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Guess Who’s Scheduled To Be On BBC Sportsound Tomorrow?

BBC Radio Scotland’s Sportsound is a venerable institution. All of the major Scottish sports stories have been revealed or at least discussed there.

Its list of presenters and guests is a veritable who’s who of Scottish sports broadcasting.

It has never been afraid to face the big issues, or at least come to them from an oblique angle.

Tomorrow the programme, to be presented by Stuart Cosgrove, will no doubt address the effects on Scottish football, one year on from Rangers entering administration.

Part of the show is planned to be about the impact on the story of social media such as blogs and Twitter.

And here is where the great reputation of Sportsound might be dented and the quality of guest lowered.


I have been invited on Sportsound tomorrow evening!

Maybe all the good guests are going to be out enjoying Valentine’s Evening with their partners. My wonderful wife is happy however for me to head off to Pacific Quay for which licence I’m truly grateful.

So, anyone keen to hear me should tune in tomorrow.

After 6 – 810 medium wave – BBC Radio Scotland – don’t miss it!

Posted by Paul McConville

NB My agent is already taking bookings for personal appearances. It’s amazing how many fetes need someone famous to stand still and keep smiling whilst being pelted with wet sponges!


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