a profit.”

    Is McColl is getting the support of the fans groups because of his .
    The amount of time and energy and financial commitment he has made to the new club

    His perceived wealth,reported day in day out as a £1billon*
    Are Sevconians taking for granted that McColl will start throwing money at Sevco.
    What will happen if McColl refuses to throw his fortune into Sevco if his friends get on the board with his support.

    *(there are no facts to back up this claim of billionaire status but Sevconians can’t help but love the idea.)

  26. Steerpike

    Will someone please throw a bucket of water over coatbrig, he is beginning to overheat, something must have upset him.

  27. Geddy Lee.

    Good grief !!!!!!!!
    Full scale war breaking out over on Munter Media as the comments on the Carlos Cuellar thread, predictably, get out of hand.
    Credit to those members there who are taking some REAL knuckle draggers to task over their sickening comments.

    I shudder to think how these morons were raised. Some of the comments are staggering and no wonder decent bears are trying hard to shut them up. Shocking stuff. Shame on the so called “moderators” on MM, who as usual do nothing to stem the flow of abuse. They seem much more interested in “sniffing out taigs”. Have they really no idea how this reflects on the whole fan base?

    Do they care you have to ask yourself.

  28. portpower

    @ wikipike
    mumbling # cruncher.


  29. Steerpike

    Will someone please explain to my illiterate friend the following, he is into self humiliation.

    ” coatbrig: if you have a 6 million surplus and 10 million in the bank, gives the impression of a £16m total. ”

    No it does not, it is two pieces of information joined together by the word ” and “, why you wish to add them together is between you and your primary teacher.

    And his latest piece of masochism:

    ” Since both camps represent at least 60% of the vote, no other body can affect any re-election vote.”

    ” coatbrig: both sides have 60% of the vote,? so there are two sides and BOTH have 60% of the vote !! ”

    No it does not, ” both ” mean ” two together ” or ” two combined “, the two combined camps represent 60% of the vote, just thick as mince.

    You need an idiot board my friend, and yet you run about waving your ignorance like a medal of honor, just inept.

    Are you sure you are not a creationist, you think like one.

  30. portpower

    you cannae shove your sleasedales off the bus.


  31. Chas W

    Have the overdue accounts been published? How can anyone attend an AGM/EGM without a current (joke) verified status of a companies performance and outlook.

  32. Michael

    Why not save money by bringing the AGM forward to coincide with the EGM? Oh! shit, that would need accounts to be issued. Now I understand.

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