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Accusations of “Rangers Hating” – As Much Basis as Those of Witchcraft?

The Black Flap responded to a comment by Maggie which had referred to a “whispering campaign” inside Ibrox against Chairman Malcolm Murray.

His comment addressed Maggie’s thought and also my “challenge” to show evidence of my “hate”, “bile” and “bias”.


Mr Flap said:-

Tell me. How do YOU know there is a whispering campaign? You don’t.
This is the problem with majority of posts here. Biased agenda. Hate filled conjectures:
share issue would fail – it didn’t
Rangers don’t have enough monies to see out season – bollocks
New winding up order – rubbish

That’s the biased agenda right there Pauly. Or just 3 examples of such which have been posited by you recently. Continue reading


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