Imran Ahmad No Longer Director of Rangers Football Club – What About Mr Green?

Imran Ahmad was described in the Rangers International prospectus as one of two “Key Employees”, the other being Ally McCoist, “still the club’s all-time leading goalscorer”.

However he apparently left his role as Commercial Director late in April in the aftermath of the allegations about Craig Whyte’s connections with Charles Green and the suggestion, strongly denied by Mr Green, that Mr Whyte was actually the owner of a Rangers subsidiary company.

Mr Ahmad’s fate was sealed, apparently, when a Rangers fans’ website alleged that he had been posting comments on a message board for Rangers fans, and revealing secret boardroom information, all under the pseudonym “IAmRangers”.

Mr Ahmad was never a director of RIFC PLC. However he was a director from an early stage of Sevco Scotland Ltd, which became The Rangers Football Club Ltd. That is the company which acquired the business and assets that make up Rangers Football Club and which is now a wholly owned subsidiary of RIFC PLC.

Mr Ahmad remains owner of 2.2 million shares in RIFC PLC.

Rangers made no official Stock Exchange announcement about Mr Ahmad’s fate, despite his role as a “Key Employee”.

Authoritative Rangers bloggers have suggested that he was dismissed from Rangers with no compensation. That, to be frank, seems rather surprising. Even in a clear case of gross misconduct (and from what has been made public this is a long way from being confirmed as that) company directors and senior staff usually are successful in reaching a compromise settlement, as the alternative can be a long, expensive and embarrassing court battle for the company.

On the basis too that Mr Ahmad’s departure was, apparently, linked to the allegation of his involvement in the Green/Whyte connection, what is the effect of the Pinsent Masons report which, according to the press, cleared Mr Green (even though it did not)?

On the basis that substantial shareholders are connected to Zeus Capital, Mr Ahmad’s former employers, is his departure as clear cut as alleged?

Well, yesterday Companies House recorded the resignation of Mr Ahmad as a director of The Rangers Football Club Ltd. That now leaves the only directors of that company, which, remember, is the company which owns the assets and business which make up Rangers Football club, as Charles Green and Brian Stockbridge.

Remember too that, back in April, RIFC told the Stock Exchange:-

“The Company announces that Charles Green has notified the Board that he wishes to step down as Chief Executive with immediate effect. Recent weeks have seen media interest in the circumstances surrounding the period prior to the acquisition of The Club by the consortium led by Mr Green. Whilst Mr Green strenuously denies any wrongdoing, he has recognised that this negative publicity is a distraction and is detracting from the achievements and reputation of The Club. As a result, Mr Green has informed the Board that he will leave his post with immediate effect and leave the Company, following an orderly handover, by the end of May.”

The end of May has come and gone. When I last checked Mr Green was still listed as CEO on the Rangers website.

He is still one of the two directors of The Rangers Football Club Ltd.

He is still a director of RIFC PLC.

Is he still going, to join Mr Ahmad on the outside looking in?

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286 responses to “Imran Ahmad No Longer Director of Rangers Football Club – What About Mr Green?

  1. mick

    the English laugh at them LAUGHED AT FC lol

  2. lordmac

    if CELTIC keep doing what they are doing. its expected inside five years
    with moneys accumulated they then would be self sufficient for the rest of there days and with the investments paying all there bills and players and staffs wage’s and the odd fluctuation of wages would come from the pie stall

    • mick

      hi lord mac a was thinking that if we could gather a pot and live of the intrest and yearly money in its a massive time for saving up and creating eternial funding lol also we have great scouting network and should be looking to make 10 mil every 2 year at least its win win for us now the cheats are gone

      • Bill

        Celtic have no competition now …standards and takings will fall.

        • barcabuster

          Celtic have no competition now ….I think what you mean is that Sevco can offer no competion to Celtic. That would be true given that they are not very good.
          However to say that Celtic have no competition is not only disrespectful of other Scottish teams, but takes no notice of European teams queueing up for a chance to visit Celtic Park, where a successful showing would be considered “A scalp”.

        • Monti

          Celtic NEVER have had competition!
          In order for Celtic to meet their equal, they must be in the company of God himself!

  3. Bill

    it sounds like the Celtic supporters are scared of Rangers challenging them again.

    • JohnBhoy

      Bill, you’ve obviously been out the country for a spell. There’s no easy way to tell you this but Rangers passed away last year. Would you like some time to be on your own?

      • Bill

        Pointless argument there…Whatever they are called..Celtic supporters are scared of the competition, and lack of competition will send Celtic to the Liquidators.

        • say that again, we are scared of something that would help us avoid liquidation, sorry but that described RFC 1872, RFC 1872 fear of never bettering Celtics big cup win and 9inarow saw the go to the gallows.

          Celtic will willingly take on all comers and COMPETE to see who is the better team,

        • never realised that Bill. so all that laughing is just masking fear?

        • Monti


    • barcabuster

      Are you saying Celtic supporters are scared of ghosts?

      • Bill

        wan nil tae Barca.

        • rab


          It was wan nil tae Celtic, then two nil, barca scored a consolation in injury time but it finished 2-1 to Celtic. It was beamed across the world and they saw a special club celebrate 125 glorious years in a packed stadium, passionate, colourful, respectful, not rioting in manchester, standing shoulder to shoulder with our twin club barca and displaying all the qualities that football can offer without the poisonous antithesis your old and new klubs bring.

    • rab

      It sounds like bill is scared that sevco will never challenge Celtic. The question of 54 or 0 is irrelevant, sevco will not win an SPL title. Celtic will win 55+ soon enough and then it will come down to what really matters to determine the most successful club, ie, continental champions. Oops, we beat you there too.

    • Monti

      Wouldn’t you be scared if you saw a GHOST? I FKN WOULD!! 🙂

    • Monti

      🙂 woooooooooo yeah I can’t get to sleep at night….woooooo lol.

  4. mick

    yous will never be a challenge agian yous are dead and the tribute is heading same way so sorry to burst your bubble bill but thats not true dont forget yous rigged the last 10year or more via financial doping proven via LNS findings so no fear of faceing sevco scotlands newest team born out of the most tainted football club ever on earth cheats fc rigged ball found guilty of cheating

  5. Bill

    Just “pressing your bottoms” there Mick 🙂

  6. JohnBhoy

    Zombie alert! Be aware that the light from your communication devices – computers, iPads, phones – is attracting the undead to this blog. Please lower the brightness on your device and type quietly.

  7. mick

    now Walters back timmys bricking it lol be afraid Timmy Walters back lol

  8. Mr.Green

    Jeez ! Sevco are a joke of a club, a shambles, Bill. And, they are going to go ‘bottoms up’ by the look of things. We have bigger fish to fry. Sevco doesn’t even register on our radar. But, keep on deluding yourselves. Because you are deluding nobody else.

  9. mick

    Charlotte Fakeovers ‏@CharlotteFakes 25m

    Should Duff & Phelps have had their fees capped at around the 500k figure? … #CreditorsLoss

    cha,s back d&ps this time

  10. mick

    project williams lol classic code lol

  11. Mr.Green

    Ah ! The man with no surname, Walter, is here to save the day. Ooops ! Has anyone told , wee craigy whyte, yet ? After all, he’s part owner of Sevco. I can see more incriminating ‘tape recordings,’ and paperwork being released soon. He ain’t for going away. Ha !

  12. Bill

    Thanks guys..that’ll do for my thesis

  13. mick

    sevco is whyte we heard it in a tape and all the evidence Charlotte has posted proves it even green said he conned him in media its a open and shut case the main issue is bleeding 1 mil a month or more forget mounting liability’s there skint and sinking its lol all summer

  14. Mr.Green

    “Sevco’s Green & Whyte !”
    HMS Sevco is listing……badly !!
    £1 M per month, and now no revenue during the close season, and no credit facility with any bank !! Oooft !! Bye bye !!!

  15. Bill

    They aren’t losing a million a month…have you never thought that a lot of the misinformation on on Celtic blogs and here is being put there by Rangers….sending you off chasing shadows.

    • barcabuster

      The undead don’t cast shadows mate

    • So Sevco Scotland are spending time on blogs to confuse Celtic fans as they (sevco)fall apart, their Board room disintegrates, CEO and largest share holder resigns and walks away, Ahmed resigns and walks away, MM ousted and replaced by Walter Myth a football manager with NO business acumen,
      Tell you what ,
      that Sevco don’t mess about when they set out to confuse a few hundred Celtic fans with laptops,
      are all those walk aways not a bit extreme to get a bit of misinformation out there,
      still, a club that can spend a six figure sum to hold an investigation that failed to interview the four main “culprits”,
      to find that Whyte played no part in Sevco Scotland when the accusation was about the role Green played in Sevco5088, well this club is capable of confusion the easy duped, thats not hard to do, but we Celtic guys, well, we are not the PEEPIL.

      • cam

        You certainly are not,,,well done it took a while but now you have accepted your status with dignity(sort of),,, 🙂

  16. Mr.Green

    What ? Are you saying that Sevco tell lies, and spread untruths, Bill ? Surely not..(cough,splutter!)

  17. Mr.Green

    Sevco, and r angers before them…’ Their deeds would shame all the devils in hell!’

  18. Bill

    I think this blog will feature in Psychology lectures in the future

    • cam

      Yup,full of nutters,haters,bigots,terrorist lovers,banjo players,windae lickers and spoofers,,,,right ,thats Monti,taken care of.

      • Bill

        And the punctuation police are tracking doon Mick.

        • cam

          Aye he has lost the plot!,,its like a recording!,,they ur deid,they are losing a million a month,they are the most toxic,,,,,,blah and on and on and on!
          All day every day,,,too tired to wind the loons up,,,bedtime for bonzo.

      • Fra

        @Cameron….I am a bigot Cam and a lover of the truth and do not apologise for this. No fancy dans matey, just the stripped down, no-nonsense truth.

        Rangers died. No ifs or buts, they died.

        • rab

          And bhoy did we party. Actually, i’m still hauf jaked. Everyday is a party noo. What yous all wanting, im buying. Paul, 1888 pints of guiness, 1967 haufs and between 1872 & 2012 bitter oranges. Wan singer wan song, im doing just cant get enough, cams doing memories, carsons claimed tears on my pillow, and adam might turn up late for a few bars of unbelievable.

  19. dan

    So it’s funny how this AD Bryce geezer came on all ‘reasonable’ like with his stuff about Derry (like the omission of ‘London’ there by the way) City and now has degenerated into the usual Sevco bilious darkness that we’re all too accustomed to on here. They know the game is up! They just fkcuing know it! And I am luuuurrrrvvvving their attempts at (ahem) D nial it.

    And so to bed,dear Tims, to dream dreams of a Sevco-free land where the game of football is not rigged in favour of one club ( and bye the bye AD Bryce, were you seriously suggesting the rules weren’t bent to suit Sevco? ) and the wonderful Glasgow Celtic can, at last, thrive on merit, and not have to contend with crooked administrators and bent officials.

  20. Mr.Green

    Psychology lectures, Bill. I’m no psychologist but, i can see a whole ‘klan’ who ‘follow follow’ like lemmings, and get taken in by a whole load of claptrap and nonsense. The ibroke ‘mushrooms,’ kept in the dark and fed shite! How can thousands be so gullible, and stupid ? Old sayings ring true with the ibroke klan..” Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” Then again, they aren’t Scotland’s shame for nothing ! You and the rest of the klan don’t want to hear or believe the truth, because you can’t handle the truth ! Heads stuck in the sand, wipe your eyes and see. Because…” There is none so blind, than those who will NOT see.” Ah well ,Hell mend ye !

  21. rab

    Think back to carl muggleton, think cambuslang, think wayne biggins, think the peoples strip, think raith rovers in the league cup, think new stadium recquirements, think murrays millions, think gazza and laudrop, think f#&!@g johnson, think fivers and tenners, think michael kelly.

    Think fergus. Think Thank f@%k.

    I think im steaming. Think looks stupid when you write it a few times.

    Im defo steaming.

  22. barcabuster
    Is this the period in question on the recording. Athens Switzerland and SFA meetings.
    If so, it is after the buyout, but possibly still during the murky window of the 5088/Scotland switcheroo.

    • @CG
      “However when it is convenient we are still oldco so we have to suffer the sins of the fathers.”

      Sevco, the bastard off spring of RFC 1872, do you think that that’s the fathers that wore a sash

  23. rab

    Fergus deserves recognition at Celtic Park, i think ( stupid word ) i will bombard peter the great with emails demanding a simple bunnet bronze ( fergus’s humility would demand it ) to be placed outside Celtic Parks front door when i wake up tomorrow evening.

    Just for posterity, i would like it to be recorded that i was a fergus disciple all through his tenure and my wife will verify this.

    Carson, shut up. Any reference to my wife will result in you having a very very bad day.

    • cam

      Imagine that!,,,the east end Viet Cong destroyed a players dreams,,,bloody typical!
      In other news;
      Reports of a googley eyed loonball spending a pound,witholding N.I and PAYE,making Arsenal shares vanish,misplacing £3million,having trouble filling out important legal documents accurately,being found in a court to be “unreliable” and walking around taping folk who he intends to do business with,have just reached our news desk.
      Seemingly this individual imagines that he is “due” some form of recompense.Some tapes and documents have mysteriously appeared on the internet co-incidentally at the same time.
      There are rumours that the RFC board are studying the implications of a possible pending court case and having to face the redoutable claimant in court.Two board members have had to have medical assistance due to injuring themselves whilst laughing.
      The claimant is so sure of his case that allegedly a scary letter from his no win,no fee lawyers(chortle) has been sent.Some folk may think this is akin to a loon standing outside your house shouting,hoping that they might get a pound to go away.There could be blue flashing lights visible shortly and the shouting will soon stop.

      “Hello,its Craigie here up at the castle,,i would like a lamb bhuna,rice,cheesy nanny and a bottle of Vimto.”

      “aye,would ye?,,how are you paying for that sir?”

      “credit card my man,take a pound as a tip,,,ye can dae a lot wi a pound!”

      “cash only sir,this isnae a roofing contractor yer talking tae”

  24. Niall Walker


    “Why do you believe it was ok for Green to raise the money through investors but not ok for Whyte to do the same,”

    I did not say it was not ok for CW to raise the money, and since it is not his own money then his shareholding would reflect this, we are back to a man claiming he was robbed of his 2.5% share( £137,500) plus any commission he would receive for raising 5 million investment.
    I do not believe the sale will be reversed because two minority shareholders were deprived of their 2.5% Sevco 5088 by two other directors of Sevco 5088.
    If CW wins his claim it will come out of the pockets of the two men who are responsible, none of this affects the sale or Rangers at all, there are some on here claiming CW owns everything, and this is simply impossible unless he was putting in the 5 million personally, and if he was, then there was no logical reason to cut him out.

    • Your at it again, no one knows what the share percentages would have been, Green hijacked a binding contract established by 5088, Whyte might have negotiated an altogether different investment criteria,
      Whyte case is that Green stole from him,
      He gave notice to Green proir to the share issue, Green did not bother to tell potential investors about this, Green is now saying this could go on for 10 years, why does Green not just employ you, you and your crystal balls can sort it all out in 10 minutes.

      Do you know what it is Whyte is suing for, he is not talking 2.5% of anything, he is talking fraud,

      do you agree that D&P gave a binding contract to Sevco 5088 to purchase the assets,
      do you agree that Green/ Ahmed through Ahmeds mums bank accepted Whytes 25% deposit to be paid to D&P for the binding contract for the assets.
      Do you agree,as Green admitted he did, that Green after working with WHyte and securing the agreement to buy the assets ,pulled a switch and put the assets into Sevco Scotland, that is Whytes case,
      anything after that, is after the fact,
      Whyte claims he warned Green not to proceed with the share issue as he was not the lawful owner of the assets,
      As Green states and MYTH hints at, this could tie up Sevco for the next 10 years.

  25. JimBhoy

    Happy sunny Sunday to y’all… In catch up mode as always…

    Good to see every EPL team in for big Vic, that wee auction action should see the Celts make a tidy profit.. Big Lurch looks like he is working a move back to Engerlund too, again we should be able to double our money on the big chap and wee Hooper out in Vegas wi the lads, i would not gamble on him being around at Celtic next season another we should make 4 or 5 mill on… Good bit of business all round hopefully we have some good candidates to replace those going out.

    A good wee run in the CL next season should see us with 6 home games and I wouldn’t be too upset to see us drop to the europa and have a go at that as our new players settle into the team.

    I see the SPL2 option is still out there, with rangers investing in a few players already can we assume there is no SFL restrictions on player numbers for them next season 🙂 Some bears no happy at the use of SPL and rangers in the same sentence it seems…

    Gordon Smith needs a CVA apparently.

    Chico pyro pants has gone as director (I think)… He is vindicated over allegations over links to Craig Whyte… 🙂
    Platini the stupid drunk…. Sounds to me like Whyte and Green talking rangers football stuff here..Ah maybe not..Move along nothing to hear here.!

    Interesting that Chico suggests Whyte could be claiming against rangers for 10 years, wonder what he knows… Either way he will have cashed in his chips and will be sunning it up on the med..

    Wattie, new chariman, I see a lot of rangers fans are not so happy with this appointment, suggesting it’s only a ploy to get the SB cash in.. Wattie will need to pull out all the stops to get the suspicious fans to stump up imo, Wattie parading in the new orange tap with a few WATP statements and mention of how rangers have been punished enough etc etc should do the trick… 🙂

    Big Jon the tim joins the rangers, good luck to the big chap, hope he makes a success of that and the pension gets a good boost too, win-win..!!! I wonder if he’ll be restricted on certain religious gestures like Big Sand-dancer was(n’t) allegedly…

    I think I read, contrary to Leaky brain sticklebricks that IAmRangers will get a decent pay off to shut his gob.. The big guy played a blinder in doing not so much for his wedge and then working his ticket out when he got bored of his new toy.. Legend..!

    Looking forward to the Green investigation report making it’s way to the public domain.. 🙂

  26. @Niall,
    he was robbed of his 2.5% share( £137,500) plus any commission he would receive for raising 5 million investment.

    Do you see your error,

    you think the £137,500 is a percentage of the full £5.5m asset purchase price, It is 25% of the £550,000 (10%)deposit paid to D&P to secure the binding agreement to give Sevco 5088 exclusive rights to purchase the assets.

    now step away from that tree ,it’s the wrong one, and it’s pointless you barking up at it any longer.

  27. Paul

    But, as all true fans know, what really matters ultimately is the eleven men in light blue who take the field when Rangers play.
    The Queen’s Eleven. The boys in blue. The famous Glasgow Rangers.

    Oh dear i wonder if Jon Daly will feel welcome now as McMurdo has spoken for the fans. Pressures on now and it is apparent in the defiant writings of Bill WATP. interesting times ahead Bhoys.

  28. eastside

    Regarding the latest appeasement puff piece from the ASA. Let’s wait and see what happens when Celtic start advertising and selling Scotland’s most successful Club merchandise! The Orc Hordes will complain to the ASA in their thousands, the ASA will be backed into a corner because Celtic cannot possibly lose the claim. The fear of civil unrest is a heavy burden for these organizations, but they will have no choice but to uphold Celtics claim. Mr Lawell, get the merchandise rolling and we will see how the Tribute Acts claim stands up to scrutiny from those who do not pander to them.

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