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Rangers Fired Mr Sandaza for Misconduct – Will They Investigate Mr Green Too?

A few weeks ago a Rangers employee made some ill-judged remarks in a conversation he thought was private, but in fact was with a well-known japester. This resulted in some amused press coverage and a bit of embarrassment for the employer. No regulatory body took action against the employee. He himself threatened legal action against the trickster. However the employee was suspended pending an investigation, and then dismissed without notice for “gross misconduct”.

More recently another Rangers employee made some ill-judged remarks. These were not made to someone drawing out confidences on a false premise. Instead they were made in a newspaper interview. The particular comments have resulted in some rather shocked press coverage, and now in disciplinary action by the regulatory body. It has also resulted, as I will detail below, in very strong words from one of the non-executive directors (effectively the employer’s representative). The employee finally responded with an apology, but only after the external disciplinary processes had started. Continue reading


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Adam Answers the Walter Smith Mystery – The Rangers Website Got it Wrong!

I posted a piece a wee bit earlier today, which was prompted by Adam and Ecojon talking at cross purposes (that being a charitable explanation) about Walter Smith’s position as a Director of Rangers.

I have mentioned before, regarding other Ibrox directors, that there is a duty to notify Companies House of Directorial appointments and departures within 14 days. Ecojon was wondering why Mr Smith’s appointment, trumpeted all over the press on 11th and 12th November did not seem to have been noted by Companies House.

I looked at what the official Rangers website said on 11th November, and what it is saying today, and pointed out certain inconsistencies.

Adam, who has in the past had access to the inner workings of Rangers came up with a fine “nothing to see here, please move along” response as noted below. Continue reading


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Walter Smith – Schrodinger’s Director of Rangers?

Rangers Official Website – 11th November 2012

“The Rangers Football Club today announced the appointment of two non-executive directors to the Club’s board of directors.

Former Manager Walter Smith and Ian Hart take their place on the board of directors with immediate effect.

Walter Smith commented: “It is a great privilege to serve the Club that means so much to me in the capacity of non-executive director.

“Serious constructive efforts are being made to rebuild Rangers after a very difficult period in the Club’s history and if I can play a part helping that process, I am willing to do so. Apart from being a former manager of the Club, I am first and foremost a supporter and am no different from the many thousands of other Rangers fans who have shown they’re willing to do what they can to ensure Rangers rises again. Continue reading


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Gordon Strachan Delivers Epitaph for Rangers – Walter Smith Misses the Point

In yesterday’s papers up popped “the two most successful recent managers of Scottish clubs” to offer their views on the future of Scottish football for this season and beyond.

Walter Smith and Gordon Strachan spoke out through a desire to lead Scottish football on a path to recovery by talking of the positives in the game…no, hang on, they spoke as part of a promotion for Ladbrokes, whilst Mr Smith spouted doom and gloom.

Mr Strachan spoke sense and delivered what could be the epitaph for Rangers and its financial disaster, even if that was not what he intended to do.

Mr Smith, with respect to him, talked nonsense. Continue reading


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Charles Green “Over Next 7 Days, All the Questions will be Answered”. Here are Some for Sevco Rangers

Mr Green has promised answers to “all the questions” within seven days. I have suggested a few for him to respond to.

I also note he talks about what happens “if” the Appellate Tribunal re-convenes. I wonder of the SFA will announce soon what is happening with that. I am sure Lord Carloway has a summer holiday to go on!

It also seems to be the case, although this is not a surprise of course, that in Mr Green’s mind “the good of Scottish football” = the preservation of “Rangers”.


Charles Green has made a couple of statements via Pravda, aka the official Rangers website.

The first deals with the unknown factors. It is titled “All Will Become Clear”. Continue reading


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