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Rangers and Armed Forces Day – Whataboutery and Bad Judgement

I think it is fair to say that there will not be a repetition, at least in the same format, of the “Armed Forces Day” held at the Rangers game on Saturday. What is alleged to have happened at Ibrox on Saturday has resurrected concerns about “succulent lamb” press coverage; has brought back into fashion “whataboutery”; and has shown that in both the Army/Mod and Rangers nobody learned the lessons from last year and opened themselves up to criticism by ignoring them.

You would have thought that, after last year’s Remembrance Event there would have been some consideration given by Rangers and the Ministry of Defence to the format for Saturday’s festivities.

In case you have forgotten last November’s event resulted in the following, as reported by the Daily Record:- Continue reading


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A New World Record For Rangers – First Team to Issue Statement Criticising Behaviour of Fans During a Game!

Rangers (of Berwick) played against Rangers (of Glasgow) today. The match was shown live on ESPN. I did not see the game nor hear the commentary.

However many other people did.

It has been reported that Ray Stubbs, the ESPN anchor, said:-

There has been sectarian singing in the first half and we’re going to contact the police and the authorities here to find out what can be done, if anything, about that.

Andrew Dickson of Rangers also tweeted about the singing.

Amongst his tweets he wrote:-

If those who think what was sung in the first half is acceptable, they should look at 99% of the users on Twitter who disagree with them.

Rangers issued a statement during the game which can be read here, and which said:-

RANGERS Football Club has issued the following statement in light of events at this afternoon’s game at Shielfield Park.

A spokesman said: “The Club is disappointed by certain outbursts of inappropriate singing by a section of the support at Berwick.

“Our fans have been excellent this season both home and away and we do not want to see this tarnished.” Continue reading


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Some Thoughts On Conflicts, EBT’s and SPL v Rangers in Reply to Comments

The blog was busy yesterday with comments, for which many thanks to all.

However, I wanted to deal specifically with a few contributors, who made the mistake of asking me for a response either directly or by implication. 🙂

This blog post therefore provides some further thoughts on a few matters – EBT’s, the tax case, conflicts of interest, whataboutery, Minority Report by Philip K Dick, the cultural significance of Rangers and whether there is a point to investigating past offences.

Finally by way of housekeeping, I remark on a recent burst of comments which I have not approved for publication on the site. Continue reading


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