EXCLUSIVE: Amazing Rangers link to Interpol Fugitive – Posted by Ecojon

We exclusively reveal today the link between Rangers and a man accused of bringing down an Indonesian Bank which sent shockwaves through the Far Eastern country and also pointed a finger of corruption at high-ranking politicians and police officers. The ultimate cost of the Capital Bank collapse has been estimated at $US700 million.

OK get your seat belt on, sit back with a can of Irn Bru for the hangover and I will transport youse to the mysterious world of the Orient whose banking and financial dealings makes Libor Rigging look like a kindergarten game. I’m doing product placement with the Irn Bru to help the SFL3 sponsor out btw 🙂

The ‘Great Game’ rivals blockbuster movies for exciting action as does the twists and turns of the Monte Carlo Rally where Bears can be spotted twitching at the sight of the Lesser-Breasted Whyte Crow – a highly exotic and wily bird which occasionally pays a flying visit to Scotland where it nests in castles. In the meantime, the veils of the Orient need lifting.

After being forced to flee Indonesia, Rafat Ali Rizvi who could face the death penalty, headed for the safe haven of Singapore which has no extradition treaty with Indonesia. He was soon ensconced as chairman of Tembusu Investments Limited – a Bermudan registered company based in Singapore which operates mainly in Singapore and Mongolia.

According to Indonesia’s Attorney General’s Office, Mr Rizvi and his colleague Mr Warraq stashed $1.4bn of distressed debt securities that the bank was holding for liquidity in accounts around the world. Mr Rizvi claims he is the victim of “a xenophobic campaign to put the blame for the collapse onto the bank’s foreign owners”.

The two former colleagues are not fighting claims that there was a fraud at the bank but are arguing they were not the beneficiaries of the trusts at the centre of the allegations.

Mr Rizvi is alleging unfair treatment by the Indonesia authorities, including the judicial system, and expropriation after the Deposit Insurance Agency forced the bank into administration in 2008. He has taken proceedings under the 1965 International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) Convention. On 4 April 2012 the tribunal (chaired by a former Solicitor-General of Australia) reportedly rejected Indonesia’s application, under ICSID Rule 41(5), for the claim to be dismissed on an expedited basis as manifestly without legal merit.

Mr Rizvi is now on Interpol’s “red notice” wanted list and has had several of his bank accounts frozen under rules to prevent international money laundering.

The rescue of Bank Century has been highly controversial in Indonesia, with many in the country believing the taxpayers’ money could have been better used elsewhere.

So, what has all this got to do with Glasgow Rangers I hear you ask. Oh ye of little faith and less patience. All will be revealed in due course or even good time.

The connection is that Tembusu changed it’s name to Nova Resources Ltd and we already know that Charles Green was also chairman of said company. This, I would emphasize and put on the public record, does not show any direct, indirect or financial link between the two mean and I am happy to assure that it does not imply any impropriety on the part of Mr Green in any of his business dealings whether public or private.

But the link has apparently worried the SFA as persistent rumours swirl around Hampden and elsewhere that a Blue Chip investor who wished to invest £4.5 million in SevGers took to the hills as if the midges were after him when he allegedly learnt of a connection between Rafat Ali Rizvi and Rangers. Some say that he was a shareholder or that his ‘hot money’ was bankrolling the bid but no evidence has been provided to substantiate what remain rumours in a very intense and heated situation.

What does appear to be true is that the Blue Chip investor does exist and did walk away and I have been putting feelers out in the hope that he might explain his reasons so we can dispel the myth and get to the truth of the matter.

Mr Rizvi, 51, joined Tembusu Investments Limited in March 2008 as chairman and chief executive officer and company records reveal a complex list of financial interests beyond my scope to forensically examine. Suffice to say that, at the time, he was ultimate beneficial owner of the Brunei Darussalam incorporated, Clarence Limited whose wholly owned subsidiary, Galleria Resources Limited, was interested in 77.52% of the issued share capital of Vantage Corporation Limited – controlling shareholder of Tembusu.

I relate this interlocking web out of sympathy with the SFA which quite frankly doesn’t have the wherewithal to even begin a proper due diligence process on modern international shareholders even if they are strictly legit. The nightmare for the SFA is that by default they allow a wolf into Scottish Football to its reputational detriment but also to that of the ‘suits & blazers’ who will be swept away by fan fury if this all gangs aft agley and Rangers suffers a further calamitous financial collapse.

And to be fair to Mr Green, even he might not know all of the ultimate beneficial owners of Rangers shares as the many layered and faceted approach of the financial services industry is designed to protect financial anonymity for a number of reasons which can range from a wish to avoid the limelight to protect children of the seriously wealthy from ruthless kidnapping gangs to laundering drug money and other proceeds of crime such as tax evasion erm perhaps something already too close to home for Rangers.

Blue Pitch Holding and its secret beneficial shareholders is a case in point and the failure to name its beneficial investors has caused concern as has the failure of Mr Green to provide checkable details of other Foreign investors he has actually named.

By 30 June 2009 Mr Rizvi was on the move again and resigned as chairman and CEO of Tembusu whose Board thank him for his his contribution and wished him well in the future.

As we know from an earlier post of mine, Mr Green joined Nova Resources Ltd , the rebadged Tembusu, in early January 2012 just days after it floated on the AIM Market. He then resigned rather hurriedly it appears In May after becoming involved in bidding for oldco Rangers.



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  1. Nice work the trail is closing…………try looking in and around MENA region for some other related companies/individuals and of course there is still the south african trail to consider………..may surprise you then again maybe not…….mwah haha…….away for some humble pie with noodles now

  2. Martybhoy

    Chuckie Green…..Rotherham……..Sheffield Steel……MIM…………Rotherham……..Sheffield United…..David Murray……Steel Production in Sheffield and Rotherham…….David Murray / Chuckie Green / Craig Whyte Plant Hire…….look closer to home and ye shall find.

  3. ADM

    Great stuff, ecojon. Pulls together a lot of threads in this sorry saga. Think you’re right – key point here is that there’s no way the SFA can sensibly do proper due diligence on this mess. This may well shed some light on why Sevco couldn’t get an account at any of the major banks – they couldn’t with any confidence take this through anti-money laundering checks. (Surprised Metro Bank did, tbh.)

    SFA in an impossible position now – they know they shouldn’t approve this but they also know that there’ll be fury among the Rangers faithful if they don’t. Bomber Brown looking smarter every day – now there’s something I didn’t expect to find myself writing…

    • Peter

      ADM – understand where you’re coming from but the SFA are NOT in an impossible position. There are very good reasons why these people don’t want to step forward into the light – and the SFA should simply do the right thing and NOT grant membership because the owners are NOT fit and NOT proper by any reasonable measure. The impossible thing is for the SFA and establishment to accept that Rangers are dead, liquidated and gone. If they don’t get it this time they’ll have another chance within a year.

      • ADM & Peter, I actually agree with you both in a way – the SFA are in an impossible position partly because they don’t seem to have the skills or the backbone to implement their own rules.
        Sevco, on the other hand, just like most before them, get stinkier and stinkier the more we all delve, but still don’t see how even shady businessmen can see a quick return on any team starting in Div 3, so all may be proved pretty moot in the coming weeks, as I expect they’ll all back out anyway.
        Ibrox and Murray Park, I think, will have to go – either to pay off penalties (remember, they’ve not had any yet – transfer embargo is NOT a penalty, especially for any team that can’t afford to buy anything), or for Green to pay off his backers.
        That will leave what I think will be the ultimate outcome – Bomber leading an AFC Wimbledon type club through the lower divisions. That, I’m afraid will be justice.

      • ecojon


        Gawd I’ve just had a crazy vision of Bomber doing his aerial Hawkeye at Wimbledon complete with an old-fashioned flying helmet and goggles 🙂

  4. ecojon

    @ michaelk1888 & ADM

    Have you seen the latest strange twist re Davis and Southampton paying a trumpeted £800K fee. Stranger and stranger for Southampton which certainly has been no stranger in recent times to financial problems of its own.

    Why pay anything when Fifa have got their act in gear and have already released the others and said Green is owed nothing for the players. Curioser and curioser as davis would have been released the same way within a couple of days at most.

    I do believe the £800K is vastly hyped and think it would be lucky for Green if it was £50K not unless Southampton are buying a share in SevGers of course 🙂

    Anything is possible as there’s many fingers in many pies 🙂

    • JimBhoy

      I reckon the newspapers have had so much around this story to fill their pages of late that on a QUIET day they just make up any old sh!t and publish it. Very little facts and lazy journalism… They should be telling us where Green has been recently or where his safe houses are 🙂

      • ecojon


        Maybe he was in Southampton to buy them out – they aren’t AIM or small cap floated as far as I know so they would be a green apple pie ready for plucking.

        Yea it’s quite amazing the silence on his whereabouts and also his absence at the SFA negotiations. He defo seems to have been telling porky pies about Fifa/Uefa and as for friendly Greeks well I have a good Scots contact who sails out of Piraeus who laughed his head off when I told him the Olympiakos story.

        Still he pointed me in a few directions that will make an interesting post although nothing really to do with phantom friendlies or disappearing finance. I mean you don’t fly out to Athens to arrange a friendly – that’s what we have phones and emails for – especially when a hardball game is in progress with the SFA.

        Olympiakos have their friendlies listed on their website btw and no sign of SevGers.

        Maybe he went to Napoli as the Bears seems to have deluded themself that the owner there will buy Ibrox – Mario Tescorini apparently 🙂 He could have gone to Ancona who I think are clawing their way back after their recent Rangers-style brush with extinction.

        And then the SFA must be spitting tacks announcing last night that agreement had been reached on the embargo only to see an almost immediate rebuttal go up on official SevGer website. Means if you use Ally of course you can have complete deniability and also help stall things and make the SFA look stupid and desperate. Typical Green tactics of playing to the gallery who he needs to buy season tickets.

      • Just a thought, but is it at all possible that Green is hiding from his backers? After all, he seems to have been convinced the Div1/Sky money deal was in the bag…

    • one wonders if anything has been paid, and this goes for all the other signings where the money is accounted for? you could argue that the funds should be frozen until the issue over disposal of assets is cleared by BDM, mind you they may also have a confilcted position to consider when eventually they are appointed…………………………

    • swirlz69

      How can they pay a transfer fee for the players registration when the player cannot be a registered player with Sevco? Doesn’t make any sense…… or am I missing something?

      • ecojon


        not really – oldco’s assets were transferred to SevGers and under Tupe Regs the player’s employment would have transferred automatically. But there are a number of get-out clauses which effectively means that if not observed the player can walk away.

        There is a lot of, to me, quite complex legislation involving the Bosman Ruling and possibly Human Rights issues with regards to a player’s right to pursue their livelihood.

        So, in effect, if there is any dispute as in this case because SevGers objected to the walking away to the SFA then the SFA under rule is duty bound to block the transfer because of the dispute.

        But so as not to fall foul of previous legal decisions there is an appeal to Fifa who grant the transfer and then set up a tribunal to work out the rights and wrongs and assess if any compensation is payable.

        That is the case I believe when another association is involved and some variant will be used when the actual transfer is within one associan like going from one SFA club to another – maybe the association sets up the tribunal instead of Fifa – I honestly can’t remember.

    • Stuart

      Fifa have not released the others.They have only “granted temporary dispensation for the moves until full international clearance is given” according to the BBC. I suspect that Southhampton have offered a nominal fee to end any uncertainty and that Sevco have snapped their hand off.

    • mick

      the blueberry pie song

  5. JimBhoy

    Apparently Longmuir has no plans to strip Rangers of trophies if (when) found guilty of dual contracts… Mr Longmuir you are a fud! I think that says it all..!!!

    Could these numpties at hampden conceivably look any stupider than they already look, apparently they can.. Every utterance from them seems to show a lack of any semblance of intelligence. Not to mention blatant arrogance.

  6. JimBhoy

    I see the inward player transfer moratorium is hitting the headlines again. This would be an illegal act surely if imposed.?

    Anyways enough of that nonsense next week should be a significant one for the Ibrox team. I think a lot will unravel then WRT if they are to actually see any fitba at the stadium…

    • ADM

      @JimBhoy – not sure you’re right on either point here. The transfer embargo is fine so long as it’s a condition of getting the licence – regs allow them to set any conditions they (i.e., the SFA) deem appropriate. On Longmuir, someone over on RTC pointed out that the key phrase in his statement was that they had no plans to strip League Cups “at the moment”. Think that may well mean (i) we’re busy getting the season started; and (ii) we’d like to see which way the wind’s blowing before we push on this. Hope that’s the case anyway – they’ll look pretty silly if the SFA and SPL strip a bundle of league titles and Scottish Cups and the SFL leave the League Cups.

  7. ADM

    Actually, just struck me (with apologies for introducing some more jargon and abbreviations) – here’s one check that the SFA could use: if your company can’t get through the AML (anti-money laundering) checks at a SIFI (systemically important financial institution – basically a list of big banks, maintained by the regulators) then you can’t get a licence… Metro Bank is certainly not on the SIFI list.

  8. ADM

    @ecojon – hadn’t seen the Steven Davis £800k story – that’s bizarre. The number feels wrong in both directions – no obvious reason why you would pay anything for someone transferring under TUPE, but if you were buying Steven Davis, would have thought you’d expect a figure in the millions, no?

  9. JimBhoy

    Good luck to wee Davis, good player and not a mouthpiece like some I could mention at Ibrox past and present.

  10. ecojon

    @ michaelk1888

    Certainly Mazen Houssami of the Lebanon is MENA based and has been named by a SevGer shareholder by Green. But there are serious difficulties I find in trying to pin things down out there for a variety of reasons.

    And is Jean Haddad the same Jean Haddad as the Lebanon-based Chairman at Teletrade Holding Group? I’ll send him an email and ask him and if he denies then we can scratch him off for now.

    South African connections I haven’t picked up on yet

    • My business partners in Jordan are the haddad’s who are cousins with Jean the other area is “new Libya, lots of $ moving around the region with several interested parties seeking to “find a home for them” Doubt either J haddad or M Houssami would be interested in the investment too much else on their radar just now but other groups might be, 3 new fund of funds been put together recently in region with secured assets of around $25m each UAE “principle city” is a mover and shaker in these along with old fund in Jordan……….RSA think of the “royalty” aspect to the line and the previous owners……..

      • ecojon


        It would of course bring great satisfaction to nail down every investor but I think the principle has been established with what we have by and large.

        Best to use resources now methinks in Looking forwards for what is to come – once the fall-out comes we’ll find out who everyone was. Sadly so many Rangers fans don’t seem to have learnt much from the CW experience.

        I put DM in a different category and his is a much more complex case to judge as there are pros and cons tp his tenure. He always was an under-financed highwire act businessman and as such lived on borrowed money and borrowed time.

        He had his own reasons for buying Rangers and ploughing cash into – even though we have to recognise it wasn’t his cash. His reasons weren’t sectarian IMHO but more personal. In the end he was overatken like so many others surfing the financial wave when banks collapsed from their diet of and appetite for junk pies 🙂

  11. Findlay M. Robertson

    Your stunning exclusive, while interesting reading is not alas news to many as Dave Leggat’s leggoland blog had this info quite a while back. I agree that it does make worrying reading and I believe that Charles Green and Blue Pitch Holdings will be worse for Rangers than the whyte crook was. This time next year Rangers will probably be gearing up for another season in div 3, ie they haven’t folded completely.

    • ecojon

      @Findlay M. Robertson

      I would refer to it more as a tongue-in-cheek exclusive 🙂

      Leggo has indeed been beating a big drum on the issue of Green and most certainly is in one of the deeply divided Bluenose camps.

      I will look back and check out of interest what Leggo has written although I suspect my tone may well be different and certainly it will read by a wider audience.

    • ecojon

      @Findlay M. Robertson

      I think you may have missed my possibly too subtle a connection that Rizvi effectively owned the company through the shareholding trail I detailed.

      If you follow the shareholding it might reveal why it can be a disincentive for anyone floating an AIM company to buy a single share in their own name depending on what directon the AIM is steered. I have no idea what direction Mr Green is heading or even where he currently is and I would not, on past performance, feel sure that he was clear in any financial statements made as there seems to be continually shifting ground.

      However, it may well be that a 10% flotation fee + chief executive/director remuneration might be more attractive and legally safer.than a shareholding subject to the many vagaries and weaknesses of the AIM market which can see big investors as well as penny share punters cleaned-out while a core of original investors have previously cashed-in their chips and moved on to feed on fresh blood.

      On Rangers fate I have posted my thoughts earlier as to the extremely drastic steps which will have to be taken to esnure survival and it will infuriate a section of support that might walk away forever.

      I believe any ‘Blue Knight’ with the financial muscle to be a big investor just for the sake of the club and not for profit knows what is needn’t and either didn’t have the heart or bottle to come clean on it. So basically to use a phrase of Leggo’s I love: The ‘snake oil salesman’ slipped into town and caught a lot of support at a low and very gullible time.

      No matter how long his tenure lasts it won’t succeed that long – season at most probably far shorter. Then it’s scorched earth exit with the Tesco scale as it’s probably going to be the best deal in town for foreign investors with no emotional tie to the club, its support or history.

      To really save Rangers, Murray Park has to go with Ibrox demolished and rebuilt on a brownfield site as a modern much cheaper operation to run. Plenty of parking and good transport access. Ibrox then sold to developers with the facade dismantled and rebuilt at the new site to provide a valid and valuable link to the history and soul of the club.

      This is the real battle that has to be won I’m afraid and not the ultimately petty squabble over season ticket sales because in the greater scheme of things the level of sales just determined whether the SevGer crunch comes sooner or later.

      Most Bears have their head in the sand at the moment and I saw the same thing at Celtic but some kept their head and worked for survival and rebirth and it was achieved.

      Rangers can do the same and get back to their rightful place which is half of the Old Firm not the dominant half – just half with the normal ebb and flow of honestly financed football.

      I see no sign of that realisation in a helluva lot of Rangers fans yet – I think the big investors know that the game has changed and why should these guys, most of whom have worked helluva hard to build up their own businesses throw that precious capital into a financial blackhole. It won’t change anything just delay it. The only answer is a root and branch restructure and I wonder if the Rangers Faithful have the guts to go for it. If they do I’ll be proud of them and that says a lot coming from a Celtic fan 🙂

  12. Peter

    Ecojon – I hope you are sending paper copies in triplicate, by recorded delivery to SFA, SPL, SFL so they can’t play the usual three monkeys defence.

    I’m happy to contribute to the RFFF (Recorded-delivery Fact Forwarding Fund)

  13. Johnboy

    Leggoland picked up the Rafat Ali Rizvi connection from my earlier postings on rangerstaxcase. It should be noted that another name mentioned by Green, Chris Morgan, took his place at Nova Resources – a real “boiler room” case that is reminiscent of Merchant House Group in the way it is “pumped” mercilessly on share investors’ notice boards.

    • ecojon

      @Johnboy – If you are that man I lift my hat off to you – I think it shows the positive results that can be achieved through a collaborative approach. I first picked up a connection in the Herald I believe when they mentioned Rizvi with regard to the shareholding.

      I progressed as is the way of these things to Green’s time at Nova (having read an STV piece on that I think) but missed the Rizvi connection in the documents and only actually got it late last night when a contact phoned me to tell me what I wasn’t seeing. He had read my earlier post on Green. My pal is in a line of work where he is aware of these kind of things on a professional basis and he ain’t a journo – I’m sure you can work it out for yourself 🙂

  14. Hope all this info is being passed on to people/bodies who can bring it out in the open so everyone knows – or at least so it can be reported in such a way that the reader can easily digest the main information in a few paragraphs [old journo rules: all the who, what, why, where and how, most of them in the first paragraph (tabloids), or at least by par 3 (broadsheet)].

    • ecojon

      @Kenny McCaffrey

      Ah Kenny methinks you must be a man of a certain age 🙂

      There are few left at jounalism colleges who know about basic rules let alone are able to teach them. Ah, those were the days with a 15 word intro par for tabloids and a drop par intro in the qualities. Long gone I’m afraid 😦

      • Yer not wrong sir! (well, we’re all a certain age I suppose – still in my 40s, just! – and I would say about 23-30 words in the intro). Bu anyway, I think that although the scope and aims of valuable blogs such as these may be a tad different, there’s a lot of info that I feel should be shared with a much wider audience – particularly those who still believe RFC 1872/3 still exist*.

        We must never forget what has happened here – it’s a monumental scandal. We do need this explained so that people who like their info in easy to digest lumps can understand it. Obviously the MSM has by and large failed in its journalistic duty, but I do think a lot of them have been hampered by legal obstacles, vested interests, habit and plain old shortage of skills.

        Don’t ever give up hope that there are still proper journalists out there – I think this whole story took such an unprecedented route that the people we expected to give us the SP just didn’t have the experience, tools or the nous to handle it (eg, I remember I used to read Traynor when he was covering Junior football – he has no background in the legal, financial, etc skills needed to tell people what was happening here, but I bet his editor said – ‘it’s Rangers, you’re the fitba man – cover it’).

        Of course, that’s the main reason Murray et al got away with it for so long, isn’t it?

        (*you must have heard of how many SevGers fans it takes to change a light bulb? Ten: one to change it; nine to sing about how it’s still the same bulb)

      • ecojon

        Like the joke Kenny 🙂

        I too bemoan the passing of real journalism with a few notable exceptions.

        The main problem is difficult journalism takes a cussed kind of determined personality who can absorb the continual KB’s and keep bouncing back. It is also horrendously expensive these days were staffs are cut to the bone, the best have gone because they were paid the most and management had dumbed everything down so readers either no lobger expect that much or go elsewhere.

        Oh, as to sports journalists – in the old days the people that ended up in sports or features were the ones who couldn’t hack it in news as they either didn’t have brains or balls and most of the time lacked both 🙂

  15. Pensionerbhoy

    I worked in the construction industry in Scotland at the time when the corruption scandals involving local councils came to light in the eighties (interestingly, this was also the time when Whyte’s plant hire company blossomed). One lesson I learned at that time was that anyone with a hand in the pie was WELL AWARE of the rotten apples that were in it. You did not have to be involved to clearly realise the whole thing stank. The corruption could be recognised by “the smell that hung onto every breeze”. So, ecojon, I am afraid NOUT will convince me that ANY of the protagonists in your story are ignorant, never mind innocent, in this crooked saga. Where there’s smell there’s a stink, to coin a phrase.

    H H

    • ecojon


      Who said I thought anyone was innocent or guilty? What I am trying to say is that we cannot declare anyone innocent or guilty until the Fat Lady stops singing or eating the pies 🙂

      But I know that those involved are not ignorant of financial matters and the legal requirements that govern the industry. But greed can sometimes be a terrible corruptor although ‘ignorance’ is never a valid defence.

      • Pensionerbhoy


        Just wanted to stick my nose in when I got a whiff of the pong. You have now provided the ROSE coloured spectacles to see your statements in a ‘prettier’ light 🙂

        H H

      • ecojon

        I think you choose to see what suits your purpose and as they say down Ibrox way the one-eyed yin is king amang the blindfolded.

  16. mick

    well done ecojon what a discover,the fit and proper person test is well failed its well not on dirty money is not welcome here we have enogh trouble with our own mafia never mind international fraudeland figures apperaring especially after the drama of the past 10 years at ibrokes this is the last thing the game needs say no to dirty money in scottish sport ,you must have been up a few nights donig that report well done a hope you have sent a copy to the sfa

  17. mick

    pure bomber every1 being making him out delutional

  18. mick

    is metro bank a dirty money bank for crooks surely our own fsa have to look at it all.

  19. JimBhoy

    Any new owner should face the old school fit and proper test. Weigh them down toss them in a deep river if they manage to float they are not fit and proper and should be taken away immediately and burned, if they don’t float they WERE fit and proper… 🙂

  20. mick

    lol jim its the story that just keeps giving am just glad am a tim ,a wonder what the sfa will think of the new developements surely monday morning when the talks begin some light must be shed on the above article ,am devo never buying msm papers they print old storys from here all the time save atree get your news here

    • JimBhoy

      Michael I think it could be giving for years to come mate 🙂 I hope the Celts explot the situation to their advantage and we take in a ton of titles. I hope the rest of Scottish football also flourishes under this challenge….

  21. ADM

    Metro Bank is reasonably clean, I believe. It’s originally a US-based bank, opened only in the last couple of years in the UK with a few branches around London. There was some noise about a historic run-in the owner had with US regulators but don’t believe there was any suggestion of money laundering or associating with crooks. However, it’s very much a retail operation with presumably some small business banking – suspect their AML checks may be a bit less stringent than the big international banks who are more used to this (not deliberately less stringent, just as a result of being less exposed to it).

    • mick

      adm metro bank might close there account to protect there own image and to avoid legal rangels in the future maybe they picked that bank knowing it did not have stringent tests like rest its well bad as it all unfolds

  22. JimBhoy

    From Ally today……..
    “It is important to remember we have already had a 10-point deduction from the SPL, lost our Champions League place for finishing second last season, had a £160,000 fine, been refused entry to the SPL, been relegated to Division Three and lost the majority of our first-team squad – yet still the governing body has chosen to impose further sanctions.
    The transfer ban has been strongly resisted by me, the management team, the directors and supporters. ”

    Some clarity……
    –10 pt deduction – for going into administration, dems the rules, you need to abide by those most of the time. Who was responsible for doing this, the club owner.
    — Champions league place – see above plus no accounts available, so couldn’t have been considered for entry anyway.
    — £160k fine for various charges of disrepute where the SFA said they thought about expelling the club. Got off lightly maybe one could surmise.
    — Refused entry to SPL – Administration, liquidation, lost registration, who to blame for this, the people who put them in administration.
    — Relegated to Div 3, rather inaccurate statement here, no relegation and not yet in Div 3.
    — Lost majority of squad – club/business were liquidated and died allowing employees to jump ship for free… Who was responsiible for this.. mmm!!!?

    They are playing a dodgy game here with these sanctions, the player recruitment is their best option based on the others available and their present situation. They should be biting the hand off reagan trying to get this sanction and not an alternative, instead they seem to be patronising him … It’s like the court of sessions appeal all over again, shows you the arrogance of this mob. Most neutrals know they are sine died and should be shown the door but they still wanna sneak back in unsanctioned for the most heinous of crimes in sport…

    I hope Reagan finally finds his cajoneys and gives them the boot. Enough is enough… As my auld ma used to say, cheaters never win…!

    • mick

      jim hes duluded hes not had punishment yet ,all that was for admin. and liquidation ,punishment time is still to come then there will be cues at the tatoo shop for star removal lol

  23. mick

    and while all this unfolds greens sipping champers with that lovely big tall busty beauty of his from sweden without a care in the world a seen a couple of photos of him over on gb new hair cut smart suit and miss legs 11 in 1 arm and glass of champers in other sparkleing marble back drop well posh ,a bet shes not awre hes wanting the wifes bentley back or is that to finance the new 1 lol

  24. mick

    wouldent suprise me after all that pornstar accounting shinanigians ,when that came out a thought we might have got a sex scandal out of it but it all just died of death the ebt book mans the biggest name in porn lol

  25. JimBhoy

    This story could throw up anything mate, I would not discount any far fetched notions. I can recall a guy looked very like Charlie at Celtic matches thru the 90s, his doppelganger… Now wouldn’t that be a story, maybe Bomber knows CFC own Ibrox.. 🙂 Or maybe wee Fergus sings the Blues…!!!!

  26. mick

    they laughed at fergus now look at them lol


  27. mick

    ave a cracken photo of gregg in drag a cant get it up thou

  28. Glazert Tim

    I have to say, with each and every day, sometimes hour that passes, this whole sorry tale becomes more sordid.

    It sticks in my throat to say it, the elation of witnessing Rangers finally paying (I use the term ‘paying’ metaphorically obviously) in some small way for their masters dirty deeds is passing.

    I have always felt sympathy towards the ordinary fans who simply go to watch their team play football, disgust at those adopting the racial, religious supremacy and frustration at the plamphs in governance who have been on the fiddle for decades.

    However, when we get into the realms of ill gotten funds, Interpol’s ‘Red List’, desperate back room deals and nearly a million pounds spent on mutton pies (uncovered by Mick), all football fans need to start actively getting involved in turning the tide.

    There are clearly very learned ‘keyboard klunkers’ amongst this fold and other forums and it is time these snippets became joined up and more mainstream.

    We may be categorised by some as the ‘we all hate Rangers brigade’ but all rivalry aside, the Scottish game is in serious peril and the last thing we need is more irregularity, funny handshakes, bent money full stop, irrespective if it’s SevGer at the receiving end.

    There is undoubtedly a big element of ‘you reap what you sow’ in the current issue but if we were to adopt the ‘Pepsi Challenge’ approach and remove all mention of ‘Rangers’ from this sorry tale, we’ve been shafted for years but at least we knew the shafters. Now we have the potential to be shafted by a broadband link from the Virgin Islands, South Africa, Singapore etc.

    We could deal with wee grey haired men in blazers with rolled up trouser legs and egg down their ties but we have the potential to get into some serious shit here.

    I grow to see the meddling of dodgy shysters in Rangers and Scottish football a bit like a cousin you don’t like, can’t stand in fact, he smells a bit and stole your sweeties when you were growing up, but if anyone were to try and do him serious damage, you would give him hauners none the less because he is an integral part of your experience.

    It’s my right to ‘dislike’ Rangers when playing against them, just like any rival. It’s my pleasure and sport to noise up mates and colleagues of that persuasion and duly receive the same back.

    As Scottish football fans it’s our job and right to roast Rangers week in week out no matter what league they find themselves in but sordid external meddling will taint not only them but the whole game.

    I hear they can do wonderful things with stem cells and recombinant DNA technology so can the Western Infirmary please grow a spine for the SFA and boot these shady feckers behind CG into touch, liquidate full stop, let honest fans and backers buy the entity for a reasonable price and start from scratch.

    Then and only then can we clear all this crap up and get on with enjoying football.

    If we don’t we will have to introduce a bloggers league and limit this site to 90 minutes every saturday. Of course, any Rangers blog will have a mandatory 5 minutes extra to ensure at least three additional points are in the bag.

    • mick

      glaz.tim if glasgow dropped the blue and green stance the city has the potential to rival barca due to the fact week in week out both clubs put or use to put 100,ooo bums on seats thats amazing figures with great potential managed the right way glasgow could be the football capitial of the world celtic should have bought rfc and imalgamated both it would have caused a storm but 10 year down the line the kids of today would not have bothered in the future if we inclued the sfa and they sold hampden we could have went for a 120,000 seater shared with celtic and sfa there would be no rangers but in the end there kids or grand kids would have been celtic fans so we would have needed a new super stedia to acom them

      • hey big spender

        Mick, I remember when Wallace Mercer wanted to buy Hibernian, where it could be argued the rivalry is not as fierce and the successful “Hands of Hibs” campaign. I believe the passion that goes into ones club could not be transferred like accounts, SPL share or SFA membership. It would be more than ten years for Glasgow to follow one big team. Old rivalries take generations to disappear. We also have other institutions within “the west coast culture” where support of Celtic would be frowned upon.

        And back to the subject at hand, with the world watching then DD should be transparent with all clubs within the SFA stating ownership and who benefits from the shares i.e. named individuals

    • ecojon

      @glaz.tim what a brilliant and visionary post

    • Martin

      Glazert Tim,

      an excellent post. I share the view that Rangers could use some hauners.
      As things stand their choice is to back Green or Bomber.

      …it’s not a great choice is it?

  29. mick

    breaking sex scandal piegate mick excluisive

  30. mick

    and its dragging on and on lol

  31. mick

    following my recent encounters with the bdo and my persistant asking who is the liquidator “the fans have the right to know” they said they dont give out names but were happy to send me a video explianing the process

  32. ecojon

    Rizvi claims the Indonesian government has violated the British-Indonesian
    bilateral investment treaty and is able to sue Indonesia because he is a
    British citizen. As well as the compensation he is demanding that his assets in Switzerland, Hong Kong, Mauritius and Singapore are unfrozen.

    He claims innocence because he had given a ‘letter of commitment’ – IOU to you and me – to the Bank of Indonesia but just before he paid in cash the government nationalised the bank so: ‘It wasn’t his fault’.

    Don’t feel too sorry for him as he sits in his Park Lane Home in Londom secure in the knowledge that there is no extradition treaty between Indonesia and Britain. I wonder what Garry McKinnon makes of that?

  33. ecojon

    Looks like Ally is losing it by attacking the SFA over ‘premature’ announcement of SevGers accepting the transfer ban.

    He really doesn’t have the maturity or ‘political’ wilyness to have been heading the Ibrox delegation in the talks – that’s what chairman are for when the main man appears to have sprung a disappearing trick.

    Coisty said: “I am extremely disappointed that the SFA chose to release a statement last night when the club has not actually signed any agreement, The club is trying to get to a position where we can plan for the season, which starts in only eight days.”

    Somebody should take Coisty aside, put him in a darkened room, place him in a bath of ice-cubes and gently explain that if he doesn’t agree to the deal then SevGers won’t be starting the season let alone finish it.

    He’s the bloody manager and should be concentrating in using every day to get the players he needs in and yes, and we know it’s hard, telling the ones that didn’t walk-away that they have to go to cut costs and that is the best service they can do for the club.

    It’s a shitty time for someone like Coisty as we all know he loves his club but if he doesn’t accept the inevitable then the fans will continue in cloud-cuckoo land. Time really is running out and someone has to get a grip,

    Of course by using Coisty up-front he can quite legitimately not answer any questions about mystery shareholders because he doesn’t know – Green wouldn’t trust him because Coisty is a fairly honourable guy and I have had quite a few personal dealings with him over the years and can make a bit of a judgement on him.

    He further stated: “The transfer ban has been strongly resisted by me, the management team, the directors and supporters.

    “From a business point of view I can understand the position the board has been placed in and ultimately they felt they had no choice but to accept some sanctions in order to move forward – as one of the alternatives could have led to the extinction of the club. ”

    That’s right Coisty it’s wakey wakey time if you don’t accept the sanction it’s back to the committee and I think it will be expuksion for a minimum of a year could even be permanent. That is what you are playing with when you go toe to toe. You are out of your depth at this level of ‘politicking’. Step away or you will be the one to get the blame for burying Rangers heaped on you from the fans.

    “Look at the abuse heaped on the players who walked for what made personal sense to them. Look at the abuse heaped on Bomber. Even look at the abuse heaped on Murray who used to be held as an Ibrox saint, You will be next and that would be sad. You will soo enough be chopped by Green when you have done his dirty deeds and to save money – open your eyes lad and see what’s coming down the track.”

    And then the cypher of a club chairman Murray explained that while the club had indeed provisionally accepted the transfer embargo, it was a decision taken in a bid to ward off even sterner sanctions.

    He added: “A delayed transfer ban would be a bitter pill to swallow and will only be agreed to if the alternative is no football.”

    Do you actually think there is another alternative? It will be no football. So what is it all about? Where is Green? What is he up to?

    The tablets of stone are written and any false idol that Green comes back clutching will lead to Armageddon for the Light Blues.

    • jedi

      Thanks Eco J ,
      this is GREAT blogging, I just wish more of our country read this. To me it sort of nails the sitrep, but whatever their name is, their fans are blinkered to the factuallity of the situation.

  34. flump

    Click to access 1484249_DOWNLOAD.pdf

    Article 3
    Integrity of the competition
    3.01 To ensure the integrity of the UEFA club competitions, the following criteria
    a) no club participating in a UEFA club competition may, either directly or
    i) hold or deal in the securities or shares of any other club participating
    in a UEFA club competition,

    Wonder if UEFA were aware the Rangers held shares in Arsenal……………………………..

    • mick

      hi ecojon great points allys a loose cannon green wouldnt tell him anything hes to close to the ranjers family to be in the know about it .the deals still not signed its sad there is dirty cash involved its the last thing our shores need , the fans still think that div3 is punishment ally should come out and say the truth although it hurts it would perper the fans for the title stripping ally could be up on more charges here as the orcs are spitting the dumppy over it ,greens very quiet indeed its like hes disappeared if we dont here from him by monday am reporting him missing matbe his cartel at greece have done him over because he said spl and its ended up div3 .back to ally hes his own worse enemy he knows the ripple affect he cause when his rants make the media its sad and a hope it leads to more charges for him he would get more respectfrom if he told it like it is and stopped speaking like the main bully on follow follow ,this southampton deal as well thats well suss is there a board room conection ??or some1 some were along the lines is bailing green out ???am getting the great pie debate up and running next week agian d&p sent a email addy and have stopped taken my calls lolso a wont bother them verbually but electronicly here and there all keep raiseing the question on behalf of small share holders and creditors .”why did you sell 3£ pies for a 1£ “

      • ecojon

        @mick – you always know you’re winning when they stop taking your calls. I always remember a Building Society that gave my misses pure grief and ripped her off and they wouldn’t sort it out and it just ran on and on and I was getting real grie.

        So I tried to step-in and sort it and when they realised I had boxed them into a corner they did the same and stopped responding. Well what does one do just go away and forget it. No I traced the chairman’s address and that was one of the hardest jobs I have ever done – you would be amazed at what I did to get it – all totally legit btw and very very funny.

        So the guy lived in this multi gazillion farm on the edge of a biscuit-tin thatched English English viullage where a one-bed byre was over a million. You couldn’t even see the manor house from the electric gates.

        So, took a week’s holiday did up a few placards – respectable like – and a few leaflets explaining my wife’s case and geaded south. Mounted a picket at the gate and leafeletted the village. Local plod were called of course they checked my ID told me to make sure I behaved as they didn’t want involved and that was that, they left.

        In less than 2 days my wife was contacted and offered a very handsome payment of the money owed plus compensation on top. Once we had that I then reported the matter to various Regulatory bodies just out of malice aforethought 🙂

    • ecojon

      To be fair there was an acceptable reason for holding the shares in a historical sense. But I’ve just realised that you have provided CW with his defence for personally selling them – it was against Uefa Rules 🙂

  35. mick

    hope yous liked the vids a added a thought they went well with the topic and comments at time of post

  36. mick

    some comments online related to sallys rant
    sevco fans first
    I have so much man love for Ally McCoist. So much that i would let him spray my face with is love juice “that was a man in a old co top that said that”

    WATP: Yet again Mr Alistair McCoist proves wot a legend he is with his statement, so glad he’s our gaffer and in there fighting 4 the fans

    celtic fans view
    Who from msm is gona call mccoist on his nonsense! -10 points n 160k fine only punishments handed out! Everything else their own doing!

    wish a certain Alistair McCoist would realise the difference between a punishment and a consequence.

    all comments took from trendmapglasgow

    • ecojon

      @mick – much as Ally loves the jersey he played in I think eve he doesn’t fancy having to play in SFL3 to pick up a wage as a player I mean.

      How long does he actually believe his £3 million a year salary is going to last?

  37. Martin

    On the question of Charles Green’s backers, surely Alistair McCoist has demanded to know who these people are. I’m sure he said something about transparency being very important. Or did I pick that up wrong?

  38. Glazert Tim

    Ally is so out of his depth it is cringeworthy to watch.

    He looks positively rough each time he’s been captured by the cameras. He strikes me as someone who’s not so much walking a tightrope between normality and nervous breakdown, more balancing on a baw hair stretched between.the Red Road Flats.

    We all have passion about things important to us and clearly GerCo is it for him. Unfortunately passion takes no notice of facts and he’s totally blinded to reality.

    More worryingly is that some of the loony left hang on his every word and get swept along like a fag butt in a urinal.

    Charlie boy is more interested in looking for his exit strategy and clearly doesn’t give a flying F for anything at all basically.

    For someone who purports to having ‘cash on the hip’ he’s always got that same grey suit on, he seems to change his outfit less than Noddy.

    Still, I’m sure the Sunday Papers will bring glad tidings of new mystery investors and Hugh Keevins will tell us how for every day RFC are in the 3rd Division a puppy will die, how a manager he knows has sold three of his kidneys to pay the leccy bill.

    Meanwhile, KJ on Monday will exclusively reveal that Charlie has been formulating a plan to dismantle Ibrox brick by brick and rebuild it on his own personal death star in orbit behind the moon. This whole venture will be funded by a stash of Nazi bullion secreted underneath the penalty spot at the Broomloan end, left there by the Fenwick Loyal and True RSC, confiscated from Rudolph Hess after crash landing on the Fenwick Moor at the end of the war.

    • ecojon

      @Glazert Tim

      Scheidt – I thought I was the only one that knew about the bullion – my dastardly plane was to nick it and bury the pies in place of the gold but that Coisty kept nicking the bluidy pies so ah hid tae keep nicking mair and mair and at this rate Ah’l get a longer sentence for Pie Theft than Gold Transmutation as that’s a white-collar crime my brief told me.

  39. mary greenhouse

    no mention of DD

  40. mick

    or the pies or interpol ,a hope the labourers doing the demilition find the buillion you just know they wont be ranjers men tearing it down lol

  41. mick

    if they get a licence on condtion and say the interpol fugitive is outed in the msm can they revoke with out any questions asked surely with all the drama surrounding the topic the licence has to be tempory pending futher investigation ,thats if green does not pop up and monday and says its over before it began due to his backers being outed and the fright of being in the public eye

  42. ecojon

    @mary I think I’ll call you whitehouse 🙂

    So we’re back to basics and what the fans originally revolted about and naw it wisnae mick’s pies. The TV money that has a throttlehold on our game and is slowly killing it.

    And the title stripping. One thing that is always to me a mark of decline in any society is that the totems of it assume increasing importance the nearer it gets to extinction. Rangers only hope of survival is not to forget its past but to recognise it must build for a new future.

    OK so some titles are lost. If they don’t wisen up and in the course of time they will lose their tin and lead symbols which represent World Domination mainly to them.

    Tp me their title tally is more an indicator of just how poor Scottish Football is rather than as an indicator of Rangers’ Greatness and I ain’t even touching on financial doping.

    But that’s the problem with any medal – there is always the possibility of the obverse side overtaking.

    • Mary my Queen, the servants are just rising

      Never ever drink and type or you’ll forget who you are? ergo. . .

      whithouse, whYtehouse, naw the big hoose, greenhoose, brickhoose . . s**t hoose. . . nae hoose!

      Right that’s me away to bed, early start but trolling through RM the’ve got 10,000 a week to pay players, nearly fell out the armchair with laughter and maybe the lager?

  43. mick

    ozymandias week at hampden am thinking ,sfa know fifa and uefa will be watching they know the roumours about tonights topic “fit and proper”there a new team and sevco are at hampden wanting compromiseing there totally deluded green has a chance here to throw the towel in and pull out then blame sfa ???

  44. mick

    why fear an independent commision ,is it the inner circle handshake frightened about what will be uncovered from past sinanigians ,rafel shite ebts the souness tugay the link to king kenny ,will refs pop up its better to be independent and from other country to for there own safety if this is the reaction when just mentioning it ,they want sfa ranjers men to deal with it just like the old days

  45. Martin

    So we are back to a bun fight (or should that be a pie fight) over TV money.
    A grubby deal on cancelled investigations and a Licence to play in return for hard cash.
    Mr McCoist may not realise it but making a stand on keeping titles is going to make him look really bad when he eventually has to concede and give them back.
    The mood of the fans can quickly turn, those who have been favourites can soon become villains and hated all the more for having first been loved. far better to pave the way for the Rangers fans by conceding that trophies were won unfairly.
    Rangers fans needed to hear this from one of their own to begin to accept it.
    Right now the very existence of Rangers hangs in the balance. Without a licence to play it’s over, it’s finished it’s Tesco.

    • ecojon


      You hit the bullseye about the fans. The longer this goes and the more I read what all sorts of rangers fans are saying on different blue forums the more I believe that some have lost all grip on reality.

      For a while they were doubting Green but for some and in particular on the RM site there seems to be almost a fatal resignation to accept what is coming and allow a delusion to set in that there is only the Green alternative,

      There isn’t and the Green vision is a mirage but it has no basis in supporting and loving the club it is solely about making money. Wee Fergus turned up at Parkhead and said in essence some of the things that Green has said. But there were two major differences – There was never any doubt about money – the bank was paid immediately and Fergus had his investors all set up like ducks in a row. There was also a slight Celtic connection through Croy/Kilsyth – just enough that he could be accepted as a Celtic Man.

      He came under attack of course from Dempsey supporters and rag tag an bobtail elements of the ancient regime (I suppose now it would be oligarchy) responsible for much of Celtic’s financial woes, He said what he was going to do, what he was going to make, when he was going to leave and by and large that is what happened. He put his own money in and that of other investors which he took financial responsibility for.

      Green almost boasts that he hasn’t put a penny into Rangers – and yet on the darkside they keep saying he’s the only one who has put money in. I can’t be bothered rehearsing all the other stuff as I know time will tell and if I’m wrong I’ll be gobsmacked,

      Coisty is afraid coming apart at the seams and is making the mistake that baubles awarded for past glory somehow equate to future success.

      The only thing that equates to future success is to have a club on a sound financial footing making profits that can purchase and pay for star quality players to entertain the fands and, in turn, to create bigger profits.

      And the only way to get to the position is to take the first step to actually get into a national league and start playing football again. Someone has to be honest with Rangers fans and tell them the facts of life and explain the levels of sacrifice and commitment required of them to re-establsh Rangers. Green is both a distraction and an anachonism who will drag us back into bigotry and sectarian violence because he doesn’t understand the Scottish psyche. He has already made certain commnents that frightem me.

      Various Blue Knights walked away and they have been viciously slagged by a support that also slagged the walk away players. The old Rangers is finished – Green and his merry band require a SevcoGer option with the corpse on life support while vital organs are detached and sold to the highest bidder to profit the shareholders.

      God it depresses me and I’m not a Rangers supporter – no one seems capable of standing up to this support and saying the black-hole can no longer be fed millions of £s every month. It just can’t continue because it doesn’t address and resolve the underlying financial problems.

  46. mick

    good point martin there still swaggering about deluded and in denial with there heads in the sand green has to make it clear the old board financially doped the team if not they should not get the licence ,old co new co sevco tesco in the space of 7 month am thinking even if tesco happens there still has to be independent commision for doping due to tax case and hector will want to follow up on the ebt culprits and claw back some tax from them it by no way over ,also why did the sfa no notice the pie scandal when looking at accounts from admin period its the story that just keeps giving and giving its perinaial heros sally a think will come out a villian in the end due to his mouth

  47. Martin


    when I mentioned Tesco I was joking about a branch of that supermarket suddenly appearing on a well known tract of Govan real estate.

    Was there an actual Tesco thing that I missed?

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