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Why American Muslims Stopped Supporting the Republicans – Lessons From Stupid Politicians

I want to recommend to my readers a couple of pieces, linked below, by Rany Jazayerli. Who, you might ask, is he?

He writes about baseball in the US and blogs particularly about the Kansas City Royals. As the Royals have been a very bad baseball team for many years, but one which at its best was a World Series winner, it is not always rewarding to be a Royals fan. Maybe a bit like being a fan of a team like Dunfermline, who did achieve great victories in the past, but the mementoes are long faded.

In fact, from this side of the Atlantic, the only thing the Royals has going for it is that excellent writers like Rany, Rob Neyer and Joe Posnanski, are fans, and I get to read their heartfelt pleas for the ownership of the team to do something, indeed anything, right.

Rany, as well as being a baseball blogger and writer by night is a dermatologist by day.

Most importantly for the purposes of this post, he is a Muslim whose father came to the US from his Syrian homeland after the government there confiscated all of the family’s property.

Rany specialises in long posts – indeed, he can make me look like the epitome of brevity! However, he is a writer of the highest quality, and well worth reading, even if the topic seems not to be one of interest.

The first piece I commend to you is one he wrote on Presidential Election Day last month. In it he explains how the immigrant Muslim community in the US, which formerly were overwhelmingly Republican supporters, shifted in only a couple of elections, to the point where the community is almost entirely Democrat. Whilst the events of 9/11 loom large, the change in allegiance is more a result of political idiocy on the part of the Republicans than any backlash by the Muslims of America. Continue reading


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