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A Bookstore Bowing to the “Illiterati”? – Guest Post by “A Book Buyer”

The following post was sent to me last weekend. However after due consideration I felt that it was  better to await some official comment about the book, rather than simply provide an “anecdotal” account.

The website of Frontline Noir, the book’s publisher, now has an article on it titled “Clairvoyant Reviewers and other mysteries”. It is well worth a read.

It is appropriate now to post the piece sent to me by “A Book Buyer” last weekend.

To be fair, whether threats have been made regarding sale of the book and if these are simply in jest or something more serious is a matter which would be dealt with, should complaints be made, by the appropriate authorities at the due time. However, it is clear that, in certain bookstores, there was a perception that selling Phil Mac Giolla Bhain’s book might cause bother. As the “Book Buyer” says, there was perceived to be, in some quarters, “potential” for disorder.

Instead, as the Frontline Noir piece makes clear, all that has happened is that the book has shot up the best seller lists and is on a fast track re-printing schedule.

And so to “A Book Buyer” and his piece written last Saturday.


Bookstore bows to the “Illiterati”


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