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Mr McCoist Talks Of Rangers Signings But Does He Recall SFL Limit on Squad Sizes?

This will be a short post, but it is on an issue which is indicative, I think, of the view Rangers have about their present position, namely that they do not wish to acknowledge that it exists.

Mr McCoist is quoted on the official website today talking about plans for next season.

I recall that at least one player, Mr Bell from Kilmarnock, has been signed on a “pre-contract”. Continue reading


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Myths of the Rangers FTT Result – An Occasional Series – Part 1 – Dr Poon’s Dissent

The Rangers saga will make a number of exceptional case studies, covering numerous areas of law, together with PR, journalism, and even some football!

The comments which have flowed like lava from Krakatoa (which is west of Java, despite the film title) since the declaration of the FTT result are a fine example of the way in which people, on the Internet and in the media, fit the facts into their own narrative, rather than the other way about.

It is a human trait to do so, and I am sure I have been guilty of it myself.

One area of comment I have seen popping up over the last couple of days relates to the dissenting opinion from Dr Heidi Poon, and the status of that opinion.

The narrative which is being pushed and indeed is being believed runs as follows.

  • The dissenting opinion was only published in an appendix and therefore is not part of the decision.
  • It is therefore of no importance in the case and can be disregarded.
  • The majority opinion ignored what Dr Poon had to say because her decision was in some way nonsensical and not worthy of analysis.
  • Dr Poon is not a lawyer and therefore her opinion can be ignored because the two lawyers on the panel reached a different conclusion. Continue reading


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Can Someone Offer Training on TUPE to Sevco, McCoist and Green?

In which I suggest that Mr McCoist and Mr Green really do not understand TUPE, and that Mr Green threatening action against those who he wants to be his own players and against other clubs, seems an unusual way of winning them round to backing his team entering any league at all!

I also address the purpose of TUPE and the “insolvency” exemption, and produce a judge’s lament about attempting to interpret legislation leading to despair and despondency.


Rangers have come out all guns blazing today – directed at their own players! This is what one might view as an innovative approach to man management. After all, footballers are known as potential divas, who can be upset by the slightest thing, and the risk for a manager in “losing the dressing room” is feared.

I hesitate to suggest that Messrs Green and McCoist need better to understand the legal advice they are getting … but they really need better to understand the legal advice they are getting!

Their statement from today is shown below.

As usual, my comments are noted in bold beneath the relevant comments. Continue reading


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