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“The Return of the McConville” and Thanks for Some Remarkable Figures

Hi! I’m back! Did I miss anything?

Contrary to the non-existent rumours, I have not spent the last week locked in a store cupboard in Murray Park, or imprisoned in one of the Ibrox Towers – nor have I been detained within the offices of the Rangers lawyers (although I did have occasion to visit them on entirely unrelated business).

No – real life and work have been intervening and I seem to have spent the last week or so on trains to courts here and there and have written professionally around 100,000 words on various exciting topics.

And therefore I wish to mark my reappearance with “The Return of the Mack”Conville!

And now time to say thank you! Continue reading


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Thank You All For the Kind Words and Good Wishes

The heading says it all really, but when did that stop me repeating myself? 🙂

Thank you to everyone who, in the comments or on Twitter, was kind enough to take the time to offer congratulations on yesterday’s McConville celebration.


It is hugely appreciated by me and my wonderful wife too (who, I should make clear, is not a regular reader of the blog, being occupied with many far more important things). Val was astonished to see how many people, almost none of whom we have met in real life, offered us their good wishes. I think it is fair to say that there were almost tears shed! Continue reading


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