Breaking News! Rangers Media Forum Gets Something Wrong!

My attention was drawn to a thread on the afore-mentioned Rangers Media today. The clue that it might be of interest to me was that my name was in the heading!

I reproduce the original post, which came from a cheery chappy called Quiet Jim, and which he entitled “Paul McConville – Rangers Tax Case”.


Word is that Paul McConville, is going to take the fall for the HMRC leak.

My understanding is that Mr McConville has kept his blog ongoing as he was assured that there was no traceability.

Who is the mole?

I can assure you that it is not the bigot McConvile, but he will take the fall.

Phil & agent X were the puppet masters, but patsy Paul will do the time!

McConvile will be deleting his blogs when he becomes aware.

Merry Xmas Paul!



I suspect that QJ might not genuinely wish me well.

I can happily confirm the following items in the post are wrong.

1                     I am not taking the fall for any HMRC leak. I have no idea where RTC got his information regarding the tax case. I have no idea whether it was from HMRC, or from Rangers, or Murray International Holdings, or from lawyers, or accountants, or reporters, or Tribunal staff or from witnesses to the case or from somewhere else. I also have no idea who RTC is. So I can happily confirm I’m not taking the fall for any leak!

2                     I have kept my blog going because I want to. I am unsure what Mr QJ means about “traceability”. As I post under my own name, I am unsure how this is me seeking not to be traceable!

3                     I have no idea who the mole is, although I understand he may have come from Morocco.

4                     I am not a bigot, and despite repeatedly asking people who throw that accusation about against me to produce a single shred of evidence, no one ever has.

5                     I am nobody’s puppet, although Agent X and I have had many happy meetings over a scone and a coffee in Auld’s the Bakers.

6                     I do not understand myself to be a patsy, nor can I see what I will “do time” for.

7                     My surname is spelt with two “l”s. Mr QJ got it right once, but wrong twice.

8                     I do not propose to start deleting my blogs, although I do not know what it is that I should be aware of.

However, in the spirit of goodwill to all men, I reciprocate by wishing Mr QJ the best of the season.

A jolly fellow by the name of Mabawsa followed this up with this post:-


Albion Rovers will be fecked now! Their most loyal ardent supporter taken out of circulation for a wee while. How will they survive ?

Is he still under some supervision order as I am sure that and any potential criminal conviction would be the final nail?

The guy comes across as a serial loser. In the words of Daryll King. “Who? Never heard of him” ….. ultimately so poignant.

Mind you. He could always become a journalist as I hear they allow anyone to join these.Only need to be a confirmed Rangers Baiter and Hater on your NUJ card and you are in!

Hohoho and a Happy 2013 . I shall raise a toast to all their demise with gusto and glee. The toast?In the name of fairness and integrity of course.


I understand that a caller to Radio Clyde mentioned me, and that Mr King did not know who I was. To be frank, I am not surprised. I see no reason why he should know who I am, and it seems bizarre that there are various people who seem delighted to point that out to me, when I had nothing to do with my name being mentioned to Mr King in the first place!

I appreciate the suggestion that I could become a journalist, although the economic climate means there are few jobs for cub reporters about just now.

Another contributor, Uncle Fester, suggested that I should be “waterboarded”!

However, Mr QJ chipped in with the following:-


The deleted RTC blog and McConville’s are one and the same.

McConville is like a nodding dog at the back of the car.

Chap, chap …….


I sadly do not possess an Orwell Prize nor can I claim the credit for being RTC. I don’t get the nodding dog reference – could it be to Churchill…

Andypendek followed up the suggestion that a media role awaits me.


Whoever is outed as being behind RTC etc will not only not go to jail, but will be feted by both other teams’ fans (not just tims) and the media as a kind of hero. If you hate McConville as a blogger, imagine what it will be like with him as a media pundit.

Be careful what you wish for.


Quiet Jim then belied his name with:-


Without fear or favour, we are coming to get you!

McConville is toast


With marmalade?

I have decided not to quote comments containing profanity, or making rather unpleasant suggestions regarding me. Nor am I posting the defamatory comments about me, and others.

There is also a suggestion that Opus Dei are “behind” whatever the latest conspiracy is, along with the police, HMRC, Crown Office, Uncle Tom Cobley and all.

And there is even the obligatory barb about my volunteering at the local CAB.

Maybe this is proof of Oscar Wilde’s old adage – The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.

Maybe next time Rangers Media write about me, they can get something right!

Maybe the usually anonymous people who post this claptrap might realise that, by choosing to post under my own name, I am well aware that people can read about my past.

Never mind.

Just off to ring Agent X to check when the next Opus Dei meeting is!


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103 responses to “Breaking News! Rangers Media Forum Gets Something Wrong!

  1. Bill Fraser

    Delighted to know that the blog will not be disappearing any time in the near future, Paul. As you say, the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about and Leggy had a real go at the Scottish press this morning about not covering the back pages with news from Ibrox. The Ragers (sic) fans were complaining several months ago about all the stories being circulated about their club and now we don’t talk enough about them. Just no pleasing some folk.

    Keep up the good work,


  2. TheBlackKnight TBK

    Just wait until he finds out who I am ……. Perhaps we could all meet over a scone (pronounced scone) or a hot cross bun (bun intended) to smooth things over…..


    • CookedGoose

      We know who you are though!
      Lolz 🙂

      Your sitting alone in your sad bedroom tweeting hatred & bile. You do need to get a girlfriend/boyfriend Goosey x

  3. RTC,

    Don’t let the bastards grind you down 🙂

    I’ll pass on the details of the appeal shortly, although do keep it secret.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  4. Well done Mr.McConville, you are obviously doing something right to ‘earn’ a thread on RM all to yourself !
    And it’s rather depressing if the RM website content reflects how the average bear views the world…

    • Den


      I am not familiar with RM but is seems on the evidence of this post to be somewhat paranoid.

      i don’t think it reflects the average Rangers Supporters view of the World, I hope not.

      I know it doesn’t reflect the views of some Rangers supporters that I know who; while acknowledging what has happened, want the club to survive and prosper. For their sake i hope it does but after working their way back and maybe losing the nutter element in the lean years.

  5. Mark Murphy

    No…I AM RTC!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. dirtymac

    I am RTC. And so is my wife.

  7. Jamie

    I wouldn’t worry Paul, when have the dark side ever let the truth get in the way of a good story. I’m surprised that Peter Lawell or the pope wasn’t mentioned as being the puppet masters…they’re all deranged.

  8. Absolutely hilarious! Had a good chuckle at that blog Paul. You just get better and better. As for these ubelievable halfwits, on what planet do they come from? They are a disgrace to the human race. Now I’m getting angry.

    • The Gal

      Ah good old RM where the hateful neanderthal element of their support reside. Paul your in good company Peter Lawell, Phil Mac, Lenny, Paul Brennan and many more are particular hate figures on that hate filled forum. They live in a deluded paralell universe.

  9. Not content with stealing the tax payees money they’re stealing our paranoia anawnoo. WE ARE ALL RTC Hail Hail

  10. I don’t know who i am. Do Rangers Media help people to find themselves? Where can I contact them?

  11. I don’t know who I am. Do Rangers Media help people to find themselves? Where can I contact them for some help?

  12. Thomas

    Quiet Jim, ‘I am Paul McConville, Brennan, Phil & RTC’.
    Toast me too!

  13. Den

    These people call others bigots !

    I have followed this blog for some time and nothing of yours could be described in any way as bigotted, doesn’t need saying really . It is unacceptable that bloggers who take an open minded approach are pilloried in this way.

    The worst thing is that they threaten people’s safety on the flimsiest of evidence, in fact none. That is unacceptable and should be called by the Police.

    If you were to close the blog now i would say well done and good luck in with anything you do in the future. I hope you don’t.

    I suspect that this blog will be attacked very shortly by RM readers. I know that the regulars will not be dragged down to the sewer level and the nutters will move on, or maybe recognise reason (all this season of goodwill is even affecting me).


  14. Joe

    The poor old newcos they dont half love talking pure mince on their threads. They must be talking to that infamous man doon the pub that knows everything and sees all. Still as long as they keep talking and the police keep monitoring them It shouldn’t be a problem.

  15. lol……………………………………………………

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    December 27, 2012 at 2:37 pm

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    December 27, 2012 at 2:38 pm

  16. Gortnamona

    Sad people, striking out blindly in all directions and never able to see that all their problems were self-inflicted.

  17. JimBhoy

    QJ is more likely to get a visit from plod for that blatant threat imo..

    Blogging under a pseudonym does not ensure anonymity, everything is traceable with the right access to various systems and this access is available to many authorities. I am sure if any of these authorities wanted to know who ran the RTC site they could do so withing 30 minutes including a coffee break.. That also goes for QJ… Threatening someone (named) even in a posting can be treated as an offence if brought to the notice of the police.

    I don’t really visit the rangers sites but some of the stuff i have seen pasted on here from said sites has been absolutely appalling and disgusting. Personal threats and allegations and if you are no for us you are agin us will cause those rangers fans many problems in the future and will only generally further isolate the club.

  18. rab

    I contacted Paul earlier today after my usual lurk on rangersmedia while in the toilet ( i find the strenuous laughter followed by cringing clench helpful). I hope Quiet Jim doesn’t find out about the “incident” at woolworths pick n mix counter of 1982 or i fear exposure to my peers

  19. JimBhoy

    From the little I read on the RTC site and from PMcG re: the true state of rangers oldco, if rangers fans had actually taken in those facts when published early on they may have saved their club… That’s the real irony here… Look for the scapegoats in this lot… (Moonbeams and the media sheep, Greed, Whyte, D&P and SFA/SPL leads, well the latter fukd every fan/club over imo).

  20. JimBhoy

    If QJ continues with those threats he will definitely be on Santa’s naughty list in 2013 that’s for sure.

    I’ll make sure i mention to Santa next time I meet him for a beer, assuming he’s not back on writing those RTC posts by then..

  21. Gortnamona


    ” I understand that a caller to Radio Clyde mentioned me, and that Mr King did not know who I was. To be frank, I am not surprised. I see no reason why he should know who I am,”

    Paul, I can’t believe you are serious. Mr King is ignorant of many things, objectivity being the most glaring, but of your existence and blog he is all too aware.

    He may have been afraid of incurring the wrath of us, your anonymous offspring, by making any adverse comments.

  22. portpower

    The gemme’s a bogey Paul.
    I love nodding dogs.

  23. JimBhoy

    @gortnamona Can’t agree more, Mr King and all the sports journos in Scotland will be investigating the more informative sites without doubt, they’d be daft not to because that’s where the real information, detail and opinion lies….

    Actually old Sticklebricks had a comment yesterday which I found amusing… I paraphrase but it was along the lines of he is noticing the rangers are getting less newspaper exposure of their games and often it SEEMS the wording across various papers are pretty much cut and pasted from a master report, making the assumption that the main journos are not travelling the length and breadth of the country slumming it with the rangers and are content to get the report third party… I do not read the rangers report so cannot verify…

  24. cam

    Oh dear,it looks as if the good folk of Dundee won’t be too happy with the Glasgow fans after the bhoys wee Boxing night “watersports” fun.
    If the GFITW can behave like “animals” and terrify the locals, what will happen if hordes of klan like,mutated herrenvolk buy tickets to the DU game?
    Coyote Pete is gonna have to interrupt his festive break and call in a few favours to limit the damage that this “tiny minority” of hundreds of drunken louts have done to CFC’s good name.
    Daryll King, unfortunately has left the building and is off to pastures new in the U.S where he can clatter away without upsetting too many folk.
    It is ludicrous to suggest that Paul is Arty C.
    The identity of that blogger is known to a select few and no amount of Spartacussing will halt the clamour for Monty Pythonesque crucifixions.

    • Nice attempt to set up “whataboutery” Cam. Tell you what, let’s let each team in Scotland sort their own sh1t out and meet for the nice scone/scone TBK mentioned when.its done. Ok?

    • mick

      Good morning every1 Paul the bile from rm is frequent and is best left ignored unless liable via scots law out of all the people to be targeted via there online bully tattics no 1has actually been attacked so it is crap and bile the producers of the site should hang there head in shame playing Along with cyber bullies they have the world record for it ,with you having a legal mind keep well. Track of the law with it all as there is other people that. Have been bullied to with no mention of it msm so it’s another major issue being swept under the carpet that is well bulging at the sfa and done govanhill way these poster s who aim bile at rtc Paul and all the rest of the new media source for factual information on Scottish football is the net and Paul’s blog is a massive part of it that has provided legal thoughts on the issue for all fans cam and Alex andy all good rangers men on here can prove that we have fans of all clubs from all over the world also it was the clattering bam pots via tommy gold broke the ice for the bears with the imran and Brian exclusive at start of sale imran thanked the bloggers for all the info that is relised via the new media so they should be thanking Paul as the msm don’t challenge them and feed them lies every day

    • Gortnamona


      The hysterical Huns seem to think he is guilty of high treason and/or regicide so hanged, drawn and quartered would probably be their preferred punishment. Problem is he has not been accused of any crime let alone convicted.

      His real crime, in the eyes of the more fanatically disposed Rangers’ supporters, was that he stripped away the layers of lies and deceit showing them to be not only morally, but also financially bankrupt.

      The main side-effect of this exposure was to make Rangers an object of ridicule and derision especially to their traditional adversaries across town. Standing weak, naked and poverty stricken they had no defence against the
      Tsunami of ordure that engulfed them.

      That in their minds is the real crime of RTC. He made Rangers and their supporters (the Mighty Gers) the laughingstocks of the football world.

      And caused poor Cam to retreat into a fantasy world from which he cannot escape.

      • cam

        One should really refrain from using sectarian language when describing fans of another team, and before the usual waffle re Hun terminology is spouted,involving Germanic tribes pillaging Europe,thats its not religious,blah,blah,blah.How does a ref who has the temerity to not give a penalty to CFC become a German pillager?
        The RTC thing is obviously a self confessed follower of the downtrodden marytrs who got fed up watching his team being pumped by a dreadful Gers team and along with a few like minded pals in low places decided if we can’t beat Wattie’s wonders on the pitch then we will royally feck them up off it!
        How they obtained their info is the subject of ongoing enquiries,what they did with it was speculation that gave credence to the “contingent liability” that hung over RFC and may well have discouraged potential buyers.The Craig Whyte creature used this opportunity to do his “thing” and the rest is documented.
        The FTTT verdict possible appeal notwithstanding gave Arty C and his disciples the mother of all gubbings and the shame is still reverberating around the bloggers sites.
        I always find in life that if a malicious wee sweetie wife has been caught stirring up trouble then they should be held accountable for their actions and walk into the light instead of skulking under a boulder,sluglike.
        As for being ridiculed by the across townies? One can only feel embarassed when judged by their peers.The opinions of the CFC fans is a total irrelevance in all things.

        • Gortnamona

          Poor confused Cam

          You probably think its all been some ghastly nightmare and you will eventually wake up, just as the Mighty Gers are crowned European Champions, (with half the major continental cities clearing up the wreckage of their triumphant progress.)

          Sadly every day is just another third division Groundhog Day in Berwick

          • Gortnamona

            And Cam

            How can you be insulted by being called a Hun, when you have clearly no idea who the Huns were?

            • cam

              Thats true i didn’t! But i now realise when the jolly craicsters call a ref a Hun then they obviously know that he hails from Mongolia!
              I’ll leave you to the semantics of sectarian insults and enjoy being in the third div. working our way back and having a laugh without the horrors of all things CFC.
              I note that there will soon be an interesting legal case coming up soon now that a lout has been charged with offensive singing regards the IRA.
              Quite a few CFC fans believe that this is political and should not be deemed offensive under the new legislation.
              Should be interesting.

        • Thomas

          total shit, ….
          Get real, for one small example.
          Real Rangers ‘bought’ a footballer but never paid the money, this player saved their season, then they sold him and kept all the cash. I think I would call that club and ALL that supported it Cheats and …..fannybaws! cant wait for the second coming of Hector!

        • portpower

          The Wattie’s wonders? This man makes me wonder if he is just pining
          for his master. This man left a sinking ship only to be washed up at the
          stairs of ibrox begging for the blue knights offer. With tears in his eyes
          his wished the new club all the best. Next minute we know he`s sitting
          at the table with chiko? The only thing that Wattie wonders at the moment
          is when will SDM make his return or does he know that he never left?
          In the word of Sixto Rodriguez.

          I wonder how many times you’ve been had

          And I wonder how many plans have gone bad.

          I wonder l wonder wonder I do.

    • Thomas

      Cam times have changed, for good.
      If you want a ‘square go’ on who’s got the most distgusting fans ‘come and fkn get it on’.
      Question for you, Sandazza reported that he was asked by his employers to stop blessing himself, do you agree with his employer? Yes or No….

  25. cam

    The klan like, sub species Gers fans can’t be trusted with scones,,,,,two days uncovered and they become lethal missiles.
    You must have heard the expression” i’ll scone ye wan”

    There are reliable rumours that the urinators in Dundee were actually Gers fans on a practise run.
    Its not just me thats taking the pi*h,the toilet cleaners in Dundee are drenched in the stuff.

  26. JimBhoy

    Just when I thought old sticklebricks had found his low a few days back, his newest (nazi propaganda-esque) ramblings show what a deranged individual this man is… I know some rangers fans posting here have suggested he is somewhat of a joke figure, I believe that to be true but there is a section who is listening to this dangerous, cowardly old cretin… He’d flog his old presbyterian granny if it would sell a book..

  27. dan

    I am RC—sorry, I mean RTC!

    To be serious though, re the D. King comment on the wireless about not knowing you Paul, I listened to that comment and it was very clear from Mr King’s delivery that he did indeed know you –or at least your blog—-and was being facetious. It would appear, however, that the knuckledragger who took the quote literally, doesn’t do nuance. I blame the schools.

    On the subject of which, excellent blog from Phil today concerning Fran Samdaza’s instructions on what ‘gestures’ are, or are not, acceptable down IOUbox way. Seems to be a case of new club, old habits.

  28. Arb urns

    Will rangers fans ever look under the right carpet in all this ? If memory serves the tax case was heard in the names of Murray group holdings v hmrc. There’s a big clue in that . If it was a liquidation mystery weekend the solution is a board of directors did it in the castle with a lady accomplice on an island and ran away.

  29. is it not ironic that, what appear to be morons on RM can post without using their full names, then they have the gall to complain that other bloggers do not use their full name and indeed, people who use their full name – like paul mcConville is accused of being behind all sorts of conspiracies.

    [just as well mohammed al-fayed has never heard of you paul]

    other posters have pointed out that those morons are more concerned with who was posting the truth (RTC) rather than why the events came about for RTC to need to post.

    the significance of the RTC blog was;
    Rangers are insolvent
    Rangers are spending money that does not belong to them (PAYE and NI)
    Rangers are going bust

    the solution for the fans will be to “accept” a newco.
    to accept that Rangers used “dual contracts” to sign high profile players
    that the use of EBT payments was being pursued by HMRC, and that no matter which side “won” the FTTT, there would be an “appeal”.

    RTC got everything correct, except for the FTTT outcome, but RTC did say that out come was a possibility – although, unlikely, but in anycase, HMRC or Rangers can appeal the FTTT decision.

    Rangers media (is that newco or oldco) seems to be ocncerned with the fact RTC was puting pictures and spreadsheets of evidence on the blog.
    so what. RTC was trying to get the [old]rangers supporters to question their own team’s directors/owners.
    what happened. they buried their head in the sand, and still won’t accept the signifivance of what actually happened. OldRangers are gone.
    the “club” they support are a new club started in 2012, with a new sfl membership and new sfa licence, with no uefa licence.
    the assets of their old club were sold off – the buildings, the club logo, the copyrights to the use of the logos etc.

    they oldrangers fans continue to “believe” that it is the same “club” that is playing at ibrox today, but it is not.
    that is why the RTC blog was going to town with the amazing information that was being ignored by the msm who wanted to deny there was a major liqidation looming for scottish football.
    even the SFA did nothing then.

    mark daly of the bbc pointed out, that craig whyte had been banned from being a director. RTC did not point this out, yet there was still denial from msm, and the oldrangers supporters.
    the oldrangers fans, don’t seem to have any issue with the bbc/mark daly.
    why is that. it is because there are other at the bbc, who are willing to peddle the myth, that oldrangers and newrangers are the same.

    what RTC was saying was the significance is that, old rangers will go out of business and that any newco set up to replace them, by whoever, wont matter. it’s too late, the 1872 rangers are beyond saving.

    i am RTC

    • Mike

      @ jimlarkin

      I think you’re a tad paranoid! Read back what you’ve written before posting it!

      Why do Rangers fans also think that the BBC peddle the myth that old co and newco are different?

      So your point eventually is that Rangers are a different club? To be honest, who cares? Rangers are a different company and as far as I’m concerned that equals new club – but if they want to claim it’s the same then I’m ok with that – I believe it’s up to them – as it’s their club that they support!

  30. john quail


  31. oh and byr the way paul.
    the RM got 2 correct and 2 wrong

    Word is that (1)Paul McConville, is going to take the fall for the HMRC leak.

    My understanding is that Mr (2)McConville has kept his blog ongoing as he was assured that there was no traceability.

    Who is the mole?

    I can assure you that it is not the bigot (3)McConvile, but he will take the fall.

    Phil & agent X were the puppet masters, but patsy Paul will do the time!

    (4)McConvile will be deleting his blogs when he becomes aware.

    Merry Xmas Paul!


  32. I would like to go on at length, about their overwhelming ignorance and self importance, but after following their invective for, what seems, such a long time, all I can bring mysel to say is,” What a shower of tadgers.”

  33. Was probably a matter of time before a thread like that came up – actually surprised it hadn’t happened so much sooner.

    At the end of the day – these people clearly have nothing better to do with their life than get upset about things. e all have opinions, we might not always agree but to spend waking hours wasting your time in attempt to degrade someone for their legal opinion is somewhat sad in any respect.

    It shall all blow over soon enough, not that you will likely lose any sleep over it. C’est la vie…..

    Happy New Year when it comes to yourself and to all, i am off to sun myself on warmer seas for the next few weeks – i only dread bumping into someone wishing to discuss anything to do with Scottish Football. Let’s hope 2013 is more about the game on the field – Celtic in the Champions league, promising young talent and a new national manager, and less involving money,tax men and the rest.

  34. JimBhoy

    Has Scotland taken the lead in using Video evidence at football matches, has there been a rule change? Willson is looking at a two match ban for an elbow that did not even draw a foul from the referee. Don’t incidents on the pitch that are scrutinised under video evidence have to be reported by the referee or 4th official. I am not saying it was deliberate or not but he (Willson) was certainly fowled just before the incident and that should have been given. Corroborated by the injured player on both counts. So the ref seems to have missed two fouls yet one is penalised as a red card by his peers, what does that say about Brines…

    So the next time the Celts clearly score but it is deemed to have not crossed the line due to an inept ref and they lose a cup final I expect the goal to be scrutinised by the beaks and the game replayed. Aye right….

    The rules in Scottish football seem to be very pliable. Time to get rid of the rot…

    • cam

      Jim,i’m sure that the compliance officer route is there to be used when a ref misses something that the public see.
      There are groups of CFC fans studying the moves of every Gers player even though they are leagues apart.These watchers have big Vinny bhoy on speed dial.
      Don’t fret though Vinny will do what he has before and bin this.If anyone asks Lenny his opinion then Coyote Pete has the banning orders prepared.
      On that is old Shug Keevins a diehard Celts man still banned by that control freak?

    • tykebhoy

      I think the odious Craig Burley made sure Wilson was referred to the compliance officer. How he is held out by ESPN as a Celtic orientated pundit deserts me.

  35. I have said before that Murray and his expensive legal experts will not take too kindly to his name dragged through the mud if people have broken the law they better get themselves an expensive lawyer

    • Gortnamona


      ” When asked why he had sold to Whyte, Sir David said: “I was primarily duped. My advisers were duped, the bank was duped, the shareholders were duped. We’ve all been duped. Is duped the right word? Duped is the right word.”
      Darrell King – heraldscotland – WEDNESDAY 14 MARCH 2012

      ” Murray and his expensive legal experts” – that is one hell of a defence statement.

      Harry Redknapp comes to mind.

    • Thomas

      Murray is skint. He’ll challenge heehaa.

  36. See the greatest fans in the world at it in Dundee ,I wonder who will get the blame.the police, stewards, rangers fans, the big boys done it and ran away but liewell can’t remove their season books that would mean more empty seats yep they really are the custodians of sporting integrity

    • dan

      Arseon. You got the last four words right. There were nutters at Dens, of that there is no doubt. But were they ours? Who can say with certitude: unlike Manchester, Barcelona, and other places too numerous to mention? Do not try to tar as with the same brush as the Hunnish hordes. You make yourself look ridiculous in the attempt. We didn’t say we were the greatest fans in the world: UEFA, FIFA. and teams visiting Paradise on CL (look it up) nights said so. So there. Fkcu you!

      • Mike

        A quite unbelievable response dan!

        It was definitely Celtic fans at work at Dens on Boxing Day!

        Nice whataboutery response re Rangers fans – and on this blog! – nicely done! How to make yourself look like ignorant!

  37. Charming use of the English language , you are a credit to yourself , your club, your upbringing and education system , and were they ours? Really ? Who were they then? Maybe it was the big boys that done it and ran away , and I look ridiculous

    • mick


    • dan

      I think you mean Anglo Saxon language, which is the correct derivation. (Though I wouldn’t expect you to know that: I blame the schools). And no, it is not a ‘charming use’, it is a deliberate misspelling of the word for the sake of decorum (look it up). A credit to my education system? 2:1 from Glasgow University; (should have been a first); and re my upbringing; bigotry was discouraged in my house, unlike yours as evinced by your many poisonous posts. So, I repeat: fkcu you Arseon!

  38. mick

    @dan the dens park fans were bumming all week they would be baiting and singing billy bhoys at the celtic fans on lots of sites there as bad as each other you could here the billy bhoys throw out the game 50% 50% blame sevco had 9 arrests at ibrokes last week with protest its all celtic bad with it all

    • Mike

      sorry mick, but people (and that includes some ignorant, obnoxious, and disgusting Celtic fans, should behave like normal people even though they are in a different city) wether or not they feel they are being baited by opposition fans – because that is what civilised / normal people do.

  39. Just another incident in a long and glorified history to blame on somebody else and sweep under the carpet.

  40. KennyG

    The Bears Den is the last refuge for the Sevco scoundrel. It is full of racist and bigoted bile and should be treated with the contempt it deserves. The Sevconians are being marginalised in Scotland and will play little or no
    part in a modern Scotland. You were the people but Scotland said ‘no’! Keep up the good work Paul.

    • cam

      Ehm,,,the Dundee game?,,,sectarian chanting?animalistic behaviour?,,,if thats part of your modern Scotland then when’s the next ferry?

      • Thomas

        Do you agree with The new Rangers telling Sandazza to stop blessing himself.Iv asked you three times now!
        yes or know!

        • cam

          You need to calm down my doubting friend.I had to go work.I see that RFC have publicly denied advising big Francie not to play with his spectacles,testicles,wallet and watch.
          That of course as your name implies,you will doubt.
          If big Franny wants to do the haka,stand on his head,tummel his wilkies or get his local priest to give him communion on the pitch its fine by me.
          If he doesn’t score,he’s out.
          To answer your question under the terms and conditions that might calm you down,if the Gers advised big Franny not to bless himself i would strongly disagree and sack the individual concerned.
          Six out of seven dwarves aren’t.

          • Mike

            to be honest, I would have to accept Sandanza’s word that he was advised not to cross himself, but I am almost more happy at Rangers Media responses, which is almost 50% towards don’t care why he does – shame about the others, but hey progress is progress!

    • Bigoted bile? are you for real? Bigoted bile was spewed from dens park by the green seat brigade but it’s always somebody else’s fault , and they want to play in England , you could not make it up a country they hate.

      • KennyG

        Irish Republicanism is about self determination. You might not like to hear support for it but it is not bigotry. A football club operating a sectarian signing policy is bigotry. Rangers policy fuelled and falsely legitimised anti-Catholic sentiment for decades and they should apologise for this. Scotland’s shame.

        • Irish republicanism is not about bigotry ! Try telling that to protestants that were and indeed are being ethically cleansed from the border with the republic your one sided view never ceases to surprise, Scotland’s shame ? Were you at Dundee midweek ? The poppy banner disgrace? Disrupting silence for 66 people killed leaving a football stadium ? The fcuk UEFA banner? Attacking you own players in the car park following the Inverness cup defeat? Throwing missiles at opposition players ? Attacking match officials? And you want an apology?

          • KennyG

            Fans of every club misbehave occasionally. Some have behaved so badly their team was not allowed to defend their European Cup Winners triumph. Your sectarian signing policy was put in place by your club. It was the main driver for Sectarianism in Scotland and your club should publicly apologise. You are Scotland’s shame.

          • KennyG

            Irish Republicanism is NOT about bigotry. It’s about a people’s right to self determination. As for your claim of ‘ethnic cleansing’. You really need to brush up on your Irish history and learn about the centuries of I’ll treatment the Irish suffered at the hands of the British. It was the British who attempted to rid Ireland of the Irish.

            • Yes you are correct , every football club has fans who have let the side down , not all clubs blame it on everybody else and their dog though , take some responsibility for the actions of your own bigoted terrorist loving thugs and confront your own shame.

          • Carl31

            ‘ethically cleansed’? is there something Freudian in there?

        • Mike

          @ kennyg
          Correct me if I’m wrong, but was Rangers anti-catholic policy not decades ago?!

          The club has turned itself around, it’s now the fans that they still have to sort out!

          As for Irish Republicanism being about self-determinism – what would those of the unionist persuasion in Northern Ireland think about the murderous attacks on them think being self-determinism?

  41. Football fans are often charrmless, it’s what gives them their charm.

    In a world where everyone must mind thier P’s and Q’s there is something very human about these latter day penny stinkers.

    They are awful, crude, beyond the pale.

    Perhaps they should be stopped, something ought to be done.

    But without them and their rants, How would we know that our behaviour is better.

    It is better, right?

  42. lordmac

    never mind about that, David murrays ass, has been in the air for over a week now, he has his hands raking down through the settee
    looking for £6million in cash.
    what dafty lawyer is going to defend him, now that there is limited legal aid going about.

  43. RayCharles

    I have had enough of the whataboutery of recent days.

    I note Martin (December 28, 2012) states that “Football fans are often charmless, it’s what gives them their charm.”

    I can see the charm but I can also see the latent hostility.

    Football fans, en-masse, can easily be viewed as an obnoxious,
    hate-filled and culturally malignant bunch.

    This is not whataboutery – this is whataboutallofyou.

    We are an absolute disgrace.

    Nastiness and parochialism personified.

    At every game I have ever attended, at Amateur, Junior and Senior level, I could easily take pictures of the people watching and they would feature screwed up faces screaming bile at a referee or player.

    It is all anger orientated in a way I do not see in other sports.

    I have been to watch American football, hockey, rugby, cricket, basketball, baseball etc and have never witnessed the same vicarious hatred that is exhibited by football fans.

    When Scottish football fans aren’t shouting vile abuse, they sometimes come up with songs that celebrate things such as the Ibrox disaster, the deaths of Johnny Doyle and Tommy Burns or Norrie McCathie ( just for St Mirren fans who might fancy getting on their high horse about Celtic and Rangers.)

    I recently took my kids to a Junior game and had to leave because of the X-rated stuff being gleefully shouted by all and sundry.

    I played Amateur for 20 years and have seen guys wielding knives racing from the sidelines in order to chase players who have upset them.

    Football fans are generally a horrible bunch when they act as a mob and I am stunned so many people are inured to their awful antics.

    Those seeking to portray Rangers fans as better than Celtic fans, or vice versa, are detached from perceptible reality.

    Non Old Firm fans should also have a good look at themselves the next time they spout venom at a referee, linesman or opposition player.

    It really isn’t the type of behaviour anyone should be proud of.

    I’m not asking anyone to change.

    All I’m asking is we at least accept the behaviour of football fans is generally abnormal, anti-social and obnoxious.

    If anyone thinks their club is immune to this cast-iron rule then I reckon they are deluded.

    Scottish football fans are all as bad as each other.

    Once we realise this then perhaps that will open a pathway to civilized behaviour in the future.

    If not, whataboutery will always prevail and we will continue to wallow in the perverse and misplaced satisfaction that we are not as bad as “them”.

    I am embarrassed to take my young boys to any game of football at any level given all the nonsense that is perceived as acceptable behaviour and I urge you all to consider the concept of “Whatabouallofus”.

    • Mike

      I have hated to go to football games for a long time because of the disgusting attitudes of both sides – as I really just wanted to a) see my team win, and b) see an enjoyable game.

      As a Dundee United supporter I have to endure stupid supporters shouts around me at every game, but I have yet to see them wet themselves in their seats or threaten actual violence on the opposition fans.

      Maybe I’ve just been lucky?

  44. My good friends see my “Your comment is awaiting moderation” badge as a sign of honour.

    “McConville is feart o ye big man, he disny ken whit truths you will post next to put the hordes of rome to flight” you know I do believe they are right.

  45. I understand where you are coming from Ray, but I think what you are saying is perhaps a little too far.

    Not all football fans are like this – too say all football fans generally are abnormal, anti-social and obnoxious is to ignore, in most cases, the majority of fans.

    It is true to say at most games, at most clubs, there will be a minority of fans who act in this way.

    Also, some of those seeking to portray Rangers fans as better than Celtic fans, or vice versa, have very valid arguments, though they are unlikely to convince each other.

    For example, despite the recent horrible Dens display, the Celtic support have achieved awards for conduct in the past – debating the weight of each of these does not render the poster detached from perceptible reality.

    I do conceded that this type of debate often devolves into whataboutery with one side justifying their behaviour through the worst offences of the other.

    My own personal bugbear is the refusal to accept misbehaving supporters as being part of that clubs support (it was Chelsea fans!). There seems to be a general lack of acceptance and contrition from a suprisingly large number football fans in general this year.

  46. Martin

    The Bears Den is a cesspool of hate as is Blotto’s blog and Son of McMurdo has now joined the party.

    All they talk about is the champions and they claim we’re obsessed.

  47. WeeAndyBhoy


    The oldco were brilliant.

    They “fecked” themselves, all by themselves. It was nothing to do with anybody or anyone else.

    Problem with the newco & their support is they don’t accept this & choose to blame everyone else for their downfall

    It’s a bit like being an alcoholic.

    You need to accept there is a problem, to realise that you actually have a problem.

    Cam. Repeat after me.

    It was our fault.

    We brought this upon ourselves.

    It was our fault.

    On the road to recovery yet Cam??!!!

    • cam

      I’ll have a pint and a spiced rum with coke please.
      Its the possible breaking of the official secrets act that opens up new avenues for oldco.
      How one gathers information and uses it to portray an organisation and affect its share price,good name etc.
      SDM and his legal chaps aren’t quite finished yet.He did famously sell up to the Craigie creature for a pound,,,i think he wants a pound of flesh off someone in return.
      Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we blog to deceive.

      • Mein Gott Cam that’s you totally lost the arguement as well as the plot. To actually quote the PishstainedAlky shows you as someone with absolutely no rational thought.

  48. It’s taken a wee while, but the ‘mole’ being in Morocco was an allusion that struck something in me, I knew I should get it, I had heard the reference before. Then this morning the light went on, the nemesis of ‘Secret Squirrel’ was ‘Morocco Mole’. I laughed with joy when I got it, then felt very,very old.
    Have a nice New Year Paul.

  49. Keep up the good work Paul!

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