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The Daily Record Tries To Ingratiate Itself With Rangers and in Doing So, Does a Dis-Service to Sandy Jardine

Following upon last night’s “call to arms” by an unnamed writer at Rangers (who is suspected to be Jim Traynor, Director of Communications) a further statement came out under his by-line.

I will return to that later however.

Before that I want to comment upon a piece in today’s Daily Record.

Newspapers all across the globe face challenges to their profitability, and even their existence, as a result of new technology, citizen journalism, the increased pace of life, and shortened attention spans.

In Scotland, and probably most acutely in the West of Scotland, there is an additional hazard. Editors need to be aware of upsetting one, or indeed both, of the footballing powers (at least in terms of supporters’ numbers) Celtic or Rangers.

Editors are well aware of what happened to the circulation of the Sun on Merseyside after its coverage of Hillsborough. Whilst thankfully no issue here has had anything like the same importance in terms of press/public relations, there are frequent calls for boycotts.

According to Mr Google, there are, for example, 214,000 search results for “Rangers boycott ‘Daily Record’” and 5.1 million for “Celtic boycott ‘Daily Record’”! Continue reading


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Some Highlights From the Rangers Website

I have been very busy recently, so have not been able to indulge my “Obsession” ((c) some Rangers Fans) by reading the finest football club website in the country – Rangers.co.uk.

However, having a few spare minutes, I had the chance to see if any nuggets (gold rather than chicken) were there for our delectation and delight.

And, guess what! There are!


Charles Green – known to Sheffield United fans as “The Man Who Sold the Team” – was talking today about selling naming rights to Ibrox. One line in the piece from the official Rangers website struck me as ironic. It is not a quote from Mr Green, but as it comes from Andrew Dickson, one of the crack team of writers assembled under James Traynor.

The sentence is:-

Green spoke yesterday of being restricted to doing one-year sponsorship deals with other companies due to uncertainty about the club’s status within Scottish football going forward. Continue reading


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Two Must-Read Articles About Rangers – “Succulent Lamb” Is Off The Menu

One of the prime motivations of RTC when he/she/they started the Rangers Tax Case blog was that the press, it was considered, had failed to report on the Rangers story accurately over many years. The phrase “succulent lamb” has been coined and is now used as shorthand for the seemingly acquiescent coverage of Rangers over many years.

This weekend however sees straws in the wind with a couple of pieces which do not fall into the “succulent lamb” template.


Tom English of Scotland on Sunday has been one of the mainstream media sources against whom the charge of compliance over the troubled Ibrox times since Craig Whyte appeared is unfounded. For example, he conducted two interviews with Craig Whyte, both of which were reproduced verbatim on the paper’s website. As is often the case in cross-examination, it is best to leave someone condemned by their own words. Continue reading


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“The Rangers Story – Unpeeling the Rotten Onion” – Daly + Thomson – Edinburgh 19th November

On Monday 19th November Mark Daly of the BBC and Alex Thomson of Channel 4 News are scheduled to speak at Napier University’s regular Media Mondays event.

You can read more about the Media Mondays events here.

The event takes place from 1-2pm on 19th November at the following venue: Continue reading


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“Succulent Lamb” Still Alive and Well? – “Green won’t leave Rangers till they reach Champions League”

Back in March 2011 a new blog appeared on the Internet – Rangers Tax Case

The soon to be award winning blogger wrote, in his first post:-

“My motivation to write is born out of the willful ignorance of the Scottish media on this story.  While they reprint unbelievable PR fiction related to Rangers as news, Scotland’s Fourth Estate has gone to great efforts to ignore the tax story.”

That unquestioning press coverage became tagged with the phrase “Succulent Lamb”. One of the prime purveyors of such lamb was seen as James Traynor of the Daily Record.

Since those far off days in 2011, many things have changed, and in the football arena no one could have predicted where Scottish football and the Ibrox club would be now.

Reassuringly though some things never change. Remember that RTC was concerned with the Scottish media printing “unbelievable PR fiction related to Rangers as news”?

Today’s Daily Record has the following piece under Mr Traynor’s by-line. My comments are in bold.


CHARLES Green has scrapped plans to make a quick Ibrox exit and vowed to stay on until Rangers are back in the Champions League. The man who took the club from the scrapheap admitted last night that he has become so attached to Rangers that he can’t walk away. Continue reading


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