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Update – Lord Advocate Stands Up For Scots Law And Tells Cable He Is Wrong

Yesterday I wrote about Vince Cable and his ham-fisted and flat-footed, and indeed blatantly transparent attempt to make political capital from the “foot-dragging” of the Crown Office investigation into alleged offences by bank officials.

I suggested that his involvement was a sign of someone who failed to understand (or was prepared to ignore) basic tenets of the constitution, such as the independence of the criminal justice system from direct political involvement, and the difference between the Lord Advocate and the Advocate General.

Whilst I can frankly say that many statements that have come from the Lord Advocate, Frank Mulholland QC, and from his predecessor, Elish Angiolini QC, have been very easy to disagree with, Mr Mulholland has issued a press release which I could almost have written myself! Continue reading


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Vince Cable Looks For Good Press By “Interfering” In Criminal Investigation re RBS and Ignoring Devolution

Vince Cable is the Business Secretary at Westminster. He is a Lib Dem. He has been an MP for a long time, so, one would assume, actually knows something about the constitution.

Mr Cable is a silly man.

Mr Cable is a silly man.

However he seems to have decided, in one fell swoop, to forget about the separation of powers and about the independence of the prosecution system. He also seems a bit clueless regarding devolution

The BBC reports today :-

Business Secretary Vince Cable has written to the Scottish legal authorities urging a rapid decision on whether to prosecute former directors of Royal Bank of Scotland.

Mr Cable said the matter had been referred to them in January last year.

He said he was very keen for a decision to be reached as quickly as possible to maintain public confidence. Continue reading


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