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Trip Back In Time – Craig Whyte’s 1st Interview as Rangers Owner 8/5/11

In the light of the Rangers FC owned by Sevco Scotland Ltd having played its first match yesterday, I will have some comments re the post match views of the Chairman and the CEO.

As a contrast, I thought I would have a look at one of Mr Whyte’s earliest forays into the public arena.


Those balmy early summer days of 2011 seem now so long ago. Do you recall when Craig Whyte appeared on the Scottish football scene, a veritable Ozymandias ( that’s for you mick 🙂 ).

He gave an interview to the Herald, described as his first as owner. I present some extracts from it below. Some might suggest that this ranks with the most succulent of succulent lamb pieces, but, to be fair, no one, apart from the Rangers Tax Case Blog, some Celtic message boards, Andy Muirhead at Scotzine, some Rangers message boards and the Board of Directors of Rangers Football Club PLC saw anything to doubt in Mr Whyte.

It almost seems astonishing that someone could appear as Mr Whyte did, and carry out a huge, but legal, confidence trick on almost all of Scotland. I suspect that some of the vehement reaction to him now comes from Rangers FC supporters annoyed at being duped by him. Continue reading


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