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Ahmad Quits Zeus Capital For Rangers – by Ecojon

IN a surprise move, Imran Ahmad, the Managing Director of Zeus Capital, has quit his high-powered position to work as the commercial director for bottom division football team Rangers.

The Manchester-based corporate finance advisory firm has been expanding rapidly and recently opened a London office and employed top professionals to service its growing client base.

Zeus has also joined Global M&A, a cross border corporate finance advisory network to bolster their expertise in overseas transactions and bring overseas purchasers to the deals they assemble.

Imran joined Zeus Capital in April 2012 as MD after previously founding Allenby Capital Limited in September 2008. It grew from nothing to having almost 40 AIM clients by the time Imran, the chief executive, sold his stake three years later. Continue reading


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The BBC has one of the Richest News Gathering Organisations in the World, and I have Ecojon!

I have huge respect and affection for the BBC. We are lucky to have an organisation of its calibre providing information and entertainment to us here in the UK.

However it is interesting to see the pace at which it moves, and the journalistic use of the word “revealed”.

Tonight, for example, in this piece Chris McLaughlin, BBC Scotland’s Senior Football Reporter, declares, under the headline ”Rangers: Ibrox club’s largest shareholder revealed” :-

“BBC Scotland can reveal that a Dubai-based businessman is currently the single largest shareholder in Rangers.

Arif Naqvi, chief executive of private equity firm Abraaj Capital, owns just under 18% after agreeing to invest £2m back in June.

Naqvi is the man behind Blue Pitch Holdings, but BBC Scotland understands that he has a personal holding in the club….

Other investors include Imran Ahmad … from Zeus Capital, who owns 9.8% ….” Continue reading


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I had scheduled a post for today revealing that Charles Green, according to Companies House records, owns 100% of the “The Rangers Football Club Ltd” shareholding – the company which owns Rangers the club and all its assets including the players, Ibrox and Murray Park.

Strange as it may seem the millionaire ‘investors’ who have each apparently paid approx £1 million for 10% of the Rangers club are not listed at Companies House as having any shares in the company which owns the club.

Does Mr Green really believe that Mike Ashley will invest without a shareholding which gives him voting rights at Rangers?  It seems from Mr Green’s comments that he isn’t too keen to have Ashley investing in the club and would rather he just flogged kit and handed all the profit to Green’s Rangers. However Zeus Capital might well recognise Mike is a shark compared to Green’s minnow status and prefer a deal with Ashley and his connection with Newcastle and Sports Direct. And, if Zeus hold the purse strings, as many suspect then ultimately they control the outcome irrespective of Green’s shareholding which I discuss in detail later. Continue reading


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Another Sevco/Rangers Mystery – the Phantom EGM? – by Ecojon

Well I have come across a few mysteries in this Long Downward March of Rangers and here is yet another one but hopefully contributors might be able to help identify a mystery Rangers shareholder.

Here is their signature and if you recognise it then let me know.

Let’s go back to 31 July when the Press Association (PA) issued the undernoted as part of a press release which was duly picked up and run by the rest of the sloppy Scottish Media.


‘Shareholders have voted in favour of Rangers owners Sevco Scotland Limited changing its name to The Rangers Football Club Limited.

‘An extraordinary general meeting of ‘oldco’ shareholders took place at Ibrox today, where procedures were approved to enable the name change.’

Very interesting but seriously wrong. Continue reading


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How Unfortunate – Merchant House Group now advised by Firm Formed by Rangers FC Director

Google news alerts are excellent. Today up popped news of a company which I have mentioned before, Merchant House Group.

As a quick recap, Merchant House Group (MHG) was described in one Investor Briefing in January 2012 as being “well advanced in the process of transformation from an unprofitable small corporate finance house specialising in the currently moribund niche of fund-raising on AIM and PLUS markets into a profitable financial services group focussed on investment products for the UK retail market.” Continue reading


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