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The SFA v Rangers – Part 2- Duff & Phelps React and Rebut the Blue Knights

In which I look at D&P’s view of the appeal, their comments about Brian Kennedy and Mr Kennedy’s creative structuring of the deal, the appearance that the Blue Knights deal can be criticised for doing exactly what Craig Whyte was castigated for, and that the Blue Knights business plan seems to be founded on the failed strategy which led Rangers to where it is now, the never ending bidder story, and I pose a quiz question.




Yesterday D&P released a statement. It dealt with the SFA judgement, the state of the bidding and the Blue Knights complaints.

As before, I though a wee look through it might be helpful.

And we can start with a quiz question. Can the reader guess what word does not appear in the statement? This, as I am sure you will recall, is a statement issued by the administrators of Rangers Football Club PLC (In administration) who are obliged to act at all times in the interests of the creditors. No prizes for guessing…

Anyway, on with the article, and my comments are in bold. Continue reading


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